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Sri and Kira Live, December 6, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experienced during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era

mountain right here in Ecuador I am Master lady Cara and Shreya and I are so excited about this moment I Want You Feel It by your eyes are like tingling all ready because I'm feeling all of you today we are diving deeper into December it is about Consciousness it is about time travel and it is about right now the Cycles within the Michaels are igniting I know you already feel it and we are so excited we have so many of you joining us from so many amazing places and so SRI where are we fasting do it one this talk radio to and of course live video at the one that's Talk Radio website and the one that's talk radio YouTube site YouTube everybody really welcome Community say hi to each other the job and let's just enjoy the communion let's expand even more so I also want to remind you that

you want to get into those phone to use early they do fill up very very quickly so remember over at 1 this talk radio it is 517-208-1500 517-208-1500 and if you press star five-five that raises your hand and we know you've got a question for my beloved Shriram cough because of his incredible medical to his abilities and of course because we talked about all the Ascension symptoms and really get a handle on what's going on right now sometimes it's just good to know why things are happening the way they are and of course we have a toll free line stand for you right over there at CBS Radio where you get to talk to our amazing producer and just give a call in over there 888-627-6008 again 888-627-6008 enough wow you know Sunday Community Sunday service you guys always touch my heart deeply and here we are because it's time

what is that even mean and that's really where we're going today is so fun to make us feel anxious that can also make us feel that we miss something our relationship with time is an illusion however time travel is a reality you know I want to I want to take a back route forgive me I want to take us back to our first book sacred Union the journey home still out there in like it's 5th or 6th printing because it's a Timeless classic right what is Arcangel zadquiel say in that book that we are The Travelers that we are The Travelers it is who we are and we are at this moment of reunions right now we are at a moment of a shift in the cycle and at our assets at

core We Are The Travelers and to really break free and it's really like I feel like we're breaking through this isn't glass this is like a crystalline Shield of whites and I feel like we're breaking free of evens that and seeing the the incredible blessing of that which we are to be here now it's that full of lumination of our star Consciousness than and I'm loving our beautiful background if you're watching us today it's that. Consciousness in multidimensional presents that puts you into and think about it we're in the culminating month of this year right where is all this leading us to it's leading us to that still center it's leading us to be the Eternal Cross of Perfect Balance because as we move

in the 2021 and we're already in this ignition this is why we're in the Cycles within the Cycles as we move toward 2021 right now the gift the blessing of 20/20 that is yours to harvest and it's beginning and it's really coming in like the Lioness it is is to know what the still Center of you is now that still Center of you is your Consciousness and that's what this month is about right now it's about your Consciousness because in the still sent A pure Consciousness you remember your self as the traveler you are

and the now Momin expands into the Eternal moment

that is the moment at hand it's a quiet week on the up level calendar because it's the week we claim this it is the week and it doesn't mean that what spinning and what might even be spinning so close to you sometimes it makes you not breathe right it doesn't mean that you might not have that spinning right around you what is it mean it means it no longer affects you because the Cycles within the Cycles within the Cycles within the cycle see how it slows down within the Cycles are now and they've come together and they've done this here's the part that I love the most they've done this because we are loved that much

because it's only truth is Coupes Russian this forced up level right I mean I hate to say it's like squeezing a pimple rice like if you got to have the slightest disgusting but it's the best way to describe it that wasn't happening with forcing out the toxicity how many of you are having physical symptom ology right now happening right here you see with me like it if you weren't seeing it it's my husband using a Kleenex it's my throat it's been all week and what really is happening and what we are at the moment of Anna and I feel with all my heart we are 24 hours from the release of it is bringing up all the toxicity and going Khan


right that's the moment you're at right now and so everyone is being squeezed and either you're saying yes yes yes this is amazing let's get it gone or your ego is going are you kidding me I'm going to give you every reason in the world even the ones you can create yourself so I want to give you guys a story about that can I share this story I'm really addicted to this mud water this is Alma Ross fault love it love it okay so here's the story and seriously if you have your teeth let's chat

about 3 months ago

I did something. Very rarely happens and surprised my husband and I and a few people around me and that was

I invited in fairly close to me a beautiful be and this being is so awake and Tow Master filled and I have had so many like this being around me over the past 20 years as had Street

and this being you know beautiful and and doing all the things that we do when we beat people that we know we've known before right we remember each other and what do we do as the Divine directors have always shared we see the highest right we always only see the highest of each and I will share with you that learning to navigate that while in density does take some time and I will say it took us about a year to really adapt to that installment because you do you do learn a lot when you start holding everyone at their highest and so is being in their highest

many beautiful miracles happen and I'm watching this being Blossom and flourish and ideas and be creative and inspired and then what happens to all of us have you noticed that when things start going really well like everything starts lining up there will be the part would ever the unhealed part is inside of you will not maybe it will arrive and it will come forward because it's the universe's way of always saying are you really ready and this is such an important step because our ego will tell us we're ready when it's the same ego this trying to pull us back

remember that as well and so we can't stake our way there and this is why so many people are like I'm ready I'm ready I'm doing the work I'm doing the work is because of your ego telling you you are because that is the same mind that will give you all the reasons why you should stop

and so when we release that in mind piece of it is when we can really expand and as a master and Mentor in authenticity as a mentor and those of you that are mentors and master mentors

when you see that someone's ego is alive in them and that the ego has the grip and has made the decision

then there is nothing you can do for that being authors and let them have their dance love them enough to let them go do what they need to do knowing that you have embodied the Mastery presents to do it

so I want you to really breathe that in because that is who she and I are we made that decision way back when that moment Boynton Canyon when God kick him in the very first time and said gave us a choice. Kill said you will have each other for the journey and that was meant to offer two things one is reassurance and the other is that we would grow together we would be able to help each other maintain the evolution of our our Consciousness in our Mastery expansion and have not ever compromised that no matter what

and it's often misunderstood because it is a level of Consciousness that unless you are able to perceive you limit yourself through the ego at present and so bringing this all to fruition because it's such a beautiful gift I love this sharing it really is a highlight of a very crowded week last week

this led in LED lots of lots of little mentoring offering my time and I'm noticing that it's not that the work isn't being done but that the ego believes the work is being done and I don't ever challenge that nor should it be challenged you grow at the Pacer ready to grow as a mentor Master it's my role to always look at your highest self and see how it's serving you and if it's serving it started well this culminated with a very interesting energy

a phone call Jim call where I was asked if it was okay to record and I did and there was a part of me that's all well this is interesting because we always recorded we've always had Zoom calls and I never thought anything of it and noted that this time it was being officially in formally announced and I'm sharing this with you because this energy works and and I want you to see how this can move forward if you hold your lioness energy and that's within the lion this is the lion lioness right this is that unified field of Awakened star presents mastery

call opens and the conversations that I was led to believe we were having was not happening at all instead it was a ferocious very self-righteous egoic appeal that under all the energy said I know better than you and I found out what's wrong with you and I thought okay so we're here and it didn't matter the content it took because this happened it and it happens regularly and it will always happen when you are at the greatest moment of breakthrough because you will break through you will either massage your ego even more and expand that was your dancing and ego with and great do it well or you will pop through that and expand Consciousness even more and continual Grandeur Journey if that is your choice

so after this whole experience happened I literally had to stop what was an enraged noncoherent inability to hear a word I said and hung up the Dubai I'm going to send you an e-mail

so I sent a very loving email explaining the Consciousness experience what it happened how was happening what an awesome gift it was for this person Etc but here's where that went to and here's what I love because of other experiences

last week and I want a compliments to this is part of why we're doing this publicly to is cuz I want compliments to you guys know the beautiful stew if you've ever written support that's UPS pension. Com seu needed to speak up to this person about another experience and in the call she started making claims and accusations of thing. Things that I supposedly said that who had no idea about this conversation but knew in her heart would absolutely not be true and challenged her to go watch the conversation again

and here's the beauty of this because Sue student her Mastery presents because Sue knew the truth of the experience of the energy this beautiful being made the choice that it's so exciting to go watch that conversation again and to allow her ego to relax enough to them realize oh my God everything I let myself believe never happened things that she was telling Sue that supposedly I said literally were a fabrication of the egoic presents that was going to do anything possible to stop the expansion and and the blessing is that deep within the master that she is she knew that wasn't true and gave herself the gift to keep moving

and that is really the essence of this energy right now this is a sophisticated very complex energy and the ego is really weaving and what I love in the reason I'm sharing the sharing with you is because we had the 3D evidence showing and revealing how deeply embedded this energy yes you do a lot of people when they have a position and it in their Philly righteousness don't confuse me with the facts I don't see any objective truth because I'm in love with my position and to the credit of this individual she said okay I will look and then acknowledge oh my God and then they're too embarrassed or they'll find another reason to stay in the victim cycle even presenting facts that's the greater gift so what are the single one of us

entice exactly to move into a stream of Consciousness that is polarized or positional eyes due to all of the frequencies that are being bombarded for example the huge the pandemic and what it's done and interfere with the patterns of normality and created the sense of Separation isolation that is an opportunity to get clear on where your real connection is you know this is the think nothing is all bad or good there is a gift in every confrontive experienced let's try that again every time I am confronted there is a gift and for the most part the gift is one of its calling on me to be clear where are my boundaries what is my truth and what is really going on here and the truth is you are a time traveler

in every experience of that word and in December right now all of this conversation that we're having with you we are looking at the balanced create this is a month of balance creation Now how did we get here why is this so important let me just show you a few little Graphics free can you put up the 2020 energy flows so once more let us not forget that we are in December the energy flow very first one we are in the very last month of this year if you look at the 20/20 energy flows you will see that December the spinal month is actually the balancing pillar of the profound shift that began in July and August now here's what's so profound is that so many things if you go back and you look at what happened in July and August well here in Ecuador in July was when we opened up to the world again bring started opening up again you know things started moving in so you know we look at that

and and how was that in your life because this is the culminating month of this year of experience of Mastery experience and the first year of the up level and it was those three energies of profound shift what you see here have the squares so the first profound shift pillar anchored in September and that was the anchor ship of the January February September and now this other energy of profound shift is anchoring for not only December but for the Year this month is like a double hit of shit because it's more than just this one month it's the entire year and it's the ignition of next year and remember what was the second energy and one of the most critical for this year the Central Energy see how that pyramids going up and being pulled up by the dragonfly Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation why was

is so important it's about coming into this and being the still Center in a year of Perfect Balance 20/20 was the for an ascended numerology however it we had a rare little moment with it it was the four with the double intimate and so because of the double incident energy everything has been exponential remember that this entire moment anything is going to be two thousand anything until we get to 2100 we will infinitely this entire experience is going to have in an energy so it's a massive hundred-year window that were in right now this is not a window that's short-term it is a 100-year window and in this moment we're looking at literally a thousand your window coming as well and so I want to go to the ascended numerology can we do that tree all right so let's go to the ascendant

neurology I want to show you the one that had both November and December on it because remember we're in a mirror image you're looking at this going wait a minute what is the difference right right you look at the what is the difference difference in the way of wanting to look at it right now is look at the body application so remember this is the ancient essene system this is the original system of the Magi this is the true offended numerology and if you look at it because it's a sequence of Consciousness look at the body and then look to the December and you will notice the second chakra and you notice that the high heart has moved so if you go back to November you noticed that that number 9 high heart has box around it from November to December that high heart moved to our second chakra and is all about the being honest and our creation and our vision of our creation and the balance

and this is why we've arrived at this moment a balanced creation to bring balance to that which is out of balance and so whenever there is a swing for balance that which is out of balance is not going to be real happy about it you know there's there's a there's a lot of tidbits here that are so important for our understanding remember that time itself is understood a couple different levels and when we're however the subjective notion of time

when you are in that victim energy that you were described earlier where are you

are you in prison time or are you in an emotionally colored time from a. Before often times when people are agitated or feeling hurt door or righteous or angry I asked him take a breath haven't heard how old do you feel right now and the answer is why I feel like I'm about 8 and go thank you for your honesty because all of the experience you're having overlaid against the events of adulthood are the energies of a child

so what time is it

is it the current that don't time so to speak or are you in the childhood time and obviously the responses your your now moment is completely over laid by an energy from before I hypnotic need to repeat a traumatic orientation or an unfinished business and this is why we keep attracting unhappy relationships until we finally healed it ourselves then we have a perfect everyday example that every one of us has experienced so how about I could just band

because time itself Tik Tok Tik Tok is just an arbitrary illusion the felt sense of time is a subjective Recreation we give you another example how many of you have been received meditation instruction and perhaps you were it was suggested to You observe your thoughts don't get lost in them

when we get lost in our thoughts we have been given all of our energy to that reality but the true reality is you're just sitting

you're just sitting

So Hood wish to observe or self inking then the thought stream can have its life but we haven't lost the present moment and we have cultivated the consciousness of the master you are the one who can observe the one who is aware of it perhaps come soon by something so so these are fun little observations I have one more about 18 months ago I was on a timeline that was leading to my death member that there's a blast from the past as I was in the Bardo is I was out of body in the hospital is is the Doctor's real estate to my beloved wife get your Affairs in order

alright more than once without delivering the story which is a wonderful story but it's not turn out what happened was I felt a call forward and realize that a couple things one is my work is not complete their for this timeline has no Truth for me my work is not complete this timeline no has no Truth for me you can sift timelines

and reanimating my body and lining up with another potential or another timeline because we have parallel timeline more time even understand it was University and to try to understand it all will blow your mind so how about the truth of your souls guidance and the knowing that I have to bleach so that can't be real time lining up over here our bodies are different the work is is coming forward with a slightly different quality and cigarettes so I just giving you some examples of how distorted our beliefs around time can be

and how interesting that subjective time

one of the things the archangels have offered to us is okay you might be in this sequential way of looking at things you know Yesterday Today Tomorrow last month next month excetera what happens if you look at that time line and you wrap it around as a circle and stand in the center of the circle so that you are observing past present future repetition spirals I am the locus or the focal point for the fulcrum Point upon which this flow is being observed

where do you insert yourself


I mean. Like you couldn't about a better queue for that is exactly the spiral time we are rather than and I really thank you for bringing that forward you know I'm reminded now that you sure that so many times I feel talked about you know take the points of what you are looking at and bring them together as you stand in the middle and that is exactly where we are right now and to be in conscious animation at this moment is very exciting isn't it and that's the key are you consciously animating and being one with his body in the simple truth that you are the traveler you are the time traveler and this up level moment let me grab a graphic here in this up level moment what is so valuable to remember is that let's talk about what happened last week all right so why you didn't pay attention because you see that big explosion of energy there that is December December is the Explorer

illusion of the choices that were made in November and so that Bullseye energy this past week that just culminated yesterday that has really cold forward this Toxic release it really feels like a Toxic release Not only was it time that we were hitting the bullseye there were a lot of other arrows being thrown to see that that's why way to gaze into this graphic again because there was the one that was going to hit the mark but it didn't mean there weren't others coming at you what if you are the target then they only arrow that you could connect with would be the one that was also carrying the same frequency of fire that you are eliminating it is about your Clarity it is about your passion and it is about your purpose and when that fire meets that fire the explosion of Consciousness begins and no matter how many arrows are thrown at you and some of them get really close to see that no matter how many come in

you will be still renewed you know years ago when I was a CEO and I think all of you guys know that right I was very very well in a very successful CEO very young first million before I was 30 the whole deal and but one of the things I remember was when I was handed this book about the Battle secrets of Genghis Khan and and and I was in an all-male company I was literally the only woman and then I became the CEO still the only woman of the oven and what was so amazing was that what I did learn was this in battle strategy and if you're really strategizing for the long term when

you learn when to let go of a battle you learn when to let someone take a hill because at the end of the day you will be standing at the top of the mountain and at the end of the day to use that phraseology lose as many battles if you need to if you keep focused on winning the war because that's where you will arrive and so it's it taught me a lot and what it taught me was that in the moments when we are faced with our greatest challenges it is not whether or not we win or lose that's polarity polarity is win or lose. What is it right what it's about is can we receive the wisdom of the experience because in that moment when you are receiving the wisdom of the experience what you are doing is saying to the universe we can check this one off the list got it right and you can receive that wisdom

add to the collective wisdom of the master experience you are having to thereby continue reinforcing supporting and calling in greater and higher levels of consciousness

our ego is our limit

at our ego can come with us into the early stages of The 5th Dimension

do in order to even comprehend and I'm know I'm using density experience but it but an even to even comprehend losing the battle to win the war is that not really the needs of the few are the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many I mean it really is a profound way of saying okay I get it the greatest gift that I can offer anyone is my clarity my passion around that Clarity and my purpose

back to number one clarity

and that the only way you can hold that to be truly nakedly authentic is to release the ego enough to continue expanding your Consciousness so what do you breathe out in because spiral time is making that very available and because of that there's a lot of fear and there's a lot of polarization so is it important to pay attention absolutely because he has a Shannara magnetic influences meaning they are a current that you can align with and often times were pulled into are alignments quite unconsciously because of unfinished business that were carrying as so you know if we have you know if if I if he helped Rodney Dangerfield I got no room to get no response with up if you have this respect me

victim victim what's going to happen is you're going to keep attracting to you circumstances and people who will push that button and push that goes antagonistic energies are lined up with the velcro of the wound and guess what it'll keep happening until you finally go oh I see what's going on here and I love to yourself look at imprint design our Consciousness goes up or our field of comfort expands and onward we took the theme is pretty Universal and this is the same with all of your spiritual practices there are many practices however if the practice is helping you.

the Eagles grip on your reality that that's probably a good practice for you and good thing to remember is that

we get to choose right when we think we have no choice I had to do it I had no choice under know that that's the victim that's what did you hear that it's so sophisticated it's so subtle and that's why we're kind of really popping it out there if you look at you do an end when you have bought into that sometimes you don't recognize that you are working on her limited software scripts Otis ever you find yourself passionate to pause and say okay is it going to rain

is my heart expanding or am I becoming more Ridgid by simply asking how am I what am I experiencing you can help wake up or bring more awareness to your Consciousness bring awareness to your Consciousness and then the wisdom will come man and new choices better informed choices are there

when we think we have no choice is because our field of vision is so truncated that we have eliminated possibilities that could be more wholesome this is where Straight it really is the moment at hand which is that they're all coming down to safety and it's all coming down to fear it's it it fear is at the Austin of the Dead Sea experience why is fear at the essence of the Dead Sea experience for all how many amazing quote on quote reason but begins with what's known as me Consciousness I am afraid you are born into experience where how do I get food how do I get my diaper changed how do I stay warm how do I do this how do I do. There is a sense of fear and such a strong fear of loss and that is all tied to safety and it is all the first chakra and when

when energy collapses into the first chakra and the me Rises then there is no space to see beyond that which surfaces for the me if it serves the me that is all I care about I don't care about anything else it shuts it's an implosion energy found what's happening right now is that the planetary thought body is feeding off of me energy and the me energy has mutated into this us us to me energy meaning it is this narcissistic culture of an us saying okay if you want to be one of us if you want to feel better than you need to do this this this in this or there is a sense of isolation in the sense of loss which also further reinforces the safety fear Loop so it really doesn't matter which way you fall out

but when you move into the sauce Consciousness immediately polarisation begins even though the S Consciousness may feel better and this is such an important powerful conversation for this now moment it is all about our personal response - ability and our Consciousness that shran I did an entire hour of teaching and an explaining because this is more than this one show self watch that show tonight explore the Mysteries it is on this evening at 5 p.m. Pacific time when does talk radio it is also on AM FM 247. Com and of course 13 Trustee real stations iHeartRadio you want to pay attention to the show tonight it will also be at 1 this talk radio. Com and the YouTube I Believe come back tonight and really

if you really want to go deeper with this energy and this this aspect of what's happening right now we did a whole show on it tonight because it's that important other perspectives that you can help enrich your willingness to let go of the position you had before I left for that for a moment we all meaning Oli goes like to say I got it I got it this is what's going on at the higher levels of sophistication the egoic positionality is far more subtle and weaving in the arguments and approved and the rest of it but the bottom line is I'm right

I'm on top of the wall of instantaneous manifestation how was your last week really look the concentric energy the compression everything that's happening and remember that we have entered into this beautiful and I just want to show you the incredible energy this is where we are right now we have entered into balance creation energy that has called forward spiral time and so if you're gazing at this graphic I want you to just feel the way the spiral time is igniting the way that everything is coming together this is why I everything that we have been sharing on the show today I mean everything is having this experience of the way a feeling this is why things are coming around in a circle and it's happening in that explosion Bullseye energy that came in last week calling us into are still Center r

star consciousness

so I want to really died into this energy from the expansive experience and as we do that bring a hand to your heart and just noticed that when you relax and to you that when you go up into your star Consciousness it's easier to start releasing the energy trap of the paradigms that are seeking to keep you stuck the law of instantaneous manifestation is real it is yours to harvest it is part of what has really ignited during this up level moment we need the ark Angelic realm has been talking about it for years they've always shared it if you've been with us on Monday magic you know that however the moment for as many beans as possible to claim it is now

what's the catch you got to make the conscious choice to disconnect from the distraction because within the distraction the law of instantaneous manifestation will be there as its little baby cousin which is the law of attraction

the law of attraction is based around your ego whether you know it or not it cannot go beyond that and so you live in the law of attraction is like working out and now you're ready for the bigger Jim you're ready to come up to the big big girl table you know I mean that's really what it's about started with sharing that I want to come back to the emphasized when we bring hand or hardly breathe into our heart we start foundational the heart is the root chakra of your us ended up being this other chakra down here in the pelvis is the first chakra of the physical form and it's tied to the emotional body and the physical body

when we bring Spirit meaning the law of energy and we bring that energy down into the first chakra it will relax because now our nourishment is coming from the Divine and it is not dependent upon the tribe the external the back to this piece when we stabilize the ascended heart and we will know we're there when we start to feel a sense of peace

breathing in and out of her heart and then bring our energy up to Star Consciousness just above the third eye point we discuss this another shows and there is a video artificial tree and Cara so I will just say Wednesday or hear breathing you have moved into a higher frequency and more accelerated vibrational state it is connected to your authentic energy your soul from this place then review whatever trigger was going on whatever BS was calling you away from your presence

and forget it from this place you can heal anything because you have lifted out of the vibrational level that caused the problem and what people have not recognize they keep trying to say I've done my healing I got done my hands were all you've done it from the level of the problem from the level of I was hurt I was victimized I'm trying to get back and it's your fault you do a sister my I am flawed and I'm trying to get better forgot that to the table of Master you go I am and I am here oh I see that aspect of myself that believed in victim energy

I forgive and I released because it was couldn't have been different at that level of Consciousness what's the level of Consciousness you can heal what's gone before and this is where the law of instantaneous manifestation is fully activated when we're learning as the Divine soul that the world is your inheritance you don't have to ever like the you know where the law of attraction is I got to think about it got a juice is there a jury it's not like I don't have it yet and I need it I need it be better to who you really are and all is available to you and and you start holding that peaceful Clarity and the world will light up and next thing you know what you need is there

is when the Consciousness expands and when we lift above it's so far beyond what you can imagine anyway you know one of the gifts of living here at tosa Blue Mountain is that number one House of Blue Mountain is a miracle in motion how we got here all of that but to wake up every morning and see the Compadres mountains to see them right outside her Studio window here to live in this beautiful energy and Abby the custodians of what we really feel as ground zero for crystalline energy on the planet one of definitely a great connection is that when we can see the the love that every single experience every single thing no matter what it look like no matter how it came into your life no matter how wonderful

not all of it in equal time brought you to where you are now

and then to live your life in the full consciousness of that with the Gratitude of that as your embodiment

creates what we have here at tosa Blue Mountain and I really want to really want to try it for a moment and because we have been having in the mix of what was one of the most intense weeks ever last week and I and we all the world we've all been going through it so many clear Miracles happened and so many clear Miracles were intentionally messed with and so the first thing was last week we talked about the by the way down so that that is not being salty this week there was a little hiccup in the get along it took a little more focused energy is steadfast commitment to move past some people some providers who were contributing to the final construction who who needed to become a little bit and they were they came into alignment the Dome is on its way out tomorrow we all know that putting that Dome up is a final piece

where do you use the word protection Crystal ignition and that the healing light for those of you that part of our Mastery mentorship team and Saturdays extraordinary with experience together well then you know about the healing light and I hope you all know about the healing light the healing light is a service at 3 and I have had continuously out there for 19 years it's a prayer service it is a miracle requested is a place to despair knowing that is private and confidential and if you have a prayer or a miracle you'd like to see manifested just send it to the ceiling light at self Ascension. Calm and all of those requests that come in all month long are brought before the healing light and the entire power and presence of the Mastery mentorship team the first Saturday of every month when we illuminate all of these Miracles like we did yesterday and over the years we have been blessed and honored and there are men

how many people would have been part of the team the whole time houses of Miracles manifested it I mean incredible like incredible out of this world like crazy Miracles and they're always outside of our level of limitation

so as we move forward right now it just spiral time the Miracles that that we saw was that while the Dome did not get delivered the platform has built its 100% its anchor that energy exactly and the minute that platform got builds some of what was happening last week started balancing

and then what day did we go with it when do we go to say and then it was I believe it was Tuesday last Tuesday when we were having lots of interesting energy is when there had been the massive attacks if you were with us yesterday on the Mastery mentorship team I talked a lot about that and how we survived that got through all that we had the blessing of we needed to go look for some things that we needed for the property here cuz we have all of you coming for the end of the year and because a lot of things didn't work out we wound up back in our little town of Washington Paula we were looking for something and one of the things that we were looking for was a new altar table

Violet ratiba Altar and the initial image if it was like marble or granite marble like in India you know very similar that that was the first blush of it and and so we went looking at the stone quarries in the places where they make these things and the energy there was not conducive always thought I was green I mean the first place we need to go and we just left and then the second place was worse but you know and that's that was kind of fascinating cuz we were we were going by energy and so do the blessing of of our drivers ed when he said well you know I know an artist who works with wood. We just love those words right

classic altar with the car keys really good and you know he's in my Village watch Apollo what's that for those of you that have been here to tosa Blue Mountain that's our Hollywood that's not filicino so we went to this man's workshop and OMG that was radiating from his Creations was so tangible the tiebreaker the vibration was so much higher than this visit these Granite quarries that had some visual niceties but energetically not so good and so as we begin to converse with him and and we told him or what we were seeking he says let me show you my inventory you know the word that's it hasn't even more amazing than that when we stepped out of the van she was on the sidewalk making

table legs not because he had an order but because earlier that day he got the inspiration that he should be making a table and start to me was because then the inventory came in right we went we went upstairs where you have these beautiful time. All the grain there are 10 15 feet long and beautiful slabs of selected the piece of wood that called to us and he said wonderful I will make you your table in just a couple of days it was delivered yesterday right in the afternoon after we had that incredible master mirror and so not only did this man wind up making the sacred altar which is just pure love when we were in now remember these are local ten yardies and so his ceiling is kind of low sodium

we were in his Workshop there and it was so dark what was radiating this man is such an artist and so he and and so all I can share with you is that it was magical it was like being in a magical shop where the elves sound than iguales in the trees and this man literally hugs the trees and call some foward so and you got a lot of his last name is Tigre the tiger tiger so we wound up getting more than a few things from him and because it was just so in love field and the other miracle and see this is a lot of instantaneous manifestation we were carrying the vision but we we were just letting it flow and more than three years ago talk about spiral time three years ago entry and I moved here we have a tree down in our area where we're going to be putting in some other homes and he not we now know it's in the kiss you

yep and this was a a standing Deadwood do you know it has been burned with with the Trunks and is standing there in a mini Meadow with all the grass around kind of like I'm here but we weren't sure exactly when fully liberated the energy I remember the first time we ever saw one day and artist will come and we will know more because the energy is so powerful yesterday Mr tiger went and connected with the tree and then if Wally did reveal itself to him and we will be keeping you informed out of that nigali it will be done before New Years for those of you that are calm

so we will keep you in that Loop so keeping you in the full loop in this amazing moment we have so much to share and we have so many of you holding we want to get to all of your lines before we do that we want you to actually be able to enjoy and embrace what has been happening here and the Miracle of the Violet Ray Shiva altar as it is now with the help of our incredible on-site Community here at tosa Blue Mountain and so we're going to give you a moment to meet everybody and to be here in real time and see what happened yesterday and feel the energy shift because we want you to join us and that level of Consciousness when we continue this conversation

so it's hard to light and privilege to share with you a little boobie put together by our beloved breeder or sad you're going to get to get a glimpse behind the scenes so to speak here we go

Namaste my name is Martha Stewart Sun & Ski Rentals of Blue Mountain I go by Carla and now I'm here because, I come here to be this people who are truly love adore and disrespect and of course places why are my beloved teacher Sri Lanka and Ciara I feel like I find my soul family and I've been following them ever since 2007

So and I've been doing human walk already long time since I will send my finances for

is the Earth

and no I feel the old games foltest and I was feeling walk through the planetary level

all the lilacs planets Lady Gaga in need us

and I feel this is my final destination and this is my highest expression and my flow of service

do the planets and the wisdom energy and I'm so happy to be here and I will

I think knowing this

within my heart and soul that I needed to connect on a deeper level to self Ascension

been a long journey

I want a Coleman aces in Austin going to be this month

that I never ever expected

to be invited to come and live here

that in itself was a massive journey and now that I'm here

I'm grasping the opportunity with both hands and I'm really

comparing myself to dipping into my Mastery because

it's so easy to go back to the way I was

and yet the schooling to move forward

for me now is stronger than ever

and I want to be I've seen who I am and I want to do that

and we can all be that if you commit yourself

it's not easy it's really difficult because you do have to really look at yourself on and Incredibly deep level

but it's worth it

enjoy the peace the love

and miracles miracles happen Miracles truly

and that's one of the benefits about stepping into a must-read those Miracle wow they just blow your mind and what do I do live having a mind blowing everyday

I'm working all day.

I first heard about treating Sarah sometime in 2015 after my divorce after I quit my job and left San Francisco and Point Reyes and then I met my girlfriend moved in with her and just kind of followed tree and care for a little bit you know on and off but nothing too intense and when Logan came around and March then I started listening to them again I really like their Chola I like their message was very positive and then the opportunity to come to Tulsa Blue Mountain and I'm work here Universe team to make that happen.

the flight and just facilitated the ease with which I right here and some working here now as the kind of operations guy and stuff are really liking you treating it as a moral lesson of the internship of sorts but hopefully leading to figure and better in do what I can to help people help themselves and I know there's a lot of pain and suffering out there so maybe what I'm doing here can help people

figure themselves out a little bit more

hi everyone I am for your rose and I've been here for over a year now what originally brought me to tell us if we now know was my deep deep love and respect for Cara and this community and also right before I came here I was in Guatemala at Lake atitlan for a little while

and while I was there I just so much happened but I had this very strong woman of clarity and in her knowing that I wanted to devote this very short Human Experience the scheming life to every moment if I could every day so what I truly believed in and to be as much as I could a part of what is happening on the planet right now and I just want to say what a miracle it is each and every one of us

every time that we choose to do to heal or look theater or expand

rather than blaming or falling into the victim triangle we we shift and not just for ourselves and it is making a difference and it is important and it does matter and I just feel so blessed to be here and so blessed to meet each and every one of you when you come and to be a part of his community now and all the all the ways that we are able to connect and be together so I love you

right up here so many guys fucking so he is our protector like drunk or text you


did you see the glass green eyes

wow beautiful

it has a heart

so he said you already said it wasn't done but it is done because it's showing one that's is showing the movie True Form having one put in the ground while not ever stop in to attend with the eyes but true healing healing

I'm really ready

what's a root

outside of

yes we do love you like I do

my breath for your honey she has gotten a diamond is Brianna amazing at making these videos or what you know is it just me I mean wow thank you Brianna those of you Facebook show her some love and those of you over at any of the YouTubes please tell her some love because well I'm still like kind of taking it back and really am so bowing before all of the beautiful Community here at tosa Blue Mountain all of those that you just got to meet on camera all of you that are here with us today whether you're watching this live or joining us at any moment thank you for the Embrace of this Divine group of Masters wow what a buffet I'm certainly loving it aren't you very much loving this new altar tables a single piece of Living Wood that's carried such a pure frequency and a way to honor the life of that tree by bring it into a very Sacred Space

we were so grateful that it just happened to be that everything could be delivered on Saturday because I'd had a chart with Street earlier we need to redo the pilot receive a temple that which was the alter the prior alter is now the table in our new living room area because all of the Shiva hum items are going into the Violet Ray Crystal domed the frequency of the healing light which is going to be a true illuminated flame permanent alter fluid and and it's also important to just acknowledge

your life is your spiritual path and the attitude and the energy you bring two things is your spiritual practice

and when we honor the sacred however we choose to do it in whatever form is in front of us in our life we are then calling forward that which is the wholesome love of the Eternal nature of our being got to love that love and poured me an insult regardless of whether your orientation would cause you to recognize the the Divine Light Within Shiva or to recognize the Divine Light Within a tree or nature or another pathway remembering that what is pure and good takes us to the center of the direct experience of what the mystics refer to as Union

there are many opportunities to experience that and inform your consciousness of the greater context which then brings a great piece to your life you don't remember years ago one of the Japanese I believe it was the Traditions had the phrase you know the force that are chopped wood and I carried water after Satori I chop wood carry water because you still have this world be like how ever the context of the Universe I love it continue to share the glimpses of Joseph Blue Mountain and the people that are contributing here and speaking of contributing we're going to be moving to the phone lines and yes let's do this do that so

CVS 8862 76008 and of course over it when the stock radio 517-208-1500 10th Street and we get ready to go to the phone lines you know I want to remind you ask us your questions or or share what you're feeling and of course your request forestry or myself are always welcome as we are in this moment though what's up with the way that the timelines are opening I do want to go back and show another graphic because there's a lot that's happening right now and I haven't shown this graphic in a while this is the graphics where we first open the fear Dimension now if you're not familiar with this this is partly why I have a Graphic up and if you're not if you're listening to us an audio so imagine the spiral this gorgeous beautiful spiral of Consciousness remember its Eternal you can never be without it is just the sea turtle spiral energy and so as you gaze at this you notice that coming through the four

Dimension is what looks almost like a cardiac experience right you have like what looks like this heartbeat in this ocean of Consciousness and the 4th Dimension has collapsed and come into this planetary thought body in a way that the two have become like a dimension in themselves and this is what's known as the fear Dimension and that is the pulse and if you follow that pulse you see the line that looks like a heartbeat what you notice is that that post goes between the dimensions and that pill has its own way of expanding and that the way to the 5th Dimension right now is going to be through the resolution of your own spear

through the resolution of your own fear and that starts with acknowledging the fear that is before you because it's all coming into that root chakra right now we started talking about this before that the in the first half of the show and I really wanted to come here again is that right now it's about safety and fear safety and fear safety and fear and the two are tied together so tightly that in the willingness to have safe to perception of safety and the relief from the fear not the release relief meaning it's not real it's just saying let me give you an illusion of an illusion you will give away anything and everything

you know it goes back to you I don't think we have the graphic anymore but you know I believe it was the the quote from the Divine directors that you know when you are afraid you will give away your power out when you are in Terror you will give away your soul and so to terrorize traumatize shock and constantly assault your nervous system is to get you to give away your soul your nervous system is the gateway to your Consciousness and if the nervous system is out of balance the Consciousness will just wait until this is a moment where the battlefield is your Consciousness your chakra which is top of the head traditional system is is the gateway to spiritual wisdom and it governs your nervous system

so consider for a moment if modern society has conspired to agitate your nervous system you will as a protective mechanism start to close that chakra so that you have a less energy entry because you if you'd can't feel like you can modulate it and so there is a paradox at work here than the bombardment of stimulation the subtle messages that say what you thought isn't true and in doubt the 5G and other electromagnetic frequencies that are in the more subtle rage vibrating at the at the Miller hurts that is is closer all of these things serve to make the Ascension process a bit more challenging because there is like a headwind it's like you're trying to go against the current and where is it's an amazing time because

in the years that have led up to this moment there has been an opening a broadening and upliftment and that the opportunity meaning the alignment of the Kosmos has supported the Awakening of human beings and remember in the world of polarity the the energy of of availability the energy of upliftment can also uplift the interference all capitals

is soaked with the cosmos the Divine says here you go right now do you use this wave of energy to lift or religious energy to create more pound piece in constrictions remembering that you are the traveler and relaxing outside of linear time being poem fishy because you're being invited to a level of conscious awareness that will absolutely challenge the boundary of the strength of your own ego of that which is trying to hold on to that which is trying to hold on to that which is trying to hold on

and being aware of that that is the moment of hand and to also fully release your expectation of how many you think should be doing the same thing how it should happen or why it should happen there is that last kind of Bolt and its expectation and it's the ability to say you know what I can work out with that because I trust this flow it's letting go of the me right and in the greatest Freedom we can ever offer ourselves is to fully Break Free of me,

because me Consciousness is the anchor it's the doubt everything you were just talking about right you can't have any that answer you unless you have a lot of doubt and doubt comes from our fear fear

I want you to take a breath

just bring in the attitude of have a little Mercy on yourself you were born with it either fear didn't happen because you're flawed that deer didn't happen because all you did do it right now you're you know it's like you were born with it and this Soul's journey is to heal this because fear is ground beef good in a disconnect from your Divinity is a separation energy ultimate purpose is grounded in this and in part of that you can't help because you individuated to come in through this body you know you at you had to split off from the ocean of Oneness to have your individual experience which is a wonderful opportunity to cultivate Consciousness and wisdom

so to heal the fear does not require that you do battle with your pain memories or trauma and print it only requires that you align your Consciousness with a deeper order of Truth when we align with our true Essence our divine nature we are connected to the infinite source of love and life we are connected to the stream of Enlightenment the journey of self Ascension is to begin to notice feel and trust that stream that is your ascended beings and continue to walk that path as the worldly misidentification start the lightning dissolve and fall away I love it and so here is the ultimate cultivation of your true being not

something to be pushed away from but rather to be used to help you discern the difference between the infinite glorious essence of I am

and the BS tortured and multiple timelines of st. Lucian when we come to the resolution of our fear we embrace the truth of who we are and it all makes sense and it ignites the next beautiful glorious wonderous moment of awareness and we are at right now in December 2020 in this moment disrespective moment of November the silver luminated energy balance creation we have this incredible mirror energy that is saying

are you ready to really flourish

and and if the ballast creation is imbalanced by deep deep fear then the answer will be yes I'm ready to feel safe and legal will follow suit taking lead bringing you back down into 1st chakra

so this is the moment pay attention pay attention to what you're saying yes to

often times you do on November the energy was a choice right what is what is the ascended presence was there a cycle dependent presents awareness experience Choice November was with a choice month what is December Big Time awareness okay so in this awareness month this mirror of the awareness of the choice that was made in November

that choice

was either made for your conscious awareness were you during the month of November caring conscious awareness that that you were choosing were you aware of what was going on around you or you able to really be paying attention to that or did this very past week illuminate some of the subject subconscious choices that you may have made and or we're actually carrying not realizing how potentially powerful your creation energy is

your choice is a reflection often times were not aware of choices we made until we start it's not so damn them for making a dog is just a neutral also it's like how did I participate in manifesting this expansion expansion growth of your Consciousness you know we make choices before we enter our lifetime and sometimes as we find ourselves so look at my siblings look at my parents look at look at this condition in which I find myself of the drive was born to do good bad ugly whatever you want to throw about it you know

what we begin to smile and get I chose these parents I chose this life and maybe I didn't fully understand the details of my choice however I got the energy I was choosing I got I I receive that which I wanted to receive it's an energy that we received in this particular content can vary because there's other influences for the you know if you choose if you want to open your heart and learn compassion there's a lot of ways you can learn compassion and some of them don't feel very good at first blush but you're going to learn it you learned the lesson you'll get the spiritual gift of it it's more than just getting it is the mass of Step that have to happen but it's about transcending even the fact that you got it and then loving it for what it really gave you and really knowing that your loving

not pretending it I mean really getting at a level of oh my God thank you so much how how beautiful of you to have offered me that that level of the opportunity to Delight in the journey or become polarized with your very existence not a good since we've all these people that have been waiting so long oh my goodness gracious and Street it looks like we have I just want to check right up here we had I thought we had a hand up nope I guess they had went down all right well then where are we going my love

all right what we have we're going to just begin here in Kansas City and here we go high welcome namaste

number 33

so it's kind of heckling but is that okay

I have a question I'm actually seeing

it looks like on when I open my eyes close my eyes in the dark I'm actually seeing like lighted cartoon looking eyes

I want to know what that is I want to make sure I heard correctly you said lighted and then what was the what was the word after that

it's okay it's like I'm seeing and I kept in the dark. I want you to just relax there is my my heart is so big around you by Angel even if you're sharing with me I feel my third chakra shaking like almost with an anxiety energy and I'm wanting to reassure you that the reason you got through today and the reason that you were able to bring this up is because you're not the only one that is having this type of connection opening coming and so first and foremost that they're there all right here where is Blue Star born I mean they're all over you and they're saying we lacked

that you are you have called for many things you have asked for many things and you have now been thinking many things when you are ready to stop thinking and you are ready to trust the breath that animates the form you are in now

we are ready with a greater moments

and they're saying that the moment before you was not meant to cause you fear or anxiety and that a new moment has just begun and to breathe in

and on the exhale relax your arms I was on my third chakra I'm relaxing my third chakra and I'm feeling that my third chakra is very tight on my crew love you know little do you know Philly with the air and they're saying let your heart ignite once more with the greater staff of the Divine storage you carry and so it is thank you for calling in my life many blessings

I need to take in a deep breath did you feel that

and and that's pretty much this moment will you know and this is very much I know every every week is always such an honor because the colors are always perfect you know and and this is really that moment that's before everyone right now is Sri it really isn't it feels very symbolic to me rather we have some space at the 800 number you can give us a ring at 888-627-6008 I tell you what let's say hello go back over here so let's go to Iowa looks like we're going to the one is talk radio or just saying hi to Iowa

hello shooting Cara I am so happy to be talking to the two of you today I was on yesterday's call and I was so moved by your sharing Kara it is and I wanted to see a big hug to bring a rose I think that's between you and Brianna it really cold our community together and it's I have so much love for all of you I do have a question for 3 and Cara I feel that there's something that my soul and probably others so Liz ready to hear today about why I'm calling

stream my question for you is is this week has been very intense with a lot of different things but I'm finding so many blessings in it one of them though is something that I've been having them actually tested positive for cocaine and the symptoms that had side with a I know that there can be a difference to the left and the right and I didn't know if you could give me some insight I'm on to the difference when we experience things on the left vs the right it give me some Perry on that happy to do that may I look a little deeper

let's just take a peek at your field here because I never I never intruded another being without their permission okay so a couple of things that I think you might find useful one of them is that you you are being called out

hey hun to be called out meaning hey it's your time you know it's not like you're being called out to be punished you be called out to be celebrated its your time and when we're being called out it what we're really saying is that what you've invested in before is not as important as that which is about to come and what you been best to get in before is represented by the right side of the body and as I look at your energy field a little more deeply what I'm seeing is that there's some issues meeting unresolved energies that are present around the second and third chakra and the second and third chakra have to do with second chakra has to do with the inhibition to

fully energized your dreams

what inhibits a person from energizing their dreams is old hurts and old you know I bought into some belief in limitation and so there's there's some energy there that can be resolved by going back and really doing some forgiveness work from the ascended perspective hard to send it hard and moving up never we talked earlier about how to be in that place of instantaneous manifestation that is the place to do whatever we may need forgiveness work needs to be done it'll be done calmly cleanly and thoroughly from that energy the other energy that I want to bring forward for your consideration is in your sixth chakra which is more about the recognition of where you're going so remember we talked about this this kind of tension between that which was my pattern of the past is not going to fully carry me to where I'm going so where am I going

this is for you to get clear. This is this is your moment of I'm being called out I the next chapter of my life is here and part of that is 6 chakra is about releasing the old paradigms of spiritual understanding and moving into true spiritual family and part of that is the lower chakras meaning I give myself permission to let go of the past

and that is what I can offer you on are at the time and I send my thanks and blessings to you your hands yes or down on your heart might have been on my heart the entire time so you invited and what such sincerity 11 presents the energy of it about sharing on behalf of yourself and all those who you you were already sensing were aware and I will share with you that what happened was the entire time free with sharing I was on this journey with you and this energy came in right here on the inner side of the heart like the center of the chest the side of the heart came in and I felt it go right into the spine

and I kept asking why is it you know who are you what is this energy and it was this energy like a comment like presence of it felt like an IV of crystalline light I can describe it like a direct infusion crystalline light but it came in on this side of your heart went right into your spine and Ashley was sharing I just kept hearing move your spine more and dance more Let the balance creation b and a lot of upper back freedom and a lot of movement and that's why I came in from the heart and then I was feeling your ascendant Kundalini and so many right now or even unaware that this ascended Kundalini is coming in however many people are having issues with their spine and also nervous system the seven chakra that screws talked about earlier and so like yourself everything they're saying your ascendant

Lenny is trying to Anchor into the like the they're calling it the reigning present like like it's coming out of your 7th and just showering shower and shower and showering everywhere and so you are a moment before you is to keep walking

you know I will share with you that you mentioned when you first got on with us today that you were there yesterday you know when we were with you yesterday Zoom said it was recording there is no recordings yesterday you are one of very few people that will have ever experienced yesterday so I also want to share that because all these beings around you or saying pay attention to everything that's happening right now and keep saying yes to you and so it is very very thank you thank you thank you honey you eat call or drinks forward and energy of each color brings forward and opportunity that blesses all of us

and right now I'm feeling actually it feels a bit like some grief to let him know energy is happening and we just left that flow and process out

the key with moving forward is to recognize that you're affected

and then bring the energy of loving acceptance to allow it to to complete that I don't resist or do I dive into it

because I was going to go to live over to the VBS Amber from Alberta first-time caller checking in or welcome namaste

hello stranger a sweetheart

nice to be here with you thank you I just discovered you guys in May and I've been following everything that you've been doing I've been part of the www.a and doing the mentoring now and I'm just so blessed to have the gross that that's coming to me from from knowing you and thank you and I would love to have a mini full reading thank you for your presence and that really is where you're at your sole reading begins is that I'm loving that you're here today when we're talkin about star Consciousness and radiation because everything about you right now is like saying what are you willing to do to let yourself

the radiance that you know you are and that question just keeps a Justice is like and by the way it's passing you know the power of the 17 there are 17 here talking I'm trying to like synthesized into one end and they just keep saying that you know take time to be beautiful meaning radiate who you really are you really are remember who you really are fake they keep talking about that you're out on this precipice it's like I'm seeing you and it's like you're on this system really skinny Bridge with no railing and there's just enough room to keep walking but there's just enough room to keep and there's no guardrail and they're saying your guard rails

are you you're the guard rails and that they are here and that they're saying the portal has been open the Dome has been ignited the heart has been laid there and so it is time to arrive does the Queen

much love

thank you sweetheart we love you angel many blessings

enjoy the sweetness and it's important to remember that every being is on their path every being is on their path and that each of us has this remarkable Journey where we are pulling together the various refractions the various pieces that were our journey you know what you did in your your prior lifetimes what you did in this lifetime all creates Pete puzzle pieces and you don't approach this with the mine there's no need to we approach it by being Arif and what happens is in that the clarity of light all those refractions to start to come home

more empowered because those bits of Life Force energy or no longer pinched off into some other time line and some other story they just come home and what they do and we love it and you know Street speaking of coming home and unwinding I'm look at the call board here and I got to skip it and I'm taking this call I think didn't Gary over when this talk radio Kerry is this you over in Belleville Illinois

hello how are you loving you sweetheart good to hear from you

thank you it's great to be here I love you guys you know that love you all

and we love

sending us your photos what I was such a precious gift thank you

dad wanted to share it with you just thought you should know who you know so you know what I look like we've talked so much sleep are populist and I thank you thank you because it was just really it was a joy filled moment for us and thank you

I'm okay thank you for connecting with my mom and and and with me down there I was down there going through what I was going through was a very beautiful experience with you guys for my mom to experience that was really amazing how very very happy I have a question for you guys I've been experiencing like this spiraling in the middle of my forehead like a year-and-a-half but it's been like for like 30 second one minute interval stuff like that but last week this week actually I was laying back Medicaid number bed on the couch and literally it was going for a half hour just like this one right through my unbelievable would like to Clarity on that if you could

well first to know anything you hate all the above call me about it is all tied together and I want to share one little thing she's going to shower and then I'm going to share for the wonderful thing on a share with you my age was I just want to Bow before you you are at a moment of Rapid up level a tune that you have been prepared for this moment look at your timing like you've been if there's no accident that you've been watching the shows are following what's been happening because look at what's happening you're like the poster child for the energy of the universe right now this is amazing it's an end let's talk more about this because there are more people getting ready to go through this as well couple of pieces to share with you the first years relax really really enjoy the ride what are the three fire color brought this up and it ties in a little bit to you what I have found is sometimes I see

you better with my eyes closed and a bit more energy perception is more available if I get rid of the worldly filter I just close my eyes and all of a sudden it there's more revealed so in the spirit of that spiral energy is the opportunity to notice the truth of what is happening and the recognition that your balance is Shifting meaning I am orienting my being to a whole different frequency you are you truly are you truly at a cusp of a beautiful breakthrough and when I say breakthrough at what I mean is a new way of being understanding who you are and and being in the world and I and this is what I want right here okay something my hair back right here like like almost at the eyebrow

line like right where are temples would be I've been using this part of my hands the lower part of my hands there is it's about how far out of my straight right here what I'm noticing it's like a half of a helmet that's right here and that energy is not but it hurts but as a know now when I say that it starts hurting really strongly here in this in this right Temple it says it is you're at this moment of

really letting go to level that you're you're there isn't still there's like this old energy behind it and and really saying okay I'm ready and then there's this other part that saying I don't know if I really want to and the two of them are so subtly background noise that this presents that's come in right here is actually self-limiting meanings at your Mastery you you know the deep down master that you are is so close to you now and so overlaid that that portal that spiral that's star Consciousness ignition that's exactly what it feels like for a lot of people that energy is getting ready and it's come to such a point that you're you're at that moment where you really got to make us a conscious choice

of that which you are ready to accept and be and end to know that all that means is that you said yes to you doesn't mean anything has changed except your perceptions and conscious awareness

and it's like there's this inner drama going on in you and I'm watching it and you're aware and your and you're looking out going am I doing this right and it's like yeah, you are you know that at the end of wow and as I just heard that to you to hear it hear it huge high high pitch tone


I need to be quiet because this is about you

what's after that I mean giving you a ring process love you honey Namaste of you guys Namaste thank you so much and I love this entire family feel about love I love you I'm not sure I can even hear you guys you feel this in your ears it's like okay so it's that pressure like you're sitting at the bottom of swimming pool but with a really high pitch tone that feels as if I'm in a suspended it's like we all just entered the sacred chamber together and that's the blessing of this community that's why I love about our Sunday Services is that we never know what's going to happen and that's always the gift of hanging out for the second hour when we dive in his community has so many people hanging out with Rob another one over at 1 this talk radio and then we've got them over a VVS we're going to talk to as many of you

as we can hey where do you want to go do you want to go to is that main sure okay

Batman know it's a it's Beatrice how are you you are good oh my God is this baby buddy butterbeer Truth or Dare in theatres this woman has the hookup on the CBD balm that is the eyebrow and omigod everybody has sent us their formulas I just want to take a moment and say wow sister you are you got it you got it you got it thank you thank you thank you

I am so blessed to hear. Thank you guys so much I'm so grateful to all of you and I keep you too fast in my meditation know that anything more you know I've I've got two more batches I'd love to donate percentage of each batch small batch sword is into you guys for your pain relief Clinic yes yes any time does sincerely yours is the best there medicine that I had made it took 10 months to make it and I just completed at this week and I wanted to donate some of that to you as well it's it's an incredible remedy the multitude the things I'd love to read and write you a letter out and I'll give you all the details as well

thank you sweetheart when it flows just share what is available to be shared with Sue and she'll get it to us and our heart is so grateful

constantly I'm so grateful for all of you I'm so grateful to be on I'm currently visiting my son in the keys and I just arrived yesterday and it's been great lives Ben brase there are no words and I was hoping I could get a reading well absolutely I want to share with you that is very interesting as I'm connecting with you right now my entire is a fast and the energy from the center of my like right below my fifth chakra radiating out through my right shoulder and my whole right arm it's like it almost wants to drop and be numb and from that same point on my left arm yeah it's like this he's of leaving the body

it depends what they're saying is that you have arrived at a moment where it is it's like and this is why they're showing it right here that you are at a moment where you are able to arrive to drop out of the body as the protective wave of light that you are

Acuvue see and call forward into action

the step before you that has already been decided

and so it is and I am actually week like I cannot even hold up my arms and I just I want to share with you that you are really mastering multi-dimensional presents and you are capable of having greater conscious awareness of everything that you're you're learning you're at the next step says thank you for that honor and now I'm shaking my hands I can't lift my arms yet but I am moving my hands and my arms and I've heard you to do that a lot because you're in a really heavy Creations base and so thank you my angel I love you

thank you so much I love you all happy holidays in my Namaste answer you my angel many blessings your arms do caterpillars I might now I have massive heat and I know hey Siri what's going on over at CVS that cooks Beatrice is brought forward is when we approach the gift of Mother Nature will they speak the plants speak more clearly our guidance brings in the alchemy's in the mix is more clearly and this is this is something I just wish to honor that we are in this new Earth energy is already here just look for it and see it and there's so many beans that are participating in that Harmony Technologies are coming forward and your heart will

recognize them it already does it over bbso online to we have Holly from Michigan so let's Michigan Namaste and welcome

Namaste SRI and Kira thank you so much for taking my call I'm so grateful I got through as some others have mentioned last week has been very fascinating lots of beans transitioning I guess around me and then to top the week off yesterday I brought my dog to the vet and the vet had diagnosed her with lymphoma

first of all Angel wow I feel like there's two how do I describe it almost like to Brick sitting on the top of your chest and so I'm keeping my hands here right now and I'm just taking a deep breath and really really relaxed it out you have this amazing support network around you and I'm talking about your spiritual support network that they're also showing me your other support network and what they're sharing with me is that you have known they're saying it's been like way in the back but you've known that you were getting ready to be freed for a moment that you've been aware of that you haven't been aware of then you didn't want to be aware of and you're aware of again and they're saying that everything around you is conspiring for you to now be free to come forward

in that which you are ready and already and that which you already is for them and like a stopped and that which you already know and they're saying that this this what we've been all working with here right now they're saying it's like there's these it's like I'm seeing to Hooks and there's these ropes and it's like they've been pulling you and you just adapted to the pain

and they're saying that you know Boom Boom 1 minute of pain and they're gone and The Healing Begins

and so it's time for you to really say yes even more to that what you are and I want you to breathe out in a John because wow are you something I mean wow. I just want to encourage you to take to heart what curious share with you and maybe go back and listen to the recording of this because it's very important to summon with from within the courage and confidence to do what we need to do because what is awaiting you is the quality of experience that when you get there you go why did I hesitate this is so magnificent Ed are so many beings having this exact same experience of of I'm inching My Way Forward rather than just sleeping. This I'm not on your rope for your time frame then you're free right you're free so thank you my angel what a blessing to connect with you

so much thank you many blessings and more and more these things have started become more in somis and you know this New Year's Eve as every year we will be doing our live broadcast Fromm hopefully will give you the video next week the new Violet Ray down here at tosa Blue Mountain and this is one that matters in a way that has not ever mattered before please give yourself the gift of joining us New Year's Eve right here on your video right live stream it'll be a beautiful life stream and they'll be an opportunity to have some interaction and to connect to the community that is gathered here as we celebrate spirit and it will be available if you register so just train you'll see it right there registered be there join us let your friends know it's cold

yes I remember to wear your costume we're wearing our clothes for the day I just want to remind you all that it's time just it's your time it's the time to say yes to your ascendant presents to your magnificence to your authenticity you do we have all learned how to compromise we've learned how to tolerate a little BS in our lives it's time to say no more compromise I am that which I am and I shall stand in my truth and my light and let others witnessed a trait is so they can remember those I love it I love it I love it man. Heart take a big breath in little smile come to your face and trust that all is truly well see you next week

thank you for joining us to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at SRI and Kira and check out more information at 3

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