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Old Fashion Gospel, November 20, 2020

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Old Fashion Gospel
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with Pastor Ethel Harper and guests Dr. Cheryl Williams and Terry Harper

Old Fashion Gospel with Pastor Ethel Harper and guests Apostle Dr. Cheryl Williams and Elder Gentleman Terry Harper


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Pastor Williams holds degrees in Journalism; Post-Secondary Education, a Master’s in  Leadership; and a Doctorate Degree in Theology, Christian Counseling and Pastoral  Care. 

A woman of many talents and diversity of gifts, Dr. Williams is a dynamic, anointed and  multifaceted preacher, teacher and lover of the Gospel. She firmly believes the scripture,  “your gift will make room for you.” 



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praise God hallelujah we just thank God that we made it on this side of the chili Jordan one more time we're so glad that you joined us this is old-fashioned gospel radio show and I am Pastor Ethel Harper and my sidekick Elder gentleman Terry Harper and with me say hi hi hi honey we want to welcome all of our listeners out there in radioland to our show and you are in for a treat today because we are going to be talking about forgiveness and that we have a special guest coming to join us at the Apostle dr. William a female Pastor have enough already inside and understanding of things in this day and hour of the word of God and look we looking forward to having
good times today I hope you are too amen are we going to do things like we do it a man over at the church say amen and we don't have our devotion and then we going to go we going to have a prayer and then we don't go right into our study today we are so glad that you're with us today amen
a man a good in that my side and then I'm going to ask amen and then we'll be ready a man for a man to get into the hallelujah praise the Lord
okay today is Chris is coming from the book of Psalms
23rd division
a man I will be reading from the King James Bible
so if you don't have a King James Bible it may say something different but it means the same thing a man
book of Psalms 23rd division of the book of Psalms a man starting at verse 1 says the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he maketh me to lie down in Green Pastures he leadeth me beside the Still Waters he restoreth my soul he leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name's sake yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff they comfort me stop prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies
dial known as my head with oil my cup runneth over
surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever may God have a blessing on the readers to hear and the door of his holy word a man of God we just thank you Father God for this thank you Father God for allowing us to come before such a great amount of people out of the way today father died
hello it would be careful to give you all the glory we are so excited again to come before you today I was scripture is coming from Ephesians the fourth chapter and the 32nd verse a man Ephesians the fourth chapter and the 32nd verse a man and so the Lord was dealing with me with this because there is a lot of stuff going on now all over the world there are stuff that where it can do to this stuff that we are encountering due to the attitude and the things that are going on all around the world with with
with all of you know this racism and all the stuff that's going on now and then talk and and people feeling somehow about one another and people not coming together as God wants us to do you know we're focusing on what's happening in the world who's focusing on what God is trying to say that his people amen Elder Elder Harper if you don't mind would you read that for us
amen Amen on Ephesians chapter 4 verse 32 it says nbe kind one to another tenderhearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you a man you know we we forget about what that word forgiveness is all about forgiveness forgiveness the definition of forgiveness has pardoned in it it has a acquittal apartment Vindication we have to understand what that word for forgive people but we say that we forgive them but there's something that is attached to that we say that you know will forgiveness but you don't remember what they did
my brother my sister boy and girl out there in radioland it is so important that we talked about this word forgiveness today is so important that we let it ring in our hearts that it bring it on mine because there's so much going on that needs to be that are crying in the churches that are staying at the loved ones are dying the wrong we have people that are a crying out saying that there are situations going on that you know somebody needs to have forgiveness you know we need to forgive people that have a problem is the biggest problem is is that we hold on to the hurt and it causes it causes a rift in our thinking that cause
where in the Bible says we're supposed to be kind to one another you know we we've got to do better we got to be better
that you know the Bible tells us of that first part of that citizens and be ye kind one to another we forgotten about what it is to be kind to one another you know when I grew up right and we had next door neighbors and next door neighbors moved in my mom and dad will go I don't know about you Elder Harper but I know my mom and dad with with baked cakes and they would make biscuits or they would do things like that and they would take stuff over to the neighbors or if we have somebody that came to the church and they were new to town you know the people in the church they were kind to this individual I left family they would need to make chicken or you know they would invite them he know to come to church Bazaar or whatever that it was you know the be kind to them have you ever experienced anything like that
yes yes yes amen glory be to God
a man enjoy the joke what did your mom do that with people
praise God when way so you don't answer it's a thing of you don't we we've got to get back to you don't got to get back to being kind to one another you know I'm I'm I'm reminded
that you know being kind to one another you know is being friendly and goodnight and an end time to one another you know you know it is something when you know my children will I would if somebody was hurting or going through I would you know take half of my kitchen and give two then you know because that's how to spell own AR fellow neighbor that's that's being kind one to another you know that you don't help somebody along but how many times have you heard people now nowadays saying you know
Godly you know and that's not that's not good for us you know
praise God is our guest with us amen
praise God hallelujah we going to keep on going amen hallelujah we just thank God it is it is it is so crazy that we're not kind to one another and then the Bible talks about being tender-hearted which is you know when we see people in distress you know I'm always remind me when we talked about sending her I'm always reminded of the story of the Sumerian you know to bind us you know I said he saw this man and he saw him the it after everybody else has passed over him he took the time to bind up his room he took the time
you know the take care of this man only did he take care of this man he took him and put him in the end and told him whatever that they needed he would come back and he would be paid whatever that was needed we need to get back to be tender-hearted we've got too much stuff going on in this world we have we have we have people that are in the hospital they're they're dying by themselves we have children that are losing their mother and their father a lot of stuff going on where we need to be tender-hearted in this time in this day we need to do that we have seriously we have seriously lost something and we got to find it again if we say that we love the Lord and we say that we love him we truly have to remember that somebody was
the artist with us we have to truly remember that somebody cared enough about us to help us in the situation that we were in and come to our Aid and be a help to us in the artist come on we need more individuals like that today we need more individuals that will lend a hand to the needy we need a lot of people that see injured people that see her people that have been through similar situations and and will and will take the time to stop and not only worried about what they're going through but worried about what their brother was their sister is so I know it's a whole lot of stuff that's connected to that you say that when I show that I'm tender-hearted when I show that you know that I'm willing to
help you know I put my hand to the plow when I when I showed that I'm willing you know to be good to somebody you say oh well you know what my heart always gets walked on or you know people don't
people don't you know they don't appreciate you know what I'm doing or you know they let they take my kindness for weakness in my brother my sister I understand that that being the case I understand that are we all that we all go through things they now I understand that you know these things are present but listen even though we must aim air show a map the heart of Christ and everything that we do he loves us so much that he gave of himself he gave everything study have for us and we in turn even though that we know the best people out there that if we do learn to help
anyhow amen amen amen none other than the Apostle dr. Cheryl Williams of anointed Touch Ministries International hello to everyone praise the Lord God bless you and God bless you to all of you that are out there listening to this amazing of broadcast on today I am so excited Pastor Ethel to be with you or not as you debut on this radio broadcast I truly believe it's going to be a blessing to all of those that are listening and it's going to be a Gateway for a lot of great things to come how are you this afternoon woman of God
I am blessed and highly favored I thank God for the opportunity to be here today I'm so excited for this is that we can get a word to the world you know to the Masters and that they can you know they can get a man get something from this and then in turn go and tell somebody else but good news amen absolutely and that's what it's about it's about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Bible says to share it throughout the world and we know who we're getting that opportunity so I have praise God for for the platform today even for technology a man with his the good and the bad where we were choosing to use it for the glory of God Amen
hey now well I'm subjected a apostle dr. Sher Williams is forgiveness come on talk to the people amen wow you know that is a weighty topic that's a heavy topic because I do believe that in one way or another we have all dealt with forgiveness or being forgiven or a wanting forgiveness or just being in a place of our receiving Grace for his forgiveness a man and so I'm reminded of the scripture about Jesus now what a great example the master teacher he being the one who sacrificed himself for the for the remission of our sins he who knew no sin he took upon stand up on himself a man is so what better example to talk about Jesus being the way
one who was despised and he was bruised and he was beating but yet we don't even but some don't even believe him but he did that for us a man and then the talk about the one that gives forgiveness that gives walk in this lifetime it we're all going to be played with some form of of a anger or bitterness but we have to remember that the Bible says it's more blessed to give than to receive the message same thing as far as forgiveness it's best that we forgive because if you don't forgive for whatever and art is whatever the issue is it can turn into something even greater that's hard to control even later on I was listening to a broadcast and about forgiveness but particularly it was talking about the spirit of
and I do believe that the spirit of offense goes hand-in-hand with forgiveness and also unforgiveness of the Greek word for excuse me for date is the word is based and that's what the enemy uses is bait to lure us into having an unforgiving Spirit when we have some kind of way been offended by the one we've been done wrong we've been lied on we've been accused of falsely things like that but we need to make sure that we don't operate with us the spirit of offense because the spirit of offense will lead to an unforgiving Spirit a man oh man and you know that that right there everything that you said I goes along with our sister today I still feels coming out of Ephesians 4:32 where it says and be ye kind one to another tenderhearted forgiving one another as
God for Christ's sake I have forgiven you and that's something you don't you know I was saying earlier you know that we know that we have to be better and do better in our Christian walk you know we have to do is exactly what you just said you know some of us some of us forget amen amen is is going around seeking whom he may devour he's going around the hold on to the hurt is getting the hold onto the hate the hold on to what has happened to us in the past and then we get lost in you know we get lost in how somebody has treated us what's happened in the past and then he uses that you know how to get us to get off kilter he doesn't
I believe you said to the focal the scripture today is Ephesians what chapter four to one another but white right before that verse 31 says let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you along with malice and those Wilderness it brings contention to situations to to relationship to not just family but you know it could be something even with a co-worker or so let all bitterness and wrath and anger she'll be put away from you so that tells me that one that there is a responsibility thank you Holy Ghost there's a responsibility that he has given us even as Believers to be able to put away some things because certainly those things add to other things those Spirits become contagious
the end and the enemies you just said it's at the enemy comes to speak whom he may devour he goes to and fro looking to so he's looking to find a weak link he's looking to find an access point so if we're walking around and unforgiveness it we walking around with bitterness with anger or wrath of the trust and believe we are bordering on the line of the spirit of offense because we are looking for something or someone or some situation to offend us and if it keeps up those emotions of bitterness and anger it keeps that fueled a man and and we we know that the enemy comes to kill steal and destroy and trust me if he can't kill you he's going to feel your spirit he's going to spit steal your joy a manager has Bill for God so and if he can't do that he's going to try to destroy the spirit of God that is lifting up their standard that's in you a man
amen amen well said I am an apostle Williams I just thank God I thank God that you know this is coming out because you know I often say Apostle Williams that we carry around that stuck in the life out of us around the hurt from you know someone I mean you know we have we have people we have listeners out there that have been molested we have people out there that has been abused we have people out there I'm going through you know in their in their young adult life and then they become you know grown up and this hurt they don't they don't know what to do with this hurt because it's been a part of me for so long that in getting rid of that hurt you know if you know they think that it's going to change them somehow but they need to let go of that in the only way that we can do that
you know we have to forgive the people that hurt us and others about their past and when I say to them that you have to forgive the very one that argue they say you know I don't I don't know how to do that or I don't want to do that because you know they really hurt me but I say you don't we hurt Jesus you know we heard him because you know he took our place and if we could really understand that that that word propitiation means that he took our place he became to spend for us to get bleeped might have the right to the tree of life and that more abundantly that that that he took away the pain distended that was old
you know thank you Laurence if I may I have just a couple of things I want to share about forgiving others scriptures because what happens if do you understand that if you don't forgive or if you refuse to forgive others for what they have done to you or if you have an unforgiving a crunch contract hard do you know that you are on the side of blessing and the reason why I say that is because the reason why I say that is because he who knew no sin took upon sin on himself for us so that tells me that there because he took up send for me that he he is Grace personified God I thank you and not only that he is releasing Grace to us he who knew no sin to give us Grace but he's
morning Grace to us to be able to operate in a like manner as he has done in other words he has forgiven he didn't have to forgive those that crucified him he didn't have to forgive those that ostracize him and spit on him and that beat him but because of Grace because of who he is he is embodied in Grace he is Grace he releases that upon his people so the least we can do is for Kim
least we can do is forgive and so the Bible says be imitators of Christ be imitators of God in Ephesians 5 and 1 there's asbel of children and walking love just as Christ also loved you and gave himself up for us and just as he gave himself up for us and just how as he gave himself up for us a sacrifice and offering Stihl weed eaters of God we need to be like we need to be walking love like Christ of course you know he being the Son of God but he was spirit thank you God he was the one that said he didn't have to forgive but it was incumbent upon him it's for kids
everything he is so if we could be imitators of God we could be like him certainly we would be able to forgive us a man hey man I just have a couple scripture there are people that become a locked and be held there are held hostage by the things that they have gone through because of Unforgettable on forgiveness and we know that those are Spirit the spirit of unforgiveness that's or that's a crude spirit because comes with that those cousins called bitterness anger wrath to the spirit of offense guess what you're always looking to be offended you are now you have your high beams on your looking for someone to do you wrong because it
it adds to the fuel and that's how the enemy becomes the feels as if he's one is because you refuse to allow to let go of something that has happened or forgive or to turn the other cheek or a to release it and so we we become people have become held hostage by those spirits and a lot of times people don't understand that they are carrying though they carry from place to place that's why you have a lot of people that move from church to church and they can never be healed because they take that same spirit with them to the next place and they become they look to be offended and if you feel anything wrong and if you do anything wrong because they were looking for something or someone to offend in a man after this is a
it talks about forgiving others is it absolutely necessary if I have to tell you free yourself for yourself free yourself from an unforgiving Spirit free yourself from the past free yourself any type of offense or violence that has been done against you Matthew chapter 6 and 14 says for if you forgive others for their transgressions listing for if you forgive others for their transgressions your father will also forgive you so that tells me because I speak enough of you I'm going to forgive you for doing me wrong now I know in the world that doesn't sound like is it lines up cuz the world of tell you just a bit or just a mad just having an attitude but this says if you forgive others for their transgressions the heavenly father will also forgive you
so you talking about what's taking place right now but even in the future if you say you wrong me you took advantage of me you hurt me but I choose to forgive you because I know that if I forgive you he's going to forgive me he's going to forget all of my sins and my transgression and I'm going out on a limb stay that even though I didn't do anything to deserve it I'm going to still forgive you
yes it is it is it is something that we really need to talk about we need to talk about this more because we have people in the church is that has talents are they don't have no love there are not sympathetic there there there there they are truly given a picture of what the world is all about the world does does not love us it loves itself we have people in third showing for the love of Jesus there you know they say that old well because that you know you bumped up against me or you know maybe maybe we had words and whatever I can forgive you for that how can we
that kind of mine stood in the first of God how can we have that how can we have leaders that are not showing you know we have to we have to show you know the members what to do you know in order for them to get it it looks like you know the perfect example of the one that was done wrong he turned around and he forgive those that have transgressed against him and then he gives us an opportunity of Gateway you Grace be able to forgive to forgive others one thing I want to say about you know Fergie
I have just like a couple of points here about you know we must I know forgiving is an absolutely necessary if I have to say that it's an absolute necessary because if it keeps you free keeps you free and not held hostage the other thing is that we must forgive often a man Paul even said that that which I want to do I don't do it that which I do I do you know and he says that I have to keep this flesh up under subjection you know so I have to forgive we have to forgive often it's in Luke 4 chapter 76 be on your guard if your brother sins rebuke and if he repents forgive him and if he stands against you seven times a day every character you seven times stand I Repent you still forgive him so we're forgetting we're keeping our self clean and righteous and we're trying to stay holy Annex
portable unto God by forgiving often a man and fell and then we'll also put away bitterness and anger and then the other thing to is that a love keeps no records of wrong 1st Corinthians 13 says love keeps no record of wrong it doesn't remember that and even when Jesus was hanging on the cross he could have come down he could command the heavens and he could command what was going on on Earth to cease and desist but because he is loved he keep no wrong is that something that's amazing to us all love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins so I like how you said any season 4 + 32 be kind to one another tenderhearted each other
Christ has also forgiven you
ABI q words because we can sit in the seat of a scorned we can fit in the seat of Wrath weekends we can sit in the seat a bit but we choose Christ today and in choosing Christ that means that whatever befalls me whatever has befallen me or even has overtaken me in my past and even in my future that I choose not to keep a record of the wrong because I want to keep myself clean certainly there be someone that come one day it's going to ask you how did you make it over how did she go beyond that situation when I didn't want to forgive but I've commanded to forgive a man yeah they mad
man it is so wonderful
appreciate the opportunity for this is this is really needy because I want to tell you that that there are some that are listening under the sound of your voice today that are looking in there they're struggling a man in a particular situation and they are looking for a fussy during this season's this is a holiday season where we week leave the family weekly tradition and you know not every family is the the model family a man and so there's a lot of distension and things like that in relationships and family and their situations where families can't even get together because of unforgiveness because someone is missing today and this is their out this is their remedy for the situation Ackley to the Holy Spirit to the scriptures a man where God gives us an opportunity to right a wrong amen
and I believe it's chapter 33 or 32 or 33 we're Jacob we know Jacob left home wrong amen he was fleeing from his brother but the Bible says that the Lord came to him and he told him I want you to go back thank you Lord and so he gave him instructions to let him know that I have already paid the way to go back and to offer forgiveness to ask for forgiveness for whatever they want so I'm here to tell you that God will give you a way of escape to go back and to be able to handle some things and to release yourself into not be held hostage by the spirit of unforgiveness
amen amen amen that's a great story that's a great story that people need to hear you know that Jacob you know that God told Jacob to go back because it would all be well you know don't you know I don't want to do that but God you know God in his word I mean look at what God told Jacob to do go back in and I believe that God is telling some of us that we have to go back we have to go back and as we have to deal with what we have to go back and we got a deal with this thing because we can't we can't be kind to one another tenderhearted and definitely my sister we can't forget
no matter if we don't allow God to use us in that situation 1st John 4:16 says a week I have known and believe the love that God have to us God is love and he has Wellington love and God in him to love the love of Jesus that Jesus showed I mean we all the things he did was calling Lazarus from the grave and we talked about them the boys I'm the boy being raised from the dead we talked about the young woman being raised from the dead. We talk about forgiveness
how about we talk about that he pray for us on the cross
praise God Amen praise the Lord so good to hear your voice today God bless you beautiful woman of God God bless you too. What you know what do you have to say about forgiveness you you want to talk about forgiveness
yes forgiveness is it is something that I feel everyone
is capable of sometimes we forget how capable we are to forgive
you know we make the mistake and we hold grudges and my
yes grudges we hold them and and everyone everyone is guilty of holding a grudge at some point but the greatest thing that we do is at our lowest point
we forgive and we say you know what even though you push me down into the hole I'm gonna forgive you do you know and I had a situation that worked out almost the same way I have a grandmother on my dad's side
who is
not a very nice person okay in her time of need instead of holding a grudge about who she who she is and who she used to be
I asked God to help her
give me that is when you can truly say you have forgiven someone is when they have hurt you time and time again that woman still won't claim me to this day she still say I'm not her granddaughter that I decided to pray for her this is how capable we are as humans of forgiveness
Mario Kart for someone not even to accept your
the fact that you're alive but you still say it's okay I forgive you and I hope God helps you we are all capable of forgiveness that's good you just you just said it all you said we are capable but you know we get in I feeling nnn we get what we get to where we forget that somebody had to forgive us we worthy what we were the offender we were the one that was causing the pain and somebody had to turn around and forgive us you know
amen my God yes I am just I'm excited lady AC I'm so excited about this word forgiveness because it reminds me of all that Jesus did in pardon. Then we went we like to say that we we we we owe a debt that we can't pay but he Paid a Debt that he didn't know you know and so remember that he exonerated all our charges everything that we were charged in heaven his blood in his blood exonerated ask what that we have done or will do you know think about think about that when you said when you said and think about it
and you think about that he purred everything that we could ever do in life he's already he's already paid the price for we are acquitted but we don't have to worry about a jury we don't have to worry about the judge because we're already acquitted my God from what I'm just saying that you know this word forgiveness we've got to remember that so much because our births today remind us a man that we've got to see what one day you have the spirit of forgiveness you can be kind to your to your fellow man loves a woman when they you have that Spirit of forgiveness you can be tender-hearted you can you can have the heart for somebody that's going through
do not laugh at them on online from the store or you know walk around them like like this situation is it right there in your face when you have that Spirit of forgiveness you can but yes and you can remember that you know what somebody had to forgive you
that's how many listings is is beautiful and then I see I see a lot of stuff going on with people dying by themselves with you know family members crying out because their loved ones you don't bear it they've had their having to go to the hospital and nobody can give them nobody can choose them you know nobody can come in here and and and and read the scripture to them you know because one or even a friend do you know when we're going through when they went to the hospital in the past you know some of us you know we would go to the hospital and he was going stick to that person even if they were in a coma we will speak the word to them we would speak over them and they can hear us and they come out of that coma saying I've heard you I heard that you was in
no no so true nobody's there and so now we they have to rely on the god that they know you know the gummy bear. To be able to lift them up where we have helpers one to another we can't we can't do that to them or in front of them like we used to so you know they're certainly the time that changed but we still serving ever ever amazing God you know Joe said he says I look to my left and I look to my right but he's a guy that's ever present and this is the assurance that we have the confidence that we have that we know that he is still with us to be able to do those things that we even as leaders and pastors and its clergy may not be able to do in this season you know
how to take we don't have to take this subject up forgiveness back up in some point of our discussion we going to have to do this again but I am going through I'm looking at the time and I I I want to be very careful of that I am I am on point in that I'm where I'm supposed to be I'm just so excited that God has open up this door and we're able to do this and we're able to talk to you to you know men women boys girls about this good word and God do you know I stay I stay Apostle dr. Sher Williams being with us amen I think a man lady AC of being with us it has been a pleasure I just thank God I thank God for these moments this time because it is it is it the word that had to get out to the world that had to get out there because so much of a
start hurting on the inside and I want to thank you for being with us today not my sidekick so that he can be with that but I thank God for everybody that joined us today I pray that the word was said a man that would cause you a man to understand that forgiveness is the key forgiveness is Bastille Jesus on the cross for what that we did he said father forgive them for they know not what they do my brother my sister boy girl if you don't know this Jesus that we've been talkin about if you if you have unforgiveness
you need to go to the Lord about I encourage you to do that today I encourage you to let the Lord lead you in into a mess a place where you can forgive the one that hurt you I know that it's probably stuff a situation out there where you were molested or hurt in such a way that they changed their life and I want you to know that Jesus is the answer if you don't know him today would you would you do this with me would you pray this simple prayer
and ask you to forgive me of all my thing I asked you to come and be the Lord Of My Life come and live on the inside of me that Lord that my life that you can use me or do you think that prayer I believe it all the angels in heaven are praising over you amen amen well I guess this is being old-fashioned gospel radio so I am so excited our church is old-fashioned gospel Temple Ministries we are located at 1303 D Street Sunday is 9:30 a.m. and I wonder where she is at 11 look if you don't have a certain you looking for a church on come on and let's have church
play Power Hour special gas Apostle dr. Sher Williams anointed Touch Ministries International and then I want to thank my daughter a ACL for joining us today
a man
eacs to be in good company with you all today thank you for such a magnificent work today and we pray that the paperwork Best Buy it
hey man I just thank God for that a man I thank God for my sidekick amen I thank God for him being there amen

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