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HerStory, August 1, 2021

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with Getrude Matshe and guests Linda Schlesinger, Iman Bashir and then Kathy Hagler

HerStory with Getrude Matshe and guests Linda Schlesinger, Iman Bashir and then Kathy Hagler


HerStory with Getrude Matshe
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Getrude Matshe

HerStory isn’t a ‘typical’ conference. It’s unlike anything you will have experienced before or since. The reason for this bold statement? It’s what we hear every time from the women who speak and attend.

This global and collaborative initiative, brings together women, from all cultures and creeds, to join together in sharing inspirational, enlightening, uplifting personal stories and experiences of issues that are affecting women – socially, economically and environmentally.

At HerStory we welcome any speaker who wants to talk from the heart, in full authenticity, about a story that has powerfully affected their life and will inform, inspire, and empower other women. Our speakers come from all walks of life, all different ages, different cultures, and different nationalities.

As a collective, this is very powerful. It provides a safe and nurturing space for women to share their stories of how they have overcome adversity and challenges to lift and inspire others. It is also an ‘incubator’ for women to share and hone their speaking skills, whilst gaining confidence and support, in order to take their talks to a wider audience such as the TEDx circuit.

The mission is global.

We are reintroducing (and introducing) Ubuntu, a “We-philosophy”

It’s a huge opportunity for authentic speakers, who want to share their powerful messages as widely as possible:  

1,000 Locations around the world  

100 Speakers required at each event

1,000,000 women worldwide

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