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Sri and Kira Live, August 23, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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Namaste beloved ones and I am wisdom teeth SRI rampai a teacher Aurora and I do just want to share and time stamp right now it is too straight up right here in Ecuador where I am just coming out of a live installment and so I will I just wanted to say hello and welcome it does not surprised either sure your eye that this happened trees going to read this in a few minutes and I'm going to let SRI take over from here because I can't even begin to talk to you about this, yeah cuz I'm still coming back to hear to be with you wow dancing with technology and stuff for the last well too long how how is your Tech World been this past weekend
wild this is why we are calling today it's darker light on and that crystalline experience of August everything that has brought forward this ignition we are right now and I'm already feeling your guys hearts today we are right now at an ignition and density is throwing everything that you humanity is that a balancing point we're going to be talking about that there's so where are we today Sri cuz I'm trying just to be right in our studio I'm trying to say we are streaming do official Street. YouTube we are streaming to Oneness talk radio. Com we are streaming to and of course also
there is what is stock radio Spacebook and there are the Affiliates picking up the audio transmission to each and everyone of you no matter where you find us when we are grateful for your connection we really are especially at this moment right now and remember you can call in 517-208-1500 again 517-208-1500 you can also call our 800 number which is 888-627-6008 again 888-627-6008 and we are delighted to be here with all of you and hoping that you're all having fun in whichever chat you're in thank you for being here it is a blessing and shriek I want to Dive Right In and you know guys have you noticed that the we are starting to hear the words of love we are starting to hear the words of life
we are starting to feel and ignition inside of us in ways that we have not been stirred before and there is a passionate action wave energy that is coming from a very beautiful level of Consciousness all of that energy is coming from a very different level of Consciousness and that is a collective wow for us all that this and I'm calling it The Creation Circle or the creator of Life Energy has been called in and that energy is pulsating out from that 5th dimensional compassion and it is reaching through into the third dimension and that is what this energy to ask you to do what I'm doing so we can there we are so this energy right here you see this now this is the Creator's what they've shown me this is this creation energy and you see where it's sitting
they are in that Fifth Dimension so we have spent the past 11 weeks traveling with a lot of you living in The 5th Dimension every Monday night during my day magic and we are culminating next week that's when this first what you're seeing right now now what's beautiful about that is that we're already seeing on our planet right now how you see that pillar of light is he that energy is coming right in shares the point that we're at right now and this is why it's a it's a delicate moment you see that we're right where these two energies you see how this one has its own creation and we're going to talk about how these spirals are working and you see how they're much more dense and they're very much about coming together exactly the density this is. Fourth-dimensional overlay this is that fifth dimensional opening and you see what's happened we are we are in Balance but the balance we have brought together as precarious
and it's going to take this right here remember we open that discus right it's going to take that coming into this and opening it and it's a very delicate moment for Humanity it is all about dark or light game on because just as much as this creation energy is seeking to call forward balance this energy you see how it's spiraling you see the arrows you see the energy this energy is seeking to sustain itself it wants to stay right where it is it has its little opening and it's good with that and so this is a moment where the balance is really about what we are deciding as as humanity and thank you for being here and supporting shrink your life thank you for being part of the yoga of self Ascension Community because if ever there was a moment for us to be together it is right now and it is in the moment of our beloved ganesha's
experience of dancing on the planet for 10 days to my beloved mate really exemplifies a truth of the spiritual path and a truth of this particular time on the spiritual path this is what without when they show me and tell me this information this is what I'm seeing anybody surrender it seems as if the path gets narrower that is the opportunity to slip away from that direct connection and the piece that come with the direct connection there are so many distractions so many opportunities in this is why we would say that the path is is narrow and if you wish to preserve the authentic
the comes through your steadfast commitment now in this particular time line dance city as a whole has been collapsing onto itself out of that and so what that means the playground has gotten a little more polarized a little more black and white less trusting of each other there by this this Ascension portal is this is quite small compared to the base I mean literally guys we are balancing on top of each other and what you want to remember is this energy is an opening right this is the open open chalice this energy is closing and
no no no no do is stop this from falling one way or another to see how precarious this is it's a it's a really profound energy and yet it takes the two to stay balanced or connected exactly except that the two are connected and that the pathways are the we call Self Ascension which many others would refer to as self or or Ascension Consciousness is another way to describe the essential that our mind which is actually programmed by what came before your mom has been programmed by mass Consciousness your mind has been programmed by consensus beliefs groupthink
all actually refine you know if you look at these layers within density and so I love this to see this I just want to share this is all of the experiences your timeline experiences are going to see if there's a lot packed into this graphic and the piece that I really want to communicate is that density has its layers so from the lowest how long ago was it that the world was flat how long ago was it that taking a bath would make you sick how long ago was it that it was impossible to run a four-minute mile Etc that the densified layers have a social beliefs which are limitations one and all and as we
lift into the more rarefied layers of density layer of Consciousness that is reflective it reflects on how I am how the world is how others are and that's a wonderful ascended or a step up a tortoise and a Consciousness however it brings with it the sense of right and wrong and hierarchy and US versus them so those artifacts of the densest layers of egocentric living still but yours what happens is many many people are looking and they see someone who has passion for their position passion for their theology or their metaphysics and they begin to think oh that's my teacher and the thing I want to say to you is anybody who is anchored in love is a good teacher
and when it comes to Ascension it is essential that the voices you listen to that the that the that the information that you wish to work with you still get to decide what you want to take in you still get to decide what is appropriate for you however my words of wisdom that I wish to broadcast out into the ethers are unless the teacher is anchored in the zone of Love unless the teacher is anchored above their agenda and limiting beliefs that's okay everything below 500 is convoluted with personal its head at Liberty believe however were talking Ascension here how can you receive support for Ascension for from a being whose EarthBound
beat who is bound into limited limiting beliefs as you can because we all have our steps along the way here's the moment where I know for me was when I I remember that the moment you really know you're in the mist of the true teacher is the one who celebrates you grow and I'm just like dog, you know that's what broke me free you know many of you know I was an srf TT for a very long time, lots of Yogananda I just adore and when my own spiritual growth started growing beyond the limiting beliefs of those were running the organization I literally had to make a choice and it was a beautiful moment to realize and then having the blessing of of the direct connection with Yogananda tattoo to realize that that is the essence of all teaching is it not
that the Transcendence of the victim triangle is when we all become the teacher the Healer and the mentor and that we sit together in that room Eagle able to celebrate the wisdom of the one and the all able to respectfully receive and give in Balance there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying yes to you and in this moment right now I want to talk about that because this is a dark or light game on moment it really is this week let me ask you right now how has this past week been for you and for those of you that are in the chats right now I bet it's already going crazy with that one how has this pattern
there is no Street I think we should read the installment what do you guys think should we read the installment we can't see the chats or just going on tonight so literally I'm just now I think I'm just starting to feel like I'm here so I'm glad I'm here right before we went on the air it is incredibly gorgeous here right now really will have to take a picture today of how beautiful it is stunning blue blue blue barely is cloudy kind of Sky stunning and I was called to sit outside before we went on the air and as I did it was beautiful and Merlin came to be with me and the next thing I knew I was writing and then the next thing I knew I looked at the clock and one of my gosh we have to go up to the studio and I said No and then it was like you're on the air so I feel that we're supposed to read this now I want all of you to get this is this is a live real-time thing I have no idea was here she has not ready yet so we are all receiving this is the first time we've done this
this is a Divine directors message that literally came through as I was walking up the steps to be part of the show today so for all usually the hour before the show we're already feeling all of you so this is all of us and this is for all of us so let's just I think we should take a moment and breathe I mean I'm I'm receiving this to buy I want to trade you to just take a moment and relax the Mind Breathe Into Your Heart Center so that your whole being to the transmission to the communication and then you can bring your discernment filters in and decide how you want to work with it but allow it to be received
August 23rd 1:54 p.m.
the polarities are now being revealed celebrate for the lightest light and the darkest dark will both be visible what you see and how do you see it will determine the depth of your Consciousness the witness witnessing the witness ER both ways scene from looking up into the mirror of The 5th Dimension or gazing down through the eyes of the 7th dimensional non-judgment 5th dimensional compassion and the illumination of self love that transcends the ego and offers the instantaneous recognition of the what that is happening while it is happening and fully conscious and aware able to witness that and then calling into manifest
the integration of this energy
there is a pool from density that is stronger than ever
there there is not anyone that will not heal and experience this it is a moment where your heart and your Edge will both be revealed
which will you see and from which will you call forward into form that which is seeking expression the moment of Master is here as the remembrance of that which is your truth
the Conscious Creation that is before us all is the essence of the Soul energy as it Expresses in this experience a form
to forgive all and move forward carrying your Mastery Phil presents as the torch of Illumination for those who are ready to see it
and to trust the journey before you so that you made free your creative nature to fully Express without the limitation of the perception
to self Ascend into this moment knowing that you are here you are ready you are open and you are guided as you got
Prairie State Legal Office
well I still feel like I'm floating like I've I've lost all sense of them even the studio and so I
I'm aware but I'm also aware
and I'm not even sure that I heard everything that you said because I felt everything I felt I felt his voice what I do know is we were here this is it was like we were right here and this is important because you see what's happening here this is the pulsing Center this is multi-dimensional don't think linearly okay and you see that I have it right there on the 7th Dimension that's where we need to be sitting right now because that's where that energy has enough engine to be able to remain in the third it's really that the 4th dimensional energy where it is this beautiful opportunity to be able to also it's like that welcome home party portal and so this is what I was feeling I was feeling that right there and I'm seeing if you guys are in the chat I'm sure you're having or hopefully enjoying it as much as we are but how was that for you string
set a reminder to release all expectations about how things ought to be and reside in the truth of your ascended being are you experienced this is as profoundly centering and that's because I am in complete Trust of the Divine energy well that's the gift is it right this is let's put up on and we wanted to get to this point and I really am grateful sure that we're here and before we do put anything up I do want to remind everyone that speaking of giving credit where credit is due this is this little Ganesh if you were with us yesterday at WWE Global you know this story but this literally called to me to shree and I in the back Streets of New Delhi in 2005 and that is the Bendy I was wearing the first time ever went to Russia cash and he travel
alter India with us and called he remains that are private alter call to be with us because of course yesterday began the 10-day Festival of this beloved angel and our this'll specific one that has to be on the air with us over the next 10 days where we're down moved him to the studio has to also be with this is my Shiba it's the first Shiva I that I actually was ever able to receive and as you can see carries a lot of energy as well so we just want to take a moment and share that with you because sincerely this is a moment of Celebration and it is a moment of Celebration even though it's game on with dark and light it is a moment of Celebration because it is saying my Consciousness is ready I am ready you know that we are already and so when we remember and we can navigate with our higher Consciousness we can Harvest this and
command the creation we become the Creative Source because it is protected by this heart energy so this is sending presents that you've been talking about so much in the way that she has been so eloquently sharing this this is what I'm sharing with you right here we are being challenged to bring this into V and to bring it right here guys right here so I imagine that right there it will ignite and the cycle will open up again now one of the things that is going on right now let's show you first of all the August up level calendar we are in the last full week of August we will hit September one week from Tuesday this last full week leaves us out in the void do you see that we've gone through those Waters again but right now the 23rd the 24th and the 25th we are back in that creation energy but we're back in it at a moment where trust is the key
what city is going to do everything you can and it's going to get really dark by the time you hit the 31st of August to see that you're going to be going way too far out so how can it look anything other than dark by seeing the blessings that are in front of you right now at 5 paying attention to the Miracles that are manifesting by paying attention to the serendipitous events occurred yesterday can I do that please do all right so yesterday during WWI Global we were sharing a story that talks about this law of instantaneous manifestation because I don't know about you guys but certainly everyone that were talking to hopefully people in your circles as well the law of instantaneous manifestation is incredible as a matter of fact one of the things that happened on Friday opening up with some very good news and I were at a press conference
who works full-time is an ob-gyn and because of the need for doctors in intensive care she doesn't shift there as well as in the Maternity Ward and she has shared with these are being born with covet and how the the virus is inhibiting Peoples Natural ability to heal because they are in isolation so think about this greater metaphor for people in the world that are isolated the human contact that stimulates the immune function has been cut off and what she observed over the last. Of time in these I see you especially the poor people that they can't talk to their relatives
they can't have a nice I mean literally it is it is an incredibly deep Center need to be with your family and she said you said if we can get some tablets like I iPads and that are dedicated to each I see if they can connect with WhatsApp they can do a video call they can see their children they can see their their beloved and a half and we want to help means we went through all of us could share this.
one week after announcing it enough money had come in to buy tablets for the entire Hospital
you should write so we were just so touched and honored to be part of this abundant flow and to be able to share it and witnessing officially Friday what happened on Friday we were transferring title of the equipment to the hospital and would not ask for them back you know it's just the legal stuff weed officially donated or they're used and the Press was invited TV was invited and lots of folks were there and we were so delighted to be able to witness at every level of Consciousness at every level of being that this act of Love Brought joy and Open Hearts and improve the connection of people who were in isolation Canal connect with your love we're going to be showing you a little bit of that film at the break today and you're going to want to stay for that film for sure and also you're going to want to see the follow-up film that we're making for Tuesday night Soul mirrors a very
will show where we're going to be bringing you exactly what's happening in those Wards now that your generosity is in action and so that's our first wonderful law of instantaneous manifestation that we want to share with you and another one right we have that dark light game on okay well here's the game on and remember the gift is that when we have steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust this is always got your back you're constantly being supported there's no way you can't be so Wednesday morning my beloved SRI night another gorgeous day like today it's been crazy lately in the morning which is very early here for government officials to show up at your house we literally get raided by the department of culture and Ministry without a boarding appointments or Warnings these two cars Barrel into our driveway and they meet my husband and they start demanding go see our stuff
he said we we have seen a video of your archaeological site and we are here we are here we are here to share of course it is to have a peach meanwhile 10 minutes later our attorneys showed up because we had a morning appointment with that. Just the fact that they showed up it's the fact that the reason they were here was because the day before somebody had sent them a video and told them that we were basically black marketeers that you know we were going to steal this stuff and take it out of the country which anyone who knows our 15 year history working with artifacts knows that that it couldn't be further from the truth and so
we were aware we're fairly certain we know the person who's for whatever reason trying to cause harm and so here's the gift is that and this is the part that I think is really important story is that was the day before that was Tuesday so on Tuesday that darker energy the person who's like you know I want you to hurt them sends whatever part of this show to whatever person claiming god-knows-what because they were also demanding to meet me and where was I and what was I showing in the video and on that same day during that same period of time I was on with our attorneys who wanted us to go to Cuenca and I was and I was insistent I heard clearly they needed to come here and so I kept writing them back on. No no no we don't do that until finally they said okay we're making exception will come but we can only come and that's what I think is How We Roll right we can only come tomorrow Wednesday at 9 please
and that's the part is that we sent Bria Annapurna to go up the mountain to retrieve these people because we found out very quickly they had no right to be there that it was highly illegal what they were doing and when they down I Street and I were walking up Lotus Lane we heard some people talking discover these guys trying to like really interrogate Wilmer Annapurna and up walks tree myself the woman in the video and are lawyers so fabulous
what do you think these people are doing a thank you for your important
but what happened there was an eye one level on a Mal intent evidence
was the boundary represented by the legal system of the attorneys say no this is not appropriate for our staff and and and the residents here saying we love you however what it what is this and between the boundaries and the life he kind of realized there's nothing wrong here right boot came to their senses. Just because yes really protect it and so that's the gift is to remember that just because your Consciousness is Raising does not mean you will not have to interface the question is when you live instead fat I mean wow write their steadfast commitment
focused awareness and complete trust the universe is already putting Solutions in place before you even knew there would be a problem to address and that's why we're sharing a story with you because it happened on the same day it was the Y and we had no idea we just wanted to meet these beautiful people that are making sure that our hotel is perfectly compliant with everything and it is and we're getting all kinds of awards and Kudos around that and we wanted to have the right people to understand who we are you know if they're going to be working with you and these donations that we had to navigate and we're just happened exactly so it was perfect it was perfect and so we're sharing this with you because of this dark white game on energy let us not forget we are in August what is August it is the month of choice through crystalline ignition and we have now arrived here this was that a date Lionsgate discus that are ignited so rude
Amber spinning in the middle of that is that Taurus that's you holding open that feel well that feel the said that the foundation the support framework those of you that have taken Millennia told her classes right framework of support is focused awareness and so now here is why this is so important and it brings us back and we wanted to wait till we were a little further in the show to share with all of you because we are not sharing this to scare you in any way we are sharing it for several reasons number one to remember we have been sounding the bells 2015 and and I mean we've been out in the public since 2003 but since then we did a big thing around 2012 we were the ones that held everyone it was the end of the world that we were publishing
the Mayan asked us to publish now in 2015 the ascended masters asked us to talk about this that this is when the Ascension escalator open 25th through 21 in the world thought was happening in 2012 just began as an aperture in 2015 so if Brian had been saying exactly and so this is a chart from a home study course that we taught live back in 2015 and it lists the polarities in the energy used in associated with each year I hear that will inform you the first thing is you'll notice
the chart has all these columns here's what you want to pay attention to is that within density the force of Destruction within density is fear and that in 2026 and 2020 it becomes violent because that's that two-year window we now have member we've we've overlap in 2020 it's the first time ever that fear became and a sentient now that's important to look at because you look at the chakras that are affiliated with the year how those chakras are spinning are they in or are they in ascended frequency where are they governing then look at the polarity you have the density energy or the ascended energy and look at the top-right the force of co-creation of self Ascension is Trust
that is what's holding this open right here and that is what's being attacked is your trusting you you're trusting to continue that is why the spiritual fatigue has come up that is why everything is in front of us right now that is why those seven polarities have very much condensed themselves at the opposite polarity was hopelessness and trust these are the two and if we come all the way down to 20 20 as 3 was just sharing it's going to be trust or hopelessness and this is that's a big swing in the Divine and your divine nature
my divine nature Trust In My Clarity trust in my vision trust in the flow of knowledge over under the forces of destruction of from density fear-based it is about anger and lack of vision and fundamentalism acting out which is kind of stimulating the possibility that you will get velcroed into her well and you see how this is how
a year when it's all about the third eye and when did we ignite that member we opened up the I we had all of these conjunction energies we created the pyramid during the summer and then we opened up the eye and now we're in this moment of choice so remember all the veils came off in July and this year is all about look pay attention that's why did the triple bindiya started doing this past couple days ago because we are being invited to lift up remember the third eye ignites your ability to navigate the 4th Dimension it it gives you brought her vision throughout third-dimensional experience and 4th dimensional ignition but in order to actually lift up you have to go up to your star Consciousness and that's why I'm showing that right now it's about bringing this energy up holding in your star Consciousness because from there we activate all of
Crown chakra energy this year I want to go back to the
polarities one more time this year is the 6th imagine what happens next year when we are at the crown chakra where we go in 2022 will either be the ascended heart and the beginning of the ascent of humanity or we are going to go all the way backwards to the first chakra again it's that important these years and especially this one and this is why you see what's happening right now the blessing and look at next year next year so going to be all about abundance I mean wow right to the key is to pay attention because you can focus on the density fear and those are the energies are going to show you and if you go back and look at this again we publish this in 2015 it's literally been a check mark and so we're not saying it's predestined what we are saying is that when we put this out all the ascended
Oster said the same thing it is when you are able to have conscious awareness that you can affect the outcome rather than just be whipsawed by that which is around you you're making choices decisions and taking action with every breath with every breath the question is are you conscious of it that's really where we are right now and it's also important to understand that your participation is not a strategy your participation is an alignment either align ourselves with the portal of Joy the portal that is connected to our divine Legacy of refracted energy which it always the density and the systems that are black
to help balance the fear and lack invest their reason for being however we're at a fabulous time on this planet and it got ever write a thousand beautiful children of the last decades and we are at the time where the evolution is not being televised for the evolution is this is part of the spiritual training this upon us in trust and commitment and focus their we send out a radiant wave that inspires others to be there that affects the co-created world don't look for the effects look for the energy of your
alignment and Allah and trust that the effects will become visible as we co-create that amplification go back and remind all of us about the overlap so here we are this is such an escalator both intensity we met and there are many people that are holding onto dates that were correct until what you're seeing here happened and what happened was that when we hit 2020 when we opened up the decade of 2020 because it is a decade of experience and because it is very much about freedom and resolution the effect that happened when the escalator was moving in as the twenties opened is that you see how 20/20
started pulling us in an 2021 started pulling us in so that these two years are actually overlapping and that brings us to up forgive me I brought you to the wrong one forgive me I want to show you there it is it brings us to this was too for the first time ever we have a very unique energy year very unique normally our energy years or more linear last year you may remember was almost like a diagonal Arrow but to have this type of year and it's because it's in this energy of a dragonfly what you see here and this is what we are moving into right now you see me two pillars I I'm calling them pillars and those pillars were january-february September and July August and December and those two pillars out of there like the anchor points of this year are where the
is profound shift now here's the key that profound shift will happen in the month itself however that shift will not complete until the circuit within it. Pyramid within it completes so here's where we're at right now we opened up January and February two pillars we now have July and we're closing August two pillars we've put the profound shift portion of this year into high gear but here's what's even more intense and what you're already feeling and why density is going to scream and weighs it never as we Transit August we have to literally jump into the void to Circle back to September we must jump into that awaken to self Ascension presents so remember I'm going to show you again I had just shared with you that if you look at the calendar in August we're diving into what's going to seem the darkest because it's the most
Rich for creation this week go up at the top look at the cut the calendar this whole month was about what love that it will in always ignite Divine compassion this week is a week for you to dive into your greatest what are you birthday what are you calling forward are you doing it can you stay in your steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust that everything around you is lining up and keep putting it out there that way or darker light game on you're going to see a huge energy that's going to try and pull you into Old patterns old habits old beliefs old doubts can you love yourself through this moment because if you can get ready to soar because with the completing of August
and jumping into that cycle of self Ascension to bring us into September we are anchoring as profound shift the energies that opened in January and February I would go back and re-watch our videos for those two months those two energies are going to meet September so really breathe out in just like July and August will cement in December to prepare us for the next coming energy it's it's a huge moment because it's the only time this year we've had to make the jump and that's what's so important and I want to put the calendar back up so at the door the flo up one more time so that you guys can see that this is the only time you see that we have been January February March April May June July August even though we've been a nonlinear year we've been in a traditional progression it is only moving from August right now where we have to jump outside
and go around in what might seem to be almost floating backwards to get to September when actually were spiraling up look at that dragonfly you see how the heart of the dragonfly what creates the pyramid when the two pillars are anchored profound moment of energy and it's one of those have mercy on yourself moments and I want to talk about the physical body and remember that you can ask questions of Sri if you call in at 517-208-1500 you would press star 5 to ask three questions about your Ascension symptoms or what's happening with your physical experience same thing over at our 800 number 886-276-0080 just tell Daniel to question for Sri numerology because this is the other part of this week that is affecting everything and remember next week so I've got all the September coming
so here we are we are now beyond the up level so remember the up level date was the 19th we have just gone through and what an uplevel it was and that up level if you're looking at the body was the opening of the third eye about not only what you're saying but how you choose to see it and it's about saying am I willing to lift above my third eye because remember guys what happened here it came in from the eighth and this is what's really important to pay attention August 2020 is the Lotus chakra it's about living in The 5th Dimension you see that it's about living in The 5th Dimension plus the double infinite so you see how the arrows go in and out of the double infant in all of that energy that has been really
going after your your first chakra went up into your Lotus chakra on the Lions Gate it opened your star Consciousness the universe is saying look we're here we're going to help you here is how you can stay in the 5th Dimension open your star Consciousness and now all of that energy the 5th dimensional Lotus chakra that compassion that star Consciousness ignition is sitting and saying I am here I am ready I am open guide me you have right if I do that right that's right here right that's right here right now lift into your star Consciousness and allow yourself to expand Beyond that's the moment at hand when were here right now these flows are igniting a soul memory that doesn't mean you're paying attention
so true so why you hurt its baby moving through the physical form their opening up gateways and
to open the door spiritually or any other kind of door does not demand you walk through it so as these doors are open and you may find that you're having headaches you may find that your having Vision fluctuation what happens after so many people is they misunderstand that the body is responding to a spiritual experience but their Consciousness is a little more densified same I need to treat this at the physical level. So I'm going to take whatever medicine it's okay you can do that and however missing the conscious opportunity to align with the upliftment and thereby accelerate the movement into the zone of spaciousness these symptoms
not require you to suffer they require or what they're asking for is please notice please be present to me please help me process the body do you say help me process because energy is because the more you bring loving and kindness to your own body the easier the journey gets and I think we all prefer he's always has a really nice thing this morning we were on looking at all these pictures so many that we have against owners Tuesday night so much to share with you but in looking at those pictures we found not not only did we find pictures of the old paute archaeological site that I had even forgotten how amazing it is that that site has been renovated and we're going to show you those pictures right after my first and I was looking at that pain and then
second surgery and then your surgery and we were noticing that all of that has brought us to where we are right now because we have said yes to the experience because we did not force it because we knew there was a higher reason because no matter how much pain we were in we kept pushing because no matter how many times the pain was so bad in our physical body or we were in so much discomfort physically we trusted the process and kept moving forward and I want to really witness that here today that those of you that have known tree and I some of you for all 18 years that we've been out there you are the living witness to what we're offering as a living testimony that it's all about your Consciousness SRI is a living testimony of that and and so are we together and so what is it you really want to do because this takes steadfast commitment this takes focused awareness and
this has always taken complete trust you can okay so take a picture excetera let me give you the very short version this beautiful child had its head cut off accidentally
in order to solve the problem and elephant had was offered as a replacement so you have this beautiful baby that was given an elephant had his weight of it existed in the world of creation Now the one reason that is called the remover of obstacles consider for a moment if you had an infirmity and affliction that you no longer and he had wisdom and an aligned energies for the highest good in spite of that seeming impairment and then impairment turned out to be a gift that impairment turned out to be a calling card to others that may be happy to celebrate the Divine existing your form is not important you do intend to me about 18 months ago when I lost mode
my small intestine the impairment was I couldn't eat the foods that I enjoy I couldn't digest in the way other people digest my body could not receive its habitual way of be nourished and when I saw the Lord Ganesh I said be happy because I'm alive I'm witnessing life I'm witnessing the whole my body adapt to its new situation
and yes there are some foods that I just I can't have my Chili's anymore you know okay so that's God I let it go because I'm enjoying greater spiritual gifts and the remover of obstacles that lesson is ours to claim and to receive the fruits of that in our lives how many of us get upset and depressed by one is lost rather than focus on what is given to focus on what is here to focus on what is emerging is the spiritual lesson of loss I just had to do this. Thank you because we're doing some forgiveness yeah and so it's easy to get into an intellectual discussion let alone an argument about what is true in the name
your reality and what do I put it all in with your divine inspiration, I'd like to bump into some energies that will inspire me I'd like to do some folks that are instead of seeing someone who's living an abundant life and being jealous to look at that person and say that's for me thanks.
thank you for demonstrating the truth of abundance or thank you for thank you for you know when did we stop losing our enthusiasm for others Joy when did it become jealousy when did it become competitive competition the greatest illusion of all inspiration is your choice to align with creation because creation is constantly creating life with Beauty with expansion the form of Art in teaching a service how you find this when you're floating through this that you see this you see right there how that's that like inspired moment remember we talked about this for quite a while now how it's become hard
harder from density to find this one little spot and that's this is 4th Dimension so here's your third dimension Loop and you're constantly going through timelines then here's that 4th Dimension poke and down right there between the 4th and then entry into the 5th is where we find exactly what you were talking about so I just wanted to show that on the graphic and you know Siri I'm looking at these full phone lines and remember guys that we are going to take all of your calls in just a moment so you want to stay on the line to see quite a few hands up keep them up and in the meantime we're going to take a moment while we offer you a very beautiful moment so despite our raid we are going to show you last Sunday's Adventure up on the mountain because so much more has been revealed and continues to be revealed and give you a front-row seat at the media conference so that you can receive the blessing of the sea
thank you that you deserve because whether you donated your money your time your heart or your love you are part of a community that changed lives our Consciousness makes a difference of yes we open doors yes I'm alive yes I'm happy yes I'm grateful yes I am sharing yes abundance is mine because abundance is yours we all share in the ocean of divine love and creation and I want you to enjoy this video it's got a lot of goodies will be back with you shortly
tablets are going to help us
Todo Mundo en una semana
we know the world is on fire
Mario TV
directions to that she had faces or symbols on them and how are you and this is where we were seeing how it was like a map of consciousness
going a pathway and then the time of the serpent and then lifting back up again
this was the mystical Journey
and here is the lowering of consciousness
keeping it in a never
because this is still.
my heart
like laying in the water and it would it would like the way the Reflections in the way it would come around and that there were others that would read what would happen when she was 1 in the pool
oh my gosh from this side you can really even see it more
what is receiving in bringing
wow I think this is like a hole
sacred area
fraternity we have stood here
only twice before have they been recognized
this is the third time
and we do love you and welcome back we are delighted to share with you and to keep you alive and current and you don't we are privileged to be custodian of a restored and and some of the grounds here have been uncovered with these ancient Rockwall and fruit trees that were planted a hundred years ago and thinks it's like wow what else right it's just keeps review is open for visitors we have a variety of Casitas everything from Deluxe red tube on the bunkhouse the spiritual Bunkhouse where you could be with others and and share and it's all here for you to enjoy
Fallout 4 is we are looking for a and inspired vegetarian Chef who might want to come and live here and contribute to the art of cookie to our groups and visitors so if that rings a bell FCU stimulate something give us a lot email to Ecuador at SRI and Kira. Calm and I simply Ecuador Eritrea Kira., let us know your story and let's have a conversation we would be excited to welcome you on our campus and remember I am really excited that some people coming requesting 3 months 6 months we are loving how this community is coming together and we are just excited to be welcoming you and it's exciting when you look at a day like today when it's just so incredibly gorgeous Adam to say wow you know we really are a destination location so what so beautiful as you can come and never leave like I virtually never leave or maybe take a day and go to PA
Aguas which train I do occasionally follow your heart and we do have one I could you not one slot left for New Years so if you've been thinking about it go ahead we will be starting a waiting list as soon as we're sold out and we have we could probably accommodate one or two if you want to get down here right now for the cosmic origins in September this is going to be a mind-blowing event I am really excited about how this
existed it's like each each one keeps getting more evolved you know we are better able to delight and what is present if it's a bit like having the bird's eye view and my life is so rich it is not right here being bombarded I'm here with my life more thing I want to mention you do Ecuador just very recently received an award Logan banks that are open
visitors legally and sand in spiritual it's only let your heart guide you and for all of you that are already booked on and people we've yet to meet friends we've yet to reunite with family will yet to say hi to again thank you because together we are better and this energy is meant to spread worldwide and buy New Year's I believe we will have visitors here from every continent on the planet so we're kind of doing that really excited and so beloved angels as we taking a breath right now and just really feel that tree so many hands up to speak with you so let's go ahead I'll let you start over we're going over to the one that's talk radio call bored right now and then we're going to begin saying hi so we're beginning in Denver is that what I'm saying hey
I have
a very
Cupid question
I make quilt by hand I embroider by hand certain blocks
try to put love
antenna Z
annealing into everquote that I make
am I doing the right thing
for yourself you are and they're saying with each Stitch it with each Stitch there was a moment of healing for you you have been sending energy out for so long it is time to receive and wrap yourself in one of those quilts again and that when you do the two will honestly become one and the next step will be revealed with greater clarity
it's really breathe that in my love you have such a beautiful heart and yet if there's so much that it is you're just giving away rather than letting yourself really receive in that brass and then I'm going to let SRI continue are like the Figure 8 they they don't fully Bloom unless both happen and to be able to give and to be able to receive into your own heart the fruits of what you have given is magnifies it and makes it joyful and effortless is is i gaze into your energy field I do see one of the things that I want you to be present to is your own your own abdomen your own third chakra area which is the upper part of the stomach and the digestion and to be able to bring your heart energy right there and say I trust my life I trust my life
I trust my actions and my beliefs and everything about me or is divinely-inspired I am divinely-inspired I trust my life and to Simply affirm that regularly to expand your stability and your knees because beloved one what you are doing is important and to be at ease with it is also important
yes and what it is is it's the healing energy that it's bringing you it's every time you say it's just quiltz you didn't finish the work you're doing I'm sorry we seem to have lost your line but I'm so grateful you were here today thank you for sharing that because when we each say it's just whatever your inspiration is whatever brings you Joy let go of the Coulda Woulda Shoulda the why isn't this the why isn't it that and look at it for what it is your soul saying pay attention and when is completed will be complete and what it's meant to move into another way it will we are each sewing their own quilted our own way I love the metaphor your hands right what you touch leaves an impression leaves and energy you may say or someone might say oil
is an artistically correct. That's a different perspective the perspective of the soul is it carries the energy of creation that carries the energy of your intention is carries the energy of your being and to look there and to see that brings out the beauty in that might otherwise be dismissed to wrap yourself in that what you're giving away as mutton and for all of you out there how many of you give all your love all your healing energy all your time all that you are and yet you're not receiving it back is that balance that's what brings us here that's why we're Teeter tottering until we can all find the balance from and what was this year all about with a double infinite all year we're not getting away from it so thank God we're in a year will we know how to do this where we know how to walk this tightrope but we're not going to be able to carry this through in the next
we are being given clear guidance right now get your act together and move forward and that's why the bodies are speaking that's why everything else is talking to another person we're going to head to New York
hello hi hi nice to see you guys thank you for a wonderful I'm one of the people I started to prepare and abusive relationship with an energy that I don't even think I've ever experienced in my Society was always to addiction and doing it on you just drown the feelings and
thank you for camping house because and what's coming out for me is a lot of anger I feel like I'm just angry all the time I never hurt you guys have any kind of you know just breathe really just relax just breathe but here's why my love and feel our arms around you right now first I want to celebrate you for making the call for end and then I want you to celebrate that with this huge. Own bank you got picked that's the first thing I Want You to Breathe In support is already around you it's alright
is there you're just being invited to start learning how to understand it better it's like you're learning the new language of who you are right now and end the end that's that's the stuff that's it right there so street I'm going to let you take this is you want to hear from Sri first off that separate what number two in my experience and I've worked with addiction both in my family and my clients and here's what a couple things I want to say number of the couple things so we can most addictive personalities have a very strong spiritual connection or your knee so the fact that now you're not going to medicate that you're going to be present to the energy of the Divine as it Expresses in life through you and through
anger is a signal that your expectations or your boundaries have been trespassed and you thought you look at the anger to say thank you for informing me that I was holding some expectations that aren't being met thank you for informing me that I receive some energies in my life that I don't like and I'm not going to take that anymore strengthen your boundaries and then
move on to ascended forgiveness not just old-fashioned forgiveness ascended forgiveness is sacred and when you bind up your energy in a judgment that you've been done wrong in a judgment that a perpetrator hurt you you've taken a piece of your life force and you pushed it in the imprint and it's not available for your joy for your creation for your active living right now and so if we're unable to let it go through a process of a triangle so I want to talk about when here so stay with me for everybody everybody's always here for everybody so what a blessing
but we keep dancing with the cycle of his abuser and rescuer and we attract those folks into our lives its victim use a rescuer because it's all about Partners in pain and and what happens now through your healing process as a mentor as a Healer and it begins by teaching mentoring and healing yourself and then we bring the lessons to assist others so the process that I want you to take
home today and I mean this you all of all of us is ascended forgiveness is the recognition when moving a peaceful place for a moment just a moment and say I release all need for a better past
I really do is just give up all hope of a better past the past is just that and I now choose to forgive and release all of the players in that past recognizing that they all did the best they knew how given their state of consciousness at that time so if you have a particular person it was a more forceful impression on you you name them I now forgive whoever Joe for his role in my pain I recognize he did the best he knew how given his pressure is giving his State of Consciousness at that time I forgive him now now that's ascended forgiveness because I'm acting an ascended place I'm saying I recognize that they did the best they knew how given their state of consciousness
is so beloved one take that to every person in your life and take that process of declaring your forgiveness to yourself I'm sorry and I forgive myself for showing up to be hurt and if you want to take it further go to shrink grab that 7 by 70 forgiveness package or right there on the homepage and do it and so we're looking forward to seeing you here I'm glad we met you now what a miracle
I know I'm so excited came out Wade
beautiful, this is human nature writing all these things anymore to forgive ourselves we need to forgive each other and move forward there that's it we're all here we can choose to move forward you know talking about this week in August remember it's going to feel like we're flying out there and coming back in this is the week where I want to talk about the gunas again because this is the energy the entire month let us not forget that this is all been about living in The 5th Dimension this has been that Lotus chakra month we have been teaching living in The 5th Dimension tomorrow we call mene to get into Monday magic get the replace whatever but pay attention to what's happening here as you talk about the Forgiveness it's part of your spiritual Evolution to be
able to honestly forgive means when you say given their level of Consciousness at the time it is because you have broken free from the judgment to see the true experience and this is why I wanted you to show this again those of you that have taken the bhagavad-gita training with me have seen this diagram before that we are seeing all of this happened right now and what I want you to really look at here is spiritual activism spiritual activism is actually a rajas energy and so it carries with it a lot of passion and a lot of activity and it's all about experience and it's very much between it's like a bridge into higher Consciousness yet what happens is that it can become its own energy because it's where awareness and experience feed each other and guess what aspect of
VSCO creative thing loves that the ego the ego loves being an awareness and experience because it never has to grow up that's another reason why August has been such an intense month anytime we are in a month of choice it's going to be more intense because you're going to be asked to do something you can't just fake it you know what awareness you can kind of be looking from the inside from the outside you can be a kind of kind of fake it and inexperience month like it or not you're going to experience but in a choice month you're being asked to really pay attention and right now all that energy just got clocked into your third eye from all those other energies from the ascending numerology the month as we're going into a week of incredible creation so pay attention and breathe being having a human experience of course there's going to be some intersections that need extra care
do you like to go
hey Gary hello hello hi hello this is Jerry from Boise if that's who you're talking to you well I would enjoy a mini Soul reading
well I'm I'm glad you asked and as long as I'm connecting with you I'm just sharing with you that curiosity is never the energy that takes us to our highest experience and I'm sharing that with you you have these incredible beings that are standing around you and it's so cute they're all SRI is an example they're all like tapping your head in your head and they're saying remember that you will soar to the greatest Heights when your heart is free from the burden of self witnessing and they're taking this mirror that you've been gazing into and looking at every aspect in there saying put down there's so much more and that you are the moment of expansion and that through this your heart energy it's not that it's heavy it's it's like it's tight and it your breathing but your your your breathing is like guarded and they're saying breathe all the way down
stop it now
relax. Relax back and beat and take the journey and they're saying that with each moment that you'll be calling forward that this will stimulate this recognition that as you see each moment Bill there will be this layer of like loving energy and forgiveness and an openness up here before you and that it is a moment that you have called in and congratulations it is now and so it is
oh thank you so much that was beautiful I love you both
we love you too sweetheart thank you and I must a 7th dimensional anchor ship because enough of us are keeping that dimensional energy open remember we had that chalice energy that has come in on the Lionsgate we ignited The discus that torus field has opened and now this is here and so it has brought us though to this now it's a good thing it had to happen and you see how it's almost igniting its own chalice again but the key is we are walking a tightrope that the only way we can say yes to walking long-term to or simply transcend is to call this into this moment and that's what we do every time we say yes every time we move forward every time we commit to that which is that creation that will
protect that which is here to offer balance remember that the greatest gift is the balance all does all voices deserve to be heard it is the balance that offers us the chest of Harmony and so should we share hello to somebody else. Tried the door was closed but he has this part of the show Allen August I'm loving that you don't only once but it was in August he climbed up to the temple with us all the way up the mountain here and has wanted to be with all of you in every show I think it's very potent and very beautiful because it's really be line that Rising lion the roar that's all of that energy coming forward and in the feline brings me to the feminine
what is divine feminine energy remember that look at look at the way the shapes are being right now everything's coming together this is very feminine you see this very feminine this is very linear very different and so you see how it is this energy coming together that is really offering us the balance and the restoration so straight let's go to the call board all right all right well I tell you what you have a variety of folk standing by looks like Honolulu Hawaii all right we're going to Honolulu Aloha Mahalo beautifully
wonderful thank you so much both of you for your incredible energy and wisdom thank you so much
well I was wondering if I could get some guidance about my health condition it is some I have skin parasites and I've had them for over a couple of years and I'm wondering if there is any messages or guidance regarding this
would you like to share 1st Street thank you for your career, we exist as energy within the human form and of course emotions are energy and emotional attitudes are energy and then they attract all kinds of things more likes this here's the gift I would like to offer you today what's your first off the skin is your largest organ of elimination it is doing a job for you it's trying to slap out something and if it's compromised then it's open to Invaders infections and other kinds of things so from a personal growth standpoint is important to maybe do a little Journal Enon what am I releasing in my life what is what is no longer serving me
skip this at the biological level what is it that my skin is seeking to release from my experience and it's an open-ended kind of journaling look at that the other thing I want to offer to you is what the foundational root chakra of the physical body your first chakra is located in the pelvis this is your point of balance this is your stability and as we as human kind are evolving from a kind of a basic human flushy experience into more of the ascended experience the spirited form the who man it's important that we bring the Divine energy right down into our root chakra and found your cartilage and it is indirectly related to your skin to foundation with spiritual trust and spiritual service
we know we talked to another call earlier about giving and receiving being connected it's very much like that in your life as well that your life has a purpose and that you're willing to share your gifts you're willing to share the reason you took birth what and even if you bite personally discounted your presence matters and end in to be able to have that energetic core of your being to be able to say I am here and I'm ready and I'm willing to share now these energies help the flow that help the circulation and they will help clear the skin so that's one level of healing that involves a little personal work but I encourage you to give it a try and see what happened and the entire time that she was sharing with you what I saw was that all of that that he was saying was in like this third-dimensional I want to call like a stasis Q
and not wrapped around you is this massive complex self-identity almost crisis and that in your case your skin is not eliminating it's being invaded and it's it's the allowing of it it's the acceptance of the invasion that there is there is a cord least two issues have to come together because in your case is coming from both within and without it's like you feel compressed and I keep feeling you like you're inside of yourself but who am I who am I and who am I supposed to be and how it how am I supposed to look like that it's like I feel your third chakra as well in in almost like Cahoots with the first chakra and I feel it very much like you're in this moment
that you eat you feel if you feel it's like what's really eating you is but is the journaling question it says Arcangel zadquiel would say it's those protected tears it's the stuff we keep from our self it's that moment of self-reflection that's so deep it can take our breath away and that all of this has to come together and that's why you got through today because in your case and you have the capacity to do what you are freaking amazing in your case you can do it but you literally I mean you literally slept a lot today that's why I love how were always the show right you have to be right here you have to stand right in the middle and come at this from both directions at once and that's how you'll unified Spirit within you and break free so thank you for calling it's an honor to meet you and thank you for what you're doing cuz you're massively amazing many blessings
thank you so much thank you so very much as well as the deeper allowing of the invasion bringing together if you could just clarify real quickly okay go to go speak to that and we'll give you a hug and speak further just stay tuned so one of the things that happens for many people is they get into this wobble point is of m i a spiritual being or am I a normal human being mean to be old Paradigm of normal and that when there is an intersection that it the full commitment the full alignment hasn't been integrated you're actually in a weakened State physically we when we bring our spirit are 5th dimensional and higher being fully into the physical the physical
bonds with Vitality with purpose with healing and one of the ways we know how to do that is we have something to share and this is why that that however you define service to know that my life has meaning and I'm here to share it with others because that's the healing nature of being in a spiritual being in human form that looks like yesterday and I have never had a quote plan has always been organic we have just always said yes and so you have to also let go up sometimes we still try to control what we feel our mission is we try to control our service we decide our services acts when everything is lining up and saying it's why right so this is the key to is that relaxing that's that living The Yoga of self Ascension is
as long as we keep surrendering to our highest guide me as long as we keep saying yes to the highest spiritual consciousness are physical body will respond with its yes it will respond with health it'll respond with Longevity if that is in the highest service so rather than get hung up on the body get hung up on the spirit and say I Say Yes To Nature I say yes to the Divine as I understand the Divine and I let it inform me I'll make a make a greater sense out of this boat down the road why we were showing you the seven polarities both sides of this chart exist you're never going to not have the one the question is how the balance is achieved and so for eggs
sample here we are in 2020 where it is all about our divine nature now when we put this chart out in 2015 that slide of 2020 and 2021 was not there we did not know about all the overlays or the fact that that would mean that we would actually be in a flow of knowledge similar to the time the last time we have had this type of access to knowledge was very close to the end time of what many people call it Landes and that's why the spiritual alarms are being sounded you already know at the core of your heart that it is when we trust it is when we remember who we are that our Consciousness lifts and that it is things that happened because they're just the right thing to do that is the expansion of the experience of the law of instantaneous manifestation during the break today we played a little film4u of the law of instantaneous manifestation everything around here the law of instantaneous manifest
this is very unique from The Law of Attraction and I want to talk about this for a moment because the Law of Attraction remember is based on density experiences based on linear experiences and belief systems it has its own self-limiting nature however the Law of Attraction right now is being very well fed and so through the compression of the energy through the the intensity of the choice because everyone's making a choice whether they know it or not so people are resistant and they don't even know why they're resisting and there was just too because they're making a choice here is the other most important piece about this week and I was hesitant whether we should talk about it or not but I'm feeling all you guys third chakras and here it is you're not going to be able to fake it anymore
you're missing the first casualties we're saying the first casualties were seeing people that have talked a good game and went down on the first fire and I've done and forgive me for using this military language but there is a war for the Dominion of your Consciousness and if that isn't worth standing up and fighting for them than for me I don't know what would be you know we we came here to learn the lessons right to capture the wisdom of being in this individuated experience and so when things get a little quote tough do you give up or do you go oh I need some resources here where is the source of energy It's Your Divine Nature it is there is an infinite supply of love and light in the Universal creation energy when we only look to the outer wall
4r restoration and inspiration then we are going to be whipsawed by the limitations of form and density you'll be websites by whatever the level of technology in the medical system by whatever the level of technology is in the socially accepted emotional experience and put whatever Norm is going on in the partners and Penny of it you do your partners of pain do not necessarily mean your friend could be the TV show anchor in you and if you really pause and breathe and look you may say I want to make green is a sense of being a victim of a manicure and hopelessness helplessness and disempower and so that is a cycle that will be an addiction
we pause and say enough
the pain continues until you declare I am complete with this thanks for the lesson write thank you for bringing me to where I am today and now I know it doesn't have to be this way to go because of anger is an addiction and end coming from a very ethnic family I grew up in a family where anger was a strange experience of love it was very very convoluted just stopped and anyway okay that took away my anger was in bread and it was and it was an adrenaline experience and I remember when I was first became conscious of that and I realize that there are many ways that those energies within our body can get processed and it was only after I started
are we accepting who I was that those energies were able to be integrated into the Divine experience imagine the same physical response in your body from anger that you could get from connecting it to your send it presents right is that the reflection the difference right anger ascended presents anger doesn't exist here is a motion it is an emotion it is an experience and it is why we all have it and as you evolve as you become more ignited in your debrekht presence
what do yoga of salt Ascension assist you to resolve because it demands resolution within to be able to forgive someone for the level of Consciousness you cannot honestly forgive someone giving their level of Consciousness at the time unless you have honestly anchored to knowing of the Consciousness that you are and here's your something wonderful
you only have to be there for a moment to receive the blessing you don't we sometimes oscillate between being ascended loving and Denson whatever believe you will have them and the more that that reality will become anchored because you're living your truth and computer screens you're afraid of it and that's how it becomes easier to 3/4 steps forward and One backwards that that's just part and parcel of of quotes
all over it as you look out into the world the world is doing its best to help you learn
and it may not feel kind of times it may not feel friendly at times because in fact all throughout density are tragic expressions of an emerging for Greater Love For Greater connection and they're often very tragic and that's reflective of the level of conscious at the moment you know many people and The Vedic knowings have talked about the Kali Yuga the Kali Yuga is an age of Disconnect from the Divine wisdom and age of Disconnect from essential truth and love it isn't a sentence is just an error that is marked by this energy of disconnect
and so it is the good news about the Kali Yuga is it's the marker of we're not going to get any worse the bottom as a collective and now we're turning around and energy to the Divine. And it takes individual Heelers individual mentors to keep holding that light to help the are the Kali Yuga the air of Darkness that you are inviting yourself to actually really be who you are the fact that you are no longer afraid of who you are or afraid of that which would seek to stop you which is just an illusion write the fact that you are saying
yes really take in your weird weird that we're The A-Team guys right this is the moment and we chose it bear in mind that even the call you get is an is a greater expanded vision of the same vision even that defines things yet it is an Embrace that invites us to offer ourselves the wave of Consciousness that brings us into the Eternal one this once more and we chose to be here and they chose to be together and we chose to align in this timeline right now because you are that amazing really breathe out and SRI thank you for bringing that up so grateful for one more person
what's hello how are you and Kira how are you, baby
now let's take you both thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity so I was calling cuz I have a question in regarding a wonderful tool that I purchase which it was a warning for it and I pretty much I was you know using it on myself and for some reason the tuning fork itself it is one of the side if broke off in a perfect line to Beyonce okay but wasn't sure you know what happened and I was wondering if perhaps up or anything about it
remember that when the reverence you call forward comes from the depth of your sincerity the harmonic frequency will balance all and until such time of balance the sacrifice was offered to assist you to come to Greater presence and so it is
much love to your blessings Honey Nut Mustang you are an amazing amazing Queen master I mean sincerely and thank you for calling that message through because it's felt very like I'm even feeling and then here's what's interesting guys I'm feeling energy running through my right hand right now it's like a release so there's there's actually like I actually feel like I'm releasing energy through my right palm so that its workers complete or that you are needing to be more aware of the work it's one of the other people conscious awareness exactly
fabulous Journey that we are sharing together this this is an amazing time and if you take a look at the beautiful you want to becoming ever more into the center into the portal of joy that will carry you to the ultimate Joy or do you choose to circle around with journeys of diversions and fun and whatever they might mean to you
Ed I know the thing I hope for is that you continue to remember wherever you are that you have a choice you always have a choice and how it's moving through the week ahead and so I would help you with journey with us then again and also want to remind all of you that Monday magic tomorrow night is lesson well living in The 5th Dimension massive moment if you're already registered be there live if you're not jump in its donation all donations go to projects like the one we just find it so thank you Beloved Community for being who you are we love you with all our heart
and if she breathe trust remember and know that all is truly well namaste
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