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Smith began researching the UFO phenomenon in the late 1980s. After 2 years of studies and 1000 hours of internship a the California Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only accredited hypnosis college in the United States, she received her hypnotherapy certification in 1990. Specializing in cases of post traumatic stress disorder, she used her hypnotherapy skills to assist such victims to work through their anxiety. [ Many of her subjects are referred to her by physicians and psychiatrists who believe Smith's expertise can benefit their patients.] . In fact, many such patients are themselves doctors, university professors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals.

Because Smith [who is internationally known in UFO circles as simply "hypnotherapist Yvonne"] observed that many of the PTSD cases being referred to her involved subjects with similar patterns of UFO abduction encounters , Yvonne founded Close Encounters Resource Organization [ CERO] as a support group for such individuals in 1992. She is also on the board of the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS) to further her support for such subjects.

In addition to being a hypnotherapist "in demand", since 1991 Yvonne has traveled extensively, presenting lectures in the United States at M.I.T. and several other universities, at many American "UFO" conferences ( e.g. frequently acting as moderator and lecturer at the Roswell Annual UFO Celebration) and lecturing and conducting many standing-room-only experiencer sessions at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, U.S.A.. She has also lectured for several years at international conferences from South America to Europe. Yvonne annually is invited by the Roswell museum to present multiple lectures and be a panel member at Roswell's internationally known UFO Festival in July.

Comfortable in front of cameras, Yvonne's 25-30 television appearances have included programs such as The History Channel, The Montel Williams Show, Intruders, MSNBC, The Discovery Channel, Encounters, Sightings, Joan Rivers, Rosanne Barr and The Leeza Show and was the subject of a recent 5 hour taping for a History Channel project. Italian television interviewed Smith for broadcast to Italy and other European countries. Having her living room turned into a television "studio" for many hours has been a common occurrence. She has frequently been a consultant to directors and actors for movies and television programs in the works, continues to receive consultation requests, and is the subject of a current project.

Yvonne has also been interviewed as a frequent radio program guest by such well known radio hosts as Coast to Coast with George Noory, Art Bell, Paul Harvey, Jerry Pippin, Dr. David Viscott, Joe Montaldo, , the Sweeps Fox "Radio Ireland" show, England s The Unexplained, and many other hosts, with programs broadcast to over 54 countries.

In addition to her many radio and TV interviews, Yvonne with her CERO group, was asked to participate in a Disney project involving release of their movie, Alien Encounters (1995).

As the foremost female hypnotherapist in this field, Yvonne has had many opportunities to lecture and be a panel-member with well known colleagues, UFO researchers, writers and speakers such as Budd Hopkins, Dr. Roger Leir, Stanton Friedman, Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., Paola Harris, , David Jacobs, John Carpenter, the late Dr. John Mack, Robert Dean, Jaime Maussan, John Miller, M.D., Steve Bassett, Linda Howe, Michael Lindemann, She also enjoyed a conferences withTravis Walton, former U.S. Apollo astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, and most recently with George Noory and author Whitley Strieber.

In the 1990s, Yvonne traveled on a lecture tour with hypnotherapy colleagues Hopkins, Jacobs and Mack.

Yvonne is the author of "CHOSEN: Recollections of UFO Abductions Through Hypnotherapy which made its recent debut at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, United States . CHOSEN exposes, with dramatic regressive hypnotherapy transcripts, the reality of the trauma suffered by abductees.

Smith, with Budd Hopkins, is the subject of a DVD, "Alien Hybrids & Clinical Hypnotherapy." which is volume 1 from the Secrets of the Underground series.

Also, Along with Maj. Robert Dean, NATO ret., Smith is the abduction hypnotherapist lecturer on Dreamland's UFO Anthology video, vol.1.

Beyond The Matrix

Beyond the Matrix with Patricia Cori
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Patricia Cori

The Matrix is opaque and dissonant, like neon in fog.
Cluttered with the filler materials of our lives, it weighs us down in the density, clipping our wings, holding us captive in its web.
The Matrix is limited and confining, painting us into its grids of sameness: masked bandits in a hall of mirrors.
Loud and cacophonous, the Matrix tears at our inner and outer worlds with the noise of chaotic frenzy—
banging the drum, sounding the horn.
It is the superfluous impulse of demand and desire,
the prison of those who do not believe.
Dark and determined, the Matrix exists to enclose our minds in a cage, in a cube, in a box, in a corner—
crouched in cells of our own making, where fear is the gatekeeper and trust is but a memory.

Beyond the Matrix is the Light.
It is clear; it is pure; it is the unchained melody.
It is the breeze upon which souls take flight.
It is the day, the eternal warmth of the sun.
It is the wonder of a cool, moonlit night.
It is a place of truth: the search, the Wisdom;
a cosmic dance; the magic kingdom.
Beyond the Matrix lies the hope
and the dream;
it is the dream that keeps us alive.
It is the dream. The dream. The dream.

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