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Destiny by Divine Radio, February 3, 2014

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Debut of Destiny by Divine Radio
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Guest, Rajkumari Neogy

Debut of Destiny by Divine Radio with Jules Kennedy on BBS Radio, with special guest Rajkumari Neogy!

Guest, Rajkumari Neogy

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Rajkumari Neogy
Rajkumari Neogy
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Consultant, Corporate Facilitator, Social Entrepreneur, Transformative Leadership, Coach
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Rajkumari Neogy, MA is a consultant, facilitator, entrepreneur and alchemist who offers coaching and consulting to help individuals and organizations shift – permanently. Over the last 20 years, she has worked with corporations and organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies like Face book, Sony, Adobe, JVC, and

Her systems thinking perspective allows for a holistic and integrative approach which results in incremental and structural change. This solution is a perfect match for complex needs on multiple levels, whether at an intra (self), inter (between others) or systemic (organization), seeking alignment.

Along with her background as an entrepreneur and corporate facilitator, Rajkumari’s MA in Transformative Leadership Development from the California Institute of Integral Studies gives her holistic tools to approach an organization and its challenges, and to arrive at solutions that address complex needs on multiple levels.

Finally, Rajkumari works with all her clients in true partnership: she becomes part of the organizational fabric, and strengthens connections, processes and relationships from within. She is a firm believer in the principle of empowering people with information to take their department or business to the next level and beyond in the weeks, months and years following her training. In other words, rather than simply serve up a sumptuous seafood platter, she teaches her clients to fish.

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Destiny by Divine Radio

Destiny by Divine Radio with Jules Kennedy
Show Host
Jules Kennedy

Destiny by Divine Radio - “Bringing All That Is Into Everything We Do”.

Everything is energy. Everything then, from within the most mundane of circumstances to the utmost of profound experiences, there is Divine energy. All we need to do is find the divine, enhance our knowledge of how the divine can work for us in everything we do and sense, and bring things to life in a spiritually beautiful way.

Each guest on the program will have a divine story to tell about their lives, work and play. No life is too small or too big for the Destiny by Divine process. We love it all and will find the Divine in all of it. Our show topics will vary, but many will border on the alternative side of reality. At the end of most shows Jules or another reader/healer will answer questions or do brief psychic readings. A good time for all.

"Life is simply very simple." JK

"You create what you are, you are what you create." Guru JW

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