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Sri and Kira Live, August 30, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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Welcome to our world we are all experiencing time speeding up a off shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean open up your body and spirit the paradigms that are shifting
Namaste beloved ones in welcome to Sri and Kira live full disclosure we just got back from beat up at the lost city I kid you not about an hour and 10 minutes ago I had to throw together the movie that you've got to see so much is happening that we should just show you what we were seeing so when we were setting up today we were seeing this spiral on the other side there this ignition out so we were going to bring this to you and so sweet and I are honestly still coming back it is that kind of a moment and SRI I want to say before we go anywhere else it's that kind of a moment because of what happened yesterday number one and I want to say thank you to the entire WWE Global Community for saying yes to our planet for saying yes to humanity for the journey that we all took together
yesterday during our session for we are getting emails from people literally saying it change their life forever that yesterday was one of the most profound moments of their lives and then today and we have so so much going on incredible you feel it was September because that is what today is all about September it's it's full name on dark or light there is so much to share their is the ascended numerology huge show I can barely contain it all fabulous time in and just when we are you are becoming ever more stimulated Evermore lifted
more cops just when you think you can't get better or it can't get worse remember that so straight and I are both are you go enjoy that beautiful spiral energy this is the very top this is a close-up of the top of our Compadres mountains which is why two of our rooms here called the Compadres sweet and you can see right here this is where the sun comes up right there on the equinoxes and you see this beautiful spiral energy will that was really really going today so sweet I know that we are live over at 1
YouTube official official Street and Kira everywhere all the Affiliates Facebook everywhere thank you for being here and yes and I want to talk about the boards are both of them open all right and so today you can get into both boards and I see that we do have some already filling up here so 800 number write this down 888-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008 and again if we hold on to view your turn to get in the queue hold on and I said time to try and that's it but that's a busy signal 105 17208 1500 now there are a lot of Ascension symptoms that go with the September energy so if you wanted to ask me about that * 5
I'm over at the Oneness shop radio call board raise your hand and over at the 800 number to star produce her know and he will let us know so SRI September September is putting the Doolin Duality oh my gosh is that that's almost like an understatement what is happening here is this and and is that win or is it throwing you out because that's that dark light energy the mass Consciousness which we refer to as a game board and that we grow up learning the rules of the game we grow up being taught how to be a good little girl a good little boy how to be a good human being and how to get along in your culture religion Society excetera
one of these rules the rules of the game and either accept the game and put my head into it and counter dependent and kind of resist the game and all of that the best deal with all games at players and Spectators put in that little cushion of ascended awareness into that moment which is realizing that sometimes you come to do just that and so you know that's that's the moment of rising at your ascended presence is that in this cycle we those of us that are are are receiving this blessing of sharing right we are very aware that we are here during this cycle to hold that buffer zone to hold you send a Consciousness so that those who need this experience can have absolutely however it does not need to control the all experience there is a balance that all voices deserve to be heard and all beings deserve their experience so
when we all deserve it means that we have all taken birth in Mastery remember you deserve because you were born if you were not born you would not be here as a Mauser and so it it really is about you see the cycle here this is about going outside the limits of perception and end this is it there has never been a time when you have been invited to grow faster and with greater trust in yourself
Astor and greater trust will those are two of the gateways and the bee and the Beast I want to finish up that what I started is that the game board is the basis for comparison for almost everyone until they really touch into the higher Realms and then that becomes the higher truth and this is all of you viewed as the very limited experience but let's stop the game board then is the outer World a form of mass Consciousness and what we have learned is you cannot play your way off the gameboard no matter no matter how much money are how much success you achieve in worldly terms it won't liberate use and even spiritual work that is defined by the game board will not liberate you think it'll it'll it'll help you
the piece a little better with the keyboard
Ford off the game is to lift
and plus that yoga of self Ascension has become the pathway that we have been living and sharing for the other last many years and it's important to understand this is a baseline so the game board includes everything that you're seeing and social media regular media the news they all of that jazz right Earth School experience and when we begin to lift at first we move into an activism stage of trying to make things more harmonious and better but the problem with that is it still has a lot of ego involved thinking that other people don't deserve to have their way about that Ascension is about navigating through the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening you are born into density Consciousness and now is tree shearing and shree and I started sharing this information
in 2004 that Humanity was heading up into spiritual activism which is arise it is addicts and escalation of Consciousness it's also the single most dangerous point to be and this is because while it is at a rising out of me focus it becomes the polarizing energy of Us Versus Them focus it is the energy the energy of Awakening is harnessed by those who would manipulate the up level into an agenda for their politics or their religion or their corporation for example
Spiritual Awakening here here's what's important this is one of those spiritual traps we talked about that's going to be coming in September so since we're here right now let's going to give you that one a little early and here it is you see how the heart is actually the activator that that's where we have been lifting through the spiritual activism you must grow through it or you can stay in it I'm into your choice however if you are looking to Simply cross over into full attention awareness it demands that you must lift from the heart that is attached to the outcomes and lift into the true all that is focus come into the way I like to describe it as come sit with strand I right up here at the top of the mountain where we were this morning and see it from that view where the inspiration then becomes the action in the form where your presence becomes your service and end this is really a profound Point tree thank you for bringing it up
at the moment now on the planet where the game board is starting to move into the final inning so to speak and the intensity is pulling people in so let's just talk about this for the mass Consciousness or density Consciousness is your Birthright and it is what you were school then and just kind of joke sometimes like I don't want to go back to high school once you graduated and you begin to lift and see it for what it is we can only be grateful for the experience but to choose to re-enter is a really deep compromise as you do relax more and just receive
density Consciousness and the game board which includes spiritual activism and remember that activism is often very righteous that reveals that you will always have justification but the whole concept of Justice in the way that we wrap around it is part of the is an energy is an ascended step you willing from it is a stage that we passed through a arrive at a place of peace with all that is an in that you you embody passionate action that's why this show is the voice of passionate action we it is not that you sit on your couch is not that you're not doing anything it doesn't mean that you will not ever have an emotional response my goodness have mercy on yourself you're still carrying a body right for as long as you carry this body and that's the blessing of the oak of self Ascension is that through the yoga of salt
can we come into that true sacred Union then the body while still having those experiences is simultaneously reassured by the presence because that animation has become that which has held open the doorway of inspiration this is how we lift this is how we maintain our 5th dimensional presents I know what this can sound like especially if it's the first time you've ever heard it the key is that as you relax your mind your mind is wanting to trust you and in September if there was ever a time where that trust is going to be right in front of you it will be in September in ways that will Delight you or terrify you and so I think we need to talk about it and just to wrap up the passionate action the understanding because
the key difference is the State of Consciousness that is grounded in compassion and understand that everyone has a right to their educational process this doesn't mean you let them hurt you or let them interfere as so there is a wonderful ground here and then it may be gone tea exemplify this and so is the ocean or calling me to assist in certain ways not to judge and create more hierarchy assistance from love is an expression of passion and assistant assisting from an intellectual concept create separation and hierarchies which removes the overall piece in the world so important as we went to September so you guys see here on the spiritual activism you see that's where that heart first starts opening that's when the heart first starts opening but it's still judgmental and it is filled out filled and it is still
dependent that is the heart that can sustain if something happens exactly who I am versus to hold people that have come together but this is where we give away too much of ourselves and people go over their heart is so big and they're broke and they're miserable and they don't believe in themselves and their stuck this is important to look at because you see the top there right when you're ready to break through spiritual activism you will start seeing the higher picture you have to but it's that River it's like right on the the line there and the only way you can actually embody it is to take the leaf yourself and only you can do that and that brings us to this moment September right now September 2020 is a month where first of all it is an awareness month so because of that the dark and the light are equally
we're within awareness there are many different aspects of who we are and how we are and what we do and how we do it and so the gift of this the gift of this moment is right now if you're catching this early on in the month and if you're not working to time-stamp into it so you can read receive that energy it is August 30th September energy I popping and as we do I want you to really need it right now feel it is there anything within you that is resisting a choice that your Consciousness has already been putting in front of you what do you know is in front of you you know I want to share the law of instantaneous manifestation you know one of the things we put in the car this morning that talks about how this month September will will bring forward the law of instantaneous manifestation I mean in ways that it has never done before 4
who's that really said yes and remember it will do that as well everything is going to escalate everything is going to get fast and everything is going to happen when you're clear you get to move into this month will be like a year I want you to feel that right now by the end of this month we're going to look back at this moment and you'll go wow was that only 30 days ago and so make a note for yourself right now pull in that energy received a lot of instantaneous manifestation because today do the profound WWE Global women Wellness Awakenings culmination yesterday which oh my God I can hardly wait till we all get together on the full moon this Wednesday chills but what happened was that we went we were called yesterday to go up to the lost city and we didn't go because of a lot of reasons mainly the WWE Global we we couldn't do it we were we were in bed at 5 p.m.
I kid you not right I just to share with those of you participating and also note
dot-com sorry however are closing ceremony was so profound and the energy and you know it one level this this program WWE Global is a spiritual empowerment program that shifts one's life to a more aligned basis so that you can manifest create a share and NBA and that's a good he's right there and at another level it opens up the frequencies the energetic portal so that your portal of joy is more available and we all got any credible boost yesterday and so today she and I were called this morning and I said okay I just have to get that you would know what was happening with the September and I wanted to update you Sunday numerology with someone show you next as like as soon as that's done let's run up the hill and we did we literally because we've been doing lots of new improvements we've been cutting a new steps and things
happened today was so profound and end so mind-blowing that we are still up there as we're speaking to you right now and we are doing the best we can we are going to be showing you a 10 minute film that we created and I do want to just give a shout out to Bree roses and say she had made a wonderful film for today of which only the first two minutes are in this film because they are what should be with this film and the rest of her film goes with what we're not including from today as well which were going to put on sew mirrors Tuesday night so this is very much a two-parter talk about it first and foremost my angels I want to bring you to the energy flows pay attention here we are this is that moment we talked about this last week this is the only time and this is why it's going to feel like September is a year think about it as your in your beautiful spaceship and we have to slingshot around the Sun to get back
that's what's happening if you look at the Mastery energy flows and you look at August you see that January February and September and July August and December form the pillars of profound shift as you've said these energy flows remember that this year has been unlike any other year and today spoiler alert shree and I were given part of what happened we're up there today they showed me the 2021 energy flow and it is another one that we have not seen before and so this is a profound moment because July and August called forward the perfect balance of the January February so when you look at the January February energy in the July August energy they're like balancing each other but they're not stable and so by leaving August and going back to September you see that that Pink Arrow has now stopped there was that
arrow that gave us I'm going to use the word semblance of linear time from January to August that is the last we're going to see that every month the last four months of this year to see how they sit on their own September boom october-november boom December stability
so I want you to see that and the end this means that we are not going to see until December in density you are not going to see anything that looks like stability until December but it is coming it is coming and 2021 is beyond profound and I should be ready to decompose everything by the end of this month to release the next year as well and so this is important because an order to go from August to September because that pink line is gone we have to literally jump out of that profound ship experience on to the Awakening you see that oval that it's like imagine you're sitting there inside that August energy and you're like oh my God how do I get onto September it's called here it is it's this beautiful spiral of Awakening that's been here all year long that has been ever-present only you to trust yourself enough to jump on and then it will gently bring you to September where you be
the pillar of the Illumination in your own profound shift September is the month that unlocks all the promise 2020 that unlocks all the dreams you put together go back to where you were New Year's Eve 2020 what were you calling forward I know we were here with us. That's what the September dark or light is all about and that's why it's coming for you that's why I had that said I was sick
the the tension created when the polarity increases is also a motor right and that motor stimulates movement primarily through the strata collectivism maybe our way or the highway it can be there
spiritual activist
affects all and it's very ego-based because imagine that you go that would say only my way is and is not you're either for me or against me think of that level of Consciousness but evens that hat is higher than density Consciousness because while it's me centered it invites an awesome moment there is because act arises out of a power which is the yellow energy and moves into a protective energy so there is love
conditional its love for our group or are our tribe versus another tribe sucks in the political Arena as you're going to see it in the social is the people I bet it felt compressed and when we are compressed what's cooking that wants to come forward and so what drives people let me say this differently you can't fake it anymore that's why it's intense so say that again fake it anymore you're either going to be living a egocentric competitive life God bless go enjoy it and have fun or
did life and commit to it because if you try to dabble in both sides of the paradise you will be tormented everything is ready for you you are ready this is a month of choice August August 2020 was a month of choice and during this month through the WWE Global commitments more and more these portals have been open all of us the divine feminine has risen and even in the third dimension it is the month of Virgo is the month of of the Beloved mother and and this is a very profound moment where everything has lined up you have the density astrology that knows that the rising divine feminine is coming you have just the energy of the stickiest density saying hey women are women are equal to men just trying
just trying on that energy balance we are still navigating so many things and they are all labels and transcend all the labels but in order to do that you have to love yourself enough to let go of the labels you put on yourself to let go of all the guilt all the shame all the anger or whatever and at the end of the day it will be your ego and it will be your spiritualised ego steeped in its spiritualize activism that will seek to keep you from crossing the threshold that's the Borderland of Sanity that's the moment between the fourth dimension which will have your ego in such a state of bliss that you will have a hard time just turning because you would be so filled with how important you are and how special you are and how right you are or you will melt through the compassion
and lift into that attention awareness we're in that moment you're smiling at the you that would still be holding that experience and loving the you and density that is actually manifesting in conscious of them all this has been August all about living in The 5th Dimension anchoring that energy being in that multi-dimensional presence and that is why this is the month where your soul your absolute soul from its source is being out to you and saying what
I am here are you ready to really remember the month before us in those energy flows are showing us right as we we jump from August into September and September as a completion that will feel like a year and a month because at the end of September you're going to be standing on that pillar and it's from that pillar the top or the bottom that you're going to jump into October that you will jump into November that you will jump into December we are building the four pillars to 2021 and this is the first month and that's massive tree made both consciously and subconsciously in August or you're going to get to be aware of them more fully in September
movie review the truth revealed and and that is an opportunity to cultivate empowered choices for the future however takes a little humility and it takes this right this is this is you as the center of Creation in the middle of the torus field as the zero point Creator you are that powerful you are that energy and you see across the bottom of little diamonds there that is the framework of support the framework of support is being able to stay in the space this is where you are consciously aware of your multi-dimensional presents where you are there all the time I call it as watching us V computer screens at all times and here's what keeps you their steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust and I want you to really breathe that in and notice that zero point that ignition of you as that creation energy
has this brings us to the September energy and I want to show you the calendar first and then we're going to go the ascended numerology but let's look at this calendar so this is why you were showing the spiral here already you see what is happening though right now let's go right up to the top archangels of this quotes
free your mind now and invite yourself to fly and to soar free online now and invite yourself to fly or three times free your mind now and invite yourself to fly and too sore so I feel Archangel with you right now sharing this with you in this month of profound shift remember all this was also a month of profound shift but from a different end of the cosmic universe and I want to just remind you of that by showing you the August calendar so look at this here we were in the August to see the door and it was all about getting through the door coming out of the portal and here we are on the 30th and the 31st and everything went into creation be
cuz we are already in September you see right here you are already flying in you are coming in you are getting ready to look at the Knights look at the night we have the second 9th the 16th and 23rd this full moon on the 2nd and I'm going to show you the ascending numerology in a moment is the kick-start it's it's saying okay here we are right now we're in the outer reaches of this portal and weird we're being pulled in really fast and then we're going to hold that this month because we're going to go all the way in we're going to receive receive receive received and then by October we're going to bring it back and we're going to enliven rejoice and be it is a profound month this is this is very much a month of dark or light game on holding Consciousness now the full moon
you'll notice that's the birth you see that that beautiful Angelic energy that extra portal within a portal that this is how the you this is how we come forward and so what we're actually doing is we're pulling in from early October a timeline shift into the full moon which is happening this Wednesday night and you'll see that that is going to that energy is going to be once again Amplified on the 17th but first we're coming all the way in so we're actually going from the October energy which is going to be our first big jump right right now we get to kind of ride on the way to get here to September but September is going to be the first month where you're building a pillar where you will have to jump into October and so this is how we jump we are pulling I'll remember it's our scented presents we know how to jump we know what we're doing it's coming in it will be re Amplified when we hit the 17th but right now it's coming all the way in and we are going to first be able to really embody
this Wednesday on the full moon and I just I have to take a breath on that because I hope I would trust that you're receiving that the way that I'm receiving that cuz when I show you the ascended numerology on that it will blow your mind this is Portal energy and this polarity that will result from this open portal is upon us and we're feeling it we're sensing that everything has been growing and and I want to speak for a moment a little bit about the ego because the ego is both your Ally and you're in an inhibitor so let's just lay this out one more time
when we take birth we cultivate an ego it is a necessary lens of identification in order to preserve your individuated life experience right it just needed a spiritual path we begin to see how the ego is in between our Ascension process and how the ego is actually very much grounded in specialness self-absorption by and does not allow us easily to lift in two piece
because there's always an agenda twerk there's always what's in it for me aren't I special and that that trans transcends all sophistications whether we are special election Ali special because we give so much to others or the or whatever it is you'll find something. Anybody who has followed a lot of the Eastern spiritual Traditions many practices are so many things you can do to help create space
for you to be outside of the Eagles dominance are such a beautiful is your own willingness that your passion for Union that your passion for the Divine that your passion for the peace that passeth all understanding is greater than your fear that would fuel an ego that would fuel decisions that limit you
and so the juxtaposition of the two and end as a further what we've come to know is that the spiritual journey is one of residing in the authentic energy of your soul your Eternal Essence while still in for not waiting to visit it when you transition
store way and then we have the soul base reality and the soul loves the ego
so much that it will let it do whatever it wants the Whole Life Fitness in Kauai are you powerful where the threshold between an eagle base life and a soul Base Life Starts Here at the heart so this is why so many of the great faith say go to the heart love thy neighbor as thyself is in every great day and so that's the pivotal point to talk about a straight right here this is the essence of the yoga stop Ascension is it stepping up and living in the twelve pointed chakra system that is they Define Galactic blueprint and this is what she is talking about right there stray the ascended hard should you take a look at the drawing on the right side heart which band serves as a point of steel
to live in a body I'm living my life from a heart Centric point of view words are all about world issues that would keep you in fear and I'm not going to get into it long teaching on this today other than that when the Hart Foundation we have an opportunity to lift into the ascended chakra system which we call the Divine Galactic blueprint there is a beautiful teaching on this and it's available their website look for the messages from the Masters you can find that actually it's in the practices one of those get off the fence months while you're going to have to do it as you begin to lift into greater compassion for yourself and for others we are then have us a base
Lionheart energy that can lift us into direct communion direct peaceful at feasts and absolutely numerology there is a lot going on here guys okay first and foremost I want you to go ahead and just look at the wheel. Have you ever seen so much infinite energy this is why if you are not stabilized in The Fifth Dimension like it or not we're going in and out of it all month long and he can't get away with it and if you are not anchored in it but you are aware of it this is why she and I keep sharing with you it's going to be a month where it's going to feel really uncomfortable so look at the body do you see what's going on in the body there and I'm loving what we're seeing there so let me go through this with you first and foremost September is 6th September is 6th September
the point of balance imagine that that was the only line the only circle on this entire wheel everything could balance on that 6 it would be hard but it could and so you're a perfect balance we are in a month of balance and it's a month of ascended balance because it's all about Mercury but ignition now what concerned me about this was the way that this ignition was here and the way that the year since our year is a 4 with a double infinite if you just would look at the whole year I mean the whole month September 2020 it was going to start bouncing back and forth you see that it would just it wasn't it that was concerned about it well here's why this full moon is so incredible you look down at the bottom September 2nd 2020 the full moon is 1/8 mile of look what the eighth does first of all it arrives from back out of the infinite because
the double infinite between the sexes in the four so the first state that you see is that pink you see the pink dotted pink line there when we had the full moon it stabilizes the entire monthly experience now so happens go back and look at September 2020 as the 10 with a double in the first you're going back and forth back and forth then what was happening it was shooting back up to the 10 where was just going to keep spiraling right I mean this was just going to be an In-N-Out in out where where will be hard for people to understand and then I'm loving this what happens is we have first of all the full moon so go from the Sexes up into the internet down to the for back up into the back into the infinite
xa10 everything thus the full moon is coming in as an anchor I'm seeing it as a Lifeline from the universe this is saying look that's just a little too much too soon for most of you so we're throwing you a Lifeline the eights are a message and here's what's so incredible not only is the full moon in 8th but you've gotta love this the Mercury retrograde three phase begins on September 23rd not only is that another eight it's got the double introductions meat has the infinite we are being thrown a Lifeline for October this is like the universe coming in and saying if you remember who you are if you get out of your own way you will see that you are absolutely on a win track that that success is a picture so for all those who say yes that's what's Happening Now what's even more amazing is that we have an uplevel date this month of September 17th 2020 and that
is an online and because of all the infinite energy that will have been bouncing in and out all around this incredible wheel the 9th will birth from the entry into the 10 meaning it's coming back word from the 10th to the 9th but it carries with it the internet presence which is why I have a line where it is so before we talk about the body straight I just wanted to take a moment and and share you know how that feeling for all you guys right where he is powerful it is accurate my beloved Care Aurora has brought this forward from what was lost at the burning of the Library of Alexandria you can learn more about it at and study it because this is the tool of the ascended communities
remember that we are individuation your personal way you use your energy has a lot of uniqueness to you in it however the currents of energy that would allow you to have your unique expression are predictable known and useful to become aware of let's go back to that ascended numerology and let's look at the body and this is really important pay attention to because this this month is look at your body number one first and second chakra issues on on everywhere going on for a lot of people we're going to wind up with a high heart up level moment which means it's an explosion it's tied back to the Manifest energy of all the while we have these double pulsing going on in our Lotus chakra
so is everything else and just look at the Double Star Energy which carries the infinite presents overlaid in the 5th dimensional self in that point of the Divine Galactic blueprint the universe has never sent a clearer pay attention trust yourself we're here we here you here it is there there would I couldn't you know you couldn't ask for a better burning bush that says we're here we're paying attention now it's all about second chakra it's all about our balance and balance of creation this is the month where again go back to your dreams what was your dream what did you see this year would do it still is it's not too late this is the time and so really celebrate that and then from that 6 we go down into our root chakra to are being nest and find the double
incidence for of the Year remember this entire year is all about your root chakra discovering your true root chakra because of the root chakra of your ass end of your Ascension portal is the ascended heart now here's where it gets fun September 2020 is a 10 plus a double infinite which means from that for we bounce all the way up to the right side of his dimensional experience where is our manifest Energy power
8 cups into the high Heart during the however before it gets to that high hard starting on the second the Lotus chakra your inspiration your highest self starts becoming the light in the night sky you know The Guiding Light this is a month where the dark and the light on means that everything gets to up level so if you're ready to really put the game on into your light source your soul and do it this month that's what they said in numerology showing us as well your soul all the aspects of you are saying hey I'm right here supporting you and that's why we're supporting all by offering sole-sourcing for love donation starting on September 14th to Mondays join us this is the month to do it and the moment to do it not just for yourself will be doing this for all of humanity
all the stuff there's all these energy said that everything from a chakra chakra with the bases on some of this so the stuff going on up I the body is going to feel that like head expansion up here in the exploded crown and above it is going to feel like my head isn't big enough literally and so many of you were going to have a different quality headache
it will if you don't we all know what a headache is but we still have headache is going to be experienced by the body as a form of pressure and amps for some of you is going to amplify ear Sensations and four others of you is going to amplify visual sensation certain default Pathways let's just say so like all Ascension symptoms it's important to say oh thank you
the present to it now I say thank you a little tongue-in-cheek and don't nobody wants to say thank you to pain however we are in the habit of resisting
so by saying thank you it opens up the possibility that we can receive and integrate versus resist and polarized gets to know you love it does thank you is really to your body and your body going on oh I'm so glad you got it then I can stop doing it this way the thank you is is really a sincere that sincerity 11 presents for miracle it's always at sincerest thank you thank you thank you for showing me thank you for assisting me to remember who I am thank you for helping me to move forward in my Mastery so that you can be free to do what you want to do as well and that's when the body heals me I certainly noticed that 8000 some odd feet
when you first add app to hire altitude you're going to be light-headed there's going to be other experiences short of breath and those kinds of things and and and then as you adjust to that all of a sudden you realize I'm totally happy and good better than before actually that transition exactly happened we do know when the pain started because we paid attention to pack that's really a Discerning symptom ologies of our time if we can just simply say thank you I appreciate what's going on and I can be in the flow of integration rather than thinking I have to fix something or change something to integrate let it inform you know this comes back to the second chakra so the second chakra
at its highest expression while inform is all about letting go of the past and all of the Frozen energies of the past in the judgments of the unforgiveness stuff is in your second chakra in your field and a couple of the Shoppers like to participate but the second the reason shows up there is it inhibits the birthing of your future imagine what you would dream if you've never been hurt before the leap she would take the risk you would take if you've never felt pain
it's true so I offer that to you is kind of a smiling Rosy thing that are free to dream or real okay it's no longer dreaming with a little hint it's it's like so the second chakra carries that type of balance between what has been and what shall come and this is why the organs of creation are located at the second chakra because the female reproductive organs are such a perfect metaphor to be able to
hold the dream nourish the dream for 9 months and then still feed and sustain the dream even after it appears
Banner what happens the metaphor for creating that which is not yet here
what's the chakras power wow so how do we move forward in a nice healthy balance way we'll number one is to release all hope of a better past the past is over Let It Go forgive all that has gone before and there are a variety of ascended forgiveness techniques that we are various workshops I'm not going to speak on that today I will say that when we move into our heart reflect on our pains we can forgive more easily there's an end the other side of this is to remember that spirit is inspiring you
continually and that you are the Manifest vehicle of the Divine in foreign and you have gifts to share you have quality you have wisdom you have learnings and skills all of that went with your with your Soul's wisdom and positively affect the shared environment and I mean that at every level energetically and physically so the second chakra when it's brought into balance and is connected to this upper chakra information so now the age and the nine and the other for all that is connected forget the numbering system of the chakras that's just a sequential thinks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 there are energies they're far more important than the numbers of the traditional way of talking about it so when this area
down here connect to this area up here wow a beautiful creative being is activated and passion if you're aware because it does harness your passion and do it if you're aware all of that is happening whether you're aware or not and as we move forward into this month imagine how that energy as Illuminating awesome and passion and igniting is because you're aware of it you don't know how to harness your creative power you don't know what to think you're being bombarded you get tired and that's the game on moment it's going to be about distraction distraction distraction and what was left
I don't want this game board I don't fit in here I don't know how to 6 right in the status quo and I therefore right I'm depressed people went to the antidepressants or are still on them our spiritual center the inspiration will heal that for you really will know that he's not showing any of this for anything other than to say every part of your journey has brought you to where you are right now and and many of us have had very similar pass along the way that's part of the affirmation when we come together just like today when she and I went up the hill was really part of the affirmation of what's been happening you know we shared a little bit during the combination of the women Wellness Awakenings journey and we're all going to be gathering on the full moon this Wednesday live and one of the things that is so clear is that as you call forward your 5th Dimension
Athens right now I mean really call it forward as you are in that Stadium because right now the stadiums are full as you are holding open that light there are those crawling over the top that are saying no no no no no no maybe we can't get you but we can dim your light and get a lot of these ones up here in the future so right and so what that means is that you may have relationship suddenly no longer connecting for no quote on quote good reason
that's a moment when you are being invited you look at your own trust in your own energy and the first thing you do is you look in the mirror and you make sure from your empowered State not from a victim statement for this is all about breaking free of the victim triangle right and so you really look in the mirror and make sure that whatever is the perception cuz it's all perception around the perceived Injustice all lower Consciousness right that you can look in the mirror about it and when you know you can look in the mirror and you can love the experience and see what's happening then you have to commit to being the master threw it and sometimes that means taking what may look like a tough love stance being a master through experience means loving someone enough to model the way through and when she and I went up to the temple today we have had our own knives thrown in us over the past week and I
surprise I've watched a we talked about this last week show in the last week of August remember the end of this week as of yesterday it was kind of dark lots of dark energy and you were either in their creating and getting excited or you were in their freaking out well today it really is the rise of as much light so the balance is here it's a question of how are you working with it
when we went up to the mountain we're getting ready to show you this film it is 10 minutes there was a lot more including the very first installment ever and we are showing you in real time and we were not ready for what happened and I think we should offer you just a moment of what happened because you're the first people to connect with this nobody knows about it forgive the video I Threw it together and got dressed to be on the air with like 5 minutes to spare but we felt it was that important to give you this first portion
whenever we're on a spiritual ascent and I had the words that we really are so busy climbing the temple steps so to speak that we don't really see what's awaiting us or what's awaiting us is just beyond our at payment of that moment attainment in spiritual sense refers to your capacity to consciously anchor a level of Consciousness or frequency and the your level of attainment is your Veil when we reach certain levels in our life and you've all had that we had wonderful examples to go from the Christmas and Easter bunny to reflect our level of Consciousness and
each and every step of the way we begin to move into a more clear seeing and then there may be some emotional stuff that happens so what we reach into the tire pure realm we are constantly lifting or own Veil
so that's one thing I want to say is that what we discovered was
a little bit of a surprise and yet a long-term knowing sometimes when we are in the presence of something that's pure there's a part of us that goes just a blast this is the real thing you know this is where my heart beats the loudest and so before we show you the video I want to show you again the picture of the alligator remember that the last time she and I were up was with Ariana Grande on Lisandro and pardon and dr. Rana and Brianna and you'll see this was when we were coming down and and it's funniest Reno are looking at it right now after today I'm like wow this was the last time we saw it it looked like this and we have been called up again very strongly since yesterday was like
video and then there are things we will share with you right after the video because the video ends right when the first massive installment be down when some other profound Revelations begin and we want you to stay with us in that real moment so we're going to play this video of which there is a rich second half which we will play on Soul mares Tuesday night to have your heart and really just received this this is a gift of love and we love you and when we come back we will take this further
pay some here is this pile of dried grass clippings and years of all the weed said they pulled up and placed here what were doing now is we're going to harvest some of the soil underneath this pile here
can you get just part of our mix for a Gardens today
and here's this mixtape we put together and the compost
from underneath the pile I just showed you next with you can posted chicken manure and other yummy things
see how fluffy it's like chocolate cake almost
I really wish you all could feel
how incredibly soft
and beautiful with feels and smells good to you that's how you know it's good it really has a rich rich smell to it
Brock Lesnar throw up very very happy
hi I'm standing on the new staircase that we've installed to make it easier for folks to access the mountain we discovered the lost city of light some time ago and the Beautiful steps to take us up to the canal which we lovingly call the most
State Street and I are heading up to the city of light the Temple of Light
and we are going to be creating this is still drying we're putting in beautiful new hand and we're going to be painting this and when you come will be asking visitors
dip your hands in the paint and the ad your love and life as well so we are heading up the mountain come join us today
Namaste beloved was and welcome to this entrance of the main site and this is what you beautiful beautiful cougar lion feline and you can see over here right down on the ground here and this Cactus the one thing we've learned is that the catfish show the way this is a huge piece there's also some others were standing at right now before our group member we will be clearing all of this and you can see what's waiting for cactus fruta pitahaya
neighbors haha Hotel one of the birds.
I hiked up to an area just beyond the temple wall and it's fascinating to tune into these formations which are unlike the other rocks if you look at these rocks
over here specially you're going to see what looks like a molten slow and also hear what we feel it to Italy and they might be corroborated by zecharia sitchin worth that there was a war or a cosmic struggle for dominion and these brought the evidence of that whether they were hit by a laser beam of some sort or a technical and Technology to use the extreme heat the rocks have in remineralized story with truly connects us to mankind Oregon
there is so much more than it is in our libraries there is so much more than is in our knowing it is in our spiritual DNA is truly a journey of completion for human being
history to know one's ass ancestors beyond the printed paper and into the Realms of
Trina just come up from where the wall originate however this area right here where SRI is currently Traverse and you see the opening there this is the area where we see a lot of this laser light something massive happened here where is to my right the rocks are solid and cut and have a lot of intentionality and this is Rubble yet there are still signs of intentionality whether it's a drainage line
the intersection representing flows representing the cosmos
are the cosmic Origins we are being shown them and I'm going to go ahead and we are in direct alignment right here with a Compadres
and this is why it is our heartfelt wish that you would come and experience the nation vacation for the spiritual traveling so much is here and so much to share
everyone up here was this beautiful I'm lovingly calling in an alligator but I'm not sure was an alligator of the Dragon showed you a video where I go and I were coming down and I strongly he started uncovering it well
that we now have uncovered I'm going to stand at the moment we have uncovered the area and so this was a much bigger piece
parts of the body and you can see available now you can feel the reptilian like dragon or alligator was definitely a spinal right here and you can feel the flow it if you share touching it really feel the flow of the face this was obviously some form of us was most likely one of the original lights when it was destroyed because during the
nation of Atlantis was. Of the dark started coming in greater sense of imbalance began and
own sense of how important and what a blessing I really just want to hug you I really do and what a blessing that we are now able to really with this
I hope you're enjoying this
Auto Brite beloved ones at the very end there for those of you that live here those of you that have been here you know what that was kind enough it was like staring at us the exact Joy terlingo that's in kedarnath the same shape are the mountain the fact that tree and I were trapped trapped up a kedarnath and India because we were fogged in there helicopters couldn't get us out and spending the night up there with all these people and so the fact that this this artifact and what happened afterwards I'm so breathlessly but if I want to share a little bit with you I think we were just little bit more with you before we dive into more about this incredible ahead and your phone call so I do want to say if you want to get into the Q R and be going there next 8886 to 76008 there might be a line open 517
208 1500 same thing get in there you can listen while you're holding so what are the experiential today was how profound level of Consciousness Consciousness interacts with one's perceptual discernment and we walked up the hill are you always noticing how was just a week or so ago that the archaeologist from the ministry of culture came or something one of you know and I understand their motive they want I want to preserve culture has two weeks and they didn't see what we saw their lands for understanding what was their hair was defined by Stone Age implements and carving soap
things that fit within that training context which means they missed what we were seen and they don't consider it important so fine that's fine it's it's one of those demonstrations of Consciousness that you don't even even though it wasn't there I bet would Columbus's ships couldn't see the boats they thought the men were walking on the water as they got out of there their they're Skiffs you know that the rowboats and came on Shore because except for the ship think about that as coming through the veil because that's what that was that was the veil shift that was outside the realm you know that's why I contact with indigenous tribes and have not had contact the veil write your your experience is your Veil and so this month of
as we talked about earlier is very much of the calendar again really should I really want to bring it up because this calendar is so important that very much free your mind and invite yourself to y&s or we are coming in from the outer Depp's and and right there and we are going to have our first ignition on the full moon upgrade this month is all about awareness so the question is what are you aware of what are you really aware of and after that video close we have a lot more video shree and I had the blessing of really connecting with the energy that that stone was holding and discovered vibrational space is there and there's two at the end of the video you saw on the tip of the nose it's like I don't even know how that part of the stone it says if someone polished it and has been polishing it and polishing it and polishing
and that's what it felt like like cheers the way you can directly connect and when we found it it we're still coming back from it when we were up there
what began to happen in my own personal experience was the release of the contacts that I had previously been using my words to describe so consider this for a moment if your contact is the timeline that we accept it prior to the invention of tools there was no way for he can come to fabricate anything right
that when we first connected with the stones and the and the wall of the the Crystal and City the first impressions I had were many thousands of years you know I ate 10000 years that kind of thing and the melted Stone which we showed you today I mean that's a whole other teaching was looking at it through the context of the timeline or no this is earlier than anything that we have touched down here it is to be an end the truth of the matter is that there were civilizations then that dwells if not like this was there they were building on top of something
take for you for me to be willing to look deeper what does it take for you for me to let go to understand to Define I mean try that on for Define your left in a kind of a moment that's the Gateway
and that's September and and when we were up there as I was holding the stone today you know we went up and we were clearly call to go to both of the laser Stone area and show them to you to start showing this hard evidence of of what transpired and then after that we were called the second set of laser stone that tree showed you with that beautiful star pattern and the Beautiful Draenor Gully or they're going to call it that's right off to the side of this massive wall and I want to go see the alligator or so calling at the alligator and so I heard clearly go touch the stone so that was the part of the Divination Stone that's at the top of the wall and what I had not remembered was that when I touched it I look to the left and right down on the trail is exact
where the alligator is and I would have never noticed that cuz I would have done at the other way of the trail and so it was fasting to be that they were literally right there with each other and I forgot because of the way we went down last time there's a lot of still undercover a lot a lot of trouble to serve as a boundary for your perceptions and so one of the things that was so much fun is as we connected with the alligator
and said so when was when did this manifest when did this come into form of years so nice to be able to sit down and have a conversation about something that existed millions of years ago blows out of the water for all of your mental paradigms you have to approach it from your ascended Consciousness completely different time a completely
more closer to us or she might say I'm or illuminated experience and a confirmation of complete destruction because it was like the final the final holding place of like the sacred seeds of the eternal life sequence and so they're so much being on folded hear that and even if I share that you guys feel this like pins and needles right here so just as beautiful as I'm sharing this with you I'm noticing that the back of my crown chakra is is feeling very much more illuminated and that as we connected with this Stone and we will share these Revelations with you in real time I'm sure he will be joining me on so mirrors Tuesday night so that we can finish this Revelation adjust will be with us as well
ensoulment dropped our mouths on a wow and they explain to us all of the energy for 20 21 how it's unfolding how the stones up there literally work and for the first time ever in 2021 we will be putting to the 12 Stones together as the calendar and offering exactly the very first message from the lost city in millions of years and so this is a moment of massive massive massive celebration what were sharing
you find inviting you find oh I want to know more that we are igniting in each other and this this recognition that's the case and in the ignition of the recognition we are better equipped to pass through the bales of the Kali Yuga the veils of the delusion the veils of the conspired reality you do you want to know what is the ultimate the Spheres the theory is taking birth there you go is nothing compared to that you are there is this ignite anything in you it is your time to touch them directly because what I predict what I see is
hundreds and then thousands of people connecting as primordial Purity that will activate within them the soul memories and the recognition which will peel off the layers so much faster than walking step by step clear that it was a month where the sole sourcing had to happen and here today we literally had a tangible sole-source slow things we were going to be talking about and here we are being a level before we even get together on Monday the 14th to do this to Journey session so join us in your heart
and then it goes off right click in it shrink.
See how your week is floating and see what your questions are and and SRI I'm moving right over here to the call board and let's go ahead and welcome in all these beautiful people that have been holding for so long we are going to go to it looks like Port Orchard Washington Washington
hey can you hear me okay fine you sound great sweetheart
about her and I heard about but I've already is the other one so okay so first of all I want you to bring a hand to your heart and I want you to just relax because you were breaking up and what was fussing about that is it didn't matter I guess I see it because it's all over you and I want you to just relax your breath and as you relax your breath if it's safe to close your eyes I want to ask you to do that to Honey because this is a moment for you that's not about this decision it's about you deciding that you are ready to deserve and trust yourself they're saying that the time to ask others for your answers has passed because you already know the future you have chosen and I want you to bring your hand to your second chakra because
what's an archangel Michael is standing in front of you right now because you're carrying this one choice right here I mean wow am I hurting you know the upper back right here down by the upper spine lower neck and so I'm kind of moving that right now but you can keep those hands on that second and third chakra using at you and then what's so fascinating is that right behind Michael I'm seeing like all these different types of images of warrior like Godlike beings all different ones from all different Traditions but they're all like unifying with Michael in this moment and they're breathing and their breath is like this crystalline it's like I'm seeing this combine breast become this this this Crystal and Cocoon
and they're putting it around you and they're saying our most beloved one when the queen arises she knows and you are ready to rise again let go we just want to stop you let go of that which you have been doubting call forward the energy of your creation into your heart now and gays forward breathe and say yes you already know the answer and in this moment you are being taught how to always know and so it is my love no more
thank you thank you my love I'm feeling pain in my physical heart right now so I will share something with you there are many who when they receive a soul reading and they are not giving a specific answer they feel like they have been let down or they feel like they say that you know why didn't you tell me what to do because you are loved that much
you will always get an answer and it will always be the right answer but remember that one of the things that has shifted and the way the tree and I are so blessed to still be teaching an offering the work of the yoga of self-obsession all these years is that in the expansion of the work right now in the way that we are teaching it there are many more specifics because we have arrived at a moment in history when we inserted into the timestamp back in certain years you realize that an order for us to stay out of the Mandela effect you have to survive it and so we are here teaching work that we put in that has never left our possession that could not be mistaken or Miss alter and that's why we have been a continuous thread through this moment because that was all part of our mission
and I'm sure this with you because we are in that moment right now where everything is fluid and everything is Shifting and so as we are teaching the work we are able to in something's Howdy's Precision type experiences and they're coming through more and more and the work of the yoga of self Ascension is and will always be as was said by Arcangel zadquiel st-germain the benevolent ones every beautiful group of Masters that we have had the blessing of working with is that in the end you are the master and and that you will be always given everything you need to know everything you need and have the answer to every question when you remember you are the master Druid power every being that enters your life and every teacher and every guide Mentor excetera ultimately they're there to help ignite within you the recognition and
courage to become that which you are absolutely
we're open to receiving them and of course any questions for straight along with your mini Saul reading request and SRI where we heading next to hide a Trish from Mississippi
Arc a wonderful and I've never been able to get through before so this is beautiful and wonderful and I'm so grateful thank you both and many strolling out and I just signed up for the twin flames Crystal thing so I'm very excited about that to anything else you wanted to share before we share with you
I love you I love all of you I love everybody I'm in an incredible part of my own Ascension and Awakening and furthering and unraveling All That Jazz I am grateful thank you for knowing and receiving when you are a first-time caller on this show when it is the day that you get through you know that you've been tapped on the shoulder universes said look you're ready because each one of us that shares in this beautiful moment of these sections together these joint readings is holding for each other so it also means that your presence is ready to be more available and I was giggling and of course you are with the sole sourcing coming up in September because that's where you are right now
at this moment you've been at this moment a while they're saying are you jumping what's happened is that you have been diligent you are really clear like you have I love the way your Clarity comes in its like the soft blue but it's very very clear but it's delicate and it's like you're at a moment where you're really getting ready to enter your Clarity with a level that you haven't done before and they're saying breathe in through your nose allow the body to be infused with pure crystalline light follow where your jaw has been taking you and then dive in and so it is my love I'm just loving you so much treated you want to share anything with our beautiful one will check with you and so I I I want you to just truly Lean Into The Joy portal that has arisen in your life and it will look. You absolutely
until we can hug you in person we are doing it right now my angel thank you for being you thank you thank you so much this is beautiful and yes it's just it's amazing when you went when you make the conscious choice to love your life no matter what is really does make amazing miracles happen and I'm living that until I'm so grateful thank you so much both of you thank you honey I'm home
habit Champagnes are y'all take care bye bye sweetheart I'll God I love it this I don't we have the best I mean are we like the most amazing Community I love our Sunday Services together and I love this second hour because it's just us we can you say hi to some more. I hope so. All right hands up for straight 3
I'm so we are really glad we could we are here or high
I I I think I do
put my hands up through my spirit so I'm not sure if actually came through welcome Angel may we help you
absolutely so I want you to really right now wow am I feeling it here and and SRI you feeling that and so that's why that's why I speak first and then I'm going to finish but while straight is speaking I'm really serious sweetheart if you can left hand right here on the upper part of the chest you see that and I'm holding you to it I'm not going to let go other one here as well try to relax and I'm gonna let SRI begins to accept what you know is true and to stop repeating that which was comfortable or familiar and what that means is we're opening up the throat chakra so that the heart energy can connect to the higher Realms and so that you may have the experience that you really seeking which is to be the Divine being that you are and to Anchor that here while you have formed
so this this chakra that I'm speaking to this is the chakra of Joy the chakra of authenticity and the chakra of saying I don't have to fake it I can be who I am and trust that and as we trust who we are and we bring a voice to that we find that we feel happier we find that we feel more content with our life because we're lined up with our truths and this opens the Gateway between the heart and the wisdom that you are also seeking to Anchor more fully which is the seventh chakra issue so we'll Kira is holding your heart I'm ready I wanted to clear the pipe so to speak so that you could lived so angel angel
it felt like somebody is taking a knife and sliced open your heart and I'm watching it and it's like it's been releasing and it's been it's been fueling a whole bunch of emotional energies and we've been holding both sides and as SRI was speaking this in profound or standing behind you each one so empowered so filled with their their empowerment yet armed with their wisdom and their love and as your hands are like this and I'm watching this knife wound really become an amplifier
they're all saying at the same time lay down your arms and pick up your Light Lift Your Wings and come forward. Which you are your strength is in your truth and your truth is in your heart
we are offering your heart now. Would you has been seeking so that that which is igniting May left
spray then lay down your arms not your heart and stand with us again you are a very great warrior you are an incredible powerful being and I am honored to meet you and I am really glad you're on the planet and thank you for saying yes to you at this moment thank you for holding it open for so many others that's why you're here today and I just am grateful thank you my love many blessings
oh I'm sorry sweetheart they got the board cut you off I'm so sorry but feel my heart wow she just had surgery like this was very much a moment of okay you know let go of that which is not serving and reason the empowerment lay down your arms and night your heart you know how long are we in battle with ourselves there is a war for Consciousness but if we lay down our arms and we ignite our hearts our colors are amazing Michigan I'm seeing right there all right Grand Rapids Michigan Namaste welcome
Alabama state tree and Kira
it's so nice to hear you both I am currently driving so I hope you can hear me I just want to share my joy my soul has led me to a beautiful exciting precipice and I have jumped
all right you're beautiful and exciting experience and I just want to share my joy I thank you for the gift of my wonderful thank you thank you for saying yes you no thank you for receiving and modeling Master Beauty one you sore this is the moment look at your timing right and so I'm grateful that you got through today and I love that you're driving celebrating your freedom and I can hear the wind in your hair and I can feel the inspiration in your experience and I am loving you thank you for bringing that to all of us today received we said yes love to you by loving you Angel have fun
are we supposed to Mason Community I love the way we bounce and flow and work together this is the power of coming together together we are better remember that all voices deserve to be heard that's why when is talk radio was birthed all voices deserve to be heard and in that we let go of the perception of competition the greatest illusion of our greatest separator and cause a fear looks like California
Berkeley High receiving that yumminess
I was so excited the dragon that you uncovered
yeah it's very cool thank you for real
revealing the
true history of because you are so beautiful and I love it here with us today in real time as this happened and thank you for your beautiful voice I as I'm sharing with you it's a funny the word share is what comes in around you that your heart you have a sharing heart you have a sharing energy and and it's like everything around you right now it's saying as you share you care and they're laughing you're saying we're not meaning to be funny or jovial around those word choices but they're saying that the way that you share is the way that you express love you are loved and you're sharing are like one in the same because your Mastery presence is so well equipped to handle this moment and they're telling me to get out of the picture
because they're saying that you have arrived you're you're at this moment you're standing right here you know this is where the sun comes up on the equinoxes right here on our Compadres mountain and this is where that portal dimensions are and they're saying you've arrived what do you want to do with it and how do you want to do it they're saying that you have lots of talents and lots of experiences that you've been weaving together and lots of things you've been thinking about and they're saying at the end of the day what is the most important part of that because you are a piece of a puzzle that is currently being put together and it's like your piece has been on the box is big, I said that and I'm feeling it right here on the left side so I'm just kind of holding on to that comes with my breath away so what you going to bring your hand there as well and SRI why would we go to twins right there I just want you to jump in
this is about trusting your future this is about saying I know I'm enough to go forward that that's how to stand firm how to stand strong in my greater truth and that limit perceive limitations are just that they're all perceptions breath on that right and they're saying take the stuff that it's right in front of you just take the step and keep moving and thank you for being here today I'm really grateful for the energy you've brought for all of us what a blessing thank you sweetheart, say sweetheart wow wow
SRI and Kira other not too radical for us I really appreciate it very much a conscious breath so often we get in the flow of things and we do not fully honor our divine presence the integration of our breast is the movement of energy sending breath to any part of the body that might be a little tense and we didn't even notice it was tense until we caused
take that celery breath and go all okay this is calling me what is the message what is needed to integrate here breathe into that
thank you thank you sweetie and I clearly heard that it was important for everyone to really remember what's happening here this month in September and as we are in the culmination of the choice of August right now your ego your ego is the one that is either making this decision or finally giving you permission to send so this is the moment pay attention victim of abuse her rescuer always ego-based you can be the same part you can play all three parts but the victim will find reasons to blame and shame the abuser will find reasons to lash out and the rest you were will find reasons to make things okay to patch it up
to start the cycle again this is that moment the conscious choice we have been in August a month of conscious choice we are moving into September as conscious awareness which means you'll either consciously experienced yourself through the victim rescuer abuser or consciously is sending to teacher Mentor healer there by staying and I'm going to go back to that a send a numerology for September for 1 minute being able to really Harvest that Lotus energy that's the choice before us and a street was talking about look at that body look at it is a big huge month ahead and it's and it's right here right now remember the full moon is this Wednesday night if you are part of the WWE Global Community look for your invite we are is a free bonus for anyone who the part of WWE what this is going to do this full moon
now we only have to get through these next couple days remember this is that dark area but we've already entered the portal of light on the other side into a month that will feel like a year
yeah hahaha so let's have fun I would like to share with you we were talking about the earlier is I once had a teacher that said to me in order to become self-realized the eagle must be dropped and the eagle could not be released until it's been healed now at the time that teacher was I just swallowed all of that hole and and from this vantage point today I want to offer this in order for the ego to be to allow your self realization a healing is required and that my teacher offered me truth in that what I know today is ultimately a restoration of ascended balance
chilling is a never refining process of becoming more and more imbalance more and more in the beauty of of a nothing is dominant
for the ego to support your Ascension process means that a healing is required it does not mean you have to go dig through all of the debris of your past and make it right and he is a bona fide all the good graduate certificates psychotherapist who did practice and so I think it's important to really pay attention that you have evolve through Ash rehab there is an evolution even in the way that we transcend our own mind remember that that that is ultimately that's where it is is it not you will come to what I have defined as the Borderlands of sanity and when you arrive in the Borderlands of Sanity only you can walk through that moment and you can do it really was wondrous and fun ways or can be a vast Wasteland and terrifier
that's when the love of the Soul must be made present to the ego when the love the soul is fully present to the ego and I'm not pushing on my ego anymore chain I need to drop you right when I'm able to bring that ass ended love to the ego it just softens
and this is the organic process of self Ascension in the softening of the filter that was the inhibitor to yourself realization there only thing left is the joy of being that what you are to become fully conscious and in that moment is when you become the mentor again when you break into the moment of the true embodiment of the yoga of self-centered when you are living it the service is to be there for others who are doing the same so that the pathway may be cleared so that it doesn't have to be as hard so that they can get here faster and and that is why I mean it's the first time I have been called to offer private Ascension coaching and this takes forms and it is it is about all the aspects of your life it was birth through the WWE Global Experience for us we did not enter into this knowing
would be the result but whether or not Global Community if your heart is calling you to really up level your entire life and we're talking the whole thing then learn about it and decide because we're very clear also that it's very few people per month we already have a waiting list on some of them and so find out if your heart is calling because this is a moment we're together we are better and the more of us that wake up the faster we wake up others 944 all of the ones that went to WWE programs remember that the goal is for you to start hosting WWE Global senior community so that we are hosting the first WWE Global Summit right here at tosa Bluemound it will be a worldwide conference March 19th through 21st 2021 we are now seeing all the details on the full moon because we must lyrics
just coming together in a beautiful way
with us I love that we have some Powers talking about their celebrations go back to the first of the year what were you what did you see pre covid go back there because that's yours right now and it had to be in this time that's the gift
does it not seem a very long time ago
that beginning of the year
comment on the century ago that it was in January however sometimes it's useful and smile at that which has transpired through very clearly for me when we're up on the mountain today and I might have touched on this earlier is that our whole sense of time is evolving into a more authentic understanding of time time and this is came through so clearly when I was looking at okay was it 5000 years 8000 wait a million and I don't know why we know why now but I was already so far gone and so we wear shoes like well you know I think it's Lena fight and I was like no go outside of that and it was when you went outside of your perception and then we had the game of war how many millions are you hearing
turn of time as a marker to divide your experiences into manageable units what is a flow Rite that came in not that long ago prior to Tik Tok time manipulation the peoples of the planet understood Cycles which is another way of marking movement but it's a much more connected way and this ties a little bit to the entire WWE motivation which is to give space for the emerging divine feminine to come forward now this all ties back into the Ascension process we experience
truflow context is more important than content prior to moving into the 500 which is talk the content and MN subject-object way of thinking and being when we anchor in the love Zone in the joy Zone we are embracing the divine feminine
living without having to manipulate golly what a wonderful time that is upon us that this that this is all happening now are you making space in your life or are you consume distraction because in this moment is the distraction that's got your attention and that you are less than you are you are invincible and you are eternally joy-filled time to remember trust all is truly well
thank you for being here alive to have your questions answered

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