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Sri and Kira Live, December 27, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era
and I am wisdom teacher Shriram cause wife Master Ladykiller off and I am so excited to be here with all of you right now in this Divine rainbow moment meaning to you from Tulsa Blue Mountain here in Ecuador and you know Street I know it's going to sound really silly but I just want to share that OK Google should I install a Lexus first shout out and go wow here we are where are we I know we are out there in the broadcasting Universe 11 play SRI and Kira YouTube channel because that's where the chat is bubbling
tr1 does talk radio. Com and Facebook and say welcome to all of you and thank you for finding this moment in time out of time to be real believe it here we are this is it we're already in 2021 and I know that all of you know that now I want to remind you that we do have our phone lines open we are open over CBS Radio where we have the 800 number 888-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008 while you hold and of course over at 1 News Talk Radio 517-208-1500 again that is 517-208-1500 so let's just go through this
nice and slow start a step-by-step then let's go through the first things it's bring your hands to your heart
there it is right there and remember that when we exhale with a smile we send the signal to the universe and it really does ignite a greater flow of divine Creative Energy presents it really does so let's talk about this moment right now remember I want to pick up where we left off you know where we left off last week was on all mirrors last week and I were discussing very much about how this concentric dimensionality there's a word put that one in your in your in your pope or whatever that describes the teaching that Kira has been bringing through and it is indeed well, let's go let's I want to really bring you on like a little teaching Journey so we're going to begin with what the Divine director's chair is the Divine flow the Divine flow and you see these beautiful Chris
Dragon energies that are spinning around weaving into this energy where we have three feet where we dip into the past we dip in at the present we dip it at the future but it's just those three little feat we just dip in but we are always in this circular experience and that star in the middle is that eternal life presents Remember The DaVinci right or the golden ratio all of that energy when we stand with our feet we call it the extended all cats actually a practice at screen when we stand with our feet on the ground in our arms stretched out and we lift our eyes toward the skies we ignite we call in that Eternal presence we stand in the middle that's the Mastery when were standing in the middle so now what we've done here is is see that hard Circle in the middle kind of like that linear looking very Circle well that's because all that is is the linear timeline
and all we've done is said okay let's just go ahead and here's a timeline right and let's just bring it together and allow ourselves to be in the middle of the Newtonian way of thinking which is linear as if you're traveling down the highway and the past is just that it's gone the future is just at not hear well when we begin to embrace circular time which is opening us up to this concentrically circular dimensionality around us and we stand in the middle of time rather than on the line that is our days is taking it all in 60 degree view ignites with such presents and such Clarity that literally it brings it to the moment we are in right now so imagine that you've been playing in this
and you've been very much aligned with odd your brains out and everything feel comfortable with that and then what happened in November well in months right we opened up a window a portal within a portal which is mind-blowing on its own and these two months November and December I believe it was the end of October which we own this show share that it's going to open up on November and it's been closed December 30th and so where we are right now is on that couch and what happened is that you have given yourself the gift of standing in the center circle of past present future has been spinning and it's been spinning and it's spinning and it's spinning and it's it's forcing you it's almost squeezing you out and it's forcing every being right now to either thrive
or literally dies and that is what's happening on the 31st the 31st is going to be the first upswell of the Thrive and it's also going to be the first jump into the dive and it's not that one of these energies is better than the other it's that they are exactly the opposite of the gray area will become smaller and that's what this past week has been about so what you do, go back to go back to last Sunday and less on the street and I shared that the week it had was very much the journey that was designed to blur the lines that was designed to really help doubt rise that was really designed to challenge your brain is your your true gray matter and so how was last week for you and I'm not going to turn look at
because I can share with you what's going on here tosa Blue Mountain last was this coming week and one of the things I've observed in my own experience is that every time I enter into a more of identified stream of interaction mean I need to go to town I got to go to the hardware store I got to buy supplies I'm dealing with the contractors that kind of thing when I do that I start to notice how my very thought processes begin to shift how my energy becomes more fatigued and that my resilience my sense of humor is as I'm noticing these options like there's two choices there's the choice to go I need to take care of myself and it's dress
and reconnect with my ascended presents more deeply or there's the choice of I'm going to have to put my head down and died into this there by cope with it compromises this is part of his Kira was coined the phrase Thrive or die is to say I choose to compromise my ascended frequency in favor of a known way of coping
shooting the diving with that known way of coping in favor of that that is the the victim Consciousness that's coming forward and saying I really can't deal with this at any level Because deep down I'm so afraid deep down I doubt myself I can't get past with other people's passion tells me I should believe and so what a blessing if you are witnessing that what a blessing if you are watching others going through that because the key in everything that's happening is that 20 21 and it began November one member we've been talking about that to the time compression 2021 is the year of Mastery choice
not just choice this is Mastery twice 2021 if you get our ecard we were talking about this in the eCard 2021 is the year that absolutely will be the the the year that determines
for the all what comes next and so how exciting I really want to share that with you how exciting that if we are honestly doing the word keep your eyes on the Divine in all-time living the new energy modeling you got to be modeling is right now you can't just be talking about it this is the moment you have to step up and either drive or talk this past week there have been Miracles there helping synchronicities things coming together in just a beautiful way and then the skillset ego offered forward was one of. And put your head down charge no Coke deal with it
couple of times going we'll wait a minute I don't need to engage in that way it was a automatic resource call it a resource state of the egoic presents that was associated with the last time I had to manage construction trucks pretty strapped like this to anything anything that you learned from the egoic state of mind is available as a resource now that doesn't mean you need to engage the resource at that level of energy but the eagle is expecting you to absolutely people are going to be experiencing this is how I am working with it there was this automatic pulling me into a different frequency in order to engage is skillset and that's where the hand on the heart pause for
lift myself out of the level that created the skills and instead use the skills as a point of reference for what I would say or instruct or it'll get this way or what about organizing things a b and c rather than jumping into that mindset I hope I've communicated this because there is an opportunity for all of us to be all that you were without compromising your ascended Master E350 to be all that you work that nothing is lost all the skills everything you've acquired it's available as a resource not as a commandment
Billy breathes out in and the reason I'm inviting you to believe that it is because we are at the moment where everything in the whole experience is conspiring through this mirror and we went through the retrograde I want to come back let's let's look at it really what's happening with the energy and let's talk a little bit about what's happening in 2021 so the first thing I want to do is I want to take you now I'm a very quickly again show you the Eternal cycle so this is the one we spoke about 2 tomorrow to go that what has happened during November and December is that line that you see me at that Circle has been put together and so now that line and you see the little three feet we dip into the past present and future because we're swimming through it all so it's that moment where there is it all is one is that one experience and sew breeze on Inn on way to really breathe that in the ad you freeze out and you may if you're watching you may want to close your eyes and I want to go ahead show
where we are now open your eyes this is where we are now
so we went from a notice there's no line here at all and and and everything has turn into energy and there is this primary energy that is spiraling and how is this is concentric dimensionality what I showed you in the Eternal cycle a moment ago was a singular dimensional experience and for many waking up to that singular dimensional experience and I'm going to go back there there it is there is a singular the moment that you've brought you pop and you say okay I'm ready to go beyond my Paradise for many this is a massive moment that is just beginning to happen and then you go to here
how to breed that in because we are in Centric dimensionality it is all happening and it is designed to experience the Consciousness in this moment of creation everything and so this is the experience of the Divine offering you a greater Paradigm expander around what you're seeing that could be very less than Illuminating to the mind of dentist look at those Graphics that the notion of circular time and and this capacity to be a circular time that is much more compatible with your natural biorhythms which the way with the way the seasons blow where the natural indicators of time
hello in a cyclical circular nature and when we begin to do that when we say that's my normal then stepped however for many people moving into that energy you're going to feel a little instability of your heart and really clear that you're okay that you are an ascended being having this experience remember this began November early November it is inviting Zeal and I mean the capital all to dive ever deeper into our Collective present as the gateway to Divine awareness so what that means is that we are all being invited to say yes to call forward the depth and I'm talking about at the level of surrender that
transcend's to render to call forward the depth of the knowing of the truth of your own Mastery presents without doubt and I want you to really breathe and and the reasons this is such an important gift is because we're at a moment where this Thrive or dive energy is all about harnessing the energy of doubt the energy of doubt and the energy of fear are the only two things that can stop you and they weave with the ego to where it can be a manipulated present within our own their own nature
and I invite you to pay attention to all that is happening on the planet right now and to notice how you're walking through it are you obsessed by it is it controlling you is it distracting you is it stopping you from doing it stopping you from being to talk about it all the time are you sleeping okay
but that is exactly the outcome
of what a grand distraction looks like
and consider and I'm feeling a lot of you not even breathing right now and this is bringing me to the 2021 ascended numerology fascinating about the breath with fries
right really yeah come on let's go let's breathe are we are so right now in this moment you are being called to say yes to you and 235 in a way and this is the truth that will be so encompassing so all-encompassing you won't even have time to pay attention to what's happening over there now why is it so important to talk about the sacred Union the journey home it's what we've been talking about for 19 years this is what the twinning earth looks like
and what's happening right now is energetically of energetic vibration there will be many of you that right now we'll need to stay right where you are or going to need to start shuffling to another place you're feeling it like a place you might want to Anchor in for a few months or a year I mean we just felt more houses way more people that are coming here like write out a year right out 6 months and you know that's what's going on what's going on with you how is your energy anchor and because if you're saying yes to you if you're paying attention and there is so much Miracle energy happening here right now it is mind-boggling and not just brought for everyone around us where does everyone that we're witnessing that's the Thrive energy and here's the quote unquote catch right for those of you are like yeah okay what's the catch
the catch the catch is it will become so big so fast so intense that the only way you're going to be able to navigate it is if you have honestly owned your Mastery because it's going to be that amazing that that many will run away from it and so guess the irony of that and breathe so I'm sharing that with you and as you're feeling that for the first time notice what you're noticing I noticing some of my own stuff I mean this is a big one dies 2021 the fact that we've made it here and that we know
massive it's a it's a moment it really is it comes to me is how all of the Sci-Fi out there they kind of the astronauts to travel needing to put on certain protective suits and and you know is this an m class planet and its really doubt it because it feels that way here on Earth that we need to put on our protective suits and add take good care of our house because when we walked out there's a certain degree of radiation degrees on and City gravity actually pools on the courser emotional energies cause
I think it's no accident that there's a lot of rum and partying single household ascended frequency is your nature needs your conscious attention so it's kind of about you can help it help you as you are able to attend to your true energy you will naturally be drawn to organize your home in a certain way to have certain plants certain crystals to work things and music and things colors that clearing everything for no good reason you may walk into a room ago that has to go and then to honor that we talked about this as an Ascension symptom one year ago in January how this need to rearranged because your frequency is 50
I feel like it up level of that coming in we are in this place of the environment where in either sustain us or drain us so do you want to be sustained or drained and you have the capacity to tolerate a lot of trade but to do it day-in and day-out how to go to bed and sleep on a pillow that hasn't changed in 10 years that's a draining energy biology because there's a blessing and for those of you that may not know what to send any more ology is numerology is the original numerological system it uses the it incorporates or Universal bodies is 0 and 12 digit and so it's not truncated it is the expanse of universal presents and yours looks so powerful for January and this is the the January chart
listen to numerology first thing is that January is what it's a for Perfect Balance January is going to the offer. It's like the pivot moment everything that happens in January is the first swing of the pendulum of valence and look this is when the election situation as date is going to be resolved and shifted one way or another massive moment of balance so I love that we come in and January is saying look you ready because there it is it's coming in in the energy of perfect balance and then we move remember that this year 2020 has been the four plus the double infinite and if you gaze at the picture of the body there the the body you see that for independent numerology is the root chakra so every month this year every single month including this one you have been hit with are you sure are you sure
are you sure I want to quit quit want to quit hear the reason for 12 consecutive months plus we gone into these times Michael compressions and it's early entry into spiral time because of what happened this year and I know that's a mouthful go back play it on slow and really listen to what I just said so 2021 West us just in its presence and instead of a double infant in a year we are in a single incident still an infant year the gift. All that energy that we were able to call forward in 2020 is coming in as your support its supporting 2021 now remember it's the also it's always getting that support but the good news is all is getting that support and it's the support of Truth look at that the body again if you look up at the throat
Define ascendant numerology is the energy of Truth and it's the truth of the incidents which means you will have the greatest ride experience of infinite truth flooding through you if you say yes to that 9 + 20 21 your high heart and I want you to really breathe that in because this month is saying to you it is all about the high heart connection with the infinite and it's going to heat up fast because on the 12th of January 13th of January we moved to the 12 which is the star consciousness
three phase on the 14th
closing with a full moon our first full moon of level of the year on January 28th 2021 which is the four plus the infinite we're going to go out where we came in with amplitude so I just wanted to breathe out and we're going to be sharing a lot more about this next week and the reason this is so important is that this year moves forward the ascended numerological calendar for the year she's me the calendar for the year will be released on New Year's Eve and what we share with you right now is that this year is 12 concentric circles that come in as an overlapping set of 6 and 6 with energy that flies between the two now what does that mean and part of it for me is trying to drive first thing I want to remind you of is that the energy flow I just shared with you so let's review this is right now
this is the closing of this year we put this out at the end of last year this was the first year that we were going to have the obvious shift from linear time to spiral time but we had a warm up. That was January through August and then in August we literally had to jump into this incident void and this was that a mission. Jump out into that infinite Center of creation where we jump back in again in September as the first of the four months that would offer the foundation of what happened January through August and you see the graphic here
and as we gaze at this graphic let us not forget that this year had that dragonfly energy that manifested as a trinity and that. Trinity was the energy of profound shift not to shift per pound ship it was a Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation
The Awakening to self Ascension that more beings would awaken because of this experience and if ever awakened before and we put this out of year ago and every single thing has occurred what's important to pay attention to is the two pillars and that was the January February September pillar and the one that we still are closing right now the July August December pillar these pillars are holding that timeline integration that Visionary transformation as this dragonfly is literally literally in the only way I can describe it as I'm going to put up the Eternal Circle again coming up through that store so that that dragonfly in everything that happened in 2020 imagine that it's a lasso that dragonfly is coming up through that radiant five pointed star that Central Mastery and
shattering all of the illusion and inviting you into concentric dimensionality this is the does the one thing that the Divine directors have made clear that through all of the ascended masters is that concentric dimensionality you have existed in before however not in this timeline and that this is the first time in this timeline that this would come in and this is why we're all here now because we are able to call for word concentric dimensionality concentric dimensionality is almost like the armor it's the assurance that says we're not going to forget it's saying that in the way off and describe it is that I see 5 screens at once continually and could easily hold a conversation on I-5 right now and this moment is all of us right here we chose this moment collectively and I want to reach you from
something that we're going to be putting out that you'll be receiving it'll be in our websites to but I want to read this to you because this is part of what I've written for all of the full predictions that are coming forward and this is about twenty twenty one so simultaneously the harmonic flow of The Twelve Cycles this is that concentric up talking about the harmonic flow of The Twelve Cycles ignites a greater ability to stand outside the emotional body that is being subjected to tow much and to fully and completely witness the strength of the illusionary co-creation it's about and that's the moment where the eagle releases and that's why it's so easy to do rather than you are Awakening beyond that you're seeing the beauty the complexity the amazing strength of that illusionary co-creation it's that moment before us
relax into our divine nature and ignite the inner smile. Steve clearly I mean real Clarity no way at every reactants of who you are no way that this illusion is total liquid Lee fluid and that's what these concentric circles are that I'm going to be showing you a New Year's Eve were so liquid Lee fluid with such Rich textures that our ever-expanding Consciousness is just loving it it's nectar and so this is a mon who are the greatest threat you can offer to an energy that is condensing
is the nectar of your divine nature
when you know it when those Rich textures become the fuel that ignites the Mastery presents to really be so clear that all of the channels are open and the constant inspiration the Divine channels of inspiration become the protection from the distraction and then it says steadfast commitment right on the train woo woo right fast commitment first whistles focused awareness II complete trust the world of density we are in the twinning and we are in this moment right now and the minute we hit January it's gofia send a numerology goes from Route it's like a rocket it's whatever is in your route is going to hit your throat into days what's your truth what's in your route
that's Mastery presents the number one skill at this time is to be able to cultivate that ascended Detachment to be able to lovingly witness yourself even if you're screwing up and I used that just targets there's no such thing as a mistake I screwed this one up but to stand as the witness of the one who is the one who was acting capacity the worldly a dysfunction will gradually steadily on white you don't have to spend your life but you've ever experienced you simply need to live at a different frequency that no longer activates and empowers those traumatic realities
that is great news isn't he came to me that this was not a negotiation A coping strategy that needed to be perfected rather they were evolutionary opportunities out of the reality we're such damaging hurt even use it can happen and then you're going to find there's going to be a lot of beings right now that are just waking up and they're going to that there to see that Eternal cycle and that is awesome and if you are in that linear experience of the Eternal cycle
you are unable to really I don't use the word comprehend cuz that's not quite it it's about to experience of these multiple dimensional experiences that are literally the experience of the experience because we are moving into a year of choice but remember we're in a decade of experience and so everything right now and I came in early as you can learn about how we've been time surfing but I want to share with all of you a taste of what's coming in that tree and I are going to be really coming out with on New Year's Eve so bring it on your heart your heart and and if you are at the show right now today then join us New Year's Eve it is really easy to join just go to Sri and Kira. Com click on it it's right there on the home screen and be there to get the live feed
every year this is our annual New Year's Eve broadcast every year of miracles happen on air every year things come in that are profound and this year we have already been the Divine director of all of the ascended rounds have already been speaking and this is just a taste of what came in that we'll be sharing as part of the experience of New Year's Eve in addition to the ignition of the Violet flame inside the Dome of the Violet Ray and the Crystal and field that is part of the Miracles have been happening this week we last showed you the basic Dome of after it was like 90% completed this is the first time we will be opening with the Dome we have loved this number seven people on their way to us right now who will be here in less than 48 hours and we are excited they are coming so let's read a little bit about what also is coming
it's about you and it's about to your head so as we breathe
arriving at the Temple of the modern ashram is the ignition of your ascended heart as the anchored Mastery presents of the yoga of self Ascension a breathless Exquisite moment of witnessing the witness sir as you honestly and for the first time can declare with naked authenticity
I am ready I am open guide me
the moment where the tears of relief arrives as the doubt fully releases and the trust of stealth is fully restored Oneness is embraced and the all is known beyond the mind
Consciousness takes the lead and the law of instantaneous manifestation is set into motion
free from the cycle of self-sabotage that vows to the ego with every breath free from the cycle of Self Indulgence that offers green it's banquet free from the cycle of Judge self and traps are Divine Essence into the complacency of groupthink free to be
but taking a breath because that's just a moment of what is coming together what is germinating and that we know that December 31 and we have been talking about this since we put out the calendar last year is its own day I mean so much so that I forgot it I literally forgot my entire we have all these beautiful people coming and when we went when somebody puts I finally put a density schedule in front of me I found a whole day I found a hole so deep out that I didn't even see it and I want to jump in if you don't mind and stare that how many do you have felt that this week has been particularly distracting
anybody anybody else how many of you have noticed that everything has come in to try to make you doubt to blur the lines anybody noticed that right along with all the Miracles and things that are happening here at tosa another fascinating thing happened here today for me personally and that was that if you've been with us you know that my brother transitions from Kodak of weeks ago and that I only had four hours of knowing he was in the hospital to hear transition will today I just a few hours ago I received a message that my other brother transitions on Christmas Day 3 hours after speaking to my mom and that
is a profound wake up for me again that when we are so focused and when we stay in that Divine flow that. Which would seek to pull it anything that's left and that were in concentric time it so it's going to pull from anywhere and I assure does my husband not on my brother who just transition was it was actually a very well-known opera singer she was Josh Groban voice coach I mean he was a beautiful man I love him dearly and he can I not spoken in a while and I'd actually for the past two weeks and had been saying I need to get in contact with him and I didn't and so that's what I'm looking at today was that there was this message that was coming in that was saying just reach out and so it was a really profound way for concentric dimensionality
can you put in front of me just a few hours ago so many people their lives are being touched by transitions an illness has an opportunity 15 environment whether you're home and needs to move or whatever my pee wee we are once again being called to align ourselves with the most of synergistic a place to be with the our highest opportunities to be our authentic self in this time you know what is no accident as we are moving into 2021 numerology that the high heart has come in to activation more fully and what that means is that you're being called to witness
all of humanity to love all of humanity the heart has its own training wheels in the training wheels are I learn to love myself and then I learn to love another being and that's kind of the base of the Pyramid of the height of the heart chakras energy but at the at the top of the heart chakra it's like the I buy all seeing eye on a pyramid that's the high heart and the high heart is about the global family from the density perspective and the love of all and I wanted to say all we're talkin Cosmos everything as in your Consciousness and part of the way in which you interact or RB with all that is the reason this is is interesting is that
that is an another foundational call to live in this and ascended State and it's being gifted to us to activate that capacity now that's part of the Thrive energy that's part of the lift that I want to give a big shout-out to all of you that were with us last week for the culminating Monday magic and we did that live at our YouTube If you could not connect with that please don't watch it because I was just recalling everything that came out and one of the things that is really happening and we are at this moment have you noticed a shift in the way your animals were acting how do you notice there's a shift no I mean seriously have you looked at this Consciousness and really
love it because he was that they are they are showing they are saying hey pay attention everything is really different and so couple things have happened here well as we say yes for empowered in Lion mint and we say yes to the Thrive energy that is just so massive it's just about keeping up with it and not always saying thank you always saying thank you always say thank you because it's a gift a gift a gift but we've noticed in our cat so I noticed a few days ago Merlin went on a killing spree and Merlin has a long time and last week we talked about the birds that had been killed and we understood by the end of that day and why that it all happened well during this past week that Killing Spree included in another animal sound in Maryland and maybe some of you have cats that do this girl has never done this before the first time you saw it was today
4 days Merlin if he hasn't quite an apartment here he has a penthouse suite and so he was up in the top of his little fun Serie where we keep his food bowl and has like a bed and the band the food dish you do it in normally he stands and he does the food thing and eats and then he goes over to the vet little distance there's a little distance between us and on his perch there a few days ago that Merlin had a very entitled look on his face
entitled out not standing up laying down to go back to him where he then took his paw and pulled out one piece of food at a time and then later on. Lazy and I don't have to do that. Is a new a dramatic Behavior change okay I will take one kibble is a tie and by the way Mom pay attention to all of the trophies I brought home lately so the reason I'm trying this is I'm also seeing it entail eating my bird chaelisa and I have literally are speaking the same language I mean there's a lot of happening with the bird the way
the bird is communicating the way that the birds hear you know there are 17 people that will be here in about 30 hours and those people are going to notice that there's there's a way that the birds are speaking there's a way that the trees are speaking Earth herself is coming forward and saying attention Garden of Eden Thrive. I've because there's it is building and it's not that you can't have your feet and both many do it's just that it's going to be like it's like you've got your foot on two pieces of an iceberg that just split down the middle at some point you're going to have to make a choice and if you fall in the middle that's where the greatest pain is because in the middle you're always in chaos you're unable to find peace because you're holding on to something I'm in both ways when we are ready to let go we find who we really are and and however you let
go for it if you're diving then make it the most beautiful dog I've ever come and go for it first one to say if you're going to go in the densities and do it well right that's what we have the two pills Choice The Matrix Choice that's 20 21 Thrive or die but pick one because the middle is going to be chaos it's there is a gift we give ourselves when we're clear about our commitment to a decision decision we received the feedback or the fruits of that decision and that informs us and it we may be highly reinforced and go good job me live with that for a while or we may get feedback that says you don't have you considered this and this and that but the feedback is through the experience not through the doubt this is the
what's achiote invite us to do the feedback is through the experience instead of the doubt remember experience is one of the ascended energy is the energy so go ahead with us to do so get on with it. Enjoy your life and remember that the cycle of evolutionism so if you're having an experience instead of doubt you're in the Ascension energy in density you are wrapping up the density vs wobbling without should I
and should not and I'm going to go to this Retreat and then I'm going to go jump in the density and that will drive you nuts a tad had so it's it's a beautiful thing just commit to our decisions and then have the fruit of that decision come forward as we grow consciously rather than tiptoe with fear around our entire life experience and my heart always smiles you know when we're going into these conversations when we're driving into these moments because this is where that unified presence of the Body Soul spirit all of that nasty presents come together and Tuesday night on solamere street and I were talking about this concentric dimensionality and the Ascension symptoms and we are going to be staring the Ascension symptoms and the up level
calendar both with those attention to symptoms right now one of the primary Ascension symptoms for 2021 just give me a sneak peek is the nervous system of the physical body as it harmonizes with the Crystal and frequency of your ascended presence there is a moment and it's all about your skeleton at your foundation it's a moment where it's about movement and it's a moment about breaking free of all pain and stinging pain for the illusion it is and being aware of the gift that that pain can offer and when are emotional body can release the need to engage the pain and our Mastery presents
is able to know the pain then we are able to unify and release pain and this is a big moment because it is the bridge between biosphere Cosmic is the four directions it's everything there is a profound shift upon those that are committed to the path of self Ascension and all of you whether you are aware of it or not are committed to a path of self-centered because we are all growing we are all involving however bringing your Consciousness to bear and and bringing forward steadfast commitment forward focused awareness and complete trust in your divine nature xcelerate versus density path that will eventually lead you there so we don't need to talk about passing out comes as much as two recognized that we are all have
experiences and information come forward and can we utilize that in the best possible way there is no need to suffer
there is perhaps a requirement to experience some degree of pain in order to activate the choice to activate the learnings and the activate the moments of awareness that were out of Union were very gracious in a sentence. Emails on the fact that she and I were talking about plant medicine and and the power of plant medicine and excuse me I'm energy
it's naked authenticity it's the throat chakra and as I'm trying to share all this with you look at what's happening in this very moment pay attention it is all about the truth plus the infinite and what I have noticed today especially when I was informed of my brothers transition on Christmas is that there is an energy in this cyclical experience that is going to use everything it can as we all converge this concentricity into December 31 if ever there was a year to join us to be with together join us it's at 8 p.m. eastern time
do you have to register to get the link because it's not open to the general public because we figure if you take the time to register your not a troll and we really try to hold the energy of higher inspiration and a lot coming down that night I also want to remind you if you are one of our ask members right so first and foremost get the right spiritual Mastery was free and Cara Apple Android any device worldwide download the app is free however when you're in the app learn about Mastery mentorship because all Mastery mentorship members our January Mastery mentorship Gathering a community experience will be at 7 p.m. Eastern when we will for the first time consecrate the Dome of the Violet ray together ignite the healing lights that will stay on and come forward together in a way that will stand as a crystalline stake in the energy of Consciousness and so
that will begin at 7 and again that will be open only to those that are at member so download our app store about spiritual Mastery mentorship and get in there in a be there be there until it's going to be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy spiritual wisdom and spiritual community on a very important date in our shared experience and an opportunity to demonstrate to yourself and to the world that I am here and I am committed and I am naked Lee authentic and this is one of our new settings but I've been wearing the gallery Shankar here because it's all about that sacred Union of the self and the soul the sacred Union of all with one right so in this moment right now it's about naked authenticity and that's what's moving into 20 21 plus the infinite
where if we are living our naked authenticity if we are the sole mirror and what are we talking about this Tuesday night you got to be there and we continue this conversation if we are the sole mirror of each other and we are absolutely in each other's experience at the highest self. Driving and that's where that Miracle energy exists right now and in order to get their physical body must say yes to that Union and this is where plant medicine becomes our greatest blessing why have the Charmin for thousands and thousands of years all of the medicine men the oracles the Wise One why were these plants so sacred that they were they were cherished and loved and and really it was like you know revered because of the energy that opens the divine nature it was only when we became afraid when your divine nature became the the most frightening thing
that any who would seek to steal Consciousness could encounter Your Divine Nature is infinitely wise filled with eternal Limitless inspiration as the law of instantaneous manifestation there by your creative capacity is so extraordinary so incredible that the only way it can be taken from you is for you to hide it from yourself so really Breeze at in and the blessing of plant medicine especially the Beloved mother Saint Pedro is that she takes you to your heart
she's all about the heart and that's where the community are all about San Pedro and the heart when you come here and you're going to be seeing a little film in just a moment when you come here and experienced attorney it's the song Pedro of the heart and what is 20-20 what is that has experience of moving through this incredible ascended heart right now so sweet I want to read a comment sure we got to do that would you like to read it, it came in because she and I have started talking about plant medicine and how important it is and how valuable it is yours appears one of many that came in your Cura
I was grateful for your Candice support a plant medicine including the use of cannabis in last Sunday's show I was taken back to a time when at age 17 I was on the verge of being forced into counseling a no. No doubt prescriptions for for my appropriate for the Times depression due to growing up a wake Miss news of assassination civil strife and a lot of us can feel this with you I am very much could insert my name into this right here if it wasn't for access to Quality plant medicine exactly when I needed it to expand my perspective my whole life may have been seriously affected for the worst due to the deleterious effects of actually furthering the disconnect from the guidance of divine presence through pharmaceutical pharmaceutical drugs being promoted then and now bingo I send my love to you and SRI you are the light of the world as you stand boldly Vigilant and authentic number
play Elizabeth all sweetheart thank you we bow before you since early and I really wanted to call that out because in the second half of the show street and I are going to get even further more nakedly authentic we have a lot to share about the expansion head for 2021 especially for what's coming up in this moment and some some some mini Bombshells but before we go there we've got a beautiful video that I'm excited I have not even seen this one myself yet photos and film from our Christmas celebration holiday happy happiness as well as other other Clips in and share with you all
all together and we're going to be right back we all love show to go and we're going to taking your calls to stay in the queue
I need a good
I love it
look how cute and looked up to the front door looking all the flower
where's the nearest
salice Rose
okay so we're up here in the mountains and surrounded by potato Farms
have her a couple cast here that are getting ready to plow some more this field
Papa Giuseppe
yummy yummy
it's not just corn
it's been throwing up The Corn yeah it's always like that huh
I would like to live in California and we came down here to Pluto so ready for my first visit my first time in Ecuador and Colin Alfredo's Restaurant specials in a chocolate enough Forester
most rescued from a horse
play every year we we have the Delight of sharing and installment a live archangelic connection that will help you enter the new energy the new year it was greater expansion information contacts and used for patients and it's a very special gift and when we participate you are in the flow of that energetic initiation you're in the AI I'm willing to take a little time out of whatever I was doing internet but it just there's so much coming
hey everyone Namaste and welcome back to stream Carol live I am Master lady Kara and I enjoyed that it ended this tree saying there is so much for coming because that include Strait you'll be back in just a moment and I really trust that your heart is as filled with joy as you can witness at mine is right now 3 of Rose what an amazing video I did not even know that she had filmed Allen and Diana are a beautiful couple Allen is an extraordinary pump age or Shaman himself and the fact that he is such an honored Master up there in Mount Shasta and he and extraordinary Li stunning beautiful Diana came to share their honeymoon registry and I really touched her heart's deflate and they were just here now it feels like you're still here now that I saw that video and Sabrina thank you for that surprise compilation and I'm trusting that all of you
what's going on here because ever since and I want it I want to leave with this ever since the Kenyatta connection has really come in here ever since that Temple of Light has opened up and ever since we have stepped into that thrive energy it's like we we are almost unable to deliver to you how fast things are happening here it's that outside of linear time do the expansion of Love expansion of Life expansion of the joyful recognition of the soles Legacy and the fact that you have been traveling around the universe for quite a while see of the Soul experiential way of understanding is the degree of wisdom clarity
that you were able to deploy here in this experience of this lifetime and that it you know I would like as a child I grew up a deeply immersed in a traditional family upbringing Ozzie Harriet father's head so it put a kind of a container on my Consciousness for quite a while
what I'm getting at is that you evolve we all evolve through whatever begin that we Skol are beginning to discover that we've been on the journey for quite a while and that the journey and this is one of the reasons why there are many useful tools to help expand your a bitch wolf perceptual limitations and those habitual limitations are what will keep one very much caught in a way of being that limits the full expression of their service in life expression can be expanded through spiritual practice it can be expanded through breathwork it can be expanded to a variety of shamanic ends and psychological as well as medicine
and other are psychotropic substances which properly engage can open people to a deeper level of understanding and and knowing this really breathe because we are not talking about sitting around getting high as a matter of fact if you're interested in coming here first on page or experience please download our PDF that's at our website toaster because we explain what it is and what it's not and what it is is for when you're ready to dive into your heart I mean how does Alexander say if he says it's so beautifully that that the saint Pedro medicine will do well it isn't about the dose it's about the degree to which you open your heart in order to experience the Embrace of Gaia and the cosmos and I want to test that we have had only two people that have ever come to the mountain and I feel at this point that the frequency of this property is raised to a level where I don't think they would come.
we're so resistant to opening your heart that they became toxic screaming and because mother son Pedro will show you where your healing opportunity is the first and then literally shutting themselves down to where it was just like let's comfort you to sleep this out and other than those two coming with the sacred intention and an open heart it's like a direct portal to the Divine you beyond doubt what we're talking about is a universal spiritual journey learning for the immersion into the one to be in direct connection with that the one that's a good the knowing this the expansiveness of the infinite heart of the divide that is that direct experience that nourishes us Beyond any book beyond
can you be on antique collection of words or practices would we have the direct contact we are then forever forever inspired and forever sealed and the feelings that come forward quite Wonder S&M beautiful to Windows and so what is your life is your spiritual path and whether you are working through certain more traditional ways of doing things or or however you do taste that's completely up to you play is the recognition everything I experienced and everything I do is stimulating my Awakening in my fullness of who I am so free that everything is stimulating The Awakening in the fullness not Quantified everything and I want to share with you the energy flows that are coming in right now and let's
which one was that was that
I don't know Babe Ruth out here
guys will find it at some point I think there is this is what's happening right now on the left and yes that's a typo up in the corner we are in the culminating moments of the December 2028 creation energy is going to start January is going to be the first month is that for it's the first time the pendulum is going to swing a balance that's what January says it's okay we're going to we're going to take that route going to be in balance and we're going to bring it right up and ignite and that's the thing on the right on the right that is the ignition of that multiple dimensional energy and what you're gazing at there is actually the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening ignited as a concentric Lee dimensional experience
so notice again very similar to the to the energy as those really with the dragon where are where are you being pulled in this concentric energy and right in the center there you see the four beings of light that are coming out of that unified field bringing in the for Pyramid light that is radiating from the field of Ascension consciousness of full Consciousness now in the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening it's four levels right it's the pyramid as for experiences of Consciousness it's all about the Pyramid of Awakening of your spiritual consciousness well that very ioi of the pyramid the smallest proportion is the eye of the pyramid and that without that there is no direction and well it may be shrinking is still owning the eye
and I want you to breathe out in because right now that's what 2021 is going to help us decide is are we going to be limited to this I or can we assist that energy to find a greater balance as well you're being called into full extension Consciousness and in order to do that it means that your field of paradigms of the way that you experience things is being invited to choose remember it's the your Mastery choice so I want to reach you a little bit more again from the article that we are going to have posted on our website those of you that are registered for New Year's Eve will get the link when you for this article when you get the link for joining us New Year's Eve I want to reach you a few other things that are happening next year your hands on letting it out with a smile
all of the gateways are opening and the three gates of this cycle of 2021 Harold the arrival into the fullness of the 9th dimensional present that's what I just showed you I'm going to pick up again we're when I finish this one more time cuz that's what you just saw in that energy of January that I was showing you all of the gateways are opening and the three gates of this cycle of 2021 Harold the arrival into the fullness of the 9th dimensional present this is why the gates are here
to remind us of who we are through the layers of the illusion
love we all are we are now Beyond where we have ever gone before collectively
breathe really breathe breathe and receive that as a gift it is you know breathe out in because this is a celebration right now this is a celebrating moment that's inviting all of our attention you are here right now because your attention was invited and you said yes
and the more that we keep saying yes the more that we say all right I've got your hand and I won't let go and you got mine together we are better this is that moment and it is the moment the expansion that we are experiencing right now begins again
we're getting ready to amp again and many are not even caught up with what we've amp with 2 date and fast why does concentric time is going to start saying Freiburg I've drive or die pry bar dive and those in the middle are floundering and and filled with chaos and right to be manipulated
and the greater we can hold open the Thrive portal the greater the magnetization for those that are in chaos may they find the gift through it may. Not be closed as an opportunity may it be the way they wake up I know for many of us myself included had we not gone and had that deep dive into the density and that deep dive into the chaos I mean I've shared it really was ending literally with the FBI at my door and so is that sang God that happened because that is exactly what I needed to shake the spirit of my divine presence into a greater sense of who is really working with this form and so really breathe
and this is a teleportation moment this is a moment where we are actually able to command the law of instantaneous manifestation through conscious Ascension Consciousness being aware of what we're aware of where we're being called to really stand in our ascended presents and as we stand in our send it presents that frequency it calls for word is Cara share the law of instantaneous manifestation everything starts lining up and the experiences that you have will will be the momentum needed during the gifts and you for them simultaneously for that exchange that shocked the exchange that is so magnificent together in every way and trees are so many that are waiting to speak to ask for more so I want to give you those numbers 888
to 76008 that's the toll-free line over BBS and just say hi and tell him you're looking for you 76008 and over one just talk radio 517-208-1500 517-208-1500 and say hi or right now I'm excited where we going straight take me somewhere but it looks like we have. Hey Gino I say aloha
Aloha Namaste how are you two doing you look wonderful to you Angel what a precious gift
anyway I couldn't help but laugh when she was talking about being at sea level and needing to drink a lot of rum here that
spell sticking from sea level and I have been feeling you know the edge to leave the island and so loving many celebrating another round dad or anyting else for sharing it took my breath away like I was ringing up and getting this image of and feeling this right in my throat and what have we just been talking about of course you're our first caller today so the message that that is like all around you is beautiful Circle and it's like night time feels like you're almost out on the beach for the oceans not real close but you can hear it see it but you're on the beach and there's this fire and it's like a fire Circle and right now they're saying
come here with us come sit and Sacred Circle with us again come our beloved sister and be with us for this is the moment for you to dive into why the itch has come forward and it is here that we must begin in from here that everything will begin again and I want you to take a deep breath because I'm there with you witnessing this I want to thank you for calling the sacred flame and for all of us right now many blessings angel you are really powerful
thank you so much those beautiful
yes you are trust yourself guys right Are you seriously let's pay attention because this Thrive or dive is planetary thought body breath away just as truth
hey there all right I'm going to tell my trying to tell you this might be someone who's in a bottle back Valley baby
so we can go to the OK Google
allowed to have it ain't on the full moon of you entering in my 33rd Cycle Gear on this planet and I'm looking. Steven mini full reading
wow well of course she and I are both loving loving I mean thank you for being on the planet the first thing just thank you for being on this planet thank you for saying yes to you and I will share with you that right here I'm feeling it it's above the heart it's right here it's like this some prime meridian and it's it's really I guess the only way I want to say it is
meaning you're being pulled forward it's attached and say hey but it's not only test your physical part it's like attached to all that you are and ends like as I have my hand right here it's like I'm hearing are you really ready are you really ready because if you are all you have to do is when I'm feeling is this released of an energy that is like a spiral of life as you say yes to more that is connecting front of you the faster is all weaving together they keep telling me the world and so happy birthday and I am honored and I nostri is as well but it's beautiful moment for you to really be the mark above light that you were born today we love
wow do you feel that this is the energy of right now guys this is not vomit before I send it yes you want for yourself the blessing of saying I am here I am ready I am open guide me that simple non-dogmatic beautiful Mantra I am here I am ready I am open guide me use a Mala I always have malas on I am here I am ready I am open guide me right give yourself that gift as we mentioned a little earlier about this this beautiful entering this ashram of the Sacred Temple
coming up a New Year's right now the energies of building in you right now it's saying driver driver to I-55 or dive drive or dive and then give yourself the gift of knowing that there is not anything that will ever come in front of you that you cannot handle if you remember the master you are and I have been at MoMA print was the breath within a breath within a breath at a time but it kept you straight right there yeah we never even though we have no answers in seemingly we're at a dead end our divine nature will prevail okay well looks like we've got a hand raised here and we're going to have to Jersey is say hi
hi there
okay thanks for being here bbsradio and we have a man online one first-time caller congratulations you made it in so so much you doing just all your energy and how much peace you have brought me so thank you
yeah I'll Reserve you there
thank you for the honor of asking and as you're asking what's fascinating is I'm I'm experiencing this energy field around you that is so magnificent that is crystalline but there's this like shadowing it keeps like literally distracting me twice while you were talking it looks almost like a bat but it's not just a shot away in Whitby is hey remember me it's like white and thought of you there is this old and as part of cyclical time and knowing that you actually have stepped into this concentric dimensionality it's like coming back and saying remember me
is that its total deep outside of your conscious awareness that it's your moment of really impeccable freedom and they're saying remember the sky at night holds the key you have looked for and that we have always been here simply open your eyes more and breathe and so it is
thank you thank you so much I appreciate you guys very much I love you thank you thank you
right I mean do we love how every color is always for all of us and for all of us I do want to go ahead and share with you once more energy that is happening right now on the left that is a balanced creation of December remember it was all about creating and bringing in balance and that lifting energy through that congestion to ignite and hold open this multi-dimensional present so that more would be able to experience it that energy that pendulum that ignition. Yin yang you see there is going to basically explode into what you see on the right which is January and that is those concentric three sections that we were talking about this Ascension Consciousness and so this is important to remember when this moment when the experience of this
moment of illusionary co-creation doesn't distract you. Simoni smile the most that's the moment no matter what I'm only sharing with you because he and I are not amused that just a few hours before the show I learned that my other brother transitioned on Christmas no matter what they throw the inspiration the trust the connection cannot be broken that's the moment it's the moment that is able to stay in the wire angle lens and hold open that eye of the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening that Ascension Consciousness together we are better this is why the WWE Global Summit is happening it is literally a moment coming in this March right now on the equinoxes are coming in where people live in
where everyone that is coming forward is coming from that heart experience to say we are here we are ready we are open we are guided yes we are. Just talking about it we are the living essence of it and that energy is already building and when we jump into January pendulum of balance is going boom and the energy that spin literally assaulting your root chakra for 12 months in a row is going to come right up and hit your fifth your throat as your truth naked authenticity will set you free but there's a catch empowerment your ego cannot be bruised if you are empowered if you know who you are it's the ultimate release of the ego you can no longer be offended because you're in steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete Trust
what is your mission to stay awake literally that is the mission especially right now truly Consciousness is the solution Consciousness is the essence of what we're here to experience and the ascending Consciousness has its own reinforcements its its own reward because everything just keeps getting happier everything just gets better piece is a natural state of being Joy is a natural state of being but what it takes to Anchor that is to release the attachment to the wounded energies of Separation in fear and they're just habits we're attached to the Habit you know how many of you have noticed the UPS as the number of video games has
bloated I think it's better now I'm so many people are receiving their dopamine Rush their Adrenaline Rush there there is a reinforcement to the physical being that happens through that and it's in interesting to observe because this is a way of keeping you are energy Allied and then there's Mastery that can come from this as well so I'm not speaking are so many ways to be yes there are as many spiritual path as there are beings on the planet and so to judge another path is fruitless. Louis parks of the Divine taking birth here to have our experience what we know from our state of consciousness is that in the unity in the Oneness
we discovered the truth of together we are better as we magnify each other's capacity to be the master in form as we magnify the love and the healing energy that naturally emanates from that and this is why we fight you go visit WWE because there's a lot more coming on that date and it's a powerful day do we still have spaces here in Ecuador for those of you that want to join us live and there will be a virtual live streaming opportunity as well and that's that's taking shape to be announced here at the end of this year in Eastern time go to Street and Kira. Com register get in be there with us because these are Big moments and together we are better and you can still go do whatever you want to do a New Year's give you something
early p.m. eastern time to go do but give yourself at moment of you-know-what and we all are coming out or coming out fix me and I have a lot of announcements some of them. Some of these some of it may not but remember be the master you are this year everyone is going to be with us here live including all of our beautiful residents that live here to Blue Mountain will be at the master we are and so why not gather a couple of your friends or get together and have some fun and be the master you are in your Mastery presents as you connect with us so that we may amplify each other and again want to remind all of you that are part of the Mastery mentorship team 7 p.m. 1 hour earlier for the truly humbling first-time ignition of the Dome of the Violet Ray and we are on Earth
that will be our January ceremony and Miracle Gathering we will be physically igniting to healing light for the first time together calling in all the prayers all of the miracle request of come to the ceiling light and again if you don't know what that is please download our app spiritual masturbate with stream Kara and when you download the app learn about the Mastery mentorship team because everyone can be there live that invitation so either and it looks like we have Katarina from Grease calling first-time caller and welcome to the conversation katharina
hello Namaste and I have never had the view about the last weekend on Sunday
I accidentally thumbs up on here you know live streaming
and I got stuck I have to say so I would like to thank you
are you easily made with me answer my way of thinking
that's all I wanted to say for now I am open to that
welcome dear welcome and thank you for your courage and calling your heart is saying yes in ways that are expanding you as I connect with you and as I feel the energy of your heart it's it's like I see that you're the way they keep showing it to me it's like you're living in this little apartment and then you open your eyes and realize it was just a room inside of a giant mistake and you're at that moment where they're saying all those rooms are starting to open for you once more and it's interesting because if I share this with you I really feel in your in your third chakra area it's like there's this and now it catches my breath while give me a second
so what was happening is that there is this moment of ignition it's it's like it feels like I'm almost like a spiral of ignition that's happening in your third chakra that's how you accidentally connected that spiral is is what your is what's calling to you and what I just keep hearing and you have these beautiful I mean a massive massive like Angelic presence is all around you and they're woven into these beautiful like wispy don't know what I want to call them like benevolent beings and they're all saying the same thing welcome home welcome home you've been gone a long time and now you're going to remember and they're saying it's going to be like this click click click click click click click click get ready hold on I am so glad to meet you thank you I know you are so amazing thank you sweetheart
thank you very much this is true I am sending these the energy Sandia Angelic being here so it's true what you say I know we'll cross paths again Namaste honey thank you very much sweetheart that's drive that says I choose to receive rather than I'm going to go drive away from that which it might be not as comfortable to own you know and this is the blessing of coming together know this is why she and I we have been on the air constantly for over fifteen years we have been on the air and we now have three shows every week and the other show that you wanted
Backwoods at 9 p.m. eastern time tonight 9 p.m. eastern time tonight write that down is explore the Mysteries because tonight's episode we put together based upon what's happening right now which is hey why the heck are we here how have we arrived here and what are we going to do and it's a powerful show and this is our show that is really about expanding the teacher is a moment we can sit that cup of tea and just take those explore the Mysteries you'll find it here it's official SRI and Kira and over one to talk radio is well and this FM 24/7 world and so if you really want to get deep with the material that's the show and so straight I know of other people waiting to say hello with all of you
I'm looking at you kid cute I love when he looks at you
and I invite you to bring a hand to your heart
and use your Consciousness use your awareness notice the air as it enters the center of your chest
and feel your own heart center
in this moment I trust myself
think along and breathe even more deeply
in this moment I trust myself
I am a Divine being
having a human experience
and all is truly well
when we move into that peaceful Center
we expand our divine connection our trust and we know everything's okay life is good
and keep practicing that this is the root center of the ascended state of being your roots Center is your heart and it is coming online ever Grandeur in 2021 as the high heart in harmony with the foundational energy of your heart chakra is saying it is time beloved love yourself and love all creation more more more love yourself more more love all creation more
this is about expansion this is about upliftment this is about releasing the boundaries that create the discomfort and residing in an expanded Consciousness that brings love light service and joy into every moment
how often is that I'd say that's when you. Drive me I'm loving it let's drive to the phone while I know I really want to do that here we go where do they have to wear to say over BBs
Namaste YouTube beautiful beautiful souls Namaste and thank you so much for having me I'm going to ask for a mini so I know this is a huge everything that's going on I feel it and it is at that rise or dies I resonate with everything you guys are saying I feel it I see it I know it everything from your show today everything everything before I'm just asking for a minute because I know with all of that we swing out and we spring back in
I'm just asking cuz I know that's not it that's it I want you to really hear that because that's you just gave your own so I'm sure with you is that while you were sharing what I saw was that you really are so beautifully a lion with the with the concentric get it however what's happening is that it's like a it's like a top you know where has the two the two points your top is just spinning a little off center right now and the way that it's going to come back up to really keep spinning all together is for you to know that you're already back you've already commanded it in there saying that you are in a cycle that is showing you that from the past in the now moment so that you're aware that your co-creating the future and can lift even higher and
huge it feels like lawn toteme a semester llanto bright light behind you and want how is saying look just look straight ahead and end. Yes things are going to fall away yes things are going to be different all you have to do is step your foot out because who you are transcends what you think you are experiencing and so it is wow and I'm out of breath you are like wow girl like shoes I feel like I'm in pushme-pullyou you know like wolves and creation gel around you and they're saying hey you've got this now and so it is
thank you thank you sweetheart build even I was so far gone I hit my cup I'm dizzy are any of you dizzy anybody talked about that and to Delaney it's like a little preview on that discussion this sense of of is dizziness without the nausea this this this off
SSI disability that is there yet the feet still at the feeder okay to walk his are becoming I'm I've literally been practicing a lot of interesting might let's just say I'm in the best shape of my life and and the lighter the more enlightened the more we accept our Mastery presents each of us will find an adapt my way happens to be the way that's happening to me now that doesn't mean it's the way it means that as you accept your Mastery presents your body starts. Assing my beloved Street and his healing right now and accepting his Mastery presents has started really gaining weight and like celebratory Miracle because this is the man that they said when live another 6 months maybe a year after the surgery he's his body's thing hey let me show you this is how we enjoyed
my body sings this is how we enjoy being and both of our bodies are saying this is how we need to be for this frequency to be sustained this is why we are in right now at one of the most rapid escalation of pain based Ascension symptoms ever and this is why we're talking about New Year's Eve you need to know this is the stuff you need to know and if you're part of our Mastery mentorship team make sure you're at 7 because you need to know and of course there's always more were sharing their everyone gets a stranger. Com register if you don't know what mentorship is ghetto rap register be there important moments that everything that goes on in your body never the body is just marrying back how frequencies are being assimilated and everything that is going on is a call to love
yourself more ever to be more present to the body to be more attentive anywhere else what it means is I will not discount what is happening with my beautiful vessel so often in life we eat we get preoccupied with where we're going and we don't take care of where we are
feel that you know feel. And breathe out in Breezy. Everything's coming forward over the next 48 hours guys breathe it in because we are at an amazing time and this time is offering so many gifts and so much reflective energy to your Mastery and I'd be willing to let go of the patterns that keep your stuff and speaking of patterns this is show one of three
chose this week you want to be at all three remember that we came in with the energy of the Trinity what was that energy of a profound shift I would say that 2020 has most definitely been the most profound shift that we will ever have in our lifetime number to Wow! Right and lastly the biggest Awakening you are here and now we're all here now and when I want to share with you is to remember that you're going to get part two of this this Tuesday please be there Tuesday night 5 p.m. at full mirrors everywhere you're catching the show right now we're really going to talk about and Street will be on the show what is a full mirror Judge Judy and will be on the show we're really going to talk about what the heck is it sold me or anyway and why does it matter right now
and then you want to be there with us on 31st as we come together in a day that is so far outside at I forgot it existed and we are going to come together the ashram of the Divine self we are going to say yes to that which is coming forward we're going to release the up level calendar talk more about this Ascension symptoms the annual installment this is a moment of head and it's a triple header and bonus you want to be there tonight for explore the Mysteries 9 p.m. eastern time over at 1 to talk radio. Com over at YouTube official stream Kara or anytime this week catch that episode it will help you sustain Mastery your emails to guests at SRI and Kira radio. Com go to the homepage of Sri and Kira. Com click on the events and get yourself included for this New Year's Wonder
transmission shops are in this shirt Ori and if you're ready to fly we love you we'll see you for the Mysteries tonight Soul mirrors Tuesday New Year's Eve beautiful day
thank you for joining us
to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at SRI and Kira and check out more information at 3 you next week, today

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