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Heres to your Health, June 27, 2013

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Heres to Your Health - show 9
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with Jennifer Burns

New Nonfiction Title; The Price of Love, One woman’s journey through Domestic Violence by Tanisha M. Bagley touches Millions and Captivates National TV and Radio Audiences.
International (Press Release).  March 1, 2013    PrintHouse Books, Atlanta, GA.
   Author; Tanisha M. Bagley is an avid Public Speaker when it comes to Speaking out against; Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault and Stopping the Violence as a whole. It is her own life experiences that led her to travel and speak to others about not getting involved with the violence, dealing with it, reporting it and most of all; healing yourself and moving on, and learning to LOVE yourself.  This book is a testament of the tedious journey that Tanisha endured through Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Assault. Thus far she has touched the lives of others while being a featured guest on the Montel Willams show, Michael Baisden, Russ Parr, The Great; Rev. Al Sharpton Show and also assisting the community with events like The Tom Joyner; Stop the Violence movement promotions.
   Her travels, has led her to speak at several colleges; to include; SCSU, Duke, Hampton, Xavier, University of Maryland, UNC Chapel Hill and UNC Chapel Hill; School of Social work, NC State, NCCU, Shaw and Shaw University Divinity School, St. Augustine, University of South Carolina; Sumter, Central Carolina Community College and many more colleges, middle schools and High Schools.
  The Department of Justice and Armed forces have also chosen to have Tanisha speak and share her story amongst their peers. She has trained and spoken to over 3500 participants; at several Community Capacity Development Office National Conference’s in Tampa; Florida, Detroit; Michigan and Phoenix; Arizona. Her work and Mission continues to this day, with doing more of the same by speaking at several community agencies, learning institutions, and anywhere that calls on her to speak against Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Assault. We do hope you learn something from Tanisha’s life story; The Price of Love; One woman’s tedious journey through Domestic Violence.

Gratitude and Beyond: Five Insights for a Fulfilled Life

Allan G. Hunter

“Often when we feel we are broken in fact we are broken open.”  Dr. Allan Hunter

What can we learn from those who have faced death and survived?  According to Allan Hunter, near death experiences (NDE), which are often mysterious and inexplicable, can also be dramatically transformative for those who undergo them.  Some survivors radically change their lives afterwards. The question is: why?

In his new book, Gratitude and Beyond: Five Insights for a Fulfilled Life (Findhorn Press $14.95) Hunter reveals that his own near death experience was a catalyst, a ‘wake-up call’ that contained lessons about living, not only for him as survivor but for all of us. Of course, you don’t have to face death to get these lessons. In the book he shows how the insights revealed to him (Gratitude, Humility, Beauty, Innocence and place in Nature) are available to everyone. By cultivating them, says Hunter, we are able to come into alignment with our ‘true’ self and in turn live in fulfillment and to our fullest potential.

Heres to your Health

Show Host

I graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004. I did a year preceptorship in family medicine. I currently have my own practice, but over the past nine years I have worked in family practice, cancer, and anti-aging. I am a published researcher in alternative medicine. I am part of the Arbinger Professional Network.

My passion is treating gut issues since I deal with them too I can relate with my patients. I look at the whole person not just the symptoms. I have taught in seminars to other physicians. My proudest accomplishment is being a mom. I am a member of the NAPW.

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