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The Metaphysical Hour, November 20, 2020

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The Metaphysical Hour
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with Julia Cannon and Tracie Mahan

The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon and Tracie Mahan

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The Metaphysical Hour

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Julia Cannon carries on the work of her mother, Dolores Cannon, who authored 19 Books (so far) and was a Past-Life Regressionist and Hypnotherapist who specialized in the recovery and cataloging of Lost Knowledge. Dolores is widely acknowledged as a leading authority on Nostradamus and considered the World's Foremost Expert on his Prophecies. She passed to the next realm in Oct, 2014 and now continues to work and inspire from beyond the veil.

Dolores' powerful method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), was developed over the last 50 years as her technique to not only unlock the Lost Knowledge captured in her books but also to provide amazing and life changing physical, spiritual and emotional healing to her personal clients. Her method is still being taught by Julia and through a series of online classes that Dolores developed before her passing and is in use by over 5,000 practitioners around the globe today..

Julia, a renowned author in her own right (Soul Speak) continues to run the company's publishing, academy and media businesses in addition to bringing Dolores' vision of the Cannon University of Metaphysical Studies into reality.

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good evening everyone and welcome to the metaphysical hour on Julia Cannon and this is my what should we call you Coco Coco Coco you call me something else something else she's also made him so you know trouble maker actually you're on that one all by yourself please please join us we're on you know as you know we are on here I'm trying to act like my brain is doing some really weird thing because I'm like announcing that we are on Facebook live if you're not there you don't know that I was saying that she gets right yeah if you're there
I always love it when people now if your sounds not working let us know
yeah yeah I'm even make sense I'm not hearing that for you so hello to everybody who got room to say is please please let us know you're there because we love love love to have your interaction and to you know we can feel you but it's even better if we you know we would love to see you we do that but it's this isn't set up that way so
you can let us know you can you can let us know you're there by Dallas so there's a couple of them that are stupid
hello Laura and Laura does a lot of posting and stuff and gets our show out there and posting it lie so thank you thank you by saying her name right I hope so
am I saying Mars name right well I have to lure i b l a r a I think it might be spelled it so now she's trying to do that by Laura Lara it was somebody else in your name
and I've only been working with her how long now and I just write her how do you say your name but she's answered to me and make sure she doesn't ever correct me if I have said it wrong so I apologize if I have answered that question of how do you pronounce but I don't know if you know this is an opportunity for anything to get corrected that needs correct it's alright yes that's where we were going with them and British Columbia Orange County world and we love it and we we welcome you guys to join in our fun now we got you all excited last week with a topic right TuneIn
falling for you well and thank goodness Tracy wrote it down and I wrote it down and I made a banner and I put it up and it's all about belief systems and then Julie and I got on here and we're like when we can talk about what was the context Ivory when it came up to be a topic what was the context what we talkin about that that seemed like something that we really needed to do a show on I want to make sure that we tell her whatever it was working with
I hope that we get that figured out so I can actually last week he saw how we did and then many times when it's just me and Tracy I mean we in in this is what we're doing a lot lately with a lot of the shows that are very professional but it is for us in this new day night this is trying to teach everybody something this is what they want I mean they actually living in my work today it's my guidance to I had a talk by told the story before but I had to talk that I was invited to do
maybe like 4 years ago 3 or 4 years maybe Street anyway and it was a it was that an event 3 hour okay that's not in a little little thing you know that's like you need to have your smile crying and and so I'm preparing for it I'm like okay well let's get you know and I'm talking to them was like okay so what are we going to talk about and there was just me dead silence crickets nothing, I need some guidance here guys I need to talk about I'm going to give you an idea of what they look like
yeah they just thought they were all that in a bag of chips. Nothing and I'm like okay I guess that you know and I do know enough at that point enough to trust okay at. I'll know when it's time to know but here I'm at now I'm driving to the event
and you're getting a little bit like last like you know it would be nice to have an idea because I mean I know I can put together stuff quickly if an impression that I will know but I'll be like last minute so I mean this is really testing faith and trust and I'm like okay okay I'm on my way over them like okay we can do is still nothing now I kind of hearing this bickering it's like it's like she's coming down and and then as I am I'm trying to say I think it was now I'm over there and then now it's at the break right before my talk and I'm like
anything and they're just like no you just get up there with nothing and just see what happens and just go from there and I'm like all this will be interesting yeah powerslot I don't know if I'm as willing as you are to do that was a back-up plan but you know I just I know that you know I do better and I mean I'll have kind of a structure and then they I just allow it to happen you know and so but it was like I've never ever been asked to do the whole thing that way it was it's usually they'll come in and fill in gaps or fill in parts and stuff inside or they they completely shift I'll come in with one plan and I shifted to another so it's almost like why are you even making a plan and I see that you're going to
when you sent up there and you open your mouth and will you know you're going to have an idea and I'm like okay well then that you know and I did know that this was teaching this is teaching people how to trust how to decide if I eat by me doing it it was teaching at least one person in that audience that it's okay to do that you can just completely trust and follow and allow and it works you know any rest a little bit maybe maybe cuz I don't know why what even was said because it said we didn't know and that's what I'm supposed to know exactly unless I found that so many times and that's what they really wanted me to meet to know because I had to get more solid in that and trusting that they
my back always got my back and I will never be put into a situation that I'm not taking care of you know so it's like it's that kind of stuff and then also it was to teach cuz I told the audience I said okay here's my situation I told him exactly what I just told you so I said I don't know what I'm going to talk about but then I started going and I just started following the guidance and halfway through it we took a break and this man came up to me and he's like oh my gosh this is such wonderful information is the best talk I've ever been to and I'm thinking
because it was just allowing it to come through because there was nothing preconceived there there was nothing I wasn't attached to anything I was just letting it come in because I had asked you a question let's see what comes in
if you love it when I do that I just want to be like, just send her for a moment with the audience you know we've got a beautiful audience listening today to people in the chat room letting us know where they're from and to load it all of you Julia minute tune into your energy so I want all of you to focus it on Julia.
what does the audience what would they benefit from hearing from you today what is it that you would like them to know that hire Santa now
now the first thing that came through as you can do it believe in yourself
somebody is thinking something is impossible and they're reinforcing that nothing is impossible nothing is ever impossible you just it's just a perspective that you're taking on it you're looking at it from a limited perspective the same from every human perspective suggests broaden Your Horizon broaden your view and be willing will be willing to look at it from every single angle look at blow the doors off of it look at it from anything any other angle be willing this must be a big deal OK be willing to listen to others they have different perspectives and so see that I'm the one I know what's going on I know this will soon as we get caught up in that you know I may just have this one View and it's like just open it up there even said I'm even seeing looking from above
sing at the larger perspective looking at it the bigger picture really pull yourself away from it emotionally okay and tell me about speaking so I said emotionally that got caught in my throat so there's something is a lot about emotions here that's making it difficult to say what it is you really want to stay and I guess that's why you getting you came here because we're talking about belief systems and maybe you thought that has something to do with this well it's your own stuff it's your own stuff for your limiting your vision and so
just allow yourself to to hear other people to see other other people's Viewpoint it doesn't mean you have to you know you have to do it it just means there's it gives you a different Vantage Point that's all it is and once I always call that information gathering if I can get other people's perspectives that helps me it just gives me more information with which to make the best decision from so yeah you do this better than me or anything like that it's just you have a different perspective than I do and I appreciate that and I would like to hear it and then I will I will put it with mine and I'll put it with others that I get and then I can make a more educated decision right so so whatever I don't know if that was okay with that now makes me want to ask more questions this is not really a psychic
1 800
you can see that that sexy little phone voice hello how are you
okay now we got a different 800 number for that guy
sublease systems just send that information alone you know we do we get wrapped up in our belief systems what we grew up with what what we were taught by Society what you know her family are individual families believe what schools taught us so how do you filter to what you read that day what you saw on TV that the moment actually not the moment you're born with the moment your conceived and maybe even before that because you were hanging around your parents before you even came in and so you were picking up things from them and and then society and everything else all of the all of the inputs that we can I mean, imagine all the ways that we get input and it's all coming in this your true that you have to be this you have to be that and blah blah blah blah and that's all that's just believe that's their opinion
you can come you can listen to others but take it as perspective rather than or an opinion and in by calling at someone else's opinion so how does that help kind of
distance yourself from the emotional part of it rather than oh my God so I must be wrong they must be right or if I'm right they're wrong and oh my gosh it's going to create this big horrible thing and hang up speaking from experience here okay if anything I when I do this when the special and I can give a motion to it and so I'll personally have personal experience
I could Julia and I always talk about where YouTube freezes are almost every week into the camera to see if it's going to be. This time you were doing some I don't know what you were
last week you were often you were making one of the faces that we were giggling about and then they did catch it I'm impressed every time I'm giving it to you we're going to do a lot of this why we talk we're going to make a lot of facial expressions were going to use their hands a lot
because now it's our Challenge and we get a kick out of it
Shepherd so anyways while we're talking about belief systems and
don't know if you were to say something to me and you're safe Tracy
you should go do this thing you should go do this really big thing and I'm like no no I can't do that you just say to me as somebody that was trying to work with the police this around I can't do that well I'm more blunts now that I used to be and I would just sounds like a belief system to me what you going to do about that right how's that working for you those are good ones and that's enough to get it to switch if it's you know if you need more than that then that's where we're happy to give those kicks in the butt to so but but I found that just saying it's just so much easier to hear it when somebody else doesn't then we do it ourselves
yeah that was a belief system Outlook you caught that
when I heard myself saying I was like oh my God that was a belief system 2 thinking that it's harder for me to hear it with myself than with other people actually it's just at whatever I want to be true is what we get here so I can just rephrase that and go you know what it it it tends to be easier to see it in somebody else but that's where I can now recognize it in myself and it's so it's super easy to see it myself now yeah limitations there even some of their emotional wounds and story
a situation somebody ask me how I'm doing and I find listen to my story I'll be able to catch why I'm in that story exactly if you're not saying it it just stays in there and keeps playing over and over and over again and it on this continuous loop and you don't even notice it but as soon as you start if I can get it out there that's why I say that women I've been saying that actually sick all the time oh my gosh what am I doing then you can fix it you can correct it you know change the tape you know we don't have to take that safe going to make a new recording cuz if you find yourself saying always or never or everyone knows our Clues nobody ever that always happens to me
I love it when somebody tell me when when you hear somebody say nobody ever lets a nobody ever calls me nobody called you know like nobody at all ever called and then it turns out it's like two or three people that they would like to start finding the story I do love the amount of hand video by the way we are really going to get good screenshots to be like this
the one time we get like the perfect Smiles in our screenshot will be
okay next question tuning into the audience am I doing this
why I'm doing this so you must be sending you up okay
okay so
what is it that you're picking up emotionally that's being held onto by the the bulk of the audience or something emotionally that maybe it's time to let go up
can I mention something before I do when I close my eyes I'm staying off and it could be just you and if they're going to come through and this it looks like my mother on a screen and I'm like an interstate it's not moving like he would be like if you know so it's not taking your image I mean I cannot see any but it looks like the silhouette of a right here may be associated with this might be something with that what is the deal I'm here I'm getting again it's like not good enough what what is that it's a which is the same as it's similar to the first one you know was kind of coming in there and you can do it believe in yourself you are good enough I got we are enough I mean and this was a huge message when I heard that it may not have been the first time cuz when is this deal about me I'm going to just
everything I say and I'm going to sound like I'm babbling but it's like I want to quantify with but you know how we don't always hear what we hear the first time it may take three four five six seven times before we finally it gets in and so that's also say the first time I heard this I this is it was like oh my gosh my whole world it really made an impression on me the truth was it probably wasn't the first time I heard it by then the third fourth Fifth Sixth Avenue but it finally sunk in and I read it or I said you are enough
oh my gosh that was one of my biggest things was always trying to be more be better be I'm trying to live up to some expectation it's my own expectations but you know how we put it on all these other people that I need to do it for them I have to prove something to whatever and it was like you're enough and that just took all this pressure off it's like oh my gosh I'm okay just the way I am and that was a huge huge Revelation so it's kind of like that kind of a thing that you use someone or ones are needing it's like that's a predominant thing I'm feeling is that maybe it has to do with way things are going in the world right now but that's just to get you to look Inward and too
you don't have to work with yourself just be more introspective and and understand you know kind of where you are in this whole thing it's the I know it may seem kind of out of control but it's not everything is in divine order and divine Beauty and you are an integral part of it and you are exactly where you're supposed to be and are exactly how you're supposed to be so trust that that you are the person you are exactly right you are exactly enough you know you're just perfect absolutely the Way You Are
and you know it some as as you're saying that in Union with you are enough comes in mind mine comes the phrase why not you salute Lee yeah why everyone else why not you so why not you
each one of us is a unique gift to this
planet to this play to this earth experience if you were not here it would not be the same experience
right you are needed
and important very important and somebody needs to hear something you're going to say and somebody needs to experience a healing modality that you have a lot of dealers are those ones saying oh no I'm not that know ya go to step into your Divine Healing and go facilitate absolutely and when you were saying that so many times and you know you are needed and it might be something that you you have to say or whatever and what's wonderful about that is cuz you might say what I'm not doing anything on I'm not doing a show where I'm not doing anything on stage or I'm not you know so I must not be you know I don't have anything important to do yes you do I mean like I think we did a show one time about all the different roles you know like the different categories and stuff and and that may not be what you're here for but I guarantee you you will
probably say something to someone that they needed that exact thing at that point you may never be aware that you did it but it came Huntley completely change their life you know and they would come back and point to a time someone so sad when they said that to me just like when somebody when I heard you're enough to that turns it was a revelation for me now I don't remember who it was when I can roughly remember when it was but if that person wouldn't have said that
I wouldn't have had the Breakthrough that I made it and that's where these figured you say absolutely you just do you you be you and and know that you're going to be in the right place at the right time and just be your beautiful self speak from your heart and if something is needed out there it will be given you will give it and it don't look for the the dino yeah you did it you know you may never know I never know
and that's okay you know you say something in that person may go home and then they'll reflect on the conversation and have an aha moment or whatever it is we don't know and we don't have to know that's part of being a facilitator is part of being a vehicle for for that kind of work is that sometimes we don't know what we say something or do something it's going to turn out to be very valuable for someone else and change their experience for the absolutely you said something and I mean like it may have been advised that may have been something you were just talking and it just started coming through and you're like where on Earth is that coming from that's not me I don't you know I don't know it was like exactly what the first animated or whatever but you were not it didn't come from you it wasn't your ego is all I'm trying to say you didn't think it up it was just flowing through you
and I'd love to see how many times has happened you know I have that happened recently oh my gosh if you hadn't told me that I wouldn't have had the last two weeks of winter men doing this particular thing that you told me to do and I would have had a completely different experience and I don't remember saying a word exactly describe the whole moment and I was like it wasn't my message it was their message so much it's like that you're a willing vessel to allow the message to come through to that person see you're in the right place at the right time to deliver a message okay we got so many often many times actually Lightly for sure and so many times you have so everybody that you guys are awesome thank you
yes that's wonderful and that's what we're talking about you are not see that you're in the right place at the right time to allow the message to come through we're actually doing just being in a conversation Works only somebody when we get that little nudge how many times have you called somebody when you get that little nuts and go hey I was just literally just thought about you and they needed to hear something from you or they needed to just have somebody touch base with them and talk to him and so I mean countless times for that you know
you follow what you'll get the confirmation just like Tracer just saying still say oh my gosh I just thinking about you I've had that happen so many times where I call and swiss I was just texting you in the motion it's like cuz we do that all the time anymore because the phone is just a confirmation that we were picking up on each other yeah exactly moving into that Ascension we are moving into that frequency where were telepathically moving in and hearing each other in that way picking it up it's on
yeah and as weak as we're going but they're saying I'm you can look at that as a scale this is cool okay because it was it's been going on for quite a while but if you noticed it's happening faster yeah I feel like you think about them in it coming back faster that's giving you a it's almost like a scale of how much further we are into this new vibration we got we've got something for you to tune in to keep it as as bigger than personal love life
I personally can't remember what this date I know I think set master logically or is this the winter solstice or some like that what they want you to do to December 21st
and what is what are the changes that are coming on December 21st because all the astrologers are talking about this so I heard about that I know December 21st and 2012 was a big deal that was when that shift happen but I haven't heard about anything cuz that shows you how I live in my little bubble and I really don't interact much with a lot of the things it's like if I meet if I need to know it comes to me so but I was getting though as if you're saying about the date when I was seeing was like like a veil if I can see this Misty show me Vale and it was showing it send send send like really thin so I remember to the Aquarius like that song the age of the Aquarius so if you guys can let me know if I'm on the right track with that so that would make sense but it is also the the solstice they are
not for me in the next hour or so
but yeah that's not staying was like it's like it's old is its real feel me and then it it's like it descends sends it's like she can it's more important Rands loosen so it's much if it's tremendously Center
OK Google set an out but it's to a lesser degree you know if it stays clear or thinner than it had been so it gets to a new send this I guess we'll see and it's always been standing since any but now it's like to the same house they're saying they'll be things happening that we can no longer deny and that I'm getting the feeling if that's what their abilities who are the ones we deny the most ourselves
sitting down and so clear you'll be you'll see things you'll know things and I'll be there's no way you can deny these things anymore so if that means getting something similar like people would be on the ones that still kind of are affected by the veil that that's getting very thin and and they won't be able to not see any longer you know it's going to be very much like how the hell if I never seen that before so what's chicken step further okay those of us that have been seeing this happening gradually and been working with it and and noticing abilities coming in and and we've been able to gradually adapt to it ok people that have been a full denial
and haven't been to that place it's happening to them as well and so put yourself in their shoes they didn't get this slow gradual adaptation that many of us as heck it's going to be pretty quick and they're going to start seeing things that they've never seen before feeling now weighing hearing things that they've never experienced before and so this I got my whole body is just so this is where you are able to help them in understanding what's going on okay so you're saying that this Army of lightworkers that have been in this waking up getting ready getting ready to getting ready this is what you're getting ready for labor going to start bumping into people that are going to have questions and need some help and and
okay but you'll be that calm because you know what's going on it's like oh my gosh this is completely normal it's all good everything's fine there's nothing to be afraid of this is natural can you imagine what that would sound like and feel like to somebody that's you know my whole world is upside down what's going on we are having the weirdest conversation to anyone that if you were to cross someone on the street they would just think straight jackets are needed here straight jacket and I just said you know this is kind of conversation I have all the time you know and it's like
what do you think would happen if just anyone came up to you from the street said hey hey Tracey how's your day going oh you know well the galactic Council of the arcturians were turning on the bus about this new vibration and frequency coming into the planet but tossing people to be a little bit Moody but once it's going to get really good and things are going to click
free jacket right that is going to be getting becoming more normal normal normal like you said so I think we are really expanding into such an amazing time where we do know that there's other beings other very benevolent loving wonderful beings that want to help us on this planet you know and for all of you who are like why don't they just seem on down here and help us or land their little ships and help if it doesn't work that way for several reasons but when we're not interference we came here to experience Duality and they're here for our guidance when we learn how to accept that land on the ones to be a part of this conversation like I'm one of them I know you are you on if you want to talk to the camera
what happened in now so
okay have two things I've come in but one thing was what you're saying to send is dumb
you're making you want me to fill in the blanks so about is a British I'm okay this is the thing okay if they were coming if they were here they could land I mean and they probably have they probably do it everyday but if you are not in that place. If you are not in that place to see them if you're if you're not ready you still have your your bail up your your Shields up you're not going to see them you're not ready and they won't they just won't happen and it's it's a you sent a thing and it says them saying yeah they know if you're ready or not so oh yeah they're so empathic with our energy if they think at all that would scare us they can't they don't want to be around here cuz their Collective Consciousness so if we get afraid of them than that really hard
so that's one of the reasons I've heard they don't they don't show themselves we have to eliminate it or we have to so dramatically reduce it before they can actually come into this plane. The fear frequency so that's where we have to really shift that before we can be on that in that frequency to be able to communicate see all those things with him what did the singer is coming in February kids popping in what is there anything happening in February
your astrology people are is there I mean your summer December is there something nice day
I mean I want to see and I'm not seeing a certain part of it or anything it just says February
so who's that for
I don't know
I know it might be me but it it's you know
did I type that came in my mind to is that for me and so I don't want why would I even think that unless it is these predictions I haven't heard back in February good that's awesome all right maybe we're all going on a trip cuz covid restrictions left right you know
and that's been the weirdest thing when that first happened and I was like oh it's just going to be a few months if you know these as quick as it comes in and how many times have you hear that
and it may break when they whatever you know I don't want to get into all the other stuff about it but it's all about fear so it's it's either again we're back to cheer you know it's about if there's another barometer it's it's a gauge for us to determine to understand our where we are with our fear or fear quotients that's weird that's interesting
it is a word but I'm not sure if that's the correct way to use it
just interesting that is a little book and look it up
oh oh my goodness it's like as
you know as Humanity starts letting go of the sphere then we're going to see a dramatic shift in all of them. You said it and it just went right to the heart yes and so that way we can use it to their several things we can use as as indicators to us or something just trying to get an idea that's what they're saying this will show you so I think we've had enough for having spikes in cases that means there's been spiked sincere okay there's been some things happen and okay people showing a bit more insecure right now so it's like it's increase when we start getting that stuff under you know where we're okay with things and we don't go here see her on everything you're going to stay the same Jess
it's going to leave as fast as it came
you know that makes sense and with the holidays coming and you know you got people thinking about family get-togethers and you know if you're feeling the isolation of separation and stuff that could be an emotional and if there's there's one thing I mean in a feeling this right now from somebody or whatever they're wondering if this is going to ever be over it is this our new reality is this time I know it's not we have shifted realities for sure you know it's it will never go back to normal but we can certainly normal we have new normal but that's you can look at it that was an impetus to get us to move into that and let go of some of these may be out mode out out outdated what's a word out
so you got to have it fall apart so it's be rebuilt but yeah so if it's not working because we just keep holding on to it because it's all we know and it's not working you know and this is showing us once you show me alternative it's like oh you know maybe this is better than this okay so let that go and what we had to kind of get pushed into that because we're so crazy over creatures of habit and comfort and will stay with that until it Shone breaks or shown to us that it's not the best thing anymore we can do something else and I think we were just in a very big comfort zone
ourselves out of that and because this is us doing this I hope everybody really just that I'm already big and I'll doing this to us they are players and their but we're all in this together doing this as other level we all know what's going on we know exactly and calling on hopefully this is coming in is calling on this part of ourselves here comes that trust again to trust that on the larger scale on the bigger scheme everything is in divine order it's all fine and that was that something that you don't have to know all that stuff I'm just telling you
away from the show with red marks on your throat
what happened so excited to have a little bit here it's up here
and so I don't know if that's different that gives you hell still a tugging right here on my throat when you know I need to say something or you're going to clear your throat or this way up in here so I'm not sure what that means but it has to do with this area so it means something needs you said I'm and I'm feeling like it's one of you guys there's something you need to say there's something you want to say there's and it may not have anything to do with that maybe in your personal situation or something you've got something that you've been holding back in fact maybe that's what this is about it's like you're holding it back
yes there has been a big year of release that's what 2020 is going to be known as the big release I think and we love you too
when you're speaking of that wrote it feels to me like there is some truth that needs to be recognized for it themselves so like the journey I think has to go in before it can come out and make sure we like exploding energy on the show just shine it sign it so bright and
we want to see that light all the way over here but yeah you know I noticed a lot of that with with clients and I was doing a qhht session the other day and you know sometimes I get other hits since I'm sitting there in the person across from me and and behind him I'm just seeing this wonderful glow and it was in my third eye I know when I say things like that people think I'm physically seeing nothing but I can see it in my mind's eye that there's this big blow behind them and like there were these almost like sparkles within it and then this is the part that I love is when you get the confirmation because the most amazing client sitting there she says I feel like they're right energy with all these little Sparks
but you know Turn It On Turn It Up make it big see how big you can make it, I think it's a Sunday turn on your heartlight the song you know we can put all these things together we've been being told for a long time about this and you have a life you are a bright light Let it shine let you know just let it down and turn on your heartlight
turn on the Heart Light young man know you haven't done this in a while this is not necessary stop it stop it you have so much energy energy that's coming in and there's a lot of really on topic but for some reason I can't not it says off topic Heathen do twin flames exist
and so I want to kind of say maybe not in the version that it I mean there's so many different versions of twin flames I think there are souls that are so tightly connected that you can't not recognize that being when you see him and I think a lot of us have had that experience where you know we know that we have known this person be on Lifetime many lifetimes now one of the messages that I did get separate probably about a year ago in Flames is that a masculine feminine energy as a planet goes in the balance the 20 Flames will come together and they're going to be placed on certain energy grid points of the plan so you do think you have your twin flame with you
I would love if you're listening and you can comment if you could tell us if you moved when you found each other because that was one of the things that was shown to me is that they were going to have this instinct to move to a certain place on the planet and there was a reason there was an energy grid there they were holding that balance of the masculine feminine
anything you want to put in there for the twinkling well I think I think to try and lock it in to make it one person is a little restrictive and because like that what you're describing there. Is that why you're doing this. You and it's funny and we do have one that said they moved
okay this is epic
when I'm seeing is cuz you know we come from the East
just work through it and fighting with the idea of the impression that your arm is going to be
no I'm like send an ambulance if you're losing too much blood
okay I love it when Julia's animals get involved because it's usually pretty entertaining like the cat was bite biting your face
are we playing or playing
okay if you guys are not laughing
black therapy now we're moving into last therapy moves energy out very quickly oh my God it's like jump energy last year I had to come out and like it wants to come
okay okay just me I'm just I can't believe you can do it all and you know if anyone's listening to this on the radio versus the video which can't see is he's done legs just totally coming up into the screen currently the dog was using Julia as a chew toy that part we couldn't see so much
I don't know what that energy cuz I think he's to know that this is not normal behavior on that note if you have a dog in your able to post a picture with my missio I don't know if we can post pictures if you can I'd love to see a picture of your dog into the Twin Flame conversation after energy get it out because you just like all the other kind of energy that we the store up Eel
stop it
oh my gosh well in the emergency room if you need video evidence of what happened
what are you doing I just need to pop but just complying up
so it's a good thing that has come up in your land
okay OK Google play music we look at the soul group we are from you know we have so families we have the so families and that's at recognition that we see and there's members in the soul family that we may do things that was over and over and over again so there's such a familiarity there and that I really feel like that but we're we're sensing or that's what we're looking for were looking for that that the other Souls that just get us that know us and and when we meet them that's what we're feeling is that kind of a thing it's like oh my God it's different we been with them were so comfortable with them but I can't because we have so families
I wouldn't necessarily confine yourself to I've got to find this one person you're a because then you know you may you may have access to a bunch of this might make some people you may have been each one's lines coming in your life you know so maybe Broad and they're getting that comes back to have the first thing we said is broaden your perspective and be willing to look at it from other direction, because it can be that you know what your back there out there
it was good entertainment but no I totally agree with you that you know we do have these with more than one person and you know you if you go through a breakup with one of these Soul connections you might be like oh my God I'm never going to find anyone like this again now you will everybody comes in and out of your life at the right point at the right time and you know and if it if it's not supposed to be forever and they're leaving at the exact right time and another one will come in because you got agreements with all these Souls all these people I love something that you told me one time that you tell people that when they they're so concerned about the ants like the right person wondering if it's it is just the right person and what if I messed it up what if I screwed it up and I wasn't there at the right time blah blah and you said you have something that you say and that has made such an impression on me it's like it goes back that trust and ever in the face again and it's like
that way if you want you want me to say it if it's meant to be it will not pass you by if it's meant to be it will not pass you by guarantee you and Erica is admitting to be the Puppet Master behind the dog
Erica came in late on the show she doesn't even know what all the fingers mean do we even know what it was I was going to tell everybody I may just like you and I are Erica and we have a there's a story behind when we first met him face-to-face and it was at Erica's am definitely so I think we probably all are everybody everything but you know crazy things there's like and I knew that energy there's something once you once you know the energy than any time you meet somebody else that's like that you just okay yeah you're right you're part of the group you're part of the group the first it's like oh my gosh this is the one and only but these are no this is this group that's it
she is family and she says it's obvious
so yeah very wonderful day to have you know the qhht people are family and I swear every time I meet somebody find out that they've taken the course of stuff is that looks like this instant weave of a connection happen because we all have this the same like a frequency or desire to help people and that just that so recognition that alone makes makes it like family to meet people and and that doesn't mean that you have to be cute with that desire to help and this is beautiful energy and I think we do recognize each other as the volunteers as the ones that all in all right all right I'll go
work were pushed cuz I heard some of them that with him
and even if you're not I mean maybe you haven't recognized that in yourself yet but you know that you're here for a reason you know it's like it's best you don't and that absolutely you know it doesn't have to be all I'm part of this group on par this group you know if you're here you're here for a reason you have a special if you're here you're listening to this
and it wasn't just for dog entertainment bonus
it's nice of you to provide entertainment you heard whining at 3 trying to get her she won't play I'm going to get her to play so
is it time to segue into the part where we tell everybody how to find the website if you want to 816 such a wonderful day was pretty shopping sorry will you know if you're not familiar with with HT which is quantum healing hypnosis technique which is my mother created she founded it my mother still arrest Cannon and she discovered it's like she was just doing her thing I mean this is where you never know what you're doing is going to lead you you know she was just doing her passion doing what she loved and following her guidance and she thought well I'll just share some of this insights and I'm getting to the sessions and she started writing them in books and so that just an excellent reason she wrote them and box she thought well if I find it interesting maybe others will she put it out there
stop trying to see what you have done what she can have the rest of us wouldn't be doing what we're doing exactly exactly that's why I just do it if you feel guided or feared being told and she was being told she was pushed you know if you're feeling pushed really do it there is a big there's a reason guy and so and it was it was well into shortly before she passed she started looking around and going when did I do until then she was just doing her thing she was doing this and then she was told she needed to start teaching it so that's why she start teaching it and you know when the books are out there so that that's helping us to understand and expand our our Consciousness are under expand our
our vision but there's another word
anyway I whatever is it just your limits I mean you can't even imagine what you don't know exactly exactly as if nothing else that got us kind of started on that path of opening their minds to be objective and to be more willing to accept other things it's not just this rigid point of view that we're all the time told that it must be you know if I would go ahead and look at things it's not going to hurt you to do this and it might be scary cuz it's rattling your your foundation a little bit but that's all that's only reason scary anyway so that's why she did that and then after she passed and then you know how to cheat with her oh my gosh 15 years
anyway it's it's it's such a beautiful beautiful thing to help other people to find out who they are to discover what it is that they're they're trying to tell themselves or what's going on in their life and that's what happens in these situations she's sessions it's just helping you up to the bigger part of yourself and so if you're looking for to have a session you can go to qhht and just go to find a practitioner we have practitioners all over the world and so surely you can find somebody in your neighborhood and just look at my contacts and see who resonates with you you know and if you're willing to travel then we have like Tracy over over and in Washington if you're in Vancouver Washington appear in the lower part of Washington then yeah I'm not too far from you I'm just out of the Portland area of Oregon
and if Erica popped on here and she's in the Scottsdale letter by know where you're from if you're if you are by yourself
child advocacy if they're on the show that shows right there that you got something in common there if they're part of your family so that's one little thing right there anyway you can go on the website also I look in your area see who resonates with you and then and make contact you know and just see what works for you then also if you if you would like I was saying it's just a matter of wanting to help people that is really the only prerequisite that we asked to call the passion Factor do you is that something that you just feel driven I really feel like I'm here to help people this is a wonderful way I mean what I can't think of a greater thing to do for other people do to help them expand their understanding of themselves and then to meet their true selves and and then really understand their whole life purpose and what they're here for I mean
you left your phone here before we get into a how to become one Jacqueline in the chat room did announce also some practitioners travel and see if one of them so that's something to think about you is that you cannot travel maybe you'll find a practitioner you resume that will travel so thank you Jacqueline that's a wonderful because we do have some and then because that's exactly that's a need and so they're willing to go to these other areas and and do sessions I'll hopefully Jacqueline you're making announcements out there like before you go. Like if you planning an area to make announcements and some people in that area will know ya sister while you go to the qht find a practitioner in up there on the list
your first thing you have to contact them you have to see if they resonate I mean ultimately you know if something fits or not if it feels right and please if something is nagging at you that know this isn't right then listen to it I don't believe how many times people call us and say you know I just didn't go whatever they had expectations were not mad and and or it wasn't a positive experience for them but then they'll say you know I text you in like this wasn't right for me but then he stay just like please be true to yourself that's not right allow yourself to leave it's okay to say no this isn't right for me you're not the right person for me that is totally okay we teach our practitioners to do that I want to teach you as a client to do that it's okay to say to resonate with your practitioner
the resident with practitioner absolutely because that's the biggest thing for this to work you have to have trust and rapport with your practitioner if you do not it is just not going to happen and that's why you will come back I didn't work for me was because you didn't have that that relationship he didn't have that trust so you got to find somebody that you feel like you could trust and do this because this isn't a big deal you know and it's not something frivolous whatsoever so you want somebody that really resonates with you that you feel like we could just tell your whole life story shoe
I want this a good question what is the best preparation for qhht session sheet yourself by not doing it expecting your practitioner to do it or anything else or you'll just wing it and do it at the time but sometime you have the opportunity to ask anything you want to know I mean if there's anything any questions you're going to be in touch with this part that knows everything so ask it if you have any concerns about any error of your life just ask
you know that's the best way to find out and so that's your best wonderful that's beautiful preparation just doing that just going through that process because that starts opening you up to becoming ready there's a thing is just if you want to do some meditation or do things like that to help you kind of start getting into that place but you know that's helpful it's not required by any means but it's at 10 but you're somebody that is you know that that's not normal for you to be in that state but you know that it might help but you're not at all do your normal routine like if it's a most I think a lot of the practitioner start their sessions about 10 or 11 so having breakfast you know it's going to once you go into that session you're going to be quite a bit of time that you won't be eating them unless they're saying okay you can bring us back or something which is fine but
just know that you're going to be a while before you get out of it and have a meal so make sure that you eat you know you're going to have a while before you actually go into hypnosis so it's not like you're doing it on a full stomach or anything you just want to know where it's taking you through the auspices you know and I think the some people say that because if you want to keep with your preteen don't want a headache if you normally have coffee and you just drink coffee and might end up with a headache to drink coffee for me but you really don't have to do a lot of cuz I think the biggest thing to do is make that list of questions so really take that seriously you know I don't take anything that's going to some states smoking pot is legal I personally as a practitioner would like you not to do that when you come in you know drinking the night before and being hungover that may not survive
is that those kind of things might be things to consider you want to be clear and and be able to another on that line is maybe you've been up all night and now you're really really tired trying to get a normal night's sleep before it's really just you be you and just be willing to to just open yourself to this person and and the thing is about trust but then again you got to trust yourself yourself saying no I don't feel like I can do this with this person then listen to that but also so you know if it's just a matter of all that's just none of the wall I need to let down before I can open that that's a different thing then I can't I don't know if I can trust this person
things there that that you're working through and that's part of the process so it's about knowing yourself again I would say to you
go in with being willing to open up a can of worms because that's what we're there for you or hiring us to help you get through those cans of one and I remember I had a client once where I was asking questions and so how is your relationship with your parents
okay we're not going to get anywhere with that and I just finally said you're paying me to do the stars has let's get into it and oh my gosh we broke free from The Limited answers we get so programmed you all stay positive stay positive stay positive I'm going to tell you break all those rules because you want to get real with those feelings of all of that that you shove down cuz you're trying to stay positive we want to get all of that out of the way so that you can stay positive so that you are healed in this area so go with an open mind and ready to share and be a little bit vulnerable and but you don't trust your practitioner but please build that rapport with them and then allow yourself to be a little bit vulnerable in there because you're going to find your healing is extraordinary when you can really open absolutely
so much more powerful if you will do that job creation is you know just cuz I had to do with myself because I have been and I'm better now than I was but you know sometimes that's what we want we want to know that we're in control of this different situation and things would happen in on it by my conscious mind is like
you know you're making this whole thing up this is ridiculous why are you even doing this is crazy and it just all this chatter chatter and I actually let's just what is he got to lose what have we got to lose by just going with it you know if what if it isn't real okay whatever but let's just see what happens does that is that going to hurt anything over here if you can reason with it then I'll be okay but just know I'm always here so if I see something that looks suspect and I'm going to jump right in okay that's fine but he is so you may have to like it starts as you know it's just a game let's just see and that's what got that's what helped me and you know other than all the
other magical things are so big make it make it the biggest or you can possibly make up I want to know everything you could create in this scenario tell me all of it because we can always do that later. That that's me is that part of you that's that's letting it go and finally letting it flow in and put it out there in the biggest thing you said there is like it'll filter through later I'm and that's where you might see things that just don't make sense and it's like that that's okay I just keep saying I'm just keep talking about the slow it will all make sense when it's done and so just seeing through it will all make sense
makes sense when you're saying ever seeing it or what it's what's happening and then all the sudden it'll click and I've seen it a hundred times
Circus the ferris wheel none of this makes sense and then pretty soon where are you I'm in the room of mirrors I keep seeing myself and all these different things and now I understand all these different role that make sense
somebody wanted to be in practitioner then you go the same way coming up while you go to the same side qhht and you know when we have a course is Paige you can go there but I think it's on or is it on our home page now you saw it beforehand then what we have every time we have a Black Friday sale starting up on Wednesday and we're just starting to put notices out about it so that you know it's a really good price at this is something that you've been thinking about them this is a wonderful time to do that I'd love to have you know it's an online course you can do it at your own pace
you know you can do it in your pajamas it's okay normally on that I can pick up my leg
by the way, bottoms
alright okay what about soulseek the stock so I'm actually going to run a Black Friday sale in it that was still in the formation stage so I can't but just look to Julia and you'll see if you're if you're interested in that and that's just another aspect of who we really are and how much bigger we are part of the plan that we have going on here and it's teaching us about that and all the messages that were trying to deliver to ourselves and do a thorough physical body and we do those body and you better listen or it gets louder and louder
and you're going to learn about your body and you're going to get this will speak book and it's an amazing course so please come by me over at Tracy and I'm also on the qht under the find a practitioner follow me there got a YouTube page where I do some really crazy stuff they're so I'm all over me Google what is this song called
anyways love you all thank you so much thank you Tracy and we may or may not see you next week is it is Thanksgiving so we haven't decided what we're going to do most of you will be sleeping after Black Friday and turkey leftovers so I don't know maybe we'll see you in a couple weeks absolutely so whatever you do have a wonderful week and holiday you know it's always just a reminder to be thankful but it doesn't mean just be thankful on that day we be thankful and grateful everyday for all the wonderful things that we we are and that cuz every member thoughts are things
whatever we're thinking and feeling we are creating
she'll do it again
okay you guys
let me know Aaliyah love you you guys will see you all later goodbye to everybody

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