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Randirobics, February 18, 2017

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with Randi Chenkin

Randirobics with Randi Chenkin


Randirobics with Randi Chenkin
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Randi Chenkin

Randirobics is a space age musical adventure concert that encourages children's health and well being. This exciting and upbeat show features audience participation with a lot of out of this world fun!

This program features an exciting interactive educational experience that focuses on developmental skills from simple motor coordination all the way to self esteem. Children gain both confidence and leadership skills in an atmosphere that nurtures creativity, but never neglects the fun necessary to every child's fitness program. It helps to create an awareness of benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and is also suitable for kids that are challenged by various disabilities. Randi promises to excite children about moving their bodies and staying fit.

Her catchy songs, trademark energy and choreography all result in an electrically charged audience participation workout production.

Randi opens her show singing her Kids Club theme song which explains her mission.The young audience is then motivated to get up and participate in Randi's unique movements. The children exercise to original sing-along lyrics that feature rhythms and raps. Volunteers from the audience are encouraged to come to the staging area and help Randi re-create the routines for the kids in the audiences. She cools the group down with gentle stretching and a relaxation exercise. Randi completes the show by taking them on a journey through time and space by singing her space adventure concert style songs.

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