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The Impossible Truth, March 21, 2016

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The Impossible Truth
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Guest, Leslie Caplan

The Impossible Truth with Orly Benny Davis and guest, Leslie Caplan

Guest, Leslie Caplan

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Leslie Caplan
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Internationally Published Writer, Professional Writing Coach & Editor
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I wrote an essay recently called Healing the Mother Wound that was published. Little did I know that baby would grow wings and fly all around the world. It went viral. I tapped into a universal vein that had mind blowing impact.  I received letters worldwide thanking me for writing that piece- a deep, personal window into rage, grief and healing.  A forgiveness that not many come to in life.

These letters in my inbox spilled out cathartic releases from people.  One woman said her tears had been locked up inside her, a dry- to- the- bone empty well that she had to live with, bury, hide. When she landed on my essay, she said a waterfall of tears poured out of her for the first time in years. A healing so deep penetrated the core of her anger and resentment toward her mother, and she found her way back 'home' to herself. Softened. Open. Fueled with compassion. 

This is the direct impact of sharing our stories. The hard ones. The ones that make me cringe to send out into the world, exposing my under belly to thousands of people.  The ripple effect that I witnessed is the very reason why I write, why I help writers' write, why writing the truth, being courageous enough to craft it out, is powerful beyond measure. 

Not only is the process of writing an alchemical unveiling, it has the ability to reveal yourself to yourself. A peeling of layers, an unearthing of personal truth has the capacity to reach deep inside another person and literally change their lives as it changes your life. 

I am a writing coach. I edit books and essays. I look beneathe the grammar and typos for the deeper story, the voice that wants to be speak and be heard, for the heart's pulse threading the words together like strands of pearls.  

There are many people with poignant stories they keep hidden in the darkest cavern of their memory, in fear of letting them out into the light of day, of being vulnerable, of hurting others.  Maya Angelou said, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."  The weight of it is exhausting and detrimental to the soul and peace of mind. To lay it down on paper and step by step, saying it out loud, the load of life lightens and we realize our grief, our shame, our wound is universal. What is also universal is resilience, the cultivation of wisdom that can come from our hurt, and the shared journey of being ever so bone and blood-filled human.

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The Impossible Truth

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Please let me introduce Orly Benny Davis's Show

The Impossible Truth on BBS Radio.

Orly's Show is on BBS Radio that is made from a large network of people in all leadership positions and capabilities. People who come out in real time to assist the hard working man and women of the world and fight hard to make it better.

The network is across continents and the outreach of the people is essential when in there is a challenge. BBS Radio Is one of most incredible Radio Station on. April 2017 we have over 121,000,000 requests for information on BBS Radio server.

And it only does BBS Radio.

Today you have the opportunity to be a sponsor of a show that makes news her issue and understanding her power. On Orly's show, you can be a part of her incredible network. She is Working hard to honor God of Israel as the creation.

WE trust that you will find People that talk and trust in Orly Benny Davis and endorse her and the hard work she did as a Humanitarian and a believer that worked hard to make things happen for us all.

Her show is second to none. The intense information and the ability to make a real picture of events and create a platform for discussion makes her show a game changer in the international arena.

Pray for the Peace of Israel

The Impossible Truth is an important item that helps her speak about issues that we all care for.

Her understanding of life challenges and her power to tackle an issue in real time give her a good and seasoned handling to the important issues in the world today.

Orly is a Radio Talk host and a longtime activist in the USA and Israel and Italy too.

Her stand is clear and strong on the truth.

Her fight for the right of Israel to defend herself and for freedom of religion on Temple Mount with Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel is instrumental.

From the Temple Mount condition to the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem to the need of Education and Economics of Worldwide Commercial Center.

Her issue on is information and knowledge is a long life task.

Her ability to bring to life issues and understanding of the human condition and her constant call to help the needy and the people that are ignored by the policy makers make her voice a friendly voice and a loved one to talk too.

Her BBS Radio Show The Impossible Truth started 7-7-14 the eve of "Operation Protective Edge".

Orly Benny Davis

While the Sirenes where live on she kept on talking live on air, and praying and keeping her constant voice.

Her ability to transcend human challenge of fear upset and constant international challenges was instrumental to her ability performed a great show and to be there for the people. Her show is made from a frank candid and courageous voice of peace and tenacious stand against the forces that try to destroy our way of living making her an outstanding individual of life and a friend in this international turmoil.

Her common understanding and her ability to see the situation and call for action are second to none. Orly Benny Davis was born in Israel to grow up in Italy and lived in the USA is back to Israel now and live to understand the real story in the news and with her special perspective tells the story as it is making her voice the real voice of the news.


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