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Doglish Radio, September 22, 2012

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Joy Turner, Marc Goldberg, Dima Yeremenko, Susan Sims and Tom Nazziola

Joy Turner has been the bridge between thousands of animals and their humans. She is a spiritual teacher and leading animal communicator with clients around the world.

Being able to understand animals has been with me my whole life. I was born with the two most important qualities to be able to effectively and completely communicate with all species. First, a deep, abiding love for all life and animals in particular; and, second, the belief in animals' equality with humans. Communicating with all species is a natural ability I was born with, and my parents, instead of teaching me out of it, had the grace to allow it to be and encourage me.

It is through this deep, abiding love, respect and honor that animals have come to trust me to accurately and completely deliver to their humans any message they choose to communicate. They trust that no matter what is said, I will deliver the message exactly as it was given to me; without translation, using the exact words and thoughts, even the exact tone and inflexion if they want me to, so that their humans hear all the nuances of what they have to say.

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Marc Goldberg, CDT (Certified Dog Trainer) has been studying dog behavior, and training dogs for over 30 years.

In 1969 Marc's first dog, Gus, came into his life, along with a host of dog related problems. Gus began life as a normal Sheltie puppy, but at the age of six months was hit by a car when he would not come when called. Fortunately, he was only injured with a fractured leg.

When he healed, Marc--who was only 12 at the time--was enrolled in dog training school along with Gus. "Teach him something so he doesn't get killed," his mother told him.

Before long, Marc became fascinated with dog behavior and training. He and Gus competed in many American Kennel Club obedience trials, winning High In Trial at their first show, and later, a Dog World Award.

As the youngest member of the Philadelphia Dog Training Club, Marc studied under the best dog behaviorists and trainers in the country.

Since 1969 Marc has competed and titled many dogs of various breeds. He teaches training classes, conducts private lessons, gives behavior consultations, and has helped hundreds of people improve their relationships with their dogs.

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Dima Yeremenko, MSc, was born in 1970 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Often called a Dog Whisperer, he graduated as a dog instructor at the age of 15 and was soon judging championships all over the country. Dima has also worked with wolves and foxes as well as a number of other species from cats to horses, birds and fish. In 1991, he came to Britain to study for a PhD at reading University. He founded the Good Boy Dog School in Hampstead, London, in 1996, which has quickly established a reputation as one of the finest in the country.

The Times described Dima as the magic dog whisperer of North London. Dima works closely with the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs Home in retraining rescue dogs and also specialises in training dogs for competitions and modelling assignments for print and TV media.

Co-author Emily Randolph is an American journalist living in London with her husband and Jack Russell Terrier, Julia. It was through Julias very bad behaviour that she met Dima, who transformed their lives.

Fido Friendly Travel Talk host, Susan Sims, is CEO, publisher and co-owner of Fido Friendly, the Travel & Lifestyle magazine for you and your dog. Now in it's 8th year, each issue of Fido Friendly magazine can be found at Borders, Barnes & Noble, PetSmart and Fido-friendly hotels nationwide. Sims travels extensively with her husband and 9-year-old Lab, Zoey, to sniff out destinations for purpose of review. Sims enjoys telling people about all the great destinations they can travel with their dogs as well as informing them about products and services that make roving with rover easy and fun.

Leave No Dog Behind® is our trademark slogan and words we live by at FIDO Friendly magazine. Now in our 12th year, FIDO Friendly continues to bring its readers valuable information about traveling with their canine companions to include hotel and destination reviews and entertaining information about health and wellness for their pets, adoption stories, the latest trends and dog training advice.

There are many worthy causes surrounding pets and we believe in promoting these special organizations with partnerships in supporting charitable events such as Helen Woodward and Iams Home 4 The Holidays. We have also created our own annual month long pet adoption drive in partnership with North Shore Animal League America: Get Your Licks on Route 66.

We are always looking for new ways to help spread the awareness of your products and services and have developed key relationships with major companies to bring about large scale exposure to FIDO Friendly magazine. There has never been a better time to join our FIDO Friendly family and advertise to some of the most influential pet guardians on the planet.

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Tom Nazziolas music has been featured on virtually every medium in the world of composition. From "live film music" to choral and orchestral pieces, his work has been performed in France, Ireland, Slovenia, Guatemala, Croatia and throughout the United States as well as broadcast nationally and internationally on radio and television. His highly praised film score for "The Golem" was featured on John Schaefers New Sounds (WNYC); his compositions have also been aired on NBC, ABC, ESPN, BET, and CBS. His music has supported national ad campaigns, documentaries, and news programs with a recognizable client list including: Dateline NBC, Special Olympics, Fox College Sports, NFL Network, ABCs Primetime Medical Mysteries, Hooking up and CBS News. In addition to composing, he is also the musical director and orchestrator for The BQE Project, a celebrated New York-based chamber ensemble known for its original compositions performed live-to-film.

Nazziolas orchestrations have also found an audience. He is responsible for orchestrating music for the U.S. Open (opening ceremony - 2005 and 2007); he was also commissioned to orchestrate Edward MacDowells "Woodland Sketches" for a performance by the New York Philharmonic with guest artist Garrison Keillor. He has served as head orchestrator and conductor for Broadway Asia Internationals "Race for Love," which premiered in Huairou, China. Other orchestration accomplishments include Korean opera, "Another Sun" and popular PBS childrens TV series, "Ditty Doodleworks."

Tom is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and holds a masters degree in composition from Brooklyn College. He also studied composition and orchestration at the Juilliard School and at the Mannes School of Music.

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Doglish Radio

Show Host

People speak English, Spanish or any other human language. Vladae Roytapel speaks five languages and one of them is "Doglish". Vladae is the grandson of the former USSR chief biologist that conducted Pavlov inspired research with wolves, coyotes, and foxes.

As a child, Vladae spent years playing, observing, and working with his grandfather's animals. Vladae won his first local obedience championship at age twelve in the city of Baku with his Siberian Husky, Berta. At seventeen, Vladae achieved first-degree national champion in the Soviet Union OKD and ZKS (the American Superbowl of dog training). He then attended Avante, a private dog training school in State of Moldova, where he studied Pavlov and other famous Russians and became Certified Dog Trainer/behavior therapist. Vladae Roytapel, known in USA as “The Russian Dog Wizard,” is the owner of SoCal Dog Training -- one of the most successful dog training companies in the world. He has worked for various prominent organizations including security dogs for "Focus Hope" Detroit, MI, Leader Dogs for the blind, the Red Army, and Soviet KGB. Vladae's training methods have been displayed on NPR, L.A. Magazine, CNN’s Situation Room, CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman, and countless other local morning shows on ABC, NBC, & FOX affiliated stations across America. He was a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated Animal Radio LLC network & now the expert for ALL PAWS PET TALK RADIO + TV NETWORK.

Vladae is the behavioral expert for the #1 Dog Lovers blog in America Dogtime, he is columnist for many Pet related publications including National travel magazine, Fido Friendly, Orange County Register, Newport Beach Patch and Expert adviser for WikiHow, Pets Places, and many others social media outlets.

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