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Conscious Fitness, August 26, 2008

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Courtesy of BBS Radio

August 26th Guest: Helene Lavoie SATI & Marc Emmerson DENAULT, creators of Triplium "By becoming aware of your vision, you are beginning your journey towards self-realization and self-empowerment"

Conscious Fitness

Conscious Fitness with Aline Hanle, banner
Show Host
Aline Hanle
The Conscious Fitness/Divine Body Show Mission
  1. Providing a holistic resources space to expand spiritual awareness through the experience of physical fitness.

  2. Allowing the Body/Mind/Spirit connection to deepen by understanding the divine linkage of our physical body.

  3. Presenting renowned worldwide speakers and presenters and their divine vision of the body.

  4. Offering guidance to support one’s spiritual journey in the physical realm.

The show music signature was graciously offered by Howard Richman, multi-talented music composer and Lisa Dawn Miller, incredible singer with the voice of an angel.

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