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Radio Free DC, June 27, 2016

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Radio Free DC
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with James Winkler and Steve Winkler

Radio Free DC takes a hard look at the prophetic word given to Mark Taylor back in 2011: A word that says that Donald Trump is God's choice for president...

In this interview on Tru News (Rick Wiles), Mark Taylor declares that God spoke to him about Donald Trump and revealed very specific things about America and why he is God's choice for president. God loves America and is not judging her. He wants to use this nation to continue to spread the Gospel to the entire world, as in days past. America is NOT under judgment. The systems are under judgment (e.g. the financial, political, immigration... the NWO systems), but not America. 

Discussion God is a speaking God. He desires to communicate with His people. In the New Testament prophecy has an important place, and is for comfort, edification and exhortation (1 Corinthians 14:3). In these troubling and chaotic times God wants us to rest assured He has a plan for America. Donald Trump will go all the way to the presidency and he will stop the plans of hell to destroy America.

Radio Free DC

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