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Sri and Kira Live, December 13, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

The Voice of Passionate Action

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era
what a show what a moment what a service is here for all of us right now today let's let's really breathe that in and I just want to give a big shout-out to all of you that are joining us from all over the world this moment matters thank you for saying yes to you that is the gift and in this moment right now we are already in and I know you're feeling it we are in this peak up level experience right now this incredible New Moon solar eclipse New Moon solar eclipse pretty amazing breathe it in and a moment before us about Mastery that is so beyond the consensus reality that it can only be a groundbreaking moment that's all in store for today and that's just the tip of the iceberg
nasty on the consensus reality PBS radio this is the trust will awaken Greater Love in you are feeling really fast CBS toll free +888-627-600-8886 to 76008 and of course you can get to listen to the show while you're holding and over at 1 to talk radio 517-208-1500 that's 517-208-1500 and this is I just have to say
the Embrace of the Speak Up level energy is so beyond the moment of the mind that it is the moment of the Ascension it is the moment of the Consciousness it is the moment of the awareness or it is the moment of the density curve up the dates and then and how this how all has come in but the moment of Ascension or the moment of the density is is a wonderful way of saying are you expanding and lift or are you contracted and seeking Comfort through that contraction that collapse other thing right now and remember that we are in a month of awareness December has been all about awareness and as we are in this peak up level
experience right now it's that moment to go beyond and to really understand the metaphor of why the guru goes into the cave and why they come out it's a moment of going beyond the illusion of the dream it's a moment of saying
yes to you it's a moment that matters this December 14th through December 20th
window is is it's breathtakingly breath list it's the only way I can describe it
let it out when were able to really do that what we're saying is I receive I am able to receive energy I am able to receive life and I'm able to relax into that relationship or that Dynamic of a free-flowing life force energy however many of us have had the experience where we suddenly realize work
for breathing shallow and if that's the gateway to the recognition of the signal to make a choice wow I choose to relax and breathe and Trust
Choice could be somebody come help me here
already opportunities but the key comes down to your awareness and your choice
the truth chakra now this is not on unwarranted or
without cause let's put it that way remember that right now we are in the year of Perfect Balance 2020 is the year of perfect balance it has been and will continue to be for the next few days before plus the double infinite and it's been up level experience that we have been in that 2-year journey and this is all inside of the cycle but we've been lovingly referring to as the Ascension escalator that opened in 2015 and is the seven years 2015 through 2020
best until we would get closer to each month because it we are in top vines that is that fluid remember that 20 20 the energy flows 20 22 weeks
topographic are not tree The 20/20 energy lost as far as we knew at the beginning we knew at the end of 2019-2020 was going to be different it was the bridge year between linear and spiral time and I really want you guys to hear that tree and I get how bad can feel to hear for the first time or what our second be a salt into a modicum you crazy all of those thoughts honestly are the Eagles playing don't believe it don't go here because once you free yourself of the linear time experience your multi-dimensional presence is able to Anchor with greater fluidity greater present and greater ability to actually be the commander of the ship of this body to be in that sacred Union to be in that moment of ascended present so
gazing at the graphic what you see is that January through August 2020 was our last experience of direct linear progression however it was contained inside of the Spiral of ignition 2020 is that that's part of the flame it's that that energy that ignites the spiral and the spiral time has already begun we are already in it right now in December and as you gaze at this graphic and if you're not gazing what I want to share as you'll see that January through August was like okay January March April May June August but then we had to take a shower and then we had to move from profound shift Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation for October and then we had to literally leap over our brain to go to November and then we had to say yes to move into December and this moment of yes right
now is anchoring the profound shift that is the spiral time ignition and this is why in this moment right now the conversation that we want to expand this energy into today and we're going to give you all of the left brain why we're here and how to move through it but the real conversation is to understand why that Guru goes into the cave and then why the guru comes out but no to really understand that it's to really get to the essence of why labeling and dismissing Consciousness Ascension it's so much easier than taking or facing the responsibility of your own actions and outcomes and yet the two are the one
free it's such a profound moment and it's what's bringing us to the third our final pickup level moment of the entire year being willing to dismiss or deny the Ascension opportunity because it reminds me a bit of waking up the teenager on Saturday morning and he'll be all right leave me with my dream land right with that which we are experiencing because we are ready and then somehow it's comforting and it's time to wake up
time to pay attention this time to be who you took birth to be that feels like responsibility
so you can move into the Consciousness that is sincerely dance goes into the cave you know the classic the classic images is the group was up in the mountains and goes into the cave and meditates until the time comes when he so how many times in our life do we go into that cave seeking the guidance inspiration to Clarity and then what do we do what we choose to get step out and be seen that's a powerful question even deeper understanding and what that expanded symbolism mean because we are at that moment where the rising tide of awareness is impacting that choice remember that list either we have
numerology remember that November and December are one experience and if you look at this has been a numerology chart if you're watching us you'll notice that it's like you're seeing a mirror image of something in many ways you are however the real difference is happening and if you pay attention and you look over here December 14th it is tomorrow if you look on the right side of this chart December 14th 2020 is Sunday numerology is a six and that is happening during an illuminated New Moon Peak the third and final pick up level of this year which means it's the ceiling of the pyramid it's the three-legged stool is where everything's going to ignite on us solar eclipse now if you gaze at the body you will notice what that the six is right there it is your balance it is your second chakra it is your creation and if you look at it on the wheel on the ever refining spiral wheel of your souls emanation the six is really the one
the biggest bird it's like the 7th if I look at that clock and I go from the seven all the way around to the 5.6 literally can be holding it all right and look at what a look at how many times were diving in and out of the Infinite Space go over to your body and noticed that right now in this moment energy of the Divine that left Divine energy that seven and energy is coming in like a comet and for the first time it's going to hit your second chakra and it's the night the New Balance this is what we have been talking about all year this is what we have been saying is that it is about the restoration of balance and so the single Crescendo moment is actually tomorrow December 14th
what's take a breath on that in the energy right now and stay in this up level is the entire gift of a year of cosmic connection we have another one next year so the whole thing 20 20 2020 you don't and then as we looked at the numerology for December and passing through the infinite constantly what that really means is that every being is being given a charge of pure connection to our energy of pulse and the theft charge of energy then you are sovereign you can decide how you're going to integrated use it and if you want to empower a traditional or a life for a life that is
it's up to you it's all good you all get to choose your all
do you work with the flow
explain it if you're not if you're listening only but I want you to really call in your heart because what I'm going to share with you in the next few moments might really rattle some of your perceptions
just say okay let me just receive money just noticed so I'm going to go ahead and put out as a December up level calendar this is the final up level calendar of 2020 the up level calendar for 2021 will be released soon and what's really important as those of you that have this calendar at home and it's still up at our website train on the homepage the scroll we can still grab it to yourself This is an important one to pay attention to because look up at the top the cosmic 2 scene 3 read us what they're saying the year 2022 will set in motion the next 1000 years this was what the cosmic Christine wanted to be shared with the energy of this month right now this was before we knew the spiral time was opening this was before we had the time compression of the pack
this is before we actually all skipped ahead before we started shifting lines again this was pretty covid-19 and so the one thing that we know is true as we look at this number 2020 is that it's about profound shift this as we opened in 2020 January 2020 brought us in with profound shift and like a rainbow bridge to the entire year we are culminating with profound shift only that shift has been so outside of the quote boundaries of perception that for me they are unaware of it because of the intensified density pulse now speaking of that I want you to look at this calendar and the most visible thing that I'm sure many of you are wondering is why is there nothing for December 2120-20
why is the peak up level Peak and there were only three in this year and this one is the Kahuna why is the peak up level tomorrow on the 14th during that illuminated new moons of culminating illuminated New Moon of this year and the solar eclipse in harmony with each other the moon and the sun in harmony with each other coming into our chakra of creation on the ascendant numerological scale it's like everything is converging tomorrow is tomorrow's date that amplifies us it is tomorrow's date that moves us forward it is tomorrow's date that has the greatest potential ready for the leap and Consciousness that has ever been now why is that so controversial because of everything that is around the December twenty one day is exactly why it is not on the up level calendar
the December
21-day Harold's a moment in this experience of linear
is a Consciousness experience that
neither this is actually a Divine moment that saying pay attention yes it is a celebration and celebrate and
if you are here to hold a higher level of Consciousness that is what it's calling you that it's right now it's this week is December 14th or December Twenty-One when we are being gifted with the opportunity to sincerely through this pickup level energy say yes to our unified presence within that beautiful solar disk that masculine energy coming in with the illuminated new moon and they're both in their void it's an illuminated new moon it's and it's void and it's a solar eclipse their meeting each other in the void of creation and saying what do you want
what do you want what are you burping and that it's the moment when the guru can step out of the case when the guru is clear and the guru has transcended the pain of the illumination because what many forget is that the guru Blues into the cave no way that interfacing with density is basically impossible when you get to that final moment of Illumination because there is no emotional body left there is no known as just the raw being there by the guru steps into the cave of their inner Mastery the cave of this body aluminum at this beautiful level of illuminated present
and stays in that cave until that energy can fully anchor thereby assuring the movement forward
we are all making choices and having information and having life experience informs our choices
and so here we are at this beautiful moment where the energies of the cosmos are conspiring to work to work with the opening that comes with the astrological calendar you know what makes the astrology has to do with the constellations and stars that are associated with Earth Universe part of this is so that's actually. Is greater than the division of of this but it's still this is still a dome this traveling with an Associated to the realm of density has some useful this the cosmic energy is doing its best to come through that isolation that bubble their planetary thought body the consciousness
the Cocoon that everybody's in you do you are you are that's because you're carrying with you the lenses in the Cocoon and nothing else is so you you screamed it the cosmic energy uses the astrological Windows to help give you a gift of energy to help activate Cosmic DNA to help in any way possible for the children of Earth to remember more fully that I am and that I am here and that I have a life power dignity and Service open to the energy to frequency the support that is here now and expanding our special
we started this whole past weekend and as a matter of fact in today's Beautiful film so much to share with you even have a little piece of that. Beautiful bre road because this was actually in the galactic encyclopedia lesson 10 which was last Monday's Monday magic experience and if you have not joined us for Monday magic it's Hobbies like this interest you if you want to learn more if you're not quite sure we're talking about but you want to know what we're talking about join us to two ways you can do that first go to Street and calm and get into Monday magic it's donation Union for Littles a dollar if you want to join us and remember your donations help our world service listen to that you want to check out explore the Mysteries that is our show that airs every Sunday night it is a one-hour in-depth exploration of the
ancient energy that's working through you and Andrea Lee amplifying through this process and tonight's episode is all about self-sabotage and these repetitive cycle this is really important to Listen to In This is why we put it out today same day is the show it's there it's right there for you it'll be there tonight because this week right now 21st has so much myth and lore and and Anjou do around it whatever you would call it you know whatever it doesn't matter what matters is that it is happening it is a profound beautiful blessing is astrologically based it's phenomenal same thing coming up on in March we're coming right up to this in the March Equinox same thing where density is going to bridge the cosmic in the March equinoxes about about coming together in a way that's totally different the December Twenty-One have a lot of spiritual eyes dogs not coming in around it as well and this is why if if you feel
backhaul to higher Consciousness if you are aware of your awareness if you are seeing the broader gift that is happening right now then imagine the blessing that you are in right now you are listening you are tuning in and whenever you get this we always time stamp and sleep if you get a year from now you're getting unified field of the masculine and The Feminine standing naked in front of each other standing fully naked in front of each other and saying here I am
this this is I am we are the one and calling us in for yourself calling it in in your life living it knowing it and standing up in this moment coming out of your cave and whatever that cave is or how that cave brought you in becoming out with the opened eyes and the wisdom and the discernment of the one who is ready to greet that which is birthing without resisting it and that's a tall order and it's right now and it's the next week and Street I want you to talk about every time she has this it is because we are
resistant to expanding Beyond a known truth truth is what you pull in to say this is true for me it'll in conversationally we can have objective truth energetically we have our subjective truth and that the truth chakra the throat chakra is indeed the connection point between your heart and your ascendant chakras your upper chakras so if the throat is very much articulating constricting beliefs it's very difficult to bring those two images together that is to lift from love up into the knowingness and the and the cosmic wisdom so let's come back to the throat what are the things about the throat in one of the things that the ascended ones offer us as if you were to bring a hand to your throat
so she's wonderful to have one hand on your heart and one hand on your throat before speaking
you would be opening your throat to the truth of love as opposed to a concept that might be outdated for the truth of you right now what are the things that is it important to remember is that are words shape reality are words are often attempts to to induce others to believe or a certain thing to believe something about us or to believe something about the world we use our words to shape and ourselves of it when our words are Anchored In Love than our worst energy of expansion
versus Tierra energy of constriction so that was a rather long response is saying what you're transmitting to me is challenging the boundaries of my agreed truth a little bit kind of unsure whether to allow myself to relax into that or hold tight to what I thought was so
it's really freaking a nice deep breath run and remember that whenever we really try to bring that into the nose feel it be received wherever it needs to go and that beautiful exhale with a smile because when we exhale with a smile we send a signal to the universe that we are here that we have listed through the heavy the smile is an ignition and you know this week this energy right now to speak up level experience and it's very interesting opens on Monday the 14th and it's going to go go go go go go go go go next Monday we are in a full seven days like these are the culminating two weeks of the galactic encyclopedia its lessons 11 and 12 delivering the
turn on the 14th pick up level we will all be together for that ceremony tomorrow night again if you want to be a part of that street and you can and then the first we will be together for less than 12 and I love that Lesson 12 on the 21st you know the powers of the mirror of that wasn't right for those of you that are free and I have been out in the public since 2003 and we have been offering through the behest of the Masters we've been offering public and swollen since 2004 they were happening long before then but we we went public then and what's happened is that we have been called when covid came which we all know how much has happened due to covid-19
holder's all came together and we started surfing through time so it's really a Time surfing so we searched through this time and we and we move through and before and we discover our circularity and is it any wonder that two years ago the lineage holder started really coming forward and that all we knew at that time was that if we didn't come forward it was it was going to be a concern then we all started coming together and we started time surfing we made a collective decision to Anchor to to call forward into this stream of Consciousness because we knew that it was a Clarion call we knew we we asked we specifically said take us to where we can be at the greatest service and so remember you are here right now in the thick of it
but understanding why you've been in a cave and claiming that and bringing it forward to the moment that we are in right now is where Consciousness is being called to the Forefront and so with that so is everything else so it's a question of How It's a question of how we are navigating this moment that is before the and it's a big one big moment we are receiving right you're connecting so we have a choice to just ultimately if it's in the enlightenment moment in the cave you have a choice to drop the body and go
when we step out of the cave regardless of whatever level of attainment was brought forward the only spiritual reason to step out of the cave is to be a service my attainment that my experience that my discernments wisdoms connection whatever words you want to put on it that might be might be of service to other beings now this is pivotal because each of us has a heart each of us says I want to help I want to serve however one where is the place of knowing that my being nurse my Consciousness is of service it is what we are saying is my Foundation my root chakra is no longer dependent upon the tribe the safety of the exterior
Infinite Source of love and light and I am service inform now how the service Express but the be nested knows that my life is in service is the essence of the guru stepping out of the cave also thought that first chakra is it not an end this is why I want to put up again here is the ascendant numerology for December and I want you to look over at the physical body there at the first shop racy that's for that trying shirts was so important every single month this year one hundred percent of the month this year if you look under where it says December is a 7 but 20/20 is at 4 plus that into double incident so what has that meant what that has meant is that if December is the seven and you
you noticed that it's a month about Vision it's a vision month it's all about our greater Awakening and it's not just limited to our third eye it is about our greater Awakening are greater Vision remember it's an awareness energy so of course it's going to be about Dave and yellow love how that lined up and sew through that Vision what happens is that when we transited from November and December he came crashing in like a comet to our head blew up our brain went into our vision and immediately did what it did what it has done every single month this year it immediately went to your root chakra your root chakra has been a trampoline for 12 months and the good news is it ends in January and so what happens if she came crashing in this month through our vision dies down into our route where it immediately because of the double infant we don't even get the moment stability it's like a trampoline
and it goes way out and then it anchors at 11 with the double informing that Loop and you have been in that Loop until right now we're in it right now we're all that Divine energy everything that's been in place since December one until right now 14th everything that's been out there everything is been spiraling everything on that left side that divine feminine energy is getting ready to come barreling in to creation and this was the difference between November and December December's about bringing it into a solid creation making the connection putting together with the new moon and with the the sun and the last thing I want to share here before we leave this graphic is that noticed that December twenty one does not Factor
interesante numerology this year it's factors into a lot of things but it is not a factor in this moment what is a factor will be December 30th because December 30th is going to tie this all together and December 30th Is the Lotus it is our ascended present with the infinite so the challenge straight over the next two weeks between right now when we're in this peak Peak up level and then we're going to have like a final on December 30th own thing the challenge right now is going to be exactly what we were talking about tonight on Saint explore the Mysteries and it's very much about this self-sabotage moment because there is so much happening right now that
what do you mean about December Twenty-One what do you mean about this what you mean about that pay attention because the higher Consciousness is the battle and it's yours to claim and Thrive with right now everything in your life especially those moments of contraction righteousness anger or fear anger fear is a springboard for your ascendant Mastery in those experiences we can either swim in them and choose to go back to sleep with in them or we can notice that they are reviewing a positionality
a point of view that is anchored in a reality that has been challenged
so it's really Breezy Point of View that's been anchored in a reality that's been challenged is actually a moment of growth because you're you're growing to see the perception notice it were ready to move to the next level this is such a beautiful thing we mentioned that fear is an Ascension symptom symptoms because it was the first time ever fear there were two overarching Ascension symptoms among all the others this year and fear was actually one of them. However in Pryor X fear is actually the energy of a collapse contraction this year because the level of consciousness of humanity was at the point where it could use fear
list of wireless and Mastery the fear could be a springboard to the gift to come in words and discover what reality and that's another conversation or so many gifts that came forward and of course a lot of other tragedy that came forward conversation right now is how will you be in the face of your emotional
experiences read that in the place of Mastery there is great piece of the reactivity is is far far far away from the place of reality reactivity comes first so peace is a moment a moment breath but my Norm is the bouncy little pulsing energy that is is chaos and the journey of your thoughts of attainment you'll start seeing one diminishes and the feast comes up you know it and you get to notice that there's no judgment here this is simply states that are feedback of where you are invested
really breathe that in you know states of feedback of where you are invested and that is where we are on the planet right now Jade even pay attention so many of you know we're getting ready to receive an amazing amount of beautiful people here very shortly what we have pizza visitors here right now from Mount Shasta actually we're noticing stop this fear Ascension symptom is also becoming an Illuminator for many for example right now there are many that are afraid to travel that are afraid to leave their house that are afraid to do anything and you know sincerely you need to honor what you need to do for you and when the fear becomes the motivator that stopped expansion is the moment that we have said yes to it. The house has said okay my life is now how do I navigate fear and this week in particular this very
Pacific week is very much about supporting your dreams or your demons and I want you to breathe out in because right now and this illuminate diving into that beautiful illuminated voice like you're diving into the void going wow I can see what's in that meeting a solar eclipse its to me it feels like the mail yielding and saying let us Meet In This Moment of Oneness where we are both in the void where we are both standing naked where we are both saying yes and in that moment are you saying yes to your dreams or are you saying yes to Demons because you are saying yes to something and fear is here and fear and grief are being woven together and there is a lot of anger and of course we know that the formula is what fear plus angry hate and when hate
anchors Society drops Consciousness collapses the consciousness of hate is a very different frequency than the consciousness of Love there by where love is hate cannot be and where hate is love is hidden but it doesn't mean it's gone away it's the fear that keeps us bound and so as an Ascension symptom the moment of your dreams and demons is before you this is the key this is the moment to really pay attention because 2021 is the throat chakra and I want to show you the spiral energy of that because this spiral energy is really manifesting very very quickly and this is December this is white now and you'll notice that part of this is actually the background when we come when we come back
this has been our background but what's happened is that we are in this balanced creation energy that is calling forward spiral time we are in the transition into 2021 right now and as we begin working in the spiral time energy we're going to find a greater sense of
let's just say appreciation of what time is it is not and that if we can relax into that we can come out of that cave is Archer self absolutely knowing that whatever moment your life experiences in this is your first moment as well for all because we are bursting through the paradigms of Consciousness into level 3 have never at 10 before they just on a side note okay but freeze at 1:10 before we just cut it off so the power of the recognition of this will support your expansion
so on the side that I don't read much of the news because it doesn't nourish me periodically I catch something and the something that caught recently was that I think it was a NASA article that talk about the astronauts in the space station
age more slowly than the people at Mass consciousness
there's a funny bar Pleasant little recognition hear what they were saying is that according to Einstein's relativity theories that if you were to be operating way out speed of light aging would stop
and that the closer we get to earth the more grab the gravity of the timeline and the deterioration associated with that becomes quite a force field but just the sheer thing of just being a little bit outside of Earth that aging slows down our experience is the more anchor with our eyes make truth meaning You're Timeless being us the more you are anchored outside of time as understood by conventional thought and the more were anchored outside of time the less the time has anything to do with us the opportunity this is the epitome of the yoga of self Ascension it is found to have that conscious Mastery presents fully illuminated within the body form
thereby inviting the body of form into a greater state of vibrational frequency that is anchored outside of the 3rd and 4th dimensional and now this brings us back to him to pop that up level calendar up one more time because we want to share this because this is another part of it when you look at this calendar right here this is another important gift is that many many many are very excited about the fourth dimension appearing on the 21st woo-hoo we're moving from the third dimension to the 4th Dimension now that is absolutely a celebration and for those that are really aligned in the fourth dimension it will be an Eagle Fest unlike any other ecofest it will be amazing it would be fabulous and it will be so all-consuming and such a buffet and you'll be so sluggish in it that you're it's basically like a Roman feast and after you're done gorging yourself
and you're nice and lazy and you're in all of that you don't even realize what's been coming in around you and that's the Trap of this moment is that yes the fourth dimension is is an amazing experience and it's here however it is congested right now with an extraordinary imbalance amount of confused disincarnate energy that is really excited to find your light and love your ego as much as your ego loves it and this is why the assault is unconsciousness December 14th through the 21st before that window pops
is the moment to Anchor your Consciousness to love yourself enough to Anchor your Consciousness outside of the planetary thought body that is sustained by fear and anger and hate and to hold yourself into that beautiful and I'm going to show you this graphic again where there it is hold yourself in that energy of your 9th dimensional presents that is the witness again
witnessing right that's not 7th dimensional presents the witness her which is your 5th dimensional presence bringing us here into the third dimension again
when we can hold our Consciousness in the window of the greater good and the invitation of that flow we reverse age we are constantly inspired where are sleep cycle shift everything aligned and we are able to affect the balance through the conscious expression balance
for being balanced are we not you no end in this is that law of instantaneous manifestation
sometimes there's a nomenclature issue that people think the fourth dimension is is the next destination in reality the age of Aquarius is being able to pay 7th dimensional living this is what it what it's about the fourth dimension is a layer that's attached to a city-based is the polarity of density only there's nobody sees I was just energy first moment is because of this because of the 4th dimensional spiritually active playground this is going to be a moment of extreme US versus them and God is going to play out in the realm of what is considered to be a higher levels of awareness you're going to see elitism you're going to see a lot of a v
I am it's me it's a lot of that and that's totally cool you know that'll help those that are in density and it's out of balance with the real reason we're here so if we are remembering that which we are then who are we not to be that which we are that is a beautiful blessing and that invitation is what's expanded on the 21st the question is who is the we that showing up because when we discern with greater Clarity what we're doing is we're creating a context for our lives that actually supports our upliftment as opposed to create a contact for our lives that supports dependency or dis empowerment
this is is the whole victim triangle and how victims people who feel the lice abuse them in some fashion confirm that I've been done wrong so I can feel better about my hurt and my disempowerment but that's going to keep you in a while. That's why you repeat a lot of Cycles right there so this one context and we hang out there until we say enough time to go through that and then we'll grow into the interaction expansion expanded now where we see everything in our life is an opportunity to Mentor others to be in service as opposed to be a product of life meaning to be hit by a dependent
send the foundation to allow us to get to the up level and end this is so important out what is it all bring us to it brings us to that zero point ignition it brings us to the full embodiment of our self ascended presents which is everything you were being gifted with right now if we just say yes and no speaking of saying yesterday I want to jump in and say this past weekend we A lot happened and we started talking about this earlier in the show that on Monday last Monday during Monday Night Magic less than 10 of the galactic encyclopedia those of you that were there with us those of you that are in that and really actually came forward and talk about this specific weekend and that it opened up on Friday night so we had consider this we had the 11th on Friday Friday night moving into what we're moving into this new moon with each moment we're getting closer and closer to this beautiful conjunction of the new moon in the solar eclipse then there was the 12 12 the Mastery moment at hand and yes
at 12 on 12 on 12 12 here at tosa Blue Mountain reignited with our kanyari Brethren the portal of light that will carry us through until New Year's Eve and we had an incredible sacred watching the ceremony that sincerely defied the bounds of all and wisdom film of that for you coming out because we really want you to be part of that what's not in the film and it was due to privacy was the beautiful way this culminated because it was really symbolic of the birth and one at a time our beloved Alexander had heated up all the Sacred Water and it was filled with flowers because the Blue Mountain and there were other flowers and he was everyone was encouraged to wear their bathing suits and he would he brought couples together and then sprinkled the flowers over them and then toward the sacred Waters over them and this was like the culmination each being culminated their Journey yesterday with this
new life and that energy is in you right now whether you were physically with us yesterday or not that energy that new life opened up and here we are today in the energy of the magic 13 the 12 and the 13 that energy of divine Mastery present in its totality remember that the truncated system of numerology on this planet just hacked it off it basically said you don't need to know your Soul's Journey you just need to know about this right stay here let that be enough to keep you fascinated enough it. That will keep you keep you locked in yet we are at the moment of the Ascension be offended presents and it leads us to tomorrow well yesterday on 12/12 we've been talking about it we also ignited the sacred flame inside of the Violet right now
what is the precious elements of the qunari ceremonies is it they celebrate our connection or connection to Earth Grand spirituous like the expansion of heart in the heart is inclusive of everyone in the ceremony so there is what created the ceremonies of course but there's also a greater appreciation of respect for everything in our lives as opposed to a ceremony that says just go inward you know disconnect from the world and go have an interest to celebration of life not 100% yet but it's off
this too is the energy of the circle the energy of the Embrace and the energy of honoring the Violet flame of transmutation have the and the recognition that each being that enters this land this property tosa Blue Mountain has an opportunity to be transformed uplift and supported on their journey of expanding love with you in real time is so beautiful you're going to see on this video Alexander who's the engineer that built the stone for us and what was so beautiful is the way that everything laid out the way that everything had to happen the Dome has been delayed in the way that they got here they wound up spending two nights here with us and during those two nights we really discovered that and we're very much aligned in Consciousness then they didn't want to leave and and they are coming back next week and a gift is that we want to right now in
invite you to participate with us and thanks to the Magnificent efforts of our beloved Bree Rose and Jeanette are beautiful on site coordinator everything has been coming together and they are responsible for this extraordinary time-lapse film it is phenomenal so we want to invite you right now because of the energy of this up level up level in this moment really Breaking Free invite yourself to just connect with the beautiful Violet radome it is not completed but it is up and the flame gets ignited we want to share that energy with you yesterday's incredible birthing that is happening for the planet and the gift relaxing into the master you are and when we come back we're going to expand our conversation will be starting to take your calls right away so get in the queue we'll be right back enjoy this incredible film
what we are able container we are tired of this beautiful. So this is Samara structure Dr Westville by honne for us now we are doing some finishing for this it is a seven. It is bigger than 40 what is well and having to style so it will it will be here I will be playing in the center Des Plaines have all the elements on this you're going to say it diarrhea of this dump is the gayest to the nature a beautiful shape
I saved that is a card game with the surrounded that we have here so you're busy with this floor clients and then we're going to show you more details about this likely in the center of the flame and the flame will be on
it was purple with the square with the pyramid inside the Violet Ray Jones and I have 3 Master amethyst metaphysical long time for the one sitting here south. Paul and then the case is going to be back here at 2 and it's still got Reception Center and then all of our Crystal and she salon
and then now right at the top of the next page there we are stray of The Lion and the lamb that the eagle will soar and the Condor will join together they shall form the Great Serpent of understanding coming forward again to Galactic reunification you will say what divine riddles you offered to us today and your DNA knows exactly what we are offering symbology and I do want to share with all of you that on a very like stunning note along with the larger over notes Here
it was just a few weeks ago that we were sitting with Alexander of the coyote and the Great Serpent is the Kennedy literally we just installed the Great Serpent into the Violet Ray Shiva Temple that just came forward to us the Condors here lately have now moved into our Valley right down by our River House I mean they are right down at the river and it has been phenomenal to see this huge bird so closely you hear the wings like they soar over you you hear them and the eagle energy is really right now calling an end they're saying that the eagle will store in The Condor will join and the Great Serpent this is bringing us to the March Equinox and this is really to me saying this is the energy of the March Equinox that is going to be 2021 because 2021 is the year that's going to determine 2022
hey and we are back and I am just still in that ceremony aren't all of you thank you for being here and my beloved husband took a break and when he comes back it will be a fabulous moment for us to be with him and so I want to remind all of you right now please go ahead and give us a call in oh I'm get it was like a lion. Let me go ahead and give me that number again 288-627-6008 right over there at CVS radio and of course right over here at 1 is 517-208-1500 again that's 517-208-1500 so first and foremost aren't you guys excited about this beautiful Violet rate Dome and as you know as you can tell we wanted you to see it we want you to know it's real and it really happened and that we did eliminate that flame that was City all that video you saw was from yesterday beautiful bring a rose petal.
summer time for the show today and so that beautiful Violet flame God ignited we are not going to show you that Dome again until you join us New Year's Eve right straight I had to go get my cup of tea refresh refresh mine too and that was worth every moment and I'm so grateful so Street New Year's Eve not only see the Violet Ray Joan but enter it for the installment plan because the lighting in the crystals
I want to talk about New Year's Eve in the garden which we do every year we we have the Delight of sharing and ensoulment a live archangelic connection a dispensation that will help you enter the new energy the new year it was greater expansion information contacts and inspiration and these ensoulment are offered through as a gift of do I love to cure a raw and that we together create an energy these offers of prediction for the coming year it offers and initiatories energy that will prepare you for the coming year and it's a very special gift and when we participate
you are in the flow of that energetic initiation you're in the flow of the gift the healing energy and and I encourage you to just say I am willing to take a little time out of whatever I was doing and connect with that and and this is going to happen at 5 p.m. Pacific 8 p.m. Eastern on December 3rd coming right up and we encourage you to register so that you can get the link to the live event and have participating consciously with the folks gathered here who are also holding open the space of this in the Divine new cathedral I'm so we're not going to show you the Violet Ray J home again we wanted to really be the surprise and the ignition that it's meant to be all of us it will be here live will be dressed as
master that has come out of right now in his pee cup level that's coming in and there will be another up level on the 30th and that energy who is the master that is that is revealing themselves now and if you're joining us at home why not call together your friends why not begin your New Year's Eve with everyone gathering in their best costumes whether you're Gathering virtually or not and tune in be part of this moment you know we you tweet for years for many many years we offered and installment at Publix every month and in the early years free and I were we're off we're doing it's almost everyday sometimes twice a day and what we now know is that the reason we were so front-loaded and it was very draining and very very challenging and end in but we did it and we loved it and it was phenomenal and such an otter we now know that the reason all that was front-loaded was because it basically had to all be like inserted
into the Consciousness into the timeline of this experience so that if we arrived at this moment now and we have that we would still be here on the planet and many of you know there there's lots of reasons Trey and I were not supposed to be on the planet right now yet we are and the reason that we are here is the same reason you are because we consciously said I will stay through this moment it is the reason that I am here in this timeline it is the reason that my body is sustaining its how you do the Divine director shared with us about a year ago now that when the body when we align with our true service and when all ulterior motive is gone meaning there at the me Consciousness is not what drives us then the body will continually sustain and Revitalize as long as it serves the greater it's just that easy
just that easy your body is in sacred partnership with your soul it is not in opposition you know and when we line up when our Consciousness service for the reason the sacred reason we took birth when we start to resolve lifelong patterns we begin to bring in new vitality and the energy of Resurrection yeah baby so apart of this also happen to stay aligned with people places and energy support our expansion vs. trigger our egos I want to expand out and say hello we have full lines everywhere SRI where we be getting a radio here from Ohio
play anitta a namaste
I love you I really gratitude for what you have helped me get through over the past 3 years
thank you for sharing I feel you I really feel you
how can we serve you sweetheart
I don't know just tell me how do I serve the greater good if I'm on the right path
if there's anything else I can do to I don't know it's just my chair or integrate my ego
the first one you have first thing I want you to do to relax your breath cuz I'm feeling that what I've been noticing for the whole show today I want you just really Breeze with me there breathe your breath really down to your third chakra of your belly is so beautiful and they're all saying the same thing oh my goodness take that burden off of you you you are like burdened with wanting to do it so well but you're forgetting to enjoy it you're forgetting to let it show you how fun it can be there saying that put down the burden that is carrying the question and pick up the paintbrush of that which is before you and I'm seeing you besides this like Mastiff Candice and you got like this huge cartoon size oversized
and with each stroke it's like you're it's like you're cleaning a window and they're saying the clarity you seek has already arrived
trust that it is all flowing and pay attention to that which keeps unlocking your Greater Joy they're saying it's all around you and Adam sharing that I'm doing it's like it's like these beautiful little beans are tickling your 7th chakra and I'm thinking about how by the end of the month were exploding into the ace and it's like they're saying hey you got this don't worry about it don't worry about it so it is you're amazing thank you thank you thank you honey I love you thank you sweetheart you to thank you again as together as a community and embrace you know the love that is offered here in the reminder if it is not meant to be hard
parking garage on 101 right I think she'll really brought in to be hard Challenge and efforting are the byproducts of an egoic lens with which we engage life and when we have been efforting and struggling and being confronted there comes a point where we say enough is enough I choose to let it go is the anger that propels you over the edge where you see the insanity of the moment
so it's important not to stuff your experiences many beans does passive aggressive behavior that is ramping on the planet right now is part of that fourth-dimensional pole and it's Beastie go very well it really does and so just take that moment while I'm staring that losing breath again let's breathe in bring it down to that third wow
yeah all right Siri where we going next to PBS radio on Namaste Angels Buckeye
SRI and Kira will get to connect with you guys
yeah thank you I really related to Judy Judy get me out of the cave and also helping out to being served that's exactly what I've been going through the past eight months and I feel that I am emerging as of now and I still feel it but I would love a mini-stroke and I would love to know if you guys have any plans to offer the Edwardian chamber worship again
just take a breath sweetheart I mean really bring it up and and take a breath I want to answer the Atlanta healing chamber first we are actually on rolling a rolling out starting in February the entire Aveda Institute protocols we are going to be teaching them live from here so that you can join us from anywhere in the world so we are going to begin by in February we will be teaching live again the evasive bouncing protocols with all of the enhanced crystalline features and then yes we will be teaching the Crystal and chamber so tichenor's and so first of all thank you for asking I really appreciate that you asked it's like okay I guess we're supposed to announce there's nothing we're very excited and more details on that will come in later this month now I want to come back to just to you
I'm feeling it right now as a matter of fact I'm getting the a tuner there is a so-so the a tuner you know this opens up those Cosmic Prime meridians and helps clear those congestion as I am connecting with you it's almost like I'm feeling like I'm being pulled into the screen by this grip that's got you and it's got you right here it's got from across the bridge of the nose straight up and it's like a wolf and I feel it and it almost congest through your ears and what's happening is that your Cosmic prime meridian but you know we're right here do I have to the tuner those are the cosmic prime meridian when those open that Floodgate a fear and doubt leaves and this area of experience opens up greater so even as I'm sharing this with you I'm feeling the disconnect come into me so I want you to to just make your spine straight and really everyone the blessing of this being is that she's offering this Attunement does it take
and so if you wanted to join us sit with your back straight as you can or stand with your back straight if you're laying down with your back straight we're gone on the town and I'm going to put put the toner into the camera as you see right here and that's going to be these two spots where you see me putting them on tree right here those to the beginning EFT spots actually read the beginning of the eyebrow and then I want you to just breathe and receive and then we'll continue so let's everybody just hands to heart you can certainly close your eyes if you want to to begin with breathing up
Hamlet receives a tone
and it's breathing up again and was spring that energy straight up and breathe in and breathe out, and just receive and enclose your it's it's really about the past eight months have brought you to a moment of remembrance and a moment of awareness that is seeking greater angry see now I'm feeling with that energy flowing I'm feeling your shoulders relaxed I'm feeling your arms relax I'm feeling your hands become energized with new energy I'm feeling your spine relax and they're saying it is time to be filled with that what you are and to put it into motion I'm also feeling right in the back of your crown right back here there's been like a little a little energy that's just kind of attached to your thought body that's kept you distracted and it's really going it's this like it's ready to leave and you and your pretty clear on its like you're at that moment of the big smile of the master and Sophie
you for bringing this blessing to all of us today we are really grateful
thank you so much, say honey many blessings will tell you I list first just take a breath because when we allow ourselves to pause and can receive the benefits of that which was presented and this is one of the joys of living a conscious life
and now yes let's go over the one that's Talk Radio in Massachusetts I believe now that I say is welcome hi sweetheart and Mexico and I just
love everything you have to say regarding the extension triangle and then the other triangle with
Staton victim
teacher mentor
yeah so that that's those triangles your resume and have like already helped me in 3 weeks so what I have always felt like I'm not happy being but recently my 24 year old nephew Derrick was murdered and I am having a hard time with that and
and then you know it's like the Band-Aid keeps getting ripped off cuz he was
I can't
I'm afraid because like it's a cover-up and it's just like
have some reading for me that would kind of fun you know what I like the key thing that you talked about of course I can integrate this into healing others but yeah
the first and foremost I just got you got you got you alone and you know I'm going to I'm going to invite SRI to get really deep on this one with you because she runs through this with his son and and so I think that he's really qualified to talk about this you know I remember the night in Guatemala when we got the call that SRI son infants found dead in a hotel room and you can't talk and so we understand what that shot can be especially when it comes in a form that has no sense of reason and so I really do we really are with you we get it whenever we have a situation that really pulls at us
we have two levels going on we have the very human part of us that is in the grieving process and then we have the Morris ended part of us that is gathering the energy to lift Beyond drowning in that if it is going to expand and we need to be clear that there's kind of dual Consciousness at work here so on the first hand the report the human being you are in a grieving process and the first thing that happens there is the shock
the shock over what has happened because it's challenges everything that you are sharing it's like there's that part of you that knows it but it's been challenged at its core plastic stages of grief that we cycle through and how fast we cycle through is is individual or whatever it is is a natural reaction and then there is the piece of round the anger that is associated with this event and and it's really important to be tender to yourself to have mercy bar and to be able to say I am I loved him and I didn't realize perhaps how deep my at least left the plane of existence and to honor your process to be with whatever your feelings and not to inhibit yourself because when we honor the process we met
do very quickly through the stages we we touch each feeling long enough for it to provide us with it what it is and and that we can move through and get to a point of resolution now the point of resolution comes when we begin to look at this event as providing call it a momentum for his Soldier and I want to jump in here and share with you that one of the ways you arrived here is by letting go of thinking you need to know it now of stop stop thinking white why is this making sense why don't I understand this yet what why tell me the greater reason for this it's when you let go of that I mean when you really let go of that that you can arrive into this moment and one of the things that she and I did was we made an altar for Alden you know we got out pictures and we made an altar and we had him very present in our home
that was the time when we started really getting the greater gifts that they revealed themselves it was interesting it was a it was like over over a week or so we would we would like we had our own routine or we would like a candle and we would talk and we would share and bought it but it was during that week that the clarity came as to the greater expansion and it came because we let go of trying to understand it and we were just honoring that moment at hand and so I do want with that because what I'm hearing from you I'm experiencing is I connect with you you are so awake and you are still available and they're at Sarah's there's a complexity to this this is not just about him and I know you already know that I will share with you that the greatest gift that you are being given right now is the challenge the challenge means that the Universe knows you're ready is how we walk the
this is what we were saying about this week I mean I love that you got through this week I love that you're on the air and it just a miracle of getting through is a big thing right but you're on this week right now and this is the week that is going to either call forward your dreams or your demon and so that challenge your it's in many respects your right on time and that means that the higher essence of this beautiful being who is part of your greater awareness that convergence In This Moment is not an accident and just stay with that because you will I promise you swim faster than you think it's like I see you waking up going oh my God like it's boom boom boom boom boom boom and now go and that's really what's ahead of you right now yeah there's a gift gift of heart expansion upon you
massive I'm so proud of you I just want to say that you have such courage and you are such a tenacious amazing being I just thank you for being on the planet right now because you are ready for everything that's before you and it just thank you we're glad to connect with you
much love to see you sometime soon please please do wow I think we all need to take a breath. Take a breath on that you know it was just last week that my own brother transitioned off the planet from covid-19 and it was also a very quick shocking it's like I didn't even know I had literally 4 hours from he's in the hospital dying to he's no longer here and this is the moment this is part of the experience and we talked about this in the first half of the show we actively begged chose and With all sincerity said insert me here
if I am to be a greater service if if this lifetime is about that except massive opportunity to really Ascend to lift out of a spiral of Eternal lateral movement and go up then bring me to where that can happen and that's why we are here now if you are here right now is not an accident it is somewhere in the spiral energy of your Divine Mastery we are connecting in this very moment and that is the gift of this new moon illumination solar eclipse
I'm going together right now
you know one of those one of the profound lessons that life offers to us and certainly a gateway to living and ascended life is to cultivate the energy of loving acceptance when we were in Judgment of something that has occurred and we judge it is right or wrong or should have should know who excetera what we're doing is we're positioning ourselves as basically is God saying this is how it's to be versus being in alignment with the flow that is a promise love expands on a foundation of unconditional acceptance
just say that again love is expanded as we reside in unconditional acceptance to be able to be non resistant to be able to go and be the witness and offer peace and to offer acceptance out to the world is an expansion of love it is the position you might say of compassion to be compassionate towards self and others and this is indeed one of the great challenges for human beings is to come to the heart
because the heart is the foundation of your ascended state of being
the heart is the gateway to even more it's not the end but in gave it's the entrance and that's if you filter through all of the other layers of of interesting energy at its Essence all dogmatic Traditions dew point to love and dew point to the heart however it limits it to the experience of this body inform through that fart and it is when we arrived at that moment of breakthrough which is actually the validation of the dogs but ironically right is when most dogs must shut us down
I went to this myself I think many of you know I shared the story before for many years I was very much and an end still adore paramahansa Yogananda I but I was a member of srf I had intended and forgot today to bring you the two copies of the autobiography of a yogi because there are two distinct versions and I have read both and I've actually Page by Page compared both and what is so beautiful with that I first met and my beloved paramahansa Yogananda through the self-realization fellowship through srf3 and I were literally married not honest or a property but right next to it on the beach in Encinitas I mean it was that deep in my heart and we had our our wedding brunch at the Saint Germaine Catholic got it got to throw that in there I'll never forget the reason I'm mentioning this is I was so in love and so
enamored with strained much what the the Divine director talked about how we can be an AM or dinner spirituality I was so enamored and I was at the Wednesday night meditations I can hardly wait for us to get in the meditations like tomorrow what does 2 hours you know it was so exciting and the harmonium and everything that it brought to me and during that time was when I first started having the experience of ensoulment happening and I wasn't even aware it was happening I didn't know it was happening cuz it never really came forward till I was with straight
but when I talk to some people about it I was immediately told that it was impossible and that I was no longer compatible to be there and I was literally shut down from the self-realization fellowship because how can I shut down who I was and and so I walked away with a very challenging lesson in front of me and it was that the Blue version the blue cover of the autobiography of a yogi was finally able to be released after years and years and years of lawsuits and all the other reasons why the Dogma around paramahansa Yogananda only the few deserve only this is that in this is whatever and I love with all my heart but that dog, it became so self-sustaining that it's forgot the truth over here I forgot the essence of paramahansa Yogananda and
Blue Book what is so beautiful is that it is the unedited it is paramahansa Yogananda speaking to you without a filter of editors without people that say no we're going to create a myth because what we do to keep each other down is we create the myth of Enlightenment and what is the myth of Enlightenment the myth of Enlightenment is that you become
impossible achievable experience you become an illusionary experience you become a mess we mythologize virtually all of our spiritual Heroes gurus those that we look at we mythologize them because we are so distracted by the illusion of this and so what that book did for Humanity and I bow before the one who brought it forward and the one who fought the lawsuit and said I will hold your truth beloved Guru and I really do because what that book did was it shatters the illusion the myth is it shows you very clearly you know let's look at you no not you just for butt
yes you could wire forgive me was a lawyer who sued everybody all the time because they were being attacked all the time because he ashram had all kinds of people that were objecting to it all the time and Swami 32 soir was not kind of at it in the eyes of the uninitiated because Swami tree
a larvae embraced it was this incredible commitment and it was
love you with all my heart you already know this and that and then it was 27 years before he would hear his goober say I love you again because that was the journey that he needed to take for the ego presence in him and the struggle with his ego and the humanity of that which he is is so eloquently expressed in that version of The Autobiography of a yogi those are ready to break free of the myth and that's when the guru comes out of the cave when the guru is able to be broken free of the myth
yes and the Mist is a projection you don't want to meet your Heroes what they're really saying is I don't want to discover the humanity I prefer the mythology thought about don't meet your Heroes it's saying don't meet your Heroes unless you're ready to become a hero of yourself unless you're ready to say I will stand next to you rather than simply watched you and those are both wonderful ways to grow its how and when we we grow that expands our vision Beyond a limitation and delimitation is always that which our perception call forward
if you do we have a a line open at 4 places I want to give you those numbers you might be able to ring in and say hi at 1 is Talk Radio 5 1720 815 Andover bbsradio 888-627-6008 radio and then we're going to say hi over online for to Rida from Florida I never thought you're going to call my name I love it
I love you guys so much I just love you and I don't have words to say it's so many on following your dream guess he's 2012
Jesus loves you guys are just people that everything you say I leave every day and night but I was in the game for hold my whole life and now I'm coming out of the game against with his phone call because it's crazy is beautiful I love you
I'm just loving you I'm like I'm going to dance and like Lexus Lexus do a little like yeah you know where we're dancing and I'm so happy that you got through and that we're having this opportunity to connect with your vibrant day because that's that's the energy it's like you're wearing this huge huge like huge Crown I mean it's like it's almost got like pads on your shoulders like a zit but it's not heavy but it's this is it comes up up up up up but your head is much bigger much bigger than and there's disgrace and this and this anchoring and this wisdom and this energy that is gazing at you and it's saying remember you are ready remember there is nothing you do not know and you have been here long enough to not be that but you are
and they're saying this moment is not an accident and that it is a Beaumont for you to remember that you are witnessing yourself and that the world has arrived at a moment where you can be
enter thank you thank you for being you what's love to you dear
the same to you guys I love
bye sweetheart wow so what's interesting is I want all of you to feel your feet my feet are actually tingling right now and you know that reminds us to read to keep working with the self Ascension living on the practice cuz my feet are tingling and I remember that the living off practice really is best done Barefoot on first but it's not their foot in your living room whatever but it reminds us and it invites us on how to call in our own Eternal Mastery presents at a moment we're especially right now today call and Stan and presents and so if you don't know the living on practice go to Sri and Kira. Com right up at the top where it says self Ascension click on it and all practices are all free click on the living on practice and and use it because wow are you feeling the truth really powerful guys and then I want to I want to teach me more about this because
Cactus is an essential Ascension energy flow we have been taught over the Millennia to send our energy down into the Earth as opposed to lifting our energy into the love of the cosmos into the the place of our first has great nourishment great teaching great support for all beings we are at a new time and the time now is one of walking gently on the earth not using her as a dependent child rather to say we walk with you not on you and so the living on practice is about lifting energy up up you through your feet up through the spine in the details are at our website
and it is a fabulous gift to give yourself a fabulous recharge because the more that we engage of the density consciousness of mankind the you're going to find that you'll get 15 more easily fatigued we're less resilient and when were less resilient a fused or velcroed in through the strata we called density Consciousness as opposed to lift the energy to lift a lift to be buoyant and then we engage whatever you have to engage City from a place of ascendant energy and if we find ourselves beginning to identify
and reconnect with our cosmic energy as opposed to put her head down and charge forward it to Ted city which will certainly swallow you up you don't remember that we are at a moment this week we were turning this earlier this week is a moment to really call forward your dreams for your demons so so who is what is and how are you meeting this up level moment this beautiful glorious gift and again if you are with us and Monday magic tomorrow night we are going to be together for this moment go to Sri and Kira. Calm and learn about it there is just so much happening on the planet right now and I also find it very powerful because this profound feminine masculine balance is really what's building building building which is why we opened it up this past Saturday yesterday toward this March Twenty-One Summit 19th to the 21st of March
this is that moment this is. WWA that women Wellness awakened moment on the planet it is massive it is ascended please go to WWE learn about it and join us New Year's Eve because New Year's Eve is when we will announce the virtual experience of the WWA Summit so again the installment why not invite the installment into your New Year's Eve experience this year and that's also sitting there at 3 and Cara. Com after that
hello hello hello hello
I agree with you guys has been years that I've been following you guys my first time and I love you guys and Times of you know the trials and tribulations I normally listen to you guys follow you guys into hope you keep up by frequency I really love you guys I just today for some reason I just decided to give you guys a call and get a full really wow it's our lucky day. Thank you for reaching out it's a joy to connect with you so in love with you oh no sweetheart thank you
you know what there is there you have this beautiful group around you who love I mean love to sing and love to just get into the flow and what they're saying is that you are at a moment where the song of your soul and the song of your mind are ready to come together in a way that they have not done before and they're saying offer greater love to all that is offer greater love to the you that is now and remember once more the true love you and they're saying breathing now and as you watch the sunset and the sunrise that inspired moment you have been calling for will reveal itself again you're on the brink of a massive expansion and your timing is not an accident and I am literally I am feeling all of my chakras while I'm connecting with you it's
each one is like a a pop of light it's like light light light light light light light and it's like I'm feeling this energy just like uplifting uplifting uplifting uplifting uplifting and they're saying Breeze up exhale out and claim it again and so it is
drinking alcoholic yeah wow is right honey mustard
right there thank you I think we all need to breathe don't we I need a minute guys because have we been blessed day everyone of our callers I mean this has been a day of such profound connection Divine reminder and end this reminder if we've got each other that we You are not alone you are up leveling and you are remembering and the total joy of the expanse of nature of the all that is now is right in front of you it's just humbling to be with really my heart is like wow pinch me right okay by we came right I always say that's part of why we came so I can do this with Sheree cuz I just wanted to touch him again one of the blessings of having a body is to bring with it all those channels of perception and experience that are are so tangible and and present if you do as we come to a close for today
I want to invite each of us to take a moment and if you feel comfortable bringing to hand your heart right now
I am here and I am grateful I am here and I am grateful grateful I am here and I am grateful because no matter what you are experiencing no matter what emotions do with those experiences you get to touch life through that and you get to activate your awareness through that and you get to offer to the collective back to Spirit the energy of your experience your wisdom and your love that will inform and bless all that is now breathe into that because I am aware and I am grateful is a declaration of consciousness
it always begins with awareness and then it moves into that conscious awareness where we have conscious experience and conscious choice that offers us the blessing of ascending up in that spiral we are now in spiral time we are being offered this opportunity to lift in a way we have not ever lifted before and it's not only possible if is happening it's the moment to say yes to you to know that everything you have ever held everything you've ever known is not an illusion it is the depth of that which you are here to create through the complexity the Divine dance the exquisiteness of the way we're aligning all this energy in this moment
so no matter where you are or what who you think you are or what you might be doing what we can pause take a loving breath and just pulled back from the picture just enough just enough to smile and it's your life just smile at the experience not to pass judgment just to notice
that I am aware I am grateful I am grateful - perhaps a smile will come to your face for Josh because Consciousness is joy and joy is the signal that you are connected to your soul that everything is Flowing as it needs to be flowing and then all is well it's really asked so beloved ones once again have our hands on our hearts let's smile at life and say I am here as a living participant in this group experienced living participant in this Grand co-created experience love you get in there tomorrow Monday
thank you for joining us at the screen here alive to have your questions answered send up an email to yes at SRI and Kira

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