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Sri and Kira Live, February 28, 2021

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live as a World's been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kyra rocks floor these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting and you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira
namaste in welcome to Sri and Kira live wisdom teeth on top of the March this guy is alchemy it's amplification it's awareness and it is a big show today show is so big were actually segments so that you can keep coming back to specific segments and we're even going to pull out those segments and get them back off at YouTube as segments because there is so much happening so first and foremost let's get you jumped into those called Wars was sketchy going because this is a message
absolutely not remember you can call in and join the conversation at your questions excetera toll free 888-627-6008 that's +888-627-600-2043 Sir Charles share what your intentions are and they'll fill text us and we will get you in the queue and then of course at 1 this talk radio you can call +51-720-852-0815 and say hello to you now today is a massive because this amplification energy started coming in right around the full moon so extraordinary that before we go any further I do just want to begin with the February for one last time we put that out This Is Us February
one last time there it is because look at the bottom of the page here the full moon balanced energy that came in yesterday has brought us all up into our Lotus chakra we are currently all in this incredible moment
energy that came in yesterday has brought us all up into our Lotus chakra we are currently all in this incredible moments where we have this opportunity where we have taken our vision up into the Lotus and in this Lotus energy frame to camera so we can show you remember that next full moon UK Minter Lotus right I'm going to try to move my chair so it doesn't influence their we are okay till the cross come out come out with me right here across so that is right here you see this ignition so we have is beautiful that's happening right here that is
feel that this okay so you see this beautiful for this going on here so I started spinning right now so we're in the middle of this March experience we're in this moment that is spinning right now that Holy Cross energy is spinning and you see the eye so what's happened is that we have arrived in that 20 21 cycle flow at that moment we're literally it's right now and it's going to implode this week the February to January said you were infinite energy has ignited the first die which is what brought in that very first ensoulment the full harmonic illumination of The Shield of Zod kill and so do we want to open up with you really really being able to feel that and Street let's put up for them next the the other thing you want to make sure that you're really feeling the concentric dimensionality so let's go
because this is where we're at right now the shield of God kill has his first that's it has his first rotation and you are going to have you come back over here before we apologize and so here's what's important to notice and maybe I need you to get all the way out here but it's crunch all the way against the wall Studio forgive me guys really want you to have this big and in real time so I'm going to jump out to so you can see it right here you see where my finger is that follow that you see how that went in look and then what happened was it crossed over onto streets chair and went into February you see that so we're going all the way around all the way over here see that coming in around and this is what I was just showing you where we are right now
as we're getting ready to start coming out again into our second Loop of the year which is March so it was worth our gyrations I think you and this is why we're sharing it kind of in real time here and I'm just going to back away one second you see right here you see these harmonics right there those three harmonics this is what the months of February March and April excuse me is going to open in May and it's going to be that pulsewave so when April culminate and the same moment that we are in right now is when we go from April to May is when all of this energy of February March and April will will be I don't use the word tested but it will be sustained so that way
are ready and you can see that we're going to have these three ways that are going to hit and they're going to be big and Anna key is that fat is this moment right now so let's go back to the first background you know when you're writing these Cycles your cycle it's almost as if you're in the flow of the month and when is we come back to the center point I've been feeling it today very much it's like I'm in that space where I'm not fully released and I'm not fully engage with what is to be there is a moment of transition where we take a breath
and relax into the next blow
and this is why this is so important and for those of you that are following us on the worldwide Shield Project this is going up later today this would be the next one we're posting on that page so you want to keep coming back you want to keep downloading the shields as their morphing because this Shield right now is The Shield of this week it is the open. I that is seeing Beyond it is that alchemical process that come through conscious awareness and and here's was so amazing right now in this moment as we are entering crossing the barrier from February to March and remember February has been what it is been the month of choice and this past week especially as we had the full moon especially as we went into yesterday has been all about do you have what it takes to really sustain the Journey of the choice you're consciously making and what that means is where is your steadfast commitment you're focused awareness and your complete Trust
it's being invited to be seeing what you're seeing right now are your own limit you are seeing everything at its Borderland because we are all at the Borderlands that's why the eye open and with the opening of the eyes you see how the inner circle of pulse waves all the harmonic frequencies that are coming and then around here these are the size of these are all the illuminated points of that energy and then you see that all of this Ave saw and yesterday we offered a beautiful blessing of distance healing with all they saw we were very very blessed to call forward our first group in a very long time and miracles Miracles Miracles I think just because that energy was put back out into the planet for all of us
the greatest Fabric and influences the greater fabric regardless of what happens and I do want to share that I want to give a bow to all of you that are really following and working with The Shield Project thank you so much we are so excited and pleased right there on the homepage learn about The Shield Project and all of the temples and people around the world and I was I was on with Thailand with with Ken many of you know who's really shepherding this program and so much happening right now because of this beautiful worldwide effort with the shield that when Ken and I were together having this conversation but I was able to consciously call forward while Ken and I were together was the diamond re-opening in the middle of the shield and so that energy is there that Consciousness is there
we have arrived at that moment so I want you to bring that in because where it brings us is to the moment that we are a breath away from and end for some of you if you're coming in from around the world you're a lot closer than we are we are always the bridge are we not we are always here together bridging this beautiful planet and so as we all come together right now and I'm feeling you all hear notice notice what you're noticing notice what you're noticing and noticed what you're noticing in Your Vision because in this moment of the ignited this is that that and we've been talking about this all year and this is why the February March April became such an important like like Fabric in this is because this is that first intersection of in present that is holding open this Zero Point Energy which means
March as a month of awareness is Amplified and pushing open all the limits it's going to push you push you push you so you can fly and say all right let's do this or it's going to feel like it's pushing you pushing you pushing you and you might have to retrieve because it's just too big a Borderland across right now that's okay with not okay is being stuck in the middle I mean that was a smile when we do not make a commitment with our Consciousness to follow through on that which we set in motion we we we are in an unwind kind of situation we're just closing out
will be more fully revealed in the awareness month that is upon us and as we go with the impact so to speak the bigger choices because all we're in this experience and choice is the cycle of ascending Consciousness however there's a bigger cycle this going through monthly and so be with this month and notice the impact of the choices that you've made and you can then work with that to continue forward exactly and so here we are at this great moment of conscious Choice when everything around us is illuminated Mastery within our igniting in a way they have not ever ignited before
and here we step into the March up level experience so bringing this beautiful Vision that we were carrying is up here saying look if you're ready we're ready let's do this and here comes March the let's go ahead and look at the March calendar Curtis and if you have the app level calendar have one for yourself and you didn't you have this at home but the first thing I always encourage it's every month is relax your eyes through the numbers relax your eyes through the day's relax your eyes to the lines and noticed the graphic and start noticing what you're noticing what you're noticing
this is a month. Is intent this is a month that carries great amplification energy this is a month where the you that is you that is the you is all awake and if you're gazing is right up there actually in the header where it says Wednesday and you see what's happening there that star Consciousness ignition you see the star lifting their then look right below that framing the third in the tents you see that solid Circle there that the portal of star Consciousness and then you see the circle there that is the portal of intercept of you with your third eye and you look through the 9th and the 11th and you can see that expansion and if you look right up above there at the two in the three you see another set of eyes
this is you remembering you remembering you and you'll notice there's almost a congestion this month that begins on the 12th and ends on the 20th with the equinoxes and then illuminate it's like it's hanging in the air through the 28th of March when we will begin the cycle of the Resurrection that will carry us through till the end of April and so at the very top you'll notice for the first time ever in this calendar the March 2021 Equinox opens and act Ascension window through the equinoxes of March 20-22 so this Equinox is one of the single most important in the up level how we greet this Equinox will literally hold open the portal but it's a multi-dimensional portal it anchors this month and it is the act of that
this this year meaning between March this year and March next year that active presence is being Amplified and it will be skilled at the September 20-21 so what we are opening up in March is like a rainbow bridge to September that as that anchors determines all the way through March 20-22 this is a moment of great illumination it is a moment where the universe is calling out and inviting us the one thing that happens on March 12th that is so important is that we then are fully fully complete with that Mercury retrograde that opened at the end of January and effected March remember we have been in a unique pattern of energy that we have never experienced before because our Consciousness has gone to a point it is never gone before the other know.
thing about March is when you come to the 20th when you look at the equinoxes peak level on March 20th this is a peek up level date this is not just an uplevel this is one of the most important dates for this entire year and this date literally has with it the only way I want to give it is a hint and so if we were to go through the March calendar week by week because this is important to understand we are coming in in the energy coming in in the energy of our illuminated a chakra that's what's calling and that's where we're at right now and then tomorrow we're going to dive right back in to another state of consciousness which we're going to talk about in the moment and this entire week is about stabilizing your higher Vision you see those two eyes their bridging this week on either side
this week is about really saying yes to the conscious awareness of who you are as a master in form with ways you never noticed before you notice yourself noticing let your dreams manifest let it all come forward but it needs a plan it needs to be focused and it needs to be as long as you put your focus and your organization and all of your sincerity love and presence into the first week in March when you get to the second week in March March 7th start coming together we're pulling it from the the Consciousness expansion into the alchemical process of our divine presence and on the fence that's going to really begin to Anchor Bay Sands on the 12th it is going to flow us into that illuminated New Moon where it's like everything is
explosion of Illumination that very next month or next week opportunity to accelerate that which you are and that which you shall be his brought forward this calendar is so exceptionally predictive in useful in understanding the ocean says I'm in a flotilla of boats are so I just looking at the boats and not the ocean but in reality the waves are lifting this up and letting a saddle and the winds are blowing it's good to get the report a hot head of time so that we can be in the greatest
the limits as as we illuminate into that week the equinoxes everything is being seen everything is being revealed in that illuminated Central section that's first beautiful concentrix Wireless flip a spiral time again I really want you guys to see this one more time because it's so important right there yeah so remember CDI and you had just seen it behind us as well that January energy has now completely completed this the circuit and then this circuit was the single most important the energy we steal this with and pay attention to everything that's going into that stealing today remember is the all look at what is happening on February 28th 2021 worldwide all of the energy that's happening today is ceiling into this energy that is going into the rest of this consent
dimensional experience and a March and April are so important because they finished the second circuit and as they do that the balance the conscious Awakening is inviting all of us to get really clear and that is the moment today right now at hand whenever you would connect with this what is the conscious Choice what is the direction of your life the the gift of obtained yes of remembering more the gift of diving into the complete don't trust that is really needed to maintain your sanity in a world that is trying to take it away is saying remember who you are and then say yes
because it's simple as that sounds that's really where the challenge comes in isn't it when we remember who we are we often seek validation from others and usually as we begin to speak. Validation we discover the consciousness of those around us by the way they received our expanded presence so I want you to breathe out in that because what I'm remembering is my upbringing where my mother in the times even my father would say remember who you are referring to the family name the family identity as that's a starting point to starboard that's kind of funny because it gives you a sense of moving through fear but it's only empowering
ego identity where is where is when we remember who we are we are remembering it the soul that whatever it was and energy because the master is the energy that took birth the identity the ego identity is the personality this navigating the lifetime and you can do both you can be the master at the same time it's just a matter of which one is governing you I'm reminded of how is this energy of March right now we are at a moment where your Mastery Alchemy is harmonizing
is really based upon the way that you are able to call it Forward whether or not it's here is not for debate here every right now is working with the alchemical processes that they are conscious of and also that they are not conscious of because all of these alchemy's are here again the way the easiest way to describe this tonight again before all the beings that that tree night and blessed to be doing a service with right now and I'm thinking of another yet another beautiful being I did a reading with couple days ago and we are so truly at a moment where those of you even if you think you're just waking up or you're just discovering this if you have found your way to stream Kara you're at you're expanding your Consciousness and you're ready to see a great things that you never could see before but they've always been there and so as that moment comes as you open to that greater level 2 expansion we say thank you we're glad you're here
there's always room at the table when we arrived as a contributor and that's the moment is that we have each been called to arrive as the contributors that we are to not come with our egos of why anyone of us is better than the other we are each Masters and we are each commanding that which we are here to do can we come in and the ultimate which is come together at the table as the Commander's we are each of us with whatever armor we have called forward to be what brought us here and we come together all as contributors the level of Consciousness that have let go of the ego and where the benevolent that comes forward with the energy of that Divine compassion where the life of service is the reason we are
yet is balanced I really do want to share that in this master Alchemy moment and is harmonization Moment In This Moment where we are all being called to come forward as contributors it really does mean that play times over now that doesn't mean we can't have fun right we we believe me I love to have fun all the time however but it does mean is that either really do the work you keep talking about and maybe you sit in you expand your Consciousness and philosophize about and talk about guess what. Schitt's real and you can do this but you got to stop just talking about it and decide alright am I just going to be a sit on the couch philosophizer or am I actually going to wait wait a minute wait what if you are we started talking about this last week you are the minions train
stopping you from remembering who you are has been the greatest illusion of all it has been the one where we had collectively self anesthetized ourselves we are at the moment we're all of this energy is happening where the universe is telling look we are doing everything we can do but you are going to have to meet us halfway and that's in this right here where we are right now it's in that Lotus chakra it's literally this Exquisite moment for that first infinite's spiral that's igniting that zero point generation field is aligning everything and so as you arrive into the contributors table that's when we arrive through and I'm wondering do we have in here and I know that street and I are always a broken record on this guy's but we do have something to say it right here this is when we transform remember that within the density experience the energy is all about the victim the abuser and the rescue
is sophisticated and it is very very very widespread and it can hold on even in the early stages of 5th dimensional Transcendence it's very sophisticated the it does not come to the table as a any form of a contributor it comes as a speaker often times money is in the middle of it when we transform ourselves to really stay in that field of compassion that's when we arise as that teacher that Mentor that healer that's when we have expanded through and weak step up as the generals we are as contributors and that's what this March Equinox is opening that's going to be a bridge all the way for a year that is going to need to have a stealing in September to be able to hold was going to be a very fascinating ride and so this is a moment we resist ignition is calling the hall and this
YNN really with a humble bow the WWA Festival the WWE Global Festival it's your heart has not called you to be a part of that yet I really need to ask yourself why if you're feeling and he didn't have a I've had people riding me going I'm going to do your own thing but connect with us let us bring you in that's what this is about and we are also when we open we are going World wise and so if you would like to be part of the grand opening of a w w a global event you have to make sure they were committed to prevent actually bought a witch right now or still only $22 so you know please let us know send an email to let us know we are linking this family we are igniting this breed of Illumination because what's going to happen if we have this March Equinox opening we have all the tapping with the
we are we are collectively coming together not talking about sales or or what you need to buy this is not that kind of a festival this is a festival where every single person that speaking has come out of the generosity of their heart this is a festival wear when we are sharing what we are sharing is how we are expanding our Oneness together in your living room and join us be a part of this Festival let's do this together and help us spread the word WWA this is what's happening it's this month this is indeed a very powerful invitation about your the signal from your soul that you're lined up with where you need to be with a with what what is meant for you in that moment Joy is that feedback
edit play time is in the conventional way I'm not going to take responsibility in denial playfulness can arise from the joy and can have a great fun anytime lots of time there is a difference this morning absolutely. We we really had that blessing of vision we are putting in were very very excited that we're actually my husband's amazing engineering he's incredible Park is is Illuminating as well and that's joyfulness that's but it's the service in motion it's the master calling presents into the joy of the creation
chemical process of conscious awareness we are in a month right now of awareness you have the power to command the lights you can shift anything that's any momentum in your life you can shift it and that we are not victims none of us that is played in density pretending like you have no power and someone else had to rescue or you or somebody else causing anything you are at cause you are the master and his we take responsibility we hone the ability to demonstrate that to ourselves
it does take a little practice because the lens through which we've been looking for most of us is still a colored colored by here you are this Cosmic being of divine love expressing through for you guys know I love him right he's my babe we all love and I I got to go back to Einstein because he just a few things that my beloved has said and and then we're going to hear what you guys have to say when I jump to the phone lines for a minute and then come back and talk about March to send a numerology but right up there at the top the one we all know right that no problem can be solved from the same level of Consciousness that created it however my absolute favorite Einstein quotes are the two on either side of that everything is all there is to it now
match the frequency of the reality you want that is not victim Consciousness that is conscious commanding of alchemical process practice right match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality that is that has so many different names but the key is that when you can consciously command the harmonic frequency of that which you are you you create and it can be no other way and that is not philosophy it is physics and by the way concerning matter-antimatter energy vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible there is no matter
you could say it I won't say anything about it but I do like the Einstein said it best vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our nature if the whole world. Vegetarianism it can change the destiny of humankind until we stopped and this is Texas back to the level of Consciousness that created the problem takes us to the matter at issue the energy issue what your alchemical process does and you know I'm a banana and I should probably be putting up more before and after photos but today I'm a size 4-6 how many years ago 18 months ago and all of that had to do with the conscious acceptance of this of of the Mastery presence of I am my beloved husband and his transformation
our sacred Union thing if this is not the time when I did not know what is real and you can shift any part of your life all you have to do is have the steadfast commitment the focused awareness in the complete trust at 60 years old I run circles around most of the 30 year olds here and was important to know is that it is our divine inspiration in this moment that we are in right now there it is right as this cross you see over here to see how all this energy is to have the cross energy is really spinning it's like the entire thing went boom and we have gone into another up level so let's hear from you what kind of level are you guys in what's going on in your life how can I serve you say let's jump over the phone lines that hey I see somebody holding that tried to call in Tuesday night that I promised we would get today or hey there pretty sure this is Jerry
Illinois Jerry is that you
much love to you
it's all good all good I just called I was just calling in and I'm pulling out of the family to me I'm grateful
honey you know expanding and growing and I know it you know it from where I'm sitting and I love it and I'm just grateful you know honey I first want you to feel Street and I it's like we're in a group hug right we got you right here right now because I really and I know that everyone listening is having the same experience you are sharing with the world right now is so important and I just want to honor you and say thank you for being the Living Model of sincerity of love and a presence it is your steadfast commitment and your focus to where we all are we are all sacred mirrors of each other and so thank you thank you for being there and then let your voice be heard thank you for everything you're doing because it matters and we love you so much honey many blessings thank you so much
Cinema 8 Mile
I'm going to teach a self awareness awareness itself glass I'm going to do it online or something on my figure it out when and I've been talkin about it I'm going to go by Jesus oh my God will let us serve you let us support you let us know send us an email let us know how we can help
oh I will I'll definitely definitely I definitely will I'm going to get it going here this month I believe in I'll be letting you guys know I wrote down for you guys want to hear it
you have time. It lets your call the flow within the flow of the vast ocean Shepherd is not a piece of the whole aware of the drop itself not of the ocean is one with on it floats with the ocean is born with but unaware of it is the ocean aware of the Bells from the vastness of itself by the skin of the drop that doesn't exist what a powerful massive creative ocean we are disguised is a drop in the flood
hey send that to us if you don't mind us we're starting a new blog site I would love to post it and I'll send you details about it so send that with an email and let's chat
alright Google I love you guys Namaste by by sweetheart we can do that all right let's go to Switzerland so do say hi to Switzerland
both of you namaste
I do we can we can welcome beautiful how can we serve you
it's about the truth of the fear and everything and I've been working a lot on releasing my own fear of pain which I realize something that came up after all the work I did and I just wanted to have some any Soul reading around how how I can do that I realize now that all the pain that has been coming up that YouTube has been linked to the fear of it and I think when I let go of that fear the pain will also kind of find its balance can I maybe get a bit of a well thank you so much for asking because I also know that there's a lot of our listeners right now they're going oh my gosh thank you for answering that's my question or asking that's my question to you want to begin tree multiple levels to this and you're spot-on when you say as I release the fear the pain will diminish that is absolutely true when we have pain in our bodies
folks Ancient Memories of having had had hurt and having filled out of control and uncertain and most of these subconscious memories are are indeed childhood related but more importantly than that whenever we have pain it is the body saying please be more conscious the pain is a cry for love and Consciousness and of course love is the antidote to fear is it not because fear is is a belief in a separation of the leaf in and uncertainty whereas love is a peaceful energy that Embraces and needs together reality rather than separates experiences and so the question I would ask you who is can you remember when you were loved can you remember when you felt good
and this is a little bit of a rhetorical question because I trust you can remember more than one incidents with your life where you felt good where you felt loved I invite you to go back to that memory hand on heart breathe in and out of the memory of when everything was just fine when you felt no fear you were happy you're having a good day for you in and out of that steal the energy of that piece that trust and that contentment and then you breathe that and you say this is who I am
this is my truth
and you send that energy to whatever body part is hurting or was hurting and begin to practice claiming the energy of Peace of Love of joy as your truth
and as you practice that everything will begin to shift
you're welcome as you breathe
I want you to just feel I'm feeling really right over your physical party it's it's the whole time she was sharing and I was having the honor of connecting with you it's so interesting because it almost feels it's not that it's a shadow but it's not that it's a heavy field it's it's this energy that's just draped over your heart that's really waiting for you to kind of take the drape off and let it go there's there's this it's like a I don't use the word belief system but it's very much part of it is part of the lateral experience that that hold you in that fear and I do want to talk about the pain because in your case you have mushrooms out from the from the physical and goes into and you know very much about the five medicine and you're in that moment right now where you are being called up you you are and I'm so grateful you called it and you are literally eggs
what so many are right now you've been touched on the shoulder it's that moment where is that that Veil that's been sitting there where the rest of the you is ready to integrate only you can lift and say you know what if not now when do you know what am I afraid of how much longer it will I not do because of this and with you right now it's incredible they call themselves the team but then sometimes they call themselves The Troop like the troop the team and they're all around you and they're saying come on we got to and it's like you're sitting down going but I'm really tired and they're like we get it but we've got this just just come with us and so you got a lot of support around you and you are at that moment where you have been called up and I honor you for saying yes and for all that you are and I really thank you for calling in today thank you for for helping so many find an answer today as well many blessings
thank you thank you so much both of you as a mother is calling out in the same way and this brings us to the March ascended numerology talk about it we going to put it up and so let's let's go let's talk about the March ascended numerology like a highway I mean literally when I was putting this together it took me awhile to be able to really put this together in a way that you could understand is I want to go through this very very slowly so the first thing you'll see is that March itself is the number 7 and on the count on the on the Wheel
on the chart for the spiral multi-dimensional which is the wheel on the left you'll see that it begins with the seven that is that black box but then from the seven because it's 20 21 it goes follow the black arrows that goes all the way around the clock going clockwise from the seven that black box all the way to the five and this is profound because the seven and the five balance each other it's the six that's open it's like this infusion of energy do we go from the seven all the way around the 5 but then we pop back into the infamous were diving in rather than completing the spiral and when we come back out it is at the 12 where we die back out again you see that that circle around the 12. This down the circle around the 12:00 so you see what's half
right now is that it is literally coming out again and when it comes out again that infinite right now that's where we're hanging until March 12th so right now we are all hanging out in the infinite field after coming in at the seven going around Civ V jumping back up to the 12 and opening it knowing that that 6 is still open and right now everything's pouring it is pouring in through like it's like a balloon being filled with helium and we're sitting in the middle to helium all giggling but when we come out we are coming out on that 9 on March 12th so we are once again and that infinite presents now go to the right and look at the body look at your body this month oh my goodness gracious this month is all about the only part of your lower chakras that's involved this month
is your six which is on the equinoxes and it's part of the 12 because the 12 is a 6 Plus at 6 again this whole month is crazy tree it is a bouncing ball of creation the way I like to describe it is right now look up at the top you do that eight Lotus chakra that's where you are and look where you're going to be tomorrow you are going to bounce right back into that 7 Vision which is where we just bounced up to yesterday so we're only here it's like you're bouncing up into the Lotus grabbing what you need right back into the right back into Our Truth where we're going to go back out into the incident and arrive back at our star Consciousness in harmony with the Infinite Creation creation creation and then high heart on the 12th and immediately the next day we are going to go down into our creation cycle and we are going to keep creating keep creating and on the
double. Creation as the 12th as the double-six again so guys I want you to wait to the energy flow pay attention to buy that energy flow matters you see that guy in the middle that moment where we're at right now. Is this Shield The Shield is saying look you're all energetically you're all over the place right now but if you're awake to it and you are consciously working with it these are massive Quantum leaps in Consciousness because everything that we have done in the up level I mean everything that has brought us to this moment now is because of this cycle the March Equinox 2021 through the March Equinox 2022 which will only be determined by the ceiling member amplification is now we're in amplify amplify amplify
See You in September and what you notice today February 28th 2021 everything that happens around the planning on this day is going into that seal but the eye is open question is what is the level of Consciousness that is meeting the open eye
the level of Consciousness will indeed determined the Earth the quality of your experience or expand your awareness ascended numerology is how we're sitting so frequently at that second chakra and then almost like no surprise at all what is the equinoxes of working with regeneration and birthing excetera so I just of the greater truth the other foot
football doing it in for like it'll take the up level right now it's right now and you know speaking of that SRI and I also want to share with you that this is going to be our last live show until the very end of March when we return which will be the first the very last Sunday in March when we will return with the April prediction the reason that we must take a month away from broadcasting to you live every week is because of the importance of what's happening in March this energy is so important so seriously that with all of our heart and soul if you want to catch a fly please and help us spread the word let everyone you know join us at the WWA WWE Festival be there we are dedicating everything that we are
to being there we will be on the air today as we are we will be hosting Monday magic that will not stop that will continue to happen so you can always join the slide on Monday magic and we will be live on Soul mirrors this Tuesday Festival is coming up at the equinoxes and and this dedication involves multiple levels and just wait and I walked up to the Temple of Light this morning it was extraordinary and to see and witness this archaeological people to really feel knowing that this very next weekend Alexander and the body will begin where are the fires will be burning
all this is coming together and so I would like to do in this moment is all for you kind of a recap of what's been going on here and there is a lot and in the short film coming up Aubrey Rose compiled everything to show you what has led to what is now coming forward and when we come back we will be driving a lot more into there's a lot more to say about March as far as the March Ascension the March energy and how to harness to tell chemical processing a lot more of your life call so getting to the Q over at +886-276-008-7208 1500 we want to hear from you it is an amplified intense moment we are ready so let's show you what's been going on here I'll be right back enjoy the film
beautiful painting carries in his heart the truth of a people that are still here despite all invasions they came here today because they know what we already know the time for Oneness is here
this is the moment of the greatest healing potentiality we have ever had that is what WWE Global is it is healing the heart of humanity for the integration of the divine feminine because the heart of humanity cannot heal without the acceptance of the divine feminine it absolutely is it going to happen that's why this is just so important because we are at that moment right now and bring Consciousness to what we're doing it's not just a ritual it's an expression of the heart of now
part of now too many people are living in the past or dreaming about the future and they forget that if we don't take heart standard action right now we don't have a future worth living we don't have a world worth in joints the heart must come through the body into Ashton and the hearts must be guided by the wisdom of the of the ancestors and the wisdom of the cosmic guys together and when we say together we are better we need together
that's just what it is
it's not an article are into back alignment on the echo dot direct alignment
three years because it wasn't, but this is the time
my Facebook
Banco Del Apollo silver Co on tonight
winning the crystal Tommy's Kumar to go Cinco de Mayo events give me the date of Volare Cintas a mirror
princess princess music transfer display space and time intersex
but we are sitting in an intersection and that this right here this is
more than me to thought it was
it's the Throne of the cosmic Isis
with beautiful I hope it's like so much at once it's like I'm being it's like they're showing me all of the cosmology cheese and everything's in like poop but then it's coming together and I keep seeing the same thing but they're showing you the cost and that it's like on the on the shield Sade kill that only there they're showing it to me in these colors and then they're showing me this pin hole in the middle of it and then when I traced the pinhole when I try to stay there then the cross starts becoming like it like it flashes and it becomes every color but always with his gold animation
muchas diferente it's like it was melted or meteorites my theory that they discuss you
where did emergence of an energy of Union and this is beyond eagle and Condor but yes it's prophesize this is Cosmic Union as well because it just it just is what keeps igniting this deeper
with this.
Okay yes
describe your
haircut salons Beverly Hall
this is the divine feminine that is paying luck if we just say yes to who we are then we can stop with all of this tug-of-war over masculine feminine power whatever I just start every moment in your life every evolution everything in your life came about because you broke through a limitation hold of however you call in the courage in the momentum you do it and you looked back and you I wasn't that hard
wasn't that big I could have just left over it but I was in the space of the unknown and I just was anticipating it would be really tough and we make it so big
and now this Temple is opening at a moment's the planet that matters this Equinox is not just a singular it's not Singularity it's a call to Consciousness for all of us that are awake to come together outside of all of our ego just because it's the right thing to do to share and celebrate that enough of us have remember to we are living nakedly authentically feeling everything about ourselves that we know supports our Consciousness and standing together as one so that bad voice of the Kundalini stabilization can resonate throughout the Andes
Street Harbor called here three years ago we are all here because this Kundalini is rising in a way it has never risen before and it is taking us to places of Consciousness we have not collectively attained before and this is our moment to say yes
Rihanna yeah alright Mary and I know that all of you are feeling the energy I also really enjoyed seeing all of you at the end there as we're starting to put together just told people that we're getting old and it's yours to let's get it out there and I really enjoyed how does that feel for you right I know I really felt that just now didn't you
truly and and I loved the juxtaposition of this this Shield energy creates a Vortex that allows authenticity to flourish that allows the truth of your being to have space around to Express within and I loved the universe had and joining forces so to speak beautiful photos thanks for sharing 2021 this is the Amplified moment of awareness month moment we're just going to catch you up if you're just tuning in in the 2nd hour let's go ahead and show you really quickly now that we're here in March the March up level calendar just to give you a quick recap here we are in a moment where this Equinox coming up on the 20th and you can see it's going to be a happy cup level moment will open
active Ascension window through March 2022 Equinox and this energy of amplification that's active presence of the energy of amplification is going to keep going and it will not seal everything is opening right now is not going to find a stealing energy another words we'll just keep having this experience but it will finally see you in September at that Equinox and that moment will also then amplify for what will take us through to the next Equinox so a very beautiful moment and it begins in the energy of awareness with the dumper 7 so a big big months tugs at my heart that this is a month of magic as well as circulation through all of the potential energies of manifestation
going to be touching everything I want to be touching the physical challenge to be loved create consciously and especially as we get to that equinoxes weekend when we get to March 20th
there is an opportunity and I know where we are residing on the planet that energy of balance comes in at 4:40 for 4:20 to find there's a couple of fours there there's a date there is a blessing is that when we arrive at that perfect balance moment it's an opportunity for the Fort for the I am present to take in a breath and in one moment send a collective signal that goes outside of the ego that seeks to only care about the self
I'm really open that window that says hey we really are here and we really are ready and we really are open guide us we are ready and there is such a call to Consciousness and again this is those five medicines of the now moment that is why the shield has come forward because these for medicines are truly held open by that Spencer and what is the center it's the medicine of Consciousness and so is Einstein said it when we allow ourselves to basically coagulate and forget who we are that are level of Consciousness is literally governed by that coagulation and when we begin to breathe into the truth of that which we are when we rise above the illusion that makes us feel there is something wrong with us that maybe we're the ones that are seeing things strange
pay attention to that pay attention to all of the information that seeks to get you to doubt yourself and yet would you show that I'm so grateful to all right so here it is these are those five bodies of the expanded ascended presents that's what we're in right now this month's right now today if you're with us February 28th we are culminating the choice as we wake up in awareness and so what are the five bodies offering us well in that cross the perfect balance there is the physical body medicine the emotional body medicine the mental body and the spiritual body medicine those for medicine need to be in Perfect Harmony and the center that holds them together is the Consciousness the medicine of Consciousness and I really want to share it against me because I think it's such a powerful quote would you read archangels are there
what if you chose to believe that everything in your world was perfect as it is right now
what if you implicitly trusted your inner guidance system to produce the words and actions needed in any situation you find yourself
what if every moment was Guided by the one who truly loved you. Let's take a deep breath to that and really feel the freedom of that because what that's really saying is what if you trusted yourself enough to do what you know you're ready to do what you've been wanting to do what you can show you kendu place in front of you again to do the recognition that this is the law of instantaneous manifestation we have lifted through the limited nature of the Law of Attraction this is an expansion of consciousness and and I want you to really breathe that in really feel that because in the Law of Attraction we are practicing
and we can often practice for many many lifetimes and many many many beautiful amazing beings have gotten really good at teaching the basics for 20 years
and then you have others who have been on a journey for 20 years and expanding the basics and then the basic become the new Basics than those Basics and so you're in a moment where you're being invited have you got one set of information that you've repeated 20 times that you've become so good at that now that's your Mastery or are you ready to have 20 times the information because that's what's 3 and I are offering is when we when we give ourselves the gift of not putting boundaries on who that we are which was how we came together that was our Collective Agreement with each other is that we would give each other permission to be who we are here to be because we were in such clear knowing of each other
that is the moment we are collectively on and let's find a pyramid of Spiritual Awakening this is the March moment this is what is happening here this is bat top of the pyramid that moment where Consciousness arrives at the very top there at that moment where we have the extended Consciousness and I want to show another pyramid of Spiritual Awakening here because it has what's happening right now so first you had the left brain now we have this one and in this one to see what's happening up here in a sentence Consciousness you see that that that light that is it right now that is that moment of Consciousness where we've never been here before we are all in this multi-dimensional tunnel together but that post wave ignited you see how those lights ignited sustain the field from collapsing that doesn't need to be a lot it just needs to be enough
and so when we open that I and that pulse wave goes out into Ascension awareness if you look from a session where to send you bring your eye down toward the bottom right there where you see the flare density Consciousness right now has expanded itself you see it's become a Lifeboat but the portal is still open we are at a moment where the weekend Ascension consciousness
is the moment of March and we are in Awareness so are you aware of this pay attention to who you're meeting things that are coming back together the way that they're coming together look at the law of instantaneous manifestation you know I was on the phone with someone a couple days ago and what is something came up and it really did it and it was a sharing it really because it's added me and I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet other than process that which I have been but what was so fascinating was to through this conversation with his being number one be reminded again in the bubble that street do you know this person know do you know what these people are doing no we are so focused on what we are here to do that we truly have been living in this extraordinary
you know it so that was the first thing that. Came in and the second thing that came in with the recognition that in the law of instantaneous manifestation spiritual generosity is how you know it's happening when you are working when you are interacting with people when you come together there is a big difference between the density experience of Fools Rush In And the extended experience of the law of instantaneous manifestation the law of instantaneous manifestation thereby transcends the energy that would have the greed or the manipulation there by the instantaneous manifestation emerges because it's happening through our sending presents its when we said yes and we all that zero point field of generation you are. Energy and your alchemical ability to summon that is right now
you know it's sometimes are density mind is so used to having things go its way so true as a vehicle to the light to say give me more of this is when we let go of the need to control and instead move into the field of manifestation you will attract to you the people in the circumstances which will support exactly exactly and so I want you guys to really you don't feel that energy and what's going on right now and let's feel you over the phone line again if you want to date 627-6008 or 517-208-1500 or BBS radio online to order
I'm from New York, say sweetheart welcome to the show
thank you so much
I am very grateful that I'm on your certification program and I enjoyed the Avista
we're glad you're here
and what about you
okay I'm going to invite you to take a breath you were if you were breaking up a little bit but but I'm pretty sure we got most of what's happening this in savaysa fist this experience that you've been happening and it's been happening quite a bit and it didn't happen before and it's on the left side is that what I heard
get selected I'm just so grateful that you and that you are inviting that energy to really expand you so thank you for that and as you relax and breathe I'm going to invites free to step in and then we'll come back in together think people often forget is that your feet are just as powerful as your hands and in many ways more powerful because the flow of your authentic energy field goes up the feet up the spine and out and circulates around you that is the torus field and you are in the center of the torus field and so the energy going up your feet sometimes we are on a custom to that until we have been in the presence of that energy that he
energy my foot chakras are opening so I want you to allow for the fact of the matter you're receiving and energetic up level that thing things are circulating in a new way for you the other piece that is is metaphorical the body is your left side is the side of the future and so consider for a moment that if you are experiencing a congestion or discomfort on the left side it's a call to Consciousness is there a habit of not being open to growth or the future is there a fear of the future
why is there something that needs to be released so that you can easily move forward in the new way that your soul is calling you to move forward so these are the kinds of questions I asked to help you just tuned in and reflect you know is there something that I'm afraid of that would keep me from embracing the unknown which is soon to be my manifest reality hang out with that a little bit right about it and saying was right again fifth chakra that very much right now you know the feet my heart at an especially since we just finished up a saw and you've been part of that extraordinary Journey remember that as I demonstrated yesterday when you were there the anointing that I was showing you on the feet that I do while I encourage you to hold your feet
lovingly hold your fate and when you make your foot bath I want you to make a beautiful Petals of a flower put in an essential oil Epsom salt and when you bring your feet into that water I want you to feel relaxed your eyes make sure you're very comfortable and very comfortable chair and I want you to invite your divine presence to slip into those feet and to feel the hands of the Divine holding your feet and cradling your feet and welcoming everything that has ever caused you pain everything that has ever caused you to doubt anything that has ever cost you to stop
what they're saying is they're holding your feet is that you are receiving the slippers of the one who is ready to move forward and to do that you must release that witch you were still holding stock and so there might be some tears there and even remember that our tears are always simultaneously the joy of the dream fulfilled and then of the life that it's now being
post at the new one opens and so it is my love I'm so glad you called many blessings
thank you so much I loved you once again all of our I love this family you all are just really family to us and every Sunday when we have the blessing of this community moment where you all of us are reflecting each other I could feel so many of you as we were just with this one beautiful being right now about fries computers. All right hey British Columbia namaste
hello there honey
okay how are you while we're traveling the world with you today thank you for bringing us to you
I just wanted to say that
I feel like I'm growing everyday
I can't even
love you know
Warframe where
love compassion so I'm working on it I don't know I guess it's something you
anyway I just wanted to say that I appreciate your I appreciate design somebody so much and hopefully he will we love you sweetheart and yes get to Nicaragua and then for sure find your way to Ecuador I know that moment will happen until then I want you to feel this moment of universal awareness around you what it what a beautiful month ahead for you thank you for bringing your presents to us today we love you so much
wow of very profound spiral energy remember we're in the middle of this harmonic pulse wave this infant and spiral that is just growing and getting larger and larger Amplified I just can't stress it enough so remember that the old is already pretty robust right now if we can just kind of come here right so tick mark number one we have arrived to the place in Consciousness we have not arrived at before which is why tick mark number 2 is there that you have been tapped on the shoulder you're already a master
Hannah Hart
I am a master
I am a master
really breathe in and know that within that Mastery is when the ego drops if by claiming that the ego inflates then you are claiming it with then most likely a fourth-dimensional spiritualize activism entry Ascension awareness experience and that's awesome as long as you can see it and then drive to the ocean of that and that happens through what are color just shared which is when we're really holding that love when we're really holding that compression for the self that sustains Us in that witnessing experience but sustains Us in that moment do we have that Graphics free the witness witness in graphic I think we do a reminder that energy that we have now been I guess the word would be practicing and diving with for several years now and if you gaze at this
traffic what you're seeing here is if you can make it out down to the bottom where it says third you'll notice there's this this beautiful Angelic creature that lives within this pyramid and you see how that pyramid is moving up to the 5th and in the fifth you become the witness sir of the third-dimensional witness when we are invited to be in the now which is a phenomenal practice that now moment is in the third dimension you become aware of what you're doing it is that moment where you are able to wake up and then begin to literally spread your wings and love yourself enough that you can lift up to the top breakthrough that top of the pyramid which is where we are right now this is where humanity is collectively right now this is been open for a while but collectively right now and then you see there's that that beautiful kind of like bubble of creation that's being created in the seventh Dimension and that witnessing real
that's the moment at hand where that look at the largest presence there it is at 7th dimensional energy and it is calling in all of the rest of the energies meet with that pyramid forming this perfect Cocoon of creation
and those that wish to be in the third dimension will be in their own little experience within this greater creation so where do you want to be as the sphere is Rico collecting itself
because in the presence of the expansion of being the witness or witnessing the witness again which brings us to the ninth dimension
we have an opportunity right now to slow down listen to what I just said a lot get Beyond any Judgment of what I just said and really pay attention to it
Journey with it
Journey with that photograph pay attention to what it is because as we release the greater Judgment of the self the greater we are able to smile it's the ultimate smile is to see the giggle of everything we're doing together right now with the full conscious awareness of the smile what a great way to live your life that's the oldest all that's that mastering the smile
is one of those things that will either radiate that what you're feeling or cause you to remember the truth of the radiation wow go so consider for a moment when we take a breath
and we ended with a smile
very moment we are choosing to align with the ascended countenance we are choosing to say all is well we are choosing to be in that moment of peaceful presence rather than reactive disturbance
the world is filled with reactivity because that's what we'll keep fear alive and so there's this symbiotic relationship where the ego identity has adopted fear as a norm it has accepted fear as this is normal be afraid and that we grow through that lens there it's real it's valid I'm not arguing with it your emotions are valid you are valid you are having an experience however as we move through to a new vibrational State as I pointed out Solutions are not found at the same level that generated the issue the problem so as we lift through all of a sudden the context the way we look
big ships the way we are with things shifts
that is how we evolve without doing battle with the ego years ago many of you have ever been in this situation where you said you know I really want it I really want to evolve I'm going to go to an ashram all right I guess I never doing the 10-day silent Retreat or the stuff in and I loved it loved it absolutely loved it for a few months and got into that way of now here's what I experienced you can see how this fits for you while I was in that environment I had a good time I had multiple benefits and I'm not describe them there were just benefits that happen but the moment I left the environment and went back into my quote normal life
the really breathe out in that's really be at the Nugget
most of what I thought I had achieved became a femoral it was just a memory because I put on the operating system of that quote accepted identity that normal if I know their authors that have written about how it's it's our ability to be in line with our spiritual nature well living life not separated from Life while walking among our ability to align with our spiritual authenticity with the master the ashram and the rest of it helps us remember states of being but the applied spirituality is bringing that into every moment and throughout your life and so this indeed is the journey your entire life is your spiritual path
and do you wish to evolve each and every moment each and every year or do you wish to repeat that what you learned before and and hang out in the comfort of that both choices are valid however the lens of the ego and this is the other reason I brought up be needed to succumb Nitros that were deliberately the ego needed to succumb to surrender to be beaten down you know from one experience I had was being whacked with a stick of the head teacher and meditated it horribly
however the ego does not need to be does not have to speak of what has to happen what I have learned was curious if body is in the unconditional love of your authentic Soul the eagle will relax automatically
the eagle will surrender to the love of the soul and then it won't interfere with your ascending vibrational State you will lift lift lift and the eagle will be amazed and cooperative and we'll only for moments meaning it's like the child that you're taking on a tour Across the Universe little by little year after year of the child is just really just happy to be versus trying to control everything I love this is possibly the easy way to lift into enlightenment
the most easy way is to not do battle with anything to love it all into harmony
now you breed loving it all into Harmony and this certainly is a representation of that right here the other piece to to breathe into that is that through that recognition through that there is the awareness of the active presence of your Mastery through the recognition this is often the funnel where many get really trapped in and just can't get out of and then do you know what I can't get out of those kind of ease into hanging out here and just feed me I'll just hang out here and it becomes so bad. The nurse overrides all of the other experiences and so in order to really stay outside of the inertia in order to stay outside of being kind of Trapped In The Funnel of that expansiveness is really about saying okay
have I been looking have I been learning the basics over and over again
or have I invited myself to expand through that think about when you first start going to any form of Education whatever it is you first learn that this is a flower then you learn the name of the colors then you might learn how to count it the pedals in the little interparts then you might learn the geometry of it you're expanding
and with each moment that you expand of a greater appreciation of the complexity and the beauty and yet the overall Simplicity of the flower
you are the flower
good flower and and we are at the moment where we are all flowering together what a brilliant bouquet we are and to remember that which you are is to continually expand through what the perception is trying to create as your reality
the only way to expand through that is to expand through what we often call that Borderland of sanity
some of the things that she and I share challenge our Borderlands sanity yet we still share it
you know when we first came together if you've read our book sacred union attorney home when we first came together our every ounce of the Borderlands of Sanity was was challenged to Max therapist and thank God he was trying to diagnose me right because everything was challenged for all of us suffer the extent to which we rely on conventions to feel safe
we rely on there so unconscious for the most part we rely on conventions and we keep comparing our expanded for the experience in the voice of the expansion the the moments where the lines get blurred and things are different we try to compare that to the context of what was and we try to make it conform we try to
deny the fact that expansion is a new context that we are not yet familiar with and it takes trust to gain and familiarity it takes us to realize that if I can still function and high-level
in the in the world I was used to without quote believing in that world it'll Act of using that as an example it it's a little bit like it the Matrix that Neo moment where he's in the car and he's seen all of the conventional world and I used to have noodles there
you know it was that moment of ascended Detachment recognizing that everything is playing out predictably in this world too predictable fears that predictable choice excetera and that you can insert an act but you do not have to dissolve in it
to dissolve in it is to say I refuse to be fully conscious I would rather be in the action reaction moment of the immersion and have that for my experience and that's a conscious Choice whether you're aware of hat or not the key is to be aware of it that's what we've been talking about since the show open today which is in this moment of March that we are in right now in this month of awareness and especially in this moment as we're all up here in our Lotus chakra getting ready to go on a journey like this that that over the next 24 hours is going to have us all hanging back out in the infant's face after bouncing all over
this is that moment of amplification it feels like that like you're bouncing all over like it like it's not a straight line it's not supposed to be the greater the gift of the release of linearity the greater division of the incident which is the Embrace of divine wisdom you know how how many times have you truly will linearity would say forget that experience give me just as much of it because that's all we can find a word for that you are so much more and that nothing is ever lost
you can be in your ascended Consciousness and also be driving the car on the freeway to go to the old job whatever and you can function well it function well at your job and you will have a greater contact for your life that will bring you great peace and acceptance and love because you're looking at the greater canvas and enjoy what's being drawn on it so because everything's free is sharing is how we live and I'm hearing all of you I'm hearing a lot of you saying you how do you do that you know you guys on drugs or whatever his know what we are is absolutely a 20-year Journey going strong that has had steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust that the journey that we have been on would bring us to this moment
we are collectively moving through multiple parallels at the same time and if the mind of density tries to comprehensive or comprehend it to the degree that someone could spin that mind and keep it spinning
that's where Einstein's right you know doing the same thing over and expecting different results the definition of insanity that's what that's doing every time you questioned the question you keep questioning you have a moment of incredible breakthrough and then you stopped yourself those are those moments of insanity those are the moments that are doing everything they can to self preserve because in order to have those moments means that we have had to really compact our field of energy down as small as we can there by knowing that at some point we are going to go so far into the compaction that we will forget that which we even are
and also knowing ahead of time that in the Infiniti of creation we have already created the way that we are able to find our way through that and that is the gift
this post wave this moment of Masters coming together again in the law of instantaneous manifestation even the presence of the law of instantaneous manifestation is an affirmation in and of itself of the expansion of consciousness
I'm so can you say yes to you everything SRI just shared doesn't work if you don't give yourself permission to remember that this is who you are that if you if you have the energy or the fascination of the Atlantean experience
in the Atlantic experienced what is happening right now is that you have the exact capacities that you had then with greater Consciousness what you are still lacking is giving yourself permission to remember the fullness of it because of whatever self-imposed limitation is still saying no is still resisting and only you can walk through that tunnel advancement Consciousness evolves without technology and that technology is a tool of the intellect and sometimes is a virtual of distraction that you know let's just say that with great power we prefer great consciousness
indeed answer your speaking of great Consciousness we have so many people holding let's he's free let's grow more on the board we have more people holding let's see all right so where we going my love tell you what we can head over to Pueblo, Colorado
if you would name a stable of a dream.
I wanted to tell you a a Shields story so when you first put the shield out of I just was so just I just loved it and I put it on my desktop you know background and you know is before you even put it out for us to download into print and then when can I came on. Just also really inspired me and I started printing things and and I wanted to get it up on my wall in my office and I didn't quite before this even happened I was invited to do a little local video for Community advertising for my business and the very next day I got up on the walls of my office which was this past Wednesday I also in the last week and a half since put it on my desktop watch through a couple of things that got put right Square my face
Wednesday I put it up
Thursday I think it's Thursday or Friday I was inspired really inspired to talk with a friend she owns a metaphysical bookstore and we talked about doing things together for a very long time and then of course covid-19 interfere with that but I went I met with her I'm going to be doing some of Asa balanced names and Cosmic prime meridian opening the 13th which I did not realize that was the new moon illumination at all today and also to bring the shields there so I made them in the process of
and then on the back an invitation to meditate with it and then I will help you know whoever comes on my table we're going to do that together on the 13th and then I'm putting the my office to so really it's just come around and I also put it together with the prayer from Monday magic and I've been saying that every day and just so many things have happened in the last week and a half and just like boom boom boom boom boom I just wondered if I could have a mini celebrating my birthday is March 8th so coming up birthday to you sweetie did you want to share first every time we have a birthday it's it's better than New Year's Eve because it's an opportunity to make it a celebration for yourself
confirm the joy of being alive and we celebrate you and we offer you that and by way of a little more feedback if you will firm that I'm feeling the positiveness that you are at the courage of one who loves herself more deeply than before and that the love you have and the trust in the universe is amplifying your healing skills it's amplifying your confidence you're willing to stick it out there to share to to spread the light and to be that what you are meant to be and so if I would offer you anything it would be I love you just keep going if you got this is literally the whole time you were sharing Donna all I kept hearing Zod kill was remind her of Monday just keep going and then my beloved just said it. Sancho it's like just
keep going don't stop what you started stay in this slow you are in a new flow and its support you you are the law of instantaneous manifestation oh my God thank you honey
thank you so much I love you both so much and yes thank you also for bringing the bass in the up level this is fast and fabulous too so we will get tons of people to join we are done thank you sweetheart
thank you well that's fun you do the shield in and this latest version of The Shield this behind us right now as the backdrop for the day let's gaze at that again for a moment
when we allow ourselves to recognize that there is an energy that spins the molecules of our experience the molecules are energy the space between experiences is energy and the energy does have a structural, we gaze at the shield of Zod kill and this iteration of it it is an opportunity to relax or need to do anything other than be with the freedom and the love that comes from this sacred geometry
breathe it in
the alchemical process I'm loving how it's it's really feeling to me like the eye of Shiva you know when this happened today it was like this extended eye of Shiva energy came in this this really is that just says at some point what is the Consciousness what's earlier today that as our Consciousness is expanding each one of us has that guides our Consciousness to the moment where we popped through into the internet remembrance March is that opportunity and right now today in this moment everything that's happening is going into that first infinite spiral that has opened Taurus of 0.8 ignition free and I are going to be in that field of creation this entire month we will be together again this Tuesday night is soul mirrors you will see us at Monday magical month-long however we will not be back
live until I believe it is March 28th let me give you that date exactly and that's when we will return excuse me we will we will be returning on March 28th that it is Palm Sunday I am excited about that. Reeves and get us live this month broadcasting all throughout the week that you're meant to be there in China's that until we see you there breathe in deeply right now and know that all is truly well, stay
thank you for joining us in stream here alive to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information extra Terra. Com you next week, today

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