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The Bev Moore Show , June 23, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest, Giovanna Salas

The Bev Moore Show with guest, Giovanna Salas, Founder-CEO of Heart of Hollywood Magazine

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show June 23, 2023

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Tune in Fridays to the Bev Moore Show at 12 noon EST, 11am CST, 9am PST on BBS Radio Station broadcasting on the iHeart Network airing on over 185 Stations in 37 Countries, Worldwide. Don't miss our next guest, Giovanna Salas, Founder-CEO of Heart of Hollywood Magazine. 
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Guest, Giovanna Salas

Guest Name
Giovanna Salas
Guest Occupation
Producer, executive producer, first AD for action films, filmmaker consultant, Founder-CEO of Heart of Hollywood Magazine
Guest Biography
Giovanna is the founder of Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures and Heart Of Hollywood Magazine. She has been a producer, executive producer, first AD for action films, and filmmaker consultant. She has appeared in newspapers, television shows and podcasts around the world.
She was featured on the cover of London’s Soul Central Magazine and has been recognized by the City of Los Angeles for her leadership as a film producer, consultant, business strategist and businesswoman. Giovanna is also the screenwriter behind TV series “Hollywood Or Bust”.
Her ability to organize, problem-solve and direct teams eventually led her to establish her own entertainment companies, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures and Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, both based in Los Angeles, U.S.
These companies offer production and publishing services for those working in the entertainment industry or related fields and have a growing networking platform for talented professionals working in every aspect of the entertainment industry.
“Art has no gender or country.” - Giovanna

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hello welcome to the bathroom or show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries and your husband says more my guest today is the founder and CEO of a very prominent entertainment magazine and multimedia company is my guest today is the founder and CEO of the heart of Hollywood magazine and a filmmaker
when we come back she is on a talks about what inspired her to change her career from A Fine Arts painter the CEO of a successful multimedia entertainment company that includes owner of Hollywood Motion Pictures
send it back with Giovanna flower after the break
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interview with the founder and CEO of Heart of Hollywood magazine is coming up
we come back she's going to talks about how her multimedia Entertainment Company got started and her dreams of living in France they listen to hear Diaz on a talk about how important it is to her to be known as a business person instead of a businesswoman after the break we are strong we are resilient and we will get through this together but these are stressful times and it's important to also practice good self-care it's normal to feel overwhelmed anxious or afraid but there is hope reach out to someone connect with your friends stay in touch with your community and know that you are not alone learn more at we are hope furnished by the National Association of broadcasters and this station Giovanna
the founder of Heart of Hollywood Motion Pictures and heart of Hollywood magazine
has been a producer and executive producer for Sadie for Action films and filmmaker consultant has appeared in newspapers and podcast around the world
welcome to the show Giovanna thank you
awesome so glad to have you as you jump from A Fine Art painter to a c e o of a multimedia Entertainment Company part of Hollywood Motion Pictures
honest with you I don't even think that I can ask for that question because it was something that was not playing at all I just got it just kind of happened I just wanted to leave in the leaving of an article two friends that was kind of like Mike my dream, you know someone that people can recognize you know I became an artist to paint in oils and that transition into photography. Translation into wanted to become a
it's like a very natural process into that
amazing I love the story behind it the way you the way it evolved so your filmmaker and recognizes a strong business woman but you quickly earned the moniker the title I guess of Miss part of Hollywood I'm under industrial eat
yes in the world and especially in Hollywood I will say even more right so get an invitation to go to events and people was referring to me as a nice I didn't take that
they were laughing because you know I here I am trying to promote the company 8% in my name and they just invited my tablet by one of my friends to an event with the red carpet event is a very very cool beans with me this is my friend
so then you know I realized it was something in all day was no as I was thinking and so I just had to call me back I guess you know I cannot tell them no
I think it's a big accomplishment United card make your name in Hollywood
yes yes it is
it's very hard and you made a name for yourself and you know that's not a Miss Cara Hollywood you know what it is okay with me and
yes we all started somewhere and that was your start that's how you got your name I love it I love the story I love the story behind it and it was around the industry that gave you that prominent
well I think you know it takes a lot of work I think you have to be very focused and why you want and challenges are always going to be there and every step on the way and I think about how do you see yourself and do you want going to be things that are going to break you down you're going to really question yourself or you you are worth it if you know you know we were carriers like adults or not
have a very very hard that and they had to feel okay with it and sometimes they don't have support for their own friends and soul
it's something that they just have to go to constantly be working on keeping up-to-date keeping with a new elevations for example if there are an actor or actress adopting for the 4th or 8th and the roles they are going to play a part of their life
write what would you say is the toughest obstacle you've met or face that you're on your rise in the entertainment industry as a woman specialist
AI Hapa
the label off of woman or necessarily like a certain the ethnicity of the work is going to be no no not really but I guess by the Standish they have been accumulated by time. You don't like that or something like that
ride your ride so and we don't want to be like
in that
I know we want to be like everybody else you know and as business women you know
very clear because you know I don't I mean yes I believe it's a story I'm going to say it right I'm just kind of being very honest and always because I were I have so many
right where I say this is the reason why I cannot do this this is the reason why I don't have the time to do this because I'm a very nice person so I would make the time within the time slots that I will incorporate every single thing when it comes to that you know that's why I know it was a very private person it takes me a lot for open up I'm a very selective with with my friend way that way professional because I just want to have to offer and what can be improved so my time is very precious to me
well yeah the voices in your head
always in motion, you don't need to win me over you don't need address
no no
you got that.
I mean I know you're scared
I don't want you.
this is the best more show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations in 37 countries around the world have more interview with the founder of Heart of Hollywood magazine and she has on us politics continues on the cover of London so Central magazine and recognized by the city of Los Angeles for her leadership as a film producer consultant and screenwriter
to hear more about giovanna's very successful career
as a veteran you get a lot of advice
but wisdom is harder to come by
a lot of people imagine themselves in our shoes
without understanding the weight on our shoulders
the truth is you can understand the pressure of finding your own way after serving in the military
Westview isn't none you've got support
you can't control the chaos but you can chart your way through it
steady yourself
take a breath
you're not alone
learn more at make the connection. Net
it says and what you've achieved that you are definitely Successful by what you've done I mean if you know it's right there in front of it I mean how many people can achieve you've done and how many years how many years did it take you to accomplish this when did you start and entertainment what I would say around eight years ago right and and a half around five years with my company they're not so many of us are not so you know you so you are going good for you or how do you manage stabbing
I know sometimes I ask myself how did they even you know gave us like me too cuz you say so-and-so or something like that and I'm thinking well you have to put that you plan to see and then he's a time that you take care of the plan your little Harvest but not quite enough because I have to do anything I would like to think they love to learn to learn always Newton what's happening
but I love very much very obvious that you put in the time to to bring a company up or the company of the magazine and the production everything that you've done and just eight years amazing congratulations on everything
thank you
your series Hollywood with hopes of fulfilling dreams can you tell us a little bit about that series and what's going on with that you know so I guess when you come to a different country and have a few drinks I found the rest or do two different challenges
if you want to be a director you probably want to do it and then that it's not going to happen right and like I say I have to stop there a serious because I needed to become a poster I needed to become someone they was
I like to help people I wanted to be part of the community and was able to do something for all this and I was at first one I was able to learn quickly to be good lie why you no listen to company doing very well for me until now I have a feeling you know that I'll be coming up the rest or for the company had a Hollywood you know you don't seem very honest about it because that's my field are the help me out to be a
start running ruining the company because I still have that desire that it's not fulfill yet and you know I working very hard and hopefully one day you know my own but I have to take some things for others and so you know how about a Luther I think I can put together
I just want to continue working in and hopefully keep my dream alive too as well
why you were selected in the top 50 most richest women in business leadership and entertainment from the courageous women magazine I think that's pretty impressive
thank you yes I think I feel very fortunate over so I'm on my work has been recognized very good service with my company you know they'll become part of the community and that is the way we can continue moving on and the community orientation I envision
Los Angeles and they always will be people coming I think that we going to cut the stone of the years because it can be dangerous to my person because when I came here to a lady no one helped me and that way and I was very hard and volunteer
keep it positive and I think that's one of the my my biggest strengths
you are I can vouch for that relationship every tear I know one thing for sure
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everything will be okay
everything He's Got The Whole World in His Hands got the whole wide world
interview with part of Hollywood magazine founder and CEO giovanna's continues
can I listen to come back to talks about her love for horses
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in your inspiration though and when you got served in LA and started with the businesses and everything
well besides my mother I guess I would say
a horse you know
yeah I mean b i I love horses and I was passing through a personal difficult situation I remember but I can try horses so it has been like 15 years or something.
I went with my friend and I ask can I ride one of your horses that I wrote her name was rain and it was riding a horse and so I was thinking this is a story by decided I was going to put a crew together
and so Native American tribe live and learn about the history of the horrors about the the the Fry's by follow the horses de France stage during that you're not. What did you do I fold some videos on YouTube horse has a lot of a symbol for me since my like a childhood than like how a horse
believe it or not that I'd be part of my life course I relate with with a wild horse
Amazing Horse when I was growing up I was the same way and it just says something about if you never had a relationship with a horse that you don't know what you're missing I love that story I'm done with that
are you what do you have next as far as films that's coming up
well at first feel nerves coming out like now I'm interested to find like a based on true story or sci-fi movies on a screenplay different than working more closely with the with the project and interested in sci-fi
wonderful Incorporated with it you know they are created and I like I say out one person that they like to to stallion before I didn't know much bout like fashion and as I learn more and more I got more bold more educated about the fashion designers the fashion industry and Los Angeles. We have
only that but he says he's the place for four more so I think how wonderful things Bill there but I believe there is room here in the line for fashion and so I'm working on to put together a b fashion show 24 and I have already the triple option and anticipation
I believe it will open many different opportunities for fashion and I think they will improve the city for poor people and so I think the entire perspective and I'm also interested in the invite call me and I think that it's mobile you know it's something that they can continue working
wow I can't wait till you bring it to LA and 24
don't have to be what you want
isn't it
reaction to
can you cast on your face
Logan Paul songs
play store
Village Pizza
what do you want
there will be tomorrow
we come back Giovanna the founder and CEO of part of Hollywood magazine shares words of wisdom
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it's not hard at all making kind of Lifestyle choice and visit for simple ways you can help build a more caring compassionate and Humane world for animals and for all of us
you know you've been a true inspiration for so many people in the entertainment world just to see you prosper the way you have I must say I mean you have been enough for people to watch you grow the way you have
what advice can you give to someone that's brand-new to in the entertainment world
they want to be in the research realistically or chapter and maybe no don't think an invite 2020 23 by 20.
I smell a goal and I think you know that they can be going to run around your life so but that's even more when the so when you need to have discipline let's say okay someone live with roommates
or you do it on the schedule with good discipline and say okay in the time that you have because time is precious really see time as passing by and for me personally I don't know maybe because so my life but I have encounter time to be crucial to everything that I do and so I appreciate life too too too much
that is great at 5 I mean you know you are speaking engagement or anything you want my business center and I just want to stick it and getting mad for a fashion competition so you know and I was also invited to the insides that I share are in some capacity
play I can see it I can see it just by listening to you by absolutely
Giovanna I just want to thank you so much for being on the show you've been a tremendous asset for everyone my pleasure I I really enjoy your interview I hope you enjoyed my interview with the founder and CEO of Heart of Hollywood magazine and Hollywood Motion Pictures Giovanna solid as an entertainment executive Giovanna is getting a lot of attention these days for being an inspiration for actors entertainers and entrepreneurs
in her heart of Hollywood magazine movies and TV series success thank you for listening to the Beth Moore Show broadcasting on PBS radio on the iHeart Network worldwide I'm bev more until next time bye bye
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I want to know you I want to find you in every season Q
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