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Spouting Off, September 11, 2020

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Spouting Off
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Guest, Jerry Wayne

Spouting Off with Karen Kataline

Guest, Jerry Wayne

BIO: Michigan Union Worker Jerry Wayne found himself thrust from average hard working American Patriot to Viral Video sensation when DNC Presidential candidate Joe Biden lost it in one of the most epic meltdowns of Joe's thus far, yelling at Jerry that he was "Full of Shit" when asked how he would maintain Union Members Support who are also gun owners. Biden had been saying on the campaign trail that he was coming after American's guns. Jerry says his Union brother who would normally "vote blue, no matter who" are leaving Biden in large numbers, upwards of 80%


Joe Biden is Tweeting furiously about "Unions."   In fact his last 3 tweets have been trying to appeal to Unions.  He's even heading to Michigan today to drum up Union support.
 Why? Is it possible his polling is showing a drop in Union support? 

Jerry Wayne says that is exactly the case. 
Jerry Wayne is available to discuss how he sees 80% of his fellow Union workers walking away from Biden. Wayne says Police Unions are endorsing President Trump, and Wayne believes Unions everywhere need to stand with policemen and women. 


GUEST: Jerry Wayne - Michigan Union Worker who had viral confrontation with Biden 

Media Contact: CJ Wheeler | 858-472-4285 |


Just as we have seen a spike in President Trump's African American numbers, Union workers are doing the same, according to Michigan Union Worker Jerry Wayne.

In a 
recent media interview on NewsmaxTV, Wayne said " Union people just want their freedoms. Our Union Reps say 'Vote Blue No Matter Who'  and that we need a Democrat President so Unions can do well,  but you know what, we are doing great right now! "

Wayne adds that  Union Members across America right now are working 7 days a week  8 to 12 hours a day.  Under the Trump Administration Wayne says "Our pensions are maxed out. We are doing well for ourselves."

Recently you've seen Police Unions endorse President Trump. " Police are literally being murdered in the streets. And we, as their union brothers, need to stand with them. "

When asked if he had an estimate on Union workers who are not with Biden's Defunding the Police, 2A infringement making neighborhoods less safe " At least 80% of Union workers don't want to give up their rights as Americans, just for the Union.  We are Unions, We are Strong, But We are America First!"


  • Why are his Union Brothers Walking Away
  • What kind of America does the Biden/Harris Ticket  create
  • What is the problem in the Unions with Union Leadership
  • How are Union Members doing under President Trump

Back in March Voter, Gun Owner, and Michigan Union Worker, Jerry Wayne had his moment in the sun with the Left's Presidential candidate Joe Biden... and let's just say...things didn't go well for Joe. Not only did Biden tell Jerry he was "Full of Shit" but he also threatened him, shushed his female campaign handler when she tried to step in seeing Biden going off the rails, and then made the gaffe of all gaffe's by calling AR-15's... "AR-14's."

BIO: Jerry Wayne found himself thrust from average hard working American Patriot to Viral Video sensation when DNC Presidential candidate Joe Biden lost it in one of the most epic meltdowns of Joe's thus far. Jerry believes America deserves so much better that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And, Jerry  has become an advocate for gun owners, working with various gun right's groups to get the word out about the threat to 2A from the Biden/Harris ticket. 

Spouting Off

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