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Meeting Brenda, November 22, 2010

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This week I gave you many ideas on how to make your life more of an adventure.  Most people think they have to make HUGE changes but that's now true.  Just the act of making a change, whether it's how you act, dress, or speak, will have an impact!  Small changes over time are very effective.

Meeting Brenda

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Brenda Hall

This is Brenda Hall, your Speed Coach here at “MeetingBrenda”. It’s my passion to help people move forward in their lives by encouraging and inspiring them. Life is one big opportunity! Once you realize that problems are really just interesting situations that you can shift into something positive, you’re on the right track.

There are many coaches with specialty areas of expertise. They will be visiting the show to offer their unique perspectives. Please check the schedule for upcoming niche coaches in who you may have a special interest. Also, on the Contact Me form, you may request a specialty.

Please join us every week. We look forward to Speed Coaching you!

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