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Sri and Kira Live, February 7, 2021

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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prettiest girl alive the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today if Tiara die now it is normal to open your mind relaxing to your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience cream wisdom laughter and clarity
Namaste beloved ones than welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate akshit I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka and I are having your daughter is sitting right here next to my beautiful husband on this amazing summer day from tosa Blue Mountain remind freemind Choice time this is a magnificent moment we are in an experience of expansion and contraction and I are literally standing in the intersection of myth and lore as are you right now what happened here yesterday the live installment that got recorded by accident that you're going to be seeing the show ahead is a big one so snuggle in we have a show for you anymore Street Carlos Gomez get filled up I already see people calling in
eye-catching is over PBS radio or Oneness talk radio stream to Facebook and other places and of course official stream carry YouTube where lots of chat and a big Community is hugging each other and saying hello welcome and you can give us a ring remember we welcome your calls and +88-838-867-6008 for jump in there and of course over at 1 this 517-208-1500 that's 517-208-1500 and Street II really so much is happening right now it's like where do I think we have to begin for those of you that have been tuning in every week. For those of you who have not been quick recap this all started last a week ago Saturday so a week ago from yesterday Saturday when
as we shared on last week's free and Carol live we had spent all day Saturday and the incredible conyard district with our Beloved Community Family that's expanding with every time we get together it's so beautiful and we spent all day with them. Next day Street and I were called up to the top of the mountain very very early we had a lot of powerful things happening including his torment that you will get to see today that took us all week to really bring forward some of the pieces from it and then that Sunday night we had to fire we had the week which I think we're all going to start diving into in a moment and then we had yesterday the day we're in absolute perfection with everything else is on folded the qunari came to the Temple of Light and brought with them more of the grandmother's more of the elders to get even more verification and deeper authentification of everything that we have been sharing
Adeline and honors witness one of these indigenous people in this was in a grandmother who came and looked at everything we've known but to have somebody know it right here
start the alien skull right they were so excited and so delighted that we had seen so much of what they're saying and the the the synchronicity and the alignment of the recognitions was so powerful one of the reasons we share this with you is we are at the time of reunions reunification and up levels you know this at this time on our planet is one where we cannot exclude anyone however everyone has choice and Darren's the difference you cannot make a person wake up you cannot make it for a tryout with a teenager but what you can do is hold your presence and you can find and be attracted to and join with those who are also holding present and then together
we create a field of a positivity together we truly are better and together we Shepherd this era had and this is the time of the dogmen LEGO motor supposed to look like in TuneIn you know Yer it's okay because what you're saying should I think we first have to let once again connect with the 2021 flow of time okay this is really important right now because if you look to the left when she was a little January j a n is so you see that beautiful that was the first of the concentric energies remember that 2021 is the year of 12 distinct Concentra energies and this adaptation to are spiral time through concentric dimensionality we just holding open this massive torus field of 0.8
energy in January you see the eye in the middle school if you were tracing that January side with your finger when you get to the middle now go and pick up the February piece of that that is why this is so important the January and February are forming the first incident spiral of this concentric dimensionality reside in you don't even have to understand it if it feels like it's something that's outside it's okay what's important to remember or recognize is that right now we are in a moment of expansion or contraction and all last week it was really quite beautiful there was there was so much that happened last weekend for sure and I and the overlay of the work that we offer and we're so blessed to have been the carrier's up for so many years now
everything keeps hopping leveling so dramatically so quickly and with all of these new conjunctions all of these new intersection and is it any wonder that right now in this January February intersection you see that this is like expansion contraction remind freemind they're all working together they're actually holding it together to keep each other's spinning so that's the absolute Divine Center of Conscious Creation can be in the zero point Center that's where you're being called or you wouldn't be able to this show so the first thing you need to know is that you are not crazy you are not alone there are more beings like you than you are aware of and welcome the other thing you need to know is if you're here to just do whatever you want you note it to expand your Consciousness then thank you for offering yourself this moment for whatever reason and connecting with a community
free and I everything we offer is the unified stream of all of us together we are better we have the blessing of living here a toast to Blue Mountain and the seven days the Rainbow Bridge that has been anchored between the community and between the tosa Blue Mountain Temple of Light has taken what happened at the Throne of elimination last Sunday and validated it to the nth degree to the nth degree and we so what we have done with the help of our amazing Bria Rose who's like our she's like our biographer with us like she's there on every one of these experiences right she's the one behind the camera and doing a lot of the organizing of the scenes and things will she put together a video for you this week that we're going to share a little closer and you'll see because it literally catalogs the past week including that the minute we
came home from the community experienced last Saturday and that we had been on the sacred land that we were up on the serve onadio which is the ancient wise keeping heel of the natio which is predate the canary which is back in the cosmic tradition that energy came home with shree and I went up to the throne of Illumination Sunday morning and things activated so brightly that by Sunday night we were being threatened by fire and you're going to see videos at for the first time as well we're sharing this with you because look at your week what we have transited this week has been like a microcosm of what's happening energetically on the planet right now often times were so romanced by content of our experienced that we failed to fully discern the energetics that are allowing that content to manifest
y'all be with that for a second it's easy to get entranced by your emotions and by the events
and when we begin to become the witness of the witness or who is entranced and the recognition calms that there are energies of foot that once you can see them you now have the capacity to be with and command them with Greater Joy and he's when you don't see something that is influencing you you are a subject of that energy however your you instinctively respond to it but when you can see it because the freedom that arises well you know I'm losing my breath because remember I'm just a quick to a quick flash by the ascending numerology and here's why we're right out here guys right now we're in this to this incident Loop see that outer incident remember that we on WE bounced into
monster at our second chakra this month is all about balance and second chakra creation and healing a lot of wounds healing a lot of wounds and then we went right up to the throw bounced check out again where we are bouncing now our throat has in it right now all of this energy of our creation are high hard truth sitting out in this glorious field of creation if you look over at the clock we're literally sitting there between that Ian are in the zero and we are getting ready during an illuminated new moon on February 11th we are getting ready to die back in but we're not driving all the way in baby we are only drive it into the high heart everything everything right now is conspiring for your ascended presents to respond and everything is conspiring to help you not see it
and to do what it can to Cloud it and it's coming together and fascinating ways and part of what happened this week that I just I'm so still whelmed you know it like like I try not to be shocked anymore but you guys are with us on Monday magic know that I'm usually like the kitten is in the little go-kart do you like do you know what quarter is flipped out you know because that's what it feels like we're at this moment, know why are we wasting time with my new job I mean why are we BFFs and around why are we playing ego games when we could be doing so much more and that was so shown to us this week you know Street and I have been for whatever reason we were forced back into a deeper realm of illusion very fourth dimensionally normally don't play there you know we just because our ego doesn't need to be and so we don't really don't play there and it's been a fabulous journey of really seeing how
beautiful things are trapping themselves and enter just know that there's nothing you can say that at the end of the day all you can do is pray that your interaction with them did offer a seed that at some point in the future maybe not even if lifetime but that at some points that seed will help that one remember the blue juul was their own heart and the fact that it happened this past week was so profound forestry and I because we were licked we really it it gave us such a gift of looking at so many things and remembering something that for me I have to say was a basic and I bow before it learns a lesson
none of us should be waiting for someone else to do the work we are capable of doing and I want you to breathe because you want to talk about motivated baby put me in a cannon and shoot me out we are I am there on fire phone phone phone there is no reason for you to be waiting for anyone to realize that I realized that was victim mentality and then I was like oh and hit and it was so great that's the gift of Mastery is it's not the eagle going up my God it's going amazing woman is the subtle layers of the egoic filter easy to find the big selfish you know a bruised ego stuff
we mature with it we have more emotional maturity more life experience where we we know our operating comfort zone is much wider but there's still some boundary stuff permissions required to hold the comfort so one of them could be you know that don't rock the boat by Static clothes okay I don't really have to go and do anything more now there's a difference between being an acceptance and being passionately acting I can be in my passion and it has nothing to do with acceptance her judgment about what's going on I'm just in alignment with what is what my heart is ignited around it all so simple a lineman you know I was like okay SRI we bow we know right that's the big thing right how do you say they're how do you get there
being a language to even look at ourselves it's hard to give ourselves permission to shift because if we if we were I spent decades being the old fashioned coach saying get off your butt go to work through this I don't care if it hurts to it you don't Dallas Pre-K nor would I have if you really don't we go through the stages where we're trying to motivate push ourselves to push and please do not infer this is tungsten or anything because it's not sure what happened it is I want to put up now for the up level calendar so let's pay attention to this one now too so look at the top level calendar there it is right through great presents you find beauty
the blessing of that one phenomenal quote is such a reminder that when we are living in an energy field of sincerely owning our Mastery we unlock the beauty in everything it does not mean that it is Justified it does not mean that we have given it our energy it does not mean it does not have its balance what it means is that you are able to find the beauty in the all because of the great presents you carry and February is a month of choice and we are in that remind remind Mercury retrograde that came in actually on the 30th one of the first month actually first month ever since I have had the blessing of calling independent numerology is I've ever seen this ever in any cycle and edit because of that your second chakra balance and that's why the Wednesdays look at the Wednesdays they are
the open portals of this month the 3rd the 10th to 17th and 24th are all profound moments this Wednesday especially because it is the moment where we are coming into that illuminated new moon so once again this week make a note join us for soul mirrors be there when we open up that gate of this illuminated New Moon because it it is on that date when all of this creation energy all of it right now we have been out in the void and we're coming back in in an illuminated New Moon which means we're coming back in a week to what we are claiming in the void we're not wandering aimlessly we are consciously creating from the incident well and that's all coming in to the high heart well that high heart is the ascended hard it is that equilateral Cross of
perfect balance as to infinity symbols and the first two are the January February March April is what's going to be stabilizing it and this takes my breath away because we are we were call before this information was even around you really have to go credit if you knew that this was the year that all they saw had to be re-up leveled it had to be expanded that the things you and I have been learning over the past year that we have been perfecting that we had to bring it to the world and look at the timing and that it's on the 13th it's it's right after so here we are we're still going to be in that high heart when they saw is all about the ignition of the high heart I mean that it's just mind-blowing to me. We're offering in Tunis there's so many people that enjoy energy healing or want to be
right and that's what we are when we met we were both Reiki master
avesa is aligned with the Ascension energy in ascendant Consciousness and the ascended heart the difference between a Visa and any other energy modality out there is it came in at that is its base level and it goes up from there where is other modalities and believe me I have studied them he has a certificate to prove covid-19 are you busy I started them all and they're beautiful however the level of Consciousness that they are effective at is more foundational with density and mass Consciousness which is why they gained wide acceptance Zone Of Consciousness and we are at the cusp of this new beautiful new Earth this week we need energy modalities that
Sandbridge the 5th dimensional 7th and Mitchell 9th and Mitchell frequencies of Asa does that as so the evasive balancing which is the place you start offers two fundamental things to the practitioner one is it helps and virtually guaranteed that your client or your family whoever is receiving this balancing from you will experience the ascended state of being
that's one thing that is universal about of Asia is the ascended state of being that piece and that capacity to manifest Miracles that leads to the next date is the miracle manifestation techniques that you employed during the balancing and we're going to be up let's start attracted to themselves their dream that wish they were meant to manifest so consider that in this one balancing techniques you your client because you were yours. The practitioner to experience the ascended state of being and bring into reality rather Dreamland that which you learn how to manifest Miracles and there's a capacity of which were also going to be teaching you how to send this energy out at a distance to assist people here that you're not in person with so this is a
fabulous and believe me it is a fabulous powerful energy modality that you can learn in a couple of weekends with us coming up here in February. Of course we had to launch this on the number 13 which is the extended numerological system of the ancient magi the cosmic escena are Universal Soul code it is a moment when did you hear that if you want to hear that it is a moment that we have waited for and it's like that the trumpets are heralding you know it is it is it time so perfectly with everything is happening go to Sri and Kira., last week going back to jail so you're going to see this insolvent live free unbeknownst to me certainly was video and I knew he was talking to me I didn't know he was videoing me you will see all of this from tosa Blue Mountain
loss of your Alexander explain this very piece right here this is actually a piece from the top like this is a facade around the top of the temple and he actually recognized the writing and shared with us how this all worked and how it all came together we knew was a facade piece we didn't know it was actually writing his mom and him actually identify this and you'll see them talking about that in the video as well and all through the week after and I will share with you that during this transmission when I was sharing and he's talking about it was an or than we first share this with our beautiful Miracle team yesterday and I want to thank you all for your ignition because yesterday afternoon was miraculous and you're going to see that today
there was an orb that appeared and then started showing me a lot of things and it says that it was this Cosmic Isis energy and all through the week from last Sunday all the way up until yesterday and I personally served really strange mystery about it Friday night in anticipation of Alexander coming on Saturday I had heard that the field is not kill because when it showed itself to me it was the same color scheme it was very much the same colors I'm still trying to finish drying it exactly as it was shown to me
and this beautiful Cosmic Isis energy that inspired and kept saying Shields rachal so the Broadkill Shield Azad kill it took me all week to really be with until it was some Peak moments that that were like why is this happening why is this in front of us kind of thing happened and so I finally on Thursday
started hunting and found outdated Links at our own website I found how many times this has been out there and then I finally secured in my own archives on my own computer the true original from which I was told now completed and I began out on Friday and Friday I got halfway through I got through to page 5 and I was already so overwhelmed with so blown away I stopped and Saturday morning right before our Miracle team which was yesterday which was the day that the canary were coming back the closing the ceiling of the week before I shared was SRI that when I had been up and I heard it with her Miracle team yesterday during our ceremony up on Soto natio which is the natio are the ancient wisdom Keepers that predate the canary these are the ones that they believe that the cosmic these were the cosmic beings
I saw this huge face that had no ethnicity at all but it was this profound face and what seemed to be like I don't know concentric circles of light
that hit me in my heart and even now I'm breathing better but it it literally had me through the weak heart and throat hard to threaten is very hard for me to communicate I couldn't be an email much and it was a week where I was being demanded, and I just couldn't I just couldn't do it and yesterday when that all came together when those two unified the energy of this moment right now with the shield and I want to show it to you because it is the medicine journey and that's the wrong slide forgive me I do not know there is it okay the five bodies are here when you about to five bodies Street help me there's the one that actually has this one right here sweetheart that's what I want
okay so we found the right slide this is the one there it is Archangel. There it is archangels. Kill has been showing up at Monday Night Magic we have been in this living in a scented life series and then on Thursday I found the original and I started putting this together but heard wait till Friday to begin and then wait till Saturday to finish what was so obviously shared with me when I'm trying with you is that they said as the convert units of time as the first Independence spiral is anchored which is the January February there will now be these 11 call them bonus and fullness that they are calling in because of the rapid up level of time compression and that these are like coming in to meet the ones that were doing on Monday magic to meet the ones that we're going to be doing in April they're showing me how we roll
leapfrogging time and that this installment is the one that will take us through it all and this is the ensoulment called The Shield of Zod kill and what came out of this what I saw when that Isis came together I saw it when the Isis was first shown to me and you'll hear me talking about it today with the ignition to unification of the shield with the medicine bodies this is the community than adios the cosmic medicine journey of the soul that ignites our Consciousness it is the five bodies of our expanded ascended presents and they are the ignited cost of perfect balance as the medicine Shield of the heart and we're good so I wanted to share that with you because that's why we need we're beginning Saturday that's what we're in right now and if you go to Sri and Kira. Calm and I really invite you to do so right on our home page we have posted
the complete installment and if you really don't want to take a lot of time but at the very least read pages 6 through 9 but what I will share with you is contained in Pages 1 through 5 such great vast wisdom that Bri Rose woven into the film you're going to watch today today's film is sincerely part of the show you are going to be wanting to watch the entire film the way you're going to find that is right in the center of our homepage there's a little block that says articles and you'll see it there how you click on that and it'll take you right into it and please give me a call during the show today I was confused by what we want to share with you all of it all of the community one walked our world and it talks about freedom and entrapment and the virus and we are going to be talking about all of that in the second half of the show because it demanded
second half of the show and so we're going to be leaving your calls through both halves of the show so Street some people right now or should we call you to let you do that so let's go over to looks like one to talk radio is where we're going to begin right now and 3 we do have a hand raised would like to start there alright it looks like we have a hand in Cleveland Namaste Cleveland Ohio welcome
thank you for taking me almost a beloved Frank Iero thank you I'm like three please help me understand what's going on with my left hand wrist I've changed and I'm trying to just how I sit with the computer but it's still hurting so much tonight I'm thinking there's got to be something metaphysical
Baked Ham in your phone since the right one hurts to your left hand is the one that's got the most pain but your mouse in your mouth mean when she's messing with Health Inspectors are right hand hurts
all right there so I switched to the left and which is right now is your learning some balance celebrate that for a moment if we are able to engage or work in the world are bilaterally what we're saying is we're going to be bringing in a greater balance into our experience so that's a congratulations that's a celebration even though it was prompted by some pain the other thing to keep in mind is the body uses paying to call attention to that which is eating eating love and emerging emerging for you is it is it this greater balance or less anchor on that list celebrate that
yes and the other thing is the balance between the part of you that is active with your old knowings versus active with what is yet to be fully known
so consider for a moment the purpose of avoid the purpose of of the unknown which is the future for the most part is that we have the capacity to be with the future rather than rely on the old ways to push us forward and therein is this this balance between the left and right hand because how we deploy our work in the world are they not this is how we're engaging the world and so am I leaning into my divine feminine my trust in the universe or am I leading into the skills that I learned in the past and then if your attitude is I want to use the skills I learned in the past but insisted it goes through the feminine the feminine is going to be rebuilt a little bit
so play with this revolver because the balance of the way in which we Engage The Future Is what's in front of you
and I gave you one little sliver of information there about can you engage the future with Divine trust or are we engaging thinking there's only one way to move forward first of all sweetheart thank you for that and we're going to go ahead and put you back on you because street that is like the best tip for what's happening right now I want to read this quote from Arcangel zadquiel okay so here it is and this quote is from that installment that's right there that you can find on our home page this is from The Shield of the archangels odd kill your entire existence is that a moment of divine Choice do you choose freedom
do you choose entrapment freedom
for entrapment
and I want y'all to really breathe that in because this entire Freedom or entrapment conversation that Zod kill so eloquently presents is so mind-blowing so challenging so potent that it is saying in this Mercury retrograde re mind free mind you are going to be and what I want to call the conscious Choice Zone on so many levels at so many times that you cannot keep consciously making the same decision you are going to have to be
and Monica your hands your shoulders everything around you is screaming shut down if anyone ever needed a vacation it's you I'm just sharing that you have way way too much on your plate and that if I could write you a cosmic prescription right now it would be take a week for you and I mean no doing anything for anybody else doing what you want to do waking up when you want to wake up going to bed when you want to go to bed eating what you want to eat dressing you want to wear doing what you want to do
and in that and it would include no computer which I know for you might not feel like a vacation and so in that one week you would discover the truth before you are encouraging all of you to take the Monica challenge because I'm going to call at the Monica Challenge and so I want you all to think about taking a challenge and if you can't take it for a week take it for a weekend and if you can't take it for a weekend ticket for 6 hours
give yourself the gift of a vacation from all of it the world right now the entrapment and look at the way the virus is supporting us and and the virus that Arcangel zadquiel talks about is so complex that we will be talking to you about it after the break we want to dedicate the second half of the show to this because very controversial but the virus let's inform right now when we look at our third dimensional presents its is getting creative right we came in and a second chakra energy in February about how to keep you isolated about how to disconnect you even more
and the more that we keep saying yes to not connecting with who we are the more that we keep saying yes to finding our identity through those that have the right word with about this and I mean we're giving as much of this as we can on there and that's why this community is so important but without this we forget very quickly that that is the essence of why we are here and there's an anchor ship that comes through the physical interaction do eyes were more more abound in the photos and the pictures in our heads were more more disconnected this isn't to say the physical rules it's just part of the foundation of your health all of you made such a difference you know thank you again the beautiful fundraising effort that we did with dr. Lorena vintimilla that when we raise the money and bought all of those tablets for the hospital those people that were dying alone and covid-19
hi to their families started getting better because Loreena could be there and they could see and talk to their families who were just on the other side of the wall and knowing they were there the death rates got better of our are the people who did not die improve dramatically this is how important is that we do not disconnect that we put our hands and you know we just said goodbye this afternoon to another beautiful guess who is here with us for the past week at tosa Blue Mountain and I really want to start a before and after picture board out I think I really do something fun the incredible upliftment that happened to putting your hands in the soil breathing you're in a coma trees Zone here at tosa the opportunity to really say yes to who you are to fill the Chalice
we are all feeling are chalice right now that's my street and I from the minute this all started we expanded the Shota 2 hours we this is our Sunday service when we all come together in our fellowship of the fact that Consciousness is giving us the gift of being here now fully awake aware and ready and able to support each other
Eagle dance has plenty of players and and it's very robust and it's very well fed and so awesome really awesome vodka Fizz do it well it don't take it personally when you can't interface
and as Masters learn
and as the cosmic casinos are so well in the Lost Books of the Athenian right
you cannot speak to those who cannot hear you when someone is asleep all you can do is toughen in and when someone is drowsy all you can do is be you around them
it is the awake that can support the Awakening and together we are that gift and this week in February when we are all still out here in this in for this problem whether you know it or not and we have been taking all of this energy of our second chakra and our creative birthing balanced our energy of our Ascend did Hart are high heart nine energy that high heart and a heaping helping dose of honesty not just a onesie A to Z two heaping helping doses of our throat chakra with a double dose of infant in present is saying you cannot keep pretending and I noticed last week so beautiful is that and I know you guys are having your same experience of it let us know about it when we talk to you on the phone
I'm watching those who are really there like they have stars and beautiful Jewels around them that are really saying yes to that to that beautiful you know expansion right this Freedom energy this this beautiful energies at this this moment that this retrograde was calling forward. Is is propelling us to this 11th where we're going to pop it all into our high heart right and then there are those that be caused this energy is so strong because your presence is getting so much more robust because your field is becoming so much more Anchored In Your Divine in Lyon meant in that balanced masculine feminine as we get closer to the equinoxes right that's going to cause those that are just lying there but they're not going to be able to stand in the face of the truth
and it will be easily seen and as a master love them for revealing who they are do not engage them as they are because that you cannot rationalize with one who is not in that energy field they aren't they are in the energy of the ego A10 the energy of the ego the ego place by some rules the eagle will bend the rules to Eagle will create the rules and the ego will swear by them and end it and that's okay that's its world but you don't have to play their then the content becomes less empowered is still there you have experiences but he is less empowered considered a person who dominated by the content is everything and now these energies of higher frequency
eagle has to look at Eagle will use content as the excuse to separate away from you or the energy so don't get hung up on the rationale because the Eagles motive is to use content to justify anchor in its position that is really what you want then go in and do it well and we met semesters this week no 11 play there I don't play there anyway anyway but I offer this to serve it to you because often times we get caught by surprise that are actually worth of a person or institution is operating at a frequency that no longer is truly compatible with you and and they're going to throw their content off and you will be as kind of the knee-jerk reaction you're going to be invited to play ball
not and do you really want to do that five medicines and I do want to show you those because all five of the medicines all of the bodies all of the medicine bodies are in front of us now and they are saying look these five bodies form the cross of perfect balance and in the middle is V the medicine of Consciousness which keeps them in that spin and when our Consciousness shrinks than our cross is no longer valid then we flow out of balance we are at the moment right now where the medicine of the physical body the medicine of the emotional body the medicine of the mental body and a medicine of the spiritual body
are all saying I am here I am ready I am open 5 me and that ignites that medicine of Consciousness and I want you to bring a hand your heart and I want to read you this beautiful quote again archangels off kill coming on strong right now what if you chose to believe that everything in your world was perfect right now
what if you implicitly trusted your inner guidance system to produce the words and actions needed in any situation you found yourself what if every moment was Guided by the one who truly loved you and taking a bath
take another breath
all beliefs are choices
Edwin zaghi shows inviting you to make a choice that's aligned with heart that's aligned with truth
it's an opportunity for expansion every way and this is the gift of the moment that we are in right now we are in this expanding Consciousness and we are conscious of it remember that we have not attained this before this is we are all co-creating this Miracles are happening everyday literally you know I'm going to I'm probably going to mess up a little bit but many of you know you're years and years another lifetime ago I was a very very very successful CEO and one of the things during that time was you when you were doing a lot of your driving you hide your motivational tapes in your car and I liked the Masters the old guys I was Earl Nightingale and Dale Carnegie and one of my favorites was the Acres of diamonds story
and I know I'm not going to paraphrase it properly but I can't even tell you how many times that story was in my heart and it was about this this man who had lived on this property for years and I've been told there were diamonds they are and he dug everywhere and he had looked everywhere and there were no diamonds to be found and forget it and so he had all these walks up on his mantle and yeah I was just like yeah I just found all this junk and whatever and so he told the truth
and the people that that bought this property went out and on the very first day it was kind of a hey honey what's this it turned out that all those funny rocks on his bantel all those rocks that were strewn all over the entire property or diamonds
they were right there and they were in front of him the entire time and what I love so much about that story was not only that it it really helped me always remember to stay really close to pay attention harvest the jewels everywhere but lately Street and I are living that story We purchase this place from people that we found out later had been trying to bulldoze the archaeological site because somebody told him that there was gold up there and thought it was the one of the gentleman that works for us who went up there we go up there at night and try to save it because he was going to topple one of the big beautiful stone
they eventually sold it to us and literal near ruins the plants were unhappy the house was unlivable we had to have everything there was nothing I mean it was just dying it was sad and I remember the first time I had the corner of the house I cried with the house and then the house showed me itself now we literally have our Hobbies Acres of diamonds and we we were able to move here with the wisdom to hear it and go beyond what it look like on the outside and that is such a moment that we are in right now there's this installment that we're going to be talking about right after we show you this film where to put up the PDF from there's a couple things going to share with you because one of the things one of the points Arcangel zadquiel makes it's not often time
it is your entrapment that may feel like freedom and your actual true Freedom that feels like entrapment
it's really a call to Consciousness and it's a moment that is calling us all to remember in ways we have not remembered before but that's happening in the film the first thing I want to share is that there's a lot going on we've already touched a lot of toppings for move into what's coming up here in the sharing is
what time
early on when I was communing communicating with Archangel zadkiel
Josh Hill said to me the cure a raw the one that is bringing forward this connection is more valuable than all the gold on your planet
it touched me so deeply because not only did it this Angelic master
firm my beloved in that way it helped me let go of the definition of what is gold
material worth has a little value if we have no spiritual consciousness
and spiritual consciousness does not require material worth there in is the advanced Paradox as hell has gold what are radiances and diamonds we begin to Delight in an ordinary Rock for a common weed as much as we did in an orchid a piece of diamond or Gold Everything has Radiance and that spiritual truth and those that hold that vibration are indeed valuable because they provide us with the stimulation and support to move forward in our own path of enlightenment
so I'm mad and all of us on the Frontline together
imagine match I do all the time
show this little film is coming up I really don't know what all to prep you on where we're moving from the whole week starts with last Saturday a week ago Saturday which would have been January 30th so there's a little bit of there about when we went up to Cerrone audio which was where the big Vision happened the big turtle Mountain there and that is in here moving us through to Sunday when the first Visions came in and the cosmic Isis came through the fire moving to the week moving through the return where everything came forward with archangels odd kill the miracle team ceremony yesterday morning that ignited the return to the Abode of the Warriors and that unification that happened yesterday afternoon that bring us right here with you right now
when we come back from the stone we will all be in the same space to continue this journey together and to take it to a level of extraordinary Clarity and understanding and creation this month right now February you are the alchemical Transformer of the law of instantaneous manifestation in this moment right now if you let your ego relax all the way if you can dive into this virus knowledge that we have been gifted through this installment and say yes to who you are you are the alchemical Transformer the gold is everywhere it's everything
remember that abundance has nothing to do with your state of spiritual experience abundance of the first right you are always abundant the question is how are you calling the law instantaneous manifestation it's like your own little Genie lamp only it never expires and there's no ulterior motive which is why it works this week because we are all co-creating this opening this container and we are soaring into this 11th energy when that internet spiral start really moving
so maybe just a deep are they saw breath
we will be enjoying this film with you
here we go
this was the site of the war between the Yankees and that's why there's all the bones and everything here and he was staying over here and then over there also were battle sites where there's just nasty and lots of Bones evidence of the war
an activator of crate
set all space and time intersect
call space and time intersection here that we are sitting in an intersection and that this right here this is more than we thought it was
it's the Throne of this Cosmic Isis
it's beautiful and I remember when we were given the chalice and that it's like the Chalice in the quarterstaff that's all coming together now
but they're showing you the cross and that it's like on the on the shield sod kill that only their third showing it to me in these colors and then they're showing me this pin hole in the middle of it
and when I trace the pinhole when I try to stay there then the cross starts becoming like it's like it flashes and it becomes every color but always with this gold animation
across the world on space and time Convergys here welcome to the center
it's almost like I'm raising a shield around it right now
but you're almost showing me a future moment where for whatever reason it had to be
I keep using the Mantra self Ascension because it says
find me to keep my eyes closed because of this I feel right
this part of my head right here
like them
it's like I'm looking out between the fields of creation like on like I'm in the middle of two
Baker's yellow part of silver song
give me a name
what am I
it has a key
have you heard from Plano policy
Roman emperors
give me the crystal some magical Cinco de Mayo events in Buena Park today
show the date of Cintas safety mirror
importante recuerdo to his loose
because not only do you have to be obvious canal
yo pienso
play melted Mario astacio
this is the moment of the greatest healing potentiality we have ever had that is what WWE Global is it is healing the heart of humanity through the integration of the divine feminine because the heart of humanity cannot heal without the acceptance of the divine feminine absolutely isn't going to happen that's why this is just so important because we are at that moment right now and this is your opportunity to say yes in ways you have never said yes before so what inside of you is tender and still saying let me be with you until I can smile
will you recognize that is a Divine being who is whole you cannot be penetrated by any form of illness illness is a call to hold and this is the avesa model this is the energy of the modern Shaman the Healer the escena in the modern robes This is Our Moment
breathe welcome we were sitting here you know I just been sitting here with my coffee going what a week what a weekend and thank you for your role I love that that video with 11 minutes and 33 seconds my heart just is all over that and thank all of you I'm feeling your heart you feel I feeling our Collective heart right now and it feels pretty extraordinary so thank you for that journey and and thank you for breathing with us right now because everything that we're about to share is being stared at the moment it was meant to be shared and I'm in order to do that first one back there was a bit holding on over at 517-208-1500 keep holding you get you right away I know it's got people also holding on over at 8
86 to 76008 talk to us about your week and you know I do want to see the fire again and I didn't realize that for your head or maybe that was probably Jeanette who got the film of it but seeing Mother Maria that's her Maria Hell she's at the beginning of our 44 bhutanese Flags is so beautiful it was like you saw the radius that you knew everything was going to be okay trust trust me Define the word to write you guys you have my shoes are good with chakra going again wow big Crown chakra moment how fabulous is that I'm loving it loving it so one of the things that it reminds me each time we connect with our friends the qunari is that there is indeed a balance
clean energy yes they are our family that has been Edition has not been forgotten together with the unification of the Trust In The Cosmic intersects right here in our Earth walk and that both are important parts of that spiral absolutely by taking a breath I really got me what's coming up next weekend on the 13th with the evasive balancing and the training which is tried from our our private healing room where those of you who, and make appointment to do this in person we are bringing to it's like literally giving you the blessings of Temple and answers so exciting
yeah yeah you're excited for the first time ever experienced it's not just something we will be transmitting the energy and you will you will get to experience yourself on the table and all of the beautiful ones who are living with us here at tusker Blue Mountain will be part of that you will be part of the community that we working in and seeing this so that you have really strong connection to the energy and that's bringing me to the PDF so I want to share with all of you again that please go to Sri and Kira. Com right now and when you get to our home page and you scroll you will be finding right there in the middle you'll find this wonderful. It'll be listed the steel does God kill and on when you arrive there read the pre read the Preamble we're not going to talk about that on the air but it will just start putting more and more of us together for you
where I want to share with you right now is that on page one something that Archangel zadkiel says and I want you to bring your hand to your heart and just really feel this especially after you just saw about how important yesterday and that unified field of the warrior and the temple and this is from this installment did you know that to continue on this journey that you have been on this journey that to say yes to this journey demands that you have the molecular energy of the warrior and we stay beloved one let go of the definition of the word Warrior indeed we utilize the sprays this word is palabra as it is
the only word in your vocabulary that can explain one who has commitment to the journey and I think we all just as you are demonstrating Siri I did we all just need to have a hand on our heart right now taking a deep breath because this is a hello we have had the blessing of a disgusting steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete truck and why is that so important because of that is the framework of support that allows that ignites your energy field to sustain the torus energy that assist you to hold that Zero Point Energy field in the center that keeps her Mastery presents here and that is so vital and it's like we're being called to right now it's like we're being told we hear you it's really to me like the recent message received right
because continues a warrior has commitment to their Journey do they not a warrior must continue if a warrior hesitate if a warrior stops if a warrior turns and runs there is no way for the warrior to continue when the warrior says I cannot continue then indeed the energy for which the warrior has committed loses momentum and loses a portion of its ability to be together we are better together we are better it is only the ego that stops that which your deepest dreams are ready to manifest it is only that part with it and this is not about beating yourself up this is not about going on about loving yourself enough to lift up into a fifth dimensional field of perception because remember your perception is your reality till
break out the 5th Dimension but when you're in a fifth dimensional field of perception Your Love by bration raises you so high. The frequency that releases enters and that's when we break free of perception and left lift into a master's presence that is the gift that is the gift and so this is really profound information and and again please go to Sri and Kira. Com read the entire PDF this is the first five pages are profound but we're going to skip right ahead right now we're going to go to the bottom of page 5 where are what we were talking about the first part of the show. Jill starts talking about this virus and before we share more about this I do want to remind you that for those of you that are already with us on Monday nights this is familiar right with this is what we do we died and unlock the keys to these in Seoul
and you have them in front of you and we're really you know receiving this gift and this energy that I know I'm feeling right now at this community this bonus installment is is so profound that we still obligated to offer as much as we can to you during the show right now to receive this and if any of this touches you join us every Monday night get it and right now we are living in a scented Life as we mentioned earlier the top because we were in concentric dimensionality what has happened is that we all chose and it was just in what had just been shared will chose to be in this timeline right now we are consciously here by conscious choice and if you didn't know that it's why you are listening to the show because somewhere inside you but you do know that
you know that I breathe in
so deep within the knowing that we are consciously here together right now it means every single being we're aligning with every single being were consciously interfacing with we are at moments of Mastery choices especially in the month of February
and as we are coming together in our Mastery right now
there is an absolute I don't know the word you want to use for its free I do I use the word assault but there's an Absol let's just say that remember we talked about you know expansion or contraction or you do re mi free Mine those for dancing a lot right now and when this installment when all the installment citrine I first seated into the planet came through we were told to do nothing other than to preserve them exactly as they came in
what we now know is that we are here now because they were preceded should we all arrived here and for when we would all arrive here because of course all the infinite possibilities have always been so here we are and so noticed the timing as we begin this sharing you better bring your hand your heart if you can close your eyes as my beloved sriram, offers you this information
Rosato continues
what is the virus we speak of we wish to offer this to you so that you may understand and then we wish to offer to you my shield my shield as a great gift for those who choose to receive it
beloved ones great glorious angels of Divine Light illumination through the to lay an expression and at the moment of the Divine decisions there was indeed there were indeed many we show use a word for a word only for you to understand there were many self-destruct devices put in place that were intended to prevent reunification and to create and entrapment energy your entire existence is not a moment of divine choice
do you choose Freedom or do you choose entrapment Freedom or entrapment you may say will but of course I choose Freedom why would anyone choose entrapment
we say it is not as simple as the human brain may want to see if it is indeed much more because these energies are brothers to each other these energies gaze into the eyes and into their eyes and say the same thing these energies are birthed of the same mother these energies are so similar that it is only in our offering to you of the words of your planets that we can begin to assist e-2c the discernment Freedom or entrapment
entrapment feels like Freedom when one is initially entrapped and freedom can feel like entrapment when one initially feels freedom
this is the discernment of the Divine one to recognize that within your own glorious molecular structure is indeed the recognition that to be preoccupied with this illusionary experience and all of its glory is beauty to be concerned or let us stay organized around a central unit of hate or of anger or distrust are all entrapment Energies
many in your world right now are celebrating because their anger has found a way to be celebrated many in your world now organized against Warriors of crystalline light because they challenge their entrapment attitude
entrapped beams of light will want to be let us a reassured and we seek a word here to offer you a word coddled this is an interesting word because they wish to be coddled in their discomfort
it's okay I agree with you yes you can yes yes it's another it's damn it sauce it's whatever
these are in Troutman energies because they limit the expansion of light as you're breathing that in that is also what I like to lovingly referred to as Archangel zadkiel 101 Partners in pain if you do not know we're talkin about please read our book sacred Union the journey home it is anywhere you want to buy a buckets there been on this it's bad out there forever and there's a reason it keeps being out there when we say yes to our partners and pain we say no to our freedom
because we acquiesce and agree to stay at 11 that keeps us comfortable in our pain in a level that allows us to adapt to our pain and be able to navigate it it robs us of the Eternal dream because we settle for the dream that gives us the comfort and security of the perception
and so these are as Archangel zadkiel saying right here these are entrapment energies because they limit the expansion of light and it's up to us what they can trap you with you know look at this glorious plan it all look at your beautiful body why would you ever want to leave this why would you ever want to go stay here you want flash you want or if you want all them you must do everything to stay
again will the shelter be afraid be here
these are entrapment energies and they are the brother of freedom because they do feel as if they are free
there is a freedom in your entrapment when you really dig into the entrapment you are free to ruin and God kills always said it well if you're going to do it then dig in and this is what we mentioned earlier these are the propellers so then what is freedom right well here's what they're saying go ahead listen to lay aside the egoic filter and the attachments to lay all of it aside and to see feel and experience crystalline light in all expressions
in your world now there is a great movement to entrap this is what we refer to as the virus robbing about there is this I love how they say that this movement to entrap which is what we call the virus well this is what we're talking about in the first part of the show the virus is in trapping you into the fear the the digging in the shelter that the freaking out did disconnect dating in trap and then you're so afraid you actually contracted that which you are trying not to Consciousness is actually the greatest protection from any virus you got to just love that this is Solomon is releasing right now everything is talking about especially in this February retrograde energy of remind Freeman
Archangel zadkiel come forward and said I will give you my shield which contains the blue Jewel of the heart of your enlightened and lion being
nnn it's like I know you're down there on the front line this is like Krishna coming in on the Chariot you know this is I will give you the here it is and all you have to do is say and let the ego go play wherever it wants to play while you start having the extraordinary blessing while you still have a body form of being able to honestly navigate in more than one dimension there by being able to really hold your arms
I'm loved one through everything as you love yourself
if you don't I will share that last week on food was on Friday can't you know me and linear time right now and maybe on Friday was right around the time I was working with the shield Assad killed I sent a really love to someone that I really love that my heart understands their on their journey and even as a spiritual teacher and years of Mastery wisdom discernment there's always that moment of I really wish it would have been different and the knowing that it could be at any time and that when that time happen if that time happens. Is the celebration and then to honor that moment
with the honoring of myself loving myself enough to go into that field of creation and harvested Jewel of the service of the gift of the action we all play our roles perfectly so when we own that every interaction brings us out into another beautiful field of empowered presents
and this time when I walked out into the field what I saw was a council and I saw who is on it and I saw that we were forming and I saw how we were coming together and it was so right and it was so robust that all I could do was just a thank you throughout the Universe and to know that that frequency will find the hearts of those that are ready to really receive and when we trust that that is that quote from Zod kill earlier that is also what protects us from the virus because in that moment when we have let go as as Archangel zadkiel said here when you just let it all go what you really do is pick up the Crystal and sword are the crystalline Spear of your Divine creative nature wielding The Shield of the Divine five medicines unified in
to the presence of mastery
that is who you are that is the medicine journey of the heart you know what is this year about this entire year is about healing the heart of humanity and the heartbeat of a Vista of Ave song takes us into that blue Jewel of the heart which is right there in the center of the shield which ignites us all what a gift what a gift and this this PDF has it there if we let ourselves go deeper cuz we're to go deeper with it right now you ready you want to breathe and relax should we take the color first and then go. Her you would have let me take the collar is are you guys doing with this will come back to this one so where we going straight from Hawaii hey sweetheart and I must say welcome
good morning thank you for taking my call
I've just my friend Kara DeFazio introduce with your teaching and I just started Monday magic with you and this is my first call to you and I am very grateful for all your titty to but more than that when I when I am on Monday magic I am experiencing some kind of included lighting so that afterward absolute closet or something else that's happening for me on energetic level so I thank you so much for that
thank you for receiving I'm just I just battling before you sweetheart you are amazing how can we serve you today
total in the past 6 months has 6 months I have really come into my own Awakening and seeing the moments of the Enlightenment and very much living in gratitude for all of that and I've also been told that going forward that what I will be doing it is some kind of spiritual close to Markham kind of spiritual counseling and that I need to train little more in order to be there but I also have many health issues and so I'm just wondering how the food can how can I do that with all my hoes issues or is by healing others with with my house is just be addressed or how does that go I was wondering if you can give me some reading on on the next next year of how I should move forward on my path of Awakening
your hands to heart and I nostri and I are both just sitting here loving you so much so your timing is extraordinary literally when you eat of this is what we're doing this year and entry and I've been calling out to the universe for those who want to be the coaches for those who are want to be the teachers for those who are ready to eat to heal the heart of humanity and however they are called and I hope you're on the call that he's holding with all those interested people tonight and so number one go into your heart when you're at it so funny all your Masters and I don't know what streets are but all your Masters are standing around you saying you kill one you heal all and the one is you it's like as you as you bring your focus into the art of healing and the ignition of the Healer that you are it's like you're you're going to find this beautiful it's like I see this is like the ascended Kundalini right and I see it just like still touring through all that you are and and it's like you
suddenly standing up and you're like me you know I I went from virtually a wheelchair to the probably Peak physical condition of my life and so you're at that moment it it's your it's your time it's really your time honey and trim and let you share so taking a breath
is so there you are giving this for right now I was just say that every human being each each chakra each Energy Center that intersects with your physical body has a wisdom has an environment and for you your greatest opportunities for your expansion or circulating in your heart as Guided by your crown so let's let's unwrap that just a little bit further it's time to love yourself in a deeper more profound way than you have in the past this is not about fixing your body it's about loving through the symptom ology to Wave Your Capacity as as a fool heeler we do when we have enough an Affliction that Affliction is there to teach you something
and sometimes that Affliction is there to teach us how to surrender in a new way to better to help others how can you teach and how can you Mentor if you have not you know those who have suffered greatly become great leaders help you recontextualized as you shared earlier I have all these things going on all these symptoms in the body and I will say to you each one has a gift each one is your springboard to your. City to serve others as a masterful influence in this life and I got to just wrap it up with remember that right now we are in the moment of remind or free mind and we are also in the moment of Freedom or entrapment and you got on the show
so the Miracles are around you you've already ignited them and I know that your heart knows where to take you next and thank you for the blessing of meeting you to do today thank you and we love you thank you thank you so much beautiful people everywhere tell you what I wanted to call and she's online 6 and we'll say hi to hey Annie from Pennsylvania
oh my gosh, can I see you hear me okay where are you in Pennsylvania
I am just blown away at the sister who just called in from Hawaii who I adore Hawaii I would love one day and I am in the process of tearing a number of times I've gone through this one woman and very InTouch Mesa land and driven into studying permaculture and I know I'm just stating Blossom and I would love because I honor and respect to these two so much and all your wisdom in teaching
bear with me anything you see from you that might help guide me at this time
first of all I want you to know that as I'm connecting with you I am literally getting flushed like I do if you can see like you'd be seeing my cheeks are getting redder I am just like heating up heating heating up and all I keep hearing around you and there is this massive massive it's like a it's like a don't portal it's like it's opening up from back here and going around and is opening up around you and your kind of looking up around it and again this heat on Mike really tripping sweat right now and it just keeps saying that there was a moment coming before you where you must choose and that is a heat of that moment
stay calm and pay attention
and they're saying that your stomach right now and I'm feeling like kind of the higher third chakra your stomach has been turning with this magical creation and the heat it was trying to explode out of you
I'm not as you as you as you really anchor and say yes to your heart it's like I want to reach out and go through you know it is like you know as you really reach out and and you really take this and you put your heart in front of you there saying you will discover how powerful you are and that the time before you it's like they're saying you in the one before you are like sisters it's like you're on the same Journey how do you want to take it she's Sheeran Pennsylvania you're on the East Coast she's as far west as you can get look at the Rainbow Bridge is hoping a right and so they're saying pay attention to what's right in front of yourself I hope you're happy with this Saturday I really do because you've got a lot while breathe as I said that wow okay so remember you deserve this you're ready for it and end here the last two going to share with you there is this cute little like a little I don't even know what this thing is but it's like jumping up and down all excited and it
keep saying if you do what with how many you would be so happy so just do it and that's why I have to say because that's what I'm supposed to say but I love you you're amazing Annie thank you for calling. Thank you sweetheart Namaste we love you you know you guys walk you're the best and and as such I want to share a little bit more from this PDF and then we can go over to want to talk radio and then we'll jump back over to BBS take on as many of you right now as we are able to and so I want to go to they say talk now Archangel zadkiel is talking about terrorism and entrapment and I think this is important to talk about because we have these words we had these energies as words put in front of us all the time and again if you want to read the entire installment we are just going through a few things that we want you to hear but this terrorism in a trapment and where it takes you really is I think the greatest keto
portent a depth of perception that will offer a blessing to you
we wish to address a powerful energy in your world now a creation of entrapment energy that wraps around itself around the energy of what many call Freedom it is the invention of what you call terrorism
spiritual terrorism in your world now is that a greater momentous moment then indeed it has ever been
spiritual terrorism in traps mini through an illusion of freedom
by empowering spiritual terrorism then in the name of so-called Freedom entrapment begins
this is all we wish to offer you on this because only your heart can unravel this
only your coating of crystalline light can you fully understand this
if you have already not been affected by the virus that seeks to keep you in trapped
and if you have accepted this virus as only you can accept it
God cannot invade without your knowing so in one experience of another know that you have accepted at you have at some point interfaced with this. This this virus and it was accepted through the lofty judgment or a resistance energy that comes through a polarized experienced toward another
this is how you bring the virus for you towards you so look at yourself and ask right now beloved Master ask
have I polarized toward another because I felt egoic because I felt that my ego wasn't being catered to because I felt wrong because only a master can ask themselves that question
these are the energies that are very very very powerful on the planet as a spiritual Warrior of divine Crystal and light this is what you must be most committed to to keep asking the question to keep noticing but you're noticing because in the recognition that the moment I mean the moment these energies come up the moment you carry anger or hate or just truck and then you share the anger and the hate and distrust with others right and and then as many as you can then you yourself through that action you become not only the virus you become The Giver of it
and not really a profound insight and a powerful moment of perceptive mastery
yeah I do want to close with one more sentence here from beloved archangels. Killed in
Beloved ones we offer you this information to you because your entire world is at the moment of choice February month Freedom entrapment
the two brothers are standing on the field together and they are staring at each other freedom on one side entrapment on the other and the two brothers are staring at each other and they're saying how did we get here we are brothers how did we get here and rather than running into each other's arms and saying yes we are one who still trying to find ways to navigate the planet
and this is why Arcangel zadquiel has given us the gift of The Shield
and this is why with all of our heart we encourage you to go to Sri and Kira. Calm and to read download print highlight receive and give yourself the gift of this full installment that is posted when you get to Sri and Kira. Calm there's all these fun little boxes on the homepage and you should be checking out everything else as well because remember of Asa this Saturday February 13th live from our healing robe and you know I know a lot of you have already registered to to do the complete here with us and I do want to share that tonight my beloved husband is holding that call we had set for all of you that already registered and all of you that we're coming forward those we are serious we are looking for the teachers we are looking for those that want to come forward and be the leaders and help others in the world of all they saw and so I just want to honor a huge tree that as we were rolling the film on everything that has happened tonight in the birthright when that
first moment this is the week where it's all what everything that happened last week flourishes I mean it's just wow here we go I honor you because you're actually kicking it off tonight this man is tireless he works all the time I want him can I have him for a few hours please clear Journeys with us as we get towards the end of the year there will be another call another opportunity to step off and carry this work Journeys this year I have been called that we must I must teach Soul charting again and so with your registration you have an opportunity to get the entire a set of numerology program both be home study and when I will be teaching Soul charting live in November again so really excited that's already been added so a lot more happening all right Siri I see we've jumped over to the
OTR the one that's talk radio where we going honey
well we got lots of choices of Chapel Hill North Carolina Chapel Hill namaste
Irene Cara hello dear welcome
thank you thank you thank you oh my god thank you so much for connecting with me today my goodness it's always like this boy Aunt Joy like I feel it before I connected you guys and I love it so appreciate it deeply thank you sweetheart and I make it stored how irate, came together with the video I knew I was a felt the energy to call important speaking big I'm just from that you card and I didn't click
rubbing up against my own ego rubbing up against all my cat's neck rub rubbing up against everything that you know even though like it was fine and it made me just text me and what I realize is that all of the stuff that was going on especially on an emotional and mental level was created by me and only I could stop it and it took some really hardcore putting my foot down and cleaning my apartment but also with others being that I had been dancing with and that energy that was rough my stomach was looking all week day that the I am discourses has helped me tremendously going back in and starting to like work with my triple begin my Rides Again like I mean like not just once a week
I'm shaking my pom poms yeah I marry a girl go merry go marry right on Woodward and lose everything you guys are offering thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my internal hard thank you
there had been with the video you got showed
can a boy get to Uriel archangel Uriel and the healing of the you know the ancient wounds I had realized recently with my journals and going back to something else here that I've been holding onto for a long time and I in it and it's very emotional and I remembered in 2018 which is me and you don't have to go there but I was a powerful year and a moment when I could have said yes and I didn't and
during that year there was a past life regression that I had had and I didn't realize consciously how much it took me to my core but I do remember I was trying to find what I wrote about it I can't find it
during that year there was a past life regression that I had had and I didn't realize consciously how much it took me to my core but I do remember I was trying to find what I wrote about it I can't find it but I cannot find it what I do remember is this
wailing crying like a deep guitar on Friday I it doesn't make any sense to this and physical embodiment but there was it was like I was releasing so much most days and yeah it was like this I went to this Temple and our members looking over this is where it has it today I was looking over 15 fighting and death in turmoil and I remember having such a a moment of judgment and anger like wide is it happening how did we get here had surgery and and then after that moment it was why I went into this place which it feels like my heart center and the light was so damn that all I can do is cry because I felt like I said God
ignited inside of me when I saw that video that I just had to call
why they do that like loosing and healing fully the ancient Moon and then I have Reds are you know it's been you PDF that you sent out and it did it touch me there as well because it's kind of balancing out what I'm going through and healing in my personal life as Mary we have words to put I don't know so I want to jump in no no baby I'm jumping in and here's why I'm jumping in first of all I want you to feel my arms all around you you are I am holding you right now
Camp got you I got you baby I have gotten and I know you know that and I want you to hear this
you are witnessing on the air for this incredible Community a wound that every single one of us can relate to and one way or another and I need you to hear right now it is not your burden to carry alone because we are all here now we are all standing on the field together because not any one of us could carry what we were carrying in this concentric dimensionality when we are fully aware of the totality of that which is the expansion of consciousness the only way we can do this is right now saying I've got you and I'm not letting go
I heard the each one of us who does that to feel the enlightened in Lion meant the divine feminine expansion the Howard god goddess energy the Shiva Shakti the dance of the Divine creation is yours and so last week said to you remember who you are and you gave yourself the gift of Having the courage to face that what you needed to look at to come forward today in this sacred moment free others to do the same. That's what this month is about and we're doing it for each other and I am so proud of you and I love you with all of you know I love you with all my heart I got to be touching got to get down here w w a global get down here
let me tell you what's happening here now on site oh my God we haven't even begun to talk about what happened yesterday was Alexander everybody was going to be you know whether you're here whether your room is it toasted with the robot or other Hotel doesn't matter if you're here in Ecuador with us OMG girl I cannot you got to be here you hear me before I'm even putting it out to the rest of the world we love you thank you love you oh my God I'm all excited about WWE things going on here self we become conscious of the amount that we have been caring lifetime aerohive time and that it's time to just lay there a burden down to just had to be able to be witnessed in that to be able to say I've been carrying this and others go I will hold you I will help you and we can lay it down
back. Only brings us to a place of Greater strength that brings us to a place of Greater Harmony community and power wow does it ever thinking about where we going next Dolly there so many people standing there a British Columbia hey ABC welcome to the show
thank you for taking my call our pleasure
Play I'm I appreciate you so
oh my goodness this is quite a journey
I'm continuing number I'm a little confused
but I feel and I'm feeling called to
to myself and
I know you are really you have really been helping me to on the journey and I would like a mini foal reading if possible sweetheart how about it's our honor
free did you want to start I was feeling you yeah she offers you I wanted to acknowledge something is I'm feeling called and the other is I'm confused and I say to you congratulations to your sister and everybody go to notice the call even though the confusion is possibly wanting to bring you into a level of entrapment and give me some dog my give me something that I can you do my Eagle can depend on you do the call is why we awaken and your Mastery enough and it's hard part in your soul reading your Mastery is okay for awaken your giving yourself credit for and it's the master who overrode the one who might not have been as you know
left brain attuned but here's the gift they keep showing me you like this like you've had these two lives that you've been bleeding for a while but you're like white at the top you know you're ready to bring the pyramid together where the light erupts and the end everything comes together and all they keep saying is keep having fun smile more and watch How It's dancing because you're ready you're ready for more and they're Emmett the other thing that keeps saying is stop doubting you know more than you give yourself credit for and so it is I love you oh my God I love you guys, thank you Angel many blessings, thank you I love how everyone how quickly The Show Goes is mind-blowing but I love how you doing today it's about what guys go to stream read The Shield of God kill article that I was just been posted the PDF is down download it print
look at it Freedom or entrapment remind free mind until February 11th this week we are out creating in the infinite Universe join us Tuesday night 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Soul mirrors at Aldi's location when we start igniting that illuminated New Moon that's going to shut us in this Thursday night and if you're not part of Monday magic you need to be get there so much going on so many opportunities make some choices take some action and trust that dismissible voice inside that doesn't get the air time that the other voices get because that one is connected to where you want to go everywhere you for those of you thank you for those of you on this talk radio they've been holding in early and we will keep connecting and until we have the joy of being with you live coming up Tuesday
take a deep breath
enjoy your Divine connection on the breath as it activates your ascended heart and may you trust that all is truly well Namaste bow
thank you for joining us
have your questions answered and check out more information at 3

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