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Rochelle Sparrow
Rochelle Sparrow
Radio Talk Show Host, Psychic Trance Channel, Therapist, Author

I am Rochelle Sparrow, psychic trance channel, trained therapist and author.

I was born into a difficult and challenging world. My stepfather and mother did not know how to display or provide love. Despite the constant isolation, the chaotic treatment of my parents, and hardships of new schools, I had freedom to roam the various playgrounds. I would swing for hours and remember a past life as an adult male. I would escape into the entranced experience of my memories and the comfort of motion. During these years, my connection to nature became my strength. As I grew older, the faith I always had in another power, one that was beyond this world, took on depth. Life events spoke to me in metaphor, synchronicity, and in the soul of nature, to support and promote my growth.

Growing in my ability to take risks, I went back to college. I studied social work and earned my Masters degree. I worked as a therapist. Simultaneously, I was draw in into the world of spirit, and I began to read about Jungian analysis, all things metaphysical, and about shamanic journeying. I began to explore.

In meditation, I journeyed into the lower world through tunnels, into the middle world at the base of trees, and to the upper world through the tips of branches. Visions came rapidly to help me travel the universe. Animals took on newer meanings, as they came into my life to help me heal and to show me the way. Patterns began to develop. Crows pointed to deeper psychological processes and helped me disown denial. Ravens pointed to magical creations and new beginnings. Hawks pointed to prosperity, change, and expansion. My world became exciting and joyous.

Ten years later, deep in trance, my visions began to fade. I began to hear a voice clearly telling me information that would help me along my path. It was Akbar, my spirit guide. Since then, other guides, under the collective name of "Stars of Celestial Waters," came into my life. I began providing trance channeled sessions to help people heal. I began writing books and articles.

I continue expanding my personal ability to tap into the consciousness of the guides and the Source by becoming Reiki attuned. Currently, I practice kundalini yoga and chi gung. I am happy and I have great gratitude for my husband and child. My relationships are supportive and secure. I have connection to Source through faith, and I have my guides' words, energies, and visions to open my life. I am blessed to bring expansive healing to others through trance channeling.