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Sri and Kira Live, August 16, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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she magazine closer to truth

welcome to 3 and Kira live Heather World Spins out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean and open up your mind body and spirit to the Paradigm soda shipping beer

Namaste Divine appointment I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka welcome beloved ones feel the energy of our background this is that moment of freedom and opening taking those hands off of our eyes which are often self-imposed because we're afraid to see and allowing all of the aspects that we are to ignite our Cosmic presents what a profound moment and it's right now and we have a lot to say about it welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action and welcome to all of you that are tuning in right now Street where it where is everybody listening during the Techno World is functioning as it promises

we look forward to welcoming you via audio or we also have the and of course over at Facebook and a variety of Affiliates so beloved ones thank you for joining us here because each and every Sunday is our opportunity and your opportunity to celebrate the Awakening which is the path of self Ascension you know what are the things that happens over our lifetime of exploration is we begin to find a tattooed for Consciousness because as we are aware we are empowered as we are operating less aware we are more reactive

we are less free and ultimately less happy so one of the things that I want to share with everyone is conscious community support each other with love with each of you in the highest and knowing that this world is evolving don't be fooled by the delusions this world is evolving in a good way I found moment this is an uplevel experience this week is very much about taking your hands the self-imposed blinders the self-imposed out you know today was actually yesterday when it happened and then today when when we were compelled to share it but yesterday I was really compelled to visit the installment library and if you've never visited the insolvent library it's all there

it's at shrink and I will see messages from the master's and the next thing I knew it was 2 hours later and exactly what happens every night every Monday for Monday which is where I'm told to spend a specific moment every week with an installment and bring this moment that's what happened with this one and I need to share that when I was done and I was very conscious at that moment of finishing that something it just happened I needed to revisit myself. When I went back and looked this was my experience is that I was able to remove all of the remaining doubt I was able to think about it when we have our prayer position see right here that's right at Star Consciousness see there's the mouth in the heart speaking the truth out of our heart and so you see the cosmic energy and then right here so a man

when your hands are like this and you really open up to everything will that's what this ensoulment was about it was it it's all about one as the truth without doubt when everything is available and you are able to be in the canary moment of appreciation gratitude outside of judgment filled with the Insight of the receptivity of that chalice number that chalice that just came in on the Lions Gate 888 on the Lions Gate that chalice energy that was opened up at the June Solstice all of that energy came in during a month of choice and and hit into you whether you were ready for it or not and that's what a lot of hands forgive me my love with a lot of hands went over their eyes and said I I

this is too much for me I can't all right you're asking me to really go beyond that which I can even want to even try to believe it's starting to sound and saying to me that is the final frontier and we sure have gone through that and here's a key more than once it keeps refining it keeps reminding so then we have the spiritual fatigue that came in last week so how was your week how was last week how has that spiritual fatigue been showing up and what has it invited into your life or what has it invited you to say no to how has it been moving

fatigue is an interesting phenomenon because if it often times is greeted just without any any resistance or recognition that it is a sign or a signal of a deeper decision so first off fatigue is the natural result when we've been working right so it's beans take breast but spiritual fatigue is the natural result when we've been resisting that's a little different than working that's that's saying I don't want to work it's quite natural to have moments where we experience this fatigue until we are resisting resisting Ant and the more I be I'm present with this one I recognize this is about my personality self not wanting things to expand

anymore because it's losing its grip on the greater reality you do the ego loves to be in charge and if it can't be in charge and I ain't got it. You just now got to put it in a box the spiritual stance is to go interested also something is moving to be a little more detached maybe some people would say that's avoidance and he's not saying no the Detachment is to see the resolution remember that's the difference between passion and action always focus on a solution when you are focused on the solution than the passionate action will in always be and when you are in any form of an ism

then you are focused on the problem which is where the fear energy comes in which is where the anger bonds with it they are Divine Twins and that's where the birth and that's why this moment right here this this incredible moment in August is so important this moment to be able to as this ensoulment that was delivered and post it on here. Com today's run our email list you already got a link to it it's all about Oneness as the truth the truth of you without doubt and this installment speaks very very prominently and wisely about this very moment in history it's going to seem surreal to you was in here because remember this was first delivered back in 2008 and so is the fact that I was called to it the fact that it was Archangel Raphael that called me I encourage you to give yourself the gift of doing some good old-fashioned reading and go to Sri write down the homepage you can't miss it it's our newest article and read this incredible sharing from Archangel Raphael it's as if the hands of the arc Angelic realm reached out to all of us over the past two days and said look not only are we here you're here in an even greater capacities and you're aware of so come join us and that experience and that's why the fear addiction is before us all now as we dive into that today and how to add a really look at that when the way it's playing out we want to hear from you what are you experiencing what are your questions mini Soul reading request and of course the Ascension symptoms I'm going to be sharing with you the ascended numerology in about one moment here so get out your pen and write down these phone numbers if you want to jump into the Q you can give us a call over at bbsradio I see that it is already filling up but you can there might be a liner to open theirs +888-627-600-8888

76008 because if you call and it's busy it does mean all those lines are full but hold on to it and freeze up in there while you're on hold and of course over at 1 is talk radio where the call board is open now 517-208-1500 and again that's 517-208-1500 if you have a question or sharing in other than a mini forwarding request you will need to press * 5 and that raises the hand you're wanting to ask a question about physical symptoms symptom Etc yes I will be above and so let's all be Jenn I'm loving this energy right why don't we all weekend and that in that beautiful son posture right where we're just sitting what does a dog do U Street is it come this is a big moment about listening to the body and The Yoga of self Ascension is also that integrated energy lift up if you can

Lyft Lyft Lyft Lyft let your head go back days up up really feel it open up I call it the angel wing spot on the upper spine very slowly start separating the hands keep looking up smile let the hands begin to come down as you look straight ahead smiling and let us just scoop forward and receive this beautiful opening of the energy of the illumination that is yours to claim in this week the week of the beautiful up level moment so let's dive into that he comes together now I want to pop up first and foremost the August up level calendar what was August Angels profound shift not to shift profound shift

and it came in with this incredible energy from the blue star born reminding us that love will in all ways meaning all the expressions of love which is very very diverse ignite Divine compassion and that it came in through the blue star born and you'll notice that here we are today on the 16th and what that means is you see how we're moving in with this cosmic energy and this week we're going to walk through the liquid creation energy this this beautiful outpour remember that when we melt into that energy of the Oneness it is when we are able to resurrect with the truth without any doubt and that is the energy so today on Sunday you see how we're coming in and when I show you this in the ascending humorology in just a moment it's really quite extraordinary so you see us coming in with all this Universal energy that we've been picking up speed from the Lions Gate opening from the full moon XP

and now here we are we are going into the farthest Outreach of this crystalline memory were bringing all of that liquid energy all of that creation energy we're moving we're diving into we're not afraid of it we're not going to drown in it were able to dive into it and literally carry that fine the portal with in it that is going to open up this Wednesday see that this Wednesday the 19th not only is it illuminated new moon it's the up level moment of this month what is the OnePlus the nine it is the 10 it is is there is so much happening here and so let us now look at I want to breathe you guys breathing cuz just even feeling that it's pretty intense that we're already in it where we're being told of your it's like you're at the Outer Banks of this very dark area but you see this Crystal in river and you know it's safe but it's

show different it's just so different it's just so unique is outside what you thought it would be which is how you know it's inspired because you're very conscious you're very aware the questioning is the is literally the Safeguard the Vanguard of your sanity and I want to turn it over to you for a moment to talk about that because SRI has been the Vanguard of my sanity you know I I think I share with you guys that many many years ago when I finally looked in that mirror and realize the only person I had in common with all of my extraordinary dances with marriage and relationship was me and that when I was able to really call that in and get really clear that if I was going to give myself that the permission or the or the invitation to even try partnership again I loved myself enough to know there were certain things I would no longer compromise on that there were certainly certain things that just didn't have to be

and I made that list and at the end of that list because I literally wrote down all of the attributes of the person that would be the perfect partner that if if there was to be a partner cuz I really felt that maybe that's not maybe I'm in Olney and it was a joke it was a joke to myself because I was in this big moment of Awakening and it was and he'll have to be a therapist you'll have to be a psychiatrist to deal with me hahaha tensei married this incredible not not only psychotherapist a master healer medical intuitive it was like beyond what my brain considered so how's the Vanguard of the sanity you and I've had this conversation more than why is this happening you know the basics

as we evolve there will be thermal climb North River and then you go down through that you're in a whole nother zone of temperature so those thermoclines are a lovely metaphor for States Of Consciousness and we operate in a certain Zone normally whatever you know what was normal and then we get to a threshold moment where it gets a little Breezy and that part of us that is automatic which is the eagle mind all of a sudden fear of going crazy

so whenever we're about to have an expanding experience the excitement the recognition the climate is changing or is about to change stimulates this response inside this am I going crazy is that and because Trina and this is one of those Ascension symptoms my loves it really is and this is one of those calling them Advance because it's it's like if you if you jumped into the the time movement rather than try to hold on a linear time then it's important to be aware of how broad movement you jumped into right and so I just wanted to going back to that so remind me what you were saying because I was in the movement

God so so weird and I'm losing my linear spiritual fatigue has latched onto fear and fear is that moment of Sanity it's the questioning moment and this is what I want a caveat you said straight is that as you are going through the yoga of self Ascension as you hit those plateaus the way I described it is you find a portal or a ladder or however it works for you and the next thing you know you're in this massive experience and you're so deep in the experience and you're so rich and experience in your so addicted to the experience that you don't realize it's linear

he's just a little higher level until you open your eyes which is another layer of Eagle relaxing and see the next stairwell whatever it is those are the moments where your brain will do everything in his power to stop you and those are the moments when I've gone to shree and said look this is what I'm experiencing this is what I'm feeling this is what I'm knowing this is what just happened this is what I'm seeing because when you are seeing the way that my seeing has shifted into seeing for me the first thing to do was to run to my husband and say let's let's backtrack this so I just need you guys to here we are like our own scientific experiment he weighs and something

in order for any of us to feel stable to feel safe the brain wants a context it wants to reference what you're experiencing to something known that that's how it creates a context and so when we move out into the cosmos the known isn't available to the eagle mind it's only available to the shows wisdom there is a part of you that knows the truth of this that says yes I am safe I am home this these stars are my HD however the cognitive part the habitual part goes where and we're in Crazy territory systems and where are they stuck where they stuff they're holding your third eye Sochi

you have had some experience with an altered state of your past where you could go wait a minute I could Shriners I can transform you know I don't have to feel overwhelmed I can whole I can recognize that ultimately I know I'm safe. I know in the center my bed I'm safe and I had that whatever momentary flash of insecurity or fear or oh my God am I losing my mind that's just a machine

and when we begin to widen our sense of self to the one who is the Survivor the thriver the one who has been able to live multiple lifetimes when we really begin to Anchor or identity there the rest of this is just fun and that this the joy portal right that the more that we stay in this energy the more that we say yes you were going to keep lifting and as you keep lifting the other thing that happens is that you break out of that victim triangle and that is this and that's what you're sharing street is that that's what you're saying this is the moment before this is your really setting up the ascending numerology for this month because here's what's happening this month guys and Ed remember this Wednesday the 19th is the up level moment

and so Tuesday night on Soul mirrors we are going to be talking a lot about that plus we are going to be showing you some video from what happened today but where I want to go right now is to the ascended numerology and share this with you first of all just look at the at the wheel just look at the wheel this month has been all about jumping in and out of the cosmos about receiving the energy about saying yes this has been a month of infant in After Infinite Energy and just just notice it starts with the four and then was so beautiful is the four has to jump into the infinite to come back to itself before it jumps out again and whines up at the 8 so think about how how intense and then it jumps back in again so the 8th and the for balance each other and then the Lionsgate took us from that ate back into the end

then again as the 12 and what was so powerful here is that that 12 was actually created by a six and a six and so that this going in and out has formed is beautiful. And you feel this energy well we have been in the pulse of that energy but this week right now you see that green arrow at the eighth now all of that energy that heartbeat that pulse that propulsion that ignition everything that August has been building is starting to slide and it's starting to come back in and with all of that Cosmic ignition and it's getting ready like a comet to slam us back into the seven because only the five six or seven would have said okay this is coming in like an arrow this is coming in like a nuke and it's going to Nuke this area so look at your body because as soon as we're done sharing this when open the phone lines

questions for free cuz I know y'all have them cuz let's look at the body look what your poor body is going through this month again it starts at the for what is the forestry it's the root chakra it's our spiritual balance exactly this is where the ascended Paradigm overlap so wonderfully with the physical Paradigm is the root chakra of the physical body is in your pelvis that is your place of stability that's also the place while Harmony think about the very Act of walking one leg to the other leg and the Harmony and balance that are required will the four offers you a symbol of that intersection of balance just like on the wheel so imagine

play the wheel and feel the energy is he had that energy is going in and it's pulsing out and you got that ate 4 and 12 in Perfect Harmony look at that really generating so that generator that's been going since August open all right in that for goes in again and it goes out twice you see that you're going You're jumping out in The Fifth Dimension whether you know it or not it's jumping all the way out where it jumps back into itself and then it goes all the way straight up to the eighth so that forms a loop and this is what so powerful but on the Lions Gate that 12 came in through the double infant which means you're ascended presents that is what this entire month is about this entire month is about the 5th dimensional experience about living at remember you're in a choice energy are you choosing to be there more than you're not are you and her there and choosing to hold that presents

are you anchored there and lifting into the seventh ninth and beyond all of this is available and what happened was watch how it might you see that big purple star there but by what star went right out to your star Consciousness and now it's slamming in from your star Consciousness to your third eye right now and this is going to happen on Wednesday the 19th it's going to come in and this is what I opened up with this is what's happening this graphic is what's happening it's coming in on the 19th and you will have an opportunity to open up and I'm calling at the hands of Lakshmi this is that moment of the Divine receiving an abundant flow opening off the all the hands of the inner Lakshmi experience or closing away from seeing it at all

and can you speak the truth which is in your heart while expanding into your Cosmic presents there by being here out here as the seventh Dimension gazing box if I was to turn around imagine this is right this is you right now you're gazing you're here in the seventh Dimension gazing right through that is how Consciousness rises in a world of density and what stops that is an addiction that is profound an addiction that is pervasive and diction that loves ego and it's the addiction to fear because of the

let's just say misunderstanding with in the belief systems that fear will save you

well I want to speak to this and talk about fear because this is a potent subject and I hope everyone's kind of cleans in tears because because our society and on every continent is is being stimulated with I just want to close out this whole August energy imagine for a moment that your spiritual centers are being stimulated however the third eye is historically understood as your Clairvoyance but it's far more than that it is about the ability to see Beyond the Veil

and the problem is we impose other veils upon herself so the most common Veil that inhibits our Clairvoyance are clear seeing our beliefs from our family of origin on and our religion of origin and that these beliefs filters inhibit our ability to perceive with complete honesty Clarity they only allow us to perceive things in a certain way. Their beliefs self-imposed limitation opportunity is to move into that neutrality and to be able to see what's really there as opposed to only see through a belief system butt up here is the star Consciousness which most people are just finding their way to the star consciousness

is a little bit like the souls homing Beacon the peace that passeth all understanding is the anchor ship of the soul and that transcends the Mind thereby makes the ability to it to arrive at expanded levels of consciousness how much easier to get to a moment of of this peak Pinnacle doubt is actually a celebration as Archangel Raphael talks about men solman today please read it but we talked a little bit about you know that these thermoclines of Sanity will think about it if our energy is lifting through the clairvoyants enters into the peaceful Soul Consciousness it's going to pass through all of these

life times of spiritual training and belief systems and it isn't that you have to pass through them it's that there is a possibility that what has gone before will influence your turkey and guess what there is the Astros own so as we're journeying or our energy into the 5th Dimension which is a neutral zone of clear Clarity and compassion non reactivities sometimes we have to go through the astral vs we have to go through the air conditioning of our Origins and it can you can go through very quickly but if you're experiencing some fear I invite you to pause take a breath and look is that really you or is that the real

ego latched onto a belief structure kicking up his heels saying all this can't be love yourself it's okay we will pass through this into direct Divine communion many are afraid they're afraid of the experience are afraid of what they're seeing and oftentimes rightly so often times it's the lower astral that we often first connect with and I've I've over the years really found that to be almost a smiling it's very much like okay we know that this is going to happen meaning the greater we this is your part of the collective so I have some, this is not in the knowing that this is going to happen then as you dip your toes in getting scared a few times or or learning how to empower yourself is

actually a sign of Mastery a sign that you are ready to awaken because to take the first step off and is very challenging is it not how many of you like myself we're children that would wake I would have waking in the middle of the night absolutely paralyzed in bed very aware of everything that was happening fully conscious and then have these experiences trying to call out for my mother nothing would come out and because of that my nervous system actually got more robust to I got where I got to a point where I was able to stop that I was able to stop all of that anything that was not a benevolent and it was because I had to walk through that and I was not conscious that what I was doing was building my ability to transfer through the astral frequencies that seeks to suck on brilliant light right but the key is even if that has happened there is always an opportunity love will in all ways right that's what

beautiful blue starboard side about this month the energy that's coming in right now these send a numerology of this right now the creation energy that is showing up on our planet right now is taking us to a moment of Mastery we have not ever touched before and this is why I fear is here this is why I hate is here remember anger what is the formula sphere + anger equals hate and overlay the victim triangle

fear is part in parcel part of The Human Experience you need nobody has avoided it because when you individuated if you take a look at all the fear in your life it's a sense of Separation I'm separated from my safety or I'm separated from my savior or if separated from food or shelter or whatever it might be so fear and separation are very closely tied together now when that common Human Experience happens it's a call to awareness so here's where fear could be your friend you have a momentary fear which means my attention was in the individuation in the separation

and now I'm I need to be alert is this really something to be afraid of or was that a response based upon the perspective of the individual being mean and the ego because your soul is not separated your ego is rooted in separation and so we danced with this because I'm sorry everybody's got an ego and it's going to stick with you for most all of your journey because if the Eagles associated with your form

and it is this is part of the necessaries preservation element of having a form the the challenge the spiritual challenges if you identify with it alone then you're going to identify with mortality you're going to identify with separation and fear is going to be constant now let's let's take a look at what's going on in our world

so first off I want to just say this fear is kind of hardwired into The Human Condition it doesn't mean it has to always be activated it doesn't mean it has to be overwhelming it's one of the available responses that comes with having taken for okay

what happens with generalized fear when there is an atmosphere in the world that there's a shortage of something there's an uncertainty and error of uncertainty whether it's it's your job security your health your ears basic shelter and all of that won't consider for a moment before of August

that comes right in and is destabilizing at the very core of your energy body and if you're very Foundation as of a human being to destabilizing energy shot up I mean it's like a ping pong ball and then it pops up and says why I'm feeling uncertain right this is a big person that would say I'm feeling uncertain be fearful or find someone to blame the other guys are into that state of consciousness.

is between a victim wanting a savior or a victim wanting to blame I'm abusing someone else right so the victim you are all three phases of the same energy which is grounded in a belief in separation and lack 10 year-old turn it doesn't take you up it doesn't take you down and so lift when we lift we literally dive into the portal and transform the victim becomes the teacher the mentor the guru write the Healer or the one who has been there the one who has said yes to themselves first and that's what August that's what that bouncing energy of August all over your body is saying hey come on it's time will you will you open up the hands of Lakshmi in your life or would you prefer to get

really good at the destiny experience because we are in a month of choice and you're not going to be able to stay in the middle of being afraid or wanting to blame or you're going to trust in your Divinity to lift you into a state of Peace even though it's your rational even though the circumstances don't seem to support it because here's the deal as we Ascend into the higher frequencies with love and we moved from Love To Joy to Bliss while he's describing the states of Soul Consciousness that are available to everyone of you the more we relax into our divine trust the greater our experience of joy is in spite of what's going on in the outer worlds because the outer world

remember is hooked or tied to form and is tied to the belief structures of density density is mass Consciousness is the starting point that we all share and some of us our job is to preserve density so that that training Brown is available available as a school well as a spiritual gift because this is why the ascended numerology is so important and this is why screen are so committed to bringing it to you because remember ascendant in astrology is the original system it is how this entire creation is based is the sequence of 13 it incorporates the zero it is the ancient process most recently known what it was utilized by the Magi and the essene when as priests priestesses gods goddesses taking form here and we're going back much longer than week

history so just let go right now right feel this try this one in this planet was the place where Masters mastered mastery

and it still is it just changed how we do it but this was so sacred and that when the gift of taking a form was blessed here

upon arrival the sacred Scrolls were created that's what ascended numerology is we are at the time where the sacred Scrolls have been given back to us the keys on how to write these rolls have been handed to us we know how to read them and we are being invited to open and be available remember August is a unique month of profound shift that is an anomaly inside of this other cycle so it will it will stand on its own but it affects the all and we are in a choice choice months are culminating months and this up level moment that's coming before us is coming at a moment when many are saying no because they're tired because their hands aren't just over there or their elbows are on the table and their head is in their hands and it's I give up I can't do it anymore or I am so angry and so judgmental and you feel the

chakra second and third immediately that I am going to see Linda density because it's Justified it's the right thing to do feel that energy this is the moment we're living your ascended presence is the most critical thing on the planet you can do you want to be of service wake up and stopped feeding the addiction fear you don't even saying this right here is a big fat being saying give me more it's a Venus flytrap right you know feed me and it is being so well fed and that is why the spiritual fatigue is here what what are you listening to How do you feel after you interact what do you feel are you tired or inspired can you say yes to setting up constant inspiration as your life as your way of being an answer we know is true is that you can end the purpose of Earth School is just that graduate

you want to hang out in kindergarten your whole experience we smile every kind of go I get it done it I understand this a blessed and now I am moving on and because I'm moving on in my wisdom in my acquired experience I can evolve out of the victim Consciousness you know the victim thing moves from a very direct kind of radical physical of sense of abuse and victim into this more subtle form such as the verbal abuser emotional abusers the one who seeks power over others by being silent

are the layers of the victim energy that uses ideologies and they let you beat yourself up for me culpa I die I broke the rules and now I'm abusing myself as the victim and I love my life I love the experience and Ed by some standards I fallen short and by other standards I have exceeded so let's throw out the standards and simply say I am yes I am connected I am guided and I'm willing to lend a hand to those who want their hand this whole evolutionary process is the the volume has turned up and that's what's going on in our world is a chance to you do something

sucked into an experience means that you can see your participation complete with it is when you can honestly say thank you to every being that brought you to this moment when you honestly get it when all you can do is smile because it's so Exquisite it's like getting the either the greatest plot twists ever and seeing it all was clear eyes and radiating that presents that's the moment where the yoga Celtics Ascension ignites that Oneness presents and you are the troops you are the living embodiment of Truth your actions or words or deeds your breath your mere presence is witness testimony to the present

a calling in your divine nature full-time full-time and the journey is going to be filled with amazing twists and turns and the journey is going to be amazingly complex because we are all uniquely complex individuals where the divine feminine has opened and I want it I want to give it a big bow and thank you to the entire WWE Global community and for Saturday second Gathering restless and 4 just tooted in my gosh are we all not bowing and saying thank you for being the champion you are I'll bring in the birthing of the divine feminine and you know I want to thank you Siri because she really really Champion that session on last Saturday and this is the moment this week is also calling forward we are at a jettison moment we are going into the birthing chamber we are going through member I showed you the August calendar we're going through the water of creation you are

and the birth you're in the canal you are floating through this Wednesday we are up leveling what is going to birth because that that's what's happening you already in it this week and so wow what are you bringing forward and it is a moment to celebrate and really say thank you to the divine feminine in all the ways that it manifests and in all the ways that it is being reclaimed because we are I believe we mentioned this maybe 2-3 months ago when I was talking about the August predictions that that there would be a big rise in the attack against women and wow of course we're seeing that because we saw that we knew this big Divine energy was coming in that's why that chalice that we held open we've been preparing preparing preparing and so this week is very much about receive or resist

so which energy are you energized and look at Lakshmi I receive or I resist meaning this is good. We are breached my level and if that is you then lick it was a judgment of that as well and being that level Arcangel zadquiel would be your greatest champion saying be where you need to be but do it well you know it's important to have a some compassion and wisdom toward our own process

and so to hold a standard that says why should I should have been done with that I should have been better than well that's going to keep you stuck there verses to complete you even you know what you're learning you're learning you're pure Edition your mathematics for number and then your complete with that are you

I mentioned earlier how fear is part and parcel kind of wired Into The Human Experience consider for a moment that a baby born moves from an ocean of unity in the mother's womb

into an experience of Separation which can be kind of shocking and there's so many movements in the end in birthing to make that less shocking However the fact of the matter is the umbilical cord is cut is it. And the fact of the matter is what was a Unity experience it is now an individual it more fully individual the woman at the metaphor of this that from the moment that the baby has self-consciousness one of the first things that happens one of the first impressions is usually There's Something Wrong by by the ocean. A little chilly so everything that I might now be seeing for the vet

First Community into a separation and what happens in the human psychology is so I'm offering this to you as the velcro point for the fundamental Universal negative life script that you have which is Self Doubt there is something wrong with me because something's not right I'm not instantly my knees are they showing that I have to say that on my beloved husband is the Brilliance of a really had to move through these and that with all our heart and soul if you have not taken are now

navigating the air Matrix program please take it now it is is so important and stick with it when it challenges you and get through lesson to wear your life scripts not only are identified resolved resolved and so seriously because we can spend a whole show on this this this negative light strip that is a universal Human Experience there's something wrong with depreciation beliefs what's not comfortable is it nobody likes to think that about themselves or even believe it about themselves so what do we do with it we try to project it out and we say there's something wrong with you there's something wrong with you the other day

energy negative universal life script of there something wrong with me turns into there something wrong with you we don't maybe we don't activate this negative belief very often until we get in the climate of fear and uncertainty and all of a sudden the subconscious to figure out why the first place that goes is there something wrong with me now that feels bad there's something wrong with them and guess what we get the uptick of races if we get the uptick of of of all of the sides that the negative expressions

that are rearing their heads in our worlds and in so often is simply because there is a lack of trust in one's divine nature instead focused on the physical nature and the physical differences really really breathe out in and I want to I want you to just ask you breathe that in I want to relax

or and share about what happened this morning so we already shirt with you that yesterday morning I got called to go back into this installment that we delivered back in 2008 from Archangel Raphael that was meant for literally right now make sure you read it shrink your., and while you're there go the home study and check out today we have been four weeks right was really celebratory day we've been trying for weeks to bring dr. Lorena up the mountain and our dear friends Alessandro in audreanna same thing they recently moved they have a pipe play at chochi September group we're all going to be there with them very exciting so they drove over today as well and it was beyond glorious day it still is I mean oh my gosh guys dressed breathtaking.

wow gorgeous day so we knew we had to ascend up before the show today and as we were going up today we are going to be showing you today and just a moment and incredible film produced by our own breeder Roseberry a rose shot film produced and directed this whole little wonderful film are going to see and this is what we did just like 3 or 4 days ago when we all went up together because we were on a scouting trip of okay here the next rocks that we want to steer more here's where we're feeling more Temple energy and it was a lion's head that way you found the most probably was the most stunning discoveries we've had yet and we're going to show you a little bit about in the moment and so all that's going to happen today I mean in just a moment where I saw you today

wow right we all descended and there was so much that happen that we're going to have to produce a second film and we are going to show it to you Tuesday night on Soul mirrors but straight let's talk about the alligator where are the remnants of an ancient Temple and I say a 15,000 years ago this is a whole other layer of civilization which the canary already acknowledged was here these rocks have been weathered you know think about the spouses of years so it's a revelation when we begin to see what was the Impressions and it we first begin to see if I feeling the energy of it on covering them and beginning to greet them and they agree to us

I see a little more of that in the film coming up so this was what we discovered right before WWII is that incredible that's my hand as we were just discovering it we were coming down from the mountain and I literally turned around and said okay there's something here now look if you can see the ear up at the top right I would probably can't see my mouse but in the top right if you go up from my pinky all the way to the top you see the year and there's a lot more there you see that you're right across from it you see the bridge of the nose you see the huge mouth and where my fingers are literally the the main is carved and I mean this is it this is just incredible so we we were so excited about this fine and we thought that we would just really found today as the seven of us ended up feeling all of you and this is all in real time right now

what we discovered today was so profound and so deep and on the way down we're going to show you right now you guys are seeing this for the first time and we're going to show you everything that happened was two hours ago now look at the alligator can you believe this look at what we're finding that's a Lisandro they're helping us passes and and leaves and on the right side you can get into this kind of gaze into that and you can see the eyes and the nose and the shape revealing itself so this and what's a beautiful is

we're on our way down we had already discovered so much more more than we're going to share this moment join us at sole Mio's Tuesday night when we show you more of this and will probably show a little tomorrow night at Monday magic it well but we this is very close to the huge wall you know the huge snake wall that also has the part of the beautiful divination pool and so all of this happened today in real time and the other thing that happened today was that the seven of us then we're blessed to be able to sit down as a spiritual family and connect with all of you and to receive a meal from someone we are very well we were very happy to help. It would be great to have a dedicated Chef here to manage the nourishment

a lot of people that were having issues are more like you know the one thing we really could welcome here atosa Blue Mountain would be a full-time Chef so that a partner could be more involved in all of her other duties because right now she's doing everything God bless her and so literally law of instantaneous manifestation 24 hours later we have this man's number and find out that he is a Venezuelan Refugee that he knows what it's like to have no home and live on the streets he's here alone his family is is he has no one else in this country and that he came our way through some a lot of Miracle connection so just like we uncover these rocks of the overgrowth this man this beautiful artist who people didn't recognize his his capacity as they saw him as he is a five-star chef and is really saying yes

unique foods that we serving create here at Blue Mountain and so I was excited that Bria has included a little bit of a bonus for Douglas and thanks to your kindness and generosity he now has a home and has become another Resident here at tosa Blue Mountain and so we are very grateful that once again we are providing through your kindness and generosity greater service to our world community so we hope you enjoyed it is produced

yeah okay

didn't want any work around him

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what is Jimmy's like a lion

all look all of his everything needs to be clear this is where we're going to put

you may remember from last week that are mentioned we had somebody come here to interview for this position at Coastal Blue Mountain from someone from Venezuela named Douglas and so

there and tell you all that we did end up hiring Douglas and we're just going to do a little video again in the kitchen and all of us together

hello hello hello


paragraphs to copy mushroom broccoli cauliflower toasted sesame.

A lovely little little faster if you're up and some rice noodles for sure


how much is Nike worth

weather November

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this is gorgeous

deductable 3rd November

how beautiful is that wow

one ingredient

this week as host of the mountain has the grandmother San Pedro spontaneously fell and also broke into pieces and at first we were all sad until we realize that this happened because she was ready to release her energy ceremony so we brought her to Old Town today which was also where we met with Grandmother Rosario you may remember from a couple weeks ago

and Merlin has now come to join us harvesting the San Pedro Chamberlain

and see her here and we also planted the top of her again so that you can grow a new which is just so perfect during this week of the rising tide come in next time

and welcome back beloved ones and thank you Bria Rose thank you beautiful wife and and thank you for joining us right here right now and I want to dive in and I do want to share a little bit about the are beautiful grandmother Sun page as you might have recalled in that little video you just saw some holes in the side of her and when we receive we actually purchased her with another one which is actually the grandfather they came as a pair and we planted them up there with the Scribe that's a beautiful beautiful ancient statue reproduction are Of The Scribe and the end like the music player was also describe very beautiful and I could share this one saying like they have cut my limbs so many times just let me grow and I brought tree up and that's when I was first given the blessing of being able to bring people on non

adjusting San Pedro tardies and that is where I would do it is with her and then it turned out the one that came with her was like her sacred partner it was caring as much and they were different numbers you know she's a 7 and he's an h and as far as the number of spines and it was about until 3 and I made it by all that we would never do anything we would just let them be interested let them be the baby got a month ago during their child's possible way for her to be sprouting a baby at just made no sense no sense and then as you just saw this past week write her and she she was huge and very robust and very vital and being healthy literally

she said I am ready and she burst herself without Fanfare without an announcement she just said I am here I am ready I am open

let me guide and she was discovered by Paulina who's our beautiful housekeeper here who actually is how we found Douglas through her and Paulina said hey you know this happened and the timing the timing with the rising of WWA that all happened with the divine feminine opening of WWA this week and so we wanted to share that with you because this is that moment of saying yes to that divine feminine and empowering that's by feminine straight I would like to take 30 seconds on a personal note can I do that all right so guys just give me my one moment of being an Earthbound mother but many of you know that I lost my daughters when they were very young my oldest was 16 at the time and I sent you have a beautiful relationship with her however I just wanted to say as a mother that my daughter is 33 years old she has been saddled with crippling crippling student loans at criminal rights and has worked her butt off and at 33

years old this past week became a partner in her Law Firm Burnham law over there in Colorado and Denver and as she has her own office and Cherry Creek is part of the sperm and as a mother I just want to say that the reason I am not only celebrating her is that my daughter took the Hard Road is a lawyer in in law school she was written and published because of her state has rights and speaks Portuguese when was working with the indigenous in Brazil about their indigenous their oil rights being taken from them and she has always been a champion of she has a degree in forensic anthropology she spent time in Africa helping to identify the remains of victims so that families could have resolution from genocide this is the type of girl my daughter is and I've never publicly talked about Danielle and I just said she doesn't listen to my show this is just meeting you all of us that are have not had that closeness with our children I just want you to remember

we do what we do so they can do what they do my daughter is now a women's rights champion and helping women that really need help and so I am proud of her I am excited that the partners saw the potential of what she is and are inviting that into their firm I am grateful that that is happening so I just want to share with all of us mothers that this is a moment to be celebrating our daughters are rising allow your daughters to arise allow the daughter within to arise allow the divine feminine to arise Champion that do not hold them back if they are rising and you feel the rising above you celebrate that the door was there what you would have done for the door to been held open for you it doesn't have to be hard because it was hard for you we can make it better for our children we can't give up we Chan that's what this is about as saying you know what density do what you're doing

or we can open up the floodgates of Lakshmi right now in this month of choice and receive and let go of the resistance the run is the resistance it's the it's the part that just refuses it's the part that's addicted to the news addicted to the fear addicted to the adrenaline rush of being afraid of this be afraid of this this one's going to kill you that was going to kill you even if all of that was quote on quote true if you lived in the higher Consciousness you're able to actually work with it and do more with it rather than try to be in the level of it where you create more so just breathe that one in because that's the choice before all right now is really calling 4th celebration and compassion exactly and then I celebrate you and thank you for championing yourself and your daughter.

thank you guys for giving me that there are so many milligrams.

And so each of these celebrations burst the energy of possibilities for others and this is this is one of those spiritual Essence I want to underscore so much it's not about your actions as much as your energy it's not about what you mean it's how you are with it and so as we move from physical beings into energy beings which you always were but was removing her Consciousness from the particle paste reality to the flow based reality we become more radiant and our radiation in Sparks on a DNA a spiritual memory and others are radiation invites a new level of Harmony how do we create the New Earth by being the spiritual

we do all of this through our energy into our trust in the Divine it is us as so here we are in end and yet we got to engage at every level of the steps of the temple should we engage in the mundane wind Sublime that's the fun this is why we're here this is why we're here to lend a hand to offer OfferUp perspective a guidance of mentorship because each of us has that rule teacher Mentor you learn each of us has that role as we engage with each other informed and I know we have a lot of people standing right now

find know because we have all right every single being on the planet has been tapped on the shoulder to higher-level service it's how we're responding and so Street let's go to Grand Rapids Michigan I see the first hand up and Namaste and welcome Grand Rapids Michigan over at the one miss call board with the hand up

Marcy I'm actually in Franklin Tennessee thank you so much thank you for being here

route Kira and street here at your mommy Pride looks beautiful on you so I really appreciate that thank you very much thank you for the last time was probably while I'm driving and so I was a little caught off guard and it was almost like I had been it was like I was being electrocuted with the Bestway really describe it where to the point that I thought I'm going to have to pull over before I lose Consciousness and then I just said out loud

the intelligent that's animated

I don't know what that was

well what it was maybe it's less important than how you are because one sometimes we have these profound experiences which are a little bit like a storm that clears the debris that opens something up and the fact that you were able to stand in your spiritual intelligence that hold his tell her get to back it up a little bit because sometimes we forget that this this is a collaborative not the victims of their there's an invitation now as I connect with you without knowing what happened what I see in your energy field is that your fifth chakra your 7th chakra are dancing this this opening this electric energy is that the 7th chakra

in or offer you availability to wisdom and divine connection that was not previously online up here to the right side it's like it keeps tickling the energy what what they're sharing is that your nervous system is needing a rapid adaptation to accept that which you have called forward that this is happening because of your intention meeting your action at the same time it's like okay chap tap this is going to have to happen the blessing it reminds me of when Zod kill came in when I was driving that big thing right I do if I'm driving an RV and zajal came in and he got to stop the RV and so she know the fact that you were able to command that is is the only reason it would have

turn up in that moment remember that you are never given more than you can handle ever and that in the benevolent energy that is within you that is your natural grid protection it is stronger than anything that would seek to harm you and so what this has also done is offered you the reassurance that you have needed to keep stepping bigger steps and so that's what they're saying and I'm still feeling it here babe wow I mean well LOL v v chakra is about your joy and what you believe is true when our Crown opens it may rattle our prior context our prior so it will start what you thought was true is going to change

so is in order to connect the heart with wisdom the throat throat chakra has to get out of the portal between our love and our wisdom so thank you for staying open and thank you for answering us all blessings and love and blessings to you about thank you my sweetheart powerful all right let's go over to the 800 number and let's see what's happening I see lots of people over here nursery and so where are we at well I tell you what why don't we on two and we'll say hi hey Pauline Namaste welcome sweetheart

hi guys I'm happy the accounting still I hope you still coming in November I just realize you're going to be here for the day before yesterday I was one of those funny at funny coincidences that you should have waited till October but I didn't see it when you said you wanted to rush it through in March but that's usually what I got tell you to do that Tober for some reason I thought because of the first I really thought that was what you should come but I didn't want to say anything

yep can I ask you are you like a mini style ring but Meridian how much more do I need to work on it a lot

well first of all thank you for asking and on the street do we have a cuss word prime meridian photo that I could show the rest of everybody else is listening because I'm loving that you're bringing us into today's conversation because it's very much about that the end and one of the things that's important to remember for everyone when I will share with you is that going to hold up the a tuner right now I'm going to hold it up on my lights not going to help so I'm just watch the 8th to narcisi this the cosmic Prime meridians are to Crystal channels of energy of light that literally just intersect at at the very entrance of the skull they're not deep within they don't go through the rest of the body they're designed to do this and this is actually a tuner that activates them and so when you're asking about that I wanted everybody know what you're asking about

the answer is it's about getting them circulating so after they open they are a slow right and they become this flow and then the flow it like it fills imagine white filling it up to where it becomes a Wellspring and so as they're saying what's been happening is that you've been clearing but you have not been clear about what your refilling with that as you've been as you've been lifting through as you've been making yourself more available as you've been opening

you have been

it. The word remiss but not not diligent or not committed enough to what you're refilling with and they're saying take the time that you deserve to really pay attention to that which is resonant and begin to fill the energy was that which is of Greater Clarity and the rest will unfold miraculously so thank you for bringing that energy and for all of us today really what a blessing thank you so much honey

Namaste much love

wow I really appreciate

we are constantly circulating so what are you circulating I think about the flow that let me just remember this calendar was shown to me months ago and even the artwork is placed because of the flow look at what we're in right now right we're just on the Outer Banks going into this beautiful pool Consciousness that we get to create within that illuminated New Moon. 18 awareness and that the cycle of your ascended Evolution the process of self Ascension is this constant cycle of awareness experience and choice at the experience of choice is so as we ourselves we need to also pay attention

giving our our our sacred energy to because what you focus on is you're really saying this is what I love if you're focusing on the the Doom in the Gloom what you're saying is I love exactly what are you addicted to talking about eating about it if you keep and notice how you feel because oftentimes you're addicted to it because it gives you the same energy that you get when you enjoy learn to discern learn to discern it's one of the greatest gifts the spiritual Mastery over here at the North Carolina hey Chapel Hill welcome

hi hey

a little Merry welcome Broncos

spell rooting for you took my call or my God you know I think it was after the video and then you really Express about you know your mommy moment and you know Danielle bless you and God bless her like seriously that moment is like it's bigger than me it's bigger than Union of Mike together we are better and we are doing it for so many other and they dislike that information just cannot give up thank you thank you for receiving that right the receiving thank you yes

you know later part is kind of ironic because I know earlier this week I think it was that moment when I was like really do you know if I ride then the card to Clarity and it was like there was some other guy is coming forward and last night I woke up numerous times during the night and I remember Just Smiles by day and I woke up this morning and had no idea what was happening but something happened last night

and so it kind of goes even though that was probably like the impetus for the Catalyst to get me to call Lynn with Nina the video and everything that really sparked it but I knew I needed I was being guided to call in this time for just a minute goal reading

Panda Express

well trust is the moment of the day isn't it

stop breathe in the first thing that I'm going to share his I want you to promise me you're going to go read the article that got posted today because it's all about trust sweetheart it's it's it's all about letting go of that doubt and again I don't think it's any accident that Archangel Raphael tapped my shoulder yesterday and said this has to happen now and then it had to be done today and then we had to go up to the temple and I know you were there and I know you know that

so the key in this moment for you and that's what all they keep saying to me is the temple doors are open you have climbed the steps when will you say yes and walk back in

and all I see is you standing at this it's like I'm it's like I'm in the distance and I see you and you're at the top of the steps beautiful it's round Temple and you're standing on the outside looking in and you see everything that's in there and the light is all over you and I'm seeing it but you're just standing there staring at it there saying when will you walk in because you are ready and that there has been a great layer of denial within you and a great layer of self-sacrifice that has really come from a level of energy that is seeking to keep you out of level of experience and that it doesn't matter just choose because you haven't made your choice clearly

so taking a breath or third chakra I want all of you to do that and I want to thank you for bringing that forward your bring forward the Deep fear feel that she third chakra that's what's going on this week and so how exciting that we all get to see it touch it no it go oh okay so you're not really there right we can really come together right now and say thank you you have nothing to be afraid of this is that Remnant fear this is that cork in the engine this is that one that says oh my God that's the one that literally tie this up and and so right now in this moment as we are getting ready to dive into that beautiful sea of Consciousness what do you get birth on Wednesday that illuminated new moon will come forward when you arrive back up out of that ocean who is coming out

who is blossoming

the big moment

I'm going in the temple door yes you are yes you are and you're laughing all the way in thank you my angel we love you thank you for bringing that energy to all of us today many do we have anyone over in BBS Ronnie and say hi to Cooper from Vancouver welcome namaste

Namaste stream Kara I am thrilled to be here and and by the way your story about your dog daughter and all the other callers all resonates with me and I got up two days ago and I woke up and I said the world is different and I didn't I don't know what it is but to me is there was a switch that went on during the night and everything has kind of changed a little bit so it is is that I have Dean fighting or IV I guess a victim for 35 years and it kind of came to a head at the end of last week at beginning of this week my cat bit me on my cheek

and I thought oh my God how can face it even worse and then this issue automatically resolved

I received forgiveness I received gratitude and recognition and thank you

we're over at like to know it is over

and while I I I was speechless and I'm still absorbing some of that energy that this is being such a a burden and the clarity that has being given and I know that it is part of the studies of the Ascension study that have brought you

well first and foremost we are all popping the champagne for you right what a beautiful moment for you my heart is so yay this I know I have the blessing of knowing because you bought you give me the honor of walking the side you I know what it took for you to get here and so thank you thank you thank you this is what the WWE Global movement is about this is about that spiritual spiritual championship this is about coming forward at this level of connection and so wow what a blessing I'm just I'm just sitting here basking in your moment

well it it really feels like I'm walking a little bit wobbly I mean I don't want to make I don't want to exaggerate anything because I really want this to be true and I do trust in my heart that it is true however

well I'm giggling because your higher self is giggling so just hear that I really don't want to be jiggly Blige over this message and it's like so I'm sorry and what they're saying is they're saying you already know they're they're laughing and they're saying just believe it know it it's like they're around you shaking you going know it let it beat do it know it live it be it do it know it live it be it do it do it live it be into it and they just keep saying it over and over again and they're just gazing at you and gazing at you and gazing at you and you're just like it's like vibration after fibration after vibration after vibration and you're becoming this I'm watching you it's like it's like a yes yes yes you know very big that they all they saw that they Hail to the infinite and then she breathe

receive receive and so wow just like Mary the are color right before you I want to share with you promise me you're going to go read that article as string Peridot, it is really I cannot believe how amazing Archangel Raphael yesterday was already aware of what was going to be showing up today so thank you for gifting all of us with that I'm so happy for you I love you so much

I love you guys so much as well thank you very much and I honestly feel The Liberation I want to talk so high now. Well, I want you all to notice your upper spine I'm noticing the part I call your angel wings would attach notice that area between the spine right now you may want to be just moving that back of the heart remember that when we are in a choice month everything will come out you to make sure that choice is seen from all perspectives I want to underscore an opportunity to practice your mastery

one call her back we talked about what are you circulating and with this caller it's about are you willing to Anchor that which is coming forward are you willing to trust it because the habit of doubting ourselves the habit of discounting certain kinds of experiences is a way that the density mindset

preserves itself in a preserves Itself by by messing with your theater only wants to show you the movies that are tried-and-true the Ed the eagle is is going to figure out some way to reject that which is more expensive than its domain and so we we go through this process of why was that really so about me can it can't be this easy can I really just trust even though I've got 30 years of experience of lack I am now on the path of abundance and I am abundant and I am joyful but because of the 30 years do I just count it so I have to jump over you can have one years experience 30 *

meaning all you've done is respond one little piece of the puzzle I decided that that was the whole puzzle and then you can wake up and have 30 years of experience in one year because you've said yes to go beyond the limitation so that's the moment at hand it really is yeah this is our our process to live and ascended life means I am committed to The Yoga of self Ascension and to us and means yes we're going to step into more rarefied zones we're going to experience new thermocline we're going to reap what we were or were in the habit of doing and being the portal

the energy whatever it is comes forward in the way that you're unique experience of the Ascension experience is and you say yes to expand beyond that all right straight where we going looks like we're going to Phoenix Arizona. A hand up there huh by Phoenix Arizona Namaste welcome you're welcome welcome to the show you really feel like I am at this point because I've walked away from a group that has been attacked and raised Dimensions shut down portals reclaim power and it's all in the third chakra

but I think it's like this and what tree was just talking about and so a lot of us that have been searching for information on for a long time coming at the same time as well as not getting what I thought I wanted and I didn't get it right now

even as much as last night I had to stand in my power to get whatever it was it was on every time I'm able to do that I said before that many if you want for my first of all it is when you get on the show we we have so many callers we have to phone bags and so just getting on the call is the first always for any of our callers in this community we are all one and so we all real it and we all know that we are surrogates for each other so thank you for some more most fertile for your tenacity spiritual tenacity is a mastery

practice and the and the other thing is spiritual discernment when i gaze at your energy field you have been in a complex relationship with who you are and how you express it for a long time and you have incredible gifts and capacities and in many ways you have been you have been here you been afraid to look at them all and what has happened is that you have now transmitted through the experiences that will help you to ascend the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening and you're at that moment between spiritual activism and full Ascension awareness and again is I'm loving out all of you are such sisters and brothers and Beauty beautiful beans together today please go read the installment that we just publish today it's train it's like it came through for you again you are at a moment where the universe is calling to you and saying okay if you're serious we're going to put it right in front of you ever going to make it easy and we're going to make it obvious

ever going to give you are left-brain everything it needs to stop questioning

all that's left right now is where you want to put your commitment and so always begin with your heart always begin with you your joy your inspiration when you stand when you're able to really stand in the space of you you are a freaking powerful amazing I mean manifestor wow and your emotional body gets kicked off sometimes just a little too easily and the rebound can be a little too strong and so this has all been about finding the balance of seeing the yes scenes and no and then finding what was waiting because you were too far in either direction

and so they're saying stand-up beautiful Warrior carry the staff of your enlightened presents and begin the journey with Clarity and so it is thank you thank you my love well well well Street where are we at all right well let's go to Concord California Namaste Concord California

hi sweetheart, thank you for taking my call I can't tell you how grateful I have today to be with you both again as often as I can I'm so grateful to see you and Christopher Street are you guys coming here with Enneagram yes I limited experience without you

or any other like 12 or 8 or 9 Enneagram is that so you were told this is what you are what does then begin processing what you know you are

versus questioning what somebody else told you rather than in other words rather than trying to seek the answer through the question that was born through a question and a system go deeper within you go deeper within you and noticed what you know is true then burst that through the system to find a greater application is it's flipping the way you're looking at this whole thing and I'm going to turn it over to Sri but they really your your your guys were just like screaming at me to talk to you here in a moment right now where your it's like you need to like literally flipped it the other way so go ahead straightener any system that seeks to offer you a quote personality profile or it's like an astrological reading what they're doing is offering you a bias that you can bring in as a belief system about yourself

systems are one step removed from your truth so often times these profiles can give us useful information about our preferences you example I was born in July under a full moon and I'm I'm a triple cancer and in the first years of my life I very much followed the quote profile of a cancer the weather moonchild you know that the use that as I became more of who I really was I just noticed that I had that opening that predilection that ability to be watery so to speak just to insult treat your your reading is similarly is what I recommend it it may be useful for the eagle mine to understand your preferences but but the game

wait who you really are and your ultimate power is found by abandoning all systems and residing deeply in the truth of self

read that in a very much to understand what my fears are so that I can try and send them because of deep part of me is blocking me from understanding what my fears are is that also a distraction weeks ago and watch that video read that lesson again if you're not part of Monday Night Magic go to the living in The 5th Dimension series and read lesson age learn about the protected tears because it's the cheers we protect ourself from it's the fear that we are afraid to face it's the moment that says I'm protecting myself from that which I don't want to see that I have buried so far and I am still feeling so much energy around whether it's a shame guilt anger regret it doesn't matter it still has this

when i gaze at you I see it and so the key is in this is why multi-dimensional presence is really when we love ourselves enough we lift up into that compassionate space a fifth dimensional energy where we become the witness sir of the witness of the third dimension and from there you love yourself enough to know that you're safe enough to open and look at those protected tears because you are the angel of Mercy love and compassion that has wrapped around yourself and said yes I will absolutely move forward and Archangels I feel really walks you through that very beautifully and I would really strongly suggest that that is the reason that you got through today is that you're ready for the next level and as the Divine directors are saying they're all everybody's kind of standing here sharing with you remember the saying remember beloved one it is as

simplest focused awareness and complete trust you're ready and the path has been cleared and so it is many blessings

thank you thank you my love thank you for bringing that into the show today wow please because she so beautifully said you know I I've been wanting to meet each of my fears to resolve each of them as they, and I know in my path

I made a choice to do everything that I was afraid of now I was white-knuckling it at that age you know I I was afraid of falling I became a pilot I was afraid of Suffocation I became a scuba diver I was afraid I was afraid of single-handed my boat out of the ocean for great boat I got to see it what I did is I took this drive the spiritual learning to resolve the false belief in separation someone wants the more we believe in that have invested the more that we become separated from our destiny as a Divine being so at my earlier stages I Island

my fears by going and doing fearful things so that I could be in power when I took away from this then I can offer to you right now is you don't have to go do it in the physical I didn't in the physical look at fine that's my story I got stories here's the Nugget is fear is can be your Ascension trampoline if you allow yourself to look at it without Shirkey now that means either enter the fear or be willing to let it present itself fully to you because it will dissolve when fully confronted by the open eyes of the Heart of Love

and that is a very scary moment when we first do it and that's fear giving you all it's got that's Captain Dan on the top of the thing going is that all you got yeah but you're not going to Drought is just afraid of it and so the fear adds another layer of fear saying look away look away

and if you look at it from the place of I trust my soul myself

it will cease off and when it dissolves it becomes so easy so fast that it all becomes a smile and you wonder why you waited so long sincerely it you really do and this Wednesday I just want to share it again remember Tuesday night on Soul mirrors we are going to show you the rest of what happened here right now at the Lost City of the Ancients the lost city of the ascended what is not lost anymore and we thought we had found something then we just showed you in real time today I want to show it one more time this was found just a few hours ago the alligator head look at this where he's peeling away their that is Alessandro this was shree and I we were coming down from the Temple look at on the right after we got more off this is just the beginning there is so much more to share with you

and it ties in perfectly to what's happening on Soul mirrors Tuesday night so make sure you're there with us and for those of you that are in Monday magic try to be there live tomorrow so much happening with the living in The 5th Dimension series and if you're not part of Monday magic be a part string Cara. Com Consciousness is as are you we love you have a beautiful week

thank you for joining us

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