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On The Level, August 9, 2017

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On The Level
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Guest, Shawna Strong

On The Level with JLouis Mills

Guest, Shawna Strong

Besides being a professional bodybuilder, I am an insightful, determined, and strong on the inside and out. I love being a woman who can be and do anything I choose to do, I do not let others take charge of my destiny and desires; I do what makes me feel good and what makes me happy. I like to encourage and inspire others to lead a positive lifestyle regardless of what obstacles are in the way. I prefer to find humor in all things, rather than judge. We live in a crazy world but I am happy to keep growing in it, seeing advances and changes, and trying to do my part in positively impacting it.

My daily mantra:
Focus on what you want and all the positive things surrounding that.

Fear is part of life but don't let it hold you back from good things.

Acknowledge your weaknesses and know that they are there, but do not focus on them. Focus on your strengths!

Be a champion to yourself (accepting, loving, be happy within) and let that resonate onto others.

Don't let your goals fade away. Pick one, commit to it, pick another and do it again.

Do not blame others for your circumstances. You are in control of your life and decisions.

Surround yourself with people who truly care about you, and ones that want to see you succeed.

Be honest with yourself and you will be honest with others.

Respect and listen to others, you can learn something from anyone.

Tell the truth even when it hurts.

Follow through with commitments to yourself and others and nobody will be let down.

Your time is important, but taking time out to help or listen to someone when its needed can make a difference in that persons life.

Never let negativity take control. It is self-destructive.

It's only all about me when I deserve to be spoiled.

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From controversial to conversational, JLouis Mills talks ON THE LEVEL with a variety of guest panelists on his weekly show covering everything from current events to social issues or the latest hot topics to chatting it up with celebs. JLouis also invites you to be in the mix, with callers welcome to either join the debate or throw your Q’s into the pot! Get ready to dig deep and get ON THE LEVEL!

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