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The Bev Moore Show , July 21, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest George Zouvelos

The Bev Moore Show with guest George Zouvelos, award-winning SAG-AFTRA/AEA Actor, Screenwriter, and Director

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show February 10, 2023

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Guest, George Zouvelos

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George Zouvelos
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Award winning SAG-AFTRA/AEA Actor, Screenwriter, Director
Guest Biography

Biography taken from George Zouvelos - Biography - IMDb

George Zouvelos is a SAG-AFTRA / AEA actor that was born, raised, and lives in New York City. He is 6'4+, of Greek ancestry, with an ethnically ambiguous appearance, and maintains multiple accents capabilities. George is a multi-award-winning actor, screenwriter, and director of independent television and films.

He studied Adler, Meisner, and Chubbuck - Stanislavsky Method acting; and finished his studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City. George constantly seeks to perfect the craft of his acting by continuously studying with other actors, acting coaches, casting directors; and acting studios every chance he gets.

George served as a Judge for the Daytime Emmy's at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He is a member of NYWIFT New York Women in Film and Television.

He also earned his 'Filmmaking' diploma from the New York Film Academy, NYFA, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. He is an accredited New York State bounty hunter / bail enforcement instructor.

George has decades of real life professional experiences as his earlier careers include him being a New York City Paramedic, in law enforcement, a private investigator; and as a bounty hunter.

George speaks, reads and writes Hellenic Greek fluently, and his surname is pronounced (Zoo' vel os)

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Brittany Doyle

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hello welcome to the Bev Moore Show streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 country I'm your host Deb Moore<br> today is a sag-aftra actor screenwriter and director<br> don't design roses my guess is known for appearing and TVs to take his series bull Blacklist Instinct and more we will be back after the break with sag-aftra actor George Duvall has a multi award-winning actor Greene writer and director of independent television shows and films stay with us to hear highlight of his very successful career on camera and behind the scenes<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> my light in the universe<br> play beautiful like playlist<br> was beautiful like diamonds in the sky shine bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond shine bright like a diamond<br> 153 moonshine in Malay<br> when I die<br> was beautiful like.<br> Do you like diamonds shining bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> diamond bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> Giant<br> shine bright like a diamond<br> thank you for listening with just a few days before Valentine's Day I hope you're feeling lots of love in your heart for the people you love and for yourself but interview with actor Greene writer director George venizelos is coming up from a enforcement career the claim detective rolls and popular Network TV shows 30 years later he says being raised by very strong-willed mother from Greece helped him to become a strong man determined to make his own way into the world<br> after the break<br> high on Carson kressley of all the most valuable resources in the world kindness is the most precious<br> for more than 140 years American Humane has been working to make the world a kind of place for animals<br> rescuing those cotton disasters protecting animals on our Farms<br> on the Silver Screen<br> and the world's remarkable and endangered species who need our care to help them survive<br> all of us can make a difference by making Humane choices at the supermarket in our choice of entertainment and by supporting conservation and rescue efforts<br> it's not hard at all making kind of Lifestyle choice and visit for simple ways you can help build a more caring compassionate and Humane world for animals and for all of us<br> welcome to the BevMo show George<br> nice to see you babe actually hear you babe from New York City<br> wonderful when did you start acting and what got you started<br> well I worked my primary career was working in law enforcement and other Ventures before I became involved in the entertainment business but I trust was given the idea when I was Nineteen when I was<br> step into a diner in New York City of Greek diner and that would the famous John cassavetes and my childhood hero actor Telly Savalas it was speaking to somebody that was a mutual acquaintance of my dad and then like damn you're pretty big cuz I'm you know I'm nearly 65 and I started already and like you have a really nice presents<br> you should go to acting school maybe take a couple of classes over at the Acme Studio or over at least Strasburg which I later did but at that time I was more law enforcement and not till 30 years later after I finish my primary careers that I started working on sets as like a boom holder boom mic holder gaffer and the director said look the guy we have with came into play this cult leader and his crime reenactment ain't that good<br> would you learn a couple of these lines and see what we look like on camera<br> I did what he asked me to do when he goes boy the camera loves you you should think about going to acting school<br> and it hit a little cord in my head and then I started<br> I took got some head shots went to act I took some acting classes eventually took some Conservatory class is over at least Strasburg or whatever those were and studied my to book and I also graduated from the New York Film Academy with my filmmaking Peapod degree so I know how to act in front of the camera and will at least I think I do and I enjoy being behind the lens as well here we are today<br> that's great what got my attention was you know you studied Adler in Mizner method and that has always intrigued me because it helps actors with deserve their scene partner<br> United and remain present<br> you know it's just intriguing and so what what got you started in that message I mean what what inspires you<br> between Strasburg Adler and Meisner they're all stanislavski<br> it's a different kind the Strasburg is using emotional memory which can deplete you but you get a real genuine performance of authenticity<br> Adler is a combination and Meisner is the art of using everything part by stanislawski but also doing it being able to do it in an improv way<br> and I studied all of these methods form because I've realized<br> that one trumps the other in different scenes with different characters<br> that's why I find it very comfortable to use and you're not thinking about it when you doing it you just doing it because of your training<br> and the training yeah if it's great emotional preparation<br> it is I'm a screenwriter and I give direction to the actors<br> I don't just drop them into my universe of my script I give them the backstory<br> where they are why they are there and what's going on in there that person's life that might affect how they could act as chief<br> I know that when I get sides as an actor<br> I don't know what's going on<br> they like to say these for four lines and that you're taking I got your<br> you know that you're you said that in as an audition and I it's very difficult to try to read the situation but you can get creative and sometimes<br> but I give me direction<br> yes<br> and that's what kept you be so well-rounded being a director producer and actor<br> why I appreciate<br> always trying for myself the perfect the art and craft of my acting<br> cuz I never bought myself good in front of the camera it's what other people think of me<br> that how that my acting performance was outstanding or short of remarkable nothing short of remarkable I think of that nature<br> at the end of 2022 which is just a minute ago<br> I wanted my phone wanted can short film festival and we came in finalists at the Cannes World film festival and today I got a notification from the New London Connecticut Film Festival that we won<br> best short film so it's not what I think<br> that matters when it comes to the quality of what I've done is what I think when it comes to putting the scenes together in writing the dialogue and the story that's what matters to me it's up the others to decide whether what I wrote or what I film is worthy of an award and when you go up against several hundred or 7,000 several thousand film and you come out as winner or finalist semifinalist or something like that<br> that says a lot because you're really only competing against yourself and how to make something that people really want to say<br> so what you say this is your motivation behind a successful actor<br> I can only speak for myself<br> I can come from a Greek American family<br> with a long oral story storytelling tradition<br> and I used to watch and wonder where my grandparents great-grandparents my parents even my brothers<br> because I can't Envision what they were saying in my mind's eye<br> and if you can Envision it in your mind's eye and you live life and have any sort of wisdom<br> you can put pen to paper<br> and bring true characters for life based on the things that you've experienced and the people you've known the books you read the plays you've seen and things of that nature so my motivation behind it is to always<br> ring of the human Humanity<br> The Human Condition real life<br> situation and every role when you read my script as an actor<br> iPad award-winning actors say to me your words cut me to the Core<br> it is<br> that is powerful and are valuable in their opinions mean something to elevate you cuz they can easily Crush you saying what you wrote was bad<br> but I'm getting what you wrote is outstanding I haven't seen the strip like this and I've been in the industry for 40 years that to me it's compelling and I had one of my one of my acting coach if they charge you maybe I haven't been doing this for 40 years but you're acting is between a tough guy James Gandolfini<br> do a nice guy like John Candy because you got rain I mean that the flat that's flattery I like to be known as the father that I am in real life of four children the husband than I am of a wife whose son I am Abu of a mother<br> get off a productive member of my Society not just me a thug<br> do I find what people say to me very flattering really know how old you are<br> always in motion, you don't need to win me over you don't need address<br> no no<br> I mean I know you're scared<br>I don't want you.<br>stop.<br>this is the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network on / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world<br> my interview with actor George chuvalo continues<br> no word in the English language is less convincing than probably are you sure we should get matching tattoos on her first date<br> it's been 23 minutes since I ate I can probably swim you should wait 30 minutes I have a cramp<br> I can probably hit the Green from here probably<br> can I get a mulligan ready to go are you sure you're okay to drive<br> sober I'm probably okay<br> probably okay isn't okay especially when it comes to drinking and driving if you're drinking call a cab a car or a friend buzzed driving is drunk driving I message brought to you by Nitsa and Ad Council you also served as a judge on the daytime Emmys at the National Academy of Television Arts tell me about that<br> well that was a very interesting take on the other side of<br> not only the camera but the business you are<br> you see how people<br> Jackie to get an award<br> when they submit their production<br> and you have to review a lot of films<br> I think that at the time that I was doing it every<br> no less than five six dozen in different categories and then voted on him the way we do with when you vote on sag films as the Screen Actors Guild member at home I get a combination between online view to all the films that are up before they become Academy award-nominated The Screen Actors Guild for the Screen Actors Guild Awards also votes do in in the combination is sort of the symbol of thing but with different Guild one is for the Emmys and what it's for the Oscars at they asked me to do it again I will if I submit a film that I am able to be a judge again I will<br> but at the time we had submitted a one or two TV series that played on daytime that streamed on Amazon Prime and I was happy to be part of making those films and Lost TV series production some Christmas movies and things of that nature but if I'm asked to go back again I definitely do it<br> wow it's a great experience<br> it is I'm also a member of the New York women's for film and television<br> 1060 16a believe 16 and 17<br> by and large women of the protagonist in my story<br> I was raised with a very strong will<br> Spartan mother literally from Sparta in Greece and she embodied in stealing bodies the very essence of raising a strong man to be independent<br> from underneath his mother's skirt and to go out and make his own way in through his world so it will be one of pretty Brothers<br> my mother would have us one would clean the ceiling with ammonia in the kitchen the other one would clean the bathroom there was no free lunch everybody has something to do as men in the house when I left my mom I knew how to sew my own holes in my thoughts on start my own shirt<br> and and cook my own meal besides learning how to boil water so she very much raises to be self-sufficient and strong men with no sense of entitlement but it sets of hard work and being a good partner that your mate<br> that's wonderful<br> well I guess so yeah you don't find me in like that I wish they were everywhere like that three daughters<br> that are in their twenties and a son will be 12 in February<br> Adam Gates HD try to instill in them the very basic fundamental things of being a good person<br> do you love your neighbor when I tell my kids<br> and I hate to get biblical but it's the way I was raised and I'm not Beyond reproach but<br> love by neighbor is very strong but there's nothing in the Bible it says you got to agree with them<br> well there's no need to be cruel but you got to love people for who they are and let them and value that they are our founding a human being and they're entitled to their opinion without being vilified<br> right<br> it's a good thing I love that wonderful word<br> my neighbor's wife<br> I said love thy neighbor but not my neighbor's wife<br> absolutely yeah that's a good one<br> wow<br> it was background like everybody else started out in the in the background and you slowly get yourself to the front where I've been in the film industry 11 years now and I I think a couple of the role that I got on the Discovery Channel or<br> whether it was on evil lives here or People magazine investigates where my first true roles where I had lines and was featured<br> those were not Union rolls but there was still fun to do<br> find I enjoyed acting like myself because in the films that I am in the roles that I play I act like a variation of me and that's why my performance this is so genuine cuz I'm not acting like I'm being a cop or being part of the fire department of being a paramedic or being a dad or crying or laughing because I've done all those things in real life so there's no pretending so I was in the Boy Scouts I was involved in my church I wasn't you know I'm a public speaker issues like pay equity for all genders irrespective everything to pay Equity the big thing for me cuz I have daughters<br> things like that are very high on my on my 501 c 3 not-for-profit to give back to the community the idea is to be a good Steward of of your community and that is raising good strong children that can think for themselves and respect one another and it's a good thing it's a good thing to where you at today what's hot rolls do you get in to fall into I mean I know you said you can play anything from John Candy you know<br> which home screen writing and directing and I have very great cast of chocolate like John Fiore and Dick Ranch Lane and Diana Durango where could be filming at the end of February<br> and in that<br> role I play a flawed character in a in a modern day<br> Romeo Juliet Urban adaptation that the really a Greek tragedy<br> a tragic figure all the roles I played I am the antithesis of a superhero I'm a villain<br> and now been films like in the next generation and then I have two proof of concept films called Daddy's dozen all jokes aside why play someone's Father and Son and the boy asked me to come to take my daughter to the school prom and then yet I play another person in the film which is out there waiting on a crazy amount of award called ashes to ashes if it's super concert film where I play a very big man that's a little bit on the shy type trying to approach a younger woman and they meet amongst tragedy my wife died his her husband died the funeral home mixed up the errands and I go meet her and another another Another Love Affair Blossom so I don't roll that would be a big bag of money<br> play a tough guy I'd run and do it but if I'm podcasting myself it's not going to be just as a tough guy dean of the school of principle of nurse about you don't like that<br> go to the rules on playing now or try to play I mean that's great<br> send me the address they get in that other stereos they get in a certain stereotype and that's all they can play you know I don't want it for myself I think I'll just have made a very good career of it<br> right as I write a lot because I ride a lot at night and night<br> I cooperate with other screenwriters I'm able to pick the independent Productions that are<br> flatter my Alder acting abilities in the range that I have instead of just being the shell of a person people look at on my IMDb photo or when I'm holding a shotgun or when I'm angry<br> I walk down the street I'm I'm pretty big so I'm nearly 65 I walk down the street and a late at night people crossed it<br> because I'm an imposing looking person and when people have<br> Mama love me<br> it did they don't know you're a big teddy bear do they they don't know dude it's because character based on that physical appearance totally disregarding would be good be a good salt but not dollars to Donuts if a big guys walking down the street and behind you in an alley he's not going to tap you on the shoulder to give you a dozen roses he's going to rob you so I am riding my people might think that way<br> I feel so numb the pain<br>I don't want to be<br> then mix.<br> In the next week<br> I don't know<br>relay meaning<br> but I don't want to<br> modular<br>Valentine's Day is coming up remember when we give love we can receive love<br> my interview with actor George chuvalo continues<br> we will be back after the break we are strong we are resilient and we will get through this together but these are stressful times and it's important to also practice good self-care it's normal to feel overwhelmed anxious or afraid but there is hope reach out to someone connect with your friends stay in touch with your community and know that you are not alone learn more at we are hope furnished by the National Association of broadcasters and this station<br> what is some of the some of the films that you really talk to him that you want to bring up and let us know about<br> right now I wanted to because of the Kudos in the accolades that we're getting<br> and the actors on her interested after reading the script to play the roles in this film is called once a week for life or o w f l and<br> we are trying to film this on a short schedule but that doesn't happen from Omaha San Francisco a coming from all over so you have to make sure that you have the budget the house and feed them in the film crew as we got here already<br> but once a week for life is is a is a film I think I might put my name on the map as a feature film as a screenwriter in the director only time will tell if it's a nice little story and alluded to earlier the modern-day Romeo and Juliet Urban at that position and about a cop and a nurse they both married to two different people and they fall in love with each other but there's a lot that happens in between that that's a very I would say that's like the mayonnaise Aunt between two pieces of bread before you put the cheese in the meat on it if that's the basic gist of it<br> we don't focus on anything else other than the human condition of things happened between people it's a very relatable going to be very relatable the people of all kinds because just things happen things happen to all of us to hear it didn't happen to you and happen to a brother and sister your friend their brother and sister and it's a it's a film about tragedy and rebirth<br> and you can get your tissues ready but you also going to laugh<br> I love the time<br> got back to me. I don't want to make a 2 hour movie that all you're doing is sleeping and you're crying I didn't want a movie like that doing all three roads directing producing an acting actually screenwriting<br> and yeah I'm wearing all four hats and luckily I have a good solid team that can handle the parts of it cuz when I'm pumping the when I'm in front of the camera I depend on my Emmy award-winning cinematographer George to Kuma's who works over at CVS in New York City<br> to help me realize my vision of what a scene looks like because if you keep stopping to keep playing things back to the directive what happens to be the after you'll never get anything done<br> except for a certain things that are really important to me than me but ones that are required to write a kind of drama or pitch if she goes for myself but I depend on George and people on his team to the call the final shot on we never went out of one camera film shoot<br> yeah that's successful<br> wife<br> and the cameras so they're not in the view of<br> a beach other<br> you can film a lot of the scenes that would three cameras you doing it it is an are a tease and art and I film a lot and in in a fashion that's what they called soup soup lipstick<br> a lot of my scenes are like the cameras a fly on the wall<br> and the viewer is sucked into the scene without realizing that they're watching a film<br> and that comes from the early adaptation of a filmmaker John cassavetes was considered it's also a Greek American considered the father of the late 20th century boy prolific film directors<br> copycatting all of it but what seems natural to me and what I prefer to have my pills look like<br> that is so much to do to wear many hats what would you say is the toughest part of your work<br> raising the money raised in the money<br> raising the money<br>not strike<br>Justin Bieber<br> top 10<br>this is a Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network + on / 185 broadcast station in 37 countries around the world and my interview is at the Gorge divela continues we all experienced difficulties in life<br> military veterans know that sometimes it takes strength and determination to make it through for help when you need it for November is like us a reach out for help and hear stories of strength and recovery at make the connection. Net<br>wow pick a scene from the film Arthur<br> I'm a nobody from Queen<br> and this is our being an actor in the United States or anywhere in the world is an extremely competitive business to begin with you have to be lucky which means hard work meeting opportunity with someone<br> is able to realize you as a actor because you put yourself in front of them so I can is much more than just to me anyway<br> you have to be willing in are today's world to be risky and you act with you I have a catchphrase I use my Mantra you should act in the role the lead roles that you cashed yourself in with things that you ride<br> that you want others to cast Yuan<br> so if you're not going to make your own material<br> are you just sitting idle without growing without going to classes coaching<br> getting coached dealing with your contemporaries and people that are better actors than you you're never going to learn you to stay stagnant and you and everything will be static in your life you have to be risky only you can get up off the couch and dust yourself off and say okay this is hard it's disheartening it's demoralizing sometimes I don't feel appreciated but you got to keep put in those people who keep pushing all the ones that are are more likely to get to where they need to go but you can't realize that by sitting on the couch just watching Netflix you got to go and try to get on<br> that's right absolutely<br> if you if you don't believe in it nobody else will<br> yeah and everybody can be an actor there's a role for everybody everybody everybody there's a role for everybody every kind of looked at nobody to love me you're too pretty if you noticed nowadays the major Motion Pictures and TV shows are showing this normal-looking people then not<br> perceptually days people were are aesthetically very pleasing to the eye to make something look real you have to have real looking people<br> and they don't know I'll have to be supermodel<br> because most guys aren't I'm not<br> I guess. I guess people<br> that look like they come from the neighborhoods or the communities that my film represent<br> I don't I don't bring you no I have a friend of mine she was Miss Greece a 2021<br> and she's great to look at and a sweetheart of a person<br> but I don't have a role for her and it snow<br> I just don't she would look so out of place<br> I told the hun I can only make you a hooker<br> oh my god did you walk then on and I don't think you want that because we have a couple of ladies of the evenings in the same<br> and even that you'd be too high count to High Caliber<br> for the types that I'm casting<br> better people who are strung out on drugs and are stuck in this life trying to feed their families working this way<br> you look like you're you do your living well you look healthy<br> yeah I see what you mean<br> you have to fit that profile<br> yeah I mean some makeup makeup helps but<br> I'd have to take a look like the Elephant Man to get her on the set and a lot of makeup<br> right<br> wow<br> what do you think is most important in your field<br> to tell the truth<br> whatever that truth may be because<br> the truth sometimes lies and it is relative to depending on what shoes you're feeling<br> but if you can tell the story<br> no matter how imperfect the truth is<br> it could be mourned by many hats and still not be the full truth of my situation is the truth sometimes is not pretty<br> exactly what the story needs to be told<br> I tell my children I'm perfectly imperfect I said then that I say and I'm fine with that<br> you know I might be an angel but I ain't no saint<br> Brian got back I got hit a lot of it resonates a lot with my kids and others<br> yeah I'm not infallible and I think people that we film and the stories I'll be right proves that nobody is infallible no matter<br> how good intentions are good intentions don't pay the rent<br> navigate to the Fine at all but the proof is in the pudding let your words turn into actions that are actionable and appreciate it's not just me a holler at work and that's the kind of films that I try to incorporate when I build my characters in my story is based on real people that are traits of real people that I've come across in my life either that I really respected or downright the Spy<br> I luckily I have any more people that I I respected that I just bought<br> right have you progressed that you have accepted<br> more than that more than I ever deserved<br> wonderful like you yes already<br> and raising my children are raising my children is my primary goal and being a filmmaker is my secondary role I'm not about to give up my family to progress my career that's why I'm in your city as a screenwriter and I haven't tried my luck as an actor in Los Angeles cuz I see most of those people come back here broke<br> literally broke as people in broke Bryant<br> if you don't be broke or broken broken broken I know my daddy told me you know George you can you can be smart and you can also learn from other people's mistakes you don't have to make every single ones of yourself to be a very very valuable but we come from a society where there the ancient Greeks value the fact that the gods favor the Bold<br> and I'm also I have become live the bulb life as well and I'm and I do both things for my filmmaking<br> it's very obvious what's next for you<br> I don't know<br> you don't know but let's see how these films for us because most actors they want to be active to get to be directed I've done that<br> and not everybody can write<br> that's true people say they like what I what I have to say in my characters<br> well I'm going to be following you George I'm going to be what are you<br> babe I'm going to be watching you too<br> oh yeah I'm going to be doing it absolutely<br> yeah including you because you are so strong what can you advise our listeners who may not be as familiar with your line of work<br> I would say<br> that look around<br> the cemeteries around this Earth are filled with unfinished business and regret<br> now we only have so much time in this world and on this Earth before we get buried in in it and underneath it<br> move in any direction would always move forward life is too short to be in pain and live with the regret of not at least getting off your couch and trying your best that's why I am<br> that is wonderful advice<br> thank you George thank you and thank you for being a guest on the Bev Moore shed<br> that's our show for this week I hope you enjoyed my amazing guest actor screenwriter and director George venizelos<br> wishing you a happy Valentine's Day<br> I'm bev more until next time bye bye<br> sometimes I know I'm just down the street from the Play Store<br> I haven't seen you in<br> that drink right now<br>

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