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Golden Memories Piano Requests, March 26, 2014

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Golden Memories Piano Requests
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with Steve Dallas

Golden Memories Piano Requests with Steve Dallas! Golden oldies played to perfection!

My guest this Wednesday evening is Mary Pustateri. She is first and foremost a dear friend; beyond that she is a composer, singer, teacher, cancer survivor. There will be lots of stories and singing; you can count on that!

Golden Memories Piano Requests

Show Host

Steve Dallas, pianist, harpist, singer enjoys a full time career in music in North Eastern Ohio. His mainstay has always been the church but Steve has logged lots of hours in piano bars and general entertainment situations. With the declining economy restaurants seem to be less willing (at least around here!) to routinely employ a pianist, so it seems I’m busier playing the harp for weddings and funerals of late! Maybe that’s when I started thinking “Why not create a piano bar of sorts with a wider audience?” Voila! Enter BBS Radio. Or I should say enter Debrah, Doug and Don who chatted with me like a real person, and have made this endeavor seem within reach. Kudos to you all at BBS who have the courage to follow their dream with a heart for service! Thank you!

And certainly give me a call with your song request (see listing of available numbers) and we’ll see if I can play it on the spot! Well, I may have to put you off a week, but we’ll have some fun getting acquainted!

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