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Sri and Kira Live, February 21, 2021

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live as our world's been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram, you're a rock floor these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom are SRI and Kira
Namaste and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am list of teachers Shriram, and I am Master lady Kara and from a glorious moment here it's supposed to Blue Mountain we offer to you our love our heart and hey here's today's big question I hope you already have this one ruminating in your mind alright if it has to go there what is you actually are the mainstream what is the new mainstream is that which has always been what if the greatest deception you have ever swallowed was that when you do not conform there is something wrong with you what if you are living in lifting up into multi-dimensional Consciousness is done with such ease and such recognition and Hutch Love
that you are able to unravel the deception thereby we co-create this incredible expanded Consciousness set up levels everything it is that moment I Want You to Breathe that in an everything that implies because we have a massive show for you today free ice filling up let's get people in there come on you can give a ring +886-276-008-8886 to 76008. It's all right and we want to let you know that we enjoy hearing from you so get the Q you can listen to the show while you're on hold
exactly right if your if your previous radio just what are produced a I've got a question or something or whatever and over it one is talk radio you just press start by probation hands physical experience makes a kind of clear all right guys I need to share that and I we always had this thing we call Sunday morning in the sheets as it's it's our ongoing date with ourselves but every Sunday morning we're not going to be up at 5 on the internet about yummy cup of coffee and are all four of them are with us three in the bed one on the floor and you know where we're talking were communing but wouldn't 20 years we have never once not honor that
you know I mean we really do honor that and and I just want you to know I'm sharing it but that's okay I love you too I love him so much a person let alone every couple needs certain rituals that kind of help Define the quality of their partnership and work long hours and weekends are busy for us they're not weekends off their weekends at work okay with this is not our work you need to know that everyone who lives here can confirm it this isn't our work this isn't our job this isn't something this is our life is just so we are living authentically it's when you just are rituals one of one of those Partnerships touchstones is Sunday because this show is so important
do we have all of our energy for you we take the morning slowly moment we argue we started talking about this last week that in this February energy that's happening right now and treat let you know it let me put up the calendar so that for those of you that may not be good to see a little visual as well so this is the February up level calendar right now and I hope you already own the up level calendar if not please go to shrink grab level calendar for the year not only is a gorgeous and stunning I jammed it this year with a lot more information you really want a copy to calendar plus your donation fees a lot of hungry people so thank you to look at February
February 20-21 let's just remember again cuz it's so perfect tree why don't you read us a quote from the cosmic find beauty against the truth of this through great presents you find beauty you know I love with that infers that's a whole show in and of itself and remember as you look right here every month in the calendar it tells you the ascended Consciousness energy is a month this is a toy a month and we are in a culminating week and so this is a double whammy week anytime you're in the culminating moment of a choice month it is a Kahuna moment and that's really what this is and the ascended numerological code of the high heart on the physical body which is the nine and if you look at this week the first thing I want you to pay attention to is that
it's like a bullet to the full moon you see that everything is bringing you into the 27th we are waxing waxing wax on wax on wax on Jeep waxing on this is what this week is because this full moon is the first full moon in this year since we have gone through and completed our first and single most important of the two-year up level Mercury retrograde let's go back think about Friday guys think about Friday Friday was the day we're Mercury which had been pulling at you right we talked about this last Sunday that mercury had to go and come on you know you like it or not and so last Friday you went direct and how was that day I know for a lot of us here at toasted Blue Mountain it was a day of incredible Max
country maximum time shift Quantum connect I mean there was so much that happened that day and at hit at all of the five medicines bodies all five medicine bodies work night is that day and we're going to talk about what's going on behind us yesterday but that's why I want to start with Friday so how was your Friday remember at this point because I can tell you it's David with wine and the pool that was a lovely combination hey add that was fun paid time off periodically enjoy a little fermented grape it left the body move to living a healthy life is to honor the balance between all things and the balance between
is a a never refining journey and and so we go through in Tranzit all these bodies but sometimes people get focused on one particular area that they say I'm Mastery list now that's cool that's great. The key is at some point when you activate your Consciousness you recognize have a greater sense of spaciousness in your life we need to bring healing energy to those less attended two aspects about our life is smiling because relaxed stretches the body floats
what is the medicine part of the medicine of the emotional body as well all the bodies and
back to where we started this conversation and about today's experience of the weekly energy are Sunday morning in the sheets and so we had something cross our our Consciousness or come across that that was put in front of us and it was a cliff and and it was it was fascinating because we we found it on a fairly mainstream remember if it was HuffPost or MSNBC but here's what I found so fascinating about the clip because it tied in with this you see how the full moon this week it's just like we're being pulled into that well this is a week about owning who you are and seeing how deep the self-deception and the condition deception goes and then being able to really decide if you can have enough compassion for the self to lift up through that and here's what came across us this morning at 3 and I work we're gazing at that really hit
really hit me and it triggered what we've been talking about the rest of the day but we've kind of been digesting the rest of the day and there was a show that was interviewing the actual fighter jet Pilots these all of these documented debunk whatever I believe Navy fighter jet pilots and putting up the film that had been seen that captured these UFOs because the interviewer what they do. Apparently is date the disclosure because that's exactly where we're going next so the clip was I showing the radar screen of unidentified flying objects in the fighter pilots being interviewed
in terms of a sudden acceleration or are or they saw this about it first fighter pilot reported it when he came back and reported it they had caught it on radar so they sent up a second so they sent up a 2nd Squadron this is all in this clip I'm sure you can go find that one up and started filming the first one didn't even feel that he came back out and said hey you know here's what's going on to like yeah we're tracking it here goes up our next group they film it back a third Squadron films it again and they have all of the sequences and in which room sharing now and you know she and I would call him this with UFO magazine for many years and one of the things that we're not here to do is to talk about origins of UFOs because
Consciousness understanding what I would like us to get to as we expand this conversation and why this is so important is that based upon the Consciousness and the dimensional experience of what we use the language as a UFO
holy depends on what's Happening Here on this planet what we are looking at when something has densified to the point where every single being in 3D can see it then it has come into phase with this experience of density which means it's Consciousness cannot go any higher than ours has already and that's why they're here and that's why it's coming forward and I want you to really breathe this in I know one of the other things is I encourage tree Don't You Love Story shirt today I just had to share this is like the greatest shirt ever and of course he's been wearing his beautiful Shiva and all his other crystals really wanted to come out today in a way that says
and listen through the energy and I'm just going to do this to you can see it better listen to the energy of what opened on the planet yesterday so most of you hopefully you've been tracking with you with the shield and this will go be going up at the shield for you to download later today that last week when the final seal did God kill was revealed to the world and post it as part of the Global Steel project now see out here had been contained in the Four Points of The Shield
after what happened yesterday this huge you see this huge spiraling blue and it's not that we had this is a graphic really do want you to breathe into what happened because this is why this week's energy is so crazy amazing so as you look at this right now the first thing that you notice that is different from when you last saw it and from what is posted on the download page right now is that the avesis symbol was contained within the Violet for pointed cross now do you see what's happened the evasive came in and the The Violet and the gold energy have become multi-dimensional and the pyramid has risen so now look in the center and bring your eyes up and feel that the Avista energy is not only the foundation
it is also the elevation right now that beautiful energy coming out around it will if you pay attention like you see where the SRI and Kira is you noticed that's the upper part of one piece of an incident spiral on the other side and is becoming incidentally wider that the spin that started yesterday yeah it is a huge wow and this is why this very week
we are in a moment and I want to try and take this really slow and shree and I are just going to take it with you we are the moment where is you this is unwinding as it is winding concentric dimensionality quit what's happening is it's winding as unwinding everything is happening at the same time and so if everything is happening at the same time and everything is happening at the same time
if you are sincerely awake to the multi-dimensional presents that you are then in this moment you are able to stand in the center to Spirals going in opposite directions
unclaimed in
you have never claimed you before I mean full Memory full Mastery full presents and it's happening for everyone and this is why and it really did bring a smile to my face especially since we started using this word mainstream last week but what brought a smile to my face was not that they do spider Pilots a triple confirm deciding not that nobody can deny that this thing is out there but what you were just talking about that the way the newscaster could actually even allow herself not to be laughing at the report because her Consciousness is so anchored in that which is telling her what to believe
was because in the cold in built in the covid-19 relief bill and many of you may already know this they talked in a whole section on the hundred and eighty days required and the clock is ticking for this to now it's for the disclosures be made without redaction and so that's that's in process whether or not it comes forward is irrelevant what matters is where it showed up in the middle of the covid-19 bill is this little piece that saying we're going to expand the world of density just a little bit maybe it's time to get a diversion
maybe we're getting ready to such a huge catastrophe on this planet that we're going to need some outside help maybe we're starting to panic so there are so many things that the planetary thought body is coagulating around this energy and here's what the newscaster says that really made us chuckle she said who would have ever thought this would become mainstream little as she was trying like she was so flabbergasted and so stunned and so shocked and and how beautiful for her because she sincerely was now seeing what she had not seen before this is the this is the way we grow is it not where you see one thing I see one thing as a person standing right next to you doesn't and I just have to talk about the orbs in the pictures years ago you know when orbs were really big they were really big back in like
2005 6th Avenue East even have a column called show me your orbs and people would send us all their own photos and what was happening and we were all the same and you would show it to someone who is is not carrying a a level of Consciousness and there were none and their world based on none that is what this week is going to show you you have an opportunity to see to expand to know to go beyond the deception because here's the hypothesis that work the train are thrown out there and here's something you may want to consider
what if
seriously we are the mainstream to use that word what does that really mean what is the word mainstream even mean at the end of the day what it really means is what is the collective thought body creating in the Paradigm of operation of the way that we're creating form right now and the notion of the mainstream or normal
is really has been accepted as a way to define the boundaries of permission you do I want
if you if you play in a certain field you will have all of your things taken care of it's very much about making you a sphere filled as possible so that as little as possible will satisfy you and because of your fear you will not care to expand beyond that so I want it I want to go back to where we were which was that in this moment where we are gazing at our worst swear our Consciousness has expanded to an level of experience that we have not ever collectively awaken to before there may have been one or two caring it but for the collective Consciousness to elevate to this is a moment of profound Revelation and this is why we are having experiences this is why things are looking Wild
we're seeing things we've never seen before
and so we're constantly being bombarded with that so this is the moment we're and this is 4 years now I believe we've been sharing us that you must trust yourself
we are at that moment sincerely where the truth will be seen as lie and a lie will be seen as the truth when how many of you I know I'm just driving myself if you were the strong-willed one in your family how many of you were the ones that wouldn't bend how many of you were the ones that were propelled by an inner motion but that just knew there was a path that you had to take and that while it may not have been as well supported or as well known the Integrity of who you are came forward overriding all of that
that moment is collectively upon us all right now because what if our what is the mainstream one of our Collective Consciousness instead of collectively creating doubt anger polarization hey I think we've got enough if we come forward and say wait a minute we know when we lived here during the Atlantean times we know when we were here during lamarion times and I am talking in the same densified experience of linear experience this moment right now we know we communicated telepathically we know we had the ability to work with Zero Point Energy within ourselves
we knew how to call forward to subtle energy fields to assist creation to heal we were far from perfect that's why we're here now we did eventually destroy ourselves through our absolute incredible areas
and this is why the spiral back to this level of Consciousness has taken this form of evolution we are here now because we do remember because enough of us are awake because enough of us are saying yes and this is the week to actually remember that if you wanted to make sure that you could control all of the resources in the hands of the few then you make sure the many are controlled
because what is God forbid the many were awake to the truth of who they were the resources would be used in harmony for the all because it's just what you do the self greed Factor does not even come in
I'm so there is a moment before us right now where we honestly can say to ourselves I will stop in this moment right now I will stop to seating myself I will stop telling myself there something wrong with me I will stop saying that I must be crazy I will stop affirming all the things that others want me to affirm
because the more of us that can say yes the greater the gift to the planet right now and remember that all the section of the end begins with ourselves we deceive ourselves and this is why what happened yesterday just going back to the calendar we had we had the Mercury retrograde post phase begins and that was 7 and so we went from our high heart the nine back into our entire this area this energy this Vision right now is encompassing your third eye your star Consciousness the cosmic Prime meridians all of the things literally inside of your skull that are from your nose up I mean this is a massive massive
massive post face in your vision can expand exponentially and we are in an expanded Vision what are you seeing and how are you bringing it Forward what if you are the master that you say yes to it look what's happening on February 27th we are going to the Lotus we are going right up to the Lotus chakra and so this is so big because the evasive breath is like one of the easiest ways to get there this is now I have to update the shield but this is now. Shields and so what's happened is that the avesa energy came in at that pyramid stabilized and has said go
go so we're going and I think we're all going to pretty amazing places right now so I just want to take a moment and check in this right now is how many of you have suffered through self-criticism self-judgment and believing that there was something wrong with you
how many of you felt not only that there was something wrong with you but you just didn't belong a difficulty relating making friends fitting into circles Etc you know if we take a look at how many of you have struggled with addiction and anxiety of Separation at the root of the attic is a master of of Oneness is so I just found it if we look at how many people feel felt they didn't belong how many people felt there was something wrong with it how many people got a resolution to the problem of Separation through various substances excetera I have a feeling that that number is big
and you are part of that number you either listening are part of that number and of course there is an evolutionary process to move out of believing in the separation to believing in something wrong with me and all of the negative beliefs there is a healing process that moves us into the recognition that I am okay I am a master in a limited form and your dreams probably formed so all of a sudden you know we're having our morning conversations we are the mainstream we are the mainstream about the media and the control Brokers whatever God forbid they have captured the resources the media that do Chow's Express
Indian the hands of the few and that's why it's out of balance the peace here that is is fascinating is we've collaborated with that confinement and I believe we are at the time because Consciousness has ribbit ribbit to a point of recommended to where we don't have to do anything there is no opposing Force other than your belief in limitation is it's like there is no opposing we empower the perceived limitations and it's time it is time to Simply breathe into the truth of your Mastery that of your authentic energy which is a substance you are not this body but you're enjoying this body you are not all those judges thoughts
you are beyond all of that and I'm not here to grow through the habit of thinking unlimited form and embraced the emerging energy of your own ascended heart and those expected Wild colors and Fantasies and things to come forward and energy of Liberation into your now Liberation is not defined as freedom from an oppressor or a prison Liberation is free to be that what you are I am free I am free to express that which I am pretty little definitions that came out of the 60s and 70s you know those were good start and here we are in a masterful place where we can just say I love you
to all creation without being an opposition to it well also State what is wholesome beautiful balanced and that we can be those energies and support those energies to emerge so that those who haven't quite woken up to it can feel the beauty of this and and they will give them their today's ecard the graphic I created for Today Show know they are lying lion looking to lovingly back at the kitten and saying don't worry I'll protect you you're taking care of that's the moment you're at with
self right now and we have been so blessed with the Archangel almond all of the beans that are coming forward to put in the background of some of you may have caught it or not but what I put in the background of screened in there it was the cover of what are the are the first page of blavatsky is book that I've been reading and down at the bottom there is no religion higher than truth there is no religion. Blessing the blessing is that we are at a moment on our planet where words like love and peace and joy are coming out of leaders mouth again the permission to shift the mainstream to balance the energy is coming
and we are at a moment where the compassionate energy that is before us right now is saying it is time to unwind the deception as the up level Full Moon Rises it's right now the only way I can describe this week is its wax on wax on wax on wax on cuz it's not coming off till next month I'm going to be talking all about that a moment as well because and building building building this is a full moon where you are your favorite song or whatever it is but on the 27th going left fun you know just have fun and sometimes I'm notoriously and I'll be eating dinner and I'll hear a song come on and I'll grab him and go, let's dance pay a lot of money
her music you love what's stopping you right at the moment and it's the what's stopping you call into your Consciousness those things heartbeat has ignited and this massive spiral has moving in incredible ways right now so I can't really breathe that and because as this week is coming together this is the closing week of a month of choice and so what are you choosing to focus on this who I lost my breath all right how many of you just lost her Fred's Breese I can't without taking a breath by heart, and remember that we're currently up here and we're going to our Lotus on Friday and soyou what are you choosing to focus on this week and this is the week
really consciously every breath is a choice everything is intentionally choose to walk through this week with intentional choices rather than entering into the week with a whole bunch of fear anxiety and doubt and getting whipsawed by what is coming and it is really important in terms of yourself Mastery and that is to recognize that you can't have an emotion without a thought arising
for the most part you can't have a thought without an emotion coming up to validate it so it's play with us for a moment because for years people believe that you know thoughts create feelings but what I've come to witness is that a feeling creates thoughts and that's actually primary so if the world of bands are pulsing and stimulating within you a sense of anxiety or fear then we require a thought to justify or support the existence of that feeling now the feeling to be completely false it could be a just a radiation that you picked up from another bean and yet it's within this zone of operation you cause yourself your awareness right and the future free floating anxiety
then we own it
so I just want you to unpack that a little bit we can be on wedding victims of the planetary thought by victims of energy status we need to find a point of reference outside of the out running away from her outside of the outer worlds we need to find an inner point of reference that fuels and is connected to your essence and that is your measure we cannot use the outer world as a point of reference unless we want to live out there and lose touch with what we really are and sometimes people hang out that way for a while because they want to have the experience of the difference so the reason I bring this up right now is cut yourself some slack you many of you have had feelings of anxiety associated with
of the whatever-it-is weather covid-19 and vaccination worries we find the excuses to support the feeling to continue that's the pit ball for living a masterful life because the master will look at this and go look for and then love yourself through it and come back to your essence I am I am a Divine be having my human experience and to go deeper than the superficial first blush experience not to deny that you had it deeper and find your authenticity that is allowing this dance to occur the more we reside there the more we lift into our Guidance the more we find the more we are able to serve other beans to our very
energy your ability to mentor to teach to heal is not simply the matter of a technique though medical school with Chile is an energy that restores balance and beauty and give space for the body to do what it was designed to do give space for the off the intelligence for the intelligence to manifest a balance in your emotions and thoughts which is what is here to do your soul knows the way you're not alone you're never alone you are so loved and we get so distracted
so let's go home to that
one of the ways that you can really give yourself the joy of of breaking out of some of the deception is to look at yourself expression when we align with who we are when we are in our experience of self-expression the whole reason we're here is for that the entire reason that you jumped in line and I guarantee you push somebody out of the way but the reason that you're here it's for that to have the experience of this illusionary perception that creates matter self-expression so why would you limit that who are you really and do you allow yourself you are you wearing what you really want to wear or are you wearing what you feel you must is what you're wearing making you happy how about how you adore in the jewelry you wear your where the way you're wearing your hair or are you Bound by what a magazine or a culture or some other being is telling you you have to be
what if and I really can't imagine this what if and could you imagine a world where every being was free to self express their true
can you imagine how beautiful that world would be because when we're free to express our truth the truth can only emerge through the higher Consciousness expanded anything that we demonstrate tired of that is a reflection of the level of Consciousness that we have attained based upon the dimensional presents we are expanding into and so we grow grow grow grow grow and then there comes a moment where we love ourselves enough and we were in that fifth dimensional present still solidly honestly release the judgment and it begins with the stealth judgment begins with the stealth judgment and that's really important because every single thing we do no matter what it is no matter how inspired it is as long as the protoplasm is here and this is why the medicine field is so important because it's the five medicines integrated
but as long as the protoplasm is here then what's going to happen is that you're going to have time for that that's all going to surface everything that you think is gone at the surface again the question is what is the level of Consciousness that meeting it and that's where that release of the of the of the judgments that brings us to the seventh Dimension can become the most compassionate Outreach of the universe that you have ever experienced that really told you I mean really hold you so that as you are witnessing the third dimensional self having experienced you are also simultaneously loving yourself through it releasing what's going on holding the higher Consciousness so that you can immediately bring in the balance
at the end of the day that's what the medicine Shield isn't that's why she and I are on this year-long journey with so many of you right now and it does bring us to yesterday because I think we need to talk about yesterday and it happened on that day the vision I wanted to show the extent of numerology again because I do find that kind of you will notice that yesterday was February 20th and you will notice that yesterday was when we went from the high heart into our vision and so that happened yesterday along with being the second law journey of a vase aware oh my gosh the energy before Corey and Masha you're so incredible that end our hearts free and I feel it was what you called in and all of you that were with us you know what we collectively called in as what co-created what happened yesterday
for a little log entry for folks aren't we have put together a couple of spiritual Pathways for this year to help people stay really focused in in their choice to either lifter Consciousness and expand and into that is lightened Mastery or to simultaneously ability to heal and support others so we began just a week ago the healers Journey began with the evasive balancing because there's a lot more to call omigosh wherever what has happened so far has been expensive because the balance is beyond any energy modality on this planet at this time and the reason is the highest dimensions and
is the direct experience
raise your hand and want to talk about it
888-627-6008 let's let's hear from you how it was introduced to 1500 s o s a balancing cheaves and offers the client the opportunity to be in the ascended state of being a higher vibrational place we heal lower frequency and not everybody wears the Buddha has said those what's you know I've heard about you will eventually it is activated that says aww so I have a point of reference now to get my choices and I will expand this I will heal further I will live a love based connected life
Easter gift of it so what happens when the evasive balancing is when that opening is created by the healer is that the entire ROM feels the energy sing to the Healer the one that is supporting the client to be there is a harmonic that happens
everyone was balanced and what I'm loving is next week we're going to be one of the bonus sessions next week we're going to be teaching the distance protocol and you know this is how we Heal The World Is that you are able to really pay attention to what is happening give me my husband's trying to do something and I'm very distracted what you're looking for can't be seen right now
yeah right here but this isn't seeing see that way to make it bigger forgive me guys in this moment expanded energy in this moment of presents the greatest gift you can give to yourself is that moment of divine breath that is always present and it's that all they saw and I just want to say it again and it's about and it pleased if you have not gone to the shield Azad killed just course it is at Trine yet there but it stopped breathing in through the nose and a heartbeat and we're hearing that heartbeat as they were breathing in
all they what is all they Hail to the internet all right and then when you relax out this
with a smile very important what you're doing is you're releasing out to the infinite presence and saying I am here I am open guide me well yesterday when everyone was balanced I'm on this is what was happening is that it wasn't just the harmonic that was happening in the room it was the first time we've ever taught this virtually you know and most people and their contents into this incredible oh my gosh I feel like this is how we do these live on a private YouTube and real-time everybody's having this experience and SRI I believe this is what led to the culminating moment yesterday and and what's happening as part of this on that day where we went to hear it we went back to our vision
are healers and participants experience was a spontaneous full body and soul meant of Archangels odd killed delivering a message and an initiatory energy and helping people understand how to accept and amplify and resolve the arising Kundalini that is available right now and it was a big surprise most especially for me and and it was actually thought killed who this morning made sure that this was available by today and and the message was clearly this morning from God kill the shield has now anchored and this is the cause of the worldwide the global Shield Project and I sincerely with all my heart and soul pray that you are also visiting Street and Cara. Calm and that you are part of the global Shield Project
if you go to our homepage you cannot miss this click on it you can download the art print the art send us your photos where are you placing it how are you with it and today we're going to be showing you we actually have some of the first people that are sending us in their photos this project has been separated by Ken Ballard over in Thailand who was the first one to say hey Kara The Shield so many miracles are happening I'm bringing them leaving them at all the temples are making little laminated cards I'm leaving for other people and so we initiated this on full mirrors about a week and a half ago and wow so please you know uplift yourself uplift Humanity the the Archangel is doing more than sharing with us right now we are all in a time compression wear
sincerely and I and I really get how this can sound but sincerely if you let go of linear time and you're willing to expand your Consciousness is going to blow you away especially this week right is going to blow you want we've just been propelled into our vision that's waxing your vision is growing your vision is this weekend on the full moon when we go up into the Lotus what is the universe what is this telling you it's saying that if we're going up into the Lotus it means if you are really doing the work if you are really doing the work and you're living up here in the 5th Dimension it means this week as we have gone into the vision and it's being pulled into the full moon it will allow Luminate and the universe will shower your March imagine your March coming in cuz we're coming in from here in the March imagine March
boring you with everything you've ever dreamed of this is why I want you guys to make a note this is why next Sunday is 3 and ours last show for a month we will be on the air next week we will hold shrink are alive we will explore the Mysteries just like tonight stats for the Mysteries which is like mandatory watching and soul mirrors and that will be because the energy of March is Toad are important and what are we talking a lot about that in the second half of the show today and next week so is all about the March predictions the March Ascension frequencies were going to be doing the entire month the whole show will be the entire month because we must step back from this form of communication because of the importance and our personal commitment to the WWA Global Festival this is a moment that
if you have not yet registered number one the pre-registration discounts that are ridiculously affordable are going to expire soon so there's a good reason but number to just go there to connect with what's happening part of that and there are we are broadcasting as much of this for free as we can as well but you need to register so you have to get to the website to do that as well let's talk about this what's really going on here Siri do you know the WWA is an opportunity to connect with that which is emerging in Consciousness there is a pulse wave of Consciousness that is coming into recognition at that point of balance that we refer to as the equinox and this March Equinox is an opportunity for us to dissipate you do something that you don't need me that isn't true
each and every being that stands witness and lends their heart to something in this case the healing of humanity the emergence of celebrate the planets if you lend your Consciousness if you were off playing video games or whatever other metaphor for your destruction it isn't receiving the full residence that is possible is that when we make our agreement Consciousness first it manifest instantaneously I mean this is the let's remember that it was back on I want to take you back to August 8th 2020 but with the WWE
energy burst into the planet as the rising balance to to the imbalance that was becoming on checked and is still carrying a great waves of energy and the women Wellness Awakening WWA women Wellness is a cheat codes for word you as the champion it is you as that lion it is the kitten that now knows they are the lion and it is it is that moment where we can rise into our conscious awareness through demonstrative acts of energetic frequency that affect the medicine balance of the entire planet
the medicine of this planet is out of balance Pharmaceuticals are out of balance I'm not saying don't take them so please don't take me out of context what I am hearing is that the weight that is given to Pharmaceuticals versus the deception around plants and absolute ability to clean every single medicine is now why is it out of balance for that same reason goes back to the boy who started today for that same reason the deception energy is so large so that if from the moment you are born if you can if you're if what you think can be controlled if what you say is control what you believe is control before you live is controlled and it's all controlled by making you afraid
sure that there isn't the only big conspiracy is is how well you buy into your own fear right conspiracy only works if it makes you a phrase what's making you a phrase working right if it doesn't make you afraid it has no power in this is really just wanna do is just so freaking amazing isn't it and so pay attention to where you are right now right just it would just go through his mom was a hundred for right field for the last 30 years of her life 74 maybe would that be about right Progressive
twenty-some years if you're sure that would happen with the pharmaceutical education you received because this is interesting experience this with your own family's just that so it's a very interesting learning that she offered to all of us as she began to move into what in the old days would have been called Cindy timers when we look for a care facility to assist for her with her the number one thing was not can we help her it's can we regulate her meds so that she's manageable we want to know that she has a good good good recipe of medicine stuff if she's flying it was an interesting phenomenon so it's like who's there who's the doctor let's talk to the doctor
and again this is this is part of it and it said exist everywhere so this is the challenge so what if what if you could give yourself permission to expand beyond that limitation and and here's the piece about that expansion that's so important when we talk about when we talk about the medicines and you see the cosmic Isis right here the cosmic Isis energy when you see all of that when you're breathing that all they saw energy that which would hurt another that which would cause pain for another is not even in your Consciousness it becomes the failsafe this is why the levels that we are experiencing right now you know it always goes back to Einstein the levels of consciousness cannot solve what's happening on the planet right now we must lift and so as we lift as we say yes to the master we
it doesn't mean what we're saying isn't go do whatever you want without ramification we are not saying that we are sharing is at and what we have lived and had the blessing of being with this incredible guidance of the universe for so many years now what we have lived is the naked authenticity of saying yes to the truth of who we are and more of Us come together because together we are better if more of Us come together and keep saying yes and initially it's hard that's why people stay here for months years sometimes that's why people come here to get a moment to really get the generation because when you come here you can really do it and then you go home and you can really do it there and you're really doing now and maybe you just want to be with others that are doing it as well and what are we doing we're just living who we are without any Judgment of Who You Are
maybe the reason there's gender fluidity the reason that all of this new languages in is coming up the reason that the covid-19 bill is saying hey tell us what's really going on out there is because the same energy that would seek to stop you from knowing who you are is just as afraid of you remember as you are of claiming the truth of you
so why not say yes to you because we have a huge show waiting for you. Please come see you what when you are you what could be more mainstream in your authentic you and that's the gift and any get it cuz that's what we're going to be doing so we're going to show you a quick phone and this film is fabulous another beautiful bre Rosso turn out every rose has been behind the scenes most of this past week and similar to last week you know this whole week has just been a big big big big right on Friday on that three days ago and I were called there has been a place on our trail that we have fondly called The Dragon's Lair we have been giving offerings to it we have been listening and getting messages we were called there this past Friday that's in this film along with little did I know
cooking class that I done earlier this week and a few other amazing surprises so sit back relax and let me come back we're diving in and we'll be right back stay on hold call in going right to the lines when you get back
this is quinoa breakfast right now so he's going to use equal measure so if you just go to the very top and you keep it
all right I was going to Indio
okay he's going to add water until it stops
that would be if I am not adding anything like vegetables or other seasoning because I am going we're going to go to that point for so instead of the two worst going to go up to that next one with wine
reusable Peter masago it activated
to where it just has been some talk and slaver only because I enjoy spice
and I'm going to use the ground so that it goes right in so I like it but your dad and I used to see that it's just like a Sprinkle across the top I don't know how is he doing Maybe
cuz the allspice as a wonderful blend of cinnamon I like Cardinals
because I think it gives it depth and for too much
just enough to note they're not so much as takes away from what's going on in there and then I'd probably do like a small handful for 2
image of someone they blow up a coconut
the diamond imagine coming down in this is us
and tell normally I would have my Cuisinart Cuisinart know which coffees on the table setting but I'm just going fast and now I plug it in and forget it
is quinoa breakfast cereal
here we are at what we believe to be the entrance or portal for the energetic entrance into the mountain as you look at this area at first glance it's just covered with growth vegetation everything from the parasites to the Natural Flora to Cactus and so people have been walking by this for her energetic opportunity we've been told that this is the time we are now at the time to communicate with those spiritual Warriors of the Mountain book is a Guardians of the temple behind all this vegetation we feel there is a rock wall and perhaps a rock entrance that will reveal even more we're going to close up right now to show you now I don't know if you guys can see in there I'm going to go ahead and give you a real strong close-up look what's hiding in there you see it you guys see what's hiding see the faces
and we are going to be Excavating this and clearing it because we have clearly heard I want to come over here there's another big area right up here we have heard it must be open in time for the WWA Summit and it's really going to keep itself areas you can just see what's waiting and so we are grateful but this time has come you'll see right down here and I have been honoring look at this beautifully chiseled rock you see the perfect cut their this obviously felt that it's become amazing are we are what is preparing you all of that you see that and it's not which is probably how it was fit into the wall and so we are going to be pulling these out look at this
Matrix is in the stalled so it's been a delight and a privilege to be part of this on Bailey and releasing the energy for the upliftment of all
remember when the lion stepped out onto the field they know exactly what they're stepping into they will always be met by three energy they didn't say sometimes they didn't say there will come a moment in your planet's existed when this would happen here's what's gonna happen right lesson 5 Lost Books of BC and Ryan stepped out of the woods number one you will be met by the Hunter
and sometimes that Hunters are on brain the hunter is the one who seeks to hunt you because they are terrified of you so there by they must kill you and the hunter lurks you don't know where the hunter is the hunter goes out of his way to be disguise to be hidden
and so when a lion walks out they know damn right well they might have a shot fired at them they're ready
they're not going to wither at the first shot
and then the lion notices those who run away those who the lion loved those who the lion really thought would be out on the field with the lion goes to and the lion start walking said right with you keep going
and the minute the lion walked out they not only didn't come they turned and ran the other way and made sure everybody they know knows why they ran and knows why it was your fault and that will always happen
and a lion knows that and loves them because they know not what they do it's a choice and then the lion notices all the other lions
and discovers there's a whole family that's been waiting that we couldn't even see until we stepped out onto the field that we have no idea how vast it is we have no idea how connected it is we have no idea how much it's doing has been doing for us until we walked out and then we walk out and the first thing we do is we are on our knees saying thank you to every line that has ever stood there before us because every one of us knows what it's like to be the first line on the field of our family
to be the first line in the fields of a of a of a playing area right now that we are still defining it's like we have all been in training like you're sharing like this is an invitation to be that General and to all of us been training to be empowered as lions and lionesses coming out of the woods and this is our like ignition moments Equinox pens into who knows where we're going we don't really know but we trust it right and it stood is the moment right now
we do love you and and and and the communications that arise from this this glorious community of Awakened Hearts thank you for really send her the appreciation she deserves she works so hard every week to put these together and as much as we did and did you feel the energy since they just saw it you're the one of the things this has been wonderful for us here and I are over the last many years is to travel to Sacred sites weather is the pyramids
what we've come to recognize is that every sacred site is sacred to humans because it radiates energy that is beyond the ordinary it radiates energy or perhaps even in Austin in the end the greater purpose so that certainly have that activation there as well and because we are all part of this greater Touchstone at a time where we are all being activated
and so with that universal truth of of what makes the site sacred and then and it isn't energetic more than a story at least for me as we walk up the path way to we walk by the wall switch is not seen by anybody as wall because it's just a mountain of education however we know that have been here this is the spot where we would show you as we are walking up the trail where that big spiral was hanging from the tree remember that right there it's it's it's right there and I think we probably those who have been here we've shown you in and and brushed away some of the Jungle to show you what's hiding that is very Indiana Jones sacred sites not all there is there are many energies that were meant to remain dormant their energy
when they should be reunited with the time stream when they should be uncovered and accept it and this energy that we're referring to as the wall we were guided last year leave it alone for now you know honey when you said that I almost wanted to cry because I'm inviting all of you when we would walk and there's this one that you saw in the movie that beautiful blue eyes perfectly cut with the knot Stone I can hardly wait to see what that fits into and even on the trail right there all of the other Stones we first connected with it what it felt like to me at that time was like this working dark dragon energy like a dragon hiding in the caves that had been so beaten and Stone
it's understood and stole whatever you are much less if I can trust you and that's how it felt and it had that beautiful smile for the spiral and what's so fascinating is that on the trail and when you come between I give you a guided tour of this literally there are sections of the one radiates fairy energy as elves houses and people have been there and seen what's going on up there that's just the area of the Vernon and they are happy there and they flourish there and we have given them their access there and said absolutely you have a right to be and since we have consciously done that the area that was great he has turned white
and those of you that I've been here seen at these plants these these what's are considered to be like parasite plans and now they are literally turning translucent white and shooting up flowers that have Violet flame test could you not and they're in bloom when your body hurts in about every time we would ask and what we would he ask for after a few months what I noticed was like this like like you know like I have a big dog big dog when they do this I will have that so much where they put their hands down and just like right it went from to little tree off to be like who are you
you don't fit but you fit right and so sweet and I went through that like this are you and then was it about 2 months ago we walk and those of his Adventure will know how much this affected us and the spiral had been accidentally hacked off by a gardener or was it an accident and I'm like losing my breath even as I shared so let you share I know it's true as there are no accidents every everything is part of it also when this spiral came down it did cause us to pause it real right so when the machete hit it is that we found it on the wall
what is an could feel the flight like I could feel it and it was like it was like it was like it called and I and we bent down and I picked it up for the first time I saw the eyes of the mountain and it said I am ready because you are ready
and I told her I said hey I think we're supposed to open up the wall but so we laid the spiral down it is still there and Friday the film you saw now it's like that lying in the cave NWA if you want to get here live we've got to know soon because we are really at the capacity here so I could come and live with the decision time is now and of course you going to be here live virtually decision time is now cuz you still get the amazing discounted rates but for those of you that are going to be here if you're going to be here a little early that's when the the final of the wall is going to happen we will be filming it but we want to make sure that our documentary
Chris here because one of the things that Alexander has asked for was an area to perform sacred bathing ritual before people went up to the ceremony and we don't know for sure yet cuz you know as much as we do we showed you what this looks like this is Indiana Jones stuff but from what we can tell this very much looks like like if you were looking at it from the side like a tunnel going into the mountain and when we take are walking sticks and push open all all of the Vermin plants that have been protecting it have all given way and everything around it is blooming there it's literally saying we are ready and it brings tears to my eyes because this is why the medicine Shield is here this goes back to what I was talking about earlier about the balance in the medicines
we have discovered through Alexander and the many many communities I have been coming here now. We are living on a pharmacy that literally every medicine you need for life is literally on this mountain including a bunch of water in there and we bow before that and of course we are here of course I'd Shield come forward of course. He came forward yesterday this is the first time when was the last time Arcangel zadquiel shared a message with the world and let you know that would be something that I searched because that would be a time Loop you know that would be another concentric Circle and look at the level you enter shift the balance in your life and it begins by knowing that you actually are the mainstream that maybe we collectively all felt
guilty at the end time at Atlantis or Lumeria wherever your cord goes maybe that molecule of deception that there is a guilt for you to carry there is a notch. Healed maybe that's the molecule that is guiding you
and this is the time to list through that did you want to answer that we are the intersection of multiple streams Energy stock and each of those streams influences the total and so it's not about an egoic polishing the Garden it is about that which is out of balance it is about bringing forward that is what is meant to lead and allowing that which is served his purpose to fall away and end this is a process that we go through and until we bring our loving attention to it things remain in stasis little bit like the metaphor of the temple when the temple was first recognized in this covered with
we need to pause and say is it time
and to recognize it to respect it into honor is this now complete in that phase of its being or is it time for the next days it's the same with us with yourselves to know if I complete with the eggs part of becoming the new mainstream is letting go of the old Street and I know for myself and my journey there was a. Of time where I recognize that my family of origin and all of the values all of the support the law of the teaching that I received from that family that I was complete with it and how do you know your complete for me it was I noticed it was a real there was no there was no further expansion there was just a predictable Loop of this and this and this and this you can insert your own
which tree is sharing with you right now is a Mastery moment where and blaming the victim because their level of Consciousness could not even understand the resolution proposed that it was a kindness to step back from your energy actually provokes people in ways that you do not intend them to receive it I just showed up you know they're bitching this inserts a lot of levels levels in a graduation party with my family of origin
directions with them begin to diminish and then there was a wave of blame of why don't you call us why don't you come to the Christmas gathering why don't you do x y and z
did all this is not a judgment about what you're doing I am not called to be there and to have the courage to say that with love not with defensiveness or challenged energy to also remember Arcangel zadquiel who's so beautifully says bring a hand your heart to your heart feel that they saw breath I saw smile and sincerely offer thank you thank you for loving me enough to share and know that I really love myself enough to trust what I'm doing
and then you can leave you can still engaged but the key is to really own that to own which tree is sharing to own because when you when you offer these types of sharing options that system Encinal loving yourself enough to stay in the energy of compassion there by offering a way to balance the medicine Shield take to call it in amongst your hope your whole family and for many of us lineage holders it has meant leaving I know it might as well as some point your Consciousness becomes you and as you anymore that you own that you will find a refinement in the flow of those that you are interacting with
how the way you interact with others May shift part of the journey and to those that are awake there's always going to be the emotional never the physical body that most of the wheel but the higher self that medicine of Consciousness which is the cogs that keeps all that running and balance will always hold fire so that you make constantly evolved through every experience that's the gifted ever-evolving
we live in a never refining spiral doing on it is that we have a choice we could live consciously or we can live reactively stupid consciously may still involve reaction only we get to witness it rather than be victimized by it and in the witness there are multiple opportunities to change the dance and there it is the growth opportunity right now or do you want me to do that because I say Maria
hello sweetie I'm so grateful I got through so I wish I was there live yesterday at the Dollar Tree crafts and poop
when you have started fighting when I was practicing the oven style brass and I was holding my focus and all the sudden I was not my mind was not on holding the other day saw Branson and the word my head but all the sudden I'm going to snow in about me and I saw myself with I'm assuming my master and then I all the sudden was insane and I just saw me and I surprise myself but open my eyes and then that was a butt
my question and is the rest of the day I was all over the place physically I have been on my moon and then I was and so and then I just want to say that you would be insolvent with archangels. Joe. Let me see. Let me vibrating not only did it but my my daughter as well she also woke up in the middle of night with so much energy and so that was I so very glad I was there and a part of that
thank you sweetheart that it is because you were there that has happened you know we collectively did this and I also want to share that remember that everything you were sharing happened after the First Ave saw a tenement of course you're seeing your master of course you're getting together that was the first Attunement we did in the first tourney and so you're up leveling my heart I love you so much sweetheart up level up level and you do what we are the mainstream this is how we heal Humanity by saying yes to this and as I'm trying this with you I kid you not it is like lightning bolt, all on my crown and it's funny right before you got on I was seeing this vision of getting this made of
and that I would wear around up here at was actually of white like Suede and it ties on and has these long fringes and each one of the fringes is a different color like a unified band of the tribes and then you came on and so I want you to know my love that the message I really want to offer it to you today is that you have an opportunity right now to assist with the unification of all tribes and you are you are ready and so it's not an accident that you're in yours this you're in a moment of the greatest manifest aided potentiality of your entire life and you don't need to hide anything and I'm really glad you're not I love you so much I miss you how do you remove your children
wow do you feel that we are at a time where so many people are active expansion we can adapt rapidly we can we really can't jump back to where we going next we have multiple choices here good Heavens I can't read this right here. Let's go.
Rosemary from Arizona has some health issues about absolutely let's get that in here because I know we're all going through it hey there Rosemary hi Angel hello SRI and Kira hey where to start of I'm in the program as well and
hello listening sweetheart I thought I lost you I'm sorry and I love it by the way it's really great I'm learning a lot and I do feel my energy shifting I keep getting one issue after another with my health popping up in I'm I'm I'm kind of struggling with the the point right now where I'm wondering if if I'm capable at this point of healing myself and because I the dishes keep popping up one after another in and it seems like it doesn't and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm it's something I'm not doing that I need to be or are you picking up some anything from me for my by Soul Journey
I'm really confused and worried the health issues are pretty serious and it just getting to a point where I just want it all to go away. So I'm taking a breath and trees going to begin first off it's time to just take your heart and say I love myself I love myself as I am and as I am not
no conditions I love myself
the energy of that love of knowing that it's been an amazing journey in this life and the truth has its Journey as does your one hand on your heart and you take the other hand and bring it to whatever body part is calling to you
and it looks to me like your stomach would be a good place to start about wherever it's whatever Force appropriate and you just breathing in and out of your hard in and out of your heart in and out of your heart freezing and then we love
into the hand over the heart send it over the shoulder and out the hand this on your tummy
and you can do this for anybody part but what we're doing is a Sacred Circle circuit a sacred circuit I love myself and I offer this to my body to that area of my body and breathe and be and just keep doing this this is is it's like you're reassuring a child
I love you sweetheart I love you it's okay we'll get through this together and after you send that love their than just pause and say to your body I'm listening
what do I need to know at this time and be open
you might be surprised by what
you might hear a voice you might you might have a thought
so this is a practice that I wanted to give you to please repeat this everyday for a while
now the reason I offer you this to you is that your body is in a crescendo moment because of the frequencies you've said yes to all of the stuff that was pushed away all of the stuff that was denied all of the stuff about me
is it rises through the tissue elimination don't get overwhelmed just having hard and bring the love to each one and slowly with patients step by step you can start to resolve this
does that make sense to you dear okay offered in what you allowed and you can do this anytime and as you're breathing and I want you to just the laws
the entire time that was happening there was this beautiful I mean magnificent master oversoul that is you that has been whispering to you for a while and if you are really ready to make the changes you know you need to make the miracle you see
the miracle you seek has already begun all the time we love you I love you guys too thank you so much for what had to take a moment and just feel for those of you that I can get a good look at your forehead so if you haven't noticed during the extended heart the avesis symbol on his forehead and gold today because we are in this moment right remember we are in the ignited vision and our commitment today was to bring to you that which says expand your vision so I just want everyone
Hangover 2 1/2 stop radio
each and every one of us is called from time to time to celebrate to Adorn our bodies to dance to do things to do to break out of a pattern and an established a connection to that which your heartsbeauty is calling forward trust that trust that creation is constantly happening this doesn't mean we have to keep changing this means we need to be open to the gift of inspiration
creation is constantly happening are you sipping from that well and I heard people felt felt a lot of you hold your breath on that so let's do let's go in all day
you're smiling right cuz this smile really does lift the energy even if you think you're forcing it all right Siri where we going I know we're going over to 12 talk radio we're going to go to California it looks like hey California California this is I don't know how to Franklin Greenleaf Fargo
are you there
alright okay we're going to go ahead and and to somebody else tree let's go right there. I saw it looks like Nassau New York maybe he Nassau New York other side of country how you doing
blessings tree and Kira kissing blessings to all Elsa to I have a question this added question is a medical question for 3 and a question is that I you know I've been having a lot of it says I got very sick of pain on my left side of my shoulders I always make a joke of it like all my brother's name is broken so I was wondering by any chance if I can get any guidance when it comes to if it's almost feels like it's like my left side of the back of my shoulder my back all the way to the top of my head so I was wondering if I can get any guidance I am 10
sure happy to offer a little at the cost was about clearing the throat now the throwed resides at that shoulder level does not and the energetics of the throat chakra are about your willingness to live but to live the truth of Who You Are
the left shoulder brings in an energy of what you feel might be burdening you
are you fearful that to live authentically might cause a compromise a sacrifice a burden of some sort in a worldly definition of what burden might be I just offered that is it is a question of exploration
what I sent to your field is that you've done so much work you have come forward with your Mastery and your authenticity and there is a piece about taking the next step that part of you may not quite feel confident about it may say I don't know and I'm wondering for you if there's a relationship in your life that is needed to come into balance to allow you to feel comfortable moving forward you don't have to answer that I think about it because the energy is is is it it true that energy conduit and the neck is as I believe the source of this discomfort that you're experiencing so of course you can work at this at the physical level of stretching and moving and stretching the body
you do however there's an energetic component about the balance between where you've been and where you're going and the where you're going is what is stimulating the resistance
that's amazing so I would have to look deeper you know and go deeper with that
thank you for your welcome sweetheart thank you for saying yes to you love you honey and thank you guys blessings to you both thank you for your love is for sure the reason why do you give us symptoms is because they're calling us to look deeper if it was superficial you would have already seen it if it was within your normal operating parameters you would have already discovered it your body is like at this is this incredible master that is coaching you say hey come over here soon into this this this is it has a deeper meaning are you willing to learn listen and evolve through this or you going to be in denial and just put up with the pain and take your Tylenol and forget about it
and you I love how that applies to every level of our Consciousness at what level are you taking Tylenol and I mean seriously it really is a beautiful a beautiful thing for for all of our experiences the Consciousness is a call to Consciousness.. The Consciousness to all separation of bottom line is this is please join us because we are expanding Consciousness remember that this February March April experience is a trinity and that this month of choice this week I had you are waxing into a full Moon and what has happened is that we are all right now being not only
visible but as we are in our expanded Vision what is in Your Vision what have you been building build it get done this is the week get it done register for Global this is the week that it done because right now in this moment when we hit that Lotus chakra on the 27th that beautiful full moon that is the vision that's going to take us into March and if you are consciously able to lift beyond that means going through the ground up into the Lotus if you are consciously able to do that barges like I said already has his beautiful shower of so much incredible connection continuity opportunity expansion anchor all of this and of course the WWE Global has got to be part of that happening
and then when we get to April it's about what do we do with this we just had a month of awareness remember March is a month of awareness what are we going to do with this will and April we're going to Anchor it to experience because April's experience month by expanding Consciousness through coming together when shree and I have been called by the ascended masters directly to unlock the keys of the I am discourses and do we have a Graphic we can show if we do a lot of European sing hey which book you know which one and and what I really want you to hear is just go to Street and click on it you'll see it but it starts in April this is the moment where we are literally igniting. Grid of Illumination that for those of you who have been with us in Monday magic we have
we discussed nnn ignited this is really happening it's a one of the challenges we have is hate not only be there it's a donation again but go secure the oldest one of these books that you can and on the opening night we are all going to come together all of us that have these books and we are going to actually come together as one to it to illuminate this grid and really rescue these sacred books from just putting in book dealer somewhere being thrown on shelf somewhere and rotting let's consciously called its energy and and a lot of you already sending us your pictures it rocks it's amazing we are going to ask for your pictures soon because at the WWE Global we will be showing the Montage those of you that have already received your book so rather than send us just a book with a lot of you have we got a lot of book cover pictures send us a picture with you
doubt they're that next week and this is important eyes note on your calendar you must be here next week it will be our last show until March 28th because she and I must unplug to plug in to a mountain and it begins March one and it won't stop and it's going to be big and the only way you'll be able to connect with us is through the WWE Global please be there this is big and it's important is there are moments in your lifetime where the energies conspire to support an opening to support an expression
and of course you're a choice exactly this March Equinox together with the magnification of all the soul mirrors that are gathering and the mission of being present to open heel and expand heart of humanity Mother Earth connecting to the cosmos in the cosmic guide to Bringing together the true balance into this moment Global healing energy
you can participate in the power and the opportunity that is this moment and all you need do is show up for the live stream in the livestream our Attention our Consciousness lines up this is the hidden happened yesterday is it's not about the content is about the alignment of Consciousness hearts are all coming together is community expanding the power the potency, and I love courage worldwide highest worldwide it is it's just so easy to join a small donation that is being asked for is is meant to help people who are hungry and feel good about that it is meant to expand the love feel good about that boy
if your presence to this weekend you're not sure it matters what if we are the mainstream what is coming together because it's just the right thing to do is the way that we all enjoy our time of being and beloved ones as we are in this moment right now it is a moment for you to perhaps remember that telepathic communication complete trust in the Mastery that you are without any doubt was not it was just truth is that that living authentically expressing the way that brings you Joy wearing what brings you Joy
offering. Which it called your heart that is the mainstream of ascended Consciousness and to break free of any need to have a stream of Maine thought at all and imagine a world where we are all actually living in our beautiful individual expression in a celebration of the all expression imagine what a healing energy that would be such as freezing that one in and please join us tomorrow night at Monday magic because we're living in a scented life and this is building up getting really big r close today I just want to again articulate that which my heart knows is so and that is you are
you are a beautiful being you are Beauty you are love ceiling Joy you are doing good work
if we can use that worldly phrase your presence counts your Consciousness matters and your choices are powerful thank you for being part of this community thank you for opening yourselves to this energy and we look forward to being with you again next week predictions in our last show for a month you want to be there so little they take a big breath
I love you namaste
thank you for joining us in stream Carolina to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at Street and you next week

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