Sheila Grace Harvey

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Sheila Grace Harvey
Sheila Grace Harvey
Radio Talk Show Host, Visionary, Ordained Minister, Relationship Counselor

Sheila is an ordained Minister and has facilitated Masters Program of Spiritual Science, Insight Seminars, numerous classes for PTS (Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy) and The Institute for Individual & World Peace as well as designing and presenting many of her own workshops including Blueprint for Success, Living Loving, Taking Charge of Your Life, Presentation Skills and Creating Your Perfect Mate. She has a wealth of experience in talk-back radio, television, public speaking, corporate seminars, and consulting to companies and individuals in the US, UK, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. One highlight was being a guest speaker at the World Athlete-Scholar Games on World Peace Day at the University of Rhode Island .

Sheila’s one-to-one telephone sessions include:

Spiritual Relationship Counseling

Blueprint for Success

The Keys to Graceful Relationships

I refer often to my spiritual teachers - John Roger and John Morton (right photo) from the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) an ecumenical church that teaches practical spirituality and Soul Transcendence. I have been studying with them for over 25 years and they constantly amaze me with their wisdom, loving support and service to us all. For more information about them, their wealth of publications, classes and study materials plus obtain your free copy of the book The Journey of a Soul. Contact MSIA at Tel: +1 323 737 4055 or go to their website:

Sheila says, “So my blessing to you would be - for you to open your heart to the Living Love that is present for you. Then you will live your life in greater freedom and fulfillment – regardless of outside circumstances. You are Worthy. You are Loved. God Bless You”.