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The Messenger, September 10, 2016

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The Messenger
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with Carolyn Evers

The Messenger with Carolyn Evers providing caller free spiritual reading, past life readings

The Messenger

The Messenger with Carolyn Evers and Dr. Richard Presser, banner
Carolyn Evers and Dr. Richard Presser

Caroline Evers has the ability to send a portion of her mind to the center of the cosmos where soul records are held in trust for Source by the cherubim angels. This is your record from the very first moment when Source called your soul from out of nothingness to the present moment. The information that you can find about yourself in your records again can be life altering.

Profound Awakenings occur when listening and participating in THIS PROGRAM! Bringing forth answers and wisdom from the Cherubim, Akashic Records, Guardian Angels and Creators of the Universe! Let The Messenger be your Channel into the Heart of the Sacred Divine!

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