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Radiance By Design, May 5, 2009

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Radiance by Design presents designing our integrity and our authenticity in honour of mother's day and the rising feminine balance. We are doing it.  Those of you who felt challenged of the PLUTO influence, of anger and rage, can actually be readying yourselves to feel the change in the depth of the feminine, the stirring to pulse the gestating wisdom into the collective.  Mother's Day...a time to honour the feminine and all that she nurtures on our planet....a time to bring forward a shine of femininity that can radiate a fierce caring of our family of souls and of our planet. We share meditations and visualizations, perceptions from the Guides and from you and I!   Together we call up "home" in our hearts and souls and prepare for our Paradigm Shifter Kelly Hart - as he talks about many types of sustainable homes.

Radiance By Design

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Radiance By Design is a weekly call in show where I encourage you with all my heart to connect with me, Veronica, from anywhere you may be and from whatever level of consciousness that is clouding you. The show offers you a much needed spiritual tune up – gives you the means to hold your own as you engage the crazy dynamics that occupy our ever changing planet. Radiance By Design is specifically tailored to the energies of each week and your calls dictate our on air discussions. Together we explore multi-dimensional realities, healing through energy structures, chakra tuning, the complexities of shifting dynamics, divine relationships, evolution, love, and anything else that may be weighing your spirit or mind.

During the show, callers (and listeners) can feel the transformative energy directly through the airwaves. Not only will I assist you in finding answers to the questions within yourself, I will also help you determine exactly what is behind each question you are experiencing. We will move the energy trapped in your being, allowing change. You will become released to a state of true self, a vibrational vehicle of light. The more of your light you are, the more energy you exude unto everyone you encounter. You will come to realize that as our radiance increases, we no longer feel the need to be dictated by the mass consciousness, or restricted by the things we don’t fully understand, or can’t control. Instead, we lovingly stand strong on energy tip toes, reaching out for the sheer wonderment of it all. This wonderment is what Radiance By Design is all about. Remember, we are ALL a part of this collective journey. Let me be your guide each week. We shall travel together.

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