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Sri and Kira Live, February 14, 2021

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live as a World's been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up kpr shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors sriram call and Kira row Explorer these mystery offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira

Namaste beloved ones and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am and I am now and we welcome you from our beautiful Temple of Light when it's a beautiful stone facades you're seeing behind hear from our Temple up at the top of the mountain to you welcome to a day where you know everyday is a day of love every day for celebration so we always kind of smile at the holidays and sew in today is Holly days of loving expansion we are celebrating love of you the love of you that ignites through the yoga of self Ascension the love of you that let me ask you this how are you feeling how are you feeling what are you noticing what's manifesting this this is such a crescendo moment this is such a big week that like I'm losing my breath thinking about it

we need to say before we get into it and so thank you for joining us to buy we offer you a big hug life recordings we offer you the same hug appreciation broadcast you can find it at 1 this talk radio bbsradio and many Affiliates who are picking up the stream and we say thank you to all of you thank you and I mean the bow of divine thank you to all of you whether you were with us or not in person yesterday for the avesa up level 5 Lose My Breath talking about it I'm sure over in the chat rooms are all talking about it already but it's all they saw energy in this is why we're talking about it and expanding it right now we all they saw energy

such a huge impact that last night what was so evident was that the reason I haven't given the final final of the shield the reason I've been giving all these will grab something because something inside of me said it wasn't finished well today we're going to show you the finished one and what was missing was the heartbeat of a visa to puppet to get it going and so that has been woven together and yesterday we ignited that heartbeat of humanity that is what this year is about we are soaring into this March Equinox we are coming so close remember February March and April is a three months I'm using the word Extravaganza because there is just so much happening and white wedge in the middle there in the March Equinox is one of the most Peak moments of the whole tear up level experience and it literally sends up an energy

that will be until we come to the equinoxes September and so that moment you off if you feel it don't you up right now and so let's put up the February calendar I want you guys to see the February up level calendar because if you look at yesterday 13th here's what made that day really special number one it happened way out in the creation energies of the universe if you let your eyes relax relax relax are going to see the spirals of creation energy rising out of the Chalice as this empowered divine feminine opening the gates of creation that's the graphic that I was called to create for that month and if you look at the 13th remember every single graphic is made to reflect the calendar we were all the way in the outer Realms of creation and the beauty of that is that on the 11th on that illuminated new moon

right from here to the ascended numerology what happened we've been talking about this right on the 11th on February 11th 2021 we came in to the high heart which means we are actually mirroring the energy of the month which means the choice of the choices before you I mean really breathe into that and that's why how are you feeling my heart is calling you to become more available to all that is it is it is that opportunity to be less reactive and more loving in it in a peaceful way because the high heart is the heart energy I accept you and I accept all that is and from that acceptance I actually love you because ice witnessed you and I appreciate you as you are and that means

what is Day of love is about celebrating the love that says I love you within the sacred Union of the divine blessing of this body of form that is receiving and the master that is giving and in that balance the to dance and we were just on the air today we've all been talking lately and I don't really see it so we're going to show it to you but those are living here full-time at Blue Mountain and we have a brand-new wonderful being here her name is Kathy I can hardly wait for a beautiful Ecuadorian woman who also speaks English and the things that has been kind of interesting for both she and I have been our hair and you can see how do you guys see this to see what's happening here and look if I lift it

so you see this I did not do all that you see like these huge waves then you notice from here I'm going to stand up here to look do you see that so you see how like right here and this is a whole different set of hair there's literally two heads of hair will here's what's happening I was losing look how I was losing so much hair that I had been debating literally shaving my head and was I supposed to shave my head as part of his experience when she washed her hair she would show me her hair brush and it was cool with all this hair.

right here this is a new hair look how long it is this is only been growing for maybe a year ish and look at this and look at the text this is the texture from when I was a child when I was a child my hair was very kinky curly I mean almost nappy curly Big Balls of fur is this is interesting because we also wanted to prove that it is all my hair that I'm not doing anything but look how thick my hair is so thick up here and look at down here and so at this moment because I'm not cutting it I'm just I am not we are letting it's doing what it's supposed to do this is part of the Rejuvenation process a mystery you're starting to see it here on the camera the rule of Threes hair are coming in brown and it was actually noticed that and you have brown hair

significantly College I have the little wisdom streaks and then it just the energy of the Ave song is calling in your Mastery choice and we on the 11th when that beautiful illuminated New Moon first and we were in this void of creation but aware and then came back into our divine presence aware of the creation then we went into that Friday which was the Lunar New Year of the ox and end this is about tenacity this is the year of spiritual tenacity and that's why she and I challenge you join us for the journey join us for the year-long journey join us at the very least for a based on which started yesterday you can still get yesterday's video and catch up wow

but after the middle of this week you will not be able to catch up on life you'll have to take it as a as a home study so if you if you're being called the Mastery choices now and yesterday during the Ave saw opening so much happened and it began with the opening of the actual ceremony of preparing for every time we have the honor of meeting with you and what we do know is that Bria Rose was capturing some b-roll which is actually in the film today so that's that's going to be interesting to watch us in Brea on that one but remember Mercury and I want to go back I'm going to I want to pop another graphic here I want to go back for a moment right here guys to the February calendar because remember that this week right now this Friday

we are in we are out of the retrograde of mercury but not only does this Mercury retrograde go Direct on the 19th we still have a post face but the Direct Energy coming in on the 19th is also an uplevel date so do you feel it we are five days away from another up level and this time the up level is happening in the rings of the gate that are holding open the expansion this up level is about anchoring who you are as a mess and then really being able to walk with that energy until we get to that full moon of the 27th and I go back here when you look at the post phase that begins on February 20th everything that's happening right now everything you're doing everything that you're manifesting everything that you're walking through

all of that is going to expand your vision and all of the areas of the upper crown of the body it's going to be your third eye your star Consciousness the cosmic prime meridian even the crown shop or just a little bit all of that all of the parts of the body that relate to that all of that is going to go into high gear I mean more than you have ever experienced before if you let it and then on that beautiful full moon we walk into the end of February in our Lotus chakra in our Mastery presents and so the choices in front of you right now and this was that Radiance of the expanded a vase it was a call it was you know I'm talking about lavochkin how this came to be in all of the synergies that are coming forward again that this is that moment where you you are really being invited to consciously choose in

moment where we are in a double Choice the high heart is radiating energy of the month it's like a choice of the choice whether or not you choose to practice with clients and what we are offering the evasive balancing which were to be teaching next week this is why you can quickly facilitate a person to feel and to know the Extended Stay to be and it we call it a 7 Minute Miracle it is truly truly supports a person to discover oh my goodness this is me and with that recognition and acceptance of that higher vibrational truth the truth of who you

we begin to integrate solutions for all of those saving problems greater wisdom this is the value of a lot more it really does noticing lines already feeling even without giving them but here are the lines get in there we want to hear from you do you want to jump in on this conversation to 76008 again that's over at VBS 888-627-6008 or of course I stop radio +51-720-851-7208 1503 I want to jump into this past week because if you guys really look at the past week this past week

we seem to be February has really been the series of like Saturday to Saturday culmination will two things number one that's when is Mercury retrograde began it began on January 30th where were we were deep in our territory and and having extraordinary expansion and then the next night the fire then walking through a week of other very interesting energies of Revelations coming really full circle that following Saturday when the Warriors came to the Temple of Light and that and that torch began closed

yesterday and let's look at that week let's look at what has transpired during this past week and this has been Miracle after Miracle after miracle and for many it has been a week of drama and chaos and engagement and that is really and I want to bring it forth because yesterday and always thought it was so beautifully said again remember that those density obstacles are there until you're able to walk through them witness through them you know I was I was really humbled yesterday to be reminded at an end to share with all of you as you're tuning in here right now that last week the 13th of course last week

but it culminated Wasabi sauce and I'm looking at those Saturday progressions that on January 30th to Mercury retrograde. She'll comes in right the following Saturday it's the following Saturday after the unification I had heard it that Sunday the cosmic ice disappears but then this Shield Azad kill comes in this past week the Miracles I have been such a string and I from people that have been using the shield Assad killed so profound we're doing a very special Soul mirrors episode on it this Tuesday May I know you want to be there especially now that we have these Evolutions that we're going to be showing today of the shield and where we are now and I want to just before Madame Helena blavatsky I have been so blessed in my life


have this beautiful gift and enter finally allow myself to share it without feeling all the things that I was taught to feel in my family for engine you know you're the freak you're that you're crazy you're just put her in private school just lock her away you know the whole thing and so the blessing of of that of of the being the blessing of this moment right now

I don't want to invite you to consider this but if we are the mainstream

what is we are the the Consciousness that is expanding

what is there is no other that you need to change yourself for because we can meet each other here in the truth of who we are because that's what last week, needed for me that's what it really has for me is that free and I from the moment we stepped out from the moment. She'll put us out and believe me push me out we have been told by too many people you don't appeal enough to the mainstream you know you have to dumb it down you need to talk in simpler language there was a moment we actually bought into that and we really tried to do that it was showing congruent with who we are and so incongruent with the work that we chose as as all of you know we chose to honor the greater call which was shown to us on our honeymoon which was what we were down in Merida in the Yucatan on are on our honeymoon

the rainbow appeared and showed us basically our journey is that right now right now

we are being called to move forward and Consciousness and if you look at the Saturdays as they have lined up this retrograde is going to officially closed on Friday the 19th with an upload that's really going to be the 19th and 20th because the Paul and this is why the published so strong and why the introduction of the Ave saw and and all of us coming back together and we might have I wanted to read we actually might have and I think we do I want to read to you something that we read during a Visa yesterday because this was a quote that blavatsky to put out there and they have a son I don't know if I'll be able to find the exact document but the quilt basically once again had said that when we first offer you a taste of which she offered through a full body transmission that I bow before

the teach the basics

and then and I didn't even really pay attention to this until we read it yesterday and we publish this quote in 2013 and read it from that document yesterday she said and when your planet reaches that Evolution Consciousness the expanded will be taught and the next Saturday so we had a boat of the Warriors unification of the Warriors and the lightworkers the release of The Shield of Zod kill and now of Asa we are being armed I want you to get that pay attention we are being given everything we need to to wear the armor of the law of instantaneous manifestation and really do this I'm very excited for discernment to capture along the way there are so many of you that are saying yes to your own Ascension process your upliftment and the path or the

suspension is as unique as you are however there are common zones that we Transit we have one foot in the old Paradigm and another foot in the coming Paradigm in the more extended frequency you are dancing with trying to juggle everything that you've had set in motion while being open to that which is coming forth through you and as you that is your vibrational upliftment what happens is there is a moment and this is why this additional techniques and the rest of it are coming forward because if you do not stabilized on the list

you'll be dancing with distortions was just leave it there they're trying to keep the

the skills need to navigate the world while also hold open

the chakras and the frequencies which nourish our highest authenticity I used to refer to you know the higher self but now what use is it's your authentic self it's your authenticity that is emerging ever more fully and this is why so many people are discovering little rumbles in their throat chakra is the chakra truth and are you expressing what is resonant with who you are or are you rehashing something you were taught that you've outgrown and that's there it is at Dynamic that the chakra is is offering that nourishment of stabilization to hold hold it together we send out a coherent wave which calls more folks into that Stratus

there are folks that said to us you know your information it's hard to grasp or your little head of of where things are you need to simplify at excetera and if you look at a lot of the material we have posted a tree and Cara the messages from the Masters some of this material will kind of blow your mind there's there's something truly wonderful wisdom that takes a certain State of Consciousness to really enjoy it and really under butt to dumb it down dilutes it because not only doesn't dilute it would have ruined it. This is why yesterday that the blow party quote hit me so late is because as all of you many of you know through Monday magic March 13th

Mountain said we're with you this was when covid really started affecting the planet we said okay we are here and we have not stopped nor will we we all know this is our call this was the moment and so we are at the Grove busier than we've ever been and what happened during the power of unlocking these for this moment is that the gift of you and I not doing all of that the gift are free and I not selling out not signing the big-money contracts not accepting the the bullshit deals because of what they are guys we said okay we're going to go do what we do we're being told to do and we packed it all up we knew and felt there were Ships coming on the planets on qled offered us that information and our journey began and now that we are here in Ecuador and we are unlocking all of this and you are with us in real time doing it it's so amazingly /

because by leaving everything exactly as we were really guided in and almost out right told this moment is happening and your looks so beautiful we all knew that we just weren't conscious of it but we were all dancing in that moment because we knew this moment was coming and we knew that it was important that we came together and we are now doing it we cannot stress enough and every show in this moment right now really try to wrap around relax or receive your level of Consciousness opportunity expansion is greater than it was at the time of Atlantis

and mirrors the culminating moments which is why within all of us we always feel this imminent energy of what's going to happen she is cyst in this moment through saying yes to your conscious awareness by saying yes to the expansion that is before us right now paying attention not only to the shield itself but to the message that was contained in the shield the message of that discourse go to Sri and Kira. Com read archangels. Jill Shields as it's free it's all up there right there you'll see it on the home page scroll Archangel Shield read it and I'm pretty PDF you know pay attention to the words because the Miracles that we are in right now Mercury's doing this Mercury going direct so you're being pulled into your own little spot light who's going to be there who's going to be there we've been

in this beautiful Universal creation we came flying back into that high heart on the 11th with the clarity of the illumination of the new moon we have ignited this beautiful Lunar New Year the spiritual tenacity energy and then yesterday on the 13th on this peak third moment of the new moon energy that's the mirror of the mirror now we are having Mercury say okay get ready because on Friday we are a shooting star you're being pulled into the direct position of you so what does direct look like for you

I want sure let me know alright so what is direct look like for you and treat maybe you want to read it or I will put my iPad screen now this one is kind of long but it really it was sent to us it's been here for about a week or so so I do apologize for that however I think a lot of us can relate to it so let's let's received this beautiful sharing will you can you'll know where do you prefer I do it all right so her subject line Master lady Kara and wisdom teacher Sri Lanka

I am writing today to share an experience I had last week when the grip of Fear and self-doubt spiral Spiral turn into the victim Consciousness this whole opening line says I'm awake enough to see that I was a victim Consciousness that I was spiraling downward and so again this is why we all have those moments it's what we do with them I had an inter-state owner that we rent our beautiful home from the message I received from him translated internally as put up and shut up. Experience for many many years it activated by victim Consciousness and I fell deeply into anger self-righteousness and

right now there is a lot of anger energy on the planet and so the planetary thought body right now is very rage-filled and when you're engaging with those that are carrying a planetary thought body Consciousness they are frequently having some form of that energy in them so this is why you keep asking how are you feeling what is this meme with the retrograde so another reason why we're sharing this email began reciting the Montrose self Ascension over and over and over again and found myself in my clinic space which is filled with crystals where I perform high-energy work with others and I burn sage and I smudge my whole being then the tears came it felt like I was in an emotional Avalanche

and I continue to recite the Mantra over and over and over until I have exhausted all the tears

and my body started shaking and I have the guidance to go outside so I did Brees my body began to calm and my breathing return to normal

at that point a red dragonfly my left shoulder first With My Heart full of compassion and love thank you dragonfly for your transformational energy she flew off my shoulder and I just caught my eye as they were flying toward me they danced in the sky like to party lovers and broke off to fly in opposite directions several times above my head

are you the grip had passed and I felt free again compassion filled my heart and I said Thank you thank you for reminding me that I could fly again she disappeared into the cloud and turn my head only to see the other other Eagle circling above me in the direction of the South I realized that the man who gifted me this experience of density had given me the biggest blessing of all very old exercised out of IB

I could see very clearly how I been choosing to stay quiet and small with my own boundaries ocean and love now this is a test only two days ago I have spoken up and love myself more and close loved ones when that old energy has presented itself and I no longer carry a physical reaction and I have Clarity in communication like never before yeah that's true love that's really loving yourself together we are better and we will rise with compassion love and appreciation for all that is I'm so grateful for them solmonson Monday magic and all the

letters that are offered by the Angelic realm I know these teachings help me navigate to Shadowland it may be experiencing the same I am blessed to have embodied the pathway of self Ascension

your loving sister from Down Under Carol thank you thank you for the blessing of sharing that incredible letter with us and really really I know a lot of you or thinking and going through you know in this moment right now this is why looking at how everything is come together remembering that all of the support we need everything that is coming in right now is 100% a lion with all that is and one of the things Carol mentioned and I want to go ahead and let's give you the big drum roll and maybe you'll see it maybe you won't be able to close up but one of the things Carol menschen was the Mantra and really I cannot even begin to share with you how many times over the past nineteen going on twenty years the Macho self Ascension has gotten me through and we have it everywhere it's always around and one of the things that I think Harold letter really expired was that and Chouteau

I just kept thinking I was exhausted I have done that that's why I always have at least one Mala on grab Mala and just start I am here I'm ready I nobody when you think you just can't take it anymore when your mind is trying to take over when you know you're losing the love of self with everything doesn't seem to make sense I am here I am ready I am open guide the end even if you're not sincere when you begin keep doing it Carol model that beautiful you just keep going because what you're really doing is do you see here the more that you declare I am here what you're doing is you're opening your mind I am here open your mind

I am ready to expand your vision go beyond the paradigms that's where we Thrive I am open ignite your heart the ascended presents guide me that is how we Heal the World and if you're okay nevermind I don't know what we did but that was interesting okay there we go every you might have seen already would happen on the shield I'll show you later from Carol is that gives us all a model for the commitment required to move through the healing moments when we are willing to look at an expression of that which is in our way, or at liberty or whatever might be one

those tears were willing to open our heart to ourselves and say okay every activity and it's always an emotional energy and in the light of loving Consciousness witnessing and it will resolve it it it has nowhere to go farther than completion everything that were carrying that's old stuff is simply uncompleted stuff it needs is a resolution and from the heart resolved very quickly almost instantly

from the density heart it takes a fair amount of therapy I believe I live there for a while the density tool to gain familiarity and comfort with a miss you spell simultaneously releasing the stored hurt this is the difference this is why I stopped at National therapy homes your coping skills and does not automatically home your ascended Consciousness and able to arise there and this was so important is that we all walk through our steps everything that we do when we Ascend trees explaining this is how he is set

we're not inferring that it isn't a valuable skill it is you will find the evolution within your own experience we all must learn to crawl before we walk etcetera and so now she's in the same thing over and over and it's time for an ascended energy to once and for all resolve it it is again outside the paradigms where we all Thrive and you know Straight Talk Radio we have got a lot of callers today so why don't we invite someone in right now I don't know if anyone have a hand raised or if we're just going to grab someone but let's go ahead and say hi to let's go to Concord California hey Concord California how are you

Namaste this is Elisabeth here

it sucks it's so reassuring everything is saying today a lot of it is come up for me and I have a question for 3 or 2

a symptom I did to a muscle physically but this has been lingering for 3 weeks

so I'm breathless just to ask more a little more insights and their ratings I can

her muscle her right my dear and with your permission I'll look a little deeper

thank you

so what I want to know the saying is that you're at a point of resolution of an old pattern that inhibit your ability to trust do you have to go

muscles are relating to kind of energy and and that's the kind of the bigger bigger the third chakra is what is about fully trusting your spiritual nature to guide your actions in form

verses trusting your brain or your old paradigms is not to say the old paradigms of the brain aren't useful but they are to be called upon by spiritual truth to say use these tools so to speak

can I jump in the only reason I want to jump in right now sweetheart is because I Street sorry not with you the vision they're showing me is you and you got all of these old cassette tapes and reel-to-reels and record albums and all of this like old media old tape and you're you're out and you got like this big you're smoking a cigar and and you're in front of a bonfire and you're throwing them in and you're laughing in your dancing and you're in this beautiful like very very strong and ask energy outfit and they're saying that's the gift you're giving yourself for your birthday and for this year is that you're finally burning the old tapes talking about them you're not just storing them they're not in the closet where you can go look at them thinking one day you're going to need them again you're you're literally saying I transmute all

that to reclaim that which I am happy birthday honey Namaste sweetheart that goes on in your body has a symbolic under Penny and oversimplify things are less you're sending the muscle to signals

think about it we pulled muscle because either we're not listening to the bodies you know if you're exercising for example the body say no that's as far as I can go with the exactly is where is your attention if you are just because you're simultaneously did you get into that you have your copy of the up level calendar for 2021 and if you don't please go to string is right there in the top row and that is a reminder about pulling mussels and and all of those things remember that 2021 is very much the five point star of eternal life

end of this is why this illuminated New Moon energy is so Amplified and as a blue star born stay right here within the energy of the true five pointed star there is no separation no judgment there is only the unification understanding and your Cosmic upliftment this year right there go to Sri and Kira. Com right under yoga self Ascension tab learned living off practice especially if you've pulled a muscle start stretching your wings feel the energy of this profound exercise and especially around the time of the new moon this is that moment this is what's going on and so again this is all inside of the up level calendar and I do encourage you to grab a copy of it but given that and also the power of that five right remember this

where is what this this year is the five plus incident 20215 plus the incident a profound year this is a year of eternal life and and look at the look at the beautiful shield and this is where I want to bring you the first day I want to remind you of is that this is the year of the Reclamation of the five bodies of the expanded ascended presents these five medicine bodies were unable to be fully reclaimed and balance without the blessing of the shield and here is what so beautiful is that Within These energies is the medicine of the physical body the medicine of the emotional body the medicine of the mental body the medicine of a spiritual body those are those for medicines that create the cross of Perfect Balance but what brings of eternal life what puts it into the energy of the five it's the medicine of Consciousness and this week again as we are being pulled into

Mercury retrograde direct experience you are being either we talked about this for a couple months you're being outed who's whether you like it or not you're going to be pulled to wrap on this Friday so it's already happening and what we are also interfacing with a lot of people in and we we noticed this over these energies that have been collected as I've been calling kind of like our armor we're being armed to really offer ourselves the blessing of this incredible ginormous co-creative moments is that when we get ourselves the gift of saying yes to all of this when we like as Carol started out I noticed my rage and anger I noticed my Victim Consciousness it's not that you don't have it it's how you deal with it and this week is saying okay hey who are you who is coming forward. He's a master you the more that you are you the more that you say yes to you the more that you love yourself with that can

passionate wisdom then the greater the opportunity for you to Anchor in that fifth dimensional presents

so I want to remind you about concentric dimensionality and the spiral time that we're in right now all of this is showing you all of it remember 2021 is the very first time if you can go back a couple years look at some of our you too I think it's back in 2019 it was still like a linear experience and we thought it was so wild because it started having some interesting wavy moments in it look at us now and everything else is a Quantum expansion not a leap year

and so are you are so beautiful about a basic coming in is that when we stay in the power of balance in the evasive balancing energy are chakras lift into Infinite Energy spirals instead of orbs and a orb remains in the middle and I like to call it emanating its wings will that's what this January February is doing right now as you gaze of here you were staring at what is a torus field inside of that creation distance of each new that ignited on 8 8 2020 that was that Lions Gate opening that called forward this energy with the resurrection of the empowered divine feminine that has been building that Zero Point Energy field in the middle it has now become the creation of the creation and so the January energy as it spirals into the February energy creates the First Circuit of infinite presence and this was why Archangel zadkiel came forward and said we are going to be off

bring you these additional energy wisdom downloads and pointed us to The Shield of Zod kill as the first of 11 that are going to be sustaining that all seeing present that ignites the Zero Point Energy field as the law of instantaneous manifestation remember we're building up to those three see right there that those three there's three green areas the story green harmonic like like first and the first one begins in May which is why the February March April matters because this will close the two Loops that will be here as the let's just say that the divine

cradle when all that energy starts expanding and it's going to keep amplifying and remember it's all going to be about the March Equinox are the march echinops to the September that's the bridge you don't want to enjoy the graphics at Master lady Kara has created to communicate the flows is the center of the Cyclone to be more easily and that also when were dancing with here we get to do it all you know you are participating at every section of that however your Consciousness can be centered or it can be

and the other thing that's wonderful in the rising of the decline velocity so to speak with the qualities of each month and so enjoy the journey because we're all we're here we have been given this amazing Shield so I want to go ahead and show it to you I'm going to show you first of all the one that had the Mantra with it again and my husband about that. It's all right so beautiful so now what you are seeing this is look at the shield and if you're not aware yet what I have done is after yesterday The Shield's been Amplified this is the first time you're seeing this and what has Amplified it and you can see a hint of it as you look at what I call the crowns of Isis in the 4 directions there

is the heartbeat about a saw has been included into the shield and this morning and it's why I'm wearing a lot of amethyst today and lot of love for God till today God kills quotes about expansion all about the illusion and we're huge second half of the show but take a moment and really gazed and as you do you are now going to offer you to go into the center so gazing at the shield and now going to the center

I noticed what happened notice what you're noticing notice what you're feeling this is the Amplified shield with the heartbeat of Ave South and that happened yesterday and so there is so much that's happening and if you're having miracles of you've been using the shield if you've been having tons of power field experiences we will be making this is the one that will be made available this is the final it just wasn't ready until right now and thank you for your patience as we've been unpacking this and the more that you spend time with the shield Azad kill the more you will discover and so is your breathing into that and as you're feeling the Ave saw energy we do want to share with you that we do have a little short film for you today and when we come back we're going to be really diving into that quote from archangels odd kill and I'm going to go ahead and read it again because this has been a long with the field

got your end comes from that Shield of Zod kill discourse what has happened is that this quote has brought so many into Clarity that I have been outrageously miracle manifesting I mean I'm talkin Miracles that pain Miracles miracles from The Shield Azad kill over at train and then yesterday we had a basa and wow so here it is entrapment feels like Freedom when one is initially in trapped

and freedom can feel like entrapment when one initially feels freedom

the recognition that to be preoccupied with this illusionary experience organized around a central unit of hate or anger the trust are all entrapment Energies

in this moment of discernment and this week of really claiming discernment in this lunar experience in the year of the ox which is really about spiritual discernment we're to come back after this short film and we're going to talk about the expansion of the contraction the choice and how you can tell the difference to navigate plus all of your calls and questions and for the next 7 minutes I'm going to go be embarrassed somewhere and Bria Rose has to offer you some b-roll from are evasive both before I think before and and so where did this this all occurred yesterday all right until I will see you in seven

look how beautiful

Xpress Redi

5 minutes

Gold Silver Platinum

this is Uruguay and this is from the inner sanctum from the Earth

what can I add to my Tron and all of us because I want to go

but I heard that it was sold the energy frequency and they always respect I think this is the energy in this is from all my God

review your car your mind. This is actually has a lot to do with my hair

beautiful Korean or you're not sure it's not a man or a woman

and I love that even in the body for everything about it who is the question

are the fees and this was the first thing she and I bought for our first temple of self Ascension which is was in the basement of my house in Colorado where we had her second marriage when we first got married the first name a beautiful exactly there so many messages along the way that is the original I framed It. Disney Moana Makeup website

this is the one that was used to be really really Rose and then we were down in a white well in England this is the one that turned violent has never turn back oh yeah but then you have the big wings but then are protected by the nadas these are more like creation Now this on either side

Malachite and Azurite

The Violet one that happened when we were in England and look at look everything went up level and look at these straight and then the gold voided system and the gold wrapped also around all this in the torch wanted to come out more but everything is up leveling and did you guys feel this right here with this part of the hands when we were eliminated I still in the high-tech like holy crow there's massive massive stuff so

what's a mica

welcome back beloved ones we hope you enjoy that that energy and Sherry and we have captured everything on film for you for those of you that want to say I want to let me have some everybody was able to really attend so much easier and it was really a very engaging beautiful opportunity and of course coming to you live from the Blue Mountains I don't know if you noticed but it's a very end of that film that was the shield beef for the symbol and wow you can really see the impact that this all they saw energy this up level energy has called forward we are the

time unlike any other and let's hear from you go ahead and get into those phone lines right now cuz we're going to be in there very quickly 888-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008 BBS toll-free you want to get into the Q and of course over at one of those talk radio 517-208-5208 1503 I think we should talk about this this body how many of you are having facity write this body you were having so fascinating conscious vibrational shift and end the reason bringing this up is twofold number one we need to talk about it right now and this is a huge conversation so much so so you want to watch our other show explore the Mysteries tonight's premieres 9 p.m. eastern time you absolutely want to be watching that because tree talks about levels of consciousness

in a way he has not done before we talk about this fear dimensional Spire 1 what it's doing to all of us again right now and this week with Mercury saying okay we're going direct which for those of you that are saying yes it's going to rock right and and for those of you that are saying yes to World Mastery something right we're all mastering something to are you mastering expansion or are you mastering the contraction well I'll tell you what we are either expanding or Contracting because every Breeze guess you right if you're not in one energy or another you're just whipsawed everything with sauce you and that means you're Cross of Perfect Balance can't find the center because your Consciousness itself is under assault give you a little little lies spoiler alert the very nature of your soul

however contraction at first can feel reassured if it if it's it's concealed comforting at 1st and this is what salt kills talking about right now and I do need to share a really fun it really was my hope we all enjoyed it so let's listen to what Archangel zadkiel shared again inside of the shield of Rock Hill which you're going to go read right okay here it is entrapment feels like freedom is initially entrapped where come back and do each line is entrapment feels like freedom

actually in trapped and freedom can feel like entrapment when one initially feels Freedom the recognition that to be preoccupied with this illusionary experience organized around a central unit of hate or anger or distrust entrapment Energies

taking a breathless doing all they saw right

this is the expansion or the contraction I mean this this really is it it's that and I love right now we know where that double nine choice you are in the middle of the Soul mirror of yourself right now you're sitting in a room of choice and if you are clear who you are instead of sitting in the middle of the room you're actually holding the room viewing the room with a 360 degree lens loving it to create and have fun but if you're sitting in the middle of the choice rather than commanding The Voice you're overwhelmed and feeling diminutive and keep and helping because that carries out with it

then you're trapped inside the choice rather than commanding the choice in the Forum

so why you're really breathe that in because that is one of those paradoxical moments of Freedom or entrapment and I have an email and I'm not going I'm not going to reveal this person is I will not change their name cuz I'm not going to say it and I'm not going to say anything that I think would incriminate them but I sincerely want to read this because this being has done the work and in doing the work this happened and so I'd like to read this to all of you attending as someone who was a very successful business person so I want you to remember that this freedom is entrapment this way it doesn't matter what you perceive your level of education debate it doesn't matter what you perceive your world experience to be this is a moment of spiritual discernment this entire year through the lunar year of the ox because we just walked into the office

we have just pulled in we had up until last Friday without it now spiritual discernment has been added into the formula and remember it's been this retrogrades it open January 30th and it's going to close on the 20th of 20th initiate a whole new cycle and then we're going to kind of be in this moment of adjusting to the cycle until the new moon I build the full moon takes us forward again so I want to share this because this is someone who is extremely intelligent articulate and accomplished and still went through exactly the same thing anyone would go through this is one of those will my gosh if there goes I if I can if he can I can kind of thing so all right happy new moon good evening

my absence today could not be helped our company is indeed being restructured and all because I finally recognized what is entrapment and what is freedom now this company can take off it was never going to take off with the entrapment energy as CEO and then inserted the quote that I've been reading to you today there have been moments the past few days during which I started to question myself if even for a few moments my italic my Guiding Light has been those words above and Cara your morning to me that the company was being stolen you were right I couldn't see it now capital letters I see the long list of manipulative Behavior simply stunning

I can't even bother to feel down on myself about it because the intricacy of the manipulation is manipulation is just craft literally the word wow wow just know that I love you both I am so grateful to you and I can't wait to hear about everything I'm starting this with all with you because this is the president of a major corporation who has said yes I will keep expanding I will keep growing I will bring Consciousness into my Corporation Leslie honor shree and I have when we have the blessing of mentoring CEOs and mentoring people that are launching watching thing I'd like to be a CEO or I'd like the launch myself this way or in this career that way this is that moment together we are better

the truth of who you are is nothing to hide now the truth of who you are is beautiful always inspiration nights are hard to the guidance and we say I will allow this to enter into my life here in for you can create within all the traditional structures because you are infusing with authentic love and energy and expansion ever this is just a small piece of this entire installment with all my heart and soul please go to stranger. Com go to homepage scroll I just like the second sex in there

Versace lenses virus this is really important if it's part of what happened when we have this January February 1st infinite presence anchoring the Open Eye of the zero point field of creation because you are the living embodiment of what steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust that's why the use of the word distrust is so important here because all of that in traps us all of it and traps us I am the machine as you are that show your wonderful the way you keep pausing is by holding inside and identify with those emotional energies that create the polarity

springboard's for further judgment for further anger for further frustration for further disappointment excetera excetera bring me once you are in the loop of Dancing with the reactivity it takes a deep conscious breath

just steal those Waters and those waters are stilled by your trust in your own divine nature

and we connect with our divine inheritance our spiritual DNA all of a sudden the reactivity is seen for what it is a dance not an identity there it is the freedom

you can dance with density and have a smile on your face as long as you know who you are otherwise there's a Polish and now I'm one of the things that that is so valuable in this moment in this experience is once again the recognition recognition cycle of all that is and I just want to remind you that it is beautiful energy in the way that we flow you see that star in the middle there we are right now standing in that spot

pointed star in that beautiful living on again this year of the five with the infinite which means we have this going on the year that you're perceiving you're having is the star the incident is everything is tight feeling around you and so the key is how do you choose to look at it how do you choose to engage it you're listening to the show because somewhere deep inside of you the greater Master is going hey and I can't tell you how many of you I want to walk up to go hey it's now it's messing around and that jet up. Hey stop messing around is also the key to reversing its the secret to getting everything moving it's that sense inside it says wait a minute hold the phone

if we really honestly honestly believe everything we've ever said are we living it right now if this cycle of this slice of the dimensional experience in this moment of evolution my angels it's like the universe is saying how much more do we need to give you to prove to you this is the moment and I want you just going to relax for a moment and go back cuz we're old enough to do so how about the Millennium how many of us are live right now that stores water and food right right over here all because the computers were going to blow up oh my God the one

weather up to an end and here's the key at what level of Consciousness did these massive expansions happen will they've been happening in ways that actually work coming from the outer in and so when that harmonic convergence it was a as archangels. Sleep. You'll so eloquently explains the gift was a freedom a shock wave of energy that literally freed this experience this realm which is a mass retainment from the tarmac imperative

no I know how alarming that confounds I want you to hear it correctly it was a released from the car mechanic parative it was not released from, because that's your choice and stop the greatest Master gifts ever given and when that first came in when locked up for sure that was us exactly it's yours to choose or. But that brings us to 2012 the Mayan calendar and what was going to happen and it's not going to be December 12th this time will the one thing that the higher Realms have always shared with us is that because we live in concentric dimensionality which now we are actually experiencing always lived in it but now we're able to because of that because we are able to awaken our Consciousness because all of that is able to happen

anything that is offered to you as a hard date hasn't either be very very eminent or so profoundly impactful in Consciousness that the insertion is to wake up those around it to offer the support grid

and so we were living with the Highland Maya we were literally living with them brought to their sacred altar they kept saying no no stop saying what are calendar isn't and you are the priest was one of the things we taught in that book you are the reader of the temple you are the one to dismantle the Dogma that says you need another to interpret what you know is the Mastery Journey

because in the knowing you become aware and in that awareness We Gather at the table together come sit with us at this table that's literally what Pompa Mesa Pompa Mesa is the community sitting at the table and Mother Earth cooking the food and that is happening here

over the Aquanauts weekend come sit here and be with our indigenous brethren in your family's their children their mothers their Elders come celebrate what we are and if you can't be here in person and get down here you can you know you can but if you can't come in person than make sure you're with his virtually and make sure you're telling everybody you know this event matters this moment matters and what's happening this Equinox matters WWA please if you are a social media expert help us spread the words we need help because this event matters and this event there are even parts of it are free you don't have to pay a dime to be part of the energy you can register literally just for the free piece

and if you want the whole weekend it's a $22 love donation on this day of love where you're offering your love for everything except for the whole weekend and you're offering your love out of the world because that money a hundred percent of it goes to the foundation of clinical Linda and our food Outreach and Refugee program so why not give a little love right at one of the fun things to do just been going through my mind is I'm stringing some ethernet cable up the mountain and if you're participating virtually or if you're here is we will be broadcasting the fire ceremony the sacred The Dance Center

this yet we should be able to be broadcasting at 4:22 a.m. you will be if you engaged in the whole weekend you if Shrewsbury works you will be part of the ceremony help the world know there is a documentary film being made about this experience help the world no energy from

here's our our history lesson if you want to I know you are and I'm just trying to decide how far back we want to go on this let's go to 2020 10th Street and Carol leave the United States and we knew we had to leave we saw we had been shown in our honeymoon that we would never live there we had been actually shown that we would wind up living in Mexico went on this huge journey and what happened was that through that journey of of going that is when the energy from the Himalayas when the Kundalini of the planet very much the the snake came and began anchoring up the spine of the Andes and if you notice what's happening especially right now in India and you notice how old that energy has been moving and many many people were talking about this during that time

between 2010 and 2013 14

finally really got here

very shortly after 3 and I moved here I often feel the reason we had to go to Karen s before we live here permanently we many of you may know we were living in Uruguay we flew up to Ecuador because it was clear we had to move to Ecuador it had to happen like now and very much how we move to Uruguay had to happen now so we flew up here as a miracle of how we found has the blue mountain when we purchased that we did not know existed because it was and it was left here blue to India we were in India for 6 weeks flu to Uruguay packed up our house two weeks later come here on a clear day and discover that we everyday are staring at this mountain we called kedarnath because the joy Terlingua and Karen has has a very distinct shape and this mountain when you take a picture of it and you will line it with the Droid terlinga matches identically

and when we were in kedarnath we were literally not abandoned but but this was 16000 feet in the himalia is it is very very very rustic at least we weren't sitting out in the wind, it was an incredible night of energy none of us left and it was so beautiful and so many ways to we have I feel like I've never left unfinished piece of it of India and so in this moment that we are that everything is coming together right now the Kundalini has been saying stabilize me it's been that cross the perfect balance the equator with the with the Kundalini in the Andes over here you see how you act like the two circles forming around the planet will that also of course is the energy of the

what's the symbol as I'm just helping you feel that right now

House of Blue Mountain had to arrive has this literal Center of Consciousness because what has not been flowing into the anchored point I'm not saying it isn't here but I'm saying really anchored has been the rise of Consciousness the true unification of the eagle and the Condor the Revelation screen I've had to live here a little over three years for the Temple of Light to fully come for the first two years we didn't even know it was there and people went up all the time nothing there was a sense of the specialness of the area but station

again the WWA moment is so important and I with all my heart please help us spread the word we really do need help getting this event out there WWE there will be people joining us from all over the world music celebration incredible Oneness a moment for us to collectively send the signal that will be the first part of this bridge that will really be here on the September equinox Porton time we experience the energy of together we are better to heal the heart of humanity if you have a group and wherever you live that would like to gather together to share the event and and have your own party at your place

we are encouraged you to connect communities and if you choose to gather together and something to feed tree with the very beginning if you are if you would like to in our Opening Ceremonies Friday night we would like to bring in you from around the world to have as many of us as possible to gather at one moment on the same voice the same experience really co-created and we already have people coming in from all over the world ever going to bring the energies from a lot of different countries because we are building to the April ignition remember it's February March and then what is April April is as I am April is the moment where the Consciousness must start escalating and we're Street and I after so many years now

the I am book that revealed before us and we will be unlocking the keys of this one very specific book we encourage you to join us because what we know is birthing is literally the Course in Miracles of self Ascension that it is the moment to up level everything the basics have served Helena blavatsky set it so well you know teach the basics until the moment and the basics have gotten us here we started talking about that in the very beginning write the basics of gotten us hear the basics have brought us but in the end I love it go beyond the basics because there is no religion higher than true and the basics will never quite get you to the truth because they're designed to always keep you asking for more

but when we break free there's no longer anything to ask because we are too busy creating instead of being the Seeker be the Creator imagine the co-creative nature if we can come together together as better the co-creative Natura bringing that in that is happening now and this is all you look at this February and then this March and then the April so that's going to be our Monday magic starting in April and when you're a trained looking at that field of vodka which we pray you are make sure you register it's another donation this is about us supporting this moment together we are better and we are honestly able to do this we need to give ourselves permission you need to give yourself permission to remember that you do know the alchemical sequences you know how to work with the energy you do know

can the website later tonight but I want to mention to the world energy is vibrating at a frequency that will calm the water that will inspire the energy of love and joy to come forward because freedom is grounded in the expansion era Trust of your divine nature what is freedom freedom is I am


I've been liberated from a temporary prison to go to the next president of this restriction of this restriction each time this is little bursts of all thinking I'm free but actually you're just in trapped in a new way that this is part of the entrapment is initially felt as freedom because there is a sense of of a security to the ego that happens when you talked about witches it always begins with the polarization in other words that you are is always the ego the ego likes the entrapment the eagle feel special the eagle feels Justified and quite frankly to the world of density entrapment is very attractive entrapment at first feels like freedom and then you

back to this quote from zajal yet at the core of all entrapment is this anger hate distrust energy it is the entrapment of the entrapment by it feels freeing to be with others that carry the same energy of anger hate and distrust and enjoy that and that is their Journey

and when the Consciousness ignites

and the Freedom Force full word and the true love anchors

you're able to really begin the freedom of seeing what you couldn't see because you were just young the old thing you were just way too close to it you have to have a much wider view to be able to enjoy when you were talking about the Kundalini energy having moved to the Andes mountains and this happened around 2011 actually that what you do here has a spine on each side has it has a simple treehouse I really do energy of the cycle had we had moved from India to the Andes and you can certainly see in many regards how India is needed to remember it spiritual

roots she's in her own moment as we all are looking at the mountains we started to notice the the iconic graffiti of India that one mountain had a complete Ganesh wow definitely the nicest high Himalayas and it was there that we knew we were going to go because I was teleporting from Machu Picchu to the high Himalayas after right after the Ganesh appeared

that one of the more profound sharings that came forward from an elder there was it is silly to look at the calendar to know the energy the energy will be known by the experience of the energy and we won't know that we're at the moment that matches that predictions and it isn't necessarily on those dates that people have made up the touch integrity was so beautiful and of course they spoke no English they barely spoke Spanish beautiful what will happen to the world and this is what's in 2013 Mustang is that we're moving into becoming people of Honey was there metaphor

the people of honey

consider that for a moment the sweetness the essence the nectar Honey comes from the alchemical transformation of the flowers the pollen the fruit you know it is it is a beautiful metaphor for what is happening as we move into what is essential your in your assets coming forward and in your essence coming forward honoring those Essences of the honey honey can also be very sticky it can hold on longer than you'd like it to it can become something that is very hard to remove

and so it's important that we are in a moment expansion or contraction Freedom or entrapment Re Mi free mind, find Friday up level it is a week where that Shield Azad kill is just screaming and saying hello and so are all those people to never be a straight over at +51-720-858-8627 call CVS right now or we have Roberto looks like from Michigan First Time call her first time

Namaste it is my first time and I just started with the

you're welcome how exciting were you there yesterday

I was I was there and I've been go

with Patty Peterson and Lisa almquist probably for the last 14 years and taking real classes here and there so now I finally decided it's time to end what a beautiful sister had you are such a part of wow how blessed you really are so how was yesterday for you

it was kind of emotional being tired of it and knowing that there's so many other people out there and just exciting and I just I left feeling uplifted and energized and knowing that this is right that makes the Cheshire Cat grin melting into what happened as well and it's just such a gift to be with you right now thank you for bringing that radiant's and for all of us how can we serve you today

I've never had a reading and I would love one thank you for asking Stellar join the impact of your sincerity and I wanted to say to you it is your courage to move forward that will become your strength in the future you know sometimes were a little hesitant about moving forward about expanding you know and that we need to get our stride it build up our confidence but once we start taking those steps more fully all of a sudden that capacity to grow that capacity to expand becomes our Rock taking a deep breath close your eyes bringing that off a beautiful I keep doing this energy it's in like my left shoulder and it's like we leasing out and if I if I was to put it

energy name on it it's almost like a weakness in the shoulder that's releasing all of this old old old paint of the heart and I'm feeling it Go track to the physical back of heart and then I'm watching this beautiful the only way I can describe it is it is it's like a happy face member from years and years ago is Lilia the classic yellow happy face with the two lines in the smile and it's on your heart going happy happy happy happy life like everything in you it's like I'm watching you from the time you were born in like this WOW here you are now moments where you are the squeem holding out your arms and all of the you that you have ever been is being held by you right now and then this adorable little yellow face is going happy happy happy because it's just a moment to celebrate and so know that

you have ignited the next stage and how you hold this beautiful group and how the queen walks will carry forward the next part of the journey so thank you for the blessing I am so honored to meet you I love you so much

thank you love you too honey, we love you I think we all need to write Bobby Sabra

yeah well I think I need another one let's go ahead

any Nursery I'm really feeling our colors over at VBS with let's go ahead and say hi to another one by this is Marcy hey Marcy welcome

Namaste strain care how are you we are loving you thank you so much for taking I am very excited I cannot wait to be with all your shining self there in person playing try to get your book you know try to get your hardcover copy if you can it's going to be really careful yes yes yes I love it though I love I want to share and I just wondered if there was any new information that you could share with me surrounding V

lightened up a little bit but it is still there

well let me ask you a question are you are you referring to the left shoulder

yes and you think about it when you bring your Consciousness to your left shoulder right now what do you feel

oh wow I don't even see the emotion that came immediately was like

hesitation station now as you connect and you feel that he just smile and say thank you take a breath

I'm say to that shoulder tell me more

just kind of think that thought I am open to hearing knowing and loving you

now you may not want to do this on are however what I felt called to do was open up for you to help you connect more intimately with the energy that is calling you

because hesitation was such a beautiful on a sharing and there's more there's more to be revealed about which way is your being pulled what are you sure you know what's keeping you from from having peace and joy and in what are you kind of struggling with and rather than figure it out with the head to just connect with it at the energy body at the emotional body at the physical level and feel it and receive those messages is a great gift and so I encourage you to do that may I jump in tree trees been sharing with you sweetheart I've really been called to be holding my shoulders kind of in like a pharaoh is to the sun really holding my shoulders and I was sharing with you all I kept hearing was

just love you more and really claim like like like like when you talk about shouldering it's like really loving you and owning you these are very tied together and and to time you feel they're saying it's the constraints of that which seeks to stop you which is that hesitancy they said anytime you feel that anytime you just noticed it right here bring your I mean literally you are the Pharaoh it's bring your arms right bring your hands right there the shoulders and just stop spine straight spine straight deep breath and pay attention

because there's it's like it's it's calling you through this you're going to rise faster it's just it's just that moment of of noticing as well so thank you for sharing because I know a lot of beings especially right now no matter how where we are no matter how well we're working on it things are really trying to pull and so yeah I am here I'm ready I'm so thank you for calling

thank you very much and Imma Stay I love you so very much over to Oneness talk radio Mexico hey New Mexico namaste

I'm going to Mexico

okay I love you very interested in everything that's been going on

I asked I put my leg on the first day of January

so breathe in first of all sweetheart

and let's just all I want to invite everyone this amazing group whether you're with us live weather your time stamping in right now I want to fall this and the Violet Ray of healing transformative energy the restoration of the full balance that calls in the greater depth of Mastery for this the moment that for all who are healing from a moment where our body as said I am going to offer a break

something that literally brings us to that moment where we must just be

and that we first send all of our love our light and our healing presence to this incredible Master because we are all in front of a master right now all I see is violet Violet Violet Violet Violet everywhere and all I'm seeing is Archangel zadkiel and st. Germain and all of these beings thing we have never left we are right with you

we are right here and they're saying my love give it to me give me your pain give me your sorrow give me your fear give me a question

I am right here with you now and they're saying right to me

beloved daud kill beloved Universe beloved Saint-Germain beloved what you are saying let us speak to you again

your path has been cleared and your feet are being lifted and we are all with you and you are never alone

and so it is

thank you so much thank you so much love you we honor you and thank you for sharing your so welcome

and I think we all just need to receive the blessing of what is happening right now I'm still really in the energy for all of us we as a community we are we are and together we are better and every Sunday that was the other thing Street and I said okay from now on we're going to be with you two hours every Sunday this is our service this is our community service this is our time of Fellowship in The Yoga of self Ascension this is our time to love each other to heal the heart of humanity to step up and say we are the one to let go of that which would stop us from being the healers that we are to remember how many times we've done this before and to not let anything stop us

stop the gift of this moment is our tenacity and now we timed it so that we have this beautiful Lunar New Year that staying here comes steadfast spiritual tenacity I love it I'm in it I got it loving it one of the things that came forward with our last call or sharing is the expansion of energy is the universal healing Salve whether we are expanding the energy of love and healing offering it to another being that they may absorb that as they see fit you may utilize that energy or that through our reflection another person may love themselves more and that may as I love myself even more as I deepen my surrender to love in this body and they have always

that are Collies are color mentioned that they broke their leg in January you know and they're dealing with that and moving through that whenever our body whatever situation causes us to where the body says I am putting it into this right now and whatever way

and then the energy of the break do you want to offer just a moment for other people that may have been going through this breaks Springs I have you noticed there's been a seam today and it's been getting bigger from the muscles to the bones email seriously I think that's worthy of especially with my amazing you do know part of our journey this year is the up level medical intuitive with this incredible genius Assurance of wonderful information and collaborations with everybody get what you have an accident was really being offered is it time to change direction really a heavy-duty metaphor for I cannot support myself the way I was so it's because

and so what if we have an accident and a break is really calling us to go inward to mend our very Foundation this doesn't mean you've done anything wrong this means your soul through your body is say come inside further and love the very Foundation of who you are which is always a spiritual Revelation even more even more even more and so often we have been living in even though we may be dedicated

we're still in a comfort zone we can we have this operating software one of these things happened on 18 months ago it it should be

what I could tell you is that the only way through was a deeper surrender to love

a deeper surrender to Spirit

and through that Grace happens

these words are so simple and the actual principles at work are so simple yet the leap of trust

the surrender

is the Journey of your Liberation day when the energy of of the connection of love in so many different ways and tree I'm looking at the time and we holding please call back next week we promised call early next week or so earlier honor our beloved sister in New Mexico that is is on her and remember the shield is creating me

Tuesday night's poll mirrors 5 p.m. this Shield Miracle continues tomorrow night your love to be part of this community I bow to you I say thank you we love you and we look forward to staying connected

thank you for joining us as free and Kira live to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at 3 and you're do you next week, today

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