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Live from Ordinary Miracles, February 6, 2008

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Live from Ordinary Miracles - February 6, 2008

Live from Ordinary Miracles

Live from Ordinary Miracles hosted by Jan Cercone & Matt Kramer

Join us and our guests, leaders in alternative Health Modalities and Sound Healing, every Wednesday evening at the Ordinary Miracles Store in Cotati,California. We love call in questions!!!

Jan Cercone, RN, MA, Healing Sound Practitioner, Certified Music Practitioner, Voice Bio practitioner, Voice Teacher, Author

Matt Kramer, Mediator, Voice Mapping Practitioner, Story Worker,owner of Ordinary Miracles, Cotati, California

Jan's Website:
Sound Healing with the Voice

Matt's Website:
Voice Mapping for Emotional Release and Healing

Living life from a new perspective... from ordinary to the extraordinary.
Living in the Light.....moment by moment

Sound Healing with the Voice
Jan is a Voice Bio practitioner
Matt is a Voice Mapping Practitioner
Healing our Relationships
Matt is a mediator, listener
Jan is a empath, healer
Spirituality and everyday miracles
Jan assists people to align with the divine
Matt lives what he teaches…compassionate consciousness

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