Psychic_Connection, May 6, 2006

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Interview w/ Brian Flournoy - Flournoy, after 15 years of practicing pharmacy, dispensing medicines prescribed by both physicians and veterinarians (for humans and animals); and after discovering his inherent intuitive ability, he made a bold career move into metaphysics. Bryan began noticing his intuitive ability about six years into his career as a registered pharmacist. As customers approached the pharmacy counter with their prescriptions, he would immediately pick up on accurate diagnosis, drug interactions, and adverse drug and disease reactions his customers were experiencing but were not sharing with him or the physician.

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Rochelle Sparrow

You may have seen or heard me on TV or Radio. I am Rochelle Sparrow, psychic trance channel, trained therapist and author. I invite you to unlock the keys to know who you are and why you are here. I invite you to free your personal power and heal from within.....

I would like you to know you can find meaning in your journey: you can choose to live with validity, joy, receptivity, grace, and an understanding that events in our lives educate and serve us, with great love, from the Source above and within. You can expand your life. You can heal.