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Sri and Kira Live, August 9, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live as our world seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best selling authors Shriram call and Kira row Explorer these Mysteries offer livesore readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit for the paradigms that are shifting bringing you fresh perspectives as a Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira
Dollar Tree stores good for a live I am wisdom teacher Shriram top inside the torsion field of the ignited disc is energy and so this opened yesterday with the Lions Gate 888 Our Moment that Collective Roar that we are all in right now we are going to be talking about that and about this week this week guys is about spiritual fatigue or Rising Consciousness it's a big one and there's a lot of energy and a lot to share and we're sharing it everywhere where are we Siri I hope you're catching us at 1 to talk radios homepage or official SRI and Kira over to YouTube and also stream
into the Facebook page of one this talk radio and there might be more I just asked what you all for being here and hey remember you want to get next you today is a very special day lots of calls going to be happening today lots of your staring we want to hear your questions we want to hear what you're saying what you're feeling about what's going on especially as we dive into this energy so let me give me those phone lines you can get in right now and over it bbsradio or you get to say hey the dawn or great producer over there 888-627-6008 again 888-627-6008 remember if you call it's busy that doesn't mean all the lines are full so hold on to the number cuz as soon as we would talk to someone that would free up a line you can also give us a buzz over at 1 this talk radio. Com 517-208-1500 again that is 517-208-1500
number today especially that we want to hear from you so over it when this talk radio if you have comment a question or we're going to talk about the advanced Ascension symptoms you might want to check it out with SRI around that you want to press * 5 and so do I get all that you did great at the 517 number you can push start at 5 and it'll send a little tag by your name in that lets us know that you want to talk about in a sentence to the more I physically visited I just want to first and foremost give a bow because we are at an incredible moment this moment right now my angels this is not a blip this is not a thing that's coming together for whatever other reasons this is the core write the absolute or we have been talking about the core with
preparing for the core and we are at the core and this is the vision they've been showing me very similar to my near-death experience by the way but this is the vision they've been showing me so you're looking into the core of the Disco and this is the zero point that ignites the torus field and that all happened yesterday and and that was what the Lions Gate did was it was a collective Roar that said we know we are at a moment where humanity is actually in an envelope we are witnessing in real-time Evolution guy punches Evolution right now real time and this is why it's intense something else that wasn't part of it I do I want to remind you what was it like when you sat in the passenger seat little own is a kid in the backseat of the car looking out the window
overused to play the game where you look at the sky and it was hardly moving and you look somewhere a little closer and it was going by and you look down at the road and Zip Zip Zip that is truly feedback in training for where you place your attention will determine the experience of what you witnessed because this is this is what's really happening this week and we want to talk right about it and this is free this is the one that talks about the
not know it it was the one forgive us guys my husband put these in here and I don't understand his definitions okay this is one that shows that the Consciousness that shows aware of steadfast commitment and
forgive us guys I'm really really sorry my husband did this without me can you let me see that one first yeah that one that's it here we go Mario everybody you can tell her alive so right and so here it is this is what's really important to understand is that right now the energy power of steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust is universally neutral it always has been and we have been working with this energy to get up to the core to get us ready for quite a while now that the Divine directors have come forward and said look if you want to call forward a miracle in your life than what you really need to do to ascend into the energy of that which you are calling forward is you need steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust now here's the evolution of that right now it is universally neutral
so it's how you apply this energetic power because it's power no matter what it says how you apply it that's going to be directly affecting your creation more than ever now here is what's going on right now this is what's opening up today show and I know we might push some buttons today and I know we might go after that and that's okay it's important for your Divine Mastery lift lift lift and remember what is the name of our show the voice of passionate action passionate action is an energy that energy focuses on the solution whereas all activism focuses on the problem so what age is first breathe in breathe out in because when we were looking at things are we looking at them because they're telling us there's a problem or we looking at them because they're showing us a solution
activism expands the energy of judgment and anger energy expands right we are light we are expanding so one of the aspects of life is activism activism expands the energy of judgment and anger passionate action expands the energy of creationism passion which is what system it's a living and vision and so let's freeze at him because that's this moment inzest energy right here this is what opened up if you are rising Consciousness versus those that are in spiritual fatigue and and that's the other piece of this equation right now we're hoping I just being in this energy is helping you so feel free to breathe in it there's a number of discernment stew kind of unwind here because we exist in a very fluid way of being and we can be
triggered at times by lower frequency energies and we will engage them at a lower frequency aspect of ourselves we can be inspired sometimes by our divine connection and we can Engage The shared World from a whole different place and so is you look at this torus field and imagine yourself standing in the center of that we actually have a picture of that don't leave the tourist gold Taurus
okay we know where to stop talking about pictures what you just keep talking Let It Go in the thing I want to say is that when we are engaging the world from the standpoint of the outer World being our our point of reference then our energy field to the cosmic begins to truncate and we begin to focus our energy out into the the density so activism is a way of saying I choose to lift out a density but I do not choose to fully surrender to the Divine there's an interesting Dynamic we do need to talk about the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening because that is absolutely and you'll notice the lout did you see the chakra overlay here to guys that we put on this one so let's let's talk about that because the spiritual activism.
finally bring you into your heart which is the irony of it is why it's so challenging to move through it because it's a prescient activism is a desire to include more people in a positive etiology or a positive experience so it is at its best it is inclusive for all beings however the earlier forms of activism are basically an us-versus-them kind of dynamic and in that there is a lot of judgment there's a lot of sense of there's bad out there and we have a solution and that holds actuate the dramas and that drama and the chaos and the focus on external conditions triggering into internal unrest is a dynamic that is
just part and parcel with density Consciousness if you look at this you'll also notice that the third chakra is the is the is the bridge it's the third chakra that Bridges us between density Consciousness and spiritual activism and so the third chakra right now is really being pulled because the energy of this time is in direct contrast with an ascended heart and you noticed how we move up through the spiritual activism which actually does call us from our heart and so let's talk about what that means in this moment right now because we are in a week where this is really the Trap has been laid and and the reason the Trap has been laid or how the Trap got laid is through what is really being experienced by many as spiritual fatigue and let's talk about this because spiritual fatigue is when you literally just say you know
this is hard I just don't want to do this anymore that's a choice and we are in a choice month and that is a choice made in fatigue and so when we become spiritually fatigue it is because we are still not owning who we are you are only spiritually fatigue because you are trying to carry your spirituality with you along with everything else that you are carrying with you it's just too much Something's Gotta Give and in that moment what gives usually is your spiritual life because the density life is still more compelling and still more real and there's a lot of incredibly brilliant weight that have are in their hearts that are trapped in this spiritual fatigue and threw that they blend back into that
Are Spiritual activism because it is then it's lined with density Consciousness left us not forget that all of the ism's are burst out of density Consciousness the belief in the separation the belief in the scarcity write the belief in the you know safety safety safety scarcity scarcity scarcity poverty Consciousness Parvati conscience in a spiritual activism level witch and I have been sounding the alarm since 2003 that the planet was moving into spiritual activism in that the faster we're able to get into Ascension of the greater we could offer that buffer Write the balanced right cuz each level has its purpose we must have these two to hold each other together in this creation however right now those levels are just or ends levels is a bad word those experiences are are sincerely just out of balance and so here we are now we're spiritual activism
has not only become the most potent layer on the planet and and that is the layer that we had since day one is the single most dangerous to be stuck in both in your personal Evolution and planetary Evolution and that is where the planet is right now the irony is that the planets at the peak of it which means we're also that close to popping through to Ascension awareness and that's the exciting piece but it's because it is peaking and because it is smart and evolve and because it's easy it's easy because it's groupthink it's easy because it's group Consciousness that is the Trap that's before all who are holding in the zero point right now to stay unified in the 0.2 not allow anything to come in and stop that spin because if it's coming in it means that you're still carrying your spiritual life rather than living it
well that's a wonderful discernment and in one of the things I want to offer to everyone viewing is what I believe on a very important kind of self-awareness experience is to ask where am I getting my energy from when we are energized by something going on in the outside world we must look at where is it engaging us isn't engaging our heart or is it engaging a lower chakra which means is it is about fear or anger and so when we look at all forms of activism they won you think that they almost all of them have in common is that the perceived Injustice the perceived flaw energizes and empowerment within them and empowerment to take actions however the the difficulty with that is
disengage that the level of anger or fear you're actually velcro in yourself into a level of Consciousness that will perpetuate the cycle for the cause could change but the way we engage has been turned into an addiction it's a lot like explosive or abusive relationships are no people the anger addict fines and empowerment a thrill in the anger and it's not like I need some anger is like it's just is an automatic addictive just like the kids playing the little game they're getting a dopamine response and it comes very addictive you know I didn't have that I had to smoke cigarettes to read the text to Jay I was awful so as we just pause and have a smile and take a look at this your shared world has and it's hard not to use the word layers be
cuz what happens as we lift it we have ever refining experiences so we can move out of this brute egocentric it's all about me into a more refined sense of getting along with others and having groups My Religion my politics Mike my Society my culture okay that's a group but it's still an opposition Ascension meaning opposition. Compares himself to something outside and consciousness of what you're also seeing that all of these groups are now screaming for their moment and so what that's doing is in the overarching well-intended unification concept of density it's actually caused all of these groups to become more more polarized more separate than they have been
to the point where you know you're you're stealing my culture rather than seeing the honoring of the blending of all cultures consider that Dynamic consider that Dynamics and so this is something that is really about Consciousness it is an attack on Consciousness and it is and it is important to look at that discernment that end in a world of spiritual activism yeah we're going to we're going to Champion and and I'm all for it we're going to be championing this if you know was at the end to all of these ridiculous stereotypes and and identification yet the irony is it has actually stimulated because of the Consciousness that called it forward it is actually stimulated more polarisation among all of these groups and now it's about will do my group deserves it more than your group that's trying to solve it at the level of Consciousness that created it versus being in the 5th dimensional experience holding that energy
and radiating the energy of the Oneness and the appreciation of the Almased so that that energy is then embraced at 11 of Consciousness that 3 is it all immediately and that's under attack going on within the strata of existence form having a physical body if you have a body you have entered into a dimensional realm we call it Third Dimension and that your Consciousness your energy can Lyft Lyft Lyft you can go through the 4th 5th 7th night you can lift and touch however your anchor ship do to the body relationship is more dances. And so that density relationship together with the fact that you do have any though it comes with it comes with the body that this is me this is mine so that immediately
the separation which is very useful for getting around density is good to know where you starting the other person you know it all that so this is all part of the fun
it's not necessarily needed to create antagonistic positions for what happens when there's an undercurrent of fear which then brings up the active principle called anger so fear is a collapsing energy it's like anger is a Pusheen out energy when fear is bubbling there comes a point where people say I'm enough who can I blame where can I push because I want the experience of feeling empowered in in control I don't want to feel I'm afraid afraid and frightened and black is so you're looking at a natural expression these are evolutionary steps what's important when we begin to really crystallized around a positionality or an identity is to maintain our awareness and realize
I have sought my refuge there it gives me a sense of empowerment is that really what I'm seeking it can be a lance it can be fun you know sometimes I look at life like I'm a man sometimes I look at life like I have no identity whatsoever it's all fun it's it it's hope the key here is what we're wanting to impart to you today is to stimulate a discernment so that you have the maximum amount of freedom and joy and love in your life and the more we lift into the heart as our foundation that's relaxing the fear and the anger more choices present the more opportunities to look through the veil and see the love that is speaking to emerge through the position alities now this is because you're going to see things because your Consciousness is expanded
so therefore you will see Solutions you did not see before you will have a greater context for everything that is happening and there by your action in the world is coming from Pure inspiration this is what we mean by the no ego moment it is the moment where the eagle has stands aside and it's like hey I am so good working with this body you go do it right that's that sacred Union soul and body that's what this moment is really all about is trusting the body to do what it needs to do so the soul can really lie so let's talk about climate change from moment because one of the gifts of the WWE Global moment is that WWE Global is a community that has come together that says that is that is literally standing on the front line and saying Humanity matters I actually give a damn about not only my children's future but their children and their children and I remember
that I am blessed to live on this planet right now As a caretaker for them and right now we all need a good talking-to because the planet is saying I am tired Gaia is fatigued right now so she is taking care of herself and she is trusting us enough Humanity to be mature enough because she has taken care of us for so long for us to ever risen to a moment enough that we can see what she is doing and love her through her first who's holding her while she is in pain she has been in labor for a while and she is now the moment where she is screaming and saying hey do you have my attention yet do I have your attention yet we are one we are one in this journey we are the co-creation remember all of this is Italy
so this beloved mother that's beautiful died of wounds that loves us all so much she's part of our creation so we can help her and I'm really revitalized the body is not the only thing that can reverse age let us help our beloved Gaia do the same but in order to do this my angels we must lift our Consciousness beyond the thing that is seeing this in this linear way and invite ourselves and I will end this is what I'm talking about climate change climate change is Mother guy is saying hey we're at that moment I thought of birds I've been carrying this I've been carrying this the baby's coming the baby's coming hey are you ready right and so the timelines have been collapsing and we and I have been talking about this since we first time the alarm about the collapse of the fourth dimension over 10 years ago that because of this condensation of the energy because the energy is getting so condensed the good news
it's a squeeze it out you faster right but the the other half of that coin is that it's going to feel really hard and that's not spiritual fatigue comes in when we are focused when that when that focus is in the ism and I want to put up that that fly that we had up earlier Street one more time right now because passionate action focuses on the solution
all isms activism all isms focus on the problem you are always focused the ism's the activism energy expands the Judgment in Anger passionate action energy expands the creation the compassion and the vision true love that's the key it begins at the extended heart and remember we cannot hold our ascendant Hearts table unless the lower three chakras know that they are free to dance that you are trusting the body enough that the body and the spirit have become one that you are saying yes to the dance together in order to do that it begins with saying yes to you when we say yes to you we say yes to all and so again going back to where this very long journey began and yet this
infinite journey is continuing is that the WWE Global Community was born yesterday and if you were not there live then really feel into your heart because what happened yesterday I can't even share very very powerful and cam you can still join us we are going to be together live every Saturday this month plus starting this week every Wednesday we're doing live Q&A as well we're starting our mentorship piece of this that's happening in real time live with Regis and I this Wednesday if you're probably WWE Community you'll get your email on that tomorrow August is a month where density wants to see you stop and the climate change that is happening right now is actually breathe it in
it's a it's a reminder that the timeline is collapsing rent and so rather than looking at the timeline and saying how do I know this timeline Clapton how do I know what energy is happening was free and I sounded this alarm a couple months ago that we were already collapsing the end of this year six months ahead but was it 2 days ago we were we just got word that the scientist have now said that the melting and every all that's all the things that they thought were delayed that we would not start seeing till 2050 are going to be here within five years 1.1.5 accelerating outside of their predictive models which is telling you that this is not a linear reality and this is why yes we need to to look at how we're taking care of Gaia however it's got to happen up here in the 7th and 5th
You Got a Hold That compassion for yourself you go to love yourself even more get into the 5th Dimension where you can start freaking out those judgments and once you do you can lift into the 7th and this is how we can affect the healing of Gaia that will affect this climate change that will relax the timeline constriction because we are in a in breath moment that like it's fucking everything back in and it's some point
the exhale mccoppin so how we exhale and what we co-create we're determining right now and the distance to Vishnu yesterday right right there is the singer that held it not only did it at night we were caught as part of this is what happened during WWA we all literally flew here and literally were able to begin that ignition cycle not only for ourselves in our own lives but for all and so again if you weren't there or if you're not called to be there at least breathe in what opened yesterday and and those of you that were there live with this a lot this week and we will use this as our background all week as well so I'm just like Foo feeling everyone and I'm wondering if we have some colors that have some questions maybe we could start there and then go back and forth so we still have a lot to share today
well all kinds of
first-timers let's see if it looks like all of our first time would you let us know if that's if that's the case or not and we'll go over here to 12 talk radio and I guess let's go to New York we have a hand up right here in New York there we are and Namaste welcome it looks like Amityville New York driver I should Sin Cara thank you for taking my call it's such an honor I have a cherry and also forestry about against the symptom the sharing use that yesterday on the Lions Gate we were in my backyard and my daughter and it's beautiful dragonfly just landed right next to him on some something he was holding in
it was really just like you inches and gave him this like a powerful message and they have been surrounding us all day today as well and I know here to talk a lot about the year of the dragonfly so I was just curious what that what that is about and then I can confirm that has been prevailing for me is just the inability to relax and just really having a difficult time which leaves falling asleep staying asleep with a lot of anxiety and I would love I would appreciate an inside into that thank you you're welcome for as I connect with your energy tonight so let's started more foundational your third chakra which governs your sense of safety in the body and I don't mean to safety from the root standpoint I mean
what I mean is trusting your spiritual being to be in this vessel so that's a little different so the third chakra is kind of that that transition point between the spiritual world in the physical world and what I'm sensing there is that there is a little bit of attention to help you learn to trust who you are while you are here informed and so I asked you know is that is that is that your field last will know where is the source of this where it where is the split so to speak of because often times when we're up we have two directions going it disrupts our sleep if disrupt our peace and it's right up here for you in the suite what would be referred to as the sixth chakra and what I'm inviting you to do is to really meditate more consciously on this area of your body because what I am saying is that there
is a two directions at work one is a strong call to connect with spiritual family that that is alive in you and is pulling you and yet there is a strong investment and where you have come from meeting the family of origin the culture of origin and all of that and the two of them are not harmonized yet and this is causing a kind of a headache where do I Centre here and if so in order to harmonize those it's necessary to do a little better Tate of work is necessary to to be with and resolve that which has gone before so I accept all this done before and I think I am grateful and I let it go that kind of attitude helps heal that that split Direction
in addition to everything that Cherise dad I also want to share about the dragonflies actually as a part of this number one one and this is why we want to hear from all of you what you're sharing is one of the advanced Ascension symptoms remember that 2020 is is a year that for the first time ever fear is an Ascension symptom is an aspect of fear what is and what is signaling to you is everything that's free shared yet what I really want to call to your attention is that all these dragonflies are coming in around you or calling to you. They're coming in as and this is what I was just trying to share before we want to start welcoming in people like yourself that this is another confirmation of the timeline slaps remember that and end this is where you need to bring your hand your heart because in your case it's about that really deep deep deep self-acceptance that's why your hands there but it but I really want you to invite us that
the more that you can say yes to who you know you really are and the more that the Universe and density start giving you confirming messages the faster you're going to be able to really anchor everything that you've been looking for and your husband is involved in this in a very interesting way that's why the dragonfly went to come. But you are the beautiful message because the two of you are being called to to work closer together and so it's like the density is coming forward and this is the year of the dragonfly on so many levels remember is because of the year of the dragon fly that we have this Visionary transformation right that we have this incredible profound shift we also have more people Awakening to the ascended process because that Visionary transformation is what timeline adaptation and and you're going to that very consciously right now
thank you for bringing this up for all of us we are grateful to have welcome to the show and many blessings
thank you so much right now because with these Advanced Ascension symptoms this is with leading to a lot of the the symptoms it is is this an excuse that with Advanced Ascension symptoms what's happening is that spiritual fatigue is coming because of them and a lot of you are going through a lot of multiple physical symptoms one of the new ones that has come in that I have been walking through for a little bit while now has been instant numbness it'll either be a hand like an entire hand like suddenly for no reason it's the whole hand is gone pins and needles and I've had it happen with a foot size I've also had other situations like that in my spine and I are in a fascinating.
free alignment right now and when do symptoms first came in It's always important that the first thing is to notice what the Mind does so in my case these are some of the advanced symptoms were sharing with you right now and I noticed that one moment where you're like wow you know there's no reason for this is there a neurological problem as that came through I was simultaneously memorize I've tried to call you before I feel like I live looking at 5 screens all the time as I was aware of that I was loving myself aware of that and then in that seventh Dimension field of non judgement I was aware of what was happening to my hand
and what was happening with that I was literally it's like it's like and this is why I really wanted this zero point it was like dipping into that energy and literally having the hand dissolve and then bringing it back in and the more that I've been working with this that has been my experience of it and what I have now been able to really share with you because I've been doing it long enough in this is why SRI I only share these after we really gone through them is that I do know that the ability to be in the seventh Dimension most of the time now is not only her comfortable but it immediately brings you to resolution because you're seeing is this physical or is this something else 7th dimensional experience opens you to seeing beyond what you would have normally doubted or even conceived of as adoption it takes you Way Beyond that and how you'll know you're dancing with that in that seventh mental a
is that you will you will you will question yourself quite a bit it's how you walk through those questions it's your ability to take that steadfast commitment of the flight up again because it's just that important it is this week it is at energetic power of steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust that in its Universal neutrality you are applying it through passionate action there by always focused on the solution there by fear cannot exist that is how you absolutely are aware you are in 7th dimensional experience and you are capable of being in that that's what the whole yesterday remember yesterday that chalice came into us as we ignited I'mma put my finger right back there The discus
as we opened it and as the zero point has come in now for us to literally be sustained in that torus field you're one of the things that I really want to impart this with love to each and every one of you is that our lives present us with myriads of choices and a cure was sharing her experience of having the 7th dimensional strata beans call each of us can move into a vibratory Zone
and drop out of it again
very quickly so it's sometimes nice if we had a little different phrase for ninth Dimension to be able to talk about the the peace and compassion as the zone of v and the non judgement meaning of the the transparency of the sublime recognition of the beauty is more of a 7th dimensional and the 9th dimensional experiences is of is transcending the the differentiation emerging from all these Expressions emergence it's where we become the witness again here's the here's the piece is that because each and every one of us has the ability to Transit
we have to ask ourselves from time to time what is the juice I'm getting from my dominant zone of interaction there is a feat of juice you know reinforcement hello okay so when we tune in with that then we start to become informed by our habits no activism is Wheel of the show with here today activism is nothing more than a grand habit it is a a habit of of thinking like we can work we can be at cause with something going on in density and in fact it's like trying to attack a balloon you you do an activist it cause may push it push your fingers in the balloon and we start hey we're making some progress but it pops out somewhere else
yesterday but remember that all activism feeds the victim triangle in order to be activistic there must be a victim the activist is The Rescuer and there must be an abuser and so really take this in all forms of activism Empower victim Consciousness and it doesn't mean that it isn't well-intended III was a very well intended rescuer for years we all have our sophisticated means of playing into this and if you look at the spiral here and the way that these three energies unifying work together and end and really blend together that spiral is infinite it never stops the question is are you spiraling up are you spiraling down is that is at spiral coming toward you or are you going into it or are you laterally moving that's what this energy is about that's what this month is about this month is a huge energy month
is a month of choice don't imagine that right now Humanity has an opportunity because all of humanity right now is and has been using victim rescue reviews are all of your dogmatic Traditions reflected this is why people need saviors only victims need a rescuer what is a rescuer a saver a savior and so those are the density experiences yet if we Ascend if we say yes to our higher Consciousness we have the ability to transform this very same energy that is assisting humanity and we are in this evolutionary moment right now are we going to say yes to another turn around the victim rescuer abuser Cyril and where that's going to take us or are we ready to say yes to the teacher healer Mentor the transformative energy of our ascended present that's the time when you're everything is done because it's just the right thing to do
when you have Limitless energy when you reverse age when you are able to keep re-upping and not fall into the Trap spiritual fatigue, because you are still in the victim triangle. Got to get real with yourself on that also is a sign of that you're carrying compromises you do when we step out of the BS own and just live in the authentic Zone what happens is two things one we feel inspiration we feel the energy of motion and then number two we puzzle on oh my goodness I have all these obligations and friends and activities that I put in motion from a different level of time
just knows that are sucking me back in your ex means you you know when you stop
partners and friends are going to change how we have the ability to do multiple levels will one of the things that is important to recognize is that the multiple levels
are always available to you and they're there for your own discernment if we didn't have multiple levels we were trying to go one lifetime here one lifetime they are in any reflect at the light at the moment between the solution to all worldly problems is an elevation in Consciousness Consciousness and the more we surrender to our quote higher self the more we surrender to our souls wisdom the more we surrender to the Divine we call forward the energy of incident creation into our individuated lives and this happens for most of us little by little it means we have to start letting
attachments to that which we was kind of the false reinforcement familiar yourself is join Monday magic is that we unveil hidden keys in in sacred texts and that is what happens what you're just talked about here is that the keys are open when all of those keys are are before us when when you are carrying the keys that's when you enter into that law of instantaneous manifestation in the recognition that and this is one of the sphere traps in the recognition that has you say yes to you and as you are aware that this is all an illusion The Yoga of self Ascension illuminate your tourist field
and and what happens is that it keeps you robust in your Rising Consciousness you become so clear and your energy field increases your all of your thoughts are Inspirations and so it gets easier and easier and easier because you have said yes to you and something else happened yesterday that I want to talk about that is that you know yesterday we Not only was it the Lions Gate opening in a massive moment where that chalice at 33rd dimensional chalice said okay you ready to be who you are and you ready to claim it are you ready to stand up to it and are you ready to own it in this Limitless energy and The discus was revealed well a couple other things happened and two of them that I want to celebrate with all of you right now and then we have an amazing film that we're going to show you is hot which has an incredible interview in-depth interview with dr. Lorena and some other incredible footage that I think you're going to find fascinating
so we did. I was on dr. Lori came yesterday because we were we had found out about a Venezuelan Refugee who was a chef that needs a home and find a place to be in a place to rebuild his life and so she was bringing him with her to see if maybe he was a fit for tosa Blue Mountain and well I just want to share that we all got to witness a miracle and adults Bria Annapurna to talk about this to they'll be on the air with this right after the film that when she showed up yesterday she was really not well you know she was bless her heart, needed to calm and we've asked her to, she want to be here but she was really hurting when she first showed up yesterday and what radio shows up you know she's not doing good here but her commitment keep moving forward regardless
whatever this was rising up in in her feeling body she sat down and participated in the w w a a global presentation the Lionsgate presentation and during the course of that when we we got together after the after the interaction of the presentation was finished she was vibrant she was radiant we didn't know she wasn't feeling good earlier because all we saw was this fantastic empowered radius or I spelled I mean really I really felt all the energy and so I wanted to share that with you because we had already planned on on showing you this beautiful interview of her and and some of the things that are happening that just really we want you to be a blessing to to connect with but it was really quite a moment that after WWI Global we were all sitting down to the meal prepared by
beautiful Venezuelan man who was trying to saying this is how I can and cook for you and honest to goodness we all sat down to that meal so there is a at the end of this video is a quick clip that rewrote a door camera on catching us kind of we didn't know it's a true behind-the-scenes kind of thing that larena and I were sharing and you're going to get to see. Mirena in real-time literally within 10 minutes after the WWE Global ended and look at the energy she is exhibiting versus the energy in the rest of the film and if you really want the whole story of this law of instantaneous manifestation motion when is short film opens Bria and Lorena as Lorena had arrived here yesterday
so look at that and then you're really going to want to hold on to what you're going to see on the other end of that film and and I wanted to share that as well as we're moving into this and end in talking about it spiritual fatigue and Rising Consciousness is the moment before us and you know I do want to share something that one of the things that really became evident is lately on screen I have been witnessing there there's a lot of really well intended beings that are sending out a lot of conflicting information coming from what is considered to be a Consciousness or extended perspective and so I want to give you a couple keys today when you're reading that literature or when you go to those website one of the websites that I went to today fascinating right on the homepage said that and this is a big awake group right where we are like the Leading Edge of a wake and here's why you need to you know everything on the plate page just kept telling you I had to pay them
which I thought was fascinating all of their material is frightening alarming it's activistic so that was my first Key activistic Energy does not exist if you are truly working with a Consciousness ascended Consciousness experience is a yoga Ascension one of the first things that Arcangel zadquiel shared the street and I was that the yoga of self Ascension is about the divine presence within becoming one with a body of form so that you may attain your highest service in this lifetime so that you may not only offer that gift to the energy of this form that has said yes but to be of the highest service to that which is happening here the co-creation to take an active role in it believe it or not the density is the past of roll I want you to just breathe that in no matter how
non-passive it looks the density is like autopilot it's the Drone clone it's the group think it's that's the easy part and that's why spiritual fatigue happen because you're you're you're trying to navigate that with Consciousness and oh my God I can't and the reason you can't is because you're trying to do both you're still not out of that you're still attached to it which is why you're trying to navigate it or you haven't created and energetic Sanctuary to recharge yourself one and one of the things that the essene models of thousands of years ago was they live together in communities and then they went out in the world to do their their healing work their interactive work and then they came back to their Community isn't about the separation of the two the teaching there is we must maintain ourselves nourish ourselves love ourselves in a weight that can sustain the ascended
is he to be interacting with the dancer frequencies we don't lose our love we don't get the tiki Mountain because we know that we are a ground zero self Ascension campus so to speak and so what we know is that all all of us that get the blessing of living here we know that we are simply holding this for all of you and we are grateful to share that with you and we know that all of you that have come here have also had the blessing of your own very rapid Rejuvenation and healing and you're now bringing that to your world where it can expand and so in this moment right now I want to invite your heart to expand I want invite you to bring your hands to your heart and taking a deep breath for a very special film that was made with a lot of Love featuring all of us here at tosa Blue Mountain taking you on a journey of love and humanitarianism we love you and will see you in just a few minutes in July
so much for joining us in a minute we're going to show you a short film of some of us donating food to the surrounding Community where we are in Andes Mountain View all of your donation
okay if you can see her way up here waiting up in the mountains
on house with asking people who in the community needs the food bags
and I'm here with Dr Lorena between us and last week on Palmeras she was sharing with us a little bit about a project that she's doing in the hospital
hi everyone my project is about bringing some tablets to the ecobee diarrhea because there is a lot of patients that are not able to see their families or talk with them when people are in quarantine in the hospital they are not allowed to have visitors at all so they can't see their family their children and their loved ones while they're in the hospital and many people in Ecuador do not have cell phones let alone smartphones or inability to see face-to-face through video so thank you so much for your support and for your ordination to make this dream come true
beloved Angels you can tell by the smile on my face that we are Beyond delighted to welcome into this beloved space dr. Lorena vintimilla who is an angel and form a miracle in process pain truly a unique blessing on the planet thank you for being here my passion is to help people and not only people to help everything that is alive that has lied so I am trying to do the best for everyone for 4 persons for animals to give them the best choice of they can be the best therapy is the best treatments that I am able to do so they can feel good and you can feel safe haven, help his life and a wonderful life for them while we have certainly witness you doing that and I can absolutely attest to the fact that you are the living embodiment of what you say as tree mentioned you are so authentic
Shure are so I have to ask hole so let me ask you this so number one you're brilliant brilliant brilliant so you're a brilliant doctor really take time and your specialty is winning is it not the other Medical Specialties most of my patients are women usually call me the opening my I bring my terafines I do also for Tama no patience with a cancer I do therapy they take care of them you know if I hadn't money left and wife and kids live like 3 weeks ago I learned
leave and give them the best quality of life it is yeah I do to end it end it really is in every way and I have to ask how has it been as a woman doctor in Ecuador
how are you
being a little bit hard by that many people don't trust me
doctor yet but you're a llama
I prepare a man
but they don't know what they are looking because if they have no idea how they woman that women can be at the doctor's we are amazing in every kind of way and we can do our best for patients we are I always agreed we are the same we always will be the same with different different gender but we are the same of do everything that we are up to and like my new Sherman there is helping people that's why I'm doing it and With My Heart full of love I have two people that they need me I do want to just jump in here and talk about clinical in. Because for all of you that have so generously donated the clinic Linda already helping us with our indigenous Outreach food share program and helping these people stay out of pain if it was not for dr. Lorena vintimilla we would not be able to get this Clinic to the level where we can really do some
and so we are very very grateful that you are our president. Thank you for helping with that that's obvious I love you and we have witnessed that firsthand we really have at each other as human beings you are part of my family as opposed to o u r a label you are old or young or or black or white or woman or man who we are, we are right as you were speaking to the world what would you want to share in this
they are each walking in their own healing
first of all
believe in yourself
if we don't believe in ourselves we are not able to or capable to do anything in for me if it helps so much maybe you guys because for me it's growing I've grown like person I from like a doctor and I'm keep doing my best for my patients and for the people and the people that they already
we can absolutely witness fat and know that that is true thank you for the blessing of you thank you so much for being thank you to all of you for loving you. If you will give yourself the gift of coming to visit Tulsa Blue Mountain in Ecuador meet dr. Lorraine which you have not yet experienced meeting come and taste the miraculous literally healing pool it is here it is here
Clinica Linda and you can learn more at of course tosa and Kira. Calm and until the three of us have the opportunity to welcome you here in person we love you thank you for being with us today
I can see the difference on my left me and my new me I'm a whole bunch of new version and you are so happy I can feel the happiness but I'm like not enough bad I feel Joy and I work
Hebron harder for my patients and happy you'll have more energy and your body will love you more everything come get it, but now I can fit in there
what I was listening
yeah but finally I found it myself
I am such a celebration thank you because you help me move it
all I did was invite you to come yet you have me to find me I'm so great I am honored. I am just delighted you're part of my family now
and I love you so much love you too sweetheart and I really appreciate what you have been doing for me because I can see the change
look at what immediately happened we're going to get these tablets in that facility it's happening right now like I said yes to you miracle miracle get ready
as long as you say yes to you as long as you keep saying yes to do and you do it
hello everyone welcome back I am Gia Rose and I'm a princess and be there right and we hope you enjoyed that video I just wanted two things that really came forward for me while watching is just the blessing of being on the planet right now and how we have this opportunity that's really opened up to support each other even more and since so many ways and to really open our hearts and love and old presents on a deeper level than as a collective then we have and I don't know maybe ever or at least in so long so thank you so much for all of your donations and all of your support and just also just coming together as the community as often as we have the last few months I mean it's been so fun with Monday magic and the lineage
Gatherings a couple months ago women Wellness Awakenings and as many of you know a lot of the proceeds from all of that goes towards you know supporting the local people here the food donations and of course as well Dr Lorena's new project dr. Lorena as you've all had a chance to connect way than that video she really embodies that passionate action that heart centered committed show up with loving support and presents and I'm such a delightful present just that transformation yesterday and while showing up to be a service and share her love and presence and resources while supporting others
receiving the benefits of being connected to slow and having that in and out that inspiration and nourishment and a speaking of flow and Lorena and inspiration and connection and nourishment it's been so amazing I'm just how quickly things happen and she was dressed in the beginning of that video sharing after the fit you saw sharing with Keira how it was her dream to have you know she works in the in the covid-19 wear off as they wished as you were sharing people are coming in and they don't have access to communication with her family and often without even having the chance to say goodbye before passing away or to even in in other cases just had the communication with families is totally not there for many people and the Laredo
what is your dream and thanks to the generosity of so many of you and really coming together in Connection in this community that dream is being fulfilled and people are I don't know if we're all the way there almost there but it's happening it is happening and all of things thanks for the community and the heart centered action of the community people are having the opportunity to be in touch with video touch with the people that their nearest and dearest family in these moments where connectivity is such a source of strength but thank you and if you would like to donate to this project and other projects the link to that is below the video and the video description box of this on YouTube or at the homepage of stream and we're also here to announce the winner of the contest 15 Minutes in Heaven with straw
Ankara that was a contest on social media if you're not aware of it we asked those of you that you know we ask the community do like several pages and to share a post and tag a friend and those of you that did all of those and how to reach many others we put your name in here and so we're going to pick a name we're going to pick up right now and you're going to get 15 minutes with stream KIRO live video call to use p.m. doesn't for conversation as questions everything any of those things that you want to do that so
we heard is honored. I want it I want to be here for the unveiling gear S3 let's be here for the unveiling Feeling Alright Alright done and you do it where does the word. We're just we are witnessing we're up here in the 5th Dimension Friday night OK Google thank you and thank you for seeing purpose for suggesting the contest and also for your amazing attention to WWE she's the woman who made it possible and so thank you all and let's do this again let's hear.
zoo tomorrow that will invite you to determine when we get together now wait before these two these two are running out of the studio, thank you ladies. Champion with us are we are for those of us that are the current Residence at Toast of Blue Mountain the four of us stand here as a mirror of perfect balance and may you know how much we love you and how grateful we are for you and how honored we are to carry this energy on behalf of all thank you both for everything that you are doing to sustain this this community thank you and for all of you watching thank you for joining this community letting us share what we're doing and enjoying an dance teaching and we're just so delighted to be part of this big picture
you say yes to you are we love you thank you thank you all right well wow how exciting will we really do want to hear from you so what are you wanting to ask what's going on with you in this energy right now and free who do we have holding I know we have people holding over apts but the good over there and start saying hi to folks in with rosemary from New York online for
Namaste high oh my God
how can we start helping for a mini celebrating me to bring your hands to your heart and I also you know it's funny as I was bringing hands to heart I heard and bring lunch your third chakra so let's let's put one on the third chakra keep one on the heart and just take it just taking a breath. And as you do they're saying about how it's so funny and they just it's like a chance. I need to share with you more than what they're saying we're out like a fire and everyone is dancing literally danced around the campfire and everyone's dancing a different a different dance get your dancing is one Circle and in the middle is a huge flame and it keeps it just I just keep watching it go up and up and up and it's definitely night time and I can't see much beyond that it's just the fire this flame is Illuminating the circle and
the dancing but the message and they wanted you to hear the message in that energy the messages it is time for you to remember who you are and to stop pretending who you are and so thank you for opening that energy for all of us today Angel no mistake well thank you. Remember we talked about this in the first half of the show right now the third chakra is really having to do with that pyramid of Spiritual Awakening let's just bring that into the second half of the show because it's that important you will see that the experiment Spiritual Awakening also reflects our chakra Ascension energy and that right now the planet is literally stuck in spiritual activism and that's a gift of that is that that means we're a breath away from Ascension awareness energy spiritual activism can either be grounded in a power struggle which is represented by that yellow energy that their chakra are chakra
or it can be more inspired by a heart energy but using the tools of density to deploy that Hart energy which is what keeps it wrapped up our velcroed into density of the blue that's the ascended heart activation which means that we need to open our heart to ascend to Ascension awareness however just as importantly we need to say yes to our absolute knowing what you know there's one other picture I want to show Creator let me find it we got so many things on the list and I just have to scan the list there it is so here's the same pyramid showing the layers or the zones of Consciousness but take a peek there in the sea
winter is what we call the gioi portal the energy of Joy occurs at every level of Consciousness and it is an uplifting Joy is always blowing it isn't not joy as always bringing forward that which is positive and so if we look at joy as a Gateway it will become your guide through the various levels of interaction look for the gioi portal in your life and continue to do that which brings you Joy and you will lift lift lift exactly and this is where the ism's this is where that. Spiritual activism this is where those isms becomes too compelling and remember we opened up the show this week is very much about that and let's go ahead and one more time read about that that the energetic power of such a commitment focused awareness and complete trust is universally neutral
remember all true energy is neutral it only starts taking on form when it shows up in this and that's the key is not it's how you apply this energetic power that affects the creation and we are at a moment right now where humanity is redefining itself and we are awake to it which means we can affect the balance so that it is in harmonic balance passionate action does that it's focuses on the solution it puts all the energy into the solution there by Spring you from anger and doubt and fear because you're just focused on all that is positive on all that is before you on living the solution there by birthing it
and all activism any form focuses on the problem and carries with it that energy of the victim triangle so remember activism expands energies judgment and anger passionate action expands the energy of creationism compassion and vision there by holding you in the 5th Dimension Consciousness and end this this is what just opened this is that beautiful zero point that is saying you are able to do this you're able to go beyond and that that is what it's going to help the most people off and on that seems appropriate to share is that we need little tips for how to modulate and manage our own energy because it's so easy to get distracted by the pool of that which is Habitual or familiar we have become accustomed to pay we have become accustomed to compromised
we have become accustomed to things to struggle to lack all of those frequencies of experience are so common that part of our psychology just says that's normal know it's not normal is just frequent or its helpless this right now this moment is this right here cannot enter for you unless the sacred Union that really comes together with in energy in right now it's just important to move forward from there to say yes to the zero point and then creates from the positive Focus
absolutely in the positive focus is the Gateway so if we notice and as and rightly you should notice there's discomfort in your body or in the world never however if you only see the discomfort you will be bound forever in an action-reaction situation one of the ways I like to formulate this is to say are you seeking freedom from a problem
the freedom from always carries the problem with it I want to be free from paid I want to be free from Fear I want to be free from Mike My Dysfunctional a b or c vs what is it you your heart says this is fires me what am I free to create free to imagine free to Envision free to support free to Nob to do to be good that you don't show me no freedom to is an invitation for an upliftment Freedom frog is a ball and chain saying just give me you know a moment of peace and then I'll go back to my prison so it's important to kind of begin to play you have wonderful capacity this isn't about intelligence this is about attention
you can do this you're already wired for Success because you have within each of you and infinitely wise Soul connected to the Divine creation and the longer we fool around thinking that we are less that the longer that the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain dominates our Consciousness then your soul says okay you want more of that go have a whole lifetime of it if you like or more or you simply say enough is enough I choose Joy I deserve because I was bored I am a Divine being having a human experience and I deserve the best in life I deserve it because I took birth here because I am because I am and in the I am is the anchor ship of that Divine portal in here we are on screens the I am is not a linear
. it is a connected state of being that will inform those other aspects of you that what needs to be loosened up what needs to be released what needs to be invigorated will all happen very naturally
I am the resurrection
I am light I am health I am goodness and in the recognition and the claiming of these energetic truths we radiate out into our world of experience the qualities that would attract similar forms that's how instantaneous manifestation comes forward is we radiate out this energy of of Truth and what's reflected back are more of that because we do not do the reflection remember that every time you doubt you are turning away your abundance dream
you are saying no and so this is a very powerful discernment because it's where we transcend from the law of attraction to the law of instantaneous manifestation it's where we transcend even in beyond the thought of that which we would want to manifest because the thought The Inspirations that we are available to call forward are even beyond that and we don't need to sit and talk about that that's the gift of it is that you do I think we talk about it more on this show then we do all week long because this is just how we live and so trying to even encapsulate a way of being can become challenging this is the invitation this is why the spiritual fatigue is so strong right now and part of what's happening with the spiritual fatigue is the density fatigue specifically around the virus and everything to do with the virus one of the things that you and I have been tracking since this began was the effect of Consciousness and one of the things that we're seeing very clearly is that
the higher the Consciousness and the greater the sacred Union with the body the more resistant and that does not mean not taking other proactive steps we do and we leave each of you to your own wisdom however this has become a spiritual trap
and you will notice that even those with the greatest heart are caught are calling for word from the greatest judgment and that if you do not agree with them it's a it's an ism because if you do not agree with them then they no longer want to be with you and so breathe into that moment because that's how you know that's the ism deism is saying there's not enough space for all the ism is saying their space but for my perception of the all right and so that's that's an ism and that's wonderful and we all go through it hey guys when I was in college I got arrested her for protesting I mean I get it I was there we all grow through it it's part of what we do and so this is that moment this is that moment where the rise and Consciousness is so vast and so big
that the spiritual fatigue is going to need it because just when you need a re-up which is what this is about it's it's like this like we were sent this beautiful generator that said we know you're tired step in and take a spin right it's really what it feels like like this beautiful support so it's a lot of beans are going to be tired because there's going to be things are going to happen over the next few months and density but if you are in density are going to absolutely be intense and they're going to be freaking people out and the gift is that if you can stay in this compassionate Zone Of Consciousness then you are available to be there with the solution rather than meet it with the ism's
just something to think about this a lot more commitment and true power to whole positive energy to hold the optimism that is a lie that everybody and everything is finding a new Harmony it takes courage to hold your joy in the face of an outer world that would seek to step on your Choy and say how dare you you know I I want type years ago I bought this refrigerator the other said what would Buddha do you know Ed and I bought it because it was just so cute you have you had a picture of a Buddha and you know it go to the fridge you kind of reminding yourself well Buddha Consciousness you wouldn't do anything that would be
so that is self is a paradox and what would do to do food it would be doing no doing this if we do not remind ourselves to keep our eyes on the Divine who will
who directed question say that one again right it we we we need to find ways to remind ourselves to keep our eyes on the Divine and and there's so many simple little things and some of them include how about that base of flowers on your desk and in your bedroom how about photographs or paintings are pictures that every time you look at it you that's our entire campus this isn't about doing homage to the dead antique yellow if it brings you Joy go for it may be a picture of a beautiful mountain or force or a lake or whatever it might be for you then she is that Joy is encumbered it is a rising constantly in your center of Being Earnest and we need to make choices that reinforce bringing that forward into the world of density into our interactions and the better we become at that meeting the easier it becomes the bride
are your fuel the more people who will kind of go oh I can feel some joy to and the next thing you know it's a little domino effect of joy joy joy joy joy have her doing Johnny Joe and we're happier as a community of Mankind's it in step-by-step if you have any doubt if you think I'm being silly I want to remind you of you know I wonder whatever happened to this back in the late sixties I believe it was early 70s the the devil T's of Maharaja movements that was gaining a lot of support the United States and worldwide thanks a lot to George Harrison of The Beatles so the TM movement actually did scientific studies that they would go into cities like New York and Chicago in St Louis excetera and they would gather as a group and meditate for several days in a row in a group meditation
they would look at the crime statistics and it was objectively demonstrated that when the meditations were active crime went down the police report declined and this is so important I mean it's just so important for 3 to be bringing this back up because right now that's what we're doing we're doing that as an extended community life is your meditation open shut down and take a deliberate time out and hold his own a great peace and in Divine communion during a meditative State good but what about the other 23 and a half hours of the day
that's what we're talking about live The Yoga of self Ascension MTG live the joy of being aligned with your authentic sole energy and let that inform your decisions if you write a h beans meditation is unique it's accepting that where does your inspiration come from how does your mind flows through me on a treadmill that's where it comes and that's that if I do lots of other spiritual practices but that's those moms that work for you what is that time and I will share that because of that connection and because of the way it offers that sacred Union to my body even with my density schedule I literally now schedule that time First everyday and I won't give it up whatever that our is
and I encourage you if you want to avoid spiritual fatigue then give it a chance take 1 hour a day find the time and I'll show you can find the time if I can find the time I know you an end really commit to that and noticed so did you try it on for a week notice what it does we are conscious beings how your experience to run on autopilot pilot are you going to allow reactivity to dominate that what you experienced or you going to step up and say I choose yeah orchestrate my experience in a way that brings me joy I choose to orchestrate my life in a way that provides loving service to other beings in through the gifts that I have that I enjoyed the point this isn't about going out and and and working at the soup kitchen unless that brings you Joy is about
blowing your innate gifts in service to the greater Humanity the greater world the greater guy of the universe in whatever fashion you received the joy because Joy is the Discerning energy that will always connect you higher higher and higher the signal from the soul is it not and speaking of joy we have people stand by the station where we going well I thought we head over to BBS radio once again because we have a couple more first-timers standby love to say hi to them so we're going to head over to say namaste beloved one welcome to the show
I think you do so much for making the videos on my question words that I just how do people deal with during one step forward and two steps back and just how energetically help themselves stabilize I just feel tired and I'm sometimes sensitive I was just wondering how can people help themselves with dealing with energy and just trying to stabilize until I feel that I can feel a little hesitancy in your throat chakra like I was almost holding my breath and just a little queasy but small twin G and my third and so really breathe in a way to First receive you're doing great and that is a really glad you asked that question because you know you're asking it for a lot of other people so sorry please well I want I want to see the two steps forward one
backward I wish I could just be a fun little dance and I don't mean to belittle it I suggesting is when we're learning a new way of being is like learning new dance step you're going to mess it up at first because you don't have it all down but you feel the music anyway you got to go okay I'm going to call myself back into that Rhythm at Harmony that alignment and then I'll take those two steps forward once again and overtime as long as you don't judge yourself as long as you practice releasing the Judgment in choosing love and you could write this one on a three-by-five card I can choose judgment or love
I can choose judgment or lot and there's a practice right there and as we do that you're going to find it's going to be three steps forward or four steps before the one step back kind of egoic whatever so just trust your flow and I really felt a huge presents like wrapping around you almost like a song like a crystalline missed almost like a field almost like this and all I kept her yeah right you look up breathe leader are look up breathing again look up and you're like spinning and they're saying if you stay in that which you know is right it was in this your truth within then the rest is ready to float and and I just see you like you're spinning and they're saying
go right back into the center see it you're ready ignite and so it is thank you for calling
thank you so much for the kids or know someone who had the experience of saints by job and then they get fired from the job then a month later they say it's the best thing that ever happened to me to the fear exactly we get to then there's the clinging to that sense of security that that lousy job provided the one you didn't like and then all of a sudden you didn't like it but you didn't know what to do and then it got released and something bigger came forward that is the actions of a typical human experience that will also apply to your spiritual Evolution this sense of I'm holding onto a truth I'm holding onto a way of being because it's what I know it's my house to my familiar
or it could be where you truly want to go and that's exactly why you're there and that's that is that it's so important to pay attention to if you are experiencing spiritual fatigue then you are carrying a spiritual experience instead of living it has always said it's so well either accept it and be free or let it go and stop pretending and you will be free as well it's when you're carrying it too long it's when you're holding it too long it's when it's become the burden that that your body start speaking to you as well a lot you I will share with you that many of you know for 5 years ago with my knees and I did wind up with two surgeries however there was a moment where I had given up where I actually thought okay this is it you know there's nothing is going to happen I've done it all even I took some pharmaceutical for a while and it was a terrible mistake and I was like
this is it until one day I realized I have a choice until the blessing of the work that screen I do through the yoga spell dissension offered me a clear recognition of that choice and then it's been everyday since re-upping. Choice
to be vigilant about your level of Consciousness is not for me it's number one that is where a hundred percent and there's been some of my steadfast commitment my focus to wearing it at that we're innocent complete trust wise and so as you poke in your earlier about you know do if I touch it or what it you know what's happening here how do I deal with this if the key is every time you go in go a little higher to stay a moment longer to call in a greater sense of appreciation and consciously claim it when you come back because as you practice expanding and Contracting you're like a rubber band right every time that rubber band expands when it contracts blue bigger
you'll never be that original size again and so you're going to get to a point where as I did and I Street house where that rubber band is as far as it can go if you don't let go it's going to break and both sides get affected
and so we are Humanities rubberband moment now seriously we are right and so what how do we want to arrive spiritual fatigue is the final bullet in Volusia to get you to absolutely say okay I give up yeah let's do this who cares right giving up we give up on ourselves and as I hope you saw that beautiful film with Dr Lorena and real-time the law of instantaneous manifestation how quickly we can turn our lives around lay down or delusions even momentarily we receive that inspiration that Clarity which will stretch a secure a deal to describe dust giving space for you to do it again to experience it again and to claim it it's one thing to have a spiritual experience it's another thing to live a conscious spiritual life
right and you know what secret it's only the first jump that ever terrifies you after that it gets even fun standing about we go to get from Florida online free over BBs
do we have aliens from 935 and say hi to jeralyn
hi guys how are you we are so excited to say hi to you we are to always wash your guys's video probably about 3 weeks ago and I just want to thank you guys are such a blessing and inspiration now back in 2018 I came across basically my other half and when we got into physical Union for the first time it threw me into a full-blown Kundalini for about 4 months
that kind of threw my last two years off with FasTrak clearing and healing and so on but as of right now we're kind of staying in the woods and your kind of stationary not knowing time is the next step in our process
well first and foremost fries just really breathe and you know I love what you're sharing and I love your sincerity you know since I already love and presents are the formula for right so that's the first thing that. Does the beautiful group around you is wanting you to hear is that you are putting yourselves up for the miracle to happen however the clarity that you're speaking needs to come from within that you're only in the woods because you're still choosing to be there all the tools you need are being gifted to you and they're saying open your eyes and see what's right in front of you pay attention and expand allow yourself a greater vision for you are just beginning and the road ahead is Bast beautiful and filled with that which will support you so it is
thank you very much thank you angels we love you so nice to meet you honey my heart everybody feel your heart wow so often this is only getting because is that we can be in the experience of a Kundalini energy in that connectivity is or it can just be inspiring whatever my feet and then there will come a point where often where all the San Diego where is it go
hey wait a minute I'm back here and I I I have that context and that but what about this you know hey what about this well part of it apart of this is to recognize that you chose your life your experiences at your contracts with other beans and even though the enlightenment experience or the uplifting experience was there as an ignition it may not resolve all of your attachments there may be things now that need to be kind of fun wound resolve forgiven released move on and that's individual each of you has that journey to take and when the inspiration stimulates a sense of I Love Myself and I will keep moving through the entanglements they'll begin to loosen and dissolve and how quick health
that's really individual it's the trust you know the X Factor is really the amount of trust that you give yourself trust in what you have always known as true trust in the truth of who you are trusting the pieces of you that got shut down when others didn't understand who you were at all when when when callous things might have been said to you in a moment in a lack of Consciousness it's the trust that says I am therefore I am
I am is an active blessing that we shower and in August right now and we are heading into such a profound experience before us this week it is all about saying yes to your Rising Consciousness The discus open just incredible zero point it is a moment to celebrate that and to remember that this energy is neutral and so any being that is carrying steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust can take that energy that power into that manifestation so may we all be carrying that in our harmonic balance as powerfully and masterfully as our others it's a good moment for us to practice our Master but you know what hey you didn't know it was sitting on this side of the help
you know what there is is the two steps forward one step back or the grand experience that this is kind of shifting
trust is the spiritual quality that is called for to step into the sustainable ascended rounds we must trust and as we replace Faith with trust as we take action upon the information or the experience that we felt and experienced as very true as we act in alignment with it rather than compartmentalize it as an experience it will unfold more gifts Frost is annoying
and so it's about transcending from our beliefs into on your way there by you free up all this energy to literally be live The Yoga of self Ascension remember that we are at a time on our planet that is unlike any other we have collectively done before we have made it further and that is why our bodies are we finding that is why all of these Advanced Ascension symptoms are coming up this is why we are navigating things that are mind-blowing because the mind has yet to process it we are literally forging The evolutionary process with every breath right now so with each breath what are you calling in you know is you were sharing earlier once again you know we are Studio windows open and as you were sharing this beautiful wisdom I was sitting here freaking out at the blessing of breathing in such sweet are you know really being able to feel the breath of guy is so sweet and so with every breath what are you
wheezing in and what are you offering because it's all a cycle another first-timer with a question over at VBS for the head over to ride from Florida welcome to the show
hello Shalom Pita and I must say this is Abby from Florida I have a quick question do I feel like I'm being able to manipulate you know moving to buy Beto what is Ascension symptoms navigate to this landscape hotel if you could just die it would be great thank you so much for calling in first and foremost and I are receiving the blessing of You In This Moment SRI I'll let you share things to remember that every symptom that your body presents every Ascension symptom is there for you to smile with not react when we smile with the body and from the energy of non-resistance this symptom begins to inform us it might shift it might mean
more importantly it's going to connect us to a frequency that is seeking to be integrated and in the seeking to be integrated Comes The Wiz when we are able to have a ringing in our ears and we and we hear it as a call we here it is a frequency than that ringing becomes our spiritual guide in that moment
or one of the things that I've experienced quite frequently as a form of tendonitis and it is the more I'm present to it the more I realized that I'm transiting from an Earthly experience into a more extended state of being and that these connective tissues are trying to connect me
so I offer those to you as examples and reassurances and I have Kira has some sold information for you right now
I just need to share that in this moment you and I are. We are enduring Aussie and you're on the bank of the river and you you're in just your feet are in right now and there is this beautiful beautiful saintly being he keeps giving me all these different names and and and and he keeps telling me that none of them matter and he's looking at you as you're looking up at him and I'm having the honor of being here to just witness this
and and he saying to you my son
you must first stop this questioning and and look at what it is you are truly afraid of for distilled governing you you have been given so much and you have been prepared
when will you understand that all you need do is dive fully into the river so that you may stand up again
and so it is thank you for the song Thank you so much but I heard two I just want to once again off of the energy of my gallery Shankar to you to the world this is Varanasi in the Shiva Moon and it has five diamonds in it and this was for that night screen our blessed be the only ones on the river this is my very very large gowri Shankar it is not believed and then the beautiful Trinity as the Lotus I'm holding the fun together with a garnet wisdom strand right now it just feels appropriate and so I can't think of a better way to close the show them what that reading and honestly I am spinning so much I hope that you guys are too and to touch into the various off zones of interaction the frequency
is it intersect our lives are filled with blessings our lives are filled with opportunities to be mindful where you place your attention be mindful where you draw energy from are we drawing energy from density from the lower chakras or we drawing or energy from our hearts and from the upper chakras because as we allow the energy to lift us meaning it enters from the feet and up the spine and lifts we become very light walkers on Gaia as opposed to tied into Gaia we walk with her instead of Honor yes and as we allow those energetics to continue to flow that which is resistant that which is heavy will come forward for forgiveness and release
part of that yet get there go to string next thing Tuesday night Soul mirrors you want to be there we're expanding all that is happening this week we're going to talk about it more and then of course WWE Global join us there still time we love you you can do this ready you are not tired you are inspired because your Consciousness is ignited so it is see you next week
and check out more information at 3 and Kira. Com

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