The Peace Brain Show, September 18, 2019

The Peace Brain Show with Dr Gail Lash
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The Peace Brain Show
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Dr. Gail Lash speaks on Zoos as Peace-builders

The Peace Brain Show with Dr Gail Lash

Dr. Gail Lash speaks on Zoos as Peace-builders


The Peace Brain Show

The Peace Brain Show with Dr Gail Lash
Show Host: 
Dr Gail Lash

What is Peace Brain? Peace Brain is a term that Dr. Gail Lash created to indicate a peaceful mind, body, spirit and world. Peace Brain is the synergistic connection between our mental and emotional bodies – the blending of the electrical power of the mind with the magnetic force of the heart. We humans cannot exercise our complete capabilities and innate gifts to manifest true Peace On Earth unless our Peace Brain is engaged, with these biological and spiritual centers working as one. Unity through Diversity is the goal.

Topics of Peace span the complete continuum of Science and Spirit – and so does The Peace Brain Show!  Listen and explore scientific and metaphysical concepts related to the human condition, animals and Nature, our relationship to Universal Energy and implementations of Peace worldwide with your Host, Dr. Gail Lash!

Drawing on her multifaceted background, Dr. Gail features guests who are Zoo and Aquarium leaders, Animal conservation partners, Community facilitators, social Justice organizations promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, National park operators, Metaphysicians, Energy healers, Angel workers, Animal communicators, and much more – all imparting their practical wisdom on how we each can create a world of Peace, Love, Justice and Beauty – manifesting “As Above So Below”.

From this, envision a map of the Earth being populated with “Places Of Peace” (markers and practices by these organizations and grassroots individuals) that when linked create Peace Trails around the world!  It is practical; it is powerful; it is possible!

The show is a one-hour format.  It begins with an opening quote and monologue segment by Dr. Gail, introducing the Peace topic for that show. This is followed by a 30 to 40-minute conversational interview with an amazing guest of note – done in the spirit of friendship, laughter, respect, contemplation and building community.  The show ends with a Peace Brain Meditation, in which Dr. Gail enables you to practice turning on and tuning into your Peace Brain!  Join us!

Bi-Weekly Show
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Show Transcript: 

The Peace Brain Show – Gail Peace Sept 2019

Using Free Conference line to record, then Doug will add intro and outro to recording for play.


Dr. Gail welcomes listeners

Opens with a Quote

Monologue on Peace Brain topic

Introduce guest

Questions for guest and conversation

Thank guest

GL leads a guided Peace Brain Meditation

Dr. Gail says you can find me here & get these services

GL signs off


0 minutes

What is Peace Brain?  Peace Brain is the synergistic connection between our mental and emotional bodies – blending the electrical power of the mind with the magnetic force of the heart. 

Listen and explore how to create unity worldwide, as we blend science and metaphysics, open our hearts and minds to the possibilities of Peace on Earth, and create the life we are each destined for.

Featured guests range from angel communicators to zoologists and everything in between. Now here is your host Dr. Gail Lash!

01 minutes

GAIL: Welcome to The Peace Brain Show! This is your Host, Dr. Gail Lash and I’m happy to have you here today!

Today we have Nevin Lash with us, and a powerful topic of peace to discuss, along with a transformative meditation at the end of the show!

But first, as always, I want to open the show with a quote. This quote is from Ralph Marston

He says: “ Venture beyond what you know you can do, and soon you'll know you can do more. If you feel stuck, the way out is not to hope for someone who will come along and make it all better. The way out is to be the motivated, passionate, purposeful person who will indeed make things much better. When you don't know how, take it upon yourself to learn. When you're not sure what to do, work through your choices and your priorities until you're able to aim your focus in a specific direction. Life can be complicated, yet you have what it takes to figure it out. Life can be challenging, and yet you have the outstanding ability to work through those challenges. From the most difficult situations you can build your biggest successes. Beyond your comfort zone is your achievement zone. Step boldly and confidently into that achievement zone, and enthusiastically do the work it demands of you. Discover how very much you can do by making the real, unwavering commitment to get it done. “

03 minutes

INTRODUCE GUEST – Today we have Nevin Lash, landscape architect and zoo designer (and my husband). Today he will be interviewing ME, Gail Lash, about peace and zoos.



06 minutes


  1. How can aquariums and zoos be places of peace?

  2. When you go to a zoo – what things can you learn in the context as a first time visitor or family?

  3. Here are the three things I (Gail) want to see visitors learn and experience at zoos and aquariums: a) learn more about the human and animal connections and conflicts, b) have places in zoos that are peaceful, reflective places, to quietly connect with animals, and c) give small group tours using a guide to lead people on special experiences the animals.

  4. How can we improve aquariums and zoos?

  5. Why are these animals here, and how can a zoo visit bring out that empathy?

  6. Zoos are like educational systems in our society, talking about human issues – how best do that?

  7. How do we go from where we are today to where we want to go? Does the community know what it wants?

  8. What is the purpose of zoos and aquariums?

45 minutes

  1. So, Nevin – We are getting close to the end of our time together on this show. What final words of wisdom would you like to ask me to share with our listeners today?

48 minutes


49 minutes

PEACE BRAIN MEDITATION – Let’s go into today’s PB meditation… sit back…

Gail brings audience out of meditation and says this:

55 minutes

Thanks for tuning in today to The Peace Brain Show! If you wish to find out more about me, Dr. Gail Lash, or to talk about how we can assist your company or business to #OptForPeace – and create a Peace Park where community dialogue about peaceful solutions can be held – please go to our website or email me at

Again, I want to thank my guest, Nevin Lash. You can find more about him at

then Gail ends with:

NOW, Please go forth and activate your Peace Brain, and put YOUR Peace Park on our World Peace Trails map! Many Blessings.


56 minutes

Thank you for joining us on The Peace Brain Show! Be sure to check out Dr. Gail’s Akashic Records readings, her Peace Master Plans for your business or organization, and her book, “#OptforPeace: 9 Essential Steps To Achieving Peace, Power, and Prosperity”.  

Tune-in to BBS Radio, Station 1 every other Wednesday at 6pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern to The Peace Brain Show for your next installment of wonder, inspiration and practical Peace!

57 minutes END