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Sri and Kira Live, August 2, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live other worlds been seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean selling authors Hopper live so open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigms that are shipping and Timeless wisdom here are three and Kira
Namaste beloved ones and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka welcome you in the energy of the stunning full moon we took this picture last night after we had just returned from the temple we were literally we had just come back to the apartment that we keep here at Tulsa BlueMountain for ourselves and we are I was in my closet and I looked out the window and my tray
turn outside right now don't you love the golden clouds and SRI is literally sitting in the Compadres mountains right now there are we are and there was our Valley the lowest but to August and August has come in with this extraordinary full moon this divine feminine the moon is full and the clouds are go and together we are better August is going to be one of those months it will prove to be an anomaly when we look back at it at the end of the year however it is beyond in Port there is so much happening plus a very special several special Revelations from shree and I today so welcome welcome welcome huge show ahead huge show ahead and we want to say hello and I shout out to all the people that I believe has Facebook official and
streaming live talk radio as well as we just smiling it all of you wherever you managed to hook you and welcome some robust over here at a Oneness talk radio Facebook so just thank you for coming together you know I always feel on a Sunday that when Street and I first have the honor of connecting with you at the moment we get to say hello to you we seal this like for ten full minutes as we're all coming together in the beginning of every show we really feel this upswell of the building of the community it's like in my mind's eye we are sitting in this great Sacred Circle in this incredible Cosmic time out that we get for 2 hours every Sunday afternoon and we thank you for sharing it with us now I'm noticing the call
just showing up really fast today and it's August I'm not surprised so hey get into the Q you can give us a buzz at 888-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008 where are amazing producer Dawn will say hello get you in the queue and remember if you haven't Ascension symptoms question let Don know so that he can let us know and then over at 1 this talk radio., call boards filling up pretty fast 517-208-1500 again that's 517-208-1500 and if you have an Ascension symptom question please press * 5 and that'll raise your hand and so that that would get you to help us organize calls and we'll be getting to them a little later but get yourself hooked in there so it wasn't
more than one way to connect is work Workwear well in now to the second half of the year and the understanding that we revealed that this was a year where the balance would come forward in perhaps a new way in a more profound way because the 2020 brings together the infinite with the four different times too and it really is so I thought I would be wise as we were getting ready to share more about the August Revelations to just remind ourselves that
20/20 it was as if it was a gift it was given to us outside of some of the timelines that we were tracking in and it gave creation meaning your Consciousness the opportunity to come forward with greater healing power and passion this is an amazing year and I think if we all look back at the last month's let alone the last few weeks there has been a lot of acceleration Eagle stuff has a last week your ability to connect to your soul has also expanded the ability in the truth of the Universe versus the truth of the egoic states because Mass Consciousness is an egoic reflection and it has his place it's a training school and then
is a soul reflection so as we are dancing with these Dynamics in January clothes first time ever symptom for 20/20 asked to delay getting Ascension symptoms out this year because of the way the timelines were slipping but we were the only people that came out there and said look like it or not there's going to be to do something for 20/20 and then we gave you the list of all the others but these two were going to be the experience cuz when experienced year and the number one is fear is actually an Ascension symptom and here we are walking into August when that Ascension symptom is going to really come forward
what's the weather going to be
afraid and you will never want to hide more than you ever have or you are going to run with the lion because you're part of the pack because you woke that is the vast difference that the August experience will be we have been trained to avoid fear in much the same way we were trained to repressed anger those two emotions are are kind of forbidden territory but of the society seems to have no problem with having if you frighten people around because it gives me the opportunity but let's look at this from an Ascend in perspective I love fear is the natural result of believing that you are separated from Source wow
right beer occurs naturally the moment the baby is released from the mother's womb disconnected from the umbilicus and all of a sudden the wave of coal the wave of recognition the way and in and this is why it's so important to have wonderful compassionate Midwife about that today cuz that's happening but just as an overlay as a condition that we all must TranZit fear is initiated at the very Inception of your experience as a being informed
and we work with fear throughout our lives and then Woodforest we get we have our speed bumps are trauma and prints are above you stuff and all of the things that happened that are the nature of the world and so the fear energy tends to be wrapped up with an anticipation that it could get worse this is what the way the child's mind works is what we have a little anxiety get worse when we have a little injury I hope it's not terrible of not having enough power as a child so everything was bigger bigger but you're not a child anymore you have gained life experience you are a master in form and you probably didn't realize that early on it probably took a while
here to 2020 s we walk in this beautiful Community conversations and please share your heart in the chat this is community and this is where love expand dad in the experience of a person who is ascending at the experience of a person who has recognized the difference between a negro orientation is a positionality and a spiritual orientation which Embraces all of the experiences we're moving from the alness into Oneness one this is the fabric that allows diversity to have his expression
expression to have their experience here then is an experience not a definition and as it experience fear than is a little mini trampoline for your Ascension because every time I invested some of my energy in the limited perspective and thereby the fear had a place to Anchor and as soon as we love ourselves that part of ourselves that have the limited point of view we relax in the fear is just it's just an experience it's it's it's just something that comes and goes on your food or whatever
there it is and that's the blessing is it not and so why are the month I had think about last week and I do want to share SRI because I think it's two 12 in our world right now loving that just had a timestamp I do want to give a shout out to everyone that was with us yesterday yesterday on August 1st was of course our Mastery mentorship Gathering of spirit and ceremony and so much happened and has happened since then Ashley and I mentioned while we were together yesterday in a big shout-out to all of you that we were called during that ceremony to know we have to go up we had to go back up to the mountain yesterday and it's been our fact those are you there with us we had a background of what was literally outside then we're finding that our beloved diet here is wanting to speak
the world is really speaking the birth is happening and so we're going to talk more about that extension in a moment with a letter and this letter I'm going to I'm actually going to read a combination of two letters yesterday in the miracle team portion where we call in the healing light and if you're not aware what the healing light is the healing light is our 24/7 Miracle requests and prayer service at is a confidential 100% service where you send your prayers into the healing light sacred container that we hold here at Elsa Blue Mountain and then energized on at our ceremony which is always the first Saturday of every month and tears literally hundreds of thousands of Miracles I mean incredible stuff and in all the years in the middle of our ceremony we have not ever brought in a specific
check request we always bring in the entire healing light right before the ceremony yesterday I received an email that came our way from this email because the intention is for you to open your heart right now before you hear anything else about August to be here right now knowing that the pain that I'm going to read to you that this family is going through is more than just their own and that they are symbolic of the pain that is actually fighting to be kept alive on the planet and so because that is such a big piece of August because as we've already said on this is going to be that month where you're either going to dive into that Crystal in illumination and make that choice or it's going to be just the opposite and so lots more sure about that especially with the ascending numerology of it and the way the up levels look
I'm going to read you most of this just so you get the sense of it the Namaste is the head of Aura energy Shield she's actually a part of this as well as you'll hear when I reach to it so I want to know which Christina that was Aura energy everyone sincerely from my heart you guys collectively have saved me over the last few days thank you really thank you so much mentally emotionally physically and financially over the past almost two weeks the physical pain in between my shoulder shooting through my heart chakra I know it's my angel wing smiley face losing not one but two freezers refrigerators Appliance is filled with food just the least of it
my son who is absolutely now in shock an accident causing the loss of all of his close friends one victim 19 instantly losing Life as a passenger in the car 16 year old girlfriend barely holding on and catatonic 21 year old driver comatose and if survives he is paralyzed brain damage and facing a minimum of 27 years in prison for a DUI property damage and vehicular manslaughter these are my young Sons close friends now he is shutting me out and closing down even more
is Father somehow placing unbelievable blame and guilt on me at 20 Ryan's birthday was just a few days ago July 20th already he has lost two friends to Suicide heroin overdose his birth mom at his age of Ford died also due to heroin heroin overdose and she chose me and I deeply honored her for this gift and now this my heart hurts for he has shut me out my close friend just found out she has fatal liver damage from medication she received from a life-saving surgery in January you hit the target right on last week's you said it would be a tough week and everyone around me has felt it experienced it thank you stream Kara I can't say enough for all you do and to Christina for offering the silver summer discount
Christina this is for you for your love Jeff when my order was challenged putting that mask on my face well I just will say it has settled me it has protected me it is helped me Breeze people see my smile and my pimples are dissolving my glasses don't fog everything you promised is absolutely true and with extra benefits you honestly can't believe how much this one little face Shields has made a difference I put it on even when it's not needed because of the comfort and protection it brings to me created of such love and concern so now I wear it and everyone wants what is she has all these orders tonight I placed my mask on my altar
lessons in Clarity being offered upon it with white sage a gift of thanks and prayer for its blessings tomorrow during Mastery mentorship it will remain on my altar with Palo Santo burning and blessings and gratitude I wanted to share my story with you not just an anonymous prayer sent to the healing light but if you could please include Ryan Jerry Tyler Sean Rhonda Taylor Dawn Kendall Jalisa all parents and Friends affected and me we all need the blessings of the miracle manifestation team much love and appreciation for all you do and your gifts of love and all the different color hearts stable of its thank you and this is from Alicia and so
shree and I wanted to share this letter with you today because we are all walking through it and and what what really touched me so deeply is all the generations affected this is just a very small little slice of what every being in density is being asked to endure and I want to read today's email so before you do I just want to take a breath and as we recognize it's kind of one of those there because of the grace of God you know who is this you sure it is a slice so many people are having their individual experiences and I'm sure in her desire to bring healing energy to her family
what happened when we read her letter right now is that this family especially Alicia sweetheart you are a lineage holder and you aren't you are trying to carry the entire planet right now as are most of us this is why we need to stand up and join hands in August the divine feminine has is birthing is here and we have a lot to share about that and so as the divine feminine Rises everything that would resist the divine feminine will stand at the front lines of the battle and so what will feel like a battle in the third dimension will be Ascension in the 5th and we're talk about that chalice in a minute to so thank you all for indulging us for sharing this with you today but honestly this is just such a fabulous we could not share what she is sharing so beautifully so this email came in late
yesterday this was after this that the subject line says Miracle manifestation ceremony so I have to join it's not part of the free app but the Mastery mentorship team because wow what's happening behind the scenes and so Alicia I want to share today so Miracle manifestation ceremony and SRI how about in Perfect Balance I read her first letter and you read her second house that I'm going to offer that to my husband so that we can all received this beautiful sharing as well as your heart all right here is her sharing from a few hours after the ceremony of gratitude Sarah and all my Mastery mentorship family when I sent my healing light prayer request out I never expected to be part of the ceremony what a special and most welcome blessing
my heart has been overflowing and the tears have been flowing Non-Stop
during the ceremony I felt Hearts joining All Around Me hands United in blessings the tears just flooded thank you all dear ones Masters and Angel Spirit guys SRI kurisu Christina all the team members and way too many to individually think my son is also sharing how most grateful he is for all your prayers and blessings tonight it happened to him and others during Tyler's memorial service he felt something stir inside him
when I called him tonight he knew he recognized and thanked me for the prayer request he doesn't believe in prayer but he felt the blessings pouring for he thanked me and I and blessing the miracle you all helped me receive today
Gary is in his third reconstruction surgery right at this moment doctors desperately working to save this 21 year olds life blessings are still needed as his life has been forever changed the sixteen-year-old sweet little girl is still catatonic shut down and not responding or making eye contact she could be home but for her mental state my heart hurts for this day
I will try to post a note of thanks to all in the chat during tomorrow service feel from my heart the deepest gratitude you and all of the Mastery mentorship team members changed my life today I am so truly and deeply touched and grateful, Staley Alicia
are we glad we were the waterproof mascara today no I mean really I just sharing that what was really coming into my heart was the symbolism of the youths that may be catatonic or not to those whose lives are being changed dramatically in ways that they are not ready or prepared to experience and for those that can witness it all and stand like Alicea and not let even that take her Humanity instead she held who she was even though her heart hurt and her son was walking away she let him have his moment and it did not stop her from being the master she is she moves forward she did she did not interfere she put in a prayer request she looked at the miracle presents but she did not interfere
what happened in the law of instantaneous manifestation prayer request result same day and so thank you Alicia for holding enough compassion and love for yourself that you are in the 5th dimensional frequency because in August this is a vital vital vital skill because this is an anomaly as we started talking about and this is a month where the Ascension symptom of sphere is in front of you along with the crystal in ignition it is just such an incredible incredible experience and so it is a moment to say yes to that which is the choice in front of you those of you who've been with us on Monday magic have already learned that if you read and go through the entire living in The 5th Dimension series especially if you've been taking that was free and I
then what you know is that the jewels basically secret code is yes literally yes and how yes is inserted into a paragraph and how it is called forward we become an energy of yes and then the energy of yes there is not doubt there's no time to doubt because it's yes there's no time to be afraid because it's yes there is only joy because it's yes there is not an end and sometimes the yes is a yes to self That Others May experience is a no
and that is the empowerment the empowerment comes when everything that comes through your truth chakra I mean everything comes forward with the radiance of your Mastery presents and so let's dive into Sri should we dive into the up level calendar all right let's go Google Calendar so those RVs already have the up level calendar of connected with this already I'm sure you can still get it up level calendar it is available 100% as a donation toward indigenous service programs the right up at the top this as you do every month they I was gifted with this is the quote this is what will guide the month and that let's talk about this is from the blue star born who share of Will and always ignite Divine compassion
love will in always ignite Divine compassion is one energy and that was what we were just talking about that sometimes the yes the love that compassionate love that holds Us in The 5th Dimension sometimes that yes may be viewed as a no by other two may not be in that space with you but you will not doubt you keep moving forward you you are you are not allowing that to create fear and then igniting Divine compassion that's a little code where they're saying to stay in the 5th Dimension now look at the graphic for the month we all know that that door you see that Cosmic door that opens that door opens back last Sunday when we were 100% free of what that Mercury retrograde post phase was literally open and it has built through this this week and weak
Tom to yesterday August one when you see that we were the furthest out again I'm going to show you send a numerology on this in just a moment and it will blow your mind where we've been going out out out since the Bible remember we've had that chalice energy so I want to remind us about that that on the solstice in June. Chalice ignited and we have been holding the 33rd dimensional portal open through that time until the Lions Gate when this is going to completely become in our field as that disc is Vishnu ignites the next level and so right now let's go back to the calendar because this is just so important to understand that it is today is the second and you see it's like the nebula of color were coming back in that you see how that energy is coming in is very big and then as it moves toward the door it becomes more refined because you're on the other side
you're being invited especially right now in this full moon energy you are being invited to see it from The 5th Dimension to stay Anchored In The 5th Dimension to always remember that you are the master because as this full moon that the full moon itself is going to be tomorrow on the 3rd Monday magic how perfect is that but it's going to take us all the ways to do V and on the 5th do you see that little underneath the five there that like gold jettison of nebula energy coming right out in the five that's going to be the ignition that's going to take us to the Lions Gate on the river going to go all the way out and ignite again and that is going to take us like a shooting star through the rest of the month so what does that mean it means that when we hit that up level moment when we hit that moment of that Divine elimination for this month we are still in it which is good to know
does this is going to be a month as as I I just want to say again that's going to be in a lasting impact this is going to be as an Ascension symptom will be put in front of you in one way or another and that's why I love opening Alicia got that out of her system on the first right she it all last week she was right she jumped it on the first and got it release so you don't have to live with it it's about being the master with it true that your identity is aligned with your authenticity is an investment when I identify with something I would say I've invested by love bear
now when you identify with your personality self you're giving your Divine love to that egoic shell and you're having the eagle experiences in your and how to cope and play and do all those things and then when we begin to recognize that there is a fabric that exists and we begin to notice this this fabric is infinite compassion is this the Maverick is infinite. I was not getting the full meal deal here I was in a subset of the greater reality and that's when the tension between the Eagles and the Soul identity begin to come forward and we will dance for a while there's so much scripting going on
the the spiritual and Tandy I had to guess would be to give you a boost so that you may lift out of the gravity of the mass density Consciousness Consciousness is a little bit like that analogy of you know remember the old days when the Rockets went up into space and they they had the stage one stage 2 and it was just a little depressed a little compressed air for a different environment is the difference between zones and it takes Focus commitment it takes a true investment in your spiritual nature to lift out of the habit of density
habit of the habit of the pain of the pain is Art love our investment is in our higher self are so are authentic essity and the more we cultivate that the more we see the divine within ourselves and we see the divine within others the easier it is to hold the 5th dimensional space of compassion
that is the platform that is the clearing zone of what has gone before that's the breath of fresh air that we could heal and be and really anchor in the truth of that ascended State and from there we go further when the whole shutdown started happening around the world know she and I were literally receiving yes the day that they shut down the country so when that day started we were very clear in our guidance and when we spend time in our temples that this time would really be about action that the most important things that we could do in our experience of of this experience is to be as present as possible to do as much as possible to serve as many as possible knowing that this is the moment we've all train
4 + and that's fast forward to what we just write about Alicia that's what at least she is demonstrating today my goodness gracious look what was thrown on her when she woke up that a few days ago that wasn't what she thought was going to happen this week right no matter what was going on no matter what was happening at any moment and this is why she keep your eyes on the divine all times and the other part of that you'll have a good time doing it that's actually we are at that and it is when these moments that we arise and continue and harvest the blessing in the tools or we fall into the habit of a habit of the pain of the pain and the fear are actually Mastery tools I want you to see that get on the other side of this and see it because of the pain you may have begun an exploration you would have never
begone look at her son look at Alicia's son because of his pain because of being at that memorial service they all got together at the time that we were sending Miracle presents and they all felt it because that is how great the pain can be it can be your greatest teacher of density until you arrived through it and can love it for what it is that which was simply a moment along the way it is when we own our pain it becomes our life and then it becomes the habit of how we live our lives so this is a very powerful moment be having this conversation to be reminded
that they're the perspectives that are wholesome and will support your evolutionary process sometimes are not understood at face value are you know one little world example is when your it is snowing outside suspect many of you had a mother that said put on your jacket it's snowing outside because that's the kind thing to do is to wear a welder's covid-19 outside put on a mask it's the kind thing to do but I just because we we boosted controversy out there that's why he was talking about because it's actually more about protecting you from energy than
what happens if an act of fear this is not an act of anger it's an act of self-compassion and compassion for others like wearing a sweater when it's cold there what I have learned over my experience here on this this lovely planet we can Master anything and it's often requires more than a lifetime to master everything where do I place my energy one of the planet so commonly around is working with the fear as a way to energize
victim Consciousness so when the fear arises rather than having it be in a trampoline and they actually give away their power to an authority and that's the first step to line to it what's on your screen screen when people are terrified they will give away their soul you let go of anything that may be triggering you because we're sharing this we're sharing this because you're ready you're already on the other side you're already here in this incredible moment of ascended conscious expansion and and I wanted to just kind of dance with my husband here when he was talking about learning everything where I was jumping was because that can't ever happen that's the gift of expansion and all this that when we let go of thinking there is an Everything to learn as when we finally are free to
through the all and so I just had to jump in and play with them for a moment blown away as I am first of all just take a look at the diagrams the what does this look like those of you that no ascended numerology know that is sending numerology is actually it started graphic. This is an ascended numerology that I've done for this month including the Lions Gate and the up level dates it's got a couple layers on it to the right is what your poor beautiful body of form is dealing with this month and it's incredible and it also helps explain a lot of the Ascension symptoms and this is why we are now offering to send in numerology every month because number one it's time and I just wanted a stop for one second since this is the first time that were talking about ascended numerology just it just to share a brief moment would you like to do
remember that ascended numerology is the the original system this incorporates a 13-digit process it includes the 0 through 12 each has their own experience and the reason that it's charted is because it is a ancient system of energy decoding of the soul in this specific lifetime it has one constant which is known as the Master Soul code and so what I have created is a Master Soul code for each month based upon the Master Soul code of this year so that would remain constant through this year but if I was doing so your own experience then your master Soul code that never changes that's who you are that will never change that's that aspect of your soul that's on this journey and that is where that repository is coming in
you may remember that the three magi the story of the Three Wise Men well the reason that the Magi appear at the first as with the scene did the same thing and use the exact same system by the way they would appear at the birth of a wise one at which would be all when the system first started this is way back of ancient seating of this planet of Gaia and it would just be known that they would arrive and I'm literally prepare the ancient Scrolls and hand them to those that had been blessed with the gift of the shepherd the expanded growth of this one that has said yes to form and then of course that refine refine refine over the years so sadly all of mostly all of the original roles were destroyed in the burning of Library of Alexandria and the blessing that I have been living is that it has come back through us at the request of the ascended masters
yes we teach it and yes we offer sessions but more importantly look at it so as you're looking at the August right now as your first notices this if you look up at the top August itself is another for its perfect balance and what's so profound is its the four as the three plus one which means it's all about the the Trinity energy in the integration The Chalice right that chalice that has been opened that shall us that we have been receiving all of this just saying stand us the sacred chalice and so it's also about what Perfect Balance now what's so profound is what is 20/20 because remember this 2020 is going to be for the whole year every single month this year is going to have this for plus double incident over life because of that the chart is very unique it's a unique ear of charting its unique year of depth and
here where you cannot avoid yourself you're either jumping in and expand the Consciousness go down even more profound then look at that for on the chart the rectangle the purple for is August the. The pyramid is the year now when we put August 2020 together comes the 8 plus the double internet again and remember every month this year is going to have to double infant you cannot Escape it not only is this one of the most amazing moments in in our evolutionary expansion and this time to expect to expand but you're going to be getting it an AF every month hence that's why the up level calendar was invited to be created and brought to the planet so why did the first go down and look at this this beautiful experience of energy so we start
with August 4th and if you notice right coming up out of that part that truck that rectangle we're going to dive into the infinite that's the zero remember we are only assert a spiral this chart that you're looking at is infinitely it's a spiral and it's constantly spiraling you're never without it that's why it's a constant that's why I can transform through all forms of experience that's why it utilizes the full spectrum of numerology including the dive into the infinite being that you are without that you cannot have an accurate reading of what you are so Liz is saying it's Soul speak it's your souls code it's your own language and you will understand it and so this for you were diving from August right into the infinite and immediately coming back to the 8 in Perfect Balance you see that and then from the eighth we're bouncing right back to the four again
this is because of the double infinite's so we've got this beautiful balance going in and out but we're going in and out and it is is actually giving you a kind of a cosmic recharge there is this Shore energetic that is present that is not found in and went with the number stands by itself so that touching into the internet assessor is also reminding us that in the void is the creative pulse and remember what a blah blah luminations we're going to show you how that affects you in just a moment because it's the pulse powerful is that when we put the chart backup you will notice that on that wheel the eight in the four are perfectly balanced and what's beautiful is that if you were to look at the Circle above and below what you have is an opportunity to lift
into perfect balance and so we are in a year of perfect balance with the double infant let's put this up again so you can understand what I'm sharing so if you look at the 8th and you go up into the zero and then you go back over to the for now imagine drawing a line from the 4th to the 8th you would cut through the infinite again forming a pyramid of light remember what happened earlier this year we had that Trinity the super 3 does those three supermoons that opened up that pyramid then the I opened within it will now that pyramid is same to you I am a pulse P I am a heartbeat of your ascended present so now we have two effects that are going to happen to this wheel the first one is the Lions Gate which is August 8th 2020 this is going to be the first jet it's like what you were just talking about getting through the stages this is going to be such a profound jettison is actually beginning on the 5th with that golden ray energy
shooting out of the cosmos it breaks the bounce you see that so because we're going from the eight this time we are now going to be able to pull that energy so we have been the engine you're bouncing from the 8th to the for 8 to the four it's been like a it's it's balancing it's causing stability as helping everything saying wonderful and when the Lions Gate arises it's going to be the only way I can describe this is that on the Lionsgate it's going to be like a like a bolt of crystalline light and it's going to shatter everything and it's going to offer an opportunity to see at a way that you have not seen before and that light if it's received is going to lift you into an Ascend it presents remember this is that day that the Chalice comes into our Essence and that the discus begin
and so all of that can lift you into a send it presents where it will become an extraordinary momentum or that light is seen as a weapon and you treat and you're going to see a lot of retreating and and it's it's a moment where those that are carrying the lifts are able to love those of the retreating enough to create a harmonic balance rather than a further anchored separation powerful monks and Powerful opportunity you know I just feel called to share a little bit of some a little perspective it's important to remember that each of us has a life that's in motion we have created a progression in our lives and then as we expand as we lift Wiest
are too kind of erode the investment will preserving certain Central core activities core commitments and opening to newer expanded ways of being and ways of being Ness short what's been happening at the flow of energy that is gifting its creative potential to you is either being soft off
or being accepted and the question is when it's accepted what actions are resulting is the egoic action or the victim Consciousness mean in more fully is the as one's ascended orientation and end behavior being energized more fully because they the behavior is an expression of the choice that you make and most choices are somewhat subconscious Choice energy so we're being given the opportunity to see more clearly that which we are choosy and to re-up Zod kills yes I choose creation yes I choose expansion yes I choose Ascension yes I Choose Love Yes you feel it the yes is the flower that is blooming not know
flowers no it does not have compassion for our world because many people are receiving this energy and they have not yet found footage to say yes to expansion so what they're saying yes to is a energization of boundaries or traditional ways of being that once gave them comfort and I think they'll discover that is like a bath it's no longer warm it won't seem as comfortable but they're going to try and that remains to be seen and so will in always ignite the blue star born the energy of August and SRI I wanted you to just as you're sharing first and foremost guys we got phone lines holding everywhere it stay on and what is so profound about
best is that and this is why I wipe I really sincerely with all my heart and soul please join the WWE Global community be a part of what starting on the Lionsgate all voices Mater and together we are better and we are going to hold each others hands through August as we stand in the middle of that field in our and powered and lying as a Divine beings saying we are here because the balance matters we are here because diet is speaking we are here because we love enough we are here because there is no true better or less or higher or lower we are here because we are one and the way that we begin is by championing the divine feminine do the do not identify as female why are you not there because if you are just saying your Champion the divine feminine what about what you have called into you shree and I I pray
balance and that in this experience this is about energy for all of us to come together as spiritual champions We are going to begin in the straw of the women but then we are moving into the empowered wellness and then we are moving into the Awakening of right now because come September all bets are off it is a new day but it's going to be the choice you make an August that will determine that day so what is come forward at is crystallizing as a beautiful month of empowerment training and support and Awakening all about learning how to harness this manifestation there will be with you as a group
you through all of August and that this is an opportunity to receive mentorship to receive opening to step forward in a new empowered waste let's take August and help each other grow and right now change the donation percentage to Clinica Linda and are indigenous programs the discount the early bird discount is it terminates at the end of this day maybe hadn't realized it until this moment what's going on but be there go to the shopping cart
do what you do I'm so dead midnight in some time to Eastern let money stop you be there together we are better and how many of us are ready to stand up right now in a month that is going to do everything in its power to go after your lower being this how many of us are willing to stand up and say I am here I am ready I am open guide me I'm I'm saying I'm one of them and I know shreyas and I know that most of you here are two it's about it's about coming together really do and I wanted to share that because it's such a beautiful expansion of what's been happening here the past week so happening here and that there has been all of this other energy momentum and we go through you do everything screen I share with all of you we go through so it's we're not immune we're just aware that
the gift of self ascended presents ever since we've been Excavating at the top of our Mountain we've kept hearing where are the grandmothers and the last time I was up there I was literally like screaming Abuelo's Abuelo's dog that you know where were the Ancients and they have been coming in in many many ways and we have lots of other installments that we're still looking at when we releasing them and when shree and I yesterday we have to leave drop it up there there's been lots of exclamation we have seen some of the video is seeing some of things but we have not personally been up there for many reasons that we don't going up so blessed with a miracle Mastery mentorship team and part of what we do each month in this small group of Mastery mentorship is share each other's Miracles we we support each other in our growth we talked about the energy of the time and expansion
there is a ceremony at the end of each session and this ceremony is an opening a loving support and opportunity for each to have their experience of that expanded State through an insult message energy a healing technique whatever it maybe that's appropriate for this time and we were all delighted and lovingly blessed this yesterday by this wise powerful energy that came through at the end of the ceremony and I asked myself who are you this energy had a profundity and 1/33 dimensional frequency Aura to it and the response was I am Master lady.
and I am Master lady Kara is the blessing that I share with you from my beloved inform and that I want to underscore the potency of this because what is transforming in our lives that we share openly with you is an evolutionary process a process of becoming ever more transparent ever more authentic Evermore in service to the expansion of Truth love and joy and so yesterday was called a milestone on that and then following that amazing ceremony yesterday my beloved and I walked up the hill this part of tosa Blue Mountain sanctuary and we began to commune with the giant rocks the walls that that which was uncovered and imagine for a moment that the temple would have been on Earth for thousands of years and that the veggie
Nation grows and then there is no sign left to the common eye of what he's beneath the surface however when we begin to feel when we begin to sense energy we go there's something there and so we've had our beloved helpers here on Gallo especially who is the local Canary descended what up and he goes no I used to play there is a child he said I remember big rocks I remember figures carved into the rocks and as it from the childlike Sherry was very delighted it was so much fun to see them into you do it and you said I'll help you uncover them and so we're about to share with you the progress of that one of the gifts I I just want to first of all because I'm still integrated what happened yesterday so I want to thank you that kind of took me by surprise I feel an end to gift of my husband doing that for me right now is that
the whole process of Master lady Cara for me has been one that has been very slow very humbling very let's just say transiting it it has been very aware of what's happening however I was not aware of what happened yesterday for a little while because I was electroshock for quite a while and yet it wasn't painful it was just very evident and my husband and I spent time really anchoring in our own offield offield experience
was that for I'm sure this with you so that you can eat start harvesting your gift right now we've been talking about how the Chalice has been open to the 33rd Dimension as a child to mention this started on the solstice in June that this is going to stay open until August 8th but this is the week it's spiraling into you this is the week that shallis is becoming you you are the chalice and thereby you are full
and able to sincerely give and so what I was unaware of until August one in the month of choice remember we said all this is going to be that anomaly months is that I know my attorney in August is going to be learning how to keep that Thirty third dimensional portal open because
what happened was that the being that would normally be not available in this world that would be a being that would be available after transition out of this world has come in through me while I'm holding this body form and I will share that my body Farm has been going through a lot of another major upgrade of physical symptom ology which I will show you in a second half the show on the side of numerology why we're all going through it so I wanted to thank you for that and also offered to all of you you're our thanks for your patience depreciation be a street and I are still working with what happened it's hard for me to even remain in Consciousness when I try to connect with that energy so thank you for your patience and understanding the second things for you that I wanted to share it was that
we in the calling out of the Abuelo's near playlist We were very very blessed when I and I kept talking to somebody he has to know where are the ones who know the ancient ways where are the grandmother's we are being so blessed with what's opening here and we had not gone up yet this happened last Thursday we had no we had not gone up yet we were we were still unable to go up and breathe pure it turns out it's his mother and so she is 84 years old this beautiful woman who was place to work in the fields at probably Age 4 or 5 you'll hear it talk about it is so hunched over in pain she cannot stand up straight however her beautiful brilliant smile her beautiful son who who were learning is has been kind of holding out on us who always complete film about the return of the grandmothers and because of what happened yesterday we have pre-empted that to him and imperfect I think
the line is because we I was clearly heard the play that film Tuesday night on Soul mirrors as the full moon Energy starts transitioning into that golden ray and that the return of the grandmother's is part of the energy coming in on that golden ray energy that I was showing you on the 5th on the calendar and so we're just going to give you a hint of what's coming Tuesday night so I hope you would it will enjoy that so that you can really connect with her but I wanted to bring that up before we run this film in its entirety because this all happened the everything that we've been in the opening of The Chalice everything that's happened in July the arrival then the return of the grandmother and how long it's been since she even felt comfortable to step on this property and then and the Miracle manifestation team on August one where SRI and I wound up spending all afternoon on the mountain and as we mentioned when we open the show today and then this is what we came down to
when we we had just returned and as so we're sharing with you kind of a combination so today still muscle is just a little longer it is worth every breath and I don't want to ruin the surprise as you're going to find but you will begin with a beautiful up level Attunement given to you by Bria and aparna to set the stage for what shree and I have to share we're going to watch it with you and let's return in a moment to continue this journey enjoy
video showing more of the Masters temple being revealed as of this week's practice I am resurreccion am lights this practice comes from me at spiritual Mastery mentorship with SRI and Kira where you can find free meditation practices during inspiration and more as you connect with Archangel zadkiel exact words simply feel and experience this Awakening and practice daily ever ever more certain
ever more focused ever moralize
Evermore connected Evermore being
bring your hands up and sent my gaze upward knowing that you are the Manifest glory of the Mastery power of the Divine
holding the energy of sacred presence call forward the knowing that your sacred purpose has already been declared call in your destiny know the truth of who you are know you are prepared to walk into the void with courage honor and power know you are loved and call forward the Declaration of truth I am Resurrection I am late
and bring your hands back and hug yourself you deserve it
know how you are
you are you cannot experience illness you cannot experience chaos and you cannot experience which feels like disharmony only this vessel that has chosen this experience can do that you cannot you are now ready yes power
Saturday August 1st I talk to the lost city and there is a temple there that we are feeling called to uncover further for people to enjoy the sun is shining and our hearts are
70cc beautiful strawberry and growth of the mountain Laura Stone has been cut and the other one here is cut in a funnel shape of a liquid however we sense is that there's more below that this cascading excavation is going to reveal the cascading Harvey and these rocks of a yet-to-be-revealed
side of this pic rock and become a bowl of their roommate where is The Serpent and here on the top take a look at this beautiful 3D flower nail design there's more to be the head of a serpent there by your
so this has been recently cleared and we are standing up on quite a few rocks but you see that this is basically way up at the top there there had been some type of other head but when it was removed it's like opened up this slow and you see the The Carving you see this showing the river of Consciousness coming down into the creation of the snake and this all of this writing on the side here and it's the video is not doing Justice this really has to be experienced these other points seem to be holding the energy of a form of a calendar a way of counting
and more were here more gets revealed to our Consciousness there are lines there are interesting and continue to take in and share this in real time with you
this amazing stone is radiating such a high frequency and stone is higher than any other Natural Stone that I've experienced it's well above 700 on Hawkins scale and it looks so unassuming until you begin to look more deeply
welcome I'm putting my shmalo with the Jade and the beautiful cats eyes and the Shiva is carnelian in the center area today
breakfast right now and we want to share with you in real time the discovery of what we are being invited to share with you is the Rosetta Stone of the language and
call her on the side of it and when our group was here in July you might have seen the video where I started uncovering and saying hey this is so when I came up here the first thing that happened was SRI was already clearing this beautifully carved you see this beautiful beautiful ancient River of Life healing pool area where I was called to put the necklace right now they're saying that you can't even see the remnant here and here and the connection and they're showing me I will try to get a picture and draw it look like and receive the energy of life that radiates through the stone into the Planet 2 offering to the Crystal and grids the direct connection
and that would radiate down
it's like one
most likely come out here spiral until we see it coming back in here again and found this equilateral cross-play what are being shown is that this is actually a calendar you see each one of these we live with the Mayan and so we're going to start working with some tracing paper and energy and they're all glyphs and this entire
this way it was an actual
because they would fill it with water and the grandmother's would dive in and as and they would read it is a divination experience but that this is where all of the offerings are made this is where the ceremonies are because this was this was the center of the main chamber of the temple and they're saying that we are at a moment where when it is being remembered it is because of this and that if you are hearing this so are you offering
to watch in real time we are not professionals we are going to invest in whatever proper tools we need to start doing the best we can but I just want to show you look at what's happening and you will see right up at the top the offering of the Shiva I
notice the alignments were in notice what's happening breathing this
you are here in real time as this is all reversing
show me a little bit more
call Timmy to come with us today
for those of you who it was a blessing that was there is
so this is the top and this is where I place the offering and the reason being is that what they're sharing with me is that approximately two thousand years ago when this Sacred City was violated the stone shattered over 15,000 years ago it's still held a crystalline grid energy and that when this right here this piece at the top was you see there's the first level of descent the second the third the fourth the fifth the 6th and the 7th and you see even here where the
and you see other even if it has waited for the return and by placing the offering their by all of you who I know are already able to interpret the stone probably better than we can in our understanding it they're saying now that we have reversed it it's about returning back up we have come all the way out this is very much we shown this on are so many times it's we've come all the way to the density density density and we're coming back around and right now today August one we are igniting the assistant and I want you breed and the difference between the ascent side which was 100% covered and SRI found it today in the cross of perfect balance
and so I just want to come over here again send to see the difference on the stone that he said that he said that he sent the showering the the showering of the Consciousness discovering the trail stain on it and say yes to making the climb and right here which is an extraordinary Bolivar a philosophy is very first time
this is huge we had no idea how big until we got here ourselves but you can say
and look at just going to scan over here you have all over here Street look what we missed I feel like I'm in a Laura
and if you see that's a trailer right there as well bring you there shortly
are all Trails place where at
the intersection
so this is one of the key stones in the wall
and it has all kinds of energy lines drawn in Acura has placed an offering at the Apex point or the energy would collect I don't know if you could tell on the video but there's an indentation there and Pathways were created now to a archaeologist way of thinking Pathways or flow of water to a s'more spiritually oriented Explorer what we're seeing is designations of energy flows
and that the energy flows show Pathways that are tributaries and Pathways that are more of the main alignment will be more to be revealed here
this is melted Stone this is evidence of the laser beam that cause the destruction of the temple millennium
so handsome Grandma works here
and now he's working here
welcome back beloved and thank you for sharing that Journey with us you can see the tree and I are still glowing from yesterday and I trust your heart was as touched as mine when you just connected with our beautiful abuela of this mountain and her story is captivating the way that light integrates into play and so there was just too much to share with you today so that's going to be Tuesday night on Soul mirrors please join us you know one of the things that kind of tickles my brain is I have visited cure and I have visited together so many sacred sites on the planet and one of the things that is kind of intriguing is the recognition
that this planet Gaia was ceded along the equatorial belt that there were many atlantis's
that the zone of 20° above and 20 degrees below the Ecuador is kind of that that that zone of the supported the ultimate support for Life evolve in life seating and what was going on and that over these many thousands of years that which is evidence of those times has been found for us was the recognition that this Temple that we are blessed to be the custodian sub has a story that is not fully revealed yet some of them from the 8th we still need to find more the elders in the search is out and I'm confident they'll be here shortly so we're piecing together their story we're putting together what's coming through it has been coming through how we wound up on this land and what cancer so clearly forestry and I yesterday was that
Oliver pyramid there's a lot more evidence of it now the way that capstone's are where they are the way that you find other Stones when we're starting to get the the Symmetry and what are the things we kind of had forgotten was that when we first purchases property before we moved here you can drive around to the valley to the other side of the valley and stare at our property from the other side there's a beautiful little church there and you can stand it to your property well what we noticed immediately and I will dig out this photo was the three pyramids right now it's three pyramids the property does present as a pyramid size of this that the mountain along the mountains themselves are temples and the Andes are carried a profound energy
is igniting this August more will be revealed and we shared a couple of weeks ago about the keys are dormant until the time is appropriate for them to be recognized again and we're seeing this revelatory process emerging on the planet that there are opportunities like for shree and I this is explaining our time with the Mayan as well you know when she and I had the honor and privilege of living in Guatemala for 7 years with the Highland Maya one of the things that we were most honored with was that we were allowed in we met with with those who were revealed a Shaman's to us that would wear the plainest of plain clothes because they live in a culture where that the shaman and the Visionary the one who is capable of the true divination is always the one that has killed first as if they're the real thing
and so we were very very honored and privileged to know these people to be let into places that you could never be allowed into an AR book 2013 Mayan Sunrise we talked all about that and the reason I'm mentioning that is that this temple in the Inca perco shoaib she tosa Temple right did the Temple of the Masters it really is the Temple of the Masters of the three I it's so clear that ending a perk up which is the only Cosmic egg Temple and that's the qunari structure that predated the Inca structure which was built around it that was the original creation center we are in a creation Hub we are in a hug right now is very much a cradle of creation that's why I reverse aging is so available here I mean I hesitate to you I don't want to use those words like Shangri-La and all that but I will say that whatever they thought was in vilcabamba
and we tried to live in it was interesting how we got there and so I am not sure move sometimes they start going higher up you know something where we are much higher up in the mountains and this is what God kill talk about is how energy would rise and so this energy right now that is pouring out of here and this is why again we're offering you all these photos is because together we are better you are sending us your pictures we are receiving photos of the beautiful sky of Illumination from all over the world we are receiving sunrises sunsets cloud formations and keep sending them and we're going to ask for euros to put them all together at the Oneness talk radio site so cheap sending them because this is keeping our eyes on the Divine at all times and in August one energy right now it is our beloved divine feminine arriving in the fall
saying make no mistake I am here August one right now we are here and the divine feminine is saying what would you like to birth what would you like to create because we are in a moment where the choice the underlying choice of August is going to be the evolutionary step of humanity and so this is the moment spiritual Champion arise WWE Global stand up and say yes you are an active participant and you are a champion and and SRI it's just so exciting it's Alyssa physical bodies of the Ascension symptom at its core it's one thing to know the Ascension symptom is coming it's another to understand how your body is receiving it and this is also why people receive Ascension symptoms
different ways in their body because it depends upon where your Adept in what's being triggered
did you want to share anything more on try to keep going all right so August is a 4 and it's that purple rectangle and where is that coming in at your body the root chakra this is what I'm saying it's going to come after you with fear the first chakra is all about make me feel safe here's where I Collapse if I'm not feeling good enough this is it's right there and the beauty of it is that as it is the four so is the year and so the blessing of the year is that for those who are able to it can take you you can Ascend your root chakra can go out into that double incident where August 2020 comes back in from the infinite as a double infant
tension to your 5th dimensional anchor ship now I want you to really feel that because that's the blue arrows that have the playing in August I also put in a Black Arrow in the middle as you see it there so I wanted it you see that Black Arrow coming up out of the fourth as well that's the density travel which means you're going to feel like oh my God oh my God oh my God and so if your first chakra is carrying a fear of your own business if you are afraid if you are in doubt if you are at all the safety issues the first chakra then you're going to have a really hard time getting up and staying in The Fifth Dimension because it's it's it's that he's got it you got a literally bring fear up through everything has to be very challenging versus honestly the easier way to go is look at those. And arrows jump out go up Diamond to the infinite look at our clock to the left when we dive into the infinite
we bounce back into perfect balance and the 8th and the for balance each other only stepping out of the third dimension into the 5th Dimension of the lotus chakra will you be able to balance what's going to be thrown at the first shot for this month August itself is powerful do you think straight so how can all of that tug and tussle between the the first chakra and the and the exploded Crown as we call it the the the Beyond this body chakra how what how are people experiencing that take a look at this understanding of chakras comes from a very time-honored long-standing traditions of the yogic traditions and the use of energy for mankind anchored in density of course there's a spiritual connection of course we have a soul and thus the separation energy of density vs the ascended being this was what the error errors
to this time prior to what was anticipated for 2012 and what it which were now realizing is the Ascension escalator that we're on now and so old Paradise which is just that it is a paradigm that would bind one in a relationship to experience to spirit wear the first chakras by your tribe there's about the hunter-gatherer chakra if you had all that that is is about creation you know it at the Sexual Energy we take a look at the ascended chakra system and the and the understanding of the truth of your being the first chakra evolves into being us you cannot it it's still carries the energy of being bi it's right there in the pelvis your pelvis governs your skeletal system right so it look at arthritis look at joint pain look at the
are the cartilage tissues to the extent that the first chakra is unhappy meaning caring fear carry living in beliefs about who I am as a being meaning I but I believe in my mortality in my Frailty then that that is going to act out all your questions as well so you see that we have that ate right so we have the for the double for August and the 4th and then the combination which brings us to the the August 2020 is the 8th the 8th plus the double infant is essentially the master sword code for this August August 2020 now this particular week look over at the Lions Gate when we add the Lions Gate which is this Saturday so that is going to be the energy of this full week August 8th 2020 is the 12 as the double-six what that means
we are going to be this week in this full moon in this divine feminine integration you are literally being asked to dive into the energy and burst forward as the master you are on the 8th the 8th is going to be a day of profound Mastery now to come over and look at the body what that means is that on the 8th if you are going to bounce from your 5th dimensional presents all the way out because remember it's got this profound energy so you're going to bounce all the way out from that ate because it's got that double incident grab touch the incident again which is how you landed at the Lotus Perfect Balance but it's going to fall come back into your star Consciousness which is the 12th and it's going to hang in your store Consciousness until the up level date when it will come into the physical body and explode through it so SRI
in addition to that first chakra I think we've got a whole bunch of people so let's let's get a foundation here to the extent is anchored in the limiting beliefs that would keep you separate from your Divinity the fearful Separation The Divine flow
so apt Foundation chakra the first chakra the physical body as long as we are saying I trust my life I trust my Divinity I trust who and what I am the Divine flow can nourish that foundational chakra and then our state of being as well inform is more congruent with the reality that we are a soul energy having a human experience versus a human experience wishing it could connect to the device shop here star Consciousness is right up at the kind of the center of the forehead and the star Consciousness is your direct connection to your soul identity and it informs the pineal gland and is connected there the 6th chakra is also going to be influenced by this energy of what's going on in your star Consciousness which affects your endocrine system it affects your whole hormonal balance
Mandan. Headed can deeply affect your emotional state as well and if you are aware of that then you can be on the other side of that where you're enjoying all of the ascended aspects of those chakras the moment the moment for the first chakra to become that of your ascended heart to fully anchor here as you receive this energy and how we call that at RGN will be part of the Journey of choice remember it is a moment of choice as this crystalline light ignites so straight let's bring in some people
if you had to hang onto you do I tip a tip for moving forward there are many but here's one witnessing the one who is aware beautiful of the Observer that we learned how to cultivate a Transcendent Consciousness without denying our experience you know that the psychological protection mechanism of denial and Detachment and all of that doesn't resolve anything it just creates a pressure cooker that later bubbles out for healing so when we practice cultivating the witness of the witness or what we're doing is we're lifting Are vibrations so that the worldly engagements now have a new context it's not all that is
until you whiten your perspective and have experienced versus I'm in the movie that's the tip practice that and you will self-correct you will heal you will evolve very quickly because at the end of the day inspired are you inviting inspiration into your life with every single breath because the August opportunity for you to choose incredible empowerment to stay with others and claim it and thereby soar through it all Illuminating others is really what's in front of us all right now so let's let's do this together I'm excited to do this together so SRI please help us welcome some people.
offer a hug to looks like we have Jennifer from New York online
oh my goodness thank you
you answered my phone call thank you you honey thank you for being here today but I knew I knew I had to call you today because through your guidance I know I know with every cell in my body I'm a lineage older and I continued saying yes I'm up leveling and I dance with joy however I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety the past 48 hours and your show explained it to me so what I have learned is I need to sit and be aware and witness it
and hold space is passion
and it will pass
guelda first and foremost my love I am just bowing before you and shree and I are honored as are all of us to be here to witness this moment where you have first the Lotus you know you are you are in a moment of literal instantaneous off level and they're saying just received the energy that is being offered to you in this moment and may your heart breathe in ever greater trust the key to that which you have searched for has been found and your journey has just begun continue to breathe continue to be and let the celebration be vast glorious and heard by all
and so it is
thank you I love you guys so much thank you we love you thank you for bringing that gift all of us today wow what a great way to begin we love you Namaste trying to come visit you soon take care of please do you got to go with us oh my gosh and the Divination reading that wrong yeah, I'll see you soon love you we love you too yeah everybody just because what I'm noticing is a simultaneous expansion and some physical heart going on guys so let's all really love our heart let's that's you know the one thing that I think is being modeled that I love that we've been reading it we're all modeling it for each other is that we are at a moment right now where buy
each is processing through in a manner that is serving all and that with each heartbeat this physical heart is transforming and so reassurance and self love and compassion all of it every one of these sphere Ascension symptoms every one of them is an opportunity for you to bring a hand to your heart's right high heart physical heart Allheart ascended Heart Bring Your Hands there and love yourself more and then notice where you go because it's a beautiful moment to claim that. Yeah yeah
I was thinking we might head over to turn off the other sounds and say hi into the phone
are you there
okay sweetheart so we weave unmuted we muted your line again so if you're listening or when you listen we will try you again just when we try to go to be a beloved angel welcome
hi sorry I'm how are you we are really well how are you my love
good I'm glad to hear that you guys are well as my first time calling but it was saying thank you for joining us today
yeah I was just wondering if I could get a mini Soul reading
of course you can't do it's definitely possible and so my angel first and foremost I know it's funny we were just talking about this heart energy if your hands already on your heart if you have the ability to safe to do so please put a hand on your heart and then with your other half with your other hand just offer yourself the gift of placing it wherever you are called whether it's your head your third eye your throw your stomach your it doesn't resting it down by your side it doesn't matter just just notice just notice and I'll just go put my hand right here by can handle some of my heart and the reason of inviting you to do that is because they're showing me you and you're sitting it's not a cave it also looks more like a heavy 10th and is very blustery outside I can't really see what's outside but it's like heavy heavy fabric this tent and it's very blustery and you're sitting in the middle of this tent at this desk
and you're staring at this desk and you're wearing this huge like robe and everything is very very dark purple very very very dark dark dark purple and there's this little bit of light on the desk but your back hurts and it's it's like you've been focused in the in the space for so long you have carried this energy for so long that it's it's like it's become what you believe and and what I'm watching right now is what looks like this beautiful golden light like Myst that's coming in from underneath these like curtains dissolve it like heavy and it's coming around you and it's coming right up right at the area where the shoulders right in between you know what works for the next hits the the shoulder I guess that are the spine and it's coming in around you and he's beautiful beautiful presence has theirs archangels and ascended masters
golden and there's it's like golden breath and they're all saying the same thing we are right here and all you need do is relax through that which keeps screaming no to find us again we are right here and they're saying the more that you relax the more that you sent that that you just relax the greater you will hear and that there is a restoration of hearing that you are now claiming because you have you have you have done the focus now it's time to lift up knowing that even if there's a temporary it's going to feel better than the pain that's been in front of you and so it is thank you for a very powerful energy for us all we are very grateful to meet you
thank you thank you my love many blessings many blessings
much better are we are all right let's go rid of one this talk radio straight looks like we have an unknown wireless caller let's try and find out who that is so I'm the only wireless caller
and it shall remain a secret okay if so it was nice to connect with you thank you so much let's go to Nyack New York looks like it might be boring, say Maureen and Nyack
I know it's interesting we can hear your background but not you all right straight well let's go ahead yeah we're not seeing any well let's go back over to PBS radio and a street where we going high, sweetheart I love you I love you oh my gosh I'm so happy I got through and I just want to say it I I was so blessed to hear the Elder was done and all the beautiful connections you all are making out there and that was just so beautiful because I know Elders. You know magic within their bones and it's just an activation for me to see that and see you guys in a rocking that was so beautiful thank you you're welcome
I love it I mean it's humbling cheering voting and uplifting
thank you I love you guys and yeah so I'm open to I'm a nice already whatever you have for me and I'm so grateful to be here I'm so honored thank you thank you beautiful soul will honey first and foremost thank you you know I'm sitting here feeling is beautiful energy and has butterfly energy right now and what's interesting is I'm feeling it in the third chakra is not about the traditional second chakra birthing you're in more of a ascended birth upliftment expansion and it's really getting I feel like I have a belt on a third chakra literally Lifting me up in the air right now and what is that for you the opportunities for expansion really begin at your heart
and then your vision your third eye chakras are really calling you forward 4 expansion and yet because it carries the energy of trust in my body I trust. When we are down our body is happier and then the heart has a lovely Foundation to expand and you have a beautiful heart and had his it's really time to take is there any area left that you are having doubts that the uncertainty is at work and to take the love from the heart chakra right down and let it be your wings let Let It Be Your Wings let these two you know how when we put our ascended heart together with the double right it's the double infant
incident expand even more so that your third chakra is so happy that these wings that are birthing rather than feeling like you're being pulled up you've already ascended up and is it like I see you're so cute and really starting that experience and so it's a it's a it's a moment for you of the Red Mansion and so wow is right thank you for sharing it with us today I thank you thank you so much you know I keep hearing the universe favors the brave and the courageous so I'm very honored to continue being courageous and stepping into this power and everything you said is so aligned thank you thank you thank you thank you for being our mirror we are so grateful, said
show I'm loving how all of our colors always do this it's like we came to a moment we're right now so experienced that third chakra, and when we begin to recognize that our energy is Lifting Up
when we unhook from grounding on to the Earth we no longer send chords into an earth that's in transition and then and holding the chaos that we float as custodians on the earth and that we breathe
connect up as we do that we connect with the deeper truth the deeper realization of the Declaration I am Resurrection I am Resurrection I am like I am Resurrection I am light the natural healing resources of the universe come more fully online the Nashville Ascension to Pasatiempo of you as a sacred traveler having your Earth experience your recognition your memory
your ability to see Beyond the Veil comes becomes more robust more available and more present as a gift rather than a diversion or anything that would be on saddling to you we are at a magnificent do British broadcast we want to end by sharing with you that when we had this beautiful meeting with all of that with our beautiful grandmother energy when all of this is coming through the Divine directors came through an offer this and it turned out to be exactly what the heart of all of our conversations were just taking a breath as we want to offer this to you
at a time when so many are convinced that they must convince others when healing is becoming the issue the one thing we can all agree on is The Light Within
breathe in that this week you are being invited to find your light within in a way that will sustain you a lift you ignite you and call forward the masterful spiritual Champion that you are we love you and we know that you are a blessing and trust that all is truly well
thank you for
see you next week

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