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The Bev Moore Show , June 30, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest, John Michael Ferrari

The Bev Moore Show with guest John Michael Ferrari, Multiple award-winning singer, songwriter, entertainer, author, teacher

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show June 30, 2023

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Tune in Fridays to the Bev Moore Show at 12 noon EST, 11am CST, 9am PST on BBS Radio Station broadcasting on the iHeart Network airing on over 185 Stations in 37 Countries, Worldwide. Don't miss our next guest, award winning Singer, Songwriter, John Michael Ferrari. 
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Guest, John Michael Ferrari

Guest Name
John Michael Ferrari
Guest Occupation
Multiple award-winning singer, songwriter, entertainer, author, teacher
Guest Biography

Multiple award-winning singer songwriter, entertainer, author, and teacher, to name a few.  John Michael Ferrari writes emotional storytelling cross-genre songs about life’s experiences with touches of sophistication and childlike wonder.  There is no place he would rather be than "on stage". His favorite saying is "There's never a stranger in the audience." 


At the end of 2022, alone, John Michael was named "Performer of the Year" at the eZWay Golden Gala 2022, his song "Masquerading in the Night" was voted "Best Song Production 2022" at the Museboat Live Channel, and John Michael was awarded “Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter 2022" by the Nashville Music Foundation, 


John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay, his music producer for over 3 decades, split their time between Nashville and their ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.  


John Michael Ferrari writes, arranges, and performs his original country pop crossover jazz gospel songs.  For his perceived lack of respect for musical genres, John Michael Ferrari was named “Crossover Artist of the Year” by the New Music Weekly Awards 2021.  John Michael's songs have landed on Top 40, Country, and Gospel radio charts and playlists . An example is “Paint You a Love Song,” penned for his friend's wedding, as of December 2022 is several weeks at #1 on the Country Radio Chart and the Mainstream Radio Chart on the Independent Music Network.  


To date, all reviews of John Michael Ferrari's songs have been 100% positive. 


Pepper Jay has produced three albums for John Michael Ferrari on their independent label “Cappy Records”: “My Early Life” (1994), “Be the Smile on Your Face” (2020), and “My Heart Can’t Breathe” (2022). The two recent albums were recorded at Larry Beaird Music Group, Nashville. Presently in production is their next album, a pop crossover album tentatively titled “I Keep Dreaming”.  Pepper Jay was named “Outstanding AC Music Producer of the Year” (2022) for “My Heart Can’t Breathe” by Producers Choice Honors. “Be the Smile on Your Face” was named “Triple A Album of the Year 2021” also by the Producer’s Choice Honors.


Also recently, New Music Weekly named John Michael Ferrari Adult Contemporary Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2022, John Michael Ferrari was voted “Fan Favorite 2022” for his song “My Heart Can’t Breathe” by the Independent Music Network, he was twice the winner of the United Kingdom Radio contest Ignition Country Radio in 2022, he was also voted “Rising Star 2021” at the eZWay Magazine Gala, was awarded “Best Peace Song” 2020 at the Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars by Art 4 Peace for his song “Like a Rock n Roll Band,” and was named Singer Songwriter of the Year 2019 at the Fame Awards.

John Michael Ferrari has been honored to have graced the covers of several magazines in the past couple of years including New Music Weekly, Hollywood Weekly Nashville, and eZWay Magazine. 


Trivia: John Michael Ferrari was awarded the Quilt of Valor for his military service in the United States Army.


Trivia: John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay are teachers and the authors of "Dynamic Song Performance, The Singer's Bible.” John Michael is also the author of “Acting with Your Eyes”.


For further info about their music, please visit

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hello welcome to the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 country on your head Bev Moore my guest today is an award-winning singer-songwriter and author
John Michael Ferrari is my guest today
2022 was a multi award-winning year for John Ferrari and his music performer of the year at the easy way golden Gala for his song masquerading In the Night by Pepper J best song production in 2022 at the boat live Channel and John Ferrari was awarded outstanding male singer and songwriter in 2022 by the Nashville Music Foundation we will do that with my interview with very talented John Michael Ferrari after the break
if lover stranger
it couldn't pass you by
3 oras
Beyond Compare
jewelry jewelry
you're mine
I know what
over you
yo mama jokes
I know what you mean girl in island Hawaii
do you dream
you're my
my interview with the ward winning singer song writer and author John Michael Ferrari is coming up a comeback amazing singing career inspired by the great singers like Elvis The Beatles and producers like Quincy Jones and David Foster he also talks about some of his most popular song produced by a ward winning music producer pepper Jay will it be back after the break
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I would like to welcome John Michael Ferrari John Michael is a multiple award-winning singer-songwriter Entertainer author and teacher just name a few welcome to the show John Michael
great great John I first must congratulate you on your multiple Awards over the past several years and we'll highlight those throughout the interview but what an accomplishment you've met
are you a lot of it has to do with Pepperidge a in she's the one that produces the music she takes care of all the business and I simply write the songs and she does all the hard work creative worksheet the business was
why it's just incredible I mean when I was reading over everything is just mind-blowing I love the saying that you have there's never a stranger in the audience and that's because you say there's no place you would rather be than on Sage well you know if you treat people the way they respond to you that way and when I used to tour around the country you know I'll open up the venues and I wouldn't know anybody but I always found if I walked out on stage and I treated the audience like they were all my best friends they responded to me that way and that's how I came up with that saying there's never a stranger in the artist one day I was I did a show and somebody how do you know all these people know them you know what you do act like you know all these people never respond to me like that and that's what gave me the idea
never treat people like that angel
no you have the patient before you go on which is natural butt on your workers night you should be able to still put on a good show and your work night would be when you can't hit the note so you know most of the time but I've only had a few times where I couldn't sing very well but I got through the show
how did this all start over how did you get into making music
but when I was young there was always an interest to me and when I was about eight years old I got my first guitar and I remembered in my bedroom holding it which way do I hold it this way to hold it that way and I thought of all just go look at a picture of Elvis and however he's holding a guitar that's how I'll hold it and that's how I learned.
wow just by watching Elvis that would you say Elvis gave you the inspiration or inspiration to a lot of people like the Beatles were you don't put a list of music I listen to the radio all the time I might have the little transistor radio
and I wake up
I would carry that with me everywhere I went
you pick taught you the guitar did you like that on your on your on my only got a few years book Accords years book and I would sit there and I would learn how to play the guitar and take the first chord I Learned was a C major 7 I love the way that sounded and I kept saying that over again and I just kept playing for friends wherever I would go and I'll bring my guitar and I was always the best way to learn to meet people so she'll for the guitar
we've got a god-given gift
well yeah we all have a
but they never had the opportunity to pursue music ability
wow so far as your musical influences if Elvis the one you would say or there any others
well you are as he always had a big influence but I was always attracted to the music the arrangement and I've listened to the songs in like what's going on behind the song Waiting a lot of people saying Paul I did when I was growing up he was he was popular and that's where I was drawn to so I have a lot of artists I liked but I really like listening to the music and rangement and how they were built
yeah so we should as you had mentioned or in your bio you had mentioned that we should we should describe your music or your style of music cuz that's always the question as emotional storytelling cross-genre songs about life experiences with touches of sophistication and childlike Wonder
Yahoo help with that
for me it's just my feelings and my influence growing up to the fifties and sixties and seventies music the 40 you know I never listen to Adele
of the are the music I would bring them in but I simplify it and I didn't worry about trying to be like anybody else I was only interested in just what I could develop for myself and even to this day when I write in a rain song I do with what I feel by David Fosters come with me on it cuz he's a wonderful music Ranger a very successful Quincy Jones the same thing you know music and I bring in that kind of feeling into the songs and not just seen the song but you don't think it makes an artist especially when he's the one that's riding and singing his own songs and I think the Beatles were an influence on our generation because they wrote and sang their own
unlike a lot of people who had bands and play they had somebody play music for them which is all right which is good too
all right
what would you say is the most difficult thing about being a musician
I don't find it difficult at all you don't find it. It sucked whenever things were disappointed to me in my life and I was upset you know I always have my music to go to pick up the guitar play the piano knows something I think that's what artists do they they take the situation and they poured into the music and it helps heals them I think musicians and artists are blessed and people around the world that's a wonderful thing
yeah so that's a lot of years that says full of extinguisher is that success is that it doesn't come it isn't difficult it's easy for you it comes natural
if you enjoy it yeah it cuz you know you had you had to put a lot of time into it and if you don't enjoy it then you don't like you don't want to put a lot of time into it you don't like I'm not crazy about doing dishes in a long time
that's true I got you a god at the end of 2022 alone
you were named performer of the year at the easy way golden Gala 2022 and your song masquerading in the night with very best sound production 2022
at the live Channel and you were awarded outstanding male singer-songwriter 2022 by the Nashville Music Foundation congratulations I do what I feel is best for me in my music and and I hope people are welcome that I don't try to be like anybody else and it's very rewarding when I put myself out there cuz this is might be a little music this is how I want to do it and people accept that and they like that it's a wonderful feeling
where are you
what are you doing
masquerade in the 90s
Locker brain Birds
I'll be waiting waiting waiting
I'm here waiting waiting waiting
this is the Beth Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast station in 37 countries around the world I'm Bev Moore
interview with award-winning singer-songwriter John Michael Ferrari continues
as a veteran you get a lot of advice
but wisdom is harder to come by
a lot of people imagine themselves in our shoes
without understanding the weight on our shoulders
the truth is you can understand the pressure of finding your own way after serving in the military
but a few isn't none you've got support
you can't control the chaos but you can chart your way through it
steady yourself
take a breath
you're not alone
learn more at make the connection. Net
you were named crossover artist of the year
by the new music weekly Awards in 21
and your songs have landed on top 40
Country Western Gospel radio charts and playlist
yeah the price wasn't trying to go for that we hope we're going to get radio play there's a certain format for radio play that you right and do we try to ride in in that structure so that we can can't read your plate but you always start off in Nashville and having a national country artist a lot of times my music is playing on country music station cuz it has a slide guitar in there but I'm not good at country singer but I mean I'm kind of crossover you know sometimes I think you had no idea that it was going to hit both genres you cross over an adult contemporary and pop pretty amazing
yeah it is amazing when I saw that I was like wow I mean that's that's really stand up stands out and didn't that song and I don't even remember it that one was on it was on the chart for several weeks at number one on the country radio chart
are you why didn't you answer the phone when I wrote it you know I have no expectations of that particular song I voted for a friend of mine who was getting married and record it and put it on the album to put on the album and it just took the life of one of its own and I think a lot of it has to do with all our other music getting ready to go play so they were willing to accept and listen give it time to listen to it and I promoted you like it really girl who thought I mean when I wrote the song I had no idea
well it yeah that's that is fabulous where do you draw inspiration
from or for your lyrics
You Know What Love Is inspiration I get from just being around other people
but you are a lot of it is just sometimes you know I look for you and unique ways and try to express myself that's not in a way where is Wyoming you know my love and Pie by the phrase it just comes to me other times I kind of have to play with the words and makes them around and see what I can come up with and it's it sometimes is really easy sometimes I really have to work for it but it's always exciting what we end up with and and then course when I write something that you would you look it over and chill for a while you have too many syllables here are all this is a really nice line and she'll tell me what it is I go
and she'll say no. Because she looks over everything I riding make sure that it's makes sense for the most part
yeah but you got to work together as a team basically yeah signed record contract and then they have a grill over to somebody else and they do all the footwork or can I do to create a lot of creative work to with me but you can't make it just being an artisan and sitting in your living room playing your song you have to put it out there you have to go to the studio
the money out that cost money to record the cost one ever taught us money to inmate money right yes it does
when you fans go your show your live show what do you think they expect the most
what do they what do they expect the most to see when they go to your life show what do they expect
are you they just want to be entertained whatever they're at when they walk in they want to be at a different higher motional State you know that's why people go to concerts do people go to fairs and they ride roller coasters because they know they will be taking some place emotionally you have to give them something out of the only auditory with your singing but something visual to look at you know if you're just standing there on stage just singing your song that's not very exciting but if you're standing a sing a song and you add movement and playfulness a little flirtation with the audience they feel included or you taking them or when I shared the song the story behind the song and get fuel to get to know you that way
yeah that's what I wanted to hear it you know a little bit about your show as far as you know what can they do when you go what you see you know how do you make it come alive on stage difficult when I remember the first time I had the opportunity to play on the main stage and I I wasn't prepared for it I did a lot of formulas cages with lounges and bars and things like that but one nights did show up and I was playing a lot and so they came and got me a Lyft building for the main showroom issues are an artist's is near
and you know I've never done the main showroom you know that's a whole different thing but I went out there and I didn't do too badly but I didn't do real good you know and that's where I'm at pepper Jay years ago and she was in the audience but you'll get the whole heart you learning how to perform on the main stage and you look at me when you watch her some of the older performer Sammy Davis jr. Frank Campbell
feeling your way to come out and perform and feel comfortable with yourself so absolutely confident and there's a lot of skill that goes into learning how to move on stage with a lot of attitude and you just learned that takes time and now I try to teach that the other people I work with them to show them how to do that because there's art schools that teach that are schools that teach music but nobody knew how to be a performer on the main stage and that's what pepper is teach him how to do that
but you teach them how to do that how many performers do you have
but we only work with certain amount of people at a time you know we have a ranch sometimes people come out here and spend a few days or a week students and we work with him but you do a lot of people learning how to be a stage before heart
most people are just comfortable playing in the band you know just getting up there and playing their music and they don't really have the concept you have what it takes to be a main stage performer that's a real art but I mean who do you go to to learn how to do that you know if they know
and we have a book that we put out and what was it called Dynamic and it gives you examples and ideas on how to do that but you have to be with somebody and get them to show you how to be emotionally connected with an audience how to win an audience over
what was the name of the book again
Dynamic song performance the singers Bible yeah
you know the main stage performer you can get with them and to have them teach you how to perform on stage like that if you can get ahold of Taylor Swift
I will repay you love song
krosis Kai
Dawn is Wizard
I want to give you this so
I'm the one who loves you
give me please
I want to sing you this love
I'll sing it right onto
I love you I want to beat you up
now and forever I'm so happy
John Edward
if you hit this year
my interview with award-winning singer-songwriter John Michael Ferrari continues we are strong we are resilient and we will get through this together but these are stressful times and it's important to also practice good self-care it's normal to feel overwhelmed anxious or afraid but there is hope reach out to someone connect with your friends stay in touch with your community and know that you are not alone learn more at we are hope furnished by the National Association of broadcasters and this station you recently
were named you were in the new music weekly named
the name is the adult contemporary breakthrough artist of the year and 22
you were voted fan favorite in 22 for your song my heart can't breathe
the independent Music Network you were wife the winner of the United Kingdom radio contest
ignition country radio in 22
and you are also voted rising star and 21 at the easy way Mac magazine Gala
awarded best teeth song in 2020 at the Hollywood tribute to the Oscars. Part for peace for his song like a rock and roll band
yeah yeah and was named singer songwriter of the Year 2019 at the same award
so this is a big T-Rex
well you know it's funny how your time comes in and you're at the right place at the right time and preparation you know it took a lot of years for me and pay your dues and preparing for those moments do to show you what you can do when I was asked to come to Beverly Hills for the Oscar Gala party Beverly Hills Hotel and I had no idea other than they wanted me to play like a rock and roll band and I said sure I'll come and talk to that absolutely so when we are on stage and finish the song My Love Tonight I saw the
group of people holding the trophy and walking to the center of the stage where I was and to hand me an award M trophy of the year I had no idea that that was going to happen I don't know pepper did you know that was going to happen so she kind of knew I didn't know she didn't tell me anything
that was the stuff you know when you get up and you have a lot of celebrities and people in the audience watching you you have a lot of confidence that you're doing and interact with the performances look at them smile show them that you're comfortable like this is the place you belong to these are professional there's a lot of singers and actors and the audience watching you back to your home you worked all your life for that moment each time you you presented that opportunity you have to come up in and show me what you can do you like very fortunate Sammy Davis jr. Foreman at the sea Rose in Hollywood his first opportunity there in every major star in Hollywood was coming to see him and he made a statement he said everything I ever learned my whole life
comes down to this one moment you know I'm not going to do that you know how to do comes down to that moment and you and you give it at mom
right yeah I said a special gift musicians are often said to have a special gift which are with you definitely have and they can take what is in their head and turn it into something that can be heard by others
and a lot of skill and practice
it does and even to this day I practice almost every day and I have a student that comes comes twice a week for us but she's here all the time but when she's here I have a thing with me and and I go over my show my routines and and so when I want stage I know exactly what I'm going to do every movement that means even though it looks like it's not choreographed it's all choreographed everything is Corey grabbed it was in that I can also add live and improvise and do things everything I improvised and I've done before at some point don't comfortable doing that I know what jokes are things I can say I'm going to get a response and and something unexpected happens I'll respond to that and people laugh
can you learn it can be learned if you have the opportunity to write with work with the right individuals right teachers the right coaches you can learn that if you have a desire to write this amazes me how they have to be able to control their voices and instruments to create the music they hear in their head
electric training
yeah yeah you know it's a gift but also you know when I was younger I used to sing with a lot of gifted and talented people and and I probably out of the group of people I work with I was the least not with this next to them but they were just fabulous natural ability to sing do things and I wanted to do that and I worked at your work at it and finally one day I started becoming is almost as good as them and then I got a little better than pretty soon I felt like you know I can do things they can't do yet and do you work at it you can surpass other people and their abilities and it takes that what you do and you can succeed you don't have to be a great musician but you got to have the attitude you got to have that
bright energy that's what the Charisma is that's what that it factor is if you if you love that you just have that people
but I have to entertain the people and when people walk away they'll say we love that show you know and serve as they say he's also a good thing or a bad thing or right we had some decisions can play by ear but others just have a good sense of Rhythm and some musicians can perform in any job and then others have a specific style that they specialize in and we've already talked about me and you did a crossover artist of the year with the being able to cross all this drama
do you have a special gift there
the desire to learn how to do that I had to develop that gift and I think you appreciate it more when you have to develop some people have the god-given gift and go ahead of everybody else but sometimes they take advantage of it and they don't agree on that now but we have to work at it you really appreciate what you have and when you appreciate it you take care of it you don't abuse yourself you don't put yourself in a situation to again with drinking and stuff like that you don't because you work too hard for you you want to take care of
that guy go ahead people who are gifted that way they don't appreciate their gift in the abused it that's when they get in trouble
exactly like a lot of them do right to connect with their audience and create an emotional experience those are the ones that are truly the great one
what is a place for everyone you know sometimes musicians are shy but they they love to be on stage and they can play that instrument and you know but they don't want to interact with the audience so much you'll do fine with that you know and if you're lucky you have people like they were that good in your van or at your recording studio sometimes don't like being onstage they like being in the studio that's where they feel comfortable and that's what they do there's a place for everybody you're not everybody has to be a main showroom performer there's a place for just the trouble he wants to go up there and plays the guitar and sing backup and they're fine with doing that
you have been on the covers of several magazines in the past couple of years
give me the weekly Hollywood weekly Nashville and easy way magazine
what you do it's always find it fascinating to show up on those magazines it is it's like again if I get that but you know I don't I don't they write stories and they're in the magazines and I don't really ever right I don't read those stories pepper does to do you know it's flattering and I appreciate it
okay so what are you working on musically right now
well today I was working on the song in the studio we have a studio here and Nashville to re-record to record a song for next album CD and also we're working on some of the arrangements that we recorded a few months ago in Nashville and when we record them we bring them back to the studio and bring them up on our board in Pro Tools and I go through them and I like to make more changes here or hard here so I replaced some of that sometimes the different parts just to give it a different flavor and then we have the musician play what I played because their Studio musicians a good musician
with my ideas are what I want would like to hear and they'll play it and sometimes many times not only will they play but they'll add something I didn't have and I was like oh my gosh that's so much better you know it's so it's like working with them
right well you've got to eat so you do have a game plan for the future so you know what you're going to probably do in the next five years right
what we we can we talk about what we're still on schedule you don't like today we had certain things we had to do and we would major showing but I had to do is custom studio record Another show earlier I have to be done everyday and we don't do it it won't and we don't it doesn't get done that means there's no opportunity
you know and a lot B is writing down what needs to be done writing down your calls and completely notes and moving forward because of your life then you're not going to go anywhere it's going to be wishing that you have that opportunity put something out there just keep doing it and we're fortunate that that we get good results
what time is come
say goodnight
our time together here has been a blessing
thank you for listening to the songs that I write the stories of my life
The Princess and the Pea
we all have our dreams to do what we love to do
and share my songs with you
I performed my songs with just my guitar I stood in front of Orchestra and play tiny little boy
but I never pretended to be something
say I love you
I mean it from my heart
is there a song
tomorrow's another day a chance to do it all again
do you may not be with me I'll forever be your fan
Anastasia lights go dim
there's one more thing I want you to know
We Come Back singer-songwriter John Michael Ferrari there's encouraging words of wisdom for up-and-coming music entertainers
I'll never forget the day I nearly died I was a young journalist with a great career starting a family the only way we found out I had any kind of hard as you was when I went into Sunday my co-workers brought him to action they recently been trained in life-saving CPR protocols developed by the American Heart Association they're the ones that kept me alive until the Medics came they did many tests on me in the hospital after my cardiac arrest and created a treatment plan all with research from the American Heart Association I think unless you are a heart disease patient you may not know how much the American Heart Association does behind the scenes to save your life since my cardiac arrest I've had two more children I watch all three of my children grow into adulthood I'm going to graduate from college. Married I have grandchildren
to hear more about the American Heart association's work at help
well I'm going to ask you this question do you have any advice for aspiring musician
what gear musician you and you just work at your crap you don't I have friends that are musicians in Nashville and they they spend hours and hours 56 hours a more everyday on your instrument all the time all the time and that's what it takes to get to the point to where you're really that profession is and not good if I rehearse all the time by I see almost everyday I stayed set up in one of our buildings here and when I perform I perform on the stage I have two lights everything set up like you and I just practice and sometimes it just go in there and just sing with the have a backup singer that performs with me
keep going through it you know how many times you've done it so many times and rehearsal or just do the same thing you do a rehearsal the same energy same as Suzy azzam so everybody what times a week a half hour a week you're not going to get anywhere
how many people did 7 hours a day
like an athlete you know you got to train all day long everyday right exactly right that's great advice John Michael
yeah so what I'm going to do is I'm going to give a shout out here at the end for our listeners so that they'll remember this that you John Michael Ferrari and just in case people do not know how to spell it the name is Ferrari just like Ferrari the right just like the car yeah
no just say you don't want isn't going to bigger than that going to have to buy yourself
oh my gosh when I saw your name I was like I wonder if there's any ties here there's any connection okay with you and pepper Jay at who's your producer which we give a lot of credit to both of you are teachers
and I flew the office Alpha the authors of the book is Dynamics on performance the singers Bible and he said that's on Amazon if it is you okay and then you John Michael you're also an author of acting with your eyes
yes yes I can get about that sometimes yeah
okay and then if they want to find out more about your music that can go to ww.w. John Michael
yeah there's all kinds information as you are contact pepper this contact information that I don't need anything that you need any kind of performance lessons would you do that
okay okay but this is been a great interview and you has been a great guest on the bedroom or show I just want to say thank you so much for this week I hope you enjoyed my interview with John Michael Ferrari known for writing and recording popular country pop crossover Jazz and gospel song John was named crossover artist of the year by the new music weekly award in 2021 on top 40 country and gospel radio charts and playlist for years
we wish John Michael Ferrari continued success
thank you for listening to the BevMo show broadcasting on BBS radio on the iHeart Network worldwide I'm bev more until next time bye bye

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