KJ_Talk_Radio, October 25, 2009

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KJ Talk Radio - October 25, 2009

KJ Talk Radio

KJ Talk Radio with Darrell King Sr. and Elbert Jones Jr., banner
Darrell King Sr. and Elbert Jones Jr.

KJ Talk radio is an un opinionated, and open forum which provides a platform for a wide variety of guests, and callers alike. Although we are indeed a cutting edge,progressive, and open minded cyber-forum we require that each and every one of our guests and callers be respected at all times during the taping of our show. KJTalk radio has a ZERO tolerance for disrespect of any kind.

Here on KJ Talk radio we affectionate refer to our fans as "Riders" So we invite riders from all walks of life of all ethnicity, religions,age groups,and political leanings to join us !!