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Dr Ginas Radio Chat, October 27, 2021

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Dr Ginas Radio Chat
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Guest, Author, Dr. Heather Kinchlow and DJ Spivey music recording

Dr Gina's Radio Chat with Dr. Gina R. Prince

Guest, Author, Dr. Heather Kinchlow and DJ Spivey music recording

Dr Ginas Radio Chat

Dr Ginas Radio Chat with Dr Gina
Show Host
Dr Gina Prince

"I'll help you move past life's turmoil."

I'm more than a conqueror! And so are you. We all go through challenges in life. Exactly how to move past them is not always evident. Before the whispers in you mind field turn into screams, allow me to assist you in finding freedom, deliverance and peace with yourself and those who require your forgiveness.

Dr. Gina's Radio Chat is Fun! Exciting! And full of laughter! We will keep it real at all times. It is a place where everyone can come express themselves openly their very own perception and experiences. It's a platform of transparency. A talk show of encouragement. Dr. Gina's Radio Chat is safe and every topic is led by God. You never know where it's going to go. For there is nothing we can do without Him. Every opinion, wisdom, knowledge, and experience is appreciated. So get ready! Dr. Gina's Radio Chat will be ready for you! EVERYONE IS WELCOME to join in the conversation! Let's Talk! Dr. Gina's Radio Chat

Author Dr. Gina R. Prince shares how to become Transformed, live a New Life Destiny and Thrive; Moving past all adversity and Shining Out!

For a long time, Gina Prince’s life didn’t seem to be heading toward a happy ending. Through her turbulent adolescence and young adulthood, Prince learned what she now believes were important lessons about the sinful nature of man and the enemy’s tactics for infiltrating and corrupting the lives and destiny of God’s children—lessons she shares in her book, Born into Sin, Transformed into Destiny. Her candid nature and wisdom will help readers identify who they really are and what motivates them so that they can surrender their lives fully to the restorative, radical power of God and His Divine Plan for their lives.

Let's Bring those Walls Down!

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