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Beyond The Matrix, September 30, 2007

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VIEW FULL DESCRIPTION. Beyond the Matrix is thrilled to bring on Stanton Friedman for an invigorating and daring conversation about UFOs. Mr. Friedman is the best-known scientific UFOlogist in North America, and perhaps the world. As a nuclear physicist, he has worked on classified fission and fusion rockets and nuclear propulsion systems for space exploration, and as a UFOlogist, he has lectured at over 600 colleges in eighteen different countries. He is co-author of "Crash at Corona: the US Military Retrival and Cover-Up of a UFO", and has been interviewed on both The History Channel and The SciFi Channel.

Beyond The Matrix

Show Host

The Matrix is opaque and dissonant, like neon in fog.
Cluttered with the filler materials of our lives, it weighs us down in the density, clipping our wings, holding us captive in its web.
The Matrix is limited and confining, painting us into its grids of sameness: masked bandits in a hall of mirrors.
Loud and cacophonous, the Matrix tears at our inner and outer worlds with the noise of chaotic frenzy—
banging the drum, sounding the horn.
It is the superfluous impulse of demand and desire,
the prison of those who do not believe.
Dark and determined, the Matrix exists to enclose our minds in a cage, in a cube, in a box, in a corner—
crouched in cells of our own making, where fear is the gatekeeper and trust is but a memory.

Beyond the Matrix is the Light.
It is clear; it is pure; it is the unchained melody.
It is the breeze upon which souls take flight.
It is the day, the eternal warmth of the sun.
It is the wonder of a cool, moonlit night.
It is a place of truth: the search, the Wisdom;
a cosmic dance; the magic kingdom.
Beyond the Matrix lies the hope
and the dream;
it is the dream that keeps us alive.
It is the dream. The dream. The dream.

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