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Inalienable and Free, December 16, 2017

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Inalienable and Free
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Where Or Where Has America Gone?

Johnny Blue Star, producer and cohost of Inalienable and Free joins his co-host, Hugo Rodier, M. D. to discuss the aftermath of the Sh’hole comments and the growing discontent with the atmosphere of our elected official in the highest office. We discuss the brilliant but sad commentary by Jon Rappoport on the comment, which casts a shadow on the style and effect of American imperialism compromising the future of monetarily poor but often resource-rich countries who open the door to American -generosity-. The reality is that although the Sh’hole remarks are tragic and dangerous for this country, there is a certain amount of surrealistic entertainment value in watching the contradictory, mendacious turns of this administration as it attempts to cater to its base while also trying to give some kind of poorly executed tribute to social justice. How did we grow such a large number of supporters of an agenda that caters to its base with anti-immigration policies and the offer of jobs, but disguises its intent of thoroughly serving an elite, militant agenda, disturbing our allies and the possibilities of peace with policies that might be best described as Talk loudly and carry a big stick. Predatory capitalism has historically proven itself to be militarily superior to more indigenous or tribal people, but that is not a measure of the true value of a different kind of culture that does not progress by exploitation.  In this program, we document some of the failure of a country with great ideals, but often a failure to live up to the high words of its Declaration and Constitution.

Dr. Rodier relates how he came to America from Chile and how he had idolized American from afar, inspired like many others, by the wonderful films coming out of Hollywood and the drama of the real-world space race. But once living here he began to notice some of the real political anomalies like Frank Church’s Committee on the CIA and Watergate. Still, even with these problems that persist, Dr. Rodier shares with Johnny the high hope that somehow these ideals will come out of the shadows of oppression cast by the current administration and provide an impetus for awakening to the values provided to us by our Founding Fathers.

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Inalienable and Free

Inalienable and Free
Show Host
Johnny Blue Star

How can we, the people of Earth, take back the power and privileges granted to us by God and addressed so significantly in the United States Declaration of Independence? Our rights are inalienable for citizens of all countries, not just America. They are, indeed, given by our Creator and “incapable of being taken away from or given by another.”

Our program, “Inalienable and Free: Voice of the Coalition,” hosted by Johnny Blue Star, addresses the grave challenges to these human and citizens' rights in America and in the rest of the world. These rights are the basis of liberty, the foundation of all life and happiness. The Coalition of Planetary Empowerment, is an emerging organization, serving to empower individuals personally, spiritually, and politically through a new social network, dedicated to this mission.

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