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Inspire Possibility Show, July 14, 2019

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Inspire Possibility Show
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Rick Kozlenko, Life Extension, the Complete Picture

Inspire Possibility Show with Mark Susnow

Rick Kozlenko, Life Extension, the Complete Picture

Rick Kozlenko, is the founder of the Holistic Health and Wellness Instutitue which set the model for holistic health clintics. The WNH Insitute became a force at the borders of the growing movement of complementary medicine, the human potential movement and non-traditional education that was authorized to grant degrees from the state. My area became strongly in nutrition and health--lectures, interviews, and teaching. From here, consulted and started my own companies, created two patents, and now consulting. The area of "Longevity" was part of our thinking since the 70's, but "Life Extension" became a term later in the '80s.

He has written extensively and has been published in Psychology Today and is the coauthor of

-- "Stepping Stones to Nutritional Awareness." And holds several patents including the first and only patent allowance on the remarkable nutraceutical benefits of dry beer.


BA...Biology UCLA  He received a masters in nutrition from UCLA and a PhD from Columbia Pacifice University in Wellness and Preventive Medicine.

Inspire Possibility Show

Inspire Possibility Show with Mark Susnow
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Mark Susnow


I am naturally curious—curious about how i can make my experience of life more fulfilling and more interesting which has led me down many roads. New destinations, new realities, some amazing people—masters of their game—all preparing me for this moment.

We’ve heard the adage that we teach what we want to learn. I wondered if there were possibilities in my life that I wasn’t yet exploring. With that in mind at the turn of the new millennium I made a leap of faith…from successful trial lawyer to life coach and strategist and was created. That was 19 years ago.

The Inspire Possibility Show was the next step. Each week I have conversations with various cutting-edge thought leaders who inspire, enlighten and entertain us. They inspire us to get out of our comfort zones and to explore possibilities that are out there waiting for us. I invite you to join in.

A Few More Things More About Me.

Being a musician has been and still is a lifelong exploration. Being the author of Dancing on the River: Navigating Life’s Changes and the Soul of Uncertainty, A Fable for our Times, has inspired me to look deeper. Playing sports, since I’ve been a kid has been a mainstay of my life. Through it all being a dad has been most fulfilling.

"Mark's coaching, presence and spirit, helps him give others a gentle nudge (and sometimes hard push) toward whatever their future path may hold. As a friend, mentor and spiritual guide, Mark has helped me, quite simply, start to do something that resonates with my soul and spirit."

Warren J. Strudwick, Jr. M.D., - Team Physician, Oakland Raiders

"Intuitive and insightful, Mark worked with me to discover sustainable strategies in overcoming self-limiting behaviors that had become a norm in both my business and personal life."

Danika Davis, PHR, - CEO - Northern California HR Association

"Success doesn't have to be a struggle. Mark knows how to bring out superior performance in his clients. He is masterful."

Raz Ingrasci, - President of the Hoffman Institute

"Mark's recent presentation to the Commonwealth Club inspired our members to see the changes in their lives as opportunities and possibilities rather than as something to avoid."

George Hammond, Chair — Humanities Forum, Commonwealth Club of California

"Mark's recent communication program to our Peernet Organization of all CEO’s taught us the power of communication and how it can positively transform the dynamics of our organizations."

Jay Nathanson, Chairman, Peernet Group

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