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Odyssey, February 15, 2007

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Courtesy of BBS Radio
Interview with  producer of 9/11 truth film Loose Change,
Jason Bermas.


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the answers to

Welcome to Odyssey - a wildly relevent show covering ancient and modern mysteries across the globe!

Timely and impactful bits of information can be found on the TNT Board (BBS Radio Bulletin Board - Trusted News Trader) which will keep your mind busy for hours. I am here to share some of that information, while leading you deeper and deeper into the greatest mysteries, coverups and propoganda of our time.

Mike S. is the host of Odyssey, and the producer of 3 DVDs on the Ancient Astronaut Theory. The basic theory is that thousands of years ago there were advanced beings, or the Annunaki, who engineered pyramids, and monoliths such as the Easter Island statues, and Stonehenge.

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