Aline Hanle

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Aline Hanle
Aline Hanle
Radio Talk Show Host, Spiritual Growth Facilitator

Aline Hanle defines herself as a Spiritual Growth Facilitator. This Call became an absolute revelation after a long journey to remembrance that took her from France to the States, from darkness to Light and from the concept of duality to the knowingness of Oneness.

The journey continues but finally, it is now meaningful, purposeful, clear, empowered, beautiful, prosperous and above all…True!

Her message is simple, direct and powerful: “We are the Miracle!”

Her teaching is bright, simple and revealing: “Guidance is my philosophy, Remembrance is our lesson, Life is our school!”

Her curriculum: Consciousness Expansion, Body/Mind/Spirit Re-Connection, Universal and metaphysical Principles Teaching, Self-Discovery/Self-Empowerment and Authentic Self Re-Alignment.

Her Authentic-Self actions: Consciousness Expansion Facilitator, Spiritual Radio Talk Show Host, Self-Help/Inspirational Author and Creative Transformational Process Developer.

Her Vision: The knowingness of Infinite Possibilities.

Her gift: Empathy. She uses this gift to intuitively create transformational tools that support the student in his/her personal journey

Her passion: The Energy

Her Strengths: Curiosity, Faith in the goodness of Life, Knowingness, Empathy, Energy of onrushing water.

Her Anchor: Strong Sense of belonging (Biological family, spiritual family, dimensional family and universal family

Her favorite quotes: “You need to be the change you wish to see in the world”.(Gandhi) and “There is no way to Happiness, Happiness is the way”.(The Buddha)

Enter Aline’s philosophy:

20 years in the fitness field and 10 in metaphysical and spiritual explorations brought a deep awareness about the body and its “true” purpose within our experience. Like the visible part of the iceberg, the body image is only the evident piece of the overwhelming whole that we are.

Our 5 senses limit the perception of our reality.

The body is a residual product of a creative energy

We intuitively know the origin, the meaning and the purpose for this physical body. We simply have forgotten.

The physical image you identify yourself is an effect. Its cause is your level of consciousness and your belief system.

The higher the level of consciousness is, the greater is the Fitness Harmony (the unconditional Love for your body)

There are universal principles to expand the consciousness and therefore the physical experience in this dimension.

Impossible is the disconnected body experience – I’m possible is the re-connected body experience.