Bridging_Wisdom, September 13, 2011

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Cathy Hill express being in a pyramid as my feet grounded my hands open and up and my third eye looking up and out, it was a vision I saw during meditation, is this being a matipulation of my simple need to be shielded with christ shield ephesins 6:13 note now the change in my vision to the need to change it into what one wished to resinate it into their beliefs, I simply dreamed this nothing more nothing less, I know nothing of a pendulum I use nothing for power, I rely on the ancestral teachings set within me as I open to the knowing of its wonderment, no witch craft comes from my heart, only the wanting of all being peaceful and knowing self. heads up... Beyond Meditation, Michael Gogger and Tassy Cathy Hill Cook share the meditation of a life time, Tassy took Michael up to the Mother Ship for alignments and meditations with "THE FAMILY" as Michael shares his experience in which he now feels supercharged. Michael Gogger made his debut on stage teaching collage students the intensity of taking metaphysics seriously. He is well rounded in all walks and talks of the metaphysical world. Together Tassy and Michael spark the listening audience with a story which will be one of the marks in history. Please join this archive with an open mind and unconditional love for the teachers of the star people and the masters of the metaphysical world.

Bridging Wisdom

Bridging Wisdom with Cathy Cook
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Cathy Cook

Cathy Cook is a bloodline generational Shaman Medicine Woman from her fathers side known as Grandmother Wisdom. Shaman according to the History Channel means to ways and means of many practiced methods of meditation and going out there gaining information from "the Knowing".  One practice in which a shaman will then travel with someone by doing soul retrieval, which is where a person has had a trauma or left their body in a way and traveled not attaching themselves to their bodies umbilical cord.  I also am an avid artist of many mediums using my art as storyboards a old native American way to see into present, past, and future events.  Using different symbols and with art to make a  story for further insight. I do deep root personality readings. I am well rounded in the metaphysical realm with over 50 plus years experience being brought up first hand by my ancestors and teachers in the metaphysical world from both my family's sides. I am a published author and avid photographer as well. I have been teaching the old ways since I can remember, This is a journey I enjoy sharing and know you the active listening audience will gain great insight.