Relationship_Revelations, October 4, 2008

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 Is you past pushing you or is your future pulling you? Shifting the focus of how you live your life can assist you to have greater peace, fulfillment and success.


Relationship Revelations

Relationship Revelations with Sheila Grace Harvey, banner
Sheila Grace Harvey

“Many souls are really immature when it comes to having healthy, loving relationships because there are very few role models. As the only relationship you ever truly have is with yourself – when you improve the quality of the relationship with you, then you will automatically improve the relationship with everyone else in your life. By moving past your illusions, romantic fantasies, unreal expectations, sabotaging patterns, limiting beliefs, blame and control you can experience greater freedom and authentic empowerment.

Sheila Grace Harvey is a visionary with a practical down to earth approach to spirituality and relationships. Her warmth, humor, wisdom and compassion inspire many to live lives of greater authenticity, loving and joy.