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Sri and Kira Live, December 20, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today in Shifty Paradigm now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are SRI and Kira
namaste in welcome beloved ones to the voice of passionate action we are
are you stealing it which listen to take a moment before we do anything else today let's just really say yes this day this very moment 12:20 is the culmination of this peak energy up level that's been with us all week going into an incredible moment that we are a breath be away from and so bring a hand to your heart and let's really bring that breath in
oh yeah that feels so good let it out yeah I remember when we lit out when we exhale and we smile we send a signal to our body that we are here. Hey we got this send a signal to the universe that says I'm ready I got this and so hey we got this we got each other welcome to all of you that are tuning into what is an extraordinary show at a moment of peak balance and invalid together a little bit because how can you have First Wives Club BBS radio one this talk radio and of course the YouTube channel official SRI and Kira and the video
thank you for being here and whichever way you catch the show whether now or later it's good that is always good
to like get it out there okay tomorrow Street let's put the up level calendar let's just let me just walk you guys through this right now this moment you're going to look at the calendar here it is for the new up level calendar will be coming out by the end of the month probably released at the 31st so make sure you're with us that night last Monday right the last time we were with you which was Sunday the 13th we talked about what was going to be happening on the 14th That's Not only was the 14th last Monday the illuminated New Moon Pink up level 1 of 3 for the entire year it came in harmony with that solar eclipse it was that moment of masculine feminine energy coming together in the void of each other saying what are we going to create let's bring It Forward in this culminating month of profound shift where we know that this time through the year 2022
will set in motion the next 1000 Years direct quote from the cosmic cusine and so here we are it is Monday the 14th through right now today Sunday the 20th and you notice that the week I had just like the week 2 weeks ago is that week of Silence that week of activities that we called keep your eyes focused focused focused and you'll also notice similar to in October if you have this calendar go back and remind yourself there was no October Thirty One printed on the calendar because it was meant to be a day at a time the reason that the 1221 experience is not on the upper level calendar
is because it is it is not relevant to the up level of the expanded Consciousness and so I Want You to Breathe during this entire show that's what tomorrow is calling forward in this space of linear time remember that honoring tomorrow is also a linear time experience so any time we honor dates that come in in this timeline we're really saying okay we're going in at the level of density because this timeline Hard dates are as dense as it gets and their linear and we've now moved into spiral time balance creation so when we insert tomorrow beginning at the linear it's an invitation it's really the only way I can describe it as it's like an energy that's going to hit at the level of Consciousness that meat sit there by it's going to affect all
nearby it will call forward the greatest balance is in Balance rise of the ism's we have yet to see has before I turn it over to Sri why it's a week of Silent presence meaning we don't have Fanfare going out in our circles tomorrow go do whatever your heart called you to do shree and I are going into that moment of steady all all InFocus keep your eyes on your objective stay right here no distraction distraction no distraction because its tracks in this week is going to reach Peak moment before they're so many levels of that to see moment it's a bit the moment of discernment there are significant dates every year and the
start or particular moments where the alignment of the planets support
an expansion of your attention now astrological alignments are all based upon the constellation of this little piece of the universe in density moment of co-creation people Gathering and meditating focusing on the positive it it it brings more Harmony into density calls in to go with it and have fun difference between your ascended presents and the path of self Ascension vs and attention given from a state of spiritual activism or estate of amorphous densified reality
a little bit is that when we are residing in our ascended heart when we are residing in our star Consciousness we are sending out a wave of coherent energy that is beyond the reactivity and the polarity descended heart what is star Consciousness everything we talked about can be found at our website free f r i a n d so seriously check it out there so much free content to get caught up there's even an ebook on their your ascendant heart is the moment where the first second and third chakra of the traditional body trust your Divine Soul enough to say you know what let's do this together it is the yoga of sacred Union it is the yoga of self
mention it is the foundation of the Divine Galactic blueprint so you can learn all about that it's raining here. Com the other things 3 just mentioned was star Consciousness so we all know about the third eye right there it is Arthur die right between the eyebrows that the division that is wonderful to love spiritual enlightenment and it keeps you in linear experiences and often times can be your own limitation which many of the ancient texts talk about and describe in detail and that's because we're really looking to do is move up to our star Consciousness from Arthur die this is why opening the third eye is so important and this is star Consciousness so I just want to make sure that cuz I was hearing some people not the absence of what you're saying is you continue is that as we look at anything in relationship to time you notice were saying a lot about that were talking a lot about that right now
the essence of yoga self Ascension is to be able to be in complete alignment with 3rd Dimension 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th literally with the ability to carry the discernment of the all so the path of self Ascension and the up level calendar are associated with the vibrational levels that are not velcroed into density is useful it's great and it's velcroed into density vs your 5th dimensional presents which is the energy of compassion on judgment as your heart and not in the fear Zone
where in the lower chakras we're dancing with Pleasure and Pain course all of the traditional calendars and events and celebrations are beautiful things to participate as you are as you are called as we cultivate our ascended presence we begin to bring forward and energetic that is not playing at the same level any longer is the diff between us and Insanity a density Saturday talked about that before and so as we ain't as we open our then hold whatever vision
you are actually embracing the Cocoon of density with this harmonic versus entering at the level of density seeking to expand the Cocoon but the Cocoon will remain on the left that's the difference but I wanted to offer so go play have fun and cultivate your ascended heart supposed to beat your star Consciousness and discover the power of instantaneous manifestation that will come forward when you truly anchor here
can you just really fries at in and and here's the thing to remember is that we are at a moment of Consciousness intersection I wanted for those of you that are watching us on video I want to show you the December energy the spiral time the balanced creation that we are in right now here we are it is December 20th and you notice the spiral curls with in the spirals it is the energy of this balanced creation not just creation balance creation we have been harnessing the power of creation and just like throwing it around haphazard this is about calling invalid so of course in order to call in True Balance the imbalance in the balance must find their Harmony that is this week this week is the yin-yang it is the center we have been going in and it is the center of the center of the center and if you're able to gaze really deep into your screen and you look
in between dark. At the top of the light. At the bottom you'll see there is an energy going through it and there's another point in the middle that is this week literally we are at a moment where the group think this energy tomorrow this 1221 and enter foot so fast me what lift should look at all of the things that are going on around the first of all you have astrologers that can't even agree and there are people that are polarizing with each other in the name of their ology or their ISM either tomorrow is or is not this amazing New Age this amazing. Of Aquarius well in the essence of your true, there is no need for a grand Collision in the universe for this to happen the grand Collision is needed because too many are still anchored in there
I wasn't I need to have this this email proof put in front of them the proof is US everyday is Christmas if you want to do we really need a day for us to think to it to be in our greatest aspect of ourself do we really need a day to declare it is the new dawn or what our Consciousness can greet it as the new day it is and begin the expansion that's what the week ahead is going to have in front of you because the week it had the group think and remember groupthink whether you know it or not does affect you unless you can raise your Consciousness through it so the group think is going to be so empowered by what's going to happen with this energy field tomorrow at all of the all of the energy I have had I have hit delete more times that I think I
I have in a year over the past 24 hours of everyone telling me what I have to be with Zack group
free and I will be in silence in the temple of the canary the Temple of Light the Lost Temple here it goes the Blue Mountain on a ring and holding present for this moment just like we did on October 31st consider that don't have fun just like that in the midst of all that is happening tomorrow may you expand even more awareness and become aware that the experience of what's Happening that the the the the ultimate energy and everybody's arguing with each other and we happen to have been living and with the Highland Maya we were the ones who wrote 2013 Mayan Sunrise which was getting their true word
that's why we were written into the book of days we are living among the cut at what seems to be a very similar energy moment how is that this week is this this energy of balance and imbalance right to the extent that you seek to influence that which is a co-created a reality to the extent that you Empower one aspect of it you will simultaneously Empower its opposite test
your frequency is above or beyond that level of creation that supports the existence of the problem and this week I'm going to use another Einstein quote cuz it's even going to take us beyond that so the only reason we're bringing this forward is to give you a chance to cultivate your taste buds to see the difference to go and directions and see how it feels filled with celebrations and filled with isms in theologies and and end in darkness that are emerging that is filled with all of these evils of distraction music however your asses who you are starts here at the ascended heart the gateway to who you are is found at the ascended heart and the
polity of your souls wisdom is access to our Consciousness and when we practice those anchors ships we begin to loosen the reactivity that is found in the lower chakra experience of of you know of dealing with safety sex in power and we move into peace love and joy and bodies of living and ascended life actually are not dreams their realities tomorrow well it's the group think around it isn't it and so the group think was in the group think within the group think and this is actually part of the destructive qualities that are that are the distraction part of what's creating be in Dallas is the group pink at the group think of the group think and if you don't think my way then you can't be part of this
noticing this more and more and more and one of the things that I find very powerful is that here we are coming to the end of the year and I think many of you know that she and I were actually the first people before we got copied over and over and over and over again but we were the very first people to ever put out on YouTube video on the Ascension symptoms publish them they are in our books and and we have been plagiarized and copied and and all the other things and lately we've noticed and I found someone that actually took our voice and manipulated it and took literally a clip from our Revelations and put it in their phone clip with a manipulated computer voice word for word
it's time to synergize not plagiarize so I want you to freeze out in that's a spiritualism and that's when that's happening right now you know I mean let's talk about this because this is part of what's happening right now we are not here in opposition to what is happening now or here as a voice of discernment so that people can be informed and fully available to their experience experiences are valid all choices are valid and how you view yourself while you're having your experience is the gateway to Freedom rat which is at this moment right now like you said it was bigger than we can even part because in order to understand this moment is to fully embodied yourself this is that week and you fully involved yourself descended present as the
energy of divine inspiration now imagine an entire week where you're able to do that so in the energy of the ball and the ism's
one of the things that we find very beautiful is that so many people are literally saying are words word for word in their own videos usually 2 to 3 times and they're doing a much better job that we are marketing cuz they're getting a lot more people listening to what we're saying which is great and so if you're one of those people hey how about a shout-out we don't mind at all because truth is truth of course you want to repeat the message of course you want to let other people know but look into your heart because this is the time to not feel like you need to take from another together we are better come on let's let's let's let's together we are better it's our time what's happening right now in all of the up level Mastery that is coming over the past week and it's been intense miraculous and we have real-time like Spiral time so much happening blow your mind kind of stuff coming up at the midpoint are going to talk about the second half of the show
but the spiritual isms are affecting who you who you say who you hear what you believe everything and the reason our voice is being really intense would you help us understand why anybody find out that mystery please let us know because our voice is encouraging your voice the only reason we are here is because you're ready and I really didn't have to still be here right now our mission our service was to be here at if this time would come and this time has come and every Monday night we are unlocking more and more of the incredible guidance that was gifted into the planet early on in our combined mission for right now and explore the
another important piece of that end with what's happening this week what are you willing to do to stay focused focused we are heading a moment of dimensional dementia this week that has never been experienced before and I encourage you with all my heart and soul check out explore the Mysteries today check that show out and and discover what's really going on with that because she and I put that out there every week explore the Mysteries is our expanded intense teaching so it brings us to this moment of if you want to be happy then you want to stay awake then be with those who are right and I don't want to read this from the Lost Books of the essene less than 5 and if you want to read the entire PDF in its original delivery form. Please go to our website train Cara. Com look under the messages from the Masters Lost Books of these seen less than 5 so I want to read this one little girls because this quote is so about
right now you guys ready can you read it out of the woods it is a courageous act indeed is it not this is because to come out of its Woods means it is to expose itself to be seen
it must be a great power to do this because it knows when it comes out of the safety of its Dan or its home until full daylight that it is now offering itself to all of the energies that are prepared to breed it
and I want you to take in a deep breath and if you've ever connected with the Lost Books of the essene what they teach is that there are three energies that will always be there so when you become the lion coming out of the woods which is what tomorrow this whole week has been this energy right that pick up level at the balanced creation really calling it in really calling it in in the week ahead is about the living a fat and the full knowing that those three energies cannot stop you and so what are those three energy well when you say yes to who you are which is really the essence of what tomorrow is all about giving a lot of people permission it's actually giving a lot of people permission to do so I needed permission from outside of me so that's one of the awesome things about tomorrow is it going to be one permission to come out to come to be the Lion is to display your authenticity
so when you breathe out in and the reason the hunter is a hunter is in the woods too and they just been waiting for you to come out so then get the reason shot and so the hunter will hunt you with their words they will hunting with their they will be often times the ones who will surprise you the most that when you are at your happiest when you were at your most vibrant when you are so clear off and they're your partners in pain or the hunters family friends acquaintances and they're doing their job perfectly because the reason of the first ones you meet is what they're doing is helping you to say yes I am even you cannot stop me the next energy that will greet you or those that will run away in fear and Fishin and blame this is because they are caring so much victim energy that to be around anyone who is really in victim energy cannot be around a truly empowered person
because they will always make that person the abuser because they can't be in their own power the lion does not need to convince the fearful of anything
let them evil it's the epitome of if you if you love something let it go because the truth is if it was a treehouse ever yours will come whack and if it doesn't it never was any way I could not even begin to share with you that for those of you that are knowing that the spiritual mentorship spiritual leadership and and holding the path of naked authenticity as in front of you it will be challenging when it will be absolutely knowing of the master to offer something to someone that they will not understand in the moment and for you not to crumble through it that is when you become the master when you can stand in the face of all of that and so you have the hunter you have the one that will run and then you have the rest of the lions that have been sitting out here going hey come on out the ones that you didn't even know existed the ones that you don't even know where they are or how
be with suddenly appear because you are dead living the energy of the law of instantaneous manifestation and I want to take a moment and share that a little something around that because speaking of the law of instantaneous manifestation I think many of you know that my amazing husband is Bar None I mean the the most incredible a basin medical intuitive on the planet and those that learn from him including myself are honored and Beyond The Miracles we have witnessed his humility and what he does the thousands of people I have watched him help and witnessed Miracles around so my angel what you don't know is I'm I'm shocking Street on the air we received an email so this is someone that you recently had a session with I am not going to stop just going to use their first name who is going through breast cancer I believe
I'm talking about all right cuz he's only works with one woman with breast cancer in the past few weeks and so I want all of you
email that she shared with us and remember if you ever want to share emails with us yes, answer your heart because my beloved angel helps and healed so many and I know through the out my own health challenges in all the years we've been together wow right so here we go subject line my session with straight a cat out of the bag right okay Namaste I am one day out of surgery and I am doing really well I wanted to thank Shriram, for his insights into my life patterns and beliefs in a session I did with him about two weeks ago in the course of one session SRI change my wife and I know that's a true statement through his gentle approach I was able to recognize my patterns and beliefs SRI also taught me the way to really
the practice of forgiveness through my star Consciousness this process is true Alchemy I took the darkest places within me and turn them into go by recognizing and releasing them with my inner child facing my patterns and beliefs with a lot of work however I would still be repeating every year in my life if I had not chosen to do this work as Street off and says Consciousness skills and I were clearing to do I truly know that how do I insert surgery before doing these practices it would have been a very different experience and certainly more three-dimensional
no matter what the outcome of my surgery is I know that I have approached it from where it started in my emotional patterns and beliefs in myself thank you again wisdom teacher Shriram cough with infant in gratitude and love Pat and Pat our entire Community is wrapping ourselves around you right now sending you the greatest of healing light and thank you for everyone for sharing your heart and acknowledging that you have taken the work too hard because Kayleen is your Birthright nothing is here to stay every diagnosis and every bump in the road is here to expand your Consciousness so that the master within can use that to awaken an adjective the gifted this is it really ties into what's going on right now because you're you're actually taking that quiet steady active manifestation you're very very slow
there's no blurring this week remember everyone the energy is going to do its best to blur the lines and a lot of us going to be in the name of perception of safety not real safety perception of safety and that is an important moment because it's also inviting us am I willing to make the choice to thrive am I willing to make the choice to to stay anchored in who I am because the conscious Choice the conscious awareness is how this energy is folding and rolling out remember we are still heading towards Street let's look at that up level calendar again for December we are moving into right now we are in a week where we have a right there we are in a week right now where we are leading up to the convergence of a lot of different traditional face of course the Christmas season this at energy is this weekend and it's all building building building building up into the 30
now one of the things that we mentioned earlier on was that and we have mentioned this in late October November and December 2020 were one energy that we opened up November one and that that energy was not going to close until December 30th and so we are coming into that culmination of not just December we're coming into the combination of November and December this is incredibly important because it is the energy that we will all collectively bring in on the 3rd yes to this full moon up level that will then bring in the 31st as its own energy and this is why I'm showing you the energy flows one more time December anchors the final moment of 20/20 and the energy of profound shift not just if profound shift and who would have thought when we opened up the
that we would actually be anchoring spiral time and yet we are we are in this moment right now and more than ever help us spread the word be with us New Year's Eve on our this is the first broadcast live from the Dome to Violet Crystal and Rays don't we have 18 beautiful people flying in from all over the world that will be with us in one week oh my gosh you guys are going to be here so
join us New Year's Eve. Com register 8 p.m. eastern time 8 p.m. eastern time we are going to be offering so much information for the very first time and bonus 111 buddy no all of you that have downloaded or app and our Mastery members we are going to be meeting at 7 p.m. eastern time for a very special Miracle team ceremony healing light activation that will further up level what's going to happen when we go live to the world at 8 so I just want to encourage all of you help us get the word out please help us get the word out let's get together this December Thirty One was coming in in 2021 is really important that we pay attention 2021 will determine if there is a 2022 wheat we just can't put enough energy into how important is this is why the Aquanauts Matt
next year this is why the compression of time the up level experience this is your moment December 3rd live broadcast please register to receive the link so you can participate directly this broadcast is not shared with the public it is for people who say yes I want to be there and we do ask for a small donation as little as a dollar to support people who are been displaced by covid-19 who are hungry The Exchange now the reason that I want to underscore this is that these year and or New Year Communications from the ascended Realms are powerful initiate and then they will help prepare you to hold your presents for the coming year
in the past we've had people in the front row who gets sunburned from the energy spontaneous healing lots of energy so please try to join us live or at least get registered so you can get the video you just jump over to Sri and click on the advanced and you'll find it and you can register and Trust be there so we we look forward to connecting with you because we're stringing table down to that Dome and we're going to have fiber optic connection good quality to be with you to carry the light in the energy that is being offered not only register you get everybody you know to know about this event help us spread the word we really need your help there's also remember that we are at a Time season of uncertainty of hope it's a season of fear you look at all of this mixture of polarized energies that are upon
the planet right now and recognized that you cannot resolve as long as you're playing the shadow talk to you as long as yet you're kicking it back and forth you're just in the game are you going to play with in the play well go enjoy it are you going to lift through a bus game then it's time to love it and detach from the need to play the game but to still be in loving observation in connection with all that is nothing is ever lost everything is expanded attention that the energies of converging this week to blur of those lines so to speak is very much coming in at the belief system experiences
minion at the fear energy remember that the planetary soft body I want to go back to something else talked about earlier which was the Ascension symptoms one of the reasons you also want to be there New Year's Eve is to me the first time you're going to hear some of that dropping the Ascension symptoms and now the weight of the Ascension symptoms are playing out the way that the ascended Kundalini is coming in is many many beings might be very spiritually awake or believe they're very spiritually awake yet they're physically or emotionally dying those two at some moment if they cannot resolve they will be your limitation and that is how the line will get blurred
in all of its amazing Myriad forms good ol pain is the opposite of pleasure
having a body is the pleasure having the pain is part of the agreement
I'm in this world and this was specific experience of density in this moment that we have all collectively agreed to be here for because it's so profound pain happens to be one of the most beautiful ways we grow and we grow through pain in many different ways in our younger years it's often emotional pain then it might become spiritual pay that it might become other forms of pain and then as our bodies mature and become prepared to receive the higher frequency energies and this is why there are some energies we cannot receive until our bodies are ready to are prepared for it because the nervous system would physically shut down and this is also why caveat so many younger beings that are so fully awake have other interesting issues with her body because the bodies have to reach a moment where they can really integrate that
so when we get to that moment where we are conscious of the pain and where the pain is had our attention that is the moment where we need to pay attention to are we ready to believe in in the process of paying we believe that this is an edible with his way it's going to be it's just a natural blah blah blah blah blah or are we committed to our expansion or we can meet at or Ascension and then comes the moment and tree and I have walk through this very diligently and really have been living it every single day now for a solid almost two years there comes a moment where you have to stand up to the pain
and no matter how much it rears its voice you walk through it you walk through it and then the pain starts realizing that you are in control meaning that the energy of the master has now come in and said okay pain thank you for showing me that I am at the moment of being able to receive the greatest wisdom it is when you reach that intersection of physical discernment or maturity with Consciousness that the middle point will come forward and it's a. Moment where you are able to truly discover the master with them and this is a powerful moment because this is continuing the conversation from last week where we talked about the guru going into the cave the reason that the physical yoga exist is to mitigate the pain and the beauty is that when you
that certain level you birthday you'll get yourself and that's why I think she and I are starting to teach people as how to birth that yoga from within you each being has their own yoga and this week as those lines try to blur as it tries to grab you it will be through the perception of your own pain and that is an Ascension symptom pain is actually in a sentence with them coming up in 20 21 beer first appeared in 2020 as an Ascension symptom it's going to expand so I'm going to go away so the blessing is that in this moment right now
you can make the choice to say all right pain I see you but I am I am not my body the four known those of you that have been tracking with us in the Monday Night Magic right how many of you have sent us emails instead I actually can walk through my pain and I am now on the other side of it because that level of Consciousness won't shift it but frequency will so I just want to throw in this one quotes free and can you read this one this isn't this is probably my absolute favorite Einstein quote from Albert Einstein
everything is energy and that is all there is to it match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality it can be no other way this is not philosophy this is physics what's the frequency of the reality you want so the reality you want can only be manifested for your Clarity because you're constantly you're here but Einstein's reminding us we're constantly moving our frequency based upon the reality that we are creating this is all an illusion are you reminding us if they look so you know in this illusion perception is reality that's how those lines get blurred so the reality you want remember that that you are that powerful
so are you clear or are you sending mixed messages because if you're sending mixed messages your frequency doesn't know where to stabilize so you're you're easily blurred practice articulating what they want your words are meaningless you afraid of assembly of words said from one level of Consciousness will have one effect and this very same words uttered from a more refined level of Consciousness totally different will have a different outcome if the frequency of the being that is radiating through careers
and this is what phrase is packed too weak and tomorrow it will be the frequency of a Consciousness that meets the energy that will call for the birth we are all birthing right now the one thing that is absolutely immutable undeniable is that we are already in the new world it doesn't take a special day on any third-dimensional perception of a linear timeline to birth a new world what it does take is a consensus reality experience because it happens to be the world of density which ocean to live in and when we can witness it when we can stay in our truly ascended presents when we can really be the witness and I want to just those of you that are watching our show you this again remember we put this out in 2018 for over two years now we have been invited to lift an anchor and four
how do you spell like a hoe just the fourth dimension is coming tomorrow okay God bless them and in this moment right now you are the witness imagine loving yourself so much that everything is happening in density is no longer personal you are the witness arrive at your where this happens if you're feeling that you're having the experience of it. That's all true but you're also able to love yourself enough to be the witness or of it and then here's the big one when you can release the Judgment of your self
you lift up to the 7th dimensional being which is witnessing the witness ER
I need to breathe out in because that is the moment in front of us we really are the ninth Dimension is there as when we become the witness again and it's quite an extraordinary moment and the seventh dimension for those that are in this experience of expanding Consciousness and holding that portal of a spend a Consciousness and presents open for the restoration of balance this is the moment to really let go of judging yourself often for just even knowing your own truth how often do you judge yourself for believing who you are knowing who you are experiencing who you are this is the week you want to try on releasing the judgment and actually being because this week is the all-out battlefield it's like the Warriors are lined up on either side and they're running toward each other
this is a tweak and the battle is the Battle of Consciousness and so this is the week where it's just about I'm not even going to engage that battle it's right here it's right here it's right here can you give yourself a week a focused awareness so that your divine inspiration guys everything
you know it's a beautiful time to be alive and to be conscious and it's important to have your fallback practices so to speak as simple as hand on heart to help anchor your ascendant heart as simple as be mindful to your breath to help stabilize your emotional body and open the other gateways when we have at our disposal the practices that support us we are less flustered and less less affected one of the things that being called forward and pulled into recognition I believe is that our mind can either be our servant or our Master is your master then you are constantly referencing who you are and what what's Real by a concept
should have been aborted and when you are using the mind in that fashion you are trapped and and you're basically a servant of the mind versation about what's going on when we can cultivate the mines discernment to be able to look at the nuances to not just look at the content of reality but to notice the context that is traveling with the content that is to see the canvas not just do drawings on the canvas when we call survey to surmise that can relax so interesting forward more freely and this is a fabulous transition point that is before everyone that is choosing to be awake and that is the transition from living in a car
based reality subject-object action-reaction stimulus thousand to lift out of that into a context-based reality which is I see and recognize the fabric upon which the Layla is dancing I do not identify with the content I am not an object I don't identify out the moment I'm feeling sad at the moment I'm feeling powerful self the I am presence that is the truth of my being and that when we move from content-based reality to context-based reality we have entered the flow
love unconditional love
yeah the context upon which all of this Divine dance expresses is through the grace of divine love
and when we can see that feel that and be grateful for it we are aligning with that energy which is an order of magnitude more refined and higher than all of that subject-object nonsense upon which density is using as a training ground
there you have it I do want to share that we have been really really on a wild ride here you know ever since the that can yachty have verified and we've discovered the Temple of Light now the beautiful opening of the women Wellness Awakening energy that 8 8 Lions Gate Roar was coming to you with all my heart and soul please check out and if you have not been there later lately check out bited get WWA all fresh amazing go check it out find out what's Happening Now look for those of you that were wondering how do I want to go to Blue Mountain at this point we have two single beds in two different cabins left for the on-site and we still have just a few rooms left at the off-site hotel that's nearly full as well get the pee
it's on our website, and join us it's going to be magical beyond measure what matters stay on campus you can stay at the nearby hotel but the fact of the matter is she'll be on campus all day long having your meals in the spiritual Embrace of divine Community we invite you to get Clear Choice New Year's Eve is an ounce how the virtual will flow and how you can be part of us on the virtual world and the amazing gifts that are coming forward to the things that are coming forward right now the launching everything that is happening the gift of you is before you if you're willing to say yes and I I want to bring us to you yesterday because yesterday how was your yesterday
ours was so incredible that that we just we want to share it with you because all of us that live here yesterday we're literally sitting there last night going okay let's really make sure we understand everything that happened today because you want to talk about spiral time and I want to share the day I actually started where
open the door in the morning and our beautiful cat Merlin had just killed one of the birds that we all love hear a bird that we have known for several years this beautiful bird that was our good luck bird that the canary say they're always trying to nest in your home and I literally opened up the door and I lost like I could not be in the energy of it and I had to close the door and so that was how the day open so you might be thinking well wow what are you getting ready to share well by the end of the day we understood that more to because there are moments you don't understand or moments that talked to have a painful response does not mean they are not powerful openers and that every part of your life can open you every single part and so we had been
only call that are beautiful River cottage which is across the street but no Forest Hills the Blue Mountains we just I I have been calls for about a week that it needed a a profound clearing and it had happened yesterday that there was just no no no choice in that tree was running and as I was leaving even though I was late I got clearly I had to bring my serpent staff of all indigenous cultures and this staff was so powerful about it is that it had been trees for many many many years and it was just the the the serpent the cobra with the big huge Crystal and it was part and is part of our Crystal Asian and just recently since the Lionsgate it has now become mine and what I was called to do was after our first meeting with Alexander and his I have woven all the indigenous that we have had the power of living but they're all on their every every single one of them is on this one
and so we went across and very profound clearing on Christmas we as Community are going to put a huge mural on the inside of the house we're going to be doing a big mural on the hallway pictures of that beautiful clearing but then as we were standing in the kitchen and the kitchen overlooks the Amazon tributary that is in our backyard
we knew we had to go down the river
when we went down to the river we did. We had no idea what was going to happen we discovered a huge what we're calling dinosaur head and eggs that had slid down the mountain and revealed itself that was pointing to literally a pool if there was ever a baptism pool or a place where you want to be in the Amazon and claim it and it's on her property and these little caves this other energy and I'm going to talk about shortly the sacred Charlie bombs that were appearing everywhere and this look at this beautiful is that incredible look at that is that Incredibles like somebody mold in it this beautiful heart that also is this energy of like the Embrace write this 5th dimensional energy is so magic started happening a lot is still reviewing and that was just one of other things that happened yesterday so once again Bri Rose has put together with film I believe from TuneIn
the most amazing video and everything you're about to see is going to blow your mind and with the exception of giving you a little more of the backstory of our first Wisdom Tree that was exposed with the beautiful new nguoc everything
it's so weird to play this movie for you in just a moment and further Little T up is that we're celebrating the contributions of a wonderful local artist who is truly a Visionary artist and you'll enjoy connecting with him and his Creations because what he is he is like a sacred mirror tosa Blue Mountain Energy use and he's going he's helping to liberate these energies from what is seeming dead staff that's so there's several pieces here that we were celebrating on film with you and and sharing with you and the other happened yesterday and enjoy we're going to play this movie for you receive the blessing there's a lot of energy being given to you
okay we're on the camera and it's a lot of flies come in through and
Ciara and I just discovered salt is so amazing so precious and so sacred but don't exactly know what it is but what is tannin
let's come over here let's just bring the camera display off and we're going to see if we can help you see let me see if I can zoom that up yeah they're weak I know you see it looks like a head or maybe some type of an urn it we know that it's definitely this all was expose here's other fragments you'll see of a vessel and I'm going to just very slowly now come around Masha and I just reclaimed fragments and put them here around the tree of wisdom and Magic explained as well you can see that this multiple and pick one up let's show them her hair once. So happy for you sweetheart your how about this one to speak slow typer earn yeah it's like a perfectly spheres and its whole insides and you can see all that's kind of notes carvings but with polished I don't know
it still have a dinner in a few send it stay like we haven't cleaned it yet but there was obviously some type of like a either this is a natural geode which I don't know but it is some type of inner and outer structure that seems to have a perfectly spherical if you look at the cuts and these Stones were all exposed when we were Excavating to dig the pipes for the new cuz he just was just built and so this is another piece so we're actually going to try and put this together but what's even more fascinating Masha say hello we are at the tree of wisdom and you can see that we place the stones in a protective Circle here's the other thing we just I'm going to see if I can get us
forgive me guys I'm the desk there is the desk this disc is pretty fascinating Masha as soon as we go back up there it is are you guys seeing what I'm seeing are you seeing what I'm seeing this is a carved disc and it's sitting here and this entire Journey today was initiated I was sitting upstairs and heard go greet the new neighbor and of course the new neighbor is as it turns out our new beautiful neighbor
there is our new beautiful neighbor you see that's the owl on the top of the beautiful tree turned out much and I were just there that is also a tree of wisdom
you know Tango
you know they both well
estas mirando
have you an alarm at Academy
Camila Cabello
what do you want to say is that Jennifer he was a gift in and you can make the intern trailer over here
go down there give the lady in the water
and it's healing energy of the land here at the River House tree what's. What you got in your hand their energy and it's one of the many here in the river
River has a life of its own sometimes the water is very high all the way up here and every time I download the Amazon
scalloped oysters
oh I heard that it's going to Dynamic
and she is standing we are standing at the base of the River House our beautiful Little River Cottage where we have rooms you can stay in and also the home of critical Linda and you see right here today for the first time we did not realize and you can see it's literally right across here is our little Rocky got our little Varanasi moment and right across why we never really seen this before
beautiful cave and you notice that today all of these beautiful to turn the camera all of these creatures look at look at them all revealing themselves let's see
how incredible you see the mall
well I hope you love that as much as we did it that way this is Brianna you rock thank you what a beautiful compilation guys that was only yesterday he is like crazy absolutely right we worked with the spirits of the land and the serpent is the protector exactly that's the point, where are the Cobra comes up behind that even the Buddha and so that was one of the one of the most beautiful gifts of yesterday was you know I I right before we showed you the film we shared about how the day open With Merlin
found it was after all of this and after the end of the day and when the three wise men were completed that was the day with ending then and as all of that was coming together in this energy in our two new actually three new Little Homes being built right now for our on time. In a staff that lived here all the time and as that's all really coming into formation what we realized and the clearing of the riverhouse and the way that the Amazon has come in and said I'm right with you now it was like the show are in the unification and you see this it was like the caduceus of protection and I mean just the recognition that when we say yes when we live it when we have steadfast commitment
focused awareness we trust the universe will always make sure that things stay in balance and you know what triggered the clearing of the river house was yesterday one of our residents, and is now heading down to the community and we just wanted to share our protection energy around him as well and before he left we all had a beautiful ceremony on the porch and offered our gratitude and thanks and as hot as continuing his journey we found that every time there's a shift in those who have been living here full-time a moment comes forward and so that's actually called forward that and the other thing that I think happened yesterday was that in the clearing of the cottage and the ignition of the Amazon power that amaz
energy that indigenous energy pouring in now into this beautiful sacred land it felt very much to me and it was and that we will be on Friday March 19th starting a 72-hour ceremony with the equinoxes March and so I know that yesterday was the raising of the Dome of protection that this really has become Ground Zero of holding this container and sincerely help us be a part of it do whatever we can do because together we are better WWE help us get the word out to help us get the word out this is the moment it's the moment that could mean it is in our case there was a person that was part of the of the team that was moving on never there is a transition There's an opportunity
yes to up level and end in bless the New Harmony and so that's part of what yesterday was about it it became a celebration that's what Merlin gave us in the morning that we didn't see that I sure didn't see until the end of the day and it was at the very end of the day that I walked back down to where those artifacts were that Masha and I had that had found and they've taken down the fence now so if he's your access we have not been able to move that big whatever-it-is but she and I were able to spend time with it today and that is the moment at hand is that what Merlin did this bird has yellow bird that's been flying since the day we moved in they the indigenous say that these birds are very very very very special and that they're trying to enter your home to nest and that's a blessing and what happened was Merlin today came out of the woods
Maryland became. Lion and said hey I was your gift from the mountain because that's the other thing that can you already have told us remember that Merlin was a gift from the mountain he literally was crying at our window a week after we moved in and that lion said I have taken on a new role and what Merlin did was he freed the spirit that has been trying to wait to be with this land and so it was the moment for that third dimensional bird to actually transcend the energy for us to be able to add to the protection of this lab and further hear the grandmother's The Grandfather's all of that beautiful Eternal Oneness energy it was an opening once again for the Lost Books of the lesson 1 Lost Books of the scene we are taught that to not lament things like the burning of the library of Alexander as Alexandria that happened yes
was a great and profound loss for all that's where the Scrolls of ascended numerology were lost and that when we are ready to receive them they can never tell the truth can never be destroyed and all of that wisdom is able to be accessed in your fist or 7th dimensional presents and we have proven that through ascended numerology so this is that moment Spirit to be liberated and to be more widely available to be mailed it and that we did go through I certainly went through I went through my 3D reaction I walked outside and I was stunned and horrified when he joined Merlin so it wasn't until I walked through such a day of Miracle manifestation we are the living login since his manifestations
give a call +888-627-600-8886 to 76008 and of course 517-208-1500 and remember over at 517-208-1500 if you have an Ascension symptom question about this moment of question that that freeze incredible medical intuitive abilities can make sure you raise your hand and so if your hand we have your hand raised and we call on you it's because you have a question for free and so I'm excited Schrade you want to jump to the phone lines now protected flavors
Ed Exley I just need another little moment with the river we are blessed to live next to who's still alive and for those of you that have bodies of water near you it's a blessing to remember to take advantage of because there is a flow of Consciousness there is a flow of energy there is a flow of renewal and that it is a reminder take a breath I am constantly renewed every renewed constantly renewed free growing older or you expanding
so everything can be unlocked when we shift our perspective when we get out of the objects of of polarity and move into the context of the flow of love we have an opportunity to command the objects to ship them that opportunity doesn't exist when you're on the game board is the whole different reality and you know the key is that tube to go beyond that which is claiming it's reality anyway right to say yes to the Eternal presence that is within you and when is talk radio on say yes to some of the hands with her up right now we have someone calling in from New York's got a hand raised Namaste welcome to the show
hi Ashley hi Kira thank you very much for having
hey Shawty yeah I'm very honoured of Itsy what's Ivory thing that's happening in fighting by this experience you guys with your knowledge or you're sharing you know getting us Clarity and I'm very appreciative about it good to eat well and strong energy point and just seeing how I can go forward
well let me offer you a little feedback on you and I connect with your energy there's two areas of your energy field that I invite you to bring some additional attention to you on your journey and the first chakra is your seventh chakra and the seventh chakra is the gateway to Divine wisdom the gateway to higher order of Truth and understanding and the Seven chakra is your guidance you do
this is great so the key now comes back down into the center of the body to the third chakra and your third chakra is the chakra of divine trust in your spiritual nature the third chakra governs your digestive system in your muscular system and when we are able especially from the muscular side of things look at the symbology of your muscles that's how you take action in the world your muscles take you forward into movement in the world so if you've got this beautiful Divine Connection in the 7th chakra it's saying except me in the core of your being used as spiritual wisdom to inform every action you take that is the energy I wish to gift to you as an encouragement you have the connection Bring It Forward and trust it
I'm just let it out if you have a really nice there you are better while she was sharing with you I had the gift of really being present with the way that the ascending Kundalini energy is working with you right now if you are absolutely right you are at like the crossroad and what's important for you to remember and what happened while she was sharing with you was I found that I was having to almost manipulate the spine and move the energy and right here between the shoulder blades I actually was able to get it it felt like it was literally literally like glued together and opening and even right now I'm stealing not pain I'm feeling an expansion and the message keeps coming in and if I'm sharing this with you I literally feel like I'm floating out of my chair
and as if there is this massive massive armor that's like around me and it's almost as if I'm sitting in like this little bubble ship and I'm gay and I'm looking at everything and I'm aware of it and they're saying look up just look up you've got it you know what this is now look up pay attention to what you haven't really seen before
and that you know how to do this and when I share that with you the pain that was in the spine, literally from my spine through my chest right here and I steal it releasing out and it's like you're you're just falling forward and saying
yeah I forgive me I'm going I'm going to do this and then that moment it's like you get showered with so many answers so it's a question of what you want to fall into
you already really know so just let it flow even better thank you for the Opera by the way is like a Whirlpool right now really pay attention this weekend July I mean blinders focus focus focus is white the fourth dimension is just going to want you for dinner so really allow yourself focus focus focus you've got this and we thought you and wow thank you. Just just feeling that third chakra and that state of balance and balance remember that is what is happening in the energy of this 1221 experience
it is absolutely a moment of amplification and that amplification is of the wall and as that amplification comes forward this pick up level of last Monday that will amplify on tomorrow that it's next Monday 1421 what is amplifying for you because the blur energy the group think is going to be so distracted and so loud and so large that this will be the week to soar if you stay like this do what you do take a week at a time and just do you you know don't do contractions in what are you listening to How what it what's in your radar how are you paying attention
ecology together with the legacy of our spiritual attainment and interface so every being has a spiritual Legacy has this SnapChat your family are oranges the values all of that stuff you can have fun with a resource in your spiritual Legacy so as we deepen our conscious path we begin to recognize more fully everything counts there are no ordinary moments everything counts okay let's breathe
and so to the extent that we can be in gratitude and notice and appreciate we get to the extent that we dive in and put on our blinders and say I'm just going to be here we cultivate something from that but we also say not now on the whole up level opportunity and then we lift our days and Tom back perhaps then it's now
the key is make a choice to be clear it isn't about having to figure anything out it's about trusting your choice no matter what it is because in every moment there is feedback on the choices you make at every moment There's an opportunity to choose again
what fun is fun is part of that awareness experience choice is how are ascended presents nice and so she left ignite more where we heading out video Android
627-6008 from New Jersey
hi there baby like to hear from you two again and we are so blessed to have you advised then you two are so blessed to have found each other like that I love the client's part message and the alignment of it be a lion that I've experienced what's up
I experienced a little shape-shifting in my face and a picture where I was my face turn like start to turn into the White Lion with the blue I landed up what was really cool
I feel like the lion part of me is coming out it's like ready to Roar
yes I just have to jump in and say woohoo that's what Roar together because when you said that I saw all of these amazing like lions like male lions and they were some of them were holding like you a very very Arthurian some of them were holding like you know what would have been I don't know those things they use in the horse things when they are and they're all staring at you and they're saying hey are you ready
are you ready because we are having right and soaked in your Readiness in your yesness the gift before you right now is is really this week I love I love that we're talking right now because literally there are there saying just do like you're saying you're pointing to the show and going to do it everything you've heard you know it's just do it and they're saying it is that simple really is that simple and it's time to let your mind take the well-deserved break it needs is time for you to have the fun that is yours to enjoy
and so it is that's the key having fun and playing and just being in that that's so cool when you were talking about feeling the pain and and I can attest to the pain and when you allow yourself to feel those emotions you let more and more light it every time you allow those painful emotions to flow through your body and allow yourself to feel them it hurts yes but you're you're allowing more lighting and it's changing you and it's up leveling you whether you realize it or not
yes will you do and that's why you are and I'm just so grateful you called in my love and so is thank you is such a sweetheart. Thank you honey wow what do you do on your heart I'm really feeling are you guys feeling the heart energy and you were talking about this in the first half of the show Hart and remember that when we move into our self ascended presents and SRI and Kira. Com under that you'll learn about the ascended hard and our chakras moving in from these orbs right are chakras are traditionally in this orbital energy very much aligned with the experience of this planet and the spiritual experience of being here on when we are ready to lift into multi-dimensional process the chakras are ready to support us to do that and we literally learn how to move that energy from that orbital times
missionary experience that's really doing a great job here into the infinite spin of creation and you literally this is the August help attention teaches you how to literally shift each one of the chakras to do that well this chakra the heart is the first one that becomes not only the single expansion but it becomes the cross of perfect balance it also opens the infinite expansion that cross a perfect balance card in our heart so breathe in that that's the moment balanced creation December right now
lure last caller brought up something that I want to offer and from that state of balance this makes a whole lot more sense for from Nevada
a will prepared meal has some of every flavor you know the Salty The Sweet to sour bitter
that is a balanced meal periods are you saying I can shut down a half of my emotional just because I'm not as comfortable having it or can I be in a balanced State and simply notice when I'm having a feeling of discomfort as I would notice that I'm having a feeling of Joy may be a witness loving yourself enough to be in that state of experience need to control
opens up the opportunity to orchestrate your life which is different than control
and I want to speak to pay you for a moment pain is very subjective you know what are the things that you like to do hospitals or wherever is to say okay give me a scale of 1 to 10 or 125 why what's it what's your subjective units of distress scale right the one that is so some people are totally blown out a level for pain and others say I need some help you know it's it's subjective the key here is the all pain
any level of your be all pain is a call to Consciousness all pain is a call for Consciousness Consciousness brings light
do you think has Consciousness is light so as we may have an experience in our body of discomfort or pain what it's saying is bring bring me your Consciousness bring me light love me meaning don't push me away to love is to say I accept you you were allowed to exist so whatever is in your body to first take a breath and sit so hello hello I am present to you
and I'm open to hearing your message that's for Consciousness comes in I'm open to hearing to listening with presents whatever the message is it could be that I took a nasty fall off it could be that you've ignored me for years and I can't take it anymore circumstances which result in this paint however once we bring presents to our pain we be did the natural healing process we rebalance ourselves and here's the other tricks that is so important than it is said to be able to widen our perspective and I think this is part and parcel with Supply some people may say it's a three or four in the other people so it makes call it a seven or eight the same quote pain is because it's not the same
you allowing that pain to fill your perceptual field if we're able to stand around the page create a cocoon a bubble a cloud for the page of floating valuable because it's in pain that many become pharmaceutical addicts and pharmaceuticals will Cloud your energy they absolutely will but sacred plant medicine will not and that is all sacred plant medicines including cannabis all of them have a key to Consciousness because the key to Consciousness is to break through the pain at the poor Essences the pain and the gift of sacred medicine in this is one of the blessings tell me people when they come here to tosa Blue Mountain the blessing of the Sacred Saint Pedro that we are so blessed to grow here
is to be able to go beyond the pain to to have the distance from the pain to call Saul where the Consciousness to thereby let go of it big challenge expanding if you live your life in a habitual pattern if everything we look at it through the lenses of our education in our experience than we have a habitat for looking things so to evolve spiritually meditative to love breath practiced or a plant medicine all of them have the possibility of
Weidman vs I wanna say it again verses when you become addicted to the Pharmaceuticals you then have the belief system that believe you must have the Pharmaceuticals that thereby limits your ability to defend it goes back to the question we asked earlier are you spiritually awake yet physically dying are you emotionally dying it says you cannot exist together and forever they will they just can't do it and often times the way that they finally relax is their transition but the key is it doesn't have to be that way I was as spiritually awake as they come and I was absolutely physically dying
I'm only saying the only way that that could change with to be able to face the pain
and to stand up to the pain at every level and it does begin with a third dimension and we started talking about this earlier this year what do you really want you have to absolutely want the expansion instead of the Aging
UHS it's a much harder choice at first because it demands shifting everything at its core and it demands spiritual tenacity and it from others who have done it and what I know she and I are starting to witness now is what I want to just give a shout out to Masha and those of you that saw her in that video with me wow wow wow played the part of the first mass of transformation if you come here with the with this deep sacred alignment and intention the land magic starts revealing itself and you break through that pain and it starts becoming a motion of inspiration
so how we go about our journey is a choice and the one thing I can say to you with absolute knowing this
you are not your body for nones number one all right I'm not talking to people in Michigan say hi to someone
military oh my goodness we actually got through you got through I've been changing our diets and all kinds of things but I've been really having some issues I can't seem to resolve and would like some feedback possibly
go ahead and I don't know I was very healthy there for a very long time I felt very good in my body for a long time and then in the last like 9 to 10 months I just have put on some amount of weight and just don't feel happy in my body and I just need some guidance I'm working with and different things like that okay alrighty and with your permission I'm going to look a little deeper into your energy field is that all right
of course of course I trust you with my whole heart
there is something at work here
the number one issue that I'm sensing is related to your fifth chakra which is influencing your digestion and now normally these two don't connect so I want to unpack that a little bit the fifth chakra is about your ability to allow a new authentic truth to be present for you or let me say it in the other way to stop relying on the old software of what is real the old reality it may have served you working you know we're all caught we are also do it we're familiar with soft white conform to where you really are so I'm inviting you to pay attention to your 5th chakra of your throat because what are you swallowing
are you seeking to nourish yourself with a paradigm that no longer serves the truth of your being and that can interfere with your your body's ability to digest which brings me down to the third chakra
Okay the third chakra is ultimately about trusting your spiritual nature however it's also about the need to control
so I'm just inviting you to kind of do some reflectiveness here to go journal on the what I've been sharing with you when we seek to control our reality we are going to interfere with the natural digestive process and the body may say my only control is to get heavier then I feel stable versus I'm on an Ascension path I'm lifting into my heart it feels a little wobbly at times because the frequency is not as grounded and the body is responding because it's got the old Paradigm in the throat chakra saying I need to ground I need to ground I need to ground I need to stabilize I'm afraid of the upliftment so I'm offering you those nuggets to go pee with thank you a part of tire
I want you guys all the time my name is Tammy and I've been talking back and forth with even the use of the name I Channel Through IV my name is Pamela but that has a lot of things behind it and I'm just learning how to come back into even the truth of that tree was sharing
everything around you right now is it you said this has been about nine months did I remember that correctly
we've filled up my my son would past several years ago the reason we even started by your bud to begin with was through his passing and will yell their house and they're saying that that's what the weight is about that our bodies know how to protect us when everything else might forget
and they're saying that your body has been offering you support protection insulation a safe haven and your body is also say that now it's time for you to decide the next step and it's as true as sharing the entire time I literally saw really what I saw was this beautiful Sacred Heart with a flame coming out of it and they're saying that all of that which brought you to where you are now is ready to be loved into wholeness and released into Oneness so that you may step into your divine presence and that your body is ready to say yes to you and the next steps will be very easy just trust you and so it is
thank you so very much, well let's all just really breathe into our hard huh you know I really feel the gift of this community look at everything is coming forward and I just I want to share again that it cannot be stressed enough that this week the energy of the distraction is going to be intended to blur the lines and the lines to not get blurred if your clear it's just that simple and how do you stay clear don't even invited in just stay right here everything your dreams the blessings that's why we showed you our little film I mean we are showing you in real time it's we're witnessing it happen in ways that are blowing our mind so let this week ahead of you just take you to a mole
where your mind and no longer say or be in denial and speaking of that I'm hoping that our lights will pick this up yes if you see this look at all the this is one of the beautiful Crystal and stones that washed up to us yesterday when we were sitting in our beautiful River there and I'm I'm trying to help it it's this is just not doing Justice it's literally just this is just exactly how it came out of the river is that incredible and I want to share that with all of you as well because that's the moment things are coming up we've lived here three years we have never been called to where we went to the river before in the blessing is it was all on our land and so it means we can bring you there we are now going to be doing more there with our new year group and so it. Energy of the Amazon that energy is speaking to us all and
with that energy coming full into toasted Blue Mountain we literally Bridge from the Amazon River to the top of the Andes mountains and that is covering these beautiful element we even had the fire here a few years ago and so all of the elements are coming together what's coming together for you remember it's time to synergize not plagiarize right competition egoic competition that is absolutely going to be here for as long as there is a here and that's cool if that's where you want to play and then if you're here to hold a higher Realm Of Consciousness if that's your role and this is the moment to assist that energy to have a greater voice
have the voice of balanced the voice that invite that Consciousness the frequency shift it's where all of those Einstein quotes Quotes come together as one right where we know that our Consciousness is Shifting where we are we're right aware experience choice where we are aware of the chef that's before us conscious of the experience and in Consciousness making the choice that's the moment and it's and it's a profound moment because here it is the top one yes and storm we mentioned earlier everything is energy and that's all there is to it I'm not even going to read the rest of it because it's just so clear right but I want to go to the other side there concerning matter
burning matter we have been all wrong what we have called matter is energy whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses there is no matter there is no matter but if we're going to play with it vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our nature I want to hear that it leaves a deep impression on our very nature so it's the whole world. Vegetarianism it would change the destiny of mankind and also you could play with that word it would change the density of mankind and even though this is why we are land we have more natural animals you note wild animals that come to our land because they know they're safe and we know we're safe because we don't smell like that which would eat them and that's the blessing of this moment of knowing that it's about
are frequency and knowing that that is not a myth it's not an illusion it's not woo it is absolute at the essence of our nature to know this and thereby it would be of course at the essence of this creation to not know this and this is why the greatest leap is to actually believe yourself to trust yourself and that's the leap that human nature is making
the ability to trust yourself is what's in front of you and this moment this master experience including the big brouhaha of tomorrow is all about blurring the lines so pay attention to your clarity
and in the clarity is action and one of the thing is I also want to mention before we run and say hi to another caller is that our lives manifest due to a function yes and inaction is an action is an action not to participate so be active and that it works at every level as well move your body stretch your body take a walk enjoy your body being active with each other share your feelings share your thoughts are you aware this is
to take action is to say I choose to be involved in this world of coke creation Now am I being involved from the essence of my authentic Soul energy or am I involved from the essence of my echoic energy at some point in our lives are very parallel in the path of the eagle based reality is the path of normal Mental Health
and while I was studying psychology and first started off as a mental health counselor all I learned about where models for mental health and those models were all about getting the structures in our psychology so that we can handle our emotions so that we could live a productive life and play well with others and it was all about coping yes and that is good as far as it goes but when I begin to discover within me was a deeper yearning for a deeper level of Truth for an evolution beyond that and that's when my recognition began to come forward of the difference between the seoul-based reality and the eagle based reality the two overlap at the beginning because the soul is allowing you and supporting you to have your ego your personality experience and if you want to take a whole lifetime in that trap the soul will cooperate
because the soul knows there's no time the soul is infinite so go for it that's why I make your choice and enjoy it and the moment you become aware of the different the moment you awaken to that deeper truth that deeper level of love then you are responsible to a whole nother level and that's when we are able to take the position the perspective of Father forgive them they know not what they do in Consciousness and at that point the level of responsibility that comes with that awakened state is far vaster and the joy that comes with that awakened state is far vaster and is not dependent on any external condition
okay so breathe out in because in all sincerity love and presence when you are living that state then the magic of Gaia reveals itself yesterday when I had the pleasure of walking the property down to the tree of wisdom with Masha internet and we were working through so many magical experiences are unfolding when we were down the Amazon excetera and it was wonderful to see the brilliant illumination of Jeanette who moved here from New Zealand going to Magic is really here
the magic is real the magic is always around you has always been with you when you were younger you would you connected with it and when we lived outside of the world of density and come here to Tulsa Blue Mountain actually witness it again member the greater keys of who you are that's the Gifted Hand and we're inviting you to make that choice this week so beloved ones as we come to a close of this form of connection we say that we honor you we respect you and we love you may you love yourself more fully
thank you for joining us in screen Carolina to have your questions answered send us an email to yes at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3.. Com you next week

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