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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 26 April 2021

Golden Memories Piano Requests with Steve Dallas

Show Host:

Steve Dallas, pianist, harpist, singer enjoys a full time career in music in North Eastern Ohio. His mainstay has always been the church but Steve has logged lots of hours in piano bars and general entertainment situations. With the declining economy restaurants seem to be less willing (at least around here!) to routinely employ a pianist, so it seems I’m busier playing the harp for weddings and funerals of late! Maybe that’s when I started thinking “Why not create a piano bar of sorts with a wider audience?” Voila! Enter BBS Radio. Or I should say enter Debrah, Doug and Don who chatted with me like a real person, and have made this endeavor seem within reach. Kudos to you all at BBS who have the courage to follow their dream with a heart for service! Thank you!

And certainly give me a call with your song request (see listing of available numbers) and we’ll see if I can play it on the spot! Well, I may have to put you off a week, but we’ll have some fun getting acquainted!

Steve Dallas
Pianist, Harpist, Singer, Talk Show Host

Steve Dallas was born and raised in Canton Ohio; attended McKinley High School, Bethel College, Mishawaka, Indiana B.A. in piano, graduate studies at University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. Teacher, Concert performer, Pastoral Musician, Composer, Vocalist, Harpist, Husband, Father, and Grandfather, Steve still enjoys a busy schedule carrying out his duties as a church musician and entertainer. He maintains a "big band" of 14 members and regularly entertains with "Timeless" in the Canton and surrounding areas. Steve has composed pieces for the local symphonic orchestra as well. Steve will soon be offering his CDs for sale. Be sure to visit for more photos and information about Steve.

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My friend Debrah told me about your show so I listened - what a great concept for a piano bar feel! Your wife and you sing very well together. I am Irish and loved the songs for St. Patrick's day but you sang all the songs I would have requested. How about "Fly Me To The Moon"? Thank you!

Patrick O'Brien


Hey Steve! Maybe I could convince Doug to insert "audience applause" as a sound effect into your show somehow !  Loved the Mister Rogers song - I remember that show with the little boy in the wheelchair -he also appeared as a grown man at one of Fred's award shows -  wow!

I have a  piano request - its late on Tuesday night but maybe for next week - can you play the 1st Gymnopedie by Erik Satie?

Love you both,

Debrah and Doug



Great show! The two of you remind me of the old variety shows that were so comfortable to watch! I clap for you all the time - wish I could send it to you!



Interesting - that Mister Rogers song brought back some memories - I always liked that song but didn't know anyone still remembered him. Boy, you sure play the gambit of music Steve - remarkable - love your show!


From Sadie's mom, Amy, regarding the Mister Rogers song - "Its You I LIke" -

"We are listening to it right now! What an excellent piano player! Wow!"

Thank you!!!!!!

Amy, Nathan and little Sadie


Love your show and the music! I have a friend who has a daughter and she loves Mister Rogers Neighborhood when it used to be on - and she would like to hear the song Fred Rogers wrote called  "Its You I LIke"  - it was her favorite song and Daniel Stripped Tiger is very special to her. Her name is Sadie and her Mom's name is Amy and Dad Nathan. Do you think you could play this for Sadie? Thanks for all the great music!




Dear Steve and Janis,

So nice to hear some music from the church and your background in it!  I am not a Mormon, but I love some of their Hymns - do you know BE STILL MY SOUL? Thanks for entertaining my husband and myself !


Hey - love your show. Love the stories you all tell and the music reminds me of my old neighborood piano bar thats not around anymore sadly. Anyway, just wanted to compliment you on your playing and all the terrific songs you do - never had heard "Spring can really hang you up" - I liked it and "Slow boat to China" .


I want to thank you so much for your “Valentine” special this past week. I listened to your show this weekend from the BBS archive and it was great! It was so enjoyable to hear your playing and your wife Janis has a great voice alone or with harmonies with you. I especially enjoyed your rendition of “Days of Wine & Roses”. Until I heard you recite the poem  I always thought the song was written for the film. Once again thank you so much for your weekly show - I look forward to it!


to Steve and Janis,

You guys are so great - I missed your show on Valentine's Day but I caught it tonight, Saturday, Feb. 15!  I made a nice pasta dinner, lit a fire in the fireplace, poured myself a glass of wine and sat down to listen to your show Golden Memories - and what a treat that was!!!! Steve, thank you for playing my request, The Shadow of your Smile - and especially for playing the intro written for that song - gave me goosebumps - as you never hear that beginning - thank you!!!!

And your reportoire is excellent for love songs! Both of you together bring a warmth and sincerity to your show every week, but tonight when I was listening it was so clear that the two of you love each other - it truly comes across - so Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

I love the part of the poem you read before The Days of Wine and Roses - a little piece of information I did not know!  And Janis always gives us little tid bits and I so enjoy them - keep it up Janis. The two of you are not only talented, but deliciously entertaining, warm, funny and just plain awesome!!! I like nothing better than to sit back at night and tune into your show - very relaxing and I feel like I am spending time with old firends and the music I love to hear played and sang!

You truly bring the warmth and joy of a piano bar to the living rooms of all your listeners - what a gift you give!