Psychic_Connection, May 13, 2006

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Hosted by Kim Arndt L.P.C. - I assist/guide the client in increasing her/his ability to access and use all of who they are for their own life's fulfillment - Interview w/ Ariandne Green - Books, workshops and trainings on dreams and shamanism - author of Dreams, Divine Complement, and Divine Complement Forever - Teaching internationally, her courses are aimed at awakening students to the inner mysteries, through mystical and shamanic practices that forge divergent paths: Shamanism, dream philosophy, psychology, and the authentic path of Christ. She has taught Greek mythology, hosted a popular radio show on dreams in Northern New Mexico, as well as a popular online dream interpretation site. sp;

Psychic Connection

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Rochelle Sparrow

You may have seen or heard me on TV or Radio. I am Rochelle Sparrow, psychic trance channel, trained therapist and author. I invite you to unlock the keys to know who you are and why you are here. I invite you to free your personal power and heal from within.....

I would like you to know you can find meaning in your journey: you can choose to live with validity, joy, receptivity, grace, and an understanding that events in our lives educate and serve us, with great love, from the Source above and within. You can expand your life. You can heal.