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The Metaphysical Hour, August 6, 2010

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The Metaphysical Hour
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with Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon

The Metaphysical Hour with Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon and guest Blair Styra

Dolores & Julia discuss the events that occurred on the Awakening tour across the US with Blair Styra.

The Metaphysical Hour

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Julia Cannon carries on the work of her mother, Dolores Cannon, who authored 19 Books (so far) and was a Past-Life Regressionist and Hypnotherapist who specialized in the recovery and cataloging of Lost Knowledge. Dolores is widely acknowledged as a leading authority on Nostradamus and considered the World's Foremost Expert on his Prophecies. She passed to the next realm in Oct, 2014 and now continues to work and inspire from beyond the veil.

Dolores' powerful method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), was developed over the last 50 years as her technique to not only unlock the Lost Knowledge captured in her books but also to provide amazing and life changing physical, spiritual and emotional healing to her personal clients. Her method is still being taught by Julia and through a series of online classes that Dolores developed before her passing and is in use by over 5,000 practitioners around the globe today..

Julia, a renowned author in her own right (Soul Speak) continues to run the company's publishing, academy and media businesses in addition to bringing Dolores' vision of the Cannon University of Metaphysical Studies into reality.

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[(0:00)] Dolores Cannon: Good evening, everyone. This is Dolores Cannon again with the Metaphysical Hour. Here we are the first part of August and this is the first live show we have done in a month. We were gone the entire month of July. So they were playing shows out of the archives the whole time that we were gone. But we have got a lot to tell you about all the places we went, in the last month. There were a lot of things happening. So that is what we are going to focus on tonight, but let me give you the toll-free number if anybody wants to call in because you are welcome to do it. This is just an open mic night, I guess.

[(0:45)] Julie: Open mic or we can just stand up.

[(0:48)] Dolores: So that we can answer questions too because we are just going over to the things that happen. We are all over the whole United States. So that is a lot to do in a month. Okay, the toll-free number in case anyone wants to call in is 1888-815-9756. 888-815-9756. Okay, I guess we have to start at the beginning.

[(1:19)] Julie: Okay.

[(1:20)] Dolores: We got to go back a whole month because it began with the 4th of July weekend.

[(1:26)] Julie: Right.

[(1:28)] Dolores: We were at James Gilliland UFO conference in Washington State. We had to fly into Portland, Oregon and they drove us down. It is a really beautiful country out there.

[(1:39)] Julie: Very beautiful. Gorgeous country.

[(1:41)] Dolores: There are no snow-capped mountains and everything.

[(1:43)] Julie: Right.

[(1:44)] Dolores: And in fact, it was cold.

[(1:46)] Julie: I know several places we went we are kind of cold but that one was cold, yes. When we are doing the sky watching.

[(1:53)] Dolores: But we went to the conference. We could not stay for the whole thing because we had to get back because of all the other traveling we had to do. But it was interesting; it was out on the ranch. Well, we kind of said it kind of reminds you of Woodstock except without all the bad qualities of Woodstock.

[(2:13)] Julie: It is very natural and very at that of a country, you know? Back to nature and everybody held, that tents.

[(2:22)] Dolores: They had about three or four hundred people that a lot of them pitch little kids all over this whole field. There was a lot of enthusiasm. There were a lot of young people there. There are a lot of speakers I have known because we have been with them before and I have had them on my show, but it was interesting the night they had the skywatch that we set out there and it was kind of cold that night. Everybody is sitting out in this field and waiting for the sun to go down so they could look for UFOs. It was interesting they held all these people, the young ones they were out in the middle of the field and they were in a circle and--

[(2:59)] Julie: Right, calling them in.

[(3:01)] Dolores: Chanting. Chanting and calling the UFOs in. They wanted to see them. So everybody was all excited about it. The sun went down and you had to see this beautiful sky with all the stars and of course, every time somebody did see a light move, they will say, "There is one. There is one." A lot of it was airplanes.

[(3:22)] Julie: Right.

[(3:22)] Dolores: There was some strange light.

[(3:25)] Julie: There were a couple of lights that we could not-- Two or three lights we could not explain. To me, what was profound-- I mean, well, you saw that one, the light.

[(3:38)] Dolores: Yes, saw a light.

[(3:39)] Julie: Yes, go ahead and explain that, and then I will talk about what I was getting. I think that is very much where we are going or they keep looking at it with their eyes and that is not necessarily what it is going to be.

[(3:48)] Dolores: It is another part of our... What do you want to call it, the brain or the other part of our psyche that regards music?

[(3:52)] Julie: Right.

[(3:54)] Dolores: But everybody was watching the sky, and Julie was talking about airplanes. We could see airplanes going across but then this one part of the sky that we are watching, all of a sudden I just saw this big flash. It was like a flashbulb way bigger than a star just flashed on and she was looking somewhere else and she said, "Oh, that is a plane," and I said, "That was not a plane." She did not see what I saw. I do not think the ones around us saw what it is.

[(4:24)] Julie: No, and I was not looking enough in another direction that I would have missed it, and telling me I was not looking enough in that direction where I should have been able to see it.

[(4:32)] Dolores: Yes.

[(4:33)] Julie: That it was for you.

[(4:34)] Dolores: It was just like a flashbulb gone off and it was big. Then I kept watching that part of the sky again, to do it again if it was a plane or if it could not have been a plane but it was too big anyway, but then we never saw any more after that, on that part of the sky. But Julie was picking up things more psychically, I think.

[(4:53)] Julie: Right, I kept over my right shoulder and I have no idea what direction that was in the sky. I do not--

[(4:58)] Dolores: We were facing toward Mount Adams with the snow that was in the background.

[(5:02)] Julie: Yes, who knows. I think it was the other direction but I kept feeling them. I could feel them. It was like this one spot, and there was a cloud even had a formation up there. There were not any clouds or something up there that maybe that is it. That was a Vortex kind of feeling. So, it had a portal feeling to it. They are going to come through there. I mean, I could feel them there. Then, I was just trying to talk, communicate something. It is like, "Can I see you?" and stuff and they are just saying, "Look with your heart." And so I am like, "Okay, how I look with my heart?" I think not too long after that, I heard James out in the field telling them something about open your heart and so that was interesting that he was saying that but--

[(5:50)] Dolores: Because they were all chanting and calling.

[(5:53)] Julie: Right, and they are saying, "Open your heart to receive them," and they were telling me, "Look with your heart." Then, you were getting cold and say, "It was enough." It was like; it was not going to happen. I could feel it was not going to happen for me that night, but I could feel them there. Well, then the next day, when William Henry was giving his talk when James Gilliland was introducing him, he was talking about they were had been out doing sky watching years ago. He commented something about he was-- James was asking William if he saw them and William was like, "I see them. I can feel them. They are here." And I am like, "Okay!" That was exactly-- I could feel them. I knew where they were. I mean, I kept asking how can I see, what in it was like, you have got to get this interdimensional vision was what I was hearing, but I also heard right behind that it is not very far to come. I mean, it is not going to be very long down the road to be able to do that.

[(6:52)] Dolores: As I was thinking, it has to do with dimensions.

[(6:55)] Julie: Yes, I think interdimensional.

[(6:57)] Dolores: I have had many cases like that too, where people will see something and somebody else will say, why does not l see anything. It would be a huge craft. Sometimes it is a very individual thing, very personal thing, but that is probably what it is that has to do with--

[(7:11)] Julie: Well, that was what we were getting at the Grand Canyon. We will get to that, yeah.

[(7:16)] Dolores: We will get to that. All right.

[(7:17)] Julie: To be done later.

[(7:18)] Dolores: We will go to get through it tonight.  Anyway, when we got done, we had to drive in the middle of the night back to Portland because we get a plane the next day. We could not stay for the whole conference because we had to get ready for our tour. We were having the Awakening Tour. If you remember, I have had Blair Styra on the show before. He is the most renowned psychic chandler in New Zealand, where he channels on Tabaash and we brought him over here for our conference we did in June and he was here all that time. He was here a total of two months before he just now went back. After our conference, he went back to LA and was going to join up with us after we came back from the James Gilliland conference. So, he joined us in Chicago on our way for the first leg of the trip. This was just the next week. The first leg of the trip we were going to go to Boston and then up to Nashua?

[(8:22)] Julie: Nashua, New Hampshire.

[(8:23)] Dolores: New Hampshire and Ashgrove--

[(8:25)] Julie: And over Massachusetts.

[(8:27)] Dolores: And over, we did not go to Ashgrove.

[(8:29)] Julie: She did not know where she was.

[(8:31)] Dolores:  I did not know-- [inaudible]

[(8:31)] Julie: He did say, ''Come on. Follow us''.

[(8:33)] Dolores: This whole month I have no idea where I am. I am just there wandering around the whole month. People saw me somewhere, I guess. We flew into Boston.

[(8:43)] Julie: We got you there.

[(8:45)] Dolores: And then, until Blair was with us by that time and that was the first leg of the trip. And on our Awakening Tour, we were doing a joint lecture series. I was lecturing and then the first half, part the first hour and hour and a half, and then he would do his channeling where he goes into trance and has Tabaash come through. And Tabaash was intermingling with the audience and everybody just loved it.

[(9:12)] Julie: So precious. I mean if everybody out there you have to experience Blair and Tabaash you just have to, he has such wonderful information for---

[(9:26)] Dolores: He has this tremendous personality too whenever this entity comes through is an entity that really cares about people and he gives individual messages. So this whole trip, he was doing personal consultations with people too. But that was the first leg within the Boston area. And I do not think we had anything happen there. We were just starting.

[(9:49)] Julie: It was a very good group ''group'' it was wonderful. Yes, it was a wonderful way to start everything. Yes.

[(9:54)] Dolores: We are thinking of going back there and doing a class in that area.

[(9:58)] Julie: Next to doing class another talk and class and Blair will be doing the private reading.

[(10:03)] Dolores: Okay. So Blair had not seen a lot of the United States. When he came over Landrieu and he just saw the LA area and then he saw Arkansas but boy, believe me, he saw plenty of the United States on this trip.

[(10:17)] Julie: He has got a much better idea. He knows how big it is or better idea how big it is.

[(10:21)] Dolores: So he said they used to, '' I do not understand this or people are so spread out. There are just too many people''. So we went to Boston, showed him the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. So then the next leg we flew across the United States to LA, and we had to do the next part was going to be in Ojai, California.

[(10:44)] Julie: Right.

[(10:45)] Dolores: Now a lot of this stuff looks good on paper, you can get from here to there. But when you start doing it, it is not that easy.

[(10:51)] Julie: Oh you love being a rock star, you know it. We were doing a Rock Star Tours, what happened? So that kind of a schedule, Rock Stars schedule.

[(10:60)] Dolores: That is what she called it being just ''go, go, go'' with no sleep and constantly and one place to the other, but we got the LA, we had to do a car to get to Ohio, cannot display in there. And of course, ran into traffic. It took almost three hours to make that drive, but he said one of the reasons he wanted us to do these places the one who set it up was that these were vortexes.

[(11:25)] Julie: Well, there are also different kind of places that, yes, they were vortexes. Ojai, Mount Shasta, and Sedona were all vortexes.

[(11:32)] Dolores: That is where we went on this.

[(11:33)] Julie: And boy, did we feel them? I mean I was, I was excited about that. I wanted to.

[(11:37)] Dolores: We got to Ojai.  Julie and Blair went out and they were able to feel it was a place called Meditation Mountain just out right there on the table [crosstalk].

[(11:50)] Julie: There are several around there. But the books are, she just said, well, there are several and she gets to start and tell us where they were. Well, she just said Meditation Mountain we looked at each other like that is where we got to go. We just knew and that is where we went. That was the only one we went and visited.

[(12:04)] Dolores: Well, you said the place they had marked off to meditate was not the place.

[(12:08)] Julie: Oh, that was a message I got when I was going up there. I was getting all kinds of stuff. But what I got was where they are telling you it is not where it is and sure, and I mean that was probably what they were talking about was, they had a meditation room and it was locked. So like, well you could not use it anyway, but that was right in the middle of this complex of buildings. Well then, they had a trail that walked off but that also had chairs along with that where you could sit down and any of those--

[(12:38)] Dolores: [inaudible]

[(12:39)] Julie: But that is where we went out there. And that is where you could feel. It was like there was stuff and the mountains around there were talking to me and it was just like there is something over there, there is just, oh it was major 'major' stuff there.

[(12:51)] Dolores: If you know Julie is very sensitive to energies and Blair was too--

[(12:55)] Julie: Yes.

[(12:56)] Dolores: --so when the two of them combined, they were having a powerful experience. Did you really, you said you felt it throughout your body when you got up to that part?

[(13:05)] Julie: Yes. It was waves of energy and I got very emotional even and it was like I am remembering, you know being there before and, are just like I said the mountains there were-- these rocks in the mountains and it just kept telling me those are markers. I mean, I do not like some of it does not make any sense and I kept getting a feeling of home and when you look around there, it is like, it is not a place that you might necessarily call home. It is just-- it is gorgeous, but it is different and but I just kept getting a sense of home. And that is what loaded a lot of the things that were coming to me were saying, it was a home from long, long ago and--

[(13:53)] Dolores: It is a feeling really good to have, very familiar with it.

[(13:56)] Julie: Yes. Yes.

[(13:59)] Dolores: So we did our talk there and the same talks we did. It was like repeat, ''see for me it is the same thing''. I still remember what I said was Blair is always different times. He goes off into la-la land.

[(14:13)] Julie: He must have been working; now he works when he is in la-la land.

[(14:17)] Dolores: He said solved doing work and then while he is doing that Tabaash takes over his body and he never knows what he is going to say. So every time is going to be something different and we do have a CD.

[(14:29)] Julie: They were aware, yes. We did record them and I think the sound is good enough or we can put them out there.

[(14:36)] Dolores: So we are going to put like this is a variety of different talks because each one is a little different. You never know what Tabaash is going to do.

[(14:45)] Julie: No, but there was, at least in the first four there was a similar thread of this one message I think it took that many times to get through my head.

[(14:56)] Dolores: Yes.

[(14:57)] Julie: Because I finally got it and I would like to address that here a little bit later after we go through the things I would like to address what his message was that was just profound and it is like, ''the secret''. Well, I got it. I am like, oh my God, this is it. This is it. So I want to share that little suspense there.

[(15:18)] Dolores: To be continued. But I think a lot of it depended on the audience. Each audience was a little different. And so this made his congregation, his talk a little different.

[(15:28)] Julie: Right.

[(15:29)] Dolores: So anyway after that, we had to get up to Mount Shasta that was the hardest part of the trip because you cannot fly there and you certainly cannot drive, it is too far. So when I was setting up the flights the only way to get there from down where we were, we had to go back to LAX, and then you had to fly Alaska Airlines to Redding, the closest we could get to Redding, California.  Then we had to rent a car to get over to Mount Shasta. And I did not like the schedule at all because we had to get there and do the talk that night when we got there. So, we pull in there--

[(16:09)] Julie: Lead me, I kept hearing about it.

[(16:11)] Dolores: Well, you know that it was, that night too, we already took three hours to drive from LAX. We decided to leave it before the crack of dawn for 3 a.m. to get back to LAX and beat all the traffic so we got about three hours sleep. So we go there, get the plane, get up there, drive out, and remember how many hours--

[(16:34)] Julie: He went very long.

[(16:35)] Dolores: --to get to Mount Shasta.

[(16:37)] Julie: Maybe an hour and a half.

[(16:38)] Dolores: It is beautiful. The mountain is right there and it is snow-covered and it is beautiful. We got in the room and I said I got to get some sleep before we do the talk. I cannot just keep going on low energy. I got to have some rest. So I lay down to take a nap. I think I only was laying down a half hour and we got a call that these people were there who wanted to do some filming. Now we had heard before they might be there. So they said, ''we are here now. We want to come and do the filming in your room'', and Julie was saying herewith, ''I was trying to get some rest''. Well, what she said, ''this is the life of a rock star''.

[(17:19)] Julie: And you thought we had a glamorous life, did not you?

[(17:23)] Dolores: It is a lot of beautiful plates. Oh, you travel these places and it is so exciting. They do not know what it is all about. So I had to get up and try to put myself together enough to do the filming which was an hour. After that, they wanted to do Blair and it was no use trying to go back to sleep because it was getting time for the lecture. So what I felt that I have already given my lecture when I did the filming. So then this is going to be a documentary somewhere down the road. I never know where these things show up. I just do not--.

[(17:57)] Julie: And that was a part who was and was doing it but it will be on their site, it was Conscious Media Network. And so they were filming and they will have it on their site.

[(18:05)] Dolores: Okay, so if you see me looking a little tired, you will know why, but I felt like I had already given my lecture. So I did not get any rest and we had to get over to the hall and start the regular lectures. And I felt like I was completely drained but you know, with me it is like you push a button and you go automatic play and it all comes out. So we did that and Blair did his and they filmed him so that maybe on the Conscious Media Network also.

[(18:40)] Julie: Yes. Yes, they will be.

[(18:41)] Dolores: They filmed his talk there. So then we got to get some sleep because we were going to have about three hours sleep again to start to get back to Redding, to get the plane to get back to LAX to go on the next trip. So we are driving in the dark. Most of this tells these trips.

[(19:00)] Julie: How about Blair did a great job. Now here we have this man from New Zealand. They drive on the other side of the road in New Zealand. So here he is and he is the one driving, he loves to drive. He had conquered the LA freeway. So and he was loving it. So I let him drive and he did a great job.

[(19:18)] Dolores: He was confused a few times.

[(19:20)] Julie: Just once.

[(19:22)] Dolores: So anyway, we get back to take a go to Redding, get the plane back to LAX, get the plane there to go on to Phoenix because the next leg of the trip is Sedona. And so we get to Phoenix we have to rent a car to drive to Sedona. The only this takes a lot of time. So I mean if you think it is glamorous you are sitting on planes, you are in Brighton cars. You do not get any sleep. So we arrived in Sedona, the first thing I want to do was take a nap on the way least we are okay. We did not have to lectures till the next day. But Sedona is another wonderful place with it, it is a Vortex and here again, Julie and Blair felt something there.

[(20:07)] Julie: As we were coming in and we had to stop the car. We were not even in Sedona yet and it was just like, we had to stop, we had to get out [crosstalk]

[(20:14)] Dolores: [inaudible] rocks that gather here.

[(20:15)] Julie: Yes, it was just saying they were just-- they talk, those rocks talk.

[(20:21)] Dolores: And he felt it too.

[(20:22)] Julie: Oh my goodness. Yes.

[(20:24)] Dolores: There was something weird happening.

[(20:26)] Julie: Yes.

[(20:28)] Dolores: They were feeling energy now in two places, but you know, a lot of people that go into Sedona say they feel the energy. But now Mount Shasta is supposed to be a vortex there. But Blair said when we were in Mount Shasta, it is a beautiful mountain, but he said he felt the energy was dormant.

[(20:49)] Julie: Yes, I did not feel anything and then I told him I said somebody it feeling he said he felt like it was dormant. So I do not know, what 'what', I do not know if we need to be in a different place. If we need to be closer to the mountain. I do not know but where we were, we were not feeling anything. Whatever that means.

[(21:05)] Dolores: Yes, could get supposed to be a very powerful place anyway,

[(21:10)] Julie: Right.

[(21:10)] Dolores: But in Sedona, they felt tremendous energy.

[(21:14)] Julie: Yes, and it was-- but it was different. It was different from the Ojai energy. Each one of these is different but it was still very powerful. I mean, it was the most powerful but it was different than Ojai.

[(21:25)] Dolores: So here, Blair gets a taste of what the desert is like. A hundred and ten degrees in Phoenix and even in Sedona, it was hot.

[(21:33)] Julie: It was a hundred I think.

[(21:34)] Dolores: Yes, so we are, he getting a taste of a lot of different parts of the United States.

[(21:38)] Julie: Right.

[(21:39)] Dolores: So anyway, while we are in Sedona, we had a couple of days there that he was doing private sessions. So one of those days we were so close to the Grand Canyon that we decided to go up there. I have never been there. Julie had been there one time and she thought twice?

[(21:56)] Julie: Twice.

[(21:56)] Dolores: And that Blair would enjoy seeing a real landmark.

[(21:60)] Julie: You cannot be that close to not go. I mean you have to go just the way it is.

[(22:06)] Dolores: And I have never seen and even though we have been close before so she thought it would be interesting for him to see that. So we took the rental car we had and we drove to the Grand Canyon and it was amazing too.

[(22:22)] Julie: We did stuff up there too.

[(22:23)] Dolores: They did a lot of things that I did not do because I do not like to get out, walk that far.

[(22:29)] Julie: I do not know if something about, he may be like that normally, I do not know but I was a little bit more adventurous. I think with somebody else is with you, you will do some things that you might not do normally and so--

[(22:41)] Dolores: What reason would the Grand Canyon? Oh, they do not have any fences or anything you get off the road, and right there the edge of the canyon and drops down.

[(22:51)] Julie: Yes, you are a big person with a brain in your head. You know that you are not to take that other step. So, you know what you are doing.

[(22:57)] Dolores: That was they had signs around that said not very many people fall off the edge, but if you do you will not survive, which makes sense. They went on their own, I head back to the visitors center because it was hot too.

[(23:14)] Julie: Yes, it was hot.

[(23:15)] Dolores: And you said you went out; he went out on these points that were coming out into the canyon.

[(23:21)] Julie: Yes, we went home with rocks and he went out on some, he went further than I did. But yes, we just, to do it.

[(23:30)] Dolores: The tone of what you said, he saw, he was picking up and looking out at the canyon.

[(23:35)] Julie: Right. He kept picking up. Well, there are several in there and look like what could be Pyramids and it is within the canyon. It is like there are pores in there and the--

[(23:45)] Dolores: Find the rock formations.

[(23:46)] Julie: Right. They look like pyramids and then you see caves, you know in there along the sides and things at several of these. Well, he was looking and he was seeing the craft.  First, he saw this one-- a big one. That was a long cylindrical-shaped one, and he was seeing a lot of little ships and he was seeing stuff going into those mountains and stuff. He was just seeing them and he said there is something underneath is like a whole base in their Laboratories. That is what he called Laboratories.

[(24:15)] Dolores: He was picking all [crosstalk].

[(24:16)] Julie: All the stuff. Yes. He was picking up all this. Well, what he gets, he was seeing that other dimension and then as he was doing that and I am trying to look with my heart again. Remember look what the hearts I am looking I was not seeing stuff. I was feeling and what was coming to me was because here are all these people along the edge and they are just doing all their stuff and looking and down the canyon and doing all this and what was coming to me was here. We are doing all of this stuff and these people do not have a clue, you know, all this is happening at the same point at the same time and they do not know it.

[(24:53)] Dolores: You, being another dimension--

[(24:55)] Julie: Another dimension.

[(24:55)] Dolores: --it is all happening.

[(24:57)] Julie: Yes. All of the stuff he was seeing I could not see it but I could feel that something was happening. I could feel the stuff, I could feel that this is happening and this is happening. And these people do not know a single thing. They have no idea. Well, that is going on all the time anyway. I mean that way--[crosstalk]

[(25:12)] Dolores:
And all these persons have not got any idea what is going on.

[(25:14)] Julie: Right? But this way I was able to focus on it. I was consciously noticing that there is a whole other world happening that he was seeing and these people I mean, I was paying attention to that to see it. Does anybody get anything and they are just over there laughing and doing all their stuff and--

[(25:33)] Dolores: Taking pictures.

[(25:34)] Julie: Yes. And not at all, nobody had a clue; we were the only ones I think looking into, for this other stuff. So but, yes.

[(25:47)] Dolores: It was neat that he can see into these other dimensions.

[(25:51)] Julie: Right.

[(25:52)] Dolores: So anyway, we had another successful talk to them, each to each place. We have had a good crowd.

[(25:59)] Julie: Yes.

[(26:00)] Dolores: And do we what we wanted to do was introduce Blair to America. When I went to New Zealand 10 years ago, he introduced me to New Zealand. So the idea has been to let America find out about this man because he is fantastic and it is time more people knew about him.

[(26:18)] Julie: Right.

[(26:19)] Dolores: And all they loved him everywhere we went they loved him. So that was the idea of it, not so much for me I did not feel.

[(26:28)] Julie: No, it was for you it was a matter of us we were, he is a marking [?] trying to working areas. We are trying to see what areas that we want to, where do we want to do more things, and stuff like that, you know undeveloped. Yes, and that is why we were doing things in areas that we had not necessarily done before that it was for you as well. It was from all of those just working this whole Awakening tour.

[(26:54)] Dolores: So yes, like we said to awaken because you know, let people know the veil is setting and it is time to move on and that was what we were focusing on but I really wanted people to get to know Blair because they really see we got a real jewel here.

[(27:09)] Julie: Absolutely.

[(27:10)] Dolores: And I know people are going to know more about him because they want to promote him.

[(27:15)] Julie: Yes. Yes. Yes. House is probably going to pick him up and work with him and he is going to be a big name. So you heard him here first though, right? Probably not. No, you heard of him in New Zealand first.

[(27:30)] Dolores: Okay, but that is the idea. So let people know about him and you will be hearing more about him.

[(27:36)] Julie: Absolutely.

[(27:37)] Dolores: And he is gone back now.

[(27:39)] Julie: Yes, he is back home.

[(27:40)] Dolores: He was ready to go for two months. So anyway, here we leave Sedona, then we take---

[(27:46)] Julie: That was where he had his experience the last morning before we left; he was out because here we are in the middle of the night where it is like four o'clock in the morning. I got to leave---

[(27:56)] Dolores: We have got to leave early to get to the airport.

[(27:58)] Julie: Right and so he went out across from the hotel and he is kind of communing with them and it is like, ''Okay, whatever let me know you are here in Sedona when he saw the bright flash of light like what you saw in Washington.

[(28:13)] Dolores: Yes.

[(28:14)] Julie: So he saw that kind of a thing and I think he got a message too but that what was interesting that he saw that same type of thing. Then I went out I was like, ''oh I am going to go commune'' and all I got was, ''not yet''. And ''When you are ready'', and I am like, ''I am getting tired of that being the answer.''

[(28:30)] Dolores: When you read, and you think you are ready.

[(28:32)] Julie: I do. I am like, I want to it dimensionally. Well, when you are ready and I wanted it when you are ready like okay fine.

[(28:41)] Dolores: Yes, I am ready. I think.

[(28:44)] Julie: Well when I am ready, it will all happen.

[(28:47)] Dolores: Okay. So anyway, then we had to get the car back

[(28:50)] Julie: And they could tell me that was for Blair to say about what happened. They specifically said they said we love you, but that was for Blair.

[(28:56)] Dolores: Okay.

[(28:56)] Julie: It is like your flash was for you. Those are things that were needed at those points, you know, but I could hear them. Say we love you.

[(29:03)] Dolores: Okay,

[(29:04)] Julie: But we are not going to show ourselves to you right now.

[(29:08)]  Dolores: So anyway now I did not do any sessions on this trip. There was no time there was poorly timed to as I did not get any sleep for days before functioning on three hours of sleep and then the driving and everything and no there is no way I could see clients and people kept saying why not you got time to work me in to do not you? Oh, yeah between running in the car to the next place.

 [(29:34)] Julie: Right?

[(29:35)] Dolores: So anyway, then we had to get the car back to Phoenix and take the plane to Dallas where we met up with Julia's daughter Tiffany who lives there in Dallas.

[(29:48)] Julie: Right.

[(29:49)] Dolores: And we had a lecture there and that was a really good one, too.

[(29:54)] Julie: Yes, it was.

[(29:58)] Dolores: So uh...

[(29:59)] Julie: And we got to the Detroit that you had. Um, Blair had been we had dinner at the reunions tower. That was a revolving restaurant downtown so that way they could see Dallas.

[(30:08)] Dolores: We were showing him a lot of America. Yes, but all he could see was the cities are too big.

[(30:14)] Julie: Well, that ends up being a very profound experience because I forgot that the JFK Memorial was sitting just down at the base of the Tower and when we were going around he saw it and it was like, oh, yeah that happened here and he is like, oh we have to go see it. So the next day that is what we did is we took a little bit of a step down there.

[(30:31)] Dolores: That is where the assassination took place right at the base of the top.

[(30:36)] Julie: Yes, and there we had some more profound things happen. I mean, this was a very good trip for energy and profound things happening

[(30:48)] Dolores: Supposed to be the Awakening.

[(30:50)] Julie: That is right. Well, we were awakening along with everybody else.

[(30:53)] Dolores: So, they went there to see They have a museum there now. Did you say the book building?

[(31:01)] Julie: Yes, where there was me were where [crosstalk]

[(31:08)] Dolores: Shot from. That is now a museum.

[(31:09)] Julie: Yes.

[(31:11)] Dolores: So you said they went in there and you got to tell them what happened with that trip

[(31:15)] Julie: Well on that one. We were just because we knew roughly where it was based on what we saw from the tower so it is like okay we got back down there and we are walking in that direction of what we saw and we got there and it is like the memorial was not to JFK. All these things were not it was something else there was like well, where was it then. It should be here someplace. Well, then all of a sudden I saw this little plaque and that head JFK assassination or anything and so we are staying the reading it and then this man came up. He is probably the local self-appointed tour guide and he started telling us, he just started talking about all this stuff and we were trying to blow him off, but he was persistent and I am glad he was because he told us things that we never would have gotten otherwise.

[(31:59)] Dolores: Could review Zimmer and

[(31:60)] Julie: No, Nuh-uh? We went to put the pieces together. We were just saying that we would not even know the museum was there but he is he told us, you know, it does they do not have big signs or anything and but he was pointing out things and then on the street where the arcade motorcade was that there are two X's and I have even noticed them until he was talking about it and I got chills just do what I am doing

[(32:25)] Dolores: Instead, you went over to one before...

[(32:27)] Julie: Well, I am building up to that.

[(32:28)] Dolores: Okay. All right.

[(32:29)] Julie: Anyway, he was talking about. Okay, one X where the first shot hit him. And then the second X is where the second shot, you know the fatal shot and then there was you know, it is like all the pieces and parts, you know in the grassy knoll and the fence and the everything and then he was like, okay, here is where Oswald shot from and as you can see there is no way that means that can do this one, but it could not have done this shot. I mean, it was all that information. And so and then he is like and you need to go visit that museum. So then we start walking down the street where the motorcade had gone and we are just walking along not paying attention to anything out there. We are just walking actual kind of walking toward where that fence on the grassy knoll is all of a sudden I got this wave of sickening energy and it was just like I am just going to oh my God, and he goes, oh my God. Yes. I felt something and then I happen to look and we were standing right next to the first X now my oh my...

[(33:26)] Dolores: That is what it is.

[(33:27)] Julie: Absolutely, and then we walked on to the second X and I do not know if I was I felt like I was picking up the emotions of the man that shot from behind that fence, and what bothered me was it was not I was I would have expected anger or hate or something like that. It was exciting. It was excited and that was very confusing to me because I am feeling. And I do not know maybe also I was feeling the emotions from the whole area. I do not know but I was just like it was confusing the energies and I was like I have to cut this. I do not usually get like that right have to cut the energy. I cannot too much for myself.

[(34:09)] Dolores: Yes

[(34:10)] Julie: And so is like we really need to move in a different place within Blair walked up to the fence where the man would have been standing right there, you know at the fence and he walked up and I mean, I am just doing all this weird energy I could feel and he got there and he is like wow. It is a complete piece right here.

[(34:29)] Dolores: Hmm.

[(34:30)] Julie: And so I stood up I got closer to there and it was not any of the other stuff and what I got intuitively was. Well, this was the part of the contract this so it was peace those two made peace with each other because they had an agreement to do this to play this game or whatever this role, you know, and that was done, you know where I was picking up all that other stuff before but it was this peace a peace was made between them. Okay. So and that was what like what out was important to know. Anyway...[crosstalk]

[(35:01)] Dolores: [inaudible] Kennedy and all of them or what?

[(35:03)] Julie: Kennedy and whoever the second shooter was Oswald. I do not live. I do not know. I was not necessarily tapping in there. But just this is the one that killed him was the one behind the fence.

[(35:12)] Dolores: Okay.

[(35:13)] Julie: Okay, and that there was peace. It was total peace. It was just it was strange.

[(35:19)] Dolores: But you know, we just raw printed my first book finally this last year that I set on for 40 years something everything when he started in the 1960s and the experiments we were doing them with hypnosis. We did not have any idea what we were doing at that time because nobody did this kind of thing and in the book, it talks about one of the experiments we tried was to have the woman look at the Kennedy assassination. And without telling her what we were going to have her see and you were this was in 68, which were only a few years after the assassination. They had already had the war in a commission where they had concluded what had happened and everybody was accepting it even though I knew did not think it was right and they had already sealed all of the records and files and everything to be opened in I do not know...

[(36:11)] Julie: In the 80s instead of the museum. There were sealed for like 20 years.

[(36:13)] Dolores: Yes.

[(36:13)] Julie: Which did not make any sense [laughter]

[(36:15)] Dolores: And they said they would not be open to rebuilding it either record dirty investigations or anything. So, anyway, when we were doing the session with this woman. We ask her to look at Dallas and see what was happening and without even telling her what to go. She saw the motorcade she saw the car. She saw the entire thing and it was very amazing because we had other people watching this in the room and she said, oh he is caught in a crossfire and we were 'what?' we had nobody had ever even thought of a crossfire before but they all said Oswald was the only shooter and then she went on to describe a grassy knoll and a fence and there were some people behind the fence and they were the ones doing the shooting and this was all new information in those days because nobody had ever heard any of it and it is all in the book. The book is five lives remembered the whole thing that we found out but then remember those days this was new, but now you found out thou be accepting there was another shoe.

[(37:23)] Julie: Well, they said I mean and the museum says that several people kept saying there is something from that fence from that grassy knoll. They were running to that grassy knoll that is where they were hearing stuff from and they went and checked it out. But there was nobody there but there was a train running constantly behind that fence. So that was going to be nothing for that person to get out of there.

[(37:44)] Dolores: Yes.

[(37:44)] Julie: But they but yeah, they are accepting that they decide later that there was more happening.

[(37:51)] Dolores: Yes, but we had a great deal of information about what happened that day and of as I said all of it all these years and I thought well, maybe it is not too old. We could bring it outright because over the years now, they have had lots of movies and documentaries about it more information has come forth but we did know it in 68 this was what happened.

[(38:11)] Julie: Right.

[(38:13)] Dolores: So anyway, that was Dallas everywhere we have gone we have had adventures.

[(38:18)] Julie: Right?

[(38:19)] Dolores: And so we come back from Dallas the weary travelers come in here. We were only home for few days. We have to go back to Ojai for our class.

[(38:32)] Julie: It was calling and the energy was still there [laughter].

[(38:38)] Dolores: But this time Blair had left us Dallas. Yes, he went back to LA and then headed back for New Zealand. We had to come home and just turned around to get in a couple of days to go back to Ojai for our class. It was a really good class.

[(38:53)] Julie: Yes it was fantastic

[(38:54)] Dolores: And we had a lot of people and we had a lot of very important things that happened in that class also. Oh, one thing one of the students was somebody I did a session with and I did not even remember all I know I do so many people that I just thought was she looks familiar. He said what was just last month in June and I said, yeah, but I have done all over the country since then well, she wanted to tell the class what had happened in her session. That she had been scheduled for surgery on her neck. She was in a lot of pain and the vertebrae in the neck had they were there but they were fused or they were going to operate on her neck. And of course, she did not want that done that she was in a lot of pain. So in the session, we came out that she was hung and when she was hung it broke her neck.

[(39:50)] Julie: Yes, we are talking about another life.

[(39:53)] Dolores: Not in that was another life.  She went back to another life. To where she was hung. And of course, the people involved are in her life. The man who had her hung was her husband now and all of that. So that was why the body was remembering these events. It does that it carries back or residue from other lifetimes and can cause physical problems in this lifetime. But anyway, she was telling everyone that after the session it was completely gone was completely healed and she is had no problems since and I said, did you go back to the doctor because she was scheduled for surgery and she said yeah I went back and I asked him you want to take some more X-rays and things and he said no as long as you are not hurting if you are not in pain, let us leave it alone.

[(40:41)] Julie: Good for him.

[(40:42)] Dolores: Yes, I see do not want to start cutting a lot of want to do that. So that was an interesting side note, right and there were a lot of things that happened in her session. So it is always good when I get feedback. I have done so many people and I never really hear on all of them know.

[(40:59)] Julie: No, you here on some but not.

[(41:01)] Dolores: Some of them could be a year or more later. They said oh, yeah, I never got to tell you what happened.

[(41:07)] Julie: Right?

[(41:07)] Dolores: Then, we get the news? Yes, we know there were a lot of things that happened and the woman we had the demonstration on in this class. It was fantastic. She was totally healed too. The curvature of the back and she was in a lot of pain and he had a whole lot of things done to her.

[(41:27)] Julie: Yes, yes.

[(41:28)] Dolores: So, that is amazing to have these things happen. As the class said I do show I played demonstration tapes for the class of showing other sessions. We have had when they were healing done, but they said you had some it is one thing to hear the tape. Another thing to watch it being done.

[(41:47)] Julie: Right, and seeing you and you read a lot of this in the books to you will talk about it and you will hear you know in the book. She will see how the subconscious talks. You will hear it on these tapes it talks, but then when you see it and experience it you are still going. Oh my God, wow, so it just blows you away.

[(42:05)] Dolores: That is what they said. They said it was the most fantastic thing they had ever seen and the woman if she was completely turned around all together afterward when she was talking to everybody. She got down on the floor was kneeling on the floor and she said she could not have been able to do that for years.

[(42:24)] Julie: Right.

[(42:25)] Dolores: She used to do yoga postures that she had been able to do any of it. So no pain at all. Everything was gone. And that makes me feel good when I can see that happen and the person has helped so much. But while we are on that we are having one more class.

[(42:40)] Julie: One more in the United States.

[(42:42)] Dolores: One more in the United States that next week right? It is going to be here in Arkansas. One more class will have more next year. We are trying to figure out where to have those and then at the end of August, we go to London to have our class there and then one in the south of France.

[(43:01)] Julie: Yes.

[(43:02)] Dolores: And that is going to be interesting because I am going to be a Nostradamus territory.

[(43:07)] Julie: Yes, we will get a picture of her in front of his house.

[(43:10)] Dolores: I said if I am going to be very close. I am going to go see they have a museum there. So I will have more to talk about when I get from there. But if anybody is overseas, okay, anybody is overseas; we will be in London and Paris, and the south of France.

[(43:27)] Julie: In September.

[(43:28)] Dolores: And, then to be more later on. Okay, somebody there?

[(43:32)] Caller: Yes, Hi Dolores, Hi Julie.

[(43:35)] Julie: Hi.

[(43:37)] Caller: I hope you guys are well and thank you for everything. You have changed my life in your way. But I want to be quick with my question. Okay, I have been interested in the messages from the Raëlian movement and I wanted to know if you have any experience in what they had to say and if you saw any parallels in what you have been learning over the years.

[(44:02)] Dolores: Well, that movement has been around for a very long time. Is it in Canada where they have their headquarters somewhere before they heard this they had this huge thing that they have built that big buildings and hopefully like a spaceship monument and everything and they claim they done a lot of stuff? They are the ones that said that they cloned humans, are not they?

[(44:29)] Caller: Yes, I remember that.

[(44:32)] Dolores: They are very controversial. They are very controversial and it is hard to say, but they have been around for a very long time and I do not know they are the kind of ones we want to call this side where they want attention they want people to know about them and they kind of go out of their way. They were dressed in robes and they want people to know about them. So I just do not know but if their information is valid, maybe it does not matter how they got it and how they are presenting it but I do not know any more about him than that. I have never met him or been on any kind of a lecture with them.

[(45:10)] Julie: And I do not know anything about themselves. Yes.

[(45:14)] Caller: They talk about how they got messages from the S the founder of the movement. He learned about that from an alien being himself and they told them that they were our creators are designers. They always say it is in media and you know, I knew that you talked a lot about that just from what you learned through all your clients over the years, and yeah.

[(45:39)] Dolores: I have written a lot about the seating of the planet Earth, but you know if their information is Valid I was telling people to look at this stuff and try to decide for themselves, anyway.

[(45:52)] Julie: Yeah, always put your Discerning Factor on and just you know to decide for yourself if it sounds good for you then it is true for you. So I do not have any idea what they say. So I cannot.

[(46:02)] Dolores: But the main thing is making sure they are not a cult. But you do not want to get involved in anything like that, you know. Okay, but that is all I know. I am sorry. I do not know much more than probably did you know, I guess.

[(46:18)] Caller: Thank you so much. Ladies.

[(46:20)] Dolores: Okay. All right. So anyway, we do have those two classes one in Arkansas next week and the two in Europe and end up being the end of this month and beginning of September if anybody wants to sign up for these you can contact our website and there is still room right one in London is growing but there is still room, anyway. Okay, so if you want to contact and find out about the classes or our schedule our website is It is abbreviated O Z A R K M T dot com or O Zed A R K M T  dot com or you so they can also just type in my name.

[(47:10)] Julie: Yes Dolores Cannon either spelling will get you there.

[(47:14)] Dolores: So you can get into our site and find out more about the classes if you are interested in them. Okay. Now you said you had something you want to know to want to let that...

[(47:25)] Julie: Yeah, No, No, and I am constantly being reminded. So it is something that needs to be said...

[(47:29)] Dolores: That got from Blair's lecture.

[(47:32)] Julie: Yes. Yes from Tabaash and it was something he said at least three of the talks. He said it may have been four of them. Like I said it took several. Before it finally got through. So if you do not get it at this time that is okay. Just think about it and it may be some more time that you have to hear it because it is a concept that would be new to us. And remember we have to hear A New Concept at least three times before our brain will grasp on to go

[(47:59)] Dolores: I just want to say you said that before you do not get it the first time.

[(48:01)] Julie: Right, and that is why I had to hear it several times. I could go into all of how it led up to it, but I think I will just go into what it was. It is in your reality. Remember all these realities it is like everything every possibility. You know, how you are always talking about all the possibilities because all the different probabilities and possibilities are all happening. Okay. Now we pull the thing in a simultaneous time. They are all happening now all of the pot every possible thing that you know option our outlay.  It could happen in your situation is already happening. So you have all these different ones seating there and you know every time you think about okay, I will under probably go this way or this way. We will both of them happen. Right and then is whichever one you choose to focus on is the one that is your reality.

[(48:56)] Dolores: But the other one is real also exactly but we do not know about it because it is not in our focus.

[(49:02)] Julie: We are not focusing on it. So what do you do to make it your reality? You change your focus you just shift your tuning dial to that one. You know, I am all I am looking at this and right now because that is where my tuner is dialed too well. How about I choose to now be in this reality? I now choose. I mean this was when I got it. It is like, okay. Well, this is what I want in my life. It is not like, oh I have to go out and create it. It is already created. That was the part that you have to understand. It is already created because if you have the desire, you just created it. So it is already created.

[(49:39)] Dolores: It is already there as a possibility.

[(49:41)] Julie: Exactly. It is already there as a possibility. So now it is like okay, that is the reality I choose to focus on and by choosing to focus on it you have now turned your dial to that and now that is your reality and that is what will happen. And I did that. I am not going to go into details, but I did that. I was just practicing it I said, you know, I choose this one, and by God by that afternoon, it was starting to happen. I am going Oh my God, that is it.

[(50:09)] Dolores: Is that easy?

[(50:10)] Julie: It is that easy? And it is that fast it but it is just a matter of you choose now at any point if you have something over here going okay, pulling you back to this other dial it may pull you back. But that is where you have to kind of train the brain again. Remember always training our consciousness of how to think and okay. I want to be positive. I want it whatever all the things you, you know, you want to train well now train the brain where you want to focus and that when I understood it is already there. It is something I have to do to create it. I just have to do to focus on it. That is my only doing.

[(50:44)] Dolores: Certain people do not know what they want.

[(50:46)] Julie: That is the fun of it. It is all there. Now. What is it you want because any of it is yours any of it now did not that just open things up? Hugely? I mean that busts everything out. There are no limitations. There is no that is when they are always telling you. There are no limitations. That is why because of this you can have anything because it is out there just for your choice to change your focus. Isn't that huge?

[(51:13)] Dolores: That is big.

[(51:14)] Julie: It is gargantuanly huge. And when I like I said when it mates when I got it and then when I did it and it worked that is what I was going. Oh, you know...yes. Yes. Yes. This is the secret.

[(51:28)] Dolores: Well that was part of what Blair was saying, even Tabaash was saying.

[(51:31)] Julie: Yes.

[(51:32)] Dolores: I choose

[(51:33)] Julie: That was what I am saying because I think that was his message. That was what he was saying...

[(51:37)] Dolores: If you do not like your life if there are things not right in your life. You want something different. You just say I choose this.

[(51:45)] Julie: Yes, and when you do that you are shifting your focus to that reality when you say I choose. I choose the reality that this is happening in and it does it just moves, and then you just keep saying it until you are firmly in there and it does because I know you can walk back and forth, but you lock you know, you get yourself in there. It is not a big deal. Don't make it complicated. People do not make it complicated. Just a matter of shifting your focus. I choose this one.

[(52:14)] Dolores: That it does not go against anyone else’s free-willed or anything

[(52:16)] Julie: Absolutely, and this is reminding I am reminded of a phone call that came in this morning. I have not discussed it with anybody. It kind of it disturbed me and I have been at questioning why it came into my reality because and it may have been just a show me. I do not know because it felt so far from another world. That I mean it was not for my world and maybe that is what I was trying to show me.

[(52:41)] Dolores: That you have changed or what.

[(52:42)] Julie: I do not know. I do not know this person called and she was she is so entrenched in fear. So entrenched. I have not all about it is been a long time since I have heard somebody that scared and she was talking about all the horrible things going on in the world and how can there how can God let happen all these horrible things and now all these people that say there are for the good and they are all out there trying to kill all the animals and these people are coming into our homes and they are taking our animals and killing them and I am thinking what world is this happening? And that is what I thought I am thinking and what world and that is why I think it is not my world. Is this some of this movement where it is splitting come going? I do not know what that world at all I could not relate and I am trying I was trying to [crosstalk]

[(53:30)] Dolores: That is her world, a world of fear.

[(53:32)] Julie: And I told her I said that your world and as long as she is scared to death they are going [inaudible]. I said you are going to track the truth. I know I know she understands that but it is like I was trying to talk to her about the choice you choose which one you want to live in and that went way over her head, but at least it was a crumb drop there. But the part that I was looking out for myself was it felt so foreign. I mean what she was talking about. I am thinking in what world is this happening? It is not here. I am here nowhere and say that please if you have been here that do not call me and tell me where it is happening. I do not want to know it is not happening in my world, that is okay we were right and I was telling her to look at these animals. They have more understanding of what is going on than we do they come in with free will just like we do and they know what is going on. So if they are in that world, they are trying to show you whatever about your fear and stuff like that.

[(54:26)] Dolores: But anyway, this is it we do not live in that world of fear.

[(54:31)] Julie: No, I always say there are so many different worlds. That was really what I am not in touch with that well whatsoever and I have no desire to be...

[(54:37)] Dolores: That is what Blair, what Tabaash was trying to say. Yes, you pick the world you want to live in it?

[(54:43)] Julie: Yes. Yes, you all have to do with yourself and that is your wording - I choose this one. It is that simple. And that is what they told me to, you know, I choose it is this or this is that simple see it is all the same stuff. It is all the same wording. I choose...

[(54:58)] Dolores: Okay.

[(54:58)] Julie: That is our new mantra, I choose.

[(55:01)] Dolores: Okay. Well, we are coming down to the wire again. We are going to have to sign off tonight and I will not be here next week because I do have the class in Arkansas. This is the time of the year when I am on the road a lot, but I will do live shows as much as I can.

[(55:18)] Julie: Right?

[(55:19)] Dolores: All right, so I want to thank everyone for listening tonight listening about our travels and all the strange things that keep happening to us. So good night everyone and thanks for listening.

[(55:30)] Julie: Good night!


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